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00:23 Hello, boys and girls,
00:24 and welcome to Kids Camp Creation Crafts.
00:27 We're so glad you are here joining us today.
00:29 Are you ready for some crafting fun?
00:32 We sure are.
00:33 I'm your host Miss Suzi.
00:34 I'm Mr. Ryan, thanks for joining us.
00:37 We've got some helpers here.
00:38 These blue people all dressed in nice blue outfits.
00:41 Are you guys ready to make some crafts?
00:43 Yes! Whoo!
00:45 All right, so are we?
00:46 You guys seem a little loud,
00:47 I bet we need some help with you.
00:49 Let's get some referees out here.
00:51 Thanks ladies, for helping us. Thank you.
00:52 They're gonna help with the microphone
00:54 and if our young artist here need some help,
00:57 they're gonna be here.
00:58 I think we have a pretty interesting craft
01:00 for you today.
01:01 Miss Suzi, what are we gonna do?
01:03 We do, we have some fun food art for you.
01:06 Oh, that's great,
01:08 and I have looked at that picture
01:09 and food art 'cause your drawing wasn't very good,
01:13 Miss Suzi.
01:15 What's going on? You don't think so?
01:16 No. Oh.
01:17 Well, actually our utensils that we're using,
01:20 our tools that we're using
01:21 aren't like the ordinary odd tools.
01:24 We're gonna actually be using food.
01:29 Ah, we're gonna use fruits and vegetables
01:31 for our brushes today.
01:34 Wow, that sounds interesting.
01:36 So we like to connect our craft with a verse in the Bible.
01:40 And our scripture for today
01:41 comes from Galatians 5:22 and 23.
01:45 Lot of people know this one because it says,
01:48 "But the fruit of the spirit is love,
01:52 joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
01:57 faithfulness, gentleness and self control."
02:01 Ah, very good, boys and girls.
02:03 In that it goes on to say against such things
02:06 there is no law.
02:08 And this is a really interesting verse
02:10 that's inspiring our craft today.
02:12 So, Miss Suzi, are you ready to lead us
02:14 in a direction step by step through this?
02:17 I sure am. Are we ready, kids?
02:19 Are we ready to start crafting?
02:20 Yes! Yeah, let's do those.
02:23 All right.
02:24 Well, if you're just now joining us,
02:25 you might look at this and say,
02:27 "I think I'm on the wrong show."
02:29 Well, actually you're not,
02:31 we are gonna be using fruits and vegetables
02:32 to create our masterpiece.
02:34 So first, we're gonna start with an 8x10 canvas
02:38 and then we are gonna take our fruits and our vegetables
02:42 that we have here and we're gonna be dipping them
02:44 in our paint and making a little creation.
02:48 So, you're gonna go ahead
02:49 and pick any type of fruit that you want,
02:52 you can smother in your paint
02:54 and then dab it on to get your design.
02:57 Wait, I have a question for you though.
02:59 Which ones are fruits and which ones are vegetables?
03:03 Raise your hand, we'll give you a microphone,
03:05 just point out
03:07 one of the fruits or vegetables.
03:08 The peppers are fruits.
03:10 Oh, you went for the hard one first.
03:12 "The pepper is a fruit," you said?
03:15 Okay, now you gotta answer why though?
03:17 Because fruit has seeds.
03:19 Fruits have seeds, okay.
03:20 Who can pick out another fruit or vegetable?
03:22 Okay, Jeffrey.
03:23 Apple is a fruit, because it has seeds.
03:25 The apple is a fruit cause' it has seeds,
03:27 you guys are very smart.
03:29 We gotta a couple of scientists down here to help us.
03:32 Hmm, the carrots are vegetables
03:35 because it doesn't have any seeds.
03:36 Yeah, that sounds good to me.
03:38 All right, here we go.
03:39 The celery is a vegetable 'cause it doesn't have seeds.
03:43 Very good. All right.
03:45 Now, Mr. Ryan, I wanna give a few instructions.
03:47 Now we had a question on how to use some of these.
03:50 So if you want to use your apple,
03:52 it has a fun design in here,
03:54 if you can see that it has a star.
03:56 So what you can do is put it face down like this,
03:59 smeared in your paint and then stamp it,
04:01 and we can do the same thing
04:03 with our pepper and we also have...
04:07 What is this, kiddos?
04:08 Broccoli. Broccoli.
04:10 And we have... Carrots.
04:13 Carrots, yes and we also have...
04:17 Strawberry. Strawberry.
04:18 Strawberries kinda give a cute little heart shape
04:21 and we also have...
04:24 Celery.
04:25 We have celery, that's right,
04:27 and so they all have some fun shapes.
04:29 So this is a great craft to get creative, okay.
04:33 Now what we can see, what we can design
04:36 using our imaginations
04:37 and the shapes we have before us.
04:40 All right.
04:41 Well, all good artists
04:43 should actually sign their artwork.
04:45 Well, we should actually sign ours before we get too far.
04:48 Can you guys flip yours over, sign your name real quick.
04:50 All good artists wait till the end
04:52 but we are artists in training so we're just gonna sign
04:55 ours first on the back.
04:56 You can put your name on there
04:58 and then flip it back over and start dipping.
05:01 Now okay, I'm sure this is the way
05:03 you wanna use your broccoli
05:04 because may be a lot of people don't like it,
05:06 but it does taste great.
05:08 But today, you get to play with your food,
05:11 this is gonna be great.
05:13 Okay, great job.
05:14 You guys, go ahead and flip them back over
05:16 and start dipping away.
05:18 I would be very interested to know
05:20 what shapes do you see in the fruits and vegetables?
05:25 So as you're working on it, go ahead and raise your hand
05:28 and let me know if you see a certain shape.
05:32 Does anybody see a shape that you wanna tell me?
05:36 No.
05:38 Did you see a circle?
05:40 Did you see triangles?
05:41 What do you see?
05:43 The strawberry has like a cool heart shape on it.
05:46 Wow, very interesting,
05:49 the heart shape of the strawberry, excellent.
05:52 Who else sees a shape that they would like to
05:54 let us know?
05:56 Anybody?
05:58 You don't see any other shapes in there?
06:00 What do you see, you gotta shape?
06:01 What is that look like at the end?
06:03 At the end it looks like a smiley face.
06:05 Oh, okay, let's see what we got here.
06:07 Let's look at other boys and girls.
06:09 What do we have here? Yeah, we're asking that.
06:11 We have like a smiley face here.
06:13 Excellent, the end of the celery
06:15 looks like a smiley face.
06:17 This one looks like the head. What you have?
06:19 Let's hold it up, what do you got there?
06:21 A grape. A grape, okay.
06:24 Has a nice round shape to, could be a head.
06:27 Is that the only thing that's round?
06:30 Now we can use it.
06:31 Grapes are round we could use them for wheels,
06:34 you could use them for stars or suns
06:37 or parts of bodies.
06:39 Who else that what you wanna think about?
06:41 Okay, you can dip the celery in at the ends
06:43 or you can dip it in on the sides, very nice.
06:48 Does anybody know what they're gonna make here?
06:51 A car. A car.
06:53 Wow, that's gonna be cool.
06:56 What other shapes do you guys see?
06:59 What do you think the broccoli is?
07:00 What kind of shape could you get out of that?
07:02 Tree. Clouds.
07:03 Cloud shape, I like that and what's that?
07:06 Tree. Tree.
07:08 What do you see exactly?
07:11 I was asking if I could,
07:12 the memory verse can I see that please?
07:14 Oh, I will be happy to show you the memory verse
07:17 and then you could write it down.
07:19 And that would be a great thing to add
07:20 to the artwork here.
07:22 Very good.
07:24 Okay, what other shapes do you see?
07:27 You know, it's important when you look for design
07:30 in the fruits and the vegetables.
07:32 God has put a lot of
07:33 very interesting shapes in there.
07:35 A lot of them are circular, we have seen the heart shape.
07:40 Does anybody see a square in here?
07:43 Thank you. Here.
07:45 Really? Which one has a square shape?
07:48 Apple. Do you think?
07:50 Okay, let's see.
07:51 Hold it up, show me a square shape.
07:53 Well, it's kinda does,
07:55 it's gotta a little bit of a square shape.
07:57 Apple is mainly round,
07:58 but if you cut it just right you might see a square.
08:02 Does anybody see a triangle anywhere?
08:05 Yes. Where?
08:06 Strawberry. Where on the strawberry?
08:10 The top part.
08:12 Okay, kinda with the heart shape,
08:15 very good.
08:17 There's a lot of amazing shapes
08:19 that you can find in fruits and vegetables.
08:22 That's right.
08:25 Oh-oh, I think I thought of another question.
08:28 Do you guys know what the grape said
08:30 when the elephant sat on it?
08:33 Does anybody know?
08:35 Ouch.
08:36 Ouch?
08:38 Wow, that's probably what I would say.
08:40 Oh, the grape didn't say anything
08:43 it just let out a little wine.
08:50 Those are dad jokes
08:51 and those are best left to grownups,
08:54 okay.
08:56 Yes, okay, but I do have another one.
08:59 You guys all know about the animals
09:00 that went on the arks, right, on the ark?
09:04 It was just one of them.
09:05 That's right, and so all of the animals
09:09 went in pairs.
09:11 Did you guys know that, except the worms?
09:17 Did you guys know what they went in?
09:18 What? They went in apples.
09:22 Okay, just remember that.
09:26 See, you often had to go to other places
09:28 to get such wisdom but you can find at here
09:30 at Creation Crafts.
09:32 That's right.
09:33 All right, you guys are doing great.
09:35 And remember, boys and girls,
09:36 you can always go to our website at 3abnkidscamp.tv
09:39 to get all of the supplies
09:41 and the instructions for making our crafts.
09:44 Excellent.
09:45 Is anyone willing to show us what you're working on
09:47 and what stage?
09:49 Maybe you could hold up your...
09:50 I had kinda like your patterns here.
09:51 Yeah, it's complete. Oh, you don't wanna show us.
09:53 Oh, you don't wanna reveal your artwork in the middle
09:55 of the progress here.
09:58 Let's see what you got, Lesley?
10:01 Very nice.
10:03 You know, I think it's funny about this,
10:04 it kinda takes us back a few years
10:07 from our current artistic abilities
10:09 and gives us a child like look to our artwork.
10:13 That's right.
10:15 Not really, that's for real I think.
10:17 Yeah, we can get really sophisticated in our drawings
10:22 and that's okay.
10:24 Very good. I had another question.
10:26 This one's a serious question.
10:29 I was wondering if you guys could think
10:30 of any other fruits or vegetables
10:31 that might have interesting shapes to them.
10:36 Maybe Miss Suzi could help us 'cause.
10:38 I actually do have another one. Okay, let's go to Miss Suzi.
10:42 How many of you have heard of a star fruit?
10:47 Oh, I.
10:48 Yes, those are really fun, you cut those,
10:50 they are in the shape of a star
10:51 and so when you stamp them, you get a star.
10:54 Those are really fun to use.
10:55 Yeah, it's fun just to go to the local grocery store
10:58 and see what they have and look for some shapes.
11:01 Do you have one that you're thinking of?
11:03 Okay, we can get the microphone down there.
11:07 The carrots are cylinders.
11:09 Very good, they have a nice cylinder shape
11:12 that you can make.
11:13 Can you guys think of another fruit or vegetable
11:15 that might be out there
11:16 to give you an interesting shape?
11:20 Oh, is that, what a banana?
11:22 Can we see this?
11:23 That one is very pretty. Oh, that is awesome, good job.
11:27 Yeah, it's great, I love it. Wow.
11:29 Is anybody willing to show what else they're working on?
11:32 Me.
11:33 What do you got?
11:35 Thanks, Jonathan.
11:36 Very nice, what are you making in there?
11:38 Tree, and a hill, and flowers, and a sun.
11:40 Nice. Very nice.
11:42 That's awesome. Well, has...
11:44 Kids have,
11:45 any of your parents said not to play with your food?
11:49 Yes. Yes.
11:50 Well, in this instance
11:52 we do get to play with our food.
11:54 Isn't this fun?
11:55 Yes. Yeah. All right.
11:59 You guys are doing great, I love your artwork.
12:01 I see a lot of trees.
12:03 Okay.
12:05 Very nice and I like, you can write a Bible verse,
12:07 the fruits of the spirits, that's a great thing there.
12:10 Where do you guys think you might put this up
12:12 when you go home?
12:13 I don't know.
12:15 On the ceiling.
12:17 On the ceiling, okay.
12:19 On the wall. That's a very creative place.
12:21 Okay.
12:22 If you look at above, it's very beautiful.
12:24 That's right, that's a good idea, I love it.
12:26 Great. Very good.
12:29 Now I like how we use canvas for this
12:31 because it's a very sturdy material.
12:34 Now, you could also use paper but we do like canvas
12:36 just because it is such a harder,
12:40 sturdier material
12:41 and your paint won't bleed through it either.
12:45 Very good.
12:46 Are you guys getting hungry?
12:47 Should we eat the fruits and vegetables here?
12:49 Yes, yes. No.
12:50 Miss Suzi, would... Let's see.
12:53 Miss Suzi, is this paint edible?
12:55 What kind of paint are we using today?
12:56 Well, no, actually we are using acrylic paints
13:00 and you do not want to eat this.
13:01 What happens if we don't put paint on it?
13:03 Yes, you would be able to eat it.
13:05 Oh, yeah, if we don't put any paint
13:07 but your fingers look like
13:08 they have the acrylic paint on it.
13:10 So we gotta watch our fingers here.
13:12 Our fruits and vegetables haven't been washed either,
13:15 so we kind of need to be careful with that.
13:19 I would be careful about eating anything
13:20 that has acrylic paints on it, they are not good for you...
13:23 Do we have any others who have their artwork stand
13:26 that wanna share?
13:28 Anyone else wanna show what they working on?
13:29 Anyone else wanna share there's?
13:31 I wanna show mine.
13:32 Okay, why not lift it up real quick,
13:34 because we're getting close to be
13:35 on our Creation Crafts for today.
13:38 This is a piece of awesomeness.
13:41 Oh. Wow, we love it.
13:43 I agree with that.
13:44 I would agree too, that is great.
13:47 Wow, this is fantastic.
13:49 Have you boys and girls had fun today?
13:51 Yeah!
13:52 Have you had fun at home?
13:54 We hope so.
13:55 We really thank you for joining us today
13:57 on this episode of Creation Crafts,
13:59 where scripture inspires creativity.


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