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00:01 Hey, Campers. Welcome to Bible Gems.
00:03 Today, we're gonna learn about Hannah and Peninnah.
00:07 Actually, it's Peninnah. Right.
00:09 Hannah was sad because she couldn't have any kids.
00:12 But, you know, who could have lots and lots of kids?
00:15 Who? Penirah.
00:18 No, Julie, it's Peninnah.
00:20 Peninnah would make fun of Hannah
00:21 for not being able to have any children.
00:23 Mean old Pandora.
00:26 No, Julie, it's... Never mind.
00:28 So, Hannah went to the temple and prayed to God
00:30 that she could have a son.
00:31 And then... Oh!
00:33 It's time to start. Let's go!
00:35 No, no, Julie.
00:36 We're not done talking to the campers yet.
00:38 Oh.
00:39 Anyway, like I was saying, Hannah went to the temple
00:42 and then...
00:43 Oh, there is the music. It's time to start.
00:45 Let's go. No. Julie, hold your horses.
00:49 What horses?
00:54 Stay tuned to find out what happens to Hannah
00:57 and Penelope.
00:59 You weren't even trying anymore.
01:01 We should really go check on those horses.
01:29 Welcome to Bible Gems. I'm glad you can make it.
01:32 I'm Uncle Aron.
01:33 And today, we're going to be learning
01:34 an amazing Bible story.
01:36 I hope you're ready.
01:38 Aunty Linda?
01:39 What? What? I brought an amazing Bible Gem.
01:41 Oh, look, look this.
01:44 Can you believe it? It's the gem.
01:46 Oh, you gonna have to show Uncle Aron.
01:48 Unlce Aron, look.
01:49 Well, just amazing like I thought it would be.
01:53 Can't wait to hear it.
01:55 Joe Dee, do you think
01:57 we could sing about that Bible gem?
01:58 Oh, yes. Yes, I think we should.
02:01 Oh, that is so awesome.
02:05 Delight yourself in the Lord
02:12 Delight yourself in the Lord
02:18 Delight yourself in the Lord
02:25 And he shall give you
02:29 The desires of your heart
02:33 Psalm 37:4
02:40 Beautiful.
02:42 We do have a special story of a lady
02:45 that delighted herself in the Lord.
02:47 I think that was the gem you found today, wasn't it?
02:50 It was. Sure, it was.
02:51 Awesome.
02:53 I'm gonna tell you about a very special lady,
02:55 and her name was Hannah.
02:57 And she lived with Elkanah, her husband,
03:01 and also she lived with the second wife,
03:06 Peninnah.
03:07 And Peninnah gave Elkanah lots of sons and daughters.
03:13 But Hannah didn't have any children.
03:15 And that made her feel so bad.
03:18 And so as they were getting ready each year
03:20 to go to Shiloh to worship the Lord,
03:24 Peninnah was getting everything ready.
03:26 And so she asked if she needed any help.
03:32 Can I help you, Peninnah?
03:34 "Why would you help me?
03:36 I need help with the children
03:37 and you don't have any children.
03:40 And how could you know how to handle children?
03:43 You're nothing at all. You know that. Don't you?
03:46 Well, just go, go do what you do.
03:48 I don't know what you do. Just go do what you do.
03:50 I'll take care of the children."
03:54 Every day she was meaner and meaner to her.
03:58 But at last they went to the feast.
04:02 But her husband Elkanah, he went to the temple,
04:06 and there in the temple were two men,
04:10 and they were evil, and they were saying,
04:12 "No, I want more money."
04:14 "But I've already given you
04:15 the amount of money that is needed."
04:17 "Give it to me now!"
04:21 "All right. But this isn't the right."
04:22 "Give it to me. Do you want trouble?"
04:25 So they give it to him.
04:26 And so when they did the sacrifice,
04:28 and he went to take his portion and give the portion,
04:32 the priest would get a little bit.
04:33 He said, "No, we want double the amount.
04:36 We want more."
04:37 "But this is the amount that you're supposed to have.
04:40 And I need..." "Give it to me now.
04:43 Are you gonna give me any trouble?"
04:47 Shake your head. "No."
04:50 And so he took it and he went back to his family.
04:54 He was very sad
04:57 because there was a priest and priest Eli.
05:00 And he didn't make his sons mine
05:02 and so his sons were more and more wicked
05:04 and less and less people were coming to worship
05:07 because of his wickedness.
05:10 So he came back and he gave a portion to Peninnah
05:16 and then he gave some to her sons.
05:20 But, to Hannah,
05:23 he gave her a double portion
05:26 and he handed it to her.
05:29 "Here's your portion,
05:30 and I'm gonna give you an extra portion."
05:33 But Peninnah was very angry.
05:36 "I don't know why you give her an extra portion.
05:39 She has done anything anyway.
05:41 She doesn't even have any children.
05:43 Has she given you any sons? No, she has not.
05:48 I don't know what you're even doing here?
05:51 Get out of my sight."
05:54 But Elkanah went after her and he said, "Why are you sad?
06:01 And why are you hurting?
06:02 Am I not better than 10 sons?"
06:06 And she just cried, and he came back to feast
06:09 and she ran and she ran
06:10 and she finally came to the temple.
06:14 Who would hear her but God,
06:15 so she fell down underneath and she...
06:22 And she was swaying and crying.
06:25 "God, help me.
06:27 Please, please, if you give me a son,
06:29 I will give him to you all the days of his life."
06:32 And while she was going on like that,
06:35 the priest came,
06:36 because there wasn't many people
06:38 that prayed anymore.
06:39 And as he came, and he stood there and he said,
06:42 "Woman, you are drunk.
06:47 Why do you act like that?
06:50 You should not be drinking wine."
06:54 She said, "Oh, no, my Lord.
06:56 I have not drank any wine or strong drink.
07:00 I am very sad in my heart.
07:03 And I was just asking God for something
07:06 that He would give it to me."
07:09 Then, she couldn't believe.
07:11 He looked at her and he said,
07:15 "May the God of heaven grant your request."
07:19 And as soon as he said that, she wiped her tears
07:25 and she believed God and she went back home.
07:32 Well, about the time for the next time
07:36 to go to the Passover.
07:39 Elkanah and Peninnah were getting ready
07:41 and all their children,
07:43 but Hannah said to her husband,
07:46 I would like to stay here, because I have little Samuel.
07:51 And God has blessed me with him.
07:54 And it's not time for me to give him to the Lord.
07:57 I'm gonna wait until
07:58 he no longer needs a baby's milk.
08:02 I will keep him with me
08:04 and teach him all the days of his life.
08:06 So he was little, and they went off to the feast
08:09 and they came back.
08:10 And another year went by and they went off
08:12 and they came back.
08:13 And finally, he no longer drank the baby's milk,
08:17 and his mother every day, she sat him at her feet,
08:22 and she read to him.
08:23 She read to him from the precious gems
08:26 of the Bible.
08:28 And she told him all about how God loved him
08:31 and how great God was
08:33 and what a privilege it was to serve Him.
08:35 And she'd say, "Do you know what Samuel means?"
08:38 Do you know what Samuel means? Anybody know what Samuel means?
08:45 Because God gave him to me.
08:47 That's pretty good. Asked of God.
08:51 And so she had asked God and He had given and she said,
08:54 "I'm gonna give my best treasure to God."
08:58 Now when God does something special to you,
09:00 do you just love Him so much
09:01 that you want to give Him your best back?
09:04 Yeah. Yes.
09:06 And so she taught him, and then she made him
09:11 a beautiful robe.
09:12 And she put it on him.
09:14 And they took gifts and they went to see Eli,
09:17 and she hung on to his hand.
09:20 Can you hang on to my hand? Stand up.
09:23 She hung on to Samuel's hand,
09:25 and they walked up to the priest.
09:29 And the priest said, "Yes, may I help you."
09:32 She said, "I brought you God's gift."
09:36 Now this mother really loved the Lord,
09:39 because how many mothers want to take their child
09:42 to somebody where they know
09:44 there's a lot of wickedness in the place,
09:47 and Hophni and Phinehas was there,
09:49 and he could learn bad things.
09:51 But she believed God would protect her Samuel,
09:53 that's how much she loved God.
09:56 And so she said, "Here is what I had prayed for.
10:00 I prayed for a son.
10:02 And I said, 'If God would give me a son,
10:04 a precious son, then I would give it to God
10:07 all the days of his life,'
10:09 that this gift that God has given me is his.
10:12 I am giving it to him. I'm giving it back to him.'"
10:16 So the priest Eli looked and he had not seen
10:21 such great faith, not in all of Israel.
10:25 And so he took Samuel's hand and Samuel had been told
10:29 ever since he was little, you belong to God.
10:32 So do you think he just cried and cried and said,
10:34 "No, no, Mommy, don't leave me."
10:37 No, he knew that he belonged to God.
10:41 His mother had told him that all the days of his life.
10:43 And so, he happily, and so, he went along with priest Eli.
10:48 Well, he even though he was little,
10:50 he could do little things.
10:52 And he would take the broom,
10:53 and he would sweep in the temple,
10:56 and he'd sweep everything up
10:59 and he, then sometimes he would carry wood.
11:02 And he'd only carry a little bit
11:04 because he couldn't.
11:05 He was just a little boy.
11:07 And he would carry the wood
11:08 and he'd lay up there by the altar or wherever,
11:11 and he helped all that he could.
11:14 And he got bigger.
11:15 And the next year, his mother brought him a new robe
11:17 and he got bigger and bigger and bigger.
11:20 And then, one night he was sleeping in his tent,
11:24 and he heard a voice,
11:28 "Samuel."
11:31 And Samuel went running to Eli to wake him up.
11:35 What is it, my son?
11:40 Here I am for you called me.
11:42 I did not call you, my son. Go, lay down again.
11:47 The second time he heard the voice,
11:50 "Samuel."
11:54 And Samuel went running again.
12:01 What is it, my son?
12:04 Here I am for you called me.
12:06 No, no, no, no, I did not call you.
12:09 Go, lay down again. Go, lay down.
12:12 Good night now.
12:15 Then, he heard the voice again, "Samuel."
12:21 And Samuel went running again to priest Eli.
12:27 Oh, my, my. What is it, my son?
12:30 Here I am for you called me.
12:33 Now, listen, my son.
12:36 If you hear the voice again,
12:38 say, "Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth."
12:42 Okay? Okay, go, lay down now.
12:47 He heard the voice again and he did just what Eli said.
12:50 He said, "Speak, Lord, for your servant heareth."
12:54 And when Samuel got up the next morning,
12:58 Eli was ready to meet him.
13:05 Samuel, my son, what did God tell you
13:09 in the dream last night?
13:12 God will judge you and your sons.
13:16 Blessed be the name of the Lord.
13:19 And Eli accepted that because though his sons were so evil,
13:23 they could not be in their priest office anymore.
13:26 Well, boys and girls,
13:28 that's all the time we have for now.
13:30 Remember to search
13:31 for your gems in the scriptures.
13:34 And we'll see you next time on Bible Gems!
13:39 Bye-bye.


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