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00:03 Hey, Campers. Welcome to Bible Gems.
00:05 Today, we're gonna learn about some spies from the Bible.
00:10 Have you seen my grappling hook?
00:12 Your what?
00:44 Stay tuned to see what Auntie Linda has in store.
00:47 Bible Gems is up next.
00:50 Hey! I found my grappling hook.
00:52 Oh, Julie. No!
01:17 Uncle Aron. Oh, there.
01:19 I found the gem look at...
01:20 Look at... Look at this gem. Wow!
01:22 I found a gem. It's so awesome.
01:24 I can't wait to hear about it.
01:26 Oh, it's so special like I couldn't even hardly
01:29 put it down it so special.
01:31 I wonder, Miss Jody, do you have a song
01:34 that would go along with this Bible Gem?
01:35 Look. Oh, let me see.
01:37 Oh, yes, I do. I do.
01:39 Oh, thank God. Good.
01:41 Okay. Okay.
01:42 Boys and girls, welcome to Bible Gems.
01:44 And you can sing the song with us.
01:46 It's gonna be amazing.
01:48 The steps of a good man
01:52 Are ordered by the Lord
01:55 Are ordered by the Lord
01:58 The steps of a good man
02:02 Are ordered by the Lord
02:05 And He delighteth in His ways
02:11 Psalm 37 verse 23
02:18 He delighteth in His ways
02:25 Great job.
02:27 And, Miss Jody,
02:28 we don't even have to carry
02:31 all the things that tell us about the precious gems.
02:34 No?
02:35 We can carry them in our hearts.
02:37 Wherever we go, we can carry those gems.
02:40 I want to tell you about someone
02:43 that had one of those precious gems
02:45 that he carried in his heart.
02:48 Joshua was praying and thinking about,
02:52 "Oh, we're almost ready to cross over to the Jordan
02:57 and what should we do.
02:59 And, Lord, help me."
03:01 And all of a sudden,
03:03 right before him stood a great big warrior,
03:09 step back and he said,
03:11 he had his hand on the sword,
03:12 "Are you for us or against us?"
03:15 And he said, "I am captain
03:18 of the mighty God in heaven."
03:21 And that was really Jesus.
03:23 And he told them that he would be with them
03:26 and to be courageous.
03:27 And he would be with them in battle.
03:31 And this battle was not to be Joshua's
03:33 or the Israelites'.
03:35 It was to be God's battle.
03:38 He would fight it.
03:41 Joshua sent some spies out.
03:45 They had to be very, very careful.
03:48 I don't know. Yeah, maybe she's all right.
03:50 Okay.
03:52 We're gonna take the city.
03:53 Okay. All right. Just act normal.
03:55 Just act normal. Just come on.
03:57 We'll just go together.
04:02 Hello.
04:03 Hello.
04:05 Oh, yes,
04:07 but someone,
04:11 someone has seen him.
04:13 And Rahab came over and said,
04:16 "I see, you're new in the city.
04:18 It's not really that safe here.
04:21 Why don't you come to my house?"
04:23 So the spies went to her house,
04:25 but somebody had been watching.
04:27 And they saw that Rahab had taken
04:30 some spies to her house.
04:33 And the spy said,
04:34 "The Lord God of Israel is going to take this city."
04:39 And she said,
04:40 "I know, we've heard about when you crossed the Red Sea."
04:43 And everybody here has always trembled
04:45 and such a great God that could part the Red Sea.
04:49 And as they were telling them about
04:52 how God would take this,
04:54 there was a knock.
04:56 Can you knock? Make a knock.
04:59 "Let us in in the name of the King.
05:02 Let us in."
05:04 Oh, no, what do we do?
05:05 Oh, dear. Oh, dear. What do we do?
05:06 Oh, no. Oh, no!
05:08 We're gonna have to do something.
05:09 Oh, dear. We'll hide them.
05:11 We'll hide them. We'll hide them.
05:12 Okay, get down underneath here.
05:13 Okay, come on, get down, get down.
05:15 We got to hide them. Okay.
05:16 All right, I'll put some straw on top they may not see them.
05:19 Okay. And so they covered him up.
05:21 They cover them up.
05:23 All of them, they cover them up.
05:25 And then the soldiers came marching.
05:27 "We saw two men come here. Where are they?
05:38 Where are those men?"
05:40 They were on the rooftop, but they didn't see him
05:43 because they were all covered up
05:44 and they didn't see him.
05:46 And Rahab said, "Well, well, maybe they...
05:49 I think they probably left the city.
05:51 And if you hurry,
05:53 if you really hurry, you can catch them."
05:55 "Which way did they go?"
05:57 "Well, maybe that way."
05:59 "Okay, let's go."
06:02 Stomp! Make noise like the soldiers.
06:04 Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp.
06:06 Yes. Oh, yes.
06:07 Oh.
06:09 And then Rahab said,
06:11 "Surely, surely, had God has given you into the hand..."
06:16 "After the God Almighty has given us into your hands,
06:19 so please, please, please, save.
06:25 Save me and my people.
06:27 Pray that my family, my father, my mother,
06:31 my relatives."
06:33 And the soldiers said,
06:34 "Because you have been so kind to us,
06:37 then I'll tell you what we'll do.
06:39 You take this scarlet cord." Put it right.
06:43 She had a hole on the wall
06:45 where she could see everything.
06:47 "Put it right there.
06:49 And when we see it, when God takes this city,
06:53 you stay there in the house
06:55 and tell we come and get you out safely.
06:58 And all that you have will be saved."
07:00 And she believed them.
07:02 So when it was night, you look this way.
07:09 "All clear, come on, come on."
07:11 And so they tied up the rope went down the city wall.
07:15 And then they ran as fast as they could.
07:18 And she had told them,
07:20 "You run into the wilderness and stay there three days."
07:22 Well, meanwhile, stop,
07:24 the soldiers were looking everywhere, all around.
07:27 "Have you seen these two men?
07:28 Have you seen these two men?"
07:31 But they were nowhere.
07:33 Nowhere at all.
07:35 So they... So after...
07:37 While Joshua's two spies came back to him,
07:39 and they told them all that had happened
07:41 and the promise they made to Rahab.
07:44 And then he said, "God has said
07:48 that He will give us the city."
07:49 Now we must put away our sins.
07:51 And now it's time to cross the Jordan.
07:54 It was very full.
07:55 The river was full there, Ben,
07:57 and it was rocking and going back and forth,
07:59 and it was like, "Wow."
08:01 The Jordan was really, really...
08:03 The water had to swirl up.
08:05 And as they came, he said
08:07 that's priest are going to step their foot into the water.
08:12 And as they stepped their foot into the water,
08:15 it will part and just as he said,
08:17 they stepped into the water.
08:19 And they had to leave a distance
08:20 all around the Holy Ark
08:22 because they carried the ark and priest,
08:24 and the waters parted,
08:25 and the water went clear back up this way,
08:28 and the other side went clear back up this way.
08:31 And then all of them started marching across.
08:36 And they marched over to the other side.
08:38 And then the priests came with the ark.
08:40 And when they stepped on the other side, whoa!
08:43 The water just covered up again.
08:45 And God was doing a miracle.
08:48 And God had told them, "Every day,
08:50 I want you to march around the city,
08:53 but don't say a word."
08:55 And so every day, just the sound of your feet.
08:58 Make your feet."
09:06 Day one,
09:09 day two.
09:10 Now we're on day two.
09:19 Day three, day four,
09:22 day five, day six.
09:27 Now something else was gonna happen.
09:30 Joshua said, "This is really very, very important
09:37 that you remember to do.
09:39 We must always obey God.
09:41 This battle could not be won
09:44 by the Israelite soldiers not even a little bit."
09:49 And meanwhile,
09:50 while they had been marching around,
09:52 the king was looking out the window
09:55 and all the warriors.
09:57 And everybody say, "What are we doing now?"
09:59 And the king wasn't feeling so brave
10:01 'cause this city was known
10:02 as one of the biggest worshippers of idols.
10:05 And he said, "Have you prayed to our gods?"
10:07 Yes, but they do nothing.
10:09 And he said, "Oh, what do we do?
10:12 Oh, Oh! Ah! Oh!
10:15 I'm so scared. What are they doing now?
10:17 They're marching around again. How dare!
10:19 Every day it's driving me crazy," said the King.
10:22 "What are we gonna do?"
10:23 Every day they march around, and they march around,
10:25 and they don't say anything, and then they go back.
10:27 I know.
10:29 It's almost on the seventh day.
10:31 It's about time for them to do it again.
10:34 Meanwhile, Rahab went to her relatives,
10:38 "Please, you must get in the house right away.
10:40 Now is the time that he told me about.
10:41 Bring anything that you want and come to my house.
10:44 You must come right away, please.
10:46 Today's the day, you must come right away.
10:48 Okay, come right away, come into the house.
10:50 All my family, come in the house
10:51 and then you'll be saved."
10:54 They're all there watching, wondering what would happen.
10:58 What would happen next?
11:00 But they knew Rahab said, we have...
11:02 "Check and see if the scarlet cord is still in the window."
11:05 And they looked and said, "Yes, it's right there."
11:07 "Then we'll be okay.
11:08 They promised if I had the scarlet cord,
11:10 we would be okay."
11:13 So then they began to march around the seventh time,
11:19 very quietly, very quietly...
11:22 Everyone, let's march around. They began to march around.
11:25 Slowly they went.
11:28 And not a sound where they to make until God said,
11:32 "I will tell you when to make a sound."
11:35 And he would tell them through Joshua.
11:37 And so very quietly,
11:39 they were marching, marching, marching.
11:42 And the people on the wall were like,
11:45 "What do you think is going on?
11:47 I think this is a little eerie.
11:48 They're not saying anything.
11:50 They're just marching.
11:51 What, what, what, what what's happening?
11:53 There they go. There they go.
11:54 What are they doing?" "I don't know.
11:57 I don't know," said the magicians.
11:58 "We can't do anything about it.
12:00 Our gods, they won't do anything,
12:02 they don't see, they don't hear,
12:03 they don't anything.
12:04 We're dealing with a god that's all knowing.
12:06 We're dealing with a God that can see,
12:08 and that they can know."
12:10 And they went around.
12:11 And after they had gone around one time,
12:16 two times, three times, four times,
12:20 five times, six times.
12:22 But the seventh time was different.
12:24 All of a sudden, the trumpets began to play.
12:33 And then there was a mighty shout.
12:37 "The Lord has given the city."
12:41 And now we're making more loud sounds.
12:44 The walls began to tumble down.
12:45 Whoa! Crash!
12:48 Whoa! Crash!
12:49 Oh, they've been crashing all around,
12:51 the walls were falling everywhere.
12:53 Everybody was scared, except for Rahab.
12:56 And they safely were able to get her out of the city
13:00 because she believed God,
13:02 and God saved her just at the end time.
13:05 God will save His children too.
13:07 When everything is happening around us
13:09 and walls are crashing down,
13:11 "We have a God that is coming soon.
13:14 Jesus will come in the clouds of heaven.
13:16 And all those that obey Him.
13:17 And all those that love Him will be able to be with Jesus
13:21 forever and ever and ever."
13:24 So you see, boys and girls, this is a true gem.
13:27 Always remember you have a faithful God.
13:30 Until next time, search your scriptures daily
13:34 that you'll find the hidden gems too.
13:36 Goodbye, boys and girls.
13:38 Goodbye. Goodbye!
13:40 God bless you.


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