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00:01 ♪ ♪
00:06 When my heart begins to fear He is my Light.
00:09 I can smile for He is near, Jesus my Light.
00:14 When I'm blue and feeling sad Jesus my Light.
00:18 He reminds me I can be glad, Jesus my Light.
00:23 He is the Light, Yes, Jesus my Light.
00:27 In Him is no darkness, In Him is no night.
00:32 Wherever He leads me He makes my way bright
00:37 I'll shine for Jesus. Jesus my Light.
00:41 Here comes Aunt Francine.
00:44 Hi kids. I'm so glad to see you. How are you? Hi Ben. We're glad
00:51 to see you. I always enjoy your music. Thank you. Thank you that
00:57 you can take some time here to be with us. Absolutely. I'm so
01:00 delighted that we're here learning about Jesus. This is
01:03 Jesus My Light, I'm Aunt Francine and this is Little
01:07 Ginger. You know there's some people that seem like they go
01:11 around and they don't have the vision of Christ. Hmm. Sometimes
01:16 we need new eyes to see things in a different perspective
01:20 which reminds me of another song that we could sing:
01:23 Open the Eyes of My Heart.
01:25 Sounds good.
01:26 Do we need to open the eyes of our heart? Yeah! Let's sing it
01:29 together.
01:31 ♪ ♪
02:44 Oh I do want to see Jesus some day. I'm so looking forward to
02:47 that. Are you kids ready at home for another Bible story? Yeah!
02:53 Yes, I hope so. Let's get ready.
02:57 ♪ ♪
03:01 Jesus has been healing everyone that came to Him. He didn't
03:05 want to deny anyone. And you know He had just finished healing
03:09 a girl, more like raising a girl from the dead. And so He was
03:14 walking to Capernaum and there in Capernaum some men were
03:18 following Him. And you know what it was as if Jesus was ignoring
03:23 them. Have you ever heard of Jesus ignoring someone? No, no.
03:28 Why would Jesus do that? You know why. I believe that it's
03:34 possible that the Pharisees were trying to cause Him trouble.
03:38 And so Jesus was trying to pretend that He was ignoring
03:43 them but He wasn't really ignoring them because He knew
03:45 what they would do right? Because Jesus knows everything.
03:48 Everything about us. So they we're following Jesus regardless
03:52 that Jesus didn't even turn around. So when they spent some
03:57 time...Again Jesus wanted to show His love for them. And you
04:00 know He talked about people that are spiritually blind. Are you
04:05 blind sometimes. Sometimes we don't see things that your
04:08 parents see. Have you noticed that? Yeah, sometimes your
04:12 parents know more things than we do. And you know when we tell
04:17 others we want to know when to talk and when not to talk. Is
04:21 that hard sometimes? Yeah. Some of us...How many of you like to
04:25 talk all the time and some of us don't want to say a word at all.
04:30 Sometimes that's okay. Because you know, Jesus can tell us when
04:36 we should be talking and when it's not a good time to talk.
04:39 Can you imagine that? Sometimes we need to know when to talk and
04:43 when to be silent. So Jesus was spending time with these people
04:47 and these Pharisees wanted to cause a lot of trouble. And so
04:51 when they were there with Jesus they loved to be with Jesus. And
04:54 you know let's go to our Bible pictures. Would you like to see
04:58 our Bible pictures. Yeah! ♪ ♪
05:08 And let's see our Bible pictures (Indistinct chatter.) Here we go
05:13 These are pictures that I love to see. See here. They're
05:16 following Jesus. ♪ ♪
05:40 Son of David, Son of David. Have mercy on us Lord.
05:43 Do you believe that I am able to do this?
05:48 Yes Lord, Of course, Lord.
05:51 According to your faith let it be to you.
05:53 ♪ ♪
06:04 See that no one knows it.
06:08 Thank you, Thank you. Thank you, Thank you.
06:12 And now they have new sight. They have a new way of looking
06:17 at things. Now I don't know about you but do you think these
06:21 people were happy? Um-huh. Yeah. It was wonderful and so they
06:25 were full of joy. And so you know, I don't know if you know
06:27 if you know something about some people that are blind. Did you
06:33 know that sometimes blind people (You can stay here, you can stay
06:37 here) That sometimes there are blind people okay and they don't
06:43 see very well and yet they use some other senses. What else can
06:47 you use. If you can't see what are your other four senses.
06:50 Your ears, your touch, what else Your smell and your taste. Taste
06:59 you're right. So there's a story about a man that was in a tall
07:06 building and he had his seeing eye dog with him. And you know
07:10 what happened? Something very interesting happened. There was
07:15 a big fire in this building and everybody couldn't see where to
07:20 go because the smoke was so thick. No one knew where to go.
07:24 But you know what between the man and the dog they were able
07:29 to lead some people out from that fiery furnace. Can you
07:33 imagine that, that fiery building. And so they were able
07:37 to use their other senses so we don't want to be blinded by
07:42 certain things. We want to be able to see through other senses
07:46 know the Bible talks about being spiritually blind. Do you want
07:51 to be spiritually blind? Mm-mmm. No way. I don't want to be
07:55 spiritually blind. You know there's some animals in nature
07:59 that are somewhat blind. Do you know what animal...Whoa let me
08:06 go back to my picture here. What is it? This is a mole and you
08:12 know moles are born blind. Yeah sometimes kittens or puppies
08:17 were born blind but you know what. They use their other
08:19 senses and what do you think these moles eat?
08:21 They eat worms.
08:23 They eat worms and grubs and they almost eat between 70 to
08:28 100 percent of their body weight each day. They're constantly
08:32 eating under the ground. Now do you think they have good
08:35 eyesight when they go up on top of the ground? Un-hmm. No they
08:40 don't have a good eyesight at all because they're going
08:42 through all over the place. And you know sometimes we make a
08:48 mess of things because we don't see clearly. How can we see
08:52 clearly? God's help. With God's help. What do we need to do?
08:56 (Indistinct chatter) Pray about it because you know what
08:59 sometimes we look with what we can see and we forget about the
09:04 things that we cannot see. What are some things that we cannot
09:07 see? We talked about some on some on some other programs, but
09:11 what are some things that we cannot see but we know are there
09:15 Yes, Rick. Um, God. God. We know God is there. How do we know God
09:20 is there?
09:21 Because we talk to Him every day
09:23 We talk to Him each day, but how do we know that He's there?
09:26 His word. By His word. And you know what? Through your life
09:30 Jesus is constantly and God is constantly working on us, right?
09:34 And we can see evidence of it just like we can see the
09:37 evidence of the Holy Spirit right? You're right. So I don't
09:41 want to be spiritually blind. I want to be able to see with new
09:45 eyes. Don't you want to see? Some of us need glasses, right?
09:48 What happens when you take off your glasses? Can you see much?
09:52 Wow! I can't see much if I'm not wearing contacts or glasses.
09:56 But you know what, Jesus wants us to be able to see. And you
10:03 know what, there's lots of things that Jesus wants us to do
10:04 and it seemed like Satan was constantly busy. And that's why
10:07 Jesus was going into the building. Did you see that?
10:11 Remember the story? Because Jesus was going into the
10:15 building because so many Pharisees were there trying to
10:19 cause trouble for Jesus. But He knew that and He didn't want His
10:25 ministry to be cut short. So sometimes we need to know when
10:29 to speak up, right, when to say something and when not to talk.
10:33 And so Jesus knew their hearts and knew that they would come
10:37 And you know Jesus has all the wisdom in the world. Don't you
10:40 want His wisdom. Yes. I want Jesus to live for us. You know
10:45 we need to find ways that we can witness for Jesus. I don't want
10:49 be like the mole that eats a lot and lot and lot. But I want to
10:54 have new eyesight with Jesus. When we help others we should
11:00 be able to know when it's good to help without them asking.
11:07 How do you know when somebody needs help?
11:09 Right when they fall down.
11:11 When they fall down. Oh let me help you. You're right. You know
11:15 sometimes when we ask Jesus early in the morning. We can say
11:19 Jesus I need to know how to help someone today. Have you ever
11:22 prayed that prayer before. That's a hard prayer sometimes
11:26 because you know what when I say Lord can you empty all of me and
11:30 let it be of you. Sometimes Jesus puts things in his path
11:36 just like Satan was very often trying to keep Jesus busy and
11:40 get you side tracked. Do you think he's trying to get you
11:43 sidetracked too? Uh-huh. He is He's constantly getting you side
11:46 tracked but you know what when you keep your eyes fixed on His
11:50 word okay, and write it into your heart you know that you can
11:55 have new eyesight. Not physical eyesight but spiritual eyesight.
12:00 Are you folks ready for some questions? Yeah! Oh I'm glad
12:05 you're so excited. What does blasphemy mean? Now we know that
12:11 these Pharisees were saying Oh! It mean...
12:14 It means to take God's name in vain.
12:18 Taking God's name in vain. Or _. Okay. How about let's
12:23 give you some questions? Are you ready for some questions? It
12:25 says: How about singing or praises; B - Insulting or
12:31 disrespecting God's character; or C - Worshiping God. Which one
12:36 do you think it is? If you said B, you're correct. Number two:
12:41 What did the two blind men say to Jesus? A - Son of David have
12:47 mercy on us; B - Jesus heal us! or C - Son of God wait for us!
12:54 Did you get it at home? If you got A you're right. How about
13:00 question number three: Why do you think that Jesus told them
13:04 "see that no one knows it"? Ooo. That's a tough one. Was it
13:09 A - To test the men; B - So the men would tell everyone; or
13:15 C - Because it would make it harder to share about God's love
13:18 Now this one's a tricky one. Do you know what it is? I thought
13:23 it would be C but really I think it's all of them. You see the
13:26 more we spend time with God the more clearly we can see His will
13:31 for us. I hope you can join us for another Jesus My Light.
13:36 ♪ ♪


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