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00:05 ♪ ♪
00:07 When my heart begins to fear, He is my light.
00:09 I can smile for He is near. Jesus my Light.
00:14 When I'm blue and feeling sad He is my Light.
00:18 He reminds me I can be glad. Jesus my Light.
00:23 He is the Light Yes Jesus my Light
00:27 In Him is no darkness In Him is no night.
00:32 Wherever He leads me He makes my life bright.
00:37 I'll shine for Jesus, Jesus my Light.
00:43 Here comes Aunt Francine.
00:45 Hi kids. How are you? I'm so glad to see you today. It's a
00:51 wonderful time to be in our tree house so we can learn about
00:57 Jesus. I would like to welcome you at home to Jesus My Light.
01:02 I'm Aunt Francine and this is Little Ginger. We want to talk
01:06 about Jesus today because you know what, wherever He went
01:09 those that were looking for truth and wanted to know more
01:12 about God where He was drawing them closer to who God was and
01:17 everyone wanted to be close to Jesus. Are you ready to learn
01:22 today? Yeah! All right. You know people that know about God want
01:26 to follow Him and really give their hearts to him and you know
01:30 we have to make a decision to follow Jesus which reminds me of
01:34 a song, I Have Decided to Follow Jesus. Will you sing it with us?
01:38 ♪ ♪
02:28 Have any of you had to do something and never go back for
02:34 something else? I've met some families that had to leave
02:38 everything behind and go and flee. Sometimes they come from
02:44 different countries and sometimes there is war or
02:47 something going on and they had to leave everything in order to
02:51 find safety. And you know that's what we need to be able to do
02:53 isn't it? We need to be able to leave everything behind just to
02:57 follow Jesus. Thank you for singing that song for us.
03:00 Are you ready for a Bible story? Yeah! Yes! ♪
03:07 Jesus was ready to find His disciples, people that would
03:11 want to follow Jesus. And so He was walking by the Jordan River
03:16 and on His way there who was already preaching over there?
03:19 John the Baptist!
03:21 You know it well. It's John the Baptist and he had some
03:24 followers too. And he had specifically two disciples and
03:28 they were Andrew and John. And Andrew and John were there and
03:32 they realized that this has to be the Messiah because John the
03:36 Baptist said This is the Lamb of God. And so they started
03:39 following Jesus and it didn't stop there because Andrew had
03:44 to go tell somebody else. Who did he have to tell?
03:46 Simon Peter.
03:48 Simon Peter. He goes and tells Simon Peter and then it doesn't
03:52 stop there. Jesus the next day is going to the Lake of Galilee
03:55 and on His way there He finds Phillip. And Phillip, do you
03:58 think he could keep quiet. No! No, he couldn't keep quiet
04:03 either because he had to go tell somebody else. Everybody had to
04:06 go spreading it out. It's like everybody was drawn and if
04:09 you're connected to Jesus you're going to pull other people to
04:12 know more about Jesus. Did you know that? Sometimes we can
04:16 share the love of Jesus just by the way we're living and we can
04:19 follow Jesus. So here's another interesting thing. Do you know
04:23 I'm thinking of something that's kind of like a magnet. Do you
04:30 like magnets? Yeah! Do any of you have magnets at home? Yeah.
04:34 I like to play with magnets. What do you know about magnets?
04:37 Now I didn't bring...I should have brought Amanda's magnets
04:40 with us in our tree house but I didn't do that. Anyway I like
04:45 pulling a whole string of magnets, right? Oh you want to
04:48 pull out some magnets for us? I think there's some magnets in
04:51 that treasure box. Good job. Thank you, Alec. Yes, can you
04:56 bring that over? Yes, we need some magnets. And you know what
05:01 when we're connected with Jesus we're going to be like a magnet.
05:04 So here's two magnets. Now did you ever notice that if you put
05:09 two norths together they don't really...You can't connect them.
05:15 They don't want to connect. And if you put two souths together
05:19 they what? They repel. That's exactly what happens. They repel
05:23 They can't connect with each other. But if you have a north
05:28 and a south what happens?
05:29 They connect. They stick.
05:31 They can stick together. You're right. And you can have a whole
05:35 row of these magnets, right? Uh-huh. And so you can have a
05:39 whole row of them and when you're really connected to the
05:42 source of Jesus you're connected Now here...we might need to
05:47 leave a little bit of room but I have something, (Sneeze) Oh
05:49 bless you. Oh Ginger wants to learn about it too. So, oops.
05:55 Well we're going to try it without the wheels. So we're
05:56 just going to turn it around this way, okay? And so here it
06:00 is, we've got a magnet, right? And so sometimes there's people
06:04 that you hang out with at school Are there some people that you
06:08 don't like being around with? Yeah, hm-huh. Sometimes it's as
06:14 if they're repelling them. They're moving away. And move
06:20 your way. You don't want to be with them. But you know what if
06:23 you have the character of Jesus hopefully, you're drawing people
06:28 towards you, right? That's exactly what we want to do.
06:33 We don't want to be having bad choices because people just
06:37 don't want to hang out with you. We don't want to repel. Do you
06:42 want to try that? Does anybody want to try it. It's kind of
06:45 hard. So. Yep. We'll probably do it...Here come on over.
06:49 Yeah. Hold on. There we're connected. And sometimes it's
06:56 really hard to get it off. But you know what? We can learn a
07:00 lot about magnets and who Jesus is. Everything in nature,
07:04 everything that God has created is about knowing who Jesus is.
07:09 And I hope you want to learn about Jesus. I'm going to leave
07:12 this for just a little bit longer. Did you know that when
07:20 Simon Peter...Are you ready to come around and look at our
07:22 picture book? Yeah! Yeah, see what was happening. They wanted
07:26 to learn more about Jesus. ♪ ♪
07:33 Look the Lamb of God.
07:34 What are you looking for?
07:37 Rabbi, where are you staying?
07:39 Come with me and you'll see.
07:41 ♪ ♪
07:51 Simon, Simon, we have found the Messiah. Come quick.
07:55 ♪ ♪ You are Simon the son of Jonah.
08:06 But from now on you will be called Peter which means rock.
08:10 ♪ ♪
08:23 Follow me. ♪ ♪
08:31 We found the One who Moses wrote about in the law and the
08:34 prophets. It's Jesus, the son of Joseph.
08:39 Nazareth? Can anything good come out of Nazareth?
08:42 Come and see. ♪ ♪
09:05 This man is truly one of God's people. There's no faults in him
09:09 How do you know me?
09:13 Before Phillip told you I saw you under a fig tree.
09:15 Rabbi, you are the Son of God. You are the King of Israel.
09:22 Because I saw you under a fig tree, you believe? You will see
09:27 many more greater things that this.
09:30 And they were so excited to see Jesus and they wanted to learn
09:34 about Him and be drawn to Him. I want to be drawn to Jesus.
09:39 You see? Yeah! So here's John the Baptist, John the Baptist
09:46 and his disciples and they were like, Oh they wanted to follow
09:49 Jesus. And we want to follow Jesus too in everything that we
09:53 do. Now did you know that earth is a big magnet? What? Yes. The
10:03 earth is a big magnet. Iron and nickel are things that can be
10:08 magnetized too. Okay. And there's Cobalt. But you know what the
10:13 core of the earth like I said... Do you know why there's iron in
10:17 the middle of the earth? Do you know why it is? I think God put
10:21 it there for a particular reason because you know what that iron
10:26 does? It shields the earth from the UV rays. And when it shields
10:32 the earth from the UV rays... Do you know what UV rays are?
10:35 What is it? The Sun. The sun, you're right. We get UV rays
10:40 from the sun. And sometimes that is putting a protection around
10:44 us. So when we're following Jesus, okay, and we're connected
10:49 to Him, okay, when we're drawing closer to Jesus do you know that
10:53 I believe that Jesus puts a protection around us. There's
10:58 a lot of things that if you are following Jesus Satan doesn't
11:04 even bother you. Now there's other times that Satan works
11:07 really hard but Jesus says He puts a protection around us and
11:11 says only so far. Because there's a lot of things like if
11:14 you were doing drugs or something or going around the
11:17 wrong people, okay, you're drawing to the wrong crowd. And
11:21 we don't want to do that. We want to be connected with Jesus,
11:24 right? Yeah, and I hope that you want to be connected to Jesus.
11:28 Are you ready for some questions I hope you are. Okay, let's see
11:35 if we can get some questions. Are you ready? Yeah! All right.
11:40 What did the two men who later became disciples call Jesus in
11:44 this story? Was it A - The rabbi which means teacher; or B -
11:52 Jesus; or C - Son of God. Do you know what it is? Did you get it
11:58 right at home? Yes, it's A - Rabbi, which means what?
12:03 Teacher.
12:04 Teacher, you're right. What did Nathaniel ask Jesus? What time
12:09 is it? How do you know me? or May I follow you? Do you know
12:15 what it is? Okay. A - What time is it; B - How do you know me?
12:22 or C - May I follow you? Which one is it? If you said B at home
12:25 you're right. Okay, number three: What does "Messiah" mean? The
12:32 Promised and Expected Deliverer B - The Royal Priest; or
12:37 C - Father. Are you ready? It means, you're right,
12:43 A - Promised and Expected Deliverer. So we are expecting
12:49 Jesus. Are you hoping Jesus is coming soon. Yeah! Will you
12:53 invite Him into your heart today Yeah! I hope you take the time
12:57 to invite Jesus in your heart today because things go a lot
13:00 smoother. We want to follow Jesus. And in turn when we are
13:05 connected to the Main Magnet I want to say, Jesus Christ, what
13:11 happens. We're going to have other people learning about
13:15 Jesus and if we're connected to Jesus, one person might be
13:20 connected to you and to Jesus and the next person's going to
13:25 be connected to Jesus and the next person and it's going to be
13:28 like a whole string of magnets. Don't you want to do that?
13:31 I hope so. So let's live for Jesus. Until next time we'll
13:35 see you at the tree house.
13:37 ♪ ♪


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