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Drawing Water from the Well

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00:01 ♪ ♪
00:06 When my heart begins to fear, He is my Light.
00:09 I can smile for He is near, Jesus my Light.
00:13 When I'm blue and feeling sad, He is my Light.
00:18 He reminds me I can be glad, Jesus my Light.
00:23 He is the Light, yes, Jesus my Light.
00:28 In Him is no darkness, in Him is no night.
00:33 Wherever He leads me, He makes my way bright.
00:37 I'll shine for Jesus, Jesus my Light.
00:41 Hey, here comes Aunt Francine.
00:45 Hi kids. I'm so excited to see you. How are you? High fives!
00:50 Yay! We're here
00:52 in the treehouse. Thank you for spending some time learning
00:56 about Jesus. Woo Hoo. Ah-ha. We want to welcome the kids at home
01:03 Welcome to Jesus My Light. I'm Aunt Francine and this is little
01:07 Ginger. We want to know more about Jesus. You know even
01:11 though we've sinned and we do sometimes bad things. Do we mess
01:15 up sometimes? Yeah. I do for sure. And you know what, no
01:19 matter what, Jesus is looking for you to give your heart to
01:23 Him. And you know what, that reminds me, there was somebody
01:26 in the Bible that was just thirsting for Jesus. She didn't
01:30 know it yet but she was like a deer that was just panting for
01:34 for the water. That reminds me of another song. As the Deer
01:38 Panteth for the Water. You want to help me sing that one? Yeah!
01:43 All right let's sing it.
01:44 ♪ ♪
02:25 Oh, I do want to worship Jesus Because He knows you so well and
02:31 that He seeks you out all the time. So are you ready for one
02:35 of our Bible stories? Yeah! Yes! All right, let's get ready.
02:40 ♪ ♪
02:45 So Jesus was walking with His disciples and He told them I
02:48 need you to go and get some food for me. I'd like to go to and
02:52 meet you at Jacob's Well. So Jesus goes to Jacob's Well and
02:56 He finds a little shady spot and He sits there. Now you know
03:00 Jesus very well right? What do you think He's probably doing.
03:04 Probably waiting, but He's also possibly talking to His heavenly
03:07 Father. But your right, He was waiting for somebody. And He
03:11 just sat there at the well. And there comes a Samaritan woman.
03:16 Now the Samaritan woman came when? At noontime. Do you know
03:21 the story really well. Because she had a lot of sin in her life
03:25 and she didn't want anybody to see her so she went to the well
03:29 with her pot and she cast it down not noticing Jesus. And so
03:34 when she pulled it out she turned around and there is
03:40 Jesus and Jesus does what? He says, will you give me some
03:44 water? Wouldn't you want to give Jesus some water? Yeah!
03:48 But she was so surprised she couldn't believe that Jesus
03:52 first of all, was talking to her, and second of all asking for a
03:56 favor. Now asking for a favor from a Samaritan woman was
04:00 unheard of. They wouldn't even borrow anything from each other.
04:03 And so she was just wondering, wondering what Jesus was saying.
04:08 Would you like to see the pictures? Would you like to come
04:10 around? Let's go see some pictures because I want to see
04:14 what that was like. Come on over with Aunt Francine and see the
04:21 pictures. You're right. And here is Jesus and they are having
04:26 this conversation as she realizes how much love Jesus has
04:31 for her. ♪ ♪
04:58 Please, may I have a drink.
04:59 How is it that you, being a Jew, ask a drink from me, a Samaritan
05:07 woman?
05:08 If you knew the gift of God and who it was, you would have asked
05:11 Him and He would have given you the living water.
05:13 Sir, you have nothing to draw with and the well is deep. Where
05:17 then do you get this living water? Are you greater than our
05:21 father Jacob who gave us this well and drank from it along
05:25 with his sons and livestock?
05:27 Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again. But whoever
05:30 drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. This
05:34 water will become in him a fountain of everlasting life.
05:37 Sir, give me this water for I may not thirst nor come here to
05:43 draw. ♪ ♪
05:57 Look up my soul with dream filled eyes. Behold the
06:03 friends in Jesus.
06:06 Be not afraid when storms are nigh. But cast thy care on Jesus
06:19 His hand my fragile heart will guide. All glory be to Jesus.
06:31 His voice will hush the troubled heart. Then sweetly lean on
06:41 Jesus.
06:44 You have well said, you have no husband when you have had five
06:49 husbands and the one you now have is not your husband.
06:52 In that, you spoke true.
06:54 Sir, I perceive you are a prophet. Our fathers came on
06:57 this mountain to worship and you Jews say that in Jerusalem is
07:01 where one ought to worship.
07:03 Wait, wait.
07:04 Thank you, thank you.
07:06 He's got to be the Savior. I've got to tell other people.
07:08 I can't keep quiet. And so she leaves her pot of water right
07:13 there and you know what she does She runs up and she goes and she
07:17 has to go tell everyone. She's just so excited. Can you give me
07:20 the excited look? Yes. Oh, I gotta to go tell, I gotta go
07:24 tell. And the disciples are probably coming around the bend
07:26 right at that moment and wondering what's she so excited
07:33 about? I don't know. There must be something. And so was Jesus
07:38 talking to that Samaritan woman? Hmm. And then they said, Here
07:43 Jesus have some food. You must be hungry. Here's the food that
07:47 you wanted me to get. And you know what happened? Jesus
07:50 started talking about some other kind of food. It wasn't just the
07:55 physical food. He said, No, you know what I have is some
08:00 spiritual food. We have good food that we can read and it's
08:04 another kind by reading God's word and knowing God's word. We
08:09 can have that spiritual food. He's talking about something
08:11 more precious than physical food. What is that?
08:15 Spiritual food!
08:17 You're right. God's word is very important. So He was spending
08:22 time talking to the disciples because He was explaining that
08:25 you do not know all the things that God has planned for you.
08:29 You know the harvest is ripe and He's talking about how everybody
08:35 is ready to learn about Jesus and who God is. And so He was
08:40 talking about getting the people ready and so the disciples were
08:44 listening to Jesus and saying Hmm Jesus has a big plan for
08:48 them. There's something that they need to do and they need to
08:51 go witness and tell others about Jesus. Are you ready to do that?
08:54 Yeah! Yes! Are you ready to do that at home? We are ready for
08:58 the harvest and there's so many people out in the world that
09:01 want to know more about Jesus and it depends on you to share
09:04 the good news. Just like the Samaritan woman. We don't need
09:08 to worry about the bad things that we've done because we can
09:11 ask for forgiveness and Jesus will wipe away those sins.
09:14 But we can be so excited, can you give me an excited yah hoo
09:18 Our sins are washed away and we can focus on Jesus, right? And
09:24 tell others about Him. Are you ready to do that? Yeah! Yes!
09:27 I can't wait. You know there's a sometimes for some reason...I'm
09:32 going to show you a picture and I'm going to show you a picture
09:36 about some elephants. Now do you know elephants are pretty
09:40 sociable animals. Did you know that? And here's a mama elephant
09:44 and here's a baby elephant. You want to come and look? Here's a
09:48 mama elephant and the baby elephant and you know most of
09:52 the time the mothers will do anything for their babies. But
09:55 sometimes there's pain or sometimes the baby is just not
10:00 behaving. And so the mother for some reason or other gets the
10:06 calf away and says no I don't want you anymore and sometimes
10:10 it's to protect the baby. And you know Jesus, no matter what,
10:15 it's always...unlike these elephants even though they're
10:18 social animals and they love helping each other every once in
10:23 a while one or two don't do that But you know what? Jesus always
10:28 wants to help us, doesn't He? You know, I'm so thankful that
10:33 we can give our hearts to Jesus and no matter what we do we can
10:38 help with the harvest. You know what the harvest is? You know
10:42 how the farmers collect all the wheat? Right? At the right time
10:50 of the harvest, Jesus is ready to have other people learn about
10:56 Him. Yeah. So you know. Are you ready for some questions? Yeah!
10:59 I hope you are. I know you are at home too. So here's some
11:03 questions. Where was Jesus walking to when He stopped at
11:09 the well? Do you know where He was. Was it A - Jerusalem;
11:14 B - Galilee; or C - Nazareth? Where was He walking to?
11:19 B! B Did you get it right at home? You're right. Galilee.
11:27 Number two: Who's well did Jesus stop to rest? Was it A - Jacob's
11:34 well; B - Samaritan's well; or C - David's well? Did you get it
11:41 at home? A. You're right. What made the disciples surprised?
11:47 A - The Samaritan running away; B - Jesus was still thirsty; and
11:58 C - Jesus talking to the Samaritan woman. C! What do you
12:01 think that was. C! Did you get that at home? You're right. It
12:05 was the fact that Jesus took time to talk to the Samaritan
12:09 woman. Are you ready to share Jesus? Are you thirsty like the
12:13 deer that is thirsting for Jesus Are you always wanting to search
12:18 more about the scriptures? Yeah. I'm so glad that Jesus is
12:21 taking the time for us and that we can make time for Him. Can't
12:25 we do that? Yeah we want to thirst for Jesus. And you know
12:29 there's certain things. What can we do to thirst after Jesus
12:33 besides reading the Bible and besides praying, what else can
12:36 you do? Talking to others. Sharing it. And you know what
12:41 it might not be just talking. It might be your smile. Sometimes
12:44 you can give a smile and sometimes it might be just
12:48 acting like Jesus might act. You He had a love for people. Even
12:54 if sometimes you might have somebody in your classroom
12:57 that's not really nice to other people and if you took the time
13:02 to spend time with that person they might actually become your
13:06 good friend. You never know. Because Jesus wanted to spend
13:10 time with each of us and we want to invite Him into our
13:13 heart. Don't you want to do that today? Yeah. Yeah. Let's have a
13:16 quick prayer.
13:18 Jesus we invite you into our hearts. Help us to put away our
13:21 sin and to focus on you. Thank you so much that you love us.
13:24 In Jesus name, Amen.
13:26 Thank you for joining us and we hope that you find Jesus as the
13:31 living water. Are you ready to say goodbye to our kids at home?
13:35 Good bye, good bye.
13:37 ♪ ♪


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