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00:01 ♪ ♪
00:06 When my heart begins to fear, He is my Light.
00:09 I can smile for He is near, Jesus my Light.
00:14 When I am blue, and feeling sad, He is my Light.
00:18 He reminds me I can be glad, Jesus my Light.
00:23 He is the Light, Yes Jesus my Light.
00:28 In Him is no darkness, In Him is no night.
00:32 Wherever He leads me, He makes my way bright.
00:37 I'll shine for Jesus, Jesus my light.
00:43 Here comes Aunt Francine.
00:46 Hi kids. I'm so glad to be here in the treehouse with you.
00:50 Yaay, High five. I like that. Oh we're going to have a
00:55 wonderful and special time today I love that. Whoops. I'm going
01:01 to trip. Ohh, I'm so glad. High five. Ah. We need to welcome the
01:05 kids at home. Welcome to Jesus My Light. I'm Aunt Francine and
01:09 this is little Ginger. And we're so happy that you are joining
01:14 with us because we want to learn more about Jesus. Sometimes we
01:18 have to do the simplest things and it seems like we have to do
01:21 it over and over and over again. Do you ever feel like that?
01:26 Sometimes I do and sometimes I have to work on my heart and
01:31 change it which makes me think of a song Change My Heart. Hmm
01:38 Do you know that one? Yeah Will you sing it with us?
01:41 Let's try it. ♪ ♪
02:37 I do want Jesus to change my heart. Sometimes that has to be
02:41 daily. I don't about you but sometimes I have to pray, Lord
02:46 it's all about you and work on my heart. Thank you for playing
02:49 that for us. Do any of you like mail? Yeah. Shall we check the
02:54 mailbox? Would you like to see? Carol would you see if
02:57 there's anything in our mailbox today? Ooo it looks like we have
03:06 mail. And this is from Briley and she wrote something. Oh
03:12 that's a beautiful card, isn't it? Isn't that a beautiful card?
03:16 And let's see what it says. It says Briley and Aiden and Mom.
03:22 It looks like they wrote a little letter. I don't know what
03:26 it says. I love receiving letters from my kids. Isn't that
03:31 special. I love it. Do you love rainbows. I sure do. That just
03:37 changes my heart. You know sometimes just singing and
03:41 looking for the beautiful things in nature, that can help us with
03:44 our attitude, right? Yeah. Are you folks ready for a Bible
03:49 story? Yeah!
03:51 ♪ ♪
03:54 I'm so excited to be telling you a little bit about Jesus. Now
03:57 you remember that He was coming back from the temple in
04:01 Jerusalem. How old was He when he came back? Twelve years old,
04:05 right? And do you know what 30 take away 12 is? Do you know
04:10 what that is? Thirty take away 12. It's 18; 18 years Jesus was
04:20 in the carpenter shop and every day except for Sabbath what was
04:24 He doing in the carpenter shop? Helping, Helping. You're right
04:28 And I'm sure He was in His father's carpentry shop and he
04:32 was working and you know there's a lot of things to learn
04:35 about what... Have any of you worked with wood before. I just
04:39 got this board. Huh? You've worked with wood. What have you
04:42 made with wood?
04:43 Well I've helped my dad make stuff.
04:46 Like what? What did you make?
04:48 Well we're working on a project with our...Well making a room in
04:53 the garage.
04:54 Making a room in the garage. And I tell you, you need to get
04:57 the right tools, right.
04:58 I made a cross with wood.
05:01 You made a cross with wood. Yes. You could make lots of things
05:04 with wood, but you know what? Just like the wood, sometimes...
05:07 did you ever know, like, here's a knot, right? Some people get
05:11 all knotted up. Sometimes we have scars like this one has a
05:16 hole in it. Is that ever going to go away? No. Sometimes we
05:20 break apart, right? Sometimes we just don't know. And you know
05:26 what? I think Jesus was learning a lot of things while being in
05:30 the carpenter shop. The big thing I think is patience.
05:37 Sometimes I'm not very patient. Are you patient? I'm not. And
05:42 sometimes Jesus was able to see other people that would come
05:46 into the carpenter shop and you know what? Sometimes people
05:51 didn't always have a great attitude. And you know what?
05:55 Even when Jesus was in the carpenter shop He was able to
05:59 change lives. Did you know that? He was able to have everyone
06:02 change their heart. And you know how He did that? I can just see
06:07 Jesus...
06:09 ♪Jesus humming♪
06:37 So what's you doin'?
06:40 I'm making a stool.
06:41 Come play with us.
06:42 I would love to. But your clothes they're great.
06:46 You're only saying that.
06:48 But I really mean it.
06:50 Hmm. Sure.
06:52 Yeah, you always work, you mama's boy.
06:55 I'm sorry you guys. I'll make it up to I promise. Tomorrow OK?
06:59 You always say that but you never come play because you're
07:03 you're always working and if you're not working you're
07:04 studying and if you're not studying you're just reading
07:09 the Bible. You never have time to play.
07:12 You guys mean a lot to me and I'll try to change.
07:14 Hmm. Sure.
07:17 ♪Jesus Humming♪
07:31 This yoke is broken and I need to get into the field. I want
07:35 this fixed right now.
07:37 Yes sir. Let me see what I can do.
07:43 ♪ ♪
07:50 I've just broken the handle for my ax head and I need another
07:53 handle. Can you make me another handle by noon?
07:58 Sighs. Yes sir. Let me see what I can do. I'm working on this
08:04 yoke right now but if you stay here I'll have it done in 20
08:07 minutes.
08:10 Sighs. Can you believe that my ax handle just fell off like
08:13 this?
08:15 Yeah, I have to finish plowing before the rain comes.
08:17 Jesus singing. ♪Shalom my friends, shalom my friends♪
08:22 All singing ♪Shalom, Shalom. God's peace be with you♪
08:28 ♪God's peace be with you. Shalom, Shalom♪
08:34 ♪Shalom my friend, Shalom my friend♪
08:39 ♪Shalom, Shalom, till we meet again, till we meet again♪
08:47 ♪Shalom, Shalom♪
08:51 Have any of you sung when somebody else was mad?
08:55 Do you know what happened in that carpentry shop? They all
09:00 started singing with Jesus. Huh? Yes. No matter how upset they
09:06 were they were able to sing with Jesus. Because they didn't even
09:10 realize it. It was like the Holy Spirit was amongst them. They
09:14 were singing the song with Jesus Oh. That is kind of wild, isn't
09:20 it? Isn't it special that Jesus could turn things around.
09:23 And you know what? Jesus asks us to turn that around. Now I
09:26 don't know of anything that's so special than turning things
09:30 around. You know there's sometimes when I hear my
09:33 daughter singing and I have had a rough day and all of a sudden
09:37 she makes up a song and you know what? It changes my heart
09:42 completely. Did you know that? How many of you like to sing?
09:45 Do you like to sing? I like to sing. I can't hold a note but I
09:49 like to sing. And I hope that even a little song in our heart
09:53 we can sing for Jesus and we can turn things around. Do you know
09:56 what Shalom means? What does Shalom mean? It can be a
10:02 greeting like hello. And it can also, be goodbye. And it says my
10:08 peace...May God's peace be with you. And that's what we want to
10:14 pray. We want God's peace. Only God's peace can be in our heart
10:17 and can change us, right? We want to have Shalom.
10:20 So sometimes your music can be a change in your heart and it can
10:25 change your mood and they say that even people that are in a
10:27 lot of pain, that can help their pain so it wouldn't be so
10:31 painful. That's kind of interesting. So whenever you see
10:33 somebody really frustrated, what can you do? Start singing, right
10:37 Do you think you're ready for some questions? Yes. All right
10:42 let's see if you were paying attention. What does Shalom mean
10:49 A. May God's peace be with you. B. Jesus is coming or C. Obey
10:56 God. A! A. Good job. Did you get it at home? Here's another
11:01 one. Do you remember which commandment has a promise?
11:06 Hmm. Is it A. Honor your Father and Mother. B. Thou shalt not
11:13 steal or C. Thou shalt not covet like want something else that's
11:18 somebody else's.
11:19 Obey your parents.
11:21 Obey your parents. You're right. A is correct. You want to obey
11:25 your parents. Now little Ginger decided she wanted to come off
11:29 the set but you know what? Even little Ginger had to obey her
11:33 parents. You know what? When I first got Ginger she was a
11:38 little pistol. You know what she did? What? One time she was
11:41 chasing after a dog and didn't come when I called her. And I
11:46 thought Oh no. Did she have to learn how to behave? Yes.
11:51 You know Jesus was subject to His parents for a time, for how
11:55 many years. Eighteen. Eighteen years still after. So until he
12:00 was 30 years old he was still doing his parents' work in the
12:06 carpenter shop. So even if you're doing simple tasks
12:09 constantly we need to remember that we are doing God's will by
12:14 obeying our parents. And doing what we can to be helpful to
12:19 others.
12:21 ♪ ♪
12:27 real quick. Yeah. As fast as you can. I hope that you can find
12:32 and join us for the next time when we have more fun learning
12:37 about Jesus. And here is a craft You can find it on our website.
12:42 Oh there's Ginger. She decided to pop up. You want to see it?
12:46 Oh that's you, you have to learn to follow directions and
12:49 following. We want to follow Jesus, right? Do you want to
12:52 help us make it? Yeah. So be sure to join us next time for
12:57 Jesus My Light where we learn more about Jesus. We hope to
13:00 see you. Bye.
13:02 ♪ ♪


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