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00:23 Hello, boys and girls,
00:25 and welcome to Kids Camp Creation Crafts.
00:28 We're so excited you've joined us today.
00:30 Are you ready to get creative? We are.
00:33 We're your hosts. I'm Miss Susie.
00:35 And I'm Mr. Ryan. Thanks for joining us.
00:37 We actually have some helpers here,
00:39 people in purple and blue.
00:42 Are you guys ready to make some crafts?
00:43 Yes!
00:45 Oh, I don't know about that.
00:46 Are you guys ready to make some crafts?
00:48 Yes!
00:49 All right, there we go.
00:51 You know, we got some energy.
00:52 Oh, wait, are you guys going to get rowdy on me, out here?
00:55 Maybe.
00:56 Let's get some crafts in here to help us.
00:58 All right. All right.
01:00 And so we'll have someone,
01:01 in case you guys have a question,
01:02 and they'll have a microphone and help us with the craft.
01:05 Well, we got some interesting things, here.
01:08 What are we making today, Miss Susie?
01:09 We're going to be decorating some pots and planting flowers.
01:14 Well, we like to pair our craft with scripture.
01:17 Mr. Ryan, what was our Bible verse for today?
01:19 Our Bible verse today comes from Colossians 2:6-7.
01:24 Now I'm going to quiz the students here,
01:26 our little craft makers here.
01:29 I'm going to read some words here.
01:31 And I want you guys to think about them
01:34 and see if they remind you
01:35 of something with the plant, Okay?
01:38 And we'll see if you're thinking hats
01:40 are on, today.
01:41 So here's the verse. Colossians 2:6-7.
01:44 "Therefore, just as you receive Christ Jesus as Lord,
01:49 continue to live your lives in him,
01:52 rooted and built up in him,
01:55 firm in your faith, just as you were taught,
01:58 and overflowing with thankfulness.
02:01 Okay, did you guys hear a word in there?
02:05 Okay. Christopher did.
02:06 And so, tell me what word
02:08 made you think of a plant, and why?
02:10 Rooted? Rooted.
02:11 Why did it make you think of a plant?
02:13 'Cause it's rooted in the soil?
02:14 Rooted. That's right. Plants have roots.
02:16 Okay, was there any other word in there, boys and girls,
02:19 that made you think of a plant?
02:24 Nobody?
02:25 Wow.
02:27 Okay.
02:28 How about live your lives?
02:30 Are plants alive?
02:32 Yes.
02:34 You guys think plants are alive?
02:35 Okay. Yes, they are.
02:36 Yes. All right.
02:38 How about firm in your faith?
02:39 How does that deal with a plant?
02:41 What do you think, Amanda?
02:43 Fern.
02:44 Well, it's firm.
02:45 Oh, sorry. Maybe I didn't say it firm.
02:47 All right, so it made you sound like fern.
02:49 I think firm is something is rooted strongly, it's firm.
02:53 So plants that are not firmly rooted.
02:56 All right, I think there's a few more words.
02:58 You guys think about some of those other words
03:00 and a lot of them deal with plants.
03:01 And maybe, as we go along, we can make those connections.
03:04 Miss Susie, please lead us through the craft here
03:06 that we're going to do?
03:08 I would love to.
03:09 Are we ready to start crafting, boys and girls?
03:11 Yes. Yes.
03:12 Let's do it. All right.
03:14 Well, first we have here is a pot.
03:17 And we have a special saying on here.
03:19 It says read your Bible, pray every day, and you'll...
03:25 Does anybody have any idea what our next word will be?
03:28 Grow.
03:29 Grow. That's right.
03:31 So what I'd like you to do, right now,
03:33 is go ahead and take your permanent marker.
03:35 Let's say it all together, so we can remember that.
03:37 All right. Hey, you guys, let's say it.
03:39 Miss Susie's going to read it.
03:41 When we get to that last word,
03:42 let's shout out what that word is.
03:43 Did you guys forgot what that word was?
03:46 It was grow, right?
03:47 It was grow. It was grow.
03:49 Let's say it all together. All right.
03:50 Real nice and loud.
03:51 Read your Bible, pray every day and you'll...
03:53 Grow.
03:55 All right, let's go ahead and write that on the bottom
03:59 of our container.
04:01 And just in case, grow is G-O...
04:03 Oh, there, here we go.
04:05 We're going to put it right underneath, right there.
04:06 G, what's after G?
04:09 R. R.
04:12 Okay.
04:13 What's after R?
04:14 O.
04:16 O.
04:18 And what's last?
04:21 W.
04:22 Okay, very good.
04:24 And you'll grow.
04:26 Read your Bible and pray every day.
04:30 We hope this plant will be a good reminder.
04:32 But we're going to make it very decorative,
04:34 and we're going to practice making a few things
04:37 in a special way with this craft.
04:40 Miss Susie, what are we going to do next?
04:41 All right, next, we are going to be doing
04:44 some thumbprint art.
04:46 Can I see your thumbprints?
04:48 All right.
04:50 Okay, I'm going to be leading you through
04:52 how to do a ladybug and a butterfly.
04:57 So what I need you to do is turn your pot around.
04:59 We're going to do the decorations
05:01 on the backside.
05:02 A very open area. Yup.
05:04 Okay, so first what we're going to do is
05:06 we're going to take our thumbprints,
05:07 and we're going to dip it in our red paint.
05:10 And we're using some acrylic paints.
05:12 Yup, you're going get dirty.
05:13 So you want to dip it in your...
05:15 Yeah, your thumbs are definitely going to get dirty.
05:16 Can you see that? Okay.
05:18 Just make one print right in there.
05:19 That's right.
05:20 Now I'm going to stamp up my plate one more time
05:22 'cause sometimes you get a lot of paint
05:24 and that'll just end up looking like a blob.
05:26 So now what I want you to do is I want you to stick your thumb
05:29 on your pot and lift up.
05:33 And let's go ahead and do that a couple more times.
05:35 And you can even point them in different directions.
05:38 Oops, my fingers are sliding around a little bit.
05:40 Now the thumbprint are going to serve two purposes, okay?
05:43 One of them is to have your thumbprints
05:45 in case we need them, okay?
05:48 And that's probably something
05:50 your parents would like to have.
05:51 Go try then.
05:53 And also the second reason is to remember
05:54 that somebody loves you.
05:59 All right.
06:00 The next step we want to clean off our thumb, okay?
06:04 So we're going to go ahead and use our wipe.
06:05 Yes, you're doing a good job.
06:07 And we're going to wipe off that paint.
06:10 All right.
06:12 And next, we're going to pick up our paintbrush.
06:15 Now this is a very fine tip paint brush.
06:18 This is for doing fine details. So it has...
06:20 It's very narrow and a very fine tip.
06:23 And now what we're going to do is we're going to dip it
06:26 into our black or dark gray paint.
06:31 And now we're going to put little heads on the thumbprint.
06:35 So at the top of your thumbprint,
06:37 we are going to color this black.
06:40 That little black head...
06:41 Can you see that, boys and girls?
06:43 Right at the top of your thumbprint...
06:44 Yeah, great.
06:46 You can see that.
06:47 And we're going to color it in black.
06:50 Nice.
06:52 Can you see that?
06:53 I see some good ladybugs starting to develop here.
06:56 And we're going to go ahead and do that
06:57 to all of our red thumbprints.
06:59 We're going to put that black head
07:01 on all of our lady bugs.
07:03 Very good.
07:06 So our ladybugs all females
07:08 or can there be a male lady bug?
07:11 What do you guys think?
07:13 Anybody? Both.
07:15 Oh, there can be both.
07:16 Okay, Amy. Some things can't be...
07:17 I agree. Yeah.
07:19 They're not just ladies.
07:21 All right, how are we doing over here, Mackenzie?
07:23 All right, she's getting her heads put on.
07:25 Ooh! Very good.
07:26 Okay, once we get our heads put on,
07:27 then I'm going to draw a line going straight down the back,
07:31 starting in the middle of the head
07:33 down through the red to divide the right
07:36 and the left of the ladybug.
07:37 Do you see that? You guys get that?
07:39 You make a black line right down.
07:40 Can you guys see that back here?
07:42 We're going to make a black line
07:43 going down the body, okay?
07:45 Oh, we got it.
07:46 All right. All our ladybugs.
07:49 Perfect.
07:50 Good job.
07:53 What do you think that black line is for,
07:54 you guys?
07:57 Okay. Go ahead and say it again.
07:59 Separating the dots.
08:00 Okay, but what's on the back of a ladybug?
08:02 Do you have any idea?
08:03 Wings. Wings.
08:04 Okay, good job.
08:06 We'll have some more biology questions
08:08 for you as we go along.
08:09 All right.
08:10 Now after we get our line drawn,
08:12 go ahead and put a few little dots
08:14 on either side of that line.
08:17 Okay, I wonder now what the dots are for?
08:22 Anybody? Anybody have any ideas?
08:23 Okay, Christopher. Yes, Christopher?
08:25 That's how many years old they are.
08:28 Is that true? I don't know.
08:30 I have no idea. Really?
08:32 Wow! I think I just learned something.
08:34 I actually have no idea.
08:36 Maybe they're trying to hide in a strawberry patch
08:37 or something.
08:39 I'm not really sure.
08:41 I think that's pretty cool.
08:42 Okay, now once we get our dots on,
08:45 what other thing do insects have on their head?
08:49 Antennas. They have antennas.
08:51 That's right. That's right.
08:53 So we're going to go ahead and just do a little line,
08:55 starting at the top of the head and kind of going out away
08:58 from the body and curling it at the ends.
09:02 Excellent.
09:04 Is anybody ready to show us some of their bugs?
09:06 Boys and girls, can you see that?
09:07 That's good. All right.
09:09 Good job, Faith.
09:10 I'm seeing some pretty good ladybugs from here.
09:12 Nice.
09:13 Those are looking great. Yes.
09:17 Very good. That's okay.
09:18 That's all right. Just keep going with it.
09:19 That's all right. We got some good ladybugs.
09:21 Okay.
09:23 Excellent.
09:25 All right, are we ready to start making
09:27 our next bug on here?
09:29 Yes.
09:30 Okay, we're going to put our paint brush aside.
09:33 And now we're going to make our butterfly.
09:36 Actually, you know what, I tell you what,
09:38 we are going to use it
09:39 'cause we're going to do the body first
09:41 before we do the wings.
09:42 That way we know where to place our thumb.
09:43 Our thumb will be the wings.
09:45 So we're going to go ahead
09:46 and take more of our black paint.
09:48 And we're going to go ahead and do a head.
09:52 So find a good spot...
09:53 Just a little dot. Yup. For a butterfly.
09:55 Yup, find a good spot for butterfly.
09:56 Make sure you leave room on either side for the wings.
09:58 And we're just going to make a black dot.
10:01 And then below that black dot,
10:02 I'm going to do a line
10:03 that's a little rounder at the bottom.
10:06 Can you see that, Mackenzie?
10:07 Can you see that? Yeah.
10:09 Can you see that, boys and girls, at home?
10:10 That's the body for the butterfly.
10:12 That's going to be the head, and the body, just a...
10:14 Oh, just a little dot.
10:15 Now just draw a line underneath it.
10:17 Actually, I'm going to make mine a little bit longer.
10:19 There you go. So I have room.
10:20 Then we're going to put wings on it, okay, with your thumb.
10:22 Yup. Okay.
10:23 So after you get your body drawn...
10:25 That's great. Next...
10:26 You guys are so careful.
10:27 I'm going to use my thumb again.
10:29 And I'm going to go ahead and dip it or stamp it
10:32 in my green paint,
10:34 and I'm going to stamp it on my plate one more time
10:36 'cause sometimes you get a lot of paint.
10:38 And I'm going to take my thumb, and the bottom of my thumb
10:42 is going to go on this part of the body, just like that.
10:47 That is the top wing.
10:49 How many wings do butterflies have?
10:50 Ooh! That's a good question.
10:53 Four. That's right.
10:55 Yeah, very good.
10:56 Can you see that on either side?
10:57 I got to connect mine a little bit better.
11:00 Perfect. There we go.
11:02 Yup. Okay.
11:03 Make one more.
11:05 Now... Nice.
11:06 I'm going to clean my thumb off again.
11:09 And now I'm going to go for my blue,
11:11 and I'm going to do the bottom part.
11:15 Do you guys like getting messy?
11:17 Yes. Oh, we got to clean.
11:18 Yes, I do.
11:20 I like getting messy.
11:22 Just to clean up at the end, it can be kind of hard.
11:24 All right. Okay.
11:25 Oh, you guys are doing great. Here, you can wipe your thumb.
11:27 After you get to your wings on there,
11:29 I'm going to go ahead...
11:30 What were those things, again, on the insects,
11:32 on the top of their heads?
11:34 Antenna. Antenna.
11:35 Antenna.
11:36 So I'm going to go ahead and go back,
11:38 I forgot to do my antenna.
11:39 So I'm going to go ahead and draw those on there, too.
11:41 And then, you have your completed butterfly.
11:44 Very nice.
11:45 Now the next important step,
11:48 after we get our butterfly done...
11:49 Oh, I love that.
11:51 Can we see some butterflies over here?
11:52 Do you guys want to turn them and let me see?
11:54 Very nice. I like that.
11:56 Ooh! Good.
11:57 We're getting pretty creative here now.
11:59 Okay, the next step we want to do is
12:00 we want to be able to plant our flower.
12:03 So what we're going to do is we are going to take our cup
12:06 and some potting soil.
12:08 And we're going to go ahead and dump that.
12:10 Now just be careful,
12:12 you don't touch your painting, okay?
12:13 So we don't smear it.
12:14 And I'm going to go ahead,
12:16 and I'm going to put about three quarters more
12:19 of another cup in there.
12:20 Yup, go ahead, a full cup.
12:22 Actually, make sure that your pot
12:23 is on your bottom dish
12:25 because there is a hole in the bottom
12:26 to allow for draining of the water.
12:28 Yup. Okay.
12:29 Just dump it in there.
12:31 And remember, boys and girls, you can always find
12:32 all the instructions and the supplies
12:34 on our website, 3ABNKidsCamp.tv.
12:39 Yep, go ahead and put that in there.
12:41 Very good.
12:42 Okay, and then the next step is we want to take our flower.
12:45 We're going to give it just a gentle squeeze at the bottom
12:48 to loosen it, so it'll be easy to remove.
12:52 And then, we're going to kind of gently grab
12:55 right here where the plant meets the soil.
12:57 Yeah.
12:59 And we're going to turn over,
13:00 and it should just fall right out,
13:02 just like that.
13:04 Give it a little squeeze and then catch it.
13:07 You got to pull it.
13:08 Can you pull on it, just a little bit?
13:10 Very good. Can you get it out?
13:11 Let's see.
13:13 Oh, yeah, you got it, you got it.
13:14 There we go. Yeah, look at all those roots.
13:15 All right.
13:17 Okay, now we're going to go ahead
13:18 and stick that in our pot.
13:19 And then, we're going to take our cup again,
13:22 and we're going to fill it with soil.
13:24 Get that dirt right in there.
13:26 Yup, get it all the way around in the spaces, okay?
13:28 Oh, I love grass, here, we get to get dirty.
13:32 What kind of things are these plants
13:34 going to need, you guys?
13:36 Water. Water. That's right.
13:38 Water. And something else.
13:40 And what else are they going to need?
13:41 Sunlight. Sunlight.
13:42 Sunlight.
13:44 These are going to need at least six hours
13:45 of sunshine every day.
13:47 That's right.
13:48 All right.
13:49 And then, once you get all of your soil in there,
13:51 this is a little messy.
13:52 Hope you don't mind.
13:54 You'll have your potted flower.
13:56 Well, I think that's all the time we have for today.
13:58 Thank you for joining us at Creation Crafts,
14:00 where scripture inspires creativity.
14:03 Good job, kids.


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