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Angels Shut The Lions’ Mouths for Daniel

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00:01 Hey, campers, welcome to Bible Gems.
00:03 You all are gonna learn about Daniel in the lions' den.
00:06 Yeah! There's gonna be lions.
00:08 Yeah! And tigers and bears.
00:11 Oh, my. No, no, Julie.
00:14 It's just the lions. Oh.
00:16 Oh, they're about to start.
00:17 Oh, let's get going. Okay.
00:19 Wait, were there refs in the Bible times?
00:23 Here, put this on.
00:26 Now let's go find those gems.
00:29 Julie, this way.
00:53 Hi, boys and girls.
00:55 Welcome to Bible Gems.
00:58 We're so glad you joined us today.
01:00 We have a great Bible Gem.
01:02 Miss JoDee is going to sing about it
01:04 and you can kind of see
01:05 if you know what the Bible Gem is about?
01:08 And Uncle Aron is going to tell us about it
01:11 and some other ones are going to help too.
01:14 So come and join us.
01:16 We're going to have fun today.
01:18 My God hath sent His angel
01:22 And hath shut the lions' mouths
01:26 And hath shut the lions' mouths
01:30 And hath shut the lions' mouths
01:35 My God hath send His angel
01:38 And hath shut the lions' mouths
01:43 That they
01:45 Have not hurt me
01:51 Daniel 6:22
02:00 Thank you, Miss JoDee for sharing
02:01 that memory verse song.
02:03 You're welcome, Uncle Aron.
02:05 Well, I think you boys and girls
02:07 know the story we're going to tell today.
02:10 It's Daniel in the lions' den.
02:14 Well, picking up the story,
02:16 Daniel is in the kingdom of Babylon.
02:20 And there, ah, excuse me, I got that all wrong.
02:25 He's no longer in the kingdom of Babylon.
02:27 He's in the kingdom of Medo-Persia.
02:30 And there, he was elevated to be
02:33 one of three of the top rulers,
02:36 the governors over all of the kingdom.
02:40 But below the three governors, there was 120 satraps.
02:46 These were other rulers as well.
02:49 Now the king, Darius,
02:52 because he knew Daniel as a governor
02:55 and he saw how well he dealt with the money
02:59 and ruling over the area that he was given,
03:02 he was thinking to himself, "Man,
03:04 I should make him... I should promote him to be
03:06 even greater than a governor."
03:09 Well, the satraps that heard
03:12 about this and they thought and they saw that the king
03:15 was warming up to Daniel,
03:17 they didn't like that very much because Daniel was so faithful
03:22 that he would expose any lies and errors
03:24 that were going on in the kingdom.
03:26 So the satraps began to think to themselves
03:29 and come up with a plot
03:30 of how they could get Daniel in trouble.
03:34 So as they were thinking and plotting,
03:36 finally they came up with something.
03:41 I think I've got something.
03:45 Majesty, your satraps request a audience.
03:50 Bring them forward.
03:53 Oh, precious King.
03:56 Good morning. You may rise.
04:00 We satraps know your glory.
04:02 We see it every day.
04:05 Your jewels all over the palace
04:07 glistening in this bright sunshine.
04:09 You're quite eloquent, I would say, keep going.
04:12 Your wisdom bestowed on the people of this city.
04:17 We admire you so, O King.
04:20 Well, I think you're right. I am glorious.
04:25 There are many wonderful things around my kingdom.
04:28 You are glorious, wonderful, wise,
04:30 the greatest king
04:33 worthy of even worship.
04:37 Well, I don't know
04:39 what you had for breakfast, satrap,
04:41 but you're doing quite well.
04:42 What do you think we should do about it?
04:44 Here's what we propose.
04:47 For 30 days, all of the kingdom shall worship only you, O King,
04:54 you and you only.
04:57 All those who do not worship you
05:00 shall be thrown into the lions' den.
05:04 My lions are hungry.
05:07 They haven't eaten in a while.
05:08 But I don't think anyone would dare to disobey my order.
05:11 Of course not, O King.
05:13 This is just to ensure the power of your throne.
05:18 Yes, it would be good for my subjects to remember
05:24 who has given them all of the sustenance
05:27 and supplies and the...
05:30 Yes.
05:32 You are wise. Here is my signet ring.
05:35 I entrust you with it.
05:36 Make the decree according to all that you have spoken.
05:40 We shall, O King, we shall.
05:42 You may withdraw, you may withdraw.
05:49 And once the satraps had flattered the king
05:54 into coming up with this law that no one in all the kingdom
05:59 could pray or worship to any other god
06:02 besides King Darius himself,
06:06 the law went into effect immediately.
06:09 And Daniel soon heard about this law.
06:12 But Daniel was faithful.
06:14 And he knew
06:16 that he had to continue to pray to his God,
06:19 to worship His God, and that he could not bow down
06:21 and worship any mere mortal, any man.
06:26 And so Daniel, that day,
06:27 although he knew the decree of the king
06:30 and he knew that his own life was at stake,
06:33 he went into his window that day,
06:36 and as was his custom, he prayed three times.
06:41 "Oh, great Father,
06:44 I know that you are the true God.
06:47 And I am here in Medo-Persia,
06:49 and I want the king to know that you are the true God.
06:53 I want all of these people to know.
06:56 But, God, I don't know how You're going to do it,
06:57 but I trust and I believe
06:59 that You will let Your light shine.
07:02 Lord, use me if that is your will.
07:05 Amen.
07:06 Daniel.
07:08 Wow.
07:10 Our plan worked.
07:11 Come on. Let's go see the king.
07:16 Majesty, your satraps have returned.
07:18 They wish another audience with you.
07:20 Thank you, guard.
07:21 Please summon them forward.
07:24 O King, we have terrible news on this beautiful day.
07:29 Well, what is the news?
07:32 There is one man who has not been faithful
07:35 to the decree you, O King, have given.
07:38 What?
07:40 We have found him, my Lord, praying to another God,
07:44 another man besides yourself.
07:47 Who would dare disobeying my command?
07:52 It is inconceivable, Your Majesty.
07:54 Absolutely inconceivable.
07:56 Guards, go and get this man,
07:59 and bring him before me now!
08:02 Show you the way here.
08:06 Unbelievable.
08:08 I am Darius, greatest king in the entire world,
08:12 who would dare disobey me?
08:18 O King.
08:20 Daniel?
08:21 It is I.
08:23 Daniel, what happened?
08:25 O King, live forever.
08:26 But there is a greater King, the King of the universe
08:29 who I could not withhold my worship
08:31 and my prayers too.
08:33 Daniel, you are my friend.
08:35 You are my most trusted advisor.
08:38 What have I done? What have I done?
08:43 Oh, Daniel, if there was any way to save you, I would,
08:47 but the laws of the Medo-Persians
08:50 cannot be changed.
08:53 Oh.
08:54 I understand, O King.
08:56 I will suffer whatever it is.
08:59 Guards, guards,
09:03 please take Daniel to the lions' den.
09:13 Oh, God, be merciful to me.
09:18 Daniel was thrown into the den.
09:22 The lions were all around him.
09:24 Can you hear the roaring?
09:25 Make a roaring sound.
09:31 And then all of a sudden, the lions were quiet.
09:37 Oh, no, what could have happened?
09:40 The king was so upset.
09:42 He didn't know what to do. He couldn't sleep.
09:44 He couldn't eat.
09:45 He couldn't do anything.
09:47 Let's listen on to what the king
09:49 is going through right now.
09:52 Oh, Daniel, what have I done?
09:56 I have been duped, duped because of pride.
10:01 And now you are in the lions' den.
10:05 Oh, I have been foolish.
10:08 I have fallen prey to the traps
10:12 of those jealous satraps.
10:15 Maybe, just maybe,
10:20 the God that Daniel serves could protect him.
10:25 How can I get through this long night?
10:28 How can I get through it?
10:30 The King was so distraught.
10:33 All night long he listened
10:35 but he couldn't hear the roar of the lions.
10:38 Was Daniel's God able to protect him?
10:43 Or was Daniel gone?
10:46 Had the lions eaten him?
10:49 Was that why they were so, so quiet?
10:53 Oh.
10:54 The next morning, the King got up as early as he could,
10:58 and he hurried out.
11:01 Guard, have you heard anything all night long from the lions?
11:05 Not since last night, sir.
11:08 Stand aside. Stand aside.
11:14 Oh, Daniel,
11:17 is your God whom you served continually,
11:21 was He able to deliver you from the lions?
11:27 O King, live forever.
11:30 My God was able to send His angel
11:33 to stop the mouth of the lions so that they could not hurt me.
11:38 And, King, He knew that I was faithful to Him
11:42 and I had done nothing wrong to offend you.
11:46 Oh, Daniel.
11:50 Now I know that there is no God like the God of Daniel.
11:55 He saves, He protects, He uplifts.
12:00 All proclaim His name throughout my dominion
12:04 as the only true God.
12:07 Oh, Daniel, I'm so happy.
12:10 Now we must deal with those jealous satraps.
12:16 Guards, go get those sad traps
12:19 and throw them into the den of lions.
12:23 Majesty, please, please, Your Majesty.
12:25 It was a mistake, all mistake.
12:32 Oh.
12:35 And thus the Lord used the faithfulness of Daniel
12:40 to stop the mouth of the lions
12:42 and to make a decree through King Darius
12:45 over all of the kingdoms.
12:47 All the world knew this wonderful story
12:52 that God has power over lions,
12:56 that Daniel was faithful.
12:58 Oh, boys and girls, isn't this a God
13:00 that you want to serve?
13:01 Yes.
13:03 Boys and girls at home, isn't this a God
13:04 that you want to put your trust in,
13:06 your faith in, to deliver you from your lions?
13:11 Yes.
13:12 Amen.
13:14 There is no god like our God.
13:16 He is the greatest God of all.
13:18 And someday, boys and girls,
13:21 He is going to come in the clouds of heaven
13:23 and He's going to take all those who are faithful.
13:26 We don't have to fear anything.
13:29 But remember, boys and girls,
13:31 to get into the scriptures and find your gems
13:34 because there's something very special for you.
13:37 Until next time, we'll see you.
13:40 Join us again on Bible Gems.
13:44 Bye.


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