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00:01 Hey, campers, welcome to Bible Gems.
00:02 You all are going to be working hard
00:04 just like our characters from the Bible story.
00:07 Julie, Julie, what are you doing?
00:10 I heard Aunty Linda's going to be
00:12 talking about hard workers.
00:14 So I decided to grab my toolbox
00:16 and start fixing things around here.
00:19 Okay.
00:21 Now, if I can just figure out how this hammer works.
00:24 No, no, no, Julie.
00:26 That's not a hammer.
00:28 We're going to be learning about Shadrach,
00:29 Meshach and Abednego in just a little bit.
00:33 Julie, are you okay?
00:34 Yeah, I'm fine.
00:37 Anyways, our teams
00:39 and their refs are all geared up and ready to...
00:43 Oh, man!
00:45 I don't think I'm using my screwdriver right.
00:49 We're going to go clean up
00:50 while you guys go find those Bible Gems.
00:52 See you soon.
01:15 Oh, what a lovely day.
01:17 Have you have you guys seen Uncle Aron?
01:19 Have you seen Uncle Aron?
01:20 No, no. No.
01:22 Have you seen? Oh, there he is.
01:23 I'm right over here. Okay.
01:24 Oh, what do you have?
01:26 I've got an amazing Bible Gem for you guys today.
01:27 Let me see.
01:29 Yeah? Wow!
01:31 Wow! Here you go.
01:32 How we go share with Miss JoDee?
01:34 All right, I'll do that.
01:35 Miss JoDee, do you think
01:37 you could have a song about this?
01:38 Let me see, Linda.
01:40 Oh, Aunty Linda, Yes, I think so.
01:44 Awesome.
01:45 Welcome, boys and girls.
01:47 We're so glad that you're here
01:49 and we just want to welcome you to Bible Gems!
01:55 Come on and join us.
01:56 In God I have put my trust
02:01 In God I have put my trust
02:07 I will not be afraid No not be afraid
02:14 What can man do to me
02:19 Psalm 56:11
02:25 Very nice.
02:28 Well, today we have one of those special gems
02:31 that I'm really excited about.
02:34 King Nebuchadnezzar, years had passed
02:38 since Daniel told him about the dream,
02:41 but he couldn't get the dream out of his mind.
02:44 He kept thinking, and thinking, and thinking.
02:52 I know Daniel said that I was only the head of gold
02:58 and then my kingdom would come to an end,
02:59 but it can't come to an end.
03:03 My kingdom will go on forever.
03:06 I know what I'll do.
03:09 I'll build an image just like my dream,
03:13 but instead of just the head being gold,
03:15 the entire image will be gold.
03:18 Yes.
03:19 That's what I'll do.
03:22 So as the king thought and thought about that,
03:25 he thought about how great he was.
03:27 And he thought,
03:29 "I will make this image all gold,
03:32 not just the head."
03:34 And so he had everyone that he could pull together
03:37 and they were working to make this image.
03:40 And it was big!
03:42 Oh, it was huge.
03:43 You had to look up to it.
03:45 You couldn't just walk past and not see it.
03:48 It was always right there for everyone to see.
03:53 Does God want us to worship idols?
03:56 No. No.
03:58 Who are we only suppose to worship?
04:00 God! God!
04:02 God is the only one that is deserving of worship.
04:08 And so Daniel and his three friends
04:11 went about their business,
04:13 but they always remembered to do something.
04:17 What do you think it was that they always remember to do?
04:21 Pray. Pray.
04:22 That's something that we need to do
04:25 in good times and bad times,
04:27 and all the time because do we need God with us
04:31 all the time?
04:33 Yes. Yes.
04:34 I want Him with me all the time.
04:36 And so they prayed and they talked,
04:38 and they worked.
04:40 And they were hard workers.
04:42 They were always doing something.
04:44 They did their duty faithfully and they smiled.
04:48 Can you act like you're washing dishes
04:51 and give me a big smile?
04:53 Yes.
04:54 Well, wash dishes, now sweep the floor.
04:56 Yes, we'll sweep the floor.
04:59 Smile!
05:01 You're happy to be doing chores, right?
05:03 All day long.
05:05 They were happy to do the Lord's work.
05:08 The Lord is so wonderful and good,
05:10 and He blesses those that work hard for Him.
05:15 Well, time went on, and the king kept working.
05:19 Can you pound?
05:22 Kept working, and working, and working,
05:25 and making this statue, and working and working.
05:28 And finally it was almost through,
05:32 just had a little bit more to do.
05:33 And so the people worked harder,
05:35 they worked harder.
05:37 They wanted to get it done,
05:38 the king wanted it done right now.
05:41 And at last the image was done.
05:44 This huge, big image.
05:48 And it was so big,
05:49 he had to build it out in a big plain
05:52 where there was no other houses and things
05:54 'cause he wanted every single person in his kingdom to come.
06:00 All his wise men, he wanted all his magicians.
06:04 He wanted the people of different languages
06:08 to come together
06:09 because he wanted everybody to know
06:14 that he was the greatest.
06:17 Was he the greatest?
06:18 No! No.
06:20 He was not.
06:22 It's easy sometimes to get sidetracked
06:24 and think I am good.
06:27 Look at me. Look at me.
06:31 Just look at me.
06:33 I'm good.
06:35 I'm worthy of worship.
06:37 Is there any human that is worthy of worship?
06:41 No! No!
06:42 We need to stand for Jesus.
06:45 We need to be what He wants us to be.
06:48 So he sent a proclamation out
06:52 that every single person was to come
06:56 to this valley to worship the king.
06:59 He had his wise men
07:02 and his magicians and everybody was there.
07:06 And the king told them exactly
07:10 what he wanted them to do.
07:14 My dear people, you have been assembled
07:18 from all the provinces of Babylon.
07:21 You have come here to the Plain of Dura
07:24 to pay homage to the great golden image
07:28 that I have erected.
07:30 I, Nebuchadnezzar,
07:32 greatest monarch in the entire world.
07:36 Now, my dear people,
07:39 when you hear the sound of the music playing,
07:42 you must bow down to the image and by doing so,
07:47 give homage to me,
07:49 Nebuchadnezzar, King of all Babylon.
07:54 And if you do not bow down,
07:57 if by some reason you do not bow down,
08:01 you must know that we have prepared a fiery furnace
08:06 where you will be thrown.
08:09 So at the sound of the music, dear people,
08:12 bow down and worship the image.
08:17 The people then bowed.
08:18 Yes, of course they were going to bow down.
08:20 Do you think anybody
08:22 wanted to be thrown in the fiery furnace?
08:24 No!
08:26 Nobody wanted to be burned in the fiery furnace.
08:29 And they could tell that he had it going
08:32 and he meant what he said.
08:34 Do you think the king meant
08:35 that he was gonna throw somebody in the fiery furnace?
08:38 Yes! Yes!
08:40 And so everybody waited
08:43 and then they heard the music.
08:52 Bow the knee, quickly!
08:53 Oh, bow the knee!
08:54 Bow the knee!
08:56 Oh, everybody, bow the knee!
08:57 Oh!
09:08 Hey, wait.
09:11 I see three people
09:14 who are not bowing down to the image.
09:16 Guards, bring them before me.
09:19 Bring them before me, quickly.
09:25 Bring them over here before me.
09:32 Bring them over here.
09:37 Why?
09:39 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,
09:43 how dare you not bow before my image?
09:46 You should know better.
09:48 I have given you positions of honor.
09:51 And now you have not honored me.
09:53 Why have you not bowed before my image?
09:58 We cannot bow before your image, my Lord.
10:01 We only worship the one true God.
10:03 It does not matter what you say.
10:06 Even if you give us many chances
10:07 we cannot bow down.
10:10 Preposterous!
10:15 Heat the oven seven times hotter!
10:19 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, go do it, Guards!
10:22 Keep that oven seven times hotter.
10:25 Do you understand it, if you refuse to bow down,
10:27 you will be burned in the fiery furnace?
10:30 Heat the oven seven times hotter!
10:32 Now throw them in!
10:35 Throw them in!
10:41 Oh, it must have been very hot.
10:51 Did we not throw three men into the furnace?
10:56 Yes, there were three.
10:57 Wasn't there three? Yes.
10:59 I assure you have thrown three.
11:00 And behold, I see a fourth.
11:04 And His likeness is unto the Son of God!
11:10 Oh, real God!
11:12 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, come out of the furnace!
11:24 You are unscathed, unburnt
11:28 and the smell of smoke is not even on your clothing.
11:32 And the ropes have been burned off, of your hands.
11:37 Truly, God is the Lord of all.
11:45 The king was so amazed, the people were so amazed.
11:48 They could not believe that such a great miracle
11:51 had happened to them.
11:52 That he told anybody that if they said anything,
11:56 if you say anything,
11:58 if you say anything against the God of Heaven,
12:01 your houses will be burned,
12:03 and you guys will, you all be killed.
12:05 Don't ever say anything against the God of Heaven.
12:09 All of you, do you understand? Yes.
12:11 And the king was so amazed.
12:16 And nobody, nobody dared to say a word
12:20 against the God of Heaven,
12:23 because they knew that if anybody did,
12:28 they would get thrown in the fire.
12:30 And do you think that if they had been thrown,
12:33 if somebody had said something against them,
12:37 and they were thrown in the fire,
12:38 would it burn them up?
12:40 Yes.
12:41 Yes, because the God of Heaven protects His children.
12:45 Don't you love how Jesus says,
12:48 He's always with us to the very end.
12:51 He'll never leave us.
12:53 He'll never forsake us, not even for a moment.
12:57 We can count on Jesus to be with us.
13:01 Where is He going to take us someday?
13:03 Where is He going to take us?
13:05 Heaven! To heaven.
13:07 Is He going to ride on a cloud to heaven?
13:10 Yes, we're going to ride
13:12 on a cloud to heaven with Jesus.
13:13 Do you want to go with Jesus?
13:15 Yes!
13:17 Do you want to spend eternity with Him?
13:18 Yes!
13:20 Boys and girls,
13:21 we want you to also be able to be there on that great day
13:24 when Jesus comes in the clouds of heaven.
13:27 We don't need to fear what happens down here
13:29 because Jesus Himself will take care of us.
13:33 Remember, boys and girls,
13:35 to read the scriptures and find the gems
13:38 that Jesus has for you.
13:39 See you next time on Bible Gems.
13:42 Bye! Bye!


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