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00:01 ♪ ♪
00:06 When my heart begins to fear, He is my Light.
00:09 I can smile for He is near, Jesus my Light.
00:14 When I'm blue and feeling sad, He is my Light.
00:18 He reminds me I can be glad, Jesus my Light.
00:23 He is the Light, Yes Jesus my Light.
00:27 In Him is no darkness, in Him is no night.
00:32 Wherever He leads me, He makes my way bright.
00:37 I'll shine for Jesus, Jesus my Light.
00:43 Here comes Aunt Francine.
00:45 Hey kids. I'm so glad to be with you in the tree house today.
00:50 Thank you for coming and joining me. I am so excited to learn
00:54 about Jesus today.
00:56 Are you? Yes (chorus) We need to welcome our kids at
00:59 home. Welcome to Jesus My Light. I'm Aunt Francine and this is
01:04 little Ginger. We're so excited that you are joining us and we
01:08 want to learn about Jesus. He was shining His Light for others
01:11 didn't He? Yeah. Yes and do you like shining your Light for
01:14 others? Oh we want to shine which reminds me of a song.
01:18 Shine Jesus Shine. Can we sing that together? All right let's
01:23 hear it nice and loud. Ready?
02:01 Oh I want to live in the Light of Jesus. Don't you? Yeah chorus
02:07 Do you know, even when He was small He wanted to let His Light
02:12 shine? Are there things that we like to do to help others? Thank
02:16 you Ben, I really appreciate it. You're welcome. Hey I think
02:20 there's some mail. Maybe not. Is there any mail today?
02:24 I'll check. Let's check, No mail today. That's okay. Sometimes we
02:30 don't have mail. You know what but are you ready for the story
02:34 about Jesus because He wrote His love letter in the Bible. Can we
02:38 get that Bible over there? Who can help me? Go ahead. Thank you
02:42 I think we need to get the love letter of Jesus. Are you ready
02:47 to learn about Jesus? Yes chorus. Are you ready to learn
02:50 Jesus at home? Let's learn to love. Let's tell our Bible story
02:54 Here we are. ♪ ♪
03:02 Jesus wanted to shine His Light. He couldn't wait for the special
03:06 time when He would be 12 years old. Do you know where He could
03:09 go when He was 12 years old? The temple. The temple. Now it's
03:13 possible that He was part of a synagogue and would know a
03:16 little bit about the scriptures. And would even participate but
03:19 in the temple in Jerusalem which was about 20 miles away he was
03:27 excited to go and travel. Do you like going on a trip? Yeah
03:30 chorus. So for years Jesus was was anticipating that He would
03:34 be going to the temple and He would participate. But you know
03:38 what's interesting about Jesus? I really like Jesus for one
03:41 special reason. When He was there and He would travel with
03:44 the caravan and they would all go there you know where Jesus
03:48 was often found? Everybody was participating and now He could
03:51 go to the temple. And when He's there talking; you know the
03:56 story well, don't you? You know the story very well. He's
03:58 talking with what, whom? The priests. The priests and He is
04:02 so excited. But you know what? Jesus didn't act like He knew it
04:05 all. That's not Jesus. You know what He did? What sometimes is
04:09 really good to do is to ask questions. Have you ever asked a
04:13 question knowing the answer? Yeah chorus. Sometimes that's
04:17 less threatening. Sometimes if you're really good you can ask a
04:21 question and so that's exactly what Jesus was doing. He would
04:24 go and He was talking to the priests but also he was asking
04:28 them questions and in that way it was nonthreatening to the
04:32 priests and they realized what? He knew a lot about the
04:35 scriptures, didn't He? Yeah. He really knew a lot about it. So
04:40 you know the story very well. What was happening? It was on
04:44 the eighth day and what was happening to His family?
04:47 They were leaving Him.
04:49 They were leaving and Mary thought Jesus was with Joseph
04:53 or with other family members or some cousins or his brothers.
04:56 And Joseph thought that Mary was with Him and they were just
05:00 traveling and they took a whole day's trip. Have your parents
05:04 left you for a whole day all by yourself. No. Maybe Ricardo but
05:09 not yet I hope not
05:11 because we want to have parents with us. But you know
05:14 what? What was Jesus doing?
05:16 He was asking questions.
05:20 He was asking questions and talking about what? The Bible.
05:25 The special Bible. You're right. He wanted to know more about it
05:29 and so He was asking. When He saw the lamb being offered
05:35 possibly in the morning more and more He was filled with the Holy
05:39 Spirit that He might be the Lamb of God. No, I think that He knew
05:43 He was going to be the Lamb of God. He was understanding the
05:47 scripture and my goodness, you know, I would have love to have
05:51 been there. Wouldn't you have loved to be there. Yeah chorus.
05:54 Shall we look in our picture book and see what that might
05:56 have been like. Yeah. I would like to see a picture book and
06:00 let's see if we can open up our picture book and find the story
06:07 of Jesus. Now you know the story very well. Do you think Mary and
06:11 Joseph slept that night?
06:13 Maybe not.
06:15 I don't think so. When they discovered that Jesus wasn't
06:18 with them. Oh no! They were so fearful. I don't think they
06:21 could sleep a wink. Why?
06:23 Because they were scared.
06:25 They were scared. And not only that, do you remember the story?
06:28 It was Herod's son that was ruling at that time and you know
06:32 what? They were still fearful that his son might try to kill
06:37 Jesus. And so, yes, they didn't sleep much that night and I can
06:40 imagine how quickly they had to travel back. And, you know, this
06:45 was a long day and then they were looking all over in
06:48 Jerusalem. And did they find Jesus? No chorus. They couldn't
06:52 find Him. Huge sigh. You know the story well, right. They
06:57 finally, hear Jesus and they go around the corner and what
06:59 happens? They find... You're right. Here is Joseph and he's
07:05 looking. Do you want to come over and come close? Yeah, see
07:11 he's looking over here and this is a priest and he's looking and
07:14 he's saying Wow He really knows. Oh I would like to imagine what
07:19 that was like to have Jesus there. The Savior of Israel will
07:26 not only save the people,
07:27 but he will also take the sins of all and He
07:30 will be like the lamb. Spoken by the prophet Isaiah.
07:35 Son, Why have you done this to us. You father and I have sought
07:38 you anxiously.
07:40 Why were you looking for me? Don't you know I must be in my
07:43 Father's house. Parents let the boy stay with us. We would be
07:47 happy to school Him in the ways of the scriptures and learn to
07:51 be with the rabbis. He would be an asset because He knows so
07:54 much of the scriptures and their interpretation.
07:56 Well it seems He knows as much of the scripture as you do so
08:00 why would He need to learn from you? Thank you for the offer but
08:04 it is God who is instructing Jesus as He is learning far more
08:08 than you would ever be able to teach him.
08:11 No wonder Jesus was surprised. After all what was he doing?
08:15 He was being about His business. Would your parents know where
08:18 where you'd be? Would they know where to find you? He was
08:23 surprised because they should have known where Jesus was.
08:26 It was obvious. He would always be where he could learn more
08:30 about God as often as He could. If He wasn't helping somebody
08:34 that is exactly what he wanted to do. And you know that reminds
08:38 me of some other interesting animals. Do you know some
08:42 animals that kind of... Do you ever like to catch fireflies?
08:46 Yeah. Yeah, don't they Light up? Do you like catching them? Yes.
08:52 I like catching them and then letting them go. But you know
08:56 what, there's another deep, deep animal in the ocean. Do you know
09:01 what that is? Jellyfish? You're right, a jellyfish. And did you
09:05 that jellyfish, almost 50 percent of them are
09:10 bioluminescent. Can you say that word. Bioluminescent. And that
09:14 means that they can glow in the very deep, deep ocean. Would you
09:19 like to see some? Come on close Yeah, chorus. Here's some
09:23 bioluminescent jellyfish and they like to shine in the very
09:28 dark and you know what? They are 85 percent full of water.
09:33 Wow, chorus. That's real interesting. You know what they
09:36 like to eat? Other animals. Yeah And shrimp and fish. You're
09:42 right. They like to eat those different things and you know
09:44 what's interesting about them too? I don't know but I've
09:48 petted some on the top. Not bioluminescent but sometimes you
09:52 can touch jellyfish but you have to be very careful, so know what
09:55 you're doing. But I like that they scare their prey by shining
09:59 their Light. What happens when we shine our Light for Jesus?
10:02 We teach others about God.
10:04 You're right.
10:05 And Satan runs away from us.
10:07 You're right. Satan runs away from us and that's what we want
10:08 to do. The more we spend time with God and His word we chase
10:14 Satan away. Aren't you glad for that? Yeah chorus. We too can
10:18 shine our Light. Is this something that you can do at
10:22 home or in your community that you can shine for Jesus.
10:25 You can pray, read your Bible.
10:27 Read you Bible.
10:29 Find out about God.
10:30 You're right. How can you tell others about God. Give me an
10:32 example of that.
10:33 You can go to like people's houses and just
10:35 like talk about the good news of Jesus.
10:37 You're right. When I was a teacher you know what I used to
10:40 like to do? I used to like having an adopted grandparent.
10:44 Do you have somebody that you know in your church or community
10:47 that would love to have somebody just like you spending time with
10:51 them? I think so. Think of some grandparent that you could
10:54 spend... And here's some kids helping with their grandparent
10:58 and looking back. Look at that. They're making some bread. We
11:01 can shine for Jesus. Are you ready for some questions?
11:04 Yeah chorus. You were paying attention. Let's see if you are
11:10 ready to learn these questions.
11:18 Ah you already got the answer. Twelve years old. You're right.
11:23 How about city was Jesus at the time when he was going to
11:31 Jerusalem, what city did he come from? Nazareth chorus. What was
11:40 Nazareth called? A wicked city. It was wicked as wicked and they
11:46 thought nothing good could come from Nazareth. But where did
11:48 Jesus come from. Nazareth chorus You're right. So even if we live
11:52 in where there's a lot of sin and we can still shine our Light
11:54 for others, right? All right here's the third question. Okay
11:58 let me do my sign language on this one. Do you know what the
12:03 Passover represented? Was it A: when the angel passed over the
12:10 door post. A. B: Moses parted the sea or C: When the
12:17 Israelites left Egypt.
12:19 A chorus. You're right. When the angel passed over. That's when
12:23 they wanted to celebrate and thank Jesus, thank God, I should
12:28 say, thank God for passing over and sparing their lives. I'm so
12:33 thankful that we can live for Jesus. Aren't you? Yeah chorus.
12:36 And I hope you find some kind of person that you can shine your
12:40 light whether it's a grandparent in your community or in your
12:45 neighbor. Sometimes my daughter likes to go to a neighbor close
12:49 by. Now we don't have a lot of time but we can bring... If you
12:52 find our website at you can find some crafts too.
12:58 Are you ready to make some bioluminescent jellyfish?
13:02 Yeah, chorus. Yes. So we're excited. I hope that you will
13:07 take time to learn about Jesus and find His love. Would you
13:11 please get out the craft, the bioluminescent jellyfish.
13:15 I would like us to make it. I hope that you're willing to
13:18 shine for Jesus in everything that you do because Jesus can
13:23 use you on the smallest things. Even like these wonderful
13:26 jellyfish. You can find them at Right? Yeah chorus.
13:32 So look for them and keep shining for Jesus.
13:35 ♪ ♪


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