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00:24 Hello, boys and girls,
00:25 and welcome to "Kids Camp Creation Crafts."
00:28 We are so excited you have joined us today.
00:30 Are you ready for some crafting fun?
00:32 I know we are.
00:34 We are your hosts, I'm Miss Suzi.
00:36 And I'm Mr. Ryan.
00:37 I'm so glad that you have joined us.
00:38 We're gonna make a fun craft today.
00:40 We have some helpers,
00:41 they are little blue buddies here.
00:43 You guys ready to make a craft?
00:44 Yeah!
00:46 Wow!
00:47 You guys are awesome!
00:49 While you seem a little rowdy, right?
00:50 We better get some help in here.
00:52 We got some referees. Ladies, please join us.
00:54 Boys, nice to have some help.
00:57 Well, today we're gonna make something fun.
00:58 But what is it, Miss Suzi?
01:00 Well, today we're gonna be making
01:01 toilet paper roll butterflies.
01:04 Wow! Toilet paper roll butterflies.
01:07 Well, that's good, we gonna something functional
01:09 out of something that we generate a lot of.
01:11 That's right. All right.
01:13 Well, in this program we like to get our craft,
01:16 and connected with scripture.
01:18 And our scripture today comes from Ephesians 2:10,
01:21 and it says, "For we are His workmanship,
01:25 having been created in Christ Jesus
01:27 for good works that God prepared beforehand
01:31 so that we may do them."
01:33 God created us to do amazing things,
01:35 good things, kind of like butterflies.
01:38 And we're gonna learn a little bit about butterflies
01:40 as we make them, okay, 'cause they are awesome.
01:43 And while it looks like there's a lot of steps in here.
01:46 Miss Suzi, can you lead us through
01:47 the steps to make this?
01:49 I think I sure can.
01:50 Are we ready to start crafting, kids?
01:52 Yeah! Yeah!
01:54 Let's do this.
01:55 All right. Okay.
01:56 The first thing you need is a toilet paper roll.
01:59 These are really fun,
02:00 you can use them for a lot of different crafts.
02:02 But today we'll be making them into butterflies.
02:05 All right, the next thing we wanna take
02:07 is your smaller piece of paper,
02:10 this will be covering our toilet paper roll.
02:14 So you wanna go ahead and line it up
02:17 and we're gonna roll it, roll it around
02:21 so that we can cover our toilet paper roll.
02:24 And then you can take a little squeeze of...
02:26 Oh, kids, what is this? Hot glue gun.
02:28 This is a hot glue gun.
02:30 Now we need to have some caution around these
02:33 because they are hot.
02:34 You wanna make sure you don't touch the tip.
02:36 And make sure
02:37 that you don't touch the glue as it comes out
02:39 because it is quite hot as well.
02:41 So what we are gonna do is line up our paper,
02:44 we are gonna put a little swipe
02:46 of our hot glue right along here.
02:51 I'm gonna give this to Miss Angel here
02:53 so she can do hers,
02:55 and then we are gonna close it up.
02:57 Get some right in there.
02:59 Good job, you guys.
03:00 I like to think about the three second rule
03:02 with the hot glue guns.
03:03 You put down the glue, you got about three seconds
03:06 before its hardened, it's not very sticky.
03:09 That's right.
03:10 You kinda have to be quick 'cause that will dry.
03:13 Oh, perfect. Good job.
03:15 You wanna make sure you kinda do right on the end
03:17 otherwise you'll end up
03:18 having a little flap sticking up.
03:20 So we're gonna put our glue right on the end.
03:22 Kids, have you made some other things
03:23 with toilet rolls before?
03:25 Oh, we've gotta few down here.
03:26 Let's come ask, Abby and Hannah.
03:29 What have you made before?
03:30 I made a toilet paper doll for my elder sister Lezzy.
03:34 Ah, that's great.
03:36 I made binocular for my little sister Rachel.
03:39 Oh, binoculars.
03:40 Did you put some lenses in there?
03:42 Yeah. Oh, okay.
03:43 That's the next level of crafting.
03:45 Oh, we've got...
03:46 Let's see what do we got over here.
03:48 What have you made before?
03:50 Sometimes I make telescopes.
03:52 Telescopes and binoculars, you guys are awesome.
03:56 That's right, what's next, Miss Suzi?
03:58 All right.
03:59 The next step is gonna be to make our butterfly wings.
04:02 So now what I want you to do is to take your bigger paper
04:06 and we're gonna go ahead and fold it in half.
04:09 The big piece.
04:11 Watch out for the googly eyes.
04:13 Just like this,
04:15 and you're gonna make a crease at the bottom.
04:17 That's right piece, you guys do the folding.
04:19 Okay.
04:20 Now we're gonna put that on our work surface.
04:22 Go ahead and take your pencil
04:25 and we're gonna draw a butterfly wing.
04:27 You wanna make sure that you start at the crease.
04:30 We're gonna make two humps
04:32 one a little larger than the other
04:34 and we're gonna complete it on the other side.
04:36 Put this down here, it's the middle of the wing.
04:38 Okay.
04:39 So go ahead and make a big hump
04:42 and then a little bit of a smaller one,
04:44 just like that,
04:46 so it will look something like this.
04:49 I think that looks great.
04:51 You can just draw it on one side
04:53 and as you cut it, it will reproduce the wing
04:55 on the other half of the crease.
04:57 That's correct.
04:59 So you don't have to draw the other one.
05:00 Very good, I love it, Angel, good job.
05:02 How are we doing, Anoah? Oh, great.
05:03 I see some big wings and some little wings.
05:05 Oh, okay.
05:06 Yeah, you can make them as big or as small as you want.
05:08 There you go.
05:09 That's the great thing about craft
05:10 as you can make them unique
05:12 just to you and how you would like it.
05:13 This is what kinda wings we got.
05:14 Okay, you gonna have some little ones there.
05:16 That's great, that's fine.
05:17 Our next step is gonna be to take our scissors
05:20 and we're going to cut our wings out.
05:23 Make sure you don't cut along this crease,
05:26 that way we can open it up.
05:28 Here we go, go ahead and cut along your pencil line.
05:35 All right.
05:36 I'm seeing some good wings here.
05:38 Ooh, very nice, Cate.
05:40 Great job, you guys.
05:42 Okay.
05:43 Once you have your wings cut out,
05:46 you can go ahead and open them up
05:49 where the crease is,
05:50 that's gonna be our attachment point
05:52 to our butterfly body.
05:55 So what I'm gonna do
05:56 is I'm gonna actually flip mine over,
05:59 so that the crease is up and I'm gonna lay that down.
06:03 Now we're gonna decorate our butterfly wings.
06:07 So go ahead and take your school glue,
06:09 the liquid school glue.
06:12 And we're gonna go ahead and decorate our wings.
06:16 You can decorate it anyway that you would like.
06:19 You gonna put some glue on it.
06:20 You can make swirlies, you can make circles,
06:23 you can make blocks, anything that you would like.
06:26 And go ahead and make sure
06:28 that you open up your glue as well.
06:31 We'll go ahead and open our glue up.
06:33 Yeah. Get the crease up.
06:35 Okay, now we're gonna decorate them.
06:36 Make sure we get our crease up.
06:37 Go ahead, we're gonna add our glue,
06:39 whatever pattern that you would like is fine.
06:42 Perfect.
06:43 Okay. Put some glue on here.
06:45 And you're gonna do that all over.
06:46 Glitter on top of the glue.
06:47 All four wings, okay. Let's see.
06:51 Okay, put the glue down first.
06:53 Yeah, and then put glitter on top.
06:54 Oh, we're just decorating our wings right now.
06:56 So we don't need this,
06:57 we can just set this to the side.
06:59 And we're gonna go ahead
07:01 and we're gonna decorate the wings.
07:02 Wow!
07:03 We made some nice patterns, I'm loving this.
07:06 Boy, when you look at butterflies and moths,
07:08 you see all sorts of amazing designs
07:11 that God has created right into them.
07:13 That's right. They are marvels of creation.
07:15 Ah, this is great.
07:17 Now you just need to put some glitter on it.
07:18 That's right.
07:19 Once you have your glued down
07:21 in your patterns the way you'd like it,
07:22 go ahead and take your glue
07:24 and you're gonna sprinkle it all over our glue patterns.
07:28 Take the glitter.
07:29 So you can take your cup and...
07:31 Yeah, what do you need? You have gun glue?
07:32 Oh, sure we can get you another piece of paper.
07:35 What would you like to say?
07:37 How do we sprinkle glue?
07:38 Oh. How do we sprinkle glue?
07:40 Miss Suzi said glue, she meant to say a glitter.
07:43 Did I say glue?
07:44 Oh, I'm so sorry.
07:47 We're gonna sprinkle our glitter.
07:49 Thank you for the help.
07:50 Good job.
07:52 Once you have it on there, what do we do?
07:53 Once you have the glitter on there,
07:54 what do we do, Miss Suzi?
07:56 I can draw them for you, sure. Oh, there you go.
07:57 I think you guys have figured it out.
07:59 Yeah, just go ahead and pour all over your glue
08:01 that glue is gonna capture that.
08:03 I'm gonna go ahead and draw a wing here.
08:05 So, kids, this morning
08:07 I threw my clock out the window.
08:09 Do you why I did that?
08:10 You're welcome.
08:11 Why is that?
08:13 Because you wanted to see time fly.
08:14 Oh, that's right.
08:16 And then I took some butter
08:17 and I threw that out the window.
08:19 Why did I do that? Oh, what is it?
08:22 You wanted to see butterflies.
08:23 Ah, I wanted to see butterflies,
08:25 that's right.
08:26 And I also came here
08:27 so I could see your butterflies.
08:30 How is that?
08:31 Okay.
08:32 The next step after you have all of your glitter
08:35 on your butterfly,
08:37 this is kind of a fun part, too.
08:38 We're gonna ahead
08:40 and just tilt our butterfly up a little bit
08:42 and knock off the extra glitter,
08:46 that's not attached.
08:47 Now, as you can see you have your pattern
08:50 on your butterfly.
08:53 And then go ahead and lay that back down.
08:56 We're gonna take our glue stick
08:59 and we're gonna make a line right on that crease
09:02 of the butterfly wings.
09:06 And we're gonna attach our body to the wings.
09:10 Oh, wait.
09:12 Is that the inside of the crease, Miss Suzi?
09:15 It's the...
09:16 So on the decorated part?
09:18 Are we gonna put the glue there?
09:19 Yeah.
09:20 So you're gonna be looking at the decoration
09:22 and you're gonna put your glue right that, yeah.
09:24 You wanna be able to look at your decoration.
09:26 Okay, that glue is gonna go right here.
09:28 What glue stick?
09:29 Now we're gonna choose the hot glue.
09:31 The hot glue.
09:32 Yeah, the hot glue right down here.
09:33 Did I say the glue stick?
09:35 The hot glue, I'm sorry.
09:37 Go ahead and take your hot glue,
09:38 make it a line on that crease
09:40 and then put your body right on it.
09:42 And we will have this part of our butterfly done
09:48 just like that.
09:50 Are you ready?
09:52 The other thing you can do
09:53 instead of using paper for the body,
09:55 you can also paint it, if you have time.
09:57 But you have let it dry before you do the rest of it.
10:03 Okay, now that we have our wings on our body,
10:06 we're gonna go ahead and put our googly eyes on.
10:09 We love googly eyes.
10:12 So go ahead and take your hot glue,
10:17 and actually, Angel, let's give...
10:18 We're gonna pass this one over to her
10:20 so she can put her wings on her body.
10:24 Hey, you can put that glue
10:26 right on the body to googly eye on that.
10:30 Okay.
10:31 We're gonna get put googly eyes on.
10:33 So we're gonna take our hot glue gun
10:35 and we're gonna make two little dots,
10:38 just like that.
10:40 Okay, you see that, Angel? Very nice.
10:41 Seeing some great eyes there.
10:43 And go ahead and apply your eyes.
10:46 Now, you're probably gonna get a lot of little stringy pieces
10:50 and that's okay.
10:52 Once it dries we can pull it out,
10:53 see that, boys and girls,
10:54 that's just gets really, really stringy.
10:56 That's okay,
10:57 we'll just kinda work on pulling that off.
10:59 Nice.
11:02 Oh, yeah.
11:03 Okay, we're getting some googly eyes on.
11:05 Awesome.
11:06 Okay, great.
11:08 Okay, after our googly eyes
11:10 we can go ahead and take our marker
11:13 and we're gonna make a face.
11:15 You can make whatever face you want
11:16 or rather a mouth.
11:18 You can make whatever mouth you want,
11:19 I like to mine happy.
11:20 Who wants to make theirs happy?
11:22 Anyone? All right.
11:24 All right, we got a few.
11:25 Yeah, we got a few happies there.
11:27 So we're gonna go ahead
11:28 and we're gonna draw our little happy face
11:30 on just like this.
11:32 Yeah, you can just put a little happy face there.
11:38 Well, just like our verse said,
11:39 "We are created for good works."
11:40 I hope we can be happy,
11:42 when we're doing our good works like these butterflies.
11:44 Mr. Ryan, what was our Bible verse, again?
11:47 Oh, our Bible verse.
11:49 Ah, it was Ephesians 2:10.
11:51 Ephesians 2:10.
11:52 And if you would like, you can even write that down
11:55 at the bottom of your butterfly
11:58 to help you remember what verse this goes with.
12:03 Ephesians 2:10, just like that.
12:05 Now our butterflies wouldn't be complete
12:08 without our antenna.
12:14 That's right. All right.
12:15 Okay, we're gonna go ahead
12:16 and put those on the front of the butterfly.
12:20 So take your hot glue and make two little dots
12:25 right on the inside
12:27 and that is where we're going to place our antenna.
12:32 All right.
12:33 So hot glue, you guys on the bottom of the antenna
12:35 and right in there.
12:37 Just be careful, you don't touch that glue,
12:38 it is pretty hot.
12:42 You guys are doing that really good.
12:44 What type of an animal is a butterfly?
12:47 Insect.
12:49 Can you say that again for us?
12:51 Insect.
12:52 An insect, that's right. It's an insect.
12:54 It's an insect. Okay.
12:57 Now next what we're gonna do is take our antenna
12:59 and we're gonna just give them a little curl down
13:04 just like that.
13:10 All right.
13:11 One of the fun things that you can do
13:12 with these butterflies,
13:14 besides look at them and remember our Bible verse,
13:17 is these guys will actually fly.
13:20 We're running out of time today,
13:21 but you can get a string
13:23 and just let them slide along
13:24 and get one end up and one end down low
13:28 and you can let them go across the string.
13:31 So we'll practice without our butterflies here.
13:33 That's right.
13:35 Thank you for joining us today.
13:36 We hope you've had fun here on Creation Crafts
13:38 where scripture inspires creativity.
13:41 All right.
13:42 Let's see how this one goes down here.
13:46 All right. Here we go.
13:49 Okay, don't pull too tight, Carter.
13:50 I gotta drop the much more string into this one.
13:55 Here we go, all right.
13:56 Carter, are you ready? Yes.
13:57 Here we go, one, two, three, let the big guy go.
14:00 Whoo!
14:03 All right.


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