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00:01 Hey, Campers, welcome to Bible Gems.
00:02 Today, we are gonna be learning about Nebuchadnezzar's dream,
00:05 and how God used Daniel to witness to the king.
00:08 Isn't that right, Julie?
00:10 Julie. Julie.
00:14 Whoa! Where I am I?
00:17 Welcome to your dream.
00:19 I'll be your tour guide today.
00:21 Right here we have the dream board.
00:23 Press any button and it will transport us
00:25 to a different place in your mind.
00:27 Can I try it?
00:28 Yeah, press a button.
00:31 Good.
00:32 Oh, that's a strange statue.
00:35 Yeah, a man from the Bible
00:37 had a strange statue in his dream once.
00:39 His name was King Nebuchadnezzar.
00:41 Wow, it looks so real.
00:44 I could almost...
00:51 Help me, get me out of here.
00:55 Oh, that was not a statue.
00:58 I could have told you that.
00:59 Let's try another place.
01:04 May I have the greatest pleasure
01:06 of introducing you to the King of Babylon?
01:11 Your majesty.
01:14 Uh-huh, not again.
01:19 Julie, Julie, Julie, Julie.
01:23 Julie, wake up.
01:25 They're about to start Bible Gems.
01:27 Thank you all for tuning in, have fun.
01:54 This is so awesome, I just love it,
01:56 I'm so excited about it, I can hardly wait.
02:00 Auntie Linda, Auntie Linda, look, we found the new gem.
02:04 Oh!
02:06 They are beautiful, but it's not the real gem,
02:08 this is the real gem.
02:10 Hi, boys and girls.
02:12 Welcome to Bible Gems!
02:15 We are so glad, you are here.
02:16 And we have a special gem today.
02:19 Miss Jody,
02:21 do you think you could sing about that?
02:25 Yes. All right.
02:27 I think so.
02:29 Whether you eat or drink
02:33 Or whatever ye do,
02:37 Do all to the glory of God.
02:45 Whether you eat or drink
02:49 Or whatever ye do,
02:53 Do all to the glory of God,
03:02 1 Corinthians 10:31.
03:09 Awesome.
03:10 Uncle Aaron, do you think, you could also tell about that?
03:14 Yes, I've got a Bible gem story just for you guys today.
03:19 Awesome.
03:22 The story I'm telling today begins with a nation of Israel.
03:27 And they continued to rebel against God to the point,
03:31 where God had to let them go
03:33 and God brought another nation, the nation of Babylon.
03:39 And they came in and they destroyed Jerusalem
03:42 and they took with them
03:44 many of the young princes and boys.
03:47 How would you feel,
03:48 if you were taken away from home as a slave?
03:52 How would you boys and girls feel?
03:53 Would you feel good or bad?
03:55 Bad! Bad.
03:57 Daniel was felt bad and he was sad.
04:00 But he still had some friends that came along with him.
04:03 Daniel's friends were Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah.
04:09 And once they got to Babylon,
04:11 there the king, the king's name.
04:13 What was the king's name?
04:14 Who knows the king of Babylon's name?
04:16 Nebuchadnezzar.
04:17 That's right, Nebuchadnezzar.
04:19 You guys wanna say that together.
04:20 Nebuchadnezzar!
04:22 Wow, that's along one, isn't it?
04:24 Well, King Nebuchadnezzar was there
04:26 and he had a plan to change all of their names,
04:31 so they changed Daniel's name to Belteshazzar
04:34 and the other three, too.
04:36 Who knows the three Babylonian names?
04:38 Right here.
04:40 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
04:42 That's right, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
04:45 What they try to do
04:46 was to change their names and change their identities,
04:50 so that they would forget their God,
04:52 they would forget their homeland of Jerusalem
04:55 where they came from.
04:56 But during that time they were served,
04:59 they were asked to eat certain foods
05:01 and certain drinks that they knew weren't right.
05:05 They knew that drinking wine was bad.
05:07 And so Daniel and his friends decide to stand up
05:11 for what was right and say no, we are not gonna eat
05:14 the king's delicacies or the wine.
05:17 Well, do you think
05:19 that the Babylonians thought that, that was okay?
05:22 No. No!
05:24 They said you need to eat this, or else you guys will look weak
05:28 and it just won't be good.
05:30 But they said no, test us for 10 days,
05:33 give us vegetables and water and...
05:36 We know that we will be okay if we do that.
05:39 And so they agreed and for 10 days
05:42 they ate vegetables and water.
05:45 And guess what happened after those 10 days?
05:47 They looked healthy.
05:48 And they said okay,
05:50 we'll let you for the remainder of the time about three years,
05:53 go by eating fruits and vegetables.
05:55 And after three years go by,
05:58 the King Nebuchadnezzar came and he evaluated, he tested,
06:02 he looked at all of the wise men,
06:05 all of the Hebrew boys,
06:08 to see who really was the wisest
06:11 and the most knowledgeable.
06:13 And guess what?
06:14 Four boys were the smartest and the wisest of them all.
06:19 Yeah.
06:23 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
06:26 Yes, and Daniel.
06:27 That's right, the four Hebrew boys
06:29 who chose to purpose in their heart,
06:32 to be faithful to God.
06:34 Now, they were shown to be so much wiser than all
06:38 and they were given knowledge and wisdom.
06:41 And Daniel was given a special gift
06:43 of understanding dreams and visions.
06:47 In fact, one night
06:49 King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream.
06:56 Oh!
07:00 That was a terrible dream.
07:03 I can't remember what it was.
07:07 The king had the dream and like he said
07:10 he couldn't remember what it was.
07:12 So he decided to call his wise men
07:14 and magicians together,
07:15 so that they could help understand the dream.
07:19 Guard,
07:20 go get my magicians and wise men
07:22 and bring them here at once.
07:28 And so the magicians and the wise men
07:31 were brought and they came all before the king.
07:35 All of them came
07:38 and they bowed low to the king.
07:40 Arise.
07:44 I have been troubled in the night seasons
07:46 with a terrible dream.
07:48 But I cannot remember the dream or what the dream means.
07:53 Tell me what I dreamt and give me the interpretation?
07:58 Do we have the answer for such a question?
08:00 No, no.
08:03 Your Majesty,
08:05 no king has ever made such a request.
08:08 Tell us your dream and we will make up...
08:10 I mean we will tell you the interpretation.
08:13 You are the Chaldeans,
08:15 you claim to interpret dreams and know the future,
08:19 but you are not able to answer my dream.
08:22 If you cannot give me my dream and its interpretation,
08:26 you will be killed
08:28 and your houses will be leveled.
08:30 Guard, take them away,
08:32 begin the process of destruction.
08:34 So, then the decree went out and the wise men
08:37 were beginning to get apprehended.
08:39 But then they found Daniel and Daniel came before the king
08:42 and said to him, "King, please, give us more time."
08:47 And the king agreed to give some time to Daniel
08:50 and his three companions,
08:51 that they might pray and ask their God
08:55 to give them skill and wisdom to understand.
08:58 So Daniel came together with his friends
09:01 Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah
09:03 and they pray to the God of heavens
09:06 and they asked him to give them wisdom
09:09 and to reveal the dream.
09:11 And what happened,
09:12 did God reveal the dream to Daniel and his friends?
09:15 Yes!
09:17 Yes, God came through just...
09:20 Just like you and me.
09:21 Today, if we pray for God to answer our prayers,
09:25 He always answers them.
09:27 So Daniel prayed this prayer
09:29 and with boldness came back to the king.
09:32 And as he approached the king,
09:34 the king said,
09:36 "Daniel can you tell me,
09:37 the dream and its interpretation?"
09:40 O king, no mere man can tell you the dream
09:44 or the interpretation.
09:45 What?
09:46 But king, there is a God in heaven,
09:49 who knows the dream and He has revealed to me
09:52 the dream and its interpretation.
09:55 So with the help of God,
09:56 I will now reveal to you the dream
09:58 and its interpretation.
10:00 Say on.
10:01 Well, O king,
10:03 you saw in your dream a great image
10:07 and this image, his splendor was awesome.
10:10 That's right. Ah!
10:12 It had a head made of gold.
10:14 Yes.
10:16 And a chest of silver.
10:17 That's right.
10:19 And its belly and thighs were made of bronze.
10:22 Yes.
10:23 And its legs, oh, its legs were long and made out of iron.
10:29 That's exactly it.
10:30 And as it went down to the feet and the toes,
10:33 it was a mixture of the iron and with clay.
10:36 And then you saw O king, an amazing thing,
10:40 you saw a stone that was cut out without hands
10:43 from a far away mountain and that stone came
10:46 and it came all the way down
10:48 and it struck the image on the feet.
10:51 And then the whole statue was destroyed.
10:56 This, O king, is the dream.
10:58 Now the God of heaven
11:00 will reveal to you the interpretation.
11:03 Are you ready, O king, for the interpretation?
11:05 Say on.
11:07 The interpretation is that each part of metal
11:11 represents a kingdom
11:13 and you, O king, are this head of gold.
11:18 Of course.
11:20 But after you, unfortunately, king,
11:24 there will come another kingdom,
11:27 a kingdom inferior to yours, made out of silver.
11:31 And then a third kingdom of bronze
11:34 which will conquer the whole world.
11:37 Then a fourth kingdom of iron will come,
11:41 but after that fourth kingdom,
11:42 no one will defeat it, it will be divided.
11:46 And after its divisions,
11:48 O king, that's where the great stone
11:52 which is God's kingdom will come
11:54 and destroy all the kingdoms of this earth,
11:59 for God is the great King,
12:01 He sets up kings and He does away with kings.
12:04 God is the one who's truly in charge of the world.
12:08 Wow!
12:10 Do you boys and girls believe
12:11 that God's in charge of everything?
12:13 Yes!
12:15 O, great king, this is the dream
12:18 and its interpretation is sure.
12:20 Daniel, you have given me the dream
12:25 and its interpretation,
12:28 there is no other God but the God of heaven.
12:31 I acknowledge and worship the God of heaven.
12:37 And that's when Nebuchadnezzar
12:39 first began to get grasp of the truth
12:42 of the power of Yahweh, the God of Daniel
12:46 and of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
12:50 Now, boys and girls, here and boys and girls at home,
12:55 do you want to put your trust into the hands of a God,
12:58 who has the power to raise up kings
13:01 and to bring them down?
13:03 Do you wanna be faithful like how Daniel was faithful?
13:06 And he purposed in his heart not to defile himself
13:09 with the bad food or the bad drinks,
13:11 but to be faithful to God?
13:13 Yes!
13:14 I stand for God.
13:15 Do you stand for Him?
13:17 Yes!
13:18 Oh, boys and girls, the excitement is that some day
13:23 we are gonna get to go home with Him.
13:25 But until then,
13:26 we must let Him keep us faithful.
13:28 So search the scriptures, find those hidden gems
13:32 and put them in your hearts
13:33 because truly Jesus is coming again.
13:37 Well, that's all the time we have,
13:39 come back and see us at Bible Gems.
13:42 Bye-bye! Bye-bye!


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