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00:01 Hey, Campers.
00:02 Welcome to Bible Gems.
00:04 We are gonna learn about David and Goliath.
00:07 Hey, Julie.
00:08 I got us some lunch.
00:09 Thanks! Let me just put it.
00:12 Do you know, David was gonna bring
00:14 his family some lunch
00:15 when all of a sudden, he saw...
00:18 Giant.
00:19 That's right. He saw Goliath.
00:21 No, no.
00:23 There is a giant spider over there.
00:26 Ah, Julie, you got to go get it.
00:28 Oh, I'm not going over there.
00:31 Julie, you have to.
00:33 You are the old divine.
00:35 Yeah!
00:37 Wait, what about you?
00:39 Here, take this shoe.
00:42 No, no. I'm fine.
00:45 What about this fly swatter?
00:47 Not really.
00:49 I got this.
00:50 This pump spray?
00:57 Awe, that's all over your hand.
01:00 Bible Gems is up next.
01:03 Julie, it's still moving.
01:28 Boys and girls, I just discovered
01:30 an amazing Bible gem.
01:31 I can't wait to share it with you.
01:33 What did you find?
01:35 Oh, it's a story about a boy name David
01:37 and giant name Goliath.
01:39 Miss. JoDee, could you,
01:40 do you have a memory verse song,
01:42 for this Bible Gem.
01:43 I sure do. Wow!
01:45 Uncle Aron.
01:46 Well, let's invite the boys and girls
01:47 around the world to come to.
01:49 It's time for Bible Gems.
01:51 Welcome to our set here.
01:53 Join us in and learn this Bible Gem.
01:56 You come to me with a sword
02:00 And with a spear, and with a shield
02:04 But I come to you
02:06 In the name of the Lord of hosts
02:12 You come to me with a sword
02:15 And with a spear, and with a shield
02:19 But I come to you
02:21 In the name of the Lord of hosts
02:26 1 Samuel 17:45
02:34 Very good.
02:35 Awesome.
02:37 We have a very special gem to share with you today
02:41 and I'm so excited.
02:43 Uncle Aron, this is gonna be a good one.
02:48 David went out with his sheep
02:51 and he was looking around
02:54 and he had a harp lot of times then he would play
02:57 and he would sing.
02:59 And all at once he heard baa, baa,
03:05 and he went right as fast as he could
03:07 and then he saw a great,
03:10 big, big bear.
03:13 So he took his sling and he went round
03:16 and round and round and round and he hit the bear,
03:20 able to kill the bear.
03:21 And another time when he was with his sheep
03:25 and he loved his sheep and he loved the baby lambs
03:28 and he was very careful.
03:29 He kept that careful eye on every single one
03:32 and all of a sudden he heard a roar.
03:37 What was that?
03:39 A lion.
03:40 It was a lion.
03:42 Hence, so he went over and he took his sling
03:44 and he went round and round and round
03:46 and he went like that and he hit the lion.
03:49 And he was able to kill the lion
03:51 and he rescued the little sheep
03:53 and the little sheep was so happy.
03:54 Can you go baa, baa, baa?
03:56 Baa!
03:58 All the sheep were so happy.
04:01 Well, one day his father said to him,
04:06 "I need you to go check on your brothers."
04:09 Now I heard that that there at the,
04:11 there're all on a high mountain
04:14 and there's the Philistines are on the other one,
04:17 there's a valley in between.
04:19 And I'm a little worried, I haven't heard any news.
04:22 I don't know if they started the battle
04:25 or what's happen.
04:26 But I know the Philistines have come up against them
04:29 and there's an awful lot of them.
04:31 And I really want us makes sure they are okay.
04:33 So he sent some grain, and about 10 loaves of breads,
04:38 and fruits and whatever he could find
04:40 and he packed it up.
04:42 And he sent a gift for the captain
04:45 of that was over a 1,000 people...
04:47 That was 1,000 of the man.
04:49 And so David started out,
04:51 and he walked and walked.
04:53 Can you walk? Help me walk.
04:54 He walked and walked, and walked, and he walked,
04:57 and he walked, and he walked, carrying his heavy load.
05:00 And then he took the basket and his staff
05:03 and he went over to Saul's camp.
05:08 So he took it and he walked over
05:11 and he gave that to them.
05:13 Well, as he was there
05:16 and he was having a talking with them.
05:21 And his brother said, he heard some,
05:23 the Philistines were really upset.
05:25 And he says,
05:27 "That Philistines
05:28 were shouting things at the people."
05:31 They were shouting at Israel.
05:33 And if you listen,
05:34 I think you can hear the Philistines.
05:36 "I'm Goliath,
05:38 mighty warrior of the Philistines.
05:42 Send out a man that we may fight together,
05:47 if you have such a man.
05:53 I defy the armies of Israel this day."
05:56 Oh, no.
05:58 "Send out a man that we may fight together.
06:01 If you prevail against me then we will be your servants
06:05 but if I prevail against you,
06:08 you will be our servants."
06:13 Day, after day, after day,
06:15 after day, they listened,
06:18 they had listened to them.
06:19 And David just started going around and he said,
06:23 "Why are we putting up with this?
06:26 Somebody should go fight him.
06:28 Why?
06:29 God's all powerful, why do you listen to him?
06:32 He is defying the God of heaven."
06:34 And nobody's...
06:35 Ah, ah not me.
06:37 "Are you gonna go out and fight Goliath?"
06:39 No.
06:40 Nobody wanted to fight Goliath
06:43 and then he just kept going around and saying,
06:46 "Do you wanna fight Goliath?" No.
06:48 "No. You don't wanna fight him?
06:50 Nobody wants to fight him?"
06:51 Yes.
06:53 His brother was watching, and his older brother.
06:56 And he didn't like it
06:57 that his little brother was acting so,
07:00 you know, like he wasn't afraid.
07:01 He didn't like that.
07:03 And he came over and he said,
07:04 "Why aren't you with your sheep?
07:07 And who's watching all those sheep back at home?
07:10 What are you doing here anyways?
07:12 You can't do anything, you're just a little boy,
07:15 you need to go back and take care of your sheep."
07:18 And he said,
07:20 "But there's somebody defying the God of Israel,
07:24 isn't anybody willing to fight?"
07:26 And his brother said,
07:27 "I know your pride, you're just prideful."
07:30 And so he didn't get anywhere with his brother.
07:32 And so he just kept asking and asking
07:35 if there was just someone
07:37 that would go fight this giant.
07:44 "If your God is so powerful,
07:47 send out a man that he may fight me,
07:51 but you are scared."
07:56 And every day, they kept listening
07:59 and listening and listening.
08:01 And finally someone told King Saul,
08:05 and King Saul said,
08:06 "There's somebody that wants to fight a giant?"
08:09 And so he sent him to King Saul's tent.
08:13 Well, when he was there
08:14 king Saul looked at him and he said,
08:17 "You are just a little boy, how can you fight a giant?
08:21 You can't do anything."
08:22 And then he told him,
08:24 well, one time when I was out in the fields
08:27 and I was out watching my sheep
08:30 while there was a great big bear.
08:32 Can you guys growl like a bear?
08:34 Growl, growl!
08:37 And he said,
08:39 "And he had the little sheep and it was crying."
08:40 Can you cry like a little sheep?
08:42 Baa, baa,
08:44 baa, baa.
08:47 And he said, "So I got my sling shot.
08:51 And I went round and round."
08:52 Can you get your sling shots?
08:53 Go round and a round and a round
08:56 and a round and a round.
08:57 And they threw it
08:59 and the bear came crashing down.
09:02 And he said,
09:03 "And I was able to kill the bear."
09:05 But King Saul wasn't too convinced.
09:08 Well, maybe that was just,
09:09 maybe he didn't really kill the bear.
09:11 And he said, "Well," he said, "Another time,
09:16 I was out and I heard a little sheep crying."
09:20 Can you cry? Baa, baa, baa.
09:24 And I realize there was a lion.
09:26 Growl like a... Roar like a lion?
09:30 And he said, "So I went as fast as I could."
09:33 Run fast.
09:35 I ran as fast as I could.
09:38 And he said, "I saw the lion and I took my sling shot."
09:41 Get your sling shots ready.
09:42 And he went round
09:44 and a round and a round.
09:47 And he hit the lion and he said,
09:49 "It killed the lion."
09:52 He said, "I'm not afraid."
09:55 So he said, "Well."
09:58 And then he heard Goliath again.
10:03 "I defy the armies of Israel this day,
10:07 send out a man, for 40 days
10:12 I have come and challenges you all
10:15 and no one is willing to fight me,
10:18 you are scared.
10:20 Where is your God?"
10:25 And David was so upset and he said,
10:27 "He's mocking our God,
10:29 somebody's got to fight.
10:30 I will fight this giant."
10:33 The king looked at him and then he said,
10:35 "Well, go put some armor on him,
10:38 we better dress him up
10:39 because you can't go out there.
10:41 Yes, he's gonna have to have a helmet."
10:43 You gonna need this. Yes.
10:45 We'll just try it.
10:46 So he put all the armor on and then he just said,
10:49 "I just can't do it."
10:51 And so he put the other piece on,
10:53 try to put the shield on him
10:56 and everything he tried he was just like, "No,
10:59 I just can't do this," And King Saul was like,
11:03 "But, you've got to,
11:04 you have to go out and fight this giant."
11:08 And when you've gotta have armor on, you need it.
11:12 But he didn't want it and he wouldn't take the armor.
11:15 He didn't wanna wear it, boys and girls.
11:19 And so finally he said to Saul.
11:22 He said, "I'm going,
11:26 the Lord is going to fight this battle,
11:28 because the battle is the Lord's.
11:31 He will give this giant into my hand."
11:34 Well, King Saul didn't know what else to do.
11:37 The giant was still roaring.
11:42 "I'm waiting for your champion,
11:45 but I don't see one."
11:48 Now, David said, "I will go, I will go fight."
11:57 "Am I a dog
11:59 that you come to me with sticks?
12:02 By all the gods of Philistine
12:05 I curse you."
12:09 "You come to me with this sword and the spear and the shield.
12:14 I can do in the name of the Lord.
12:16 Today you will die
12:18 because the battle is of the Lord's."
12:21 "Well, you little dog."
12:40 The battle is the Lord's,
12:42 the battle is the Lord's,
12:44 the battle is the Lord's,
12:46 the battle is the Lord's.
12:52 And, boys and girls, no matter what we face in life.
12:56 No matter what giants come up against us,
12:59 remember that the battle belongs to the Lord.
13:02 No matter what bad things happens to us,
13:05 God will take care of us because God loves us
13:09 with an everlasting love.
13:11 And some day, He's gonna show us,
13:13 all those that love Him,
13:15 He's gonna come in the clouds of heaven.
13:16 Boys and girls, do you wanna go home
13:18 to heaven with Jesus?
13:20 Yes!
13:22 And He will take us home.
13:24 Don't worry, boys and girls, about anything in this world
13:27 because we are going home with Jesus.
13:32 Praise the Lord.
13:33 Can you say praise the Lord?
13:35 Praise the Lord.
13:37 We're going home.
13:38 Well, that's all the time we have for now.
13:40 Remember, boys and girls, to search your scriptures
13:42 and find hidden gems.


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