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Cleansing The Temple

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00:01 ♪ ♪
00:06 When my heart begins to fear, He is my Light.
00:09 I can smile for He is near, Jesus my Light.
00:14 When I'm blue and feeling sad, He is my Light.
00:20 He reminds me I can be glad, Jesus my Light.
00:23 He is the Light, yes, Jesus my Light
00:28 In Him is no darkness, in Him is no night.
00:32 Wherever He leads me, He makes my way bright.
00:37 I'll shine for Jesus, Jesus my Light.
00:43 Hey, here comes Aunt Francine Hi
00:46 Hi kids, Oh it's so wonderful to be in this tree house.
00:52 Thank you for closing that door How are you today? Oh yay.
00:58 I like that. I'm so excited to be here. And we need to welcome
01:03 our kids at home. Welcome to Jesus my Light. We want to learn
01:08 about Jesus. I'm Aunt Francine and this is little Ginger.
01:12 You know, Jesus had an interesting personality.
01:15 I wish I could have been there to see Him. Because you know
01:18 what? Even when we think somebody gets angry, do you see
01:21 them get all red in the face? Sometimes people get it, but you
01:25 know what, even when Jesus was disappointed in how people were
01:29 treating His house, the children loved to be with Jesus. Don't
01:35 you want to be with Jesus? Yes! Jesus loves all the children.
01:38 Everyone of us. That makes me think of a particular song.
01:43 Do you want to sing it with us? Which song shall we sing?
01:45 Jesus Loves the Little Children.
01:47 I agree. Let's sing that song.
01:49 All right. ♪ ♪
02:27 Oh, I'm so glad that Jesus loves each one of us. Each one of you
02:31 is very special to Jesus. I'm so glad that He came to us. Thank
02:37 you for singing for that. Are you ready for our Bible story?
02:40 Yes! Yeah! How about you at home, are you
02:43 ready for our Bible story?
02:46 So it was about the Passover time and Jesus was doing what He
02:51 normally did in going right to the temple. Do you like to go to
02:55 church and pray? Yeah! Yes! So Jesus was participating right
03:00 there at the temple and possibly giving His half a shekel. Now
03:05 a half a shekel was what the priests required at the temple.
03:09 Now does that sound right? They had to exchange a shekel that
03:14 they would normally buy things with with a temple shekel.
03:18 So they would switch that out and you know what? What the
03:22 priests would do sometimes? When they would switch the money they
03:26 would charge extra. Would that be fair? No! That wasn't fair at
03:30 all. And so what they decided. They would put it in and Jesus
03:34 knew that and He saw all these poor people and many of them
03:39 would go the priests and say please, please, I want the
03:43 blessings from God. And the priest would say, Oh go away.
03:47 And so when Jesus was coming to the temple, He had that
03:51 compassionate look on everyone's face. And everybody comes in and
03:55 I can just see Jesus there and He's seeing all of that and He's
04:00 seeing all of the commotion. Were they doing what they were
04:03 supposed to be doing in the temple? No! No, they weren't
04:07 doing what they were supposed to be doing. And so Jesus, I assume
04:11 if He was angry it was a good kind of angry. Have you ever
04:16 been angry for a good reason. Yes! Ooo and I can see Jesus and
04:23 He said this is not about my Father's business. And so he
04:27 decided...what did He do? He grabbed a coil and I can see
04:31 the look and it was as if He was piercing at everyone's eyes.
04:36 They felt it and especially the priests. Now normally the
04:42 priests would have said something about it and said,
04:44 Whoo, stop. But there was something about Jesus that they
04:49 recognized. He had some authority. Hmm. Interesting.
04:53 I can only imagine what that was like. And so you know what they
04:57 did? They would go there and people would just all of a
05:02 sudden... Do you know what Jesus did. What did He do?
05:04 He knocked the tables over.
05:06 He knocked over all the tables. And then what happened next.
05:10 He allowed the animals out.
05:12 Well I'm assuming the animals walked out. You're right. And it
05:15 was interesting. He had this kind of-We need to be about our
05:20 Father's business. And they weren't treating the temple the
05:23 right way. Where should we be when we're worshiping God?
05:27 In the temple, right? In the church. Do you like going to
05:30 church? We don't want to do things at church that shouldn't
05:34 be what we should be doing. We should be praising God. And so I
05:38 can imagine just at that time... You know there's sometimes where
05:42 we have to clean things out. We call it the cleansing of the
05:46 temple sometimes. And when Jesus was cleansing the temple, we say
05:50 cleansing the temple, was He really cleaning it out? No. They
05:55 had to clean it within their hearts. But you know what's
05:57 interesting? Just afterward, you know who comes running to Jesus?
06:01 His disciples.
06:03 I would say it's His disciples. But even more precious than that
06:08 Do you know what's really special to Jesus. Children.
06:11 You're right, children. And you know even though Jesus looked
06:16 like He might have been angry for the right reason, they were
06:19 guilty and that's why they were scared. And what did they do?
06:21 They fled. And they wanted to flee. But you know what, the
06:27 children, where did they go? They ran toward Jesus. You know
06:32 they wanted to be blessed by Jesus. Don't you want to be
06:35 blessed by Jesus? Yes! Yeah! I sure want to be blessed by Jesus
06:36 Yes! Yeah! I sure want to be blessed by Jesus. You know I
06:41 think that when we have the right heart with others we can
06:45 have a clean heart and clean up. Do you know that there's some
06:50 other things that we need to clean up? You know there's one
06:53 thing about Aunt Francine. Aunt Francine likes chocolate and if
07:00 I get it as a gift and let's say somebody gave me this chocolate
07:06 and I like chocolate. Now if this is sitting in my house you
07:10 know what happens? It doesn't last very long. What do you
07:15 think I have to do with this box of chocolate when I'm ready to
07:19 go...because it's always there tempting me. What do I have to
07:23 do? Eat it? Eat it! Hide it? Oh hide it! But if I hide it I know
07:28 where it is. Is that going to help? You know what I like to do
07:31 I, first of all, say thank you for the gift. But you sometimes when
07:36 it's something really sweet or something nice, I like to share
07:39 it. And so maybe a little bit later we can share it. Would you
07:43 like to have some chocolate? Okay, how many of you would like
07:47 to have chocolate? Yeah, we'll put it here. Ginger's ready to
07:50 have chocolate. But you know what? I have to clean up
07:54 sometimes the things that are... Because if I eat it all at once
07:58 what's going to happen? You get sick. I might just get sick and
08:03 that wouldn't be a good thing. And then I might not feel so
08:06 good. But you know what? We want to have lots of Jesus don't we?
08:10 So I need to get rid of different things. Would you
08:14 like to see some Bible scenes. Yeah! Oh I would like to see
08:18 Jesus and His Bible scene and see what that was like. Because
08:23 here, woop let's see, here is Jesus. Oh look at all the
08:29 shekels. Noisy crowd.
08:40 Take these things away. Do not make my Father's house a house
08:47 of merchandise.
08:49 It is written in the scriptures, my strong devotion
08:53 to your temple will destroy you. This was prophesied.
09:00 Show us a miracle as a sign from God. Prove that you have the
09:04 right to do these things.
09:07 Bring this temple down and in three days I will raise it up.
09:10 It has taken us 46 years to build this temple and you think
09:17 you can rebuild it in three days
09:21 Fear not for I will deliver you. You will glorify my name and
09:30 that's why I came.
09:32 I love you, Jesus.
09:34 I love you too.
09:35 You know there's some animals that I know about. Do you know
09:40 what kind of animals like to clean their home too. Have you
09:44 heard of the little ant? Yeah! Sometimes ants do some
09:50 particular things and let me show you. You can stay here.
09:53 And I'm going to show you something very particular about
09:57 some ants. Now how many-body parts does the ant have? Three?
10:02 Three-body parts. You're right. It has three body parts. And you
10:06 know actually, they go to the restroom in a certain place and
10:10 they put the food in a different place. They want to clean out
10:12 their home. Do you need to sometimes clean out what's not
10:17 necessary in your life? Sometimes you know what I have
10:21 to do? I actually take time on Sabbath and I don't even turn on
10:28 my cell phone. Now sometimes I watch the Sabbath program
10:34 because you know sometimes you can't go or you're sick or
10:39 something. I might watch the program on TV. But for the most
10:44 part I try to turn off my electronics because you know
10:47 what? I want to be focused on whom? Jesus. Who do we want to
10:52 clean our heart and to keep everything clean? God. I do. I'm
10:56 so glad that He wants us to be clean. So yes we want to have
11:02 the Spirit of Jesus, don't you? Yes! Yeah! I do. And you know
11:07 sometimes we have to have a prayer that we want Jesus to
11:13 clean our heart and to take away what might distract us from
11:15 what's pure, right? Do you think you're ready for some questions?
11:19 Yes! Are you sure you're ready for some questions? Yeah! Yes!
11:25 Okay. Let's see. Do you know what the coin was called in the
11:31 temple? Now hold on. Is it A - a pound, B - a mite, or C - a
11:39 Shekel. C! Did you get it right at home? Oh, I'm sure you did.
11:43 How many years did it take for the temple to be built? Was it
11:49 A - 36 years; B - 46 years or C - 56 years? B! Ohhh you're
12:01 right. B. If you said it at home you've got it. Jesus said
12:06 "Destroy this temple" and in how many days will I raise it up?
12:09 Was it A - 3 days; B - 7 days; or 10 days. C - 10 days. How
12:19 many days did Jesus say he would raise it up. A! A, you're right.
12:25 Three days Jesus would raise it up. What was He talking about
12:28 when He said He would raise it up? Himself. Himself, and when
12:33 would that happen?
12:34 Um, when He was buried.
12:38 After He was buried and how many days did it take Him? Three! It
12:42 only took Him three days. And you're right. These are promises
12:47 and Jesus wants to clean out our hearts and take out what we need
12:50 to get rid of. So is there something you can do that might
12:57 need a little cleaning and a little bit more of Jesus?
13:02 Yeah. You like being in the tree house? I sure like being in the
13:06 treehouse. And I'm so glad that you're joining us because we
13:10 want to shine for Jesus, don't we? Yeah! And Jesus can take out
13:14 whatever is distracting us and He is willing to help us. All we
13:18 have to do is ask Him, right? Yeah! Yes! Yes, so I hope you
13:23 will take the time to do that right? Would you take the time
13:26 at home to do that? Find something that you can work on
13:30 that you can shine for Jesus and clean out those things that
13:33 aren't pure. Thank you for joining us until next time at
13:38 Jesus my Light.
13:39 ♪ ♪


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