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Healing at Bethesda

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00:01 ♪ ♪
00:06 When my heart begins to fear He is my Light.
00:09 I can smile for He is near, Jesus my Light.
00:14 When I'm blue and feeling sad He is my Light
00:18 He reminds me I can be glad, Jesus my Light.
00:23 He is the Light, Yes, Jesus my Light.
00:28 In Him is no darkness, In Him is no night.
00:32 Wherever He leads me He makes my life bright.
00:37 I'll shine for Jesus Jesus my Light.
00:43 Hey, it's Aunt Francine.
00:45 Hey kids. How are you? I can't wait to be in the tree house.
00:51 Are you excited to be here in the tree house. Yes. I am Ho!
00:55 You know what, today I'm out of breath. Getting up those stairs,
01:00 I should say ladder, I get a little tired. But you know what
01:04 we want to welcome you to Jesus My Light. I'm Aunt Francine and
01:08 this is Little Ginger. You know Sabbath is supposed to be a
01:11 wonderful time with your family and to do fun things. Sabbath is
01:15 meant to just learn about Jesus. And I hope that we can enjoy the
01:20 Sabbath day. And you know there's a song about that. How
01:24 singing This Is the Day.
01:26 Sounds good. What do you guys think. You want to sing it?
01:28 You ready? Yeah! Yes!
01:31 ♪ ♪
02:06 I am so thankful for the Sabbath day. Do you think you're ready
02:10 for the story time? Yes! Yeah! Where you learn about Jesus?
02:14 Yes! Yeah! All right ♪ ♪
02:20 So it was the Sabbath day and Jesus was walking toward the
02:24 temple. And on the way there there was some sheep gates and
02:29 the sheep gates there you would buy. And He went to the pool of
02:34 Bethesda. Now Jesus was seeing one of the poorest looking man
02:40 that was there. After all, he had been there for 38 years. Can you
02:45 imagine being in one place for 38 years. And each time they
02:53 believed that if the angel of the Lord would stir up the pool
02:58 of water and they were the first one to go into the pool, they
03:02 hoped that they would be what? Healed! You know the story.
03:05 Healed. And so he was
03:07 hoping that he could be there some day but you know what
03:09 he didn't have too many friends. After all, they may have gotten
03:12 better or maybe they just left. But there were five porches and
03:17 so I believe he was there under one of those shaded areas and so
03:22 he would be there and he'd said Ho man. And then he saw the most
03:27 gentle eyes coming, walking toward him. And you know Jesus
03:34 came up to him.
03:37 Do you want to be made well?
03:40 Sir, I have no one to put me in the pool when it is stirred up.
03:42 While I'm coming another one steps before me.
03:46 Arise, pick up your bed and walk
03:50 ♪ ♪
04:12 And you know what happened right You know the story very well. He
04:15 gets up out of his mat and he goes. And he's so excited like
04:20 he's running out. He's so excited. And who comes up to him
04:24 It is the Sabbath. It is not lawful for you to carry your bed
04:28 He who made me well said, Take up your bed and walk.
04:33 Who was the man that said to you take up your bed and walk?
04:37 See, now you are well Now sin no more so that nothing worse
04:51 happens to you.
04:53 Jesus, it was Jesus, it was Jesus
04:56 Of course, the law was very important to them and they made
04:59 sure...But you know what they realized and recognized this
05:03 lame man. They had seen him before. After all, he had been
05:06 lame for how many years. 38! 38 years and so they recognized
05:14 And they said well who healed you? And you know what?
05:19 He didn't who it was. Who was it? So he just went on his way.
05:25 And the Pharisees inside their hearts and in their minds said
05:28 Oh, Jesus, He's causing trouble. He's healing on the Sabbath.
05:35 They weren't so mad at the man carrying his mat. They were more
05:41 upset that Jesus was healing on the Sabbath. Now was Jesus doing
05:43 something really good on the Sabbath? Um-Huh. You're right.
05:47 He was doing something about His Father's business. He was doing
05:51 something really good. He was on His way to the temple but He
05:54 wanted to go about His Father's business. And He wanted good
05:58 things for this lame man. And so later on, we know the story well
06:01 all right, he finds out it's Jesus and Jesus is there and
06:06 again he recognizes Jesus and he finds out that it's Jesus
06:09 and so he sees the Pharisees and Jesus, it's Jesus! Once again
06:15 he couldn't keep quiet Can you keep quiet when you have some
06:18 really good news? No. He had to go tell everyone he could
06:22 find. He was so happy that he was healed. And he was so glad
06:27 that he had the faith because you know he just got up and
06:30 decided to have faith. What if the man decided to just stay
06:35 there. And we can look in our picture. What if the man just
06:38 decided to stay there and not trust Jesus? Do you think he
06:45 would have still be lame? Uh-huh. Yeah. I think that you can come
06:48 around over here. You see he is so lame and he wanted someone to
06:55 help him into the pool and there was nobody there to help him
06:57 in the pool. And yet Jesus told him to grab his mat and go.
07:03 He was so excited. You know, how many of you like to go
07:07 swimming? Does anybody here like to go swimming? Me! I love the
07:11 water and my dad liked it even more than I do. And you know
07:15 what? Water is wonderful. It's fun the play in it. And have you
07:19 heard of hydrotherapy, have you ever heard of that? Yes.
07:24 Sometimes people would go into the springs. Do you like the
07:28 springs of water? Sometimes...Do you want to see these pictures?
07:30 Do you want to come again? Oops! Some springs of water. That's
07:34 kind of fun because it's natural and minerals in the water. And
07:39 so they were there. And they had five porches there in the pool
07:44 of Bethesda. And so people enjoyed being there. Fortunately
07:48 there was shade but I believe that they had some minerals in
07:51 there that also helped and were soothing. So how many of you
07:54 like to go in a hot tub. You don't want to stay there too
07:57 long, right? But sometimes that's good for you to go and
08:01 enjoy the water. Because after all, it's refreshing, right?
08:04 Yeah. So here's another thing to do. I want to talk about the
08:11 Sabbath. Sometime we adults and I'm sorry about that. I will
08:17 speak for the adults. Sometimes we say, Oh you can't do that on
08:21 Sabbath. Oh what will people say I remember one time I was trying
08:27 to go roller skating one time and I was trying to clean up the
08:31 nuts on my driveway on Sabbath so I could roller skate. And my
08:38 mother said to me, oh you better not do that. What will the
08:41 neighbors say? Now you know sometimes we make choices right
08:47 but Sabbath is supposed to be a delight. We're supposed to have
08:50 fun. So forgive our parents every once in a while when they
08:53 say something like that. We need to have fun. I like to go by a
08:56 lake. Do you like the lake? Yeah! I really like the lake.
09:00 Sometimes I find little critters like salamanders and frogs. Do
09:04 you like picking for them, looking for them and picking
09:07 them up. Yeah! I hope you put them gently down. Jesus was all
09:11 about finding and doing wonderful things and I hope that
09:15 I hear some of the things. What do you like to do on the Sabbath
09:16 day? I like to go for walks especially when it's by a creek
09:21 or a lake. Do you like doing that. Yeah! What do you like to
09:25 do? I like to go with my Grandpa and Grandma to a creek.
09:31 A creek too. Anybody else?
09:34 Yeah, I like skipping stones in a lake.
09:37 Skipping stones. How many can you throw.
09:39 Oh, once I did 10.
09:41 Ten one time. Yes.
09:42 I like going in my backyard and playing in the creek.
09:45 Oh, you like water too? I hope that those of you at home...Oh.
09:50 I saw you were going to speak up
09:53 Ah, I like water and so what I like doing on Sabbath is going
09:58 on hikes.
10:00 On hikes. I would like to hear from some of you at home. What
10:02 do you like to do on Sabbath so that you can connect with God
10:06 Again, nature is all about who Jesus is. And we can learn so
10:10 much about nature. So I hope that you take time to find some
10:15 things and learn about Jesus. But you know what? I used to do
10:19 something else and let's see if I can get my picture back...
10:22 There's something else that I like to do on Sabbath. I used to
10:27 go to an old folks home and sing How many of you have done that
10:30 before? Yeah, maybe. Or sometimes we even got together
10:36 and we made a lot of extra food on Friday so that we could take
10:42 it out to a shelter on the Sabbath. So sometimes we would
10:46 get a whole bunch of food together and have it all ready
10:51 so that after church we would go to something like a soup kitchen
10:53 Do you want to see this? Here's a soup kitchen and you know they
10:57 all are serving food to help others. Sabbath is about having
11:03 fun, learning about Jesus, but also doing good, right? There's
11:09 balance where we don't want to do our own business but we need
11:12 to be about the business of doing good for others right?
11:15 Can you
11:16 think of ways that we can do that? I hope so, that you can
11:20 find some things that you can do at home or in your community
11:24 that you can bring the joy and love of Jesus. So are you ready
11:29 for some questions? Yeah! Yes! All right. Let me get my
11:33 questions out. All right here we go. How many porches did the
11:39 pool of Bethesda have? Was it A - 3; B - 5; or C - 7? How many
11:50 porches did the pool of Bethesda have? If you said B you're right
11:58 There were five porches. What did Jesus ask the lame man to do
12:04 A - Do you want to be healed? B - Do you want to be whole?
12:09 or C - May I help you into the water? What did Jesus say?
12:14 If you said B you are correct. Besides being upset that the
12:23 lame man was carrying his mat, what were the Pharisees really
12:27 angry about? Ooo, that's a tough questions. Is it A - The man was
12:35 healed; B - Jesus didn't heal everyone at the pool; or
12:42 C - Jesus healed on the Sabbath. What really made the Pharisees
12:48 upset? Did you get it right at home? If you said C - Jesus
12:52 healed on the Sabbath, that is what the Pharisees were really
12:56 upset about. So don't worry, I mean you want to follow rules
13:02 and respect Jesus but you know the biggest thing is to have fun
13:06 Going about and doing good, helping others. Don't you want
13:11 to help others? Yeah! Yes! Find an opportunity. Maybe it's a
13:15 neighbor. My daughter and I we have some neighbors that we go
13:18 too often and we share Jesus. We just spend time with them.
13:22 Sometimes we bring a meal to them and we eat with them.
13:25 Whatever you can do try to find some kind of opportunity to
13:30 share Jesus. I hope you'll join us for another time of
13:34 Jesus My Light.
13:36 ♪ ♪


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