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Witnessing A Wedding Miracle

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00:02 ♪ ♪
00:07 When my heart begins to fear, He is my Light.
00:09 I can smile for He is near, Jesus my Light.
00:14 When I'm blue and feeling sad, He is my Light.
00:18 He reminds me I can be glad, Jesus my Light.
00:23 He is the Light, yes, Jesus my Light.
00:27 In Him is no darkness, in Him is no night.
00:33 Wherever He leads me, He makes my way bright.
00:37 I'll shine for Jesus, Jesus my Light.
00:43 Hey guys, look, it's Aunt Francine.
00:44 Hi kids. Hi! Oh this is a wonderful day to be in the tree
00:50 house. Aren't you glad to be here? Yes! I'm so glad to be
00:54 here. Ooops. I am so delighted to be here and I think Ginger
00:59 is too. Oh, and we've got to welcome our kids at home.
01:04 Welcome to Jesus my Light. I'm Aunt Francine and this is little
01:08 Ginger. And we are going to talk about Jesus. And this is a
01:12 really happy time so we've got to have a lot of fun on this one
01:15 because you know what, Jesus liked having a lot of fun. And
01:20 you know what? This was a happy time and He did His very first
01:25 miracle. Do you know that? It was very special because it was
01:29 supposed to be a very happy time and you know what, I'm so glad
01:32 that Jesus was able to do some miracles. Aren't you glad? Yeah!
01:37 I'm very glad. Hey my God is so great. Aren't you glad He's so
01:43 great? Yeah! Yes, oh, let's sing that song. My God Is So Great.
01:48 You ready for the music. ♪ ♪
02:24 That was wonderful. I enjoyed that song. Thank you, Dan, that
02:29 was so wonderful. Are you... Yes, it is fun. It's wonderful
02:34 to have fun with Jesus. Doesn't He want us to have fun? Yes!
02:38 Yes It's fun the love Jesus and to talk about Him everywhere we
02:43 go. So are you ready for a Bible story today? Yeah! How about you
02:47 at home, are you ready for our Bible story? This story is a fun
02:55 story because Jesus wanted to do something very special and He
02:58 wanted to be there for a very special occasion. How many of
03:02 you have been to weddings? Do you like weddings?
03:04 Yeah, especially the cake.
03:07 I think so, Oh you like the cake I like cake too. You know what?
03:12 Weddings are a special time but you know also birthdays are kind
03:15 of special, aren't they? Or especially when a baby is being
03:19 born. That is always a big celebration. And the cake, you
03:22 always like cake, right? Okay, I like cake and especially if it
03:25 was chocolate cake. Anyway, so Jesus was invited to a special
03:30 wedding in Cana and so He is walking there and I can only
03:35 imagine Mary, His mother, being so excited that she might be
03:39 able to see Jesus. And so she's anticipating Jesus's coming and
03:44 He's bringing His disciples and they're coming in and they're
03:48 there and Mary kind of... Just imaging what she might have done
03:54 She just kind of paused like, Wow! Jesus looked so different.
03:58 Why do you think Jesus looked different. She recognized Jesus
04:01 because of His face and His demeanor but He looked a little
04:04 different. Why do you think? What had happened earlier?
04:07 Because the Holy Spirit was in Him.
04:08 The Holy Spirit was with Him but also just beforehand, remember
04:12 when He was in the wilderness being tempted. He was probably
04:15 feeling a little weak. He was probably not as strong or as
04:19 physically fit. And so here Mary's so excited to see Jesus
04:23 and I can just see Jesus introducing the disciples and
04:26 saying oh welcome, welcome. So I can just imagine them just
04:32 sitting down at the tables and eating. Now, that's a fun time.
04:37 I'm imagining fig and grapes and you know that's one thing
04:43 that's always there...Yes Kahlil Wine.
04:44 They had wine.
04:46 And at that time it was grape juice, right? We know it was
04:50 grape because we can tell from the other verses in the Bible.
04:53 But you're right. We'll talk about that a little bit later
04:56 but you're right, it was grape juice. So it was very important
05:01 at every wedding there would be grape
05:05 juice or wine, we call it wine, but it was grape juice. And so
05:09 they had to make sure, because if you didn't have enough grape
05:12 juice, it was thought that you weren't being very respectful
05:16 and very thoughtful. So wine was very important at the weddings,
05:20 right, and you want to make sure you had enough. So you know the
05:25 story well. Do you know the story? I'm sure you remember the
05:28 story well. What happened? Do you remember what happened?
05:31 They ran out of wine or grape juice.
05:34 They ran out of grape juice. You're right. And so Mary who
05:38 was probably helping right there at the feast because it
05:40 was probably one of her relatives. She's thinking, Oh
05:44 I know who could deal with this. I know what to do. So she
05:49 probably, I'm assuming, I'm only imagining, she might have just
05:54 gone over next to Jesus and thought Hmm You know what? What
06:01 do you think she might have said
06:02 Jesus, do a miracle.
06:04 I think so. I think so. I can just see, here's one of these
06:10 servants probably. You want to come close? Come around here,
06:13 come in close. He's coming over here and He says what?
06:18 There's no wine. I am worried for the family and guests.
06:23 We have run out of wine.
06:25 Jesus, they have no wine.
06:34 Dear Woman. Why come to me? My hour has not yet come.
06:40 ♪ ♪
06:48 Do whatever He tells you to do.
06:51 ♪ ♪
07:00 Fill the jars with water.
07:02 ♪ ♪
07:14 Now draw some out and take it to the master of the feast.
07:17 ♪ ♪
07:24 Grape juice.
07:26 ♪ ♪
07:40 Bridegroom, people always serve the best wine first. Later after
07:46 the guests have been drinking well they serve the cheaper wine
07:48 but you have kept the best wine till now.
07:55 ♪ ♪ And so Jesus very calmly just
08:00 walked over the servants, I'm imagining, and said, Fill
08:04 up those six jars. And so you can imagine...Do you know how
08:08 heavy those jars must have been? They must have been really heavy
08:12 because they were like 30 gallons of grape juice but in
08:18 this case it was what? Water! You know that so well. And so
08:22 here I can just imagine him taking the jars out and they're
08:26 going to the well and they're having to fill it up. And so
08:30 they bring them back there and then Jesus says what? What does
08:34 Jesus tell them to do?
08:36 Take it to the person who's in charge or the host.
08:40 Yes and He says go ahead and give it. And I can just see
08:44 their eyes like ah, what are you talking about. Are you sure
08:49 about that. And so yes. And so he sends it and what happens
08:55 next?
08:56 They take it to him and he tastes it and he says
08:59 this is the best wine.
09:00 It is the best wine and it was wonderful. And he said, Oh
09:04 that's so sweet. You know, when we know who Jesus is, it's so
09:09 sweet. We want more of his love don't we? Yeah. He can do
09:12 anything in our lives no matter what we do. Jesus wants to be
09:18 the sweetest thing in our lives. I want Him to live for us. You
09:22 know, we talked about grape juice, right? Did you know that
09:29 those old wine sacks, you know the wine sacks that they use. We
09:33 don't know if it was goat skin or what but they could even last
09:36 a whole year without being fermented. That's kind of
09:40 interesting and we know that Jesus on the cross didn't want
09:44 want any wine, right? So we know that it wasn't wine but we know
09:50 that it was grape juice. Now grape juice has some good
09:53 qualities. Oh! What's Ginger doing with our grapes? I think
09:56 she's having fun with our craft grapes here. She's having fun
10:00 but that's okay. You know grape juice is really good for our
10:04 stomach and so if you have an upset stomach sometimes they say
10:06 oh go ahead and have some grape juice.
10:09 And if you have constipation it can make you use the restroom.
10:14 Oh, it might help you have a bowel movement. You're right.
10:15 So grape juice is really good for us. So I know Jesus wanted
10:20 to talk about those things. And you know, I'm thinking that
10:26 sometimes we don't have much to bring to Jesus. What did He ask
10:30 them to bring? Water, right? And yet Jesus was able to do
10:37 something very special. When we do what Jesus wants us to do and
10:40 just follow directions, life goes a lot smoother, don't you
10:45 think. Yes, Kahlil.
10:47 I also read the story where Jesus fed 5000 people with five
10:51 loaves and two fishes.
10:53 You're right. Everything is so much better when Jesus is
10:55 involved and He likes having a big party. Don't you think so?
11:01 I love having grape juice and you know enjoy that time, right?
11:06 Enjoy having some grape juice. So do you think you're ready for
11:10 some questions? Yeah! How about you at home? Are you ready for
11:14 some questions. I am going to pull out my questions. What is a
11:21 miracle? Can it be explained by nature and science. B - It
11:25 cannot be explained by scientific law or nature; or, C-
11:30 A trick someone plays. What do you think a miracle is? That's
11:37 kind of a hard one but you're right if you said B - Cannot be
11:41 explained by science or law or nature, you're correct. Only God
11:46 can help perform those miracles through Jesus. So, can I do a
11:51 miracle? No. But it's God who can do those things. So what is
11:56 the first miracle performed when He began His ministry? Was it
12:01 A - Healing a blind man; B - Changing water into grape juice;
12:06 or C - A boatload of fish? B! B. I know you got that one at
12:13 home, right? And how about the third question: Did you catch
12:17 this one? How many jars were filled? Woo. A - Three; B - Six;
12:25 or C - Ten? What did you get? Did you say six? You are correct
12:36 It was six jars. You know, we can have Jesus fill our hearts
12:41 and fill our lives with a new Spirit that is so much sweeter
12:45 than anything, we can talk about. Aren't you willing to share
12:48 about Jesus. Yeah!. You know what's interesting is that Jesus
12:53 went back to where He always went. People were saying who did
12:56 this miracle, who did this miracle? And where was Jesus at
13:00 that point? You're right. Usually, He was gone. He was out
13:05 probably on the mountainside. What was He doing, again?
13:08 Praying! Pray, what he always loved to do. Talking to His
13:13 heavenly Father. And you know that reminds me. We want to take
13:17 time to spend with God because life is much sweeter with Jesus.
13:23 Don't you want to have Jesus in your heart and live for Him each
13:28 day and let your light shine for Him. I hope you'll join us
13:33 to the next time on Jesus my Light.
13:36 ♪ ♪


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