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Fishing for Followers

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00:01 ♪ ♪
00:06 When my heart begins to fear, He is my Light.
00:10 I can smile for He is near, Jesus my Light.
00:15 When I'm blue and feeling sad, He is my Light.
00:19 He reminds me I can be glad, Jesus my Light.
00:23 He is the Light, yes, Jesus my Light
00:28 In Him is no darkness, In Him is no night.
00:32 Wherever He leads me, He makes my way bright.
00:37 I'll shine for Jesus, Jesus my Light.
00:43 Look, here comes Aunt Francine.
00:45 Hi kids. How are you? I'm so excited to see you. High fives.
00:50 Oh Yay! I had a busy week. Aren't you glad to be here in
00:58 our tree house? Yeah! Yes! To learn about Jesus. Yes!
01:03 I sure am. Jesus wanted people to follow Him and love Him just
01:08 as much as they could and give their whole heart to Him. You
01:12 know, this is a funny story. I like this one because I believe
01:15 Jesus must have had a sense of humor on this one because we're
01:18 going to talk about the fishers of men. Do you know that song?
01:21 Yeah! Let's sing it together. ♪ ♪
01:28 You ready to sing it with us.
02:31 On thank you. Don't you want to follow Jesus? I hope so. Are you
02:35 ready for a Bible story? Yeah! Yes! All right.
02:40 ♪ ♪
02:45 Jesus wanted to meditate along the Sea of Galilee and He was
02:48 talking to His heavenly Father while He was walking. And you
02:51 know as usual what was happening behind Him? A crowd of people
02:58 were following Jesus sees them and he decided to go and walk over to
03:03 Peter's boat. ♪ ♪
03:22 Take me on the boat so that I may talk with the people.
03:25 Sounds of water and music.
03:36 And so today Jesus is talking about His heavenly Father and
03:39 saying how much He loves each one of them and that someday
03:44 soon you will get to meet Him.
03:46 Launch out into the deep and let your nets down for a catch.
03:51 Master, we worked hard all night and caught nothing. But if you
03:56 say I should put my nets in the water, so I will.
04:03 ♪ ♪
04:26 Hey guys, can we get some help over here.
04:30 ♪ ♪
04:42 Go away from me Lord for I am a sinful man.
04:46 Do not be afraid. From now on you will be fishers of men.
04:54 Then the crowd started dispersing and Jesus is asking
04:59 Have you caught any fish? Now the disciples were a little bit
05:03 sad because after all, you know that they're fishermen, right?
05:05 Mm-huh, right. Yes.
05:07 And did they catch any fish? No! No. You know the story. They
05:11 didn't catch a single fish. So Jesus said, Let's even go
05:15 farther out. And then what does He say? Cast you nets on the
05:20 other side. You know the story well. And here the disciples
05:24 they're thinking, what is Jesus talking about? But nevertheless
05:28 they knew that they had to trust their new master. And so
05:33 nevertheless, they threw it in and you know the story well.
05:37 what happened. The fish come and they're pulling it up and ah,
05:45 there's so many fish. And you know it's really wonderful just
05:49 to see that Jesus loved them so much. He knew that they were sad
05:53 not only because they hadn't caught any fish but He also knew
05:57 that John the Baptist was now in prison. And so Jesus wanted to
06:01 encourage them. You know, that's the character of Jesus. He's
06:05 always there to encourage you. Did you know that? Yeah! Yeah.
06:09 Sometimes we can encourage each other. Have you encouraged
06:13 somebody else by a helping hand? Yeah! Or sometimes we can
06:17 encourage each other by just a smile or doing something nice.
06:21 But Jesus knew their hearts and decided I need to encourage them
06:25 and so He did a miracle. But you know the rest of the story?
06:28 What happened to them? You know what happened next? I love this
06:34 part. They just left everything, the boat, their fish, a whole
06:38 boatload of fish left it there in the boat, and realized that
06:44 they had to follow Jesus. No matter what they were going to
06:49 follow Jesus, leave everything behind and follow Jesus. Do you
06:52 think you could do that? That would be hard because after all
06:56 that's the whole trade that they knew. They were fishers of men
07:00 and now...I mean before they were fishermen and now they were
07:05 going to be fishers of men. Right? Yeah. And what does that
07:09 mean to be fishers of men?
07:10 Go reach others...
07:12 Reach others for Christ. You're right. And that's exactly what
07:16 happened. And so they were so excited. You know what, I know
07:20 some people that have had to leave everything behind,
07:25 everything. You know there's a story...Let me show you the
07:32 story of Joseph Bates. Do you know who Joseph Bates...Have you
07:35 heard of him. Yeah! Yes! Do you know that he was a sailor just
07:40 like those fishermen. Here's a picture of Joseph Bates. Come on
07:43 close. Here's a picture of Joseph Bates. And you know what?
07:48 He was a crude sailor. He said some very unkind words, used
07:52 unkind words, but you know what his wife decided one time that
07:56 she would put a Bible in his suitcase. And Joseph Bates, on
08:02 one of his voyages decided to open up his Bible and he opened
08:06 it up and learned about Jesus. And he says you know what I need
08:11 to change my life around, turn it totally around and follow
08:15 this Jesus that I've just learned about in my Bible.
08:20 And you know that's exactly what we can do is learn about Jesus
08:23 Right? Yeah. So you know it's wonderful that we can follow
08:29 Jesus in everything that we do. Okay. And we can be fishers of
08:34 men. Did you notice how Peter was clinging onto Jesus? Did you
08:40 see him at His feet? How he was just clinging onto Jesus. He
08:44 said, Get away from me, but yet he still was clinging onto Jesus.
08:47 You know why he was doing that? He knew he was so sinful, so
08:54 full of sin, and yet he didn't want Jesus to leave him. Wow.
08:59 Just clinging onto Jesus. Can we cling onto Jesus? Yes, Yeah.
09:04 Yeah. He didn't want Jesus to leave him. He knew he was a
09:08 sinner but he wanted to stay close to Jesus. And I'm so glad
09:11 that these disciples decided to follow Jesus, no matter what,
09:15 leaving everything behind. That's a hard task to do isn't
09:19 it? Yeah. You know that reminds me that sometimes we need to
09:26 have a new beginning. Do you know what that means? Start over
09:31 Starting over. Mm-huh. And you know, I think I have another
09:35 video, a picture, here and it's about some caterpillars. Do you
09:40 know about a caterpillar? Yes. Here's another caterpillar and
09:45 you know how it goes from a larva, right? and then it turns
09:49 into a beautiful butterfly, right? Yeah. Mm-huh. Do they
09:53 have to have a change? Yeah! Yes, they have to make a change.
09:57 And you know scientists decided to do an experiment on them. Do
10:00 you like experiments? Yeah! I like experiments. And so
10:05 scientists decided that they would test these caterpillars
10:08 and they would put them and try to teach them not to like a
10:12 certain smell. And then when it changed into a butterfly, you
10:18 know what they did? They introduced the same scent to see
10:21 if the butterfly would not like the same scent. And you know
10:25 what happened? What? They would They were the same; they did not
10:28 like the same smell that they were testing them on. That's
10:33 kind of interesting, right? We can have a new beginning but
10:37 Jesus can make us beautiful like the butterfly, right? Yes. Would
10:42 you like to see the picture book Yeah, yeah. Let's look at our
10:47 picture book because these are my favorite stories. One of my
10:52 favorite stories. And look at these disciples are like, What!
10:57 You want us to go farther out. And here are the followers, they
11:01 wanted to follow Jesus. I hope that you want to follow Jesus
11:04 too because everything is a lot better when we follow Jesus.
11:09 Right? Yeah. We can put a new leaf, a new change in life. So
11:14 are you ready for some questions Yeah! I hope you were listening.
11:19 Now I have to tell you one thing You know what, I forgot to say
11:24 something, but here you know that Peter means? A rock.
11:29 A rock. You do know it. Peter means like a pebble, like a
11:35 small rock, not worth of anything, you're right. So here
11:38 is what...some of the questions. Okay. That was supposed to be
11:42 the first question. Okay so, whose name means Pebble?
11:46 Peter! Peter. What is the best time to go fishing? Is it
11:53 A - Early in the morning or late in the evening. B - Noon; or
12:01 C - When the temperature is warm A! You said A. You were all
12:06 correct. What did the disciples do with all the fish they caught
12:12 Is it A - Sold them to have money, after all they can use it
12:18 to help; B - Throw them back into the water; or C - Left them
12:23 in the boat. C! I'm sure you got this one right. It's C, they
12:28 left them in the boat to follow Jesus. Don't you want to follow
12:32 Jesus with everything, you can leave everything behind. Just
12:35 to follow Jesus. I hope that you will do that. We are so thankful
12:39 that Jesus was our example. We can follow His life in
12:43 everything that we do. Are you ready to do that? Yeah! Are you
12:46 ready to say Yes Jesus I want to follow you. You want to say
12:50 it with me? Yes Jesus, I want to follow you. Yes, we want to
12:56 follow Jesus in everything that we do because things go a lot
12:59 better when we're with Jesus. Don't you agree? Yes, Yeah.
13:03 Do you think that the disciples agreed to have Jesus in their
13:05 hearts. I'm sure they did and I know we want to invite Jesus
13:09 into our hearts in everything that we do. You know this
13:13 reminds me of times when we are in difficult times and we are
13:19 discouraged. But Jesus wants to let you know how much He really
13:21 really loves you. Will you put your trust in Him? I hope you
13:26 will join us to the next Jesus my Light. Can you say goodbye
13:30 to us kids. Good bye! bye!
13:33 ♪ ♪


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