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Resisting Temptation

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00:02 ♪ ♪
00:05 ♪When my heart begins to fear, He is my Light.♪
00:09 ♪I can smile for He is near. Jesus My Light.♪
00:14 ♪When I'm blue, and feeling sad, He is my Light.♪.
00:18 ♪He reminds me I can be glad, Jesus My Light.
00:23 ♪He is the Light, Yes Jesus My Light.♪
00:27 ♪In Him is no darkness, In Him is no night♪.
00:32 ♪Wherever He leads me, He makes my way bright.
00:37 ♪I'll shine for Jesus, Jesus My Light.
00:41 Look here comes Aunt Francine.
00:42 Hey kids. I'm so excited to be here. Give me high five.
00:49 I'm so glad, ah, ah, ah, I do have days like that.
00:54 You know today was such a beautiful day. Oh I'm so glad to
00:59 be here but I want to welcome you at home to Jesus My Light.
01:03 I'm Aunt Francine and this is little Ginger. We're so glad
01:07 that you decided to be a part with us enjoying this time with
01:11 us. We want to talk about Jesus. He's my special friend. I hope
01:16 He's your special friend too. I love to talk about Jesus.
01:20 You know, Jesus had to go through a lot of hard things for
01:23 us. Some things we will never understand. But you know what
01:28 we can always trust God and sometimes we have to make
01:32 careful choices and we have to be careful of what we can do and
01:37 ask God for help. You know, that reminds me of a song. Do you
01:42 know what that song is? It is Oh Be Careful Little Eyes. Do we
01:47 want to watch what we see and what we think and what we say?
01:50 Can you help us sing that song? Sure ♪ ♪
02:29 Mmm. Sometimes we need to be very careful of what we are
02:35 thinking. Sometimes we need help You know, when Jesus was wanting
02:41 to do God's will, He wanted to learn more about God and He
02:45 needed to take time alone with God. Don't you want to do that?
02:49 Yes. Yeah. Yes. Are you ready for another Bible story. Yeah.
02:54 I hope you are. Will you join us ♪ ♪
03:02 After Jesus was in the wilderness He wanted to spend
03:06 time with His heavenly Father. Right? But then He had to go and
03:13 pray and just say, Lord, I want to do Your will. And so do you
03:16 know how long he stayed in the wilderness and prayed. Forty
03:22 days. Forty days and forty nights. Did he even eat? No.
03:26 Can you imagine not eating for that many days?
03:30 It must be horrid (whispered).
03:31 It must be really hard. And I don't know how He did it but He
03:35 wanted to just totally focus on God. He wanted to do His will
03:40 and He knew the only way to do that is to armor up, right?
03:44 And He was talking with His heavenly Father and saying, Lord
03:47 I want to do your will. And after the 40 days who comes by?
03:54 Satan! Satan and now I don't see him necessarily looking scary
04:00 or anything. I really think he looked nice. And he knew that if
04:06 Jesus was at His weakest point that would be the best time to
04:11 get Jesus to do something wrong and to sin. And all his life you
04:17 know he could have said something bad or something mean
04:20 to His brothers but if He had said anyone bad word probably
04:24 He couldn't be our Savior. He would have sinned. Can you
04:27 imagine that? Even just one word and so He's praying and Satan
04:32 says, Oh he looks at those nice rocks over there and he says...
04:36 What did he say? You know the story well. Do you know it?
04:39 He could turn the stones into bread.
04:41 You must be hungry. Turn those stones into bread. Ohhh.
04:45 And what did Jesus say? No. No. He did not want to be
04:51 tempted. And you know that reminds me...Do we sometimes get
04:55 hungry for food? Yes, yeah. And Your parents tell you uh-huh.
05:01 Let's not steal the cookie out of the cookie jar. Right?
05:05 Sometimes and you're thinking, but maybe mommy won't notice.
05:10 Do you think mommy notices? Yeah I think mommy might not tell you
05:14 sometimes but your mommy knows you really well. Let me tell you
05:18 And so then Satan takes Jesus to a really high spot and says
05:25 what? Jump. Throw yourself over. Jump down. Yeah, you're right.
05:29 Throw yourself over. And what did Jesus say again? No, no.
05:36 He says no I'm not going to tempt God and He didn't want to
05:39 fall into Satan's trap. And you know, was Satan done yet? No.
05:44 And Satan was very clever and he's very clever with us
05:50 sometimes. And he said you know I will take you...let's go up to
05:54 the really high mountain. You can see almost lots of the earth
06:00 You just bow down to me and I will give it all to you. Jesus
06:08 understood what Satan was talking about. He wasn't talking
06:13 about just bowing down and the whole earth would be His. He was
06:16 really talking about you know that it's all about who God is.
06:21 Jesus already knew if He passed the test He knew he would have
06:27 to pass the test and Satan knew that if he could trick Him now
06:30 God wouldn't reign over the earth. And so Jesus said what?
06:36 No. Get thee behind me Satan! Whooo! I would like to see that
06:41 in the picture book. Will you come around next to me? Let's
06:44 see what the picture book looks like.
06:46 ♪ ♪
07:31 If you are the Son of God command these stones to become
07:35 bread.
07:36 It is written, man shall not live by bread alone but by
07:41 every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
07:44 If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down for it is written
07:51 He shall give His angels charge over you and in their hands they
07:54 shall bear you up lest you dash your foot against a stone.
07:58 And it is written again, You shall not tempt the Lord your
08:01 God. ♪ ♪
08:07 All these things I will give you if you will fall down and
08:10 worship me.
08:11 Away with you Satan! For it is written, you shall worship the
08:15 Lord your God and Him only you shall serve.
08:20 ♪ ♪
08:27 You're right. Satan tries to trick us sometimes, right?
08:29 Yeah, yeah he really does try to trick us and he does some
08:34 very clever things. I don't' know about you but do you know
08:38 what this is? Oh yeah. Yes. It's a smoke detector, technical
08:47 name. A smoke detector and a smoke detector, what does it do?
08:53 When smoke comes, it beeps.
08:54 When the smoke comes it does beep. But does it tell you to
08:59 get away from the fire.
09:00 No, no that's your decision.
09:02 You're right. You have a decision to do. But you know
09:06 what? We have to acknowledge those warning signs. Sometimes
09:10 Satan's very tricky. And how are we going to look for those
09:14 warning signs? What do we need to read and spend time with?
09:17 The Bible.
09:19 The Bible. You see, Jesus knew the Bible so well that He knew
09:23 because Satan was reading the Bible too. He knew the scripture
09:28 He took parts of the scripture and twisted it around a little
09:32 bit. Ha, isn't he trying to trick us? That's not very nice.
09:38 So you know what there's some things that we can do to make
09:40 sure that we don't fall into Satan's trap. You know what we
09:44 can do? We can say like Jesus said, Get thee behind me Satan.
09:49 You know there's other times where sometimes they say Jesus
09:53 help me. Because sometimes I might be going down the road and
09:57 I say, Jesus please help me. And guess what needs to happen.
10:00 Jesus, I believe, will help you. No matter what circumstances you
10:07 find yourself in Jesus is always willing to help you. He will
10:12 help you go through every temptation no matter what that
10:16 is. He can change your heart and help you live for Him no matter
10:20 what that is. Are you ready for some interesting things to learn
10:25 about? I would like to say you know if Satan could tempt you
10:30 and he's prowling like a lion, we know he prowls like a lion
10:34 trying to figure out who he can trick. Right? And who he can get
10:39 by. He'll eat you all up. We don't want him to eat
10:42 us all up. No. We want Jesus to live, well and God, to live in
10:48 our hearts. Right? Just like Jesus and so He said get thee
10:51 behind me Satan. And Satan, what did he have to do?
10:53 What did Satan have to do. Could he stay there when we
10:57 tell him to get out? Can Satan stay with you? No, no.
11:01 No and that's the same thing. When you find yourself in a very
11:04 tough situation I want you to always remember that you can ask
11:12 Jesus for help no matter what. Because there's some temptations
11:15 that could be about food, it can be about whether you know
11:18 God's will. Okay. Or trying to test God like he tried to test
11:25 or sometimes it's really acknowledging that God is your
11:31 heavenly Father and that He wants to save you. You know that
11:34 Did you know that God can save you? Wow! He wants to save each
11:41 one of us and there's not a temptation that we go through
11:44 that Jesus hasn't gone through. So that's encouraging to me. How
11:49 about you? Yeah. No matter what temptations we face God is
11:54 always there to help us. Are you ready for some questions? Yes!
11:58 All right. I hope you at home are ready. So here's question
12:03 number one. What led Jesus to the wilderness? Was it A - Satan
12:08 B - His mother Mary, or C - the Holy Spirit? C. Did you get it
12:14 right. You're right. It's C - the Holy Spirit. How about
12:19 question number two: How many days did Jesus stay in the
12:23 wilderness? Was it A - 10 days, B - 20 days or C - 40 days?
12:31 Forty! Oh I know you got it right at home. You're right, it
12:36 was C - 40 days. Question number three: What was the third
12:42 temptation of
12:43 Jesus while in the wilderness? Was it A - to bow down, B-throw
12:50 yourself, or C - Turn these rocks into bread. Oh that was a
12:55 tricky one. It's A. You're right You know we can be tempted with
13:01 food or knowing God's will or trusting God's word. But you
13:06 know what? Jesus is always and especially His heavenly Father
13:12 are always wanting to help you. So what do we need to say. Get
13:15 thee behind me Satan or say what Help me Jesus. I know that God
13:22 wants to help you and He sent His Son to save just you. He
13:27 would have died just for you. Isn't that wonderful how much
13:31 Jesus was willing to go through to show his love for us. Thank
13:35 you for joining us. Bye.
13:37 ♪ ♪


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