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00:23 Hello, and welcome to Kids Camp Creation Crafts.
00:27 We're so glad that you've joined us.
00:29 Are you ready for some crafting fun?
00:31 We sure are.
00:32 We're your hosts.
00:34 I'm Miss Suzi.
00:35 And I'm Mr. Ryan.
00:37 I'm so glad that you've joined us.
00:38 We're gonna make something fun today.
00:39 And we've got some helpers, these little bluebirds in here.
00:42 Are you guys ready to make some crafts?
00:43 Yes!
00:46 Oh, they sound like a handful.
00:47 I think we're gonna need a few helpers.
00:49 Ladies, can you come in?
00:50 We've got a few referees just to make sure
00:52 we're all staying together, and we can help each other out.
00:55 And it's always fun to make crafts,
00:57 especially when we can work together and help each other.
00:59 That's right. Great family projects.
01:02 So, Miss Suzi, what are we gonna make today?
01:05 We are going to make Nebula jars.
01:10 And we like to pair a scripture with our craft.
01:15 Mr. Ryan, what is our Bible verse for today?
01:17 Our Bible verse comes from Psalms 19.
01:20 It's one of my favorites.
01:22 The whole chapter is great.
01:23 But we're gonna focus on verse 1.
01:25 And it says that, "Heavens declare the Glory of God,
01:29 and the skies display His handiwork."
01:33 And so we're gonna remember to look up into the sky
01:36 and remember and see all the amazing things
01:39 that God has made in this little Nebula jar,
01:41 I hope we'll remind you of those things.
01:43 Now, kids, you may not know what a Nebula jar is.
01:45 Don't worry.
01:47 There is a quiz coming up.
01:48 We're gonna ask you.
01:49 Miss Suzi, are we ready to make a craft?
01:51 I don't know. Are you ready, kids?
01:52 Are you ready to make a craft?
01:54 Yes!
01:55 All right. Good.
01:56 All right.
01:58 Oh, wait, first, before we begin,
01:59 I have a question.
02:01 How many of you like to look up into the sky?
02:04 Yeah, there's some really amazing things.
02:06 Can someone name of something that you'll find in the sky?
02:09 All right, let's get some microphones on these kids.
02:11 Here we go. You could find clouds...
02:14 Wow, yes. Okay.
02:15 Like in pictures within. That's right.
02:17 Ooh, we're gonna come back to that idea.
02:18 Stars. That's right.
02:20 Excellent. We look for stars.
02:22 What else can we see in the night sky maybe?
02:25 Think of anything?
02:27 Or even in the day sky? The sun.
02:29 The sun.
02:30 That's right.
02:32 Go ahead. Constellations.
02:33 Whoa, patterns of stars.
02:35 Those are really fun to look at.
02:37 Love that. The moon.
02:38 The moon. We can't forget the moon.
02:40 Are we running out of things to look at it in the sky?
02:43 This one's had.
02:44 Here, over here to Elijah. Like flying stars, like...
02:47 Shooting stars? Yeah, shooting stars.
02:49 Shooting starts.
02:50 That's awesome.
02:52 All right, we got...
02:53 Hey, let's look at the camera here, boys and girls.
02:56 Different planets.
02:57 Different planets. That's right.
02:59 The wandering stars.
03:01 Planets.
03:03 Yeah, more planets.
03:04 And people are looking at planets
03:05 in different solar systems now.
03:08 Awesome.
03:09 Oh, we got one more over here.
03:11 And the sunset and sunrise.
03:13 Oh, those are awesome, beautiful colors,
03:16 lots of amazing things.
03:17 That's right.
03:18 There are so many amazing things that God has created.
03:20 Oh, we got one more. Oh, we'll do one more.
03:21 This doesn't happen very often but, eclipse.
03:24 Oh, you get to see eclipse.
03:25 Yeah, we've got to see some recently.
03:27 Okay.
03:28 Wow, the craft we're making are Nebula jars.
03:30 Oh, we have another one. Cara has something.
03:32 A shower.
03:37 A meteor shower? Yeah. Ooh, meteor shower.
03:39 That's right. Yes.
03:40 Those are great. Wow!
03:42 How many of you heard of a Nebula?
03:43 Boys and girls at home, have you heard of that before?
03:46 Mr. Ryan, what is the Nebula
03:47 or actually, can any of you kids?
03:49 Does anybody know what a Nebula is?
03:50 Who knows what a Nebula is?
03:52 Oh-oh!
03:53 Do we not know?
03:54 Is it a cluster stars and gases?
03:58 It is very close.
04:00 Some of them do have stars, but it is.
04:01 It's dust and different types of gases up in the sky.
04:06 And did you know that those gases give off
04:09 different colors depending on what gas it is?
04:12 Isn't that amazing?
04:14 God's made such a wonderful world for us.
04:16 All right, we're gonna go ahead
04:18 and get started with our craft for today.
04:20 So we're gonna go ahead
04:21 and start with a wide mouth jar.
04:23 Why do you guys think this is called a wide mouth jar?
04:25 Because it has wide mouth.
04:27 That's right.
04:28 So go ahead and take that lid off.
04:31 Get your lid off.
04:32 Do you need some strength?
04:34 I think I've got some muscles I can help you with.
04:36 Oh, okay, this might be... All right.
04:37 Oh, yeah, there we go.
04:39 I got it. You got it. All right.
04:40 Good job.
04:41 Thank you for being such a big helper.
04:43 If your lids off, so set them beside the jar,
04:44 or on the floor.
04:46 That's pretty good. Okay.
04:47 The next thing...
04:48 We can just set it right to the side.
04:50 That's right.
04:51 The next thing we want to do
04:53 is we want to fill this about a third of the way
04:55 which is about right here with our water.
04:58 So go ahead and take your cup of water.
05:00 Doesn't have to be perfect, just take one of your cups.
05:01 And we're gonna pour.
05:03 Yeah, and just pour it in there.
05:05 Not the whole thing, just about a third of it.
05:08 Keep going. Yep, and there.
05:09 That's good, that's good, that's good.
05:11 Little more there. Great, that's fine.
05:12 All right, yep. Yeah, that's fine.
05:14 That's great.
05:15 Good job, you guys. Okay.
05:16 Get a little bit more in there. You good.
05:18 The next step we want to do, oh, what is this thing?
05:21 Does anybody know what this is?
05:23 Hold it up.
05:24 That's right.
05:25 It's a dropper.
05:27 Oh, I think we need to have a dropper test.
05:32 Time for dropper training.
05:35 All right, who has used a dropper before?
05:39 Okay,
05:41 we're gonna make sure all the boys and girls
05:42 at home know how to use it and how to use it here.
05:45 Remember, you're gonna squeeze the top of your dropper,
05:48 put it into, we're gonna practice with your water.
05:50 Now you guys can practice with your water.
05:53 And put it in, hold the squeeze,
05:55 release the squeeze,
05:56 and you'll watch the water come back in.
05:58 And now squirt it back down into your water, okay?
06:01 Just practice.
06:03 Lifting up some water and pushing it back down.
06:06 We're gonna use this with paint, not right now,
06:09 I wanna make sure you can pass dropper training.
06:13 And I wanna see some droppers.
06:15 You'll get a green flag if you pass.
06:17 Are you ready to do this?
06:18 Can you show me how to do?
06:20 Maybe three drops right back into the water?
06:22 There you go. Oh, great job.
06:24 Oh, she passes.
06:25 Excellent. Are you ready?
06:27 Can you show me?
06:28 Right now, he's got the red flag.
06:29 Oh, no. What's gonna happen?
06:31 Can he give us a few drops?
06:32 Yeah, you got some.
06:33 There you go. Squirt it out.
06:35 Oh, no, no, we're still at red.
06:37 Keep practicing. I'm gonna come back to you.
06:39 What do you got?
06:41 And back down.
06:42 Oh, he gets the green flag.
06:43 Excellent. What about you?
06:45 Which flag are you gonna get?
06:46 Oh, no, it's a red flag.
06:48 Oh, she's great.
06:50 That's our green flag. Can you do it?
06:52 Can you get some water to come up?
06:53 Perfect back down.
06:55 Green flag for you.
06:56 Great job. Good job.
06:57 What are you both... Scarlet, what you got?
06:59 Oh, green flag.
07:00 Abigail, can you give me some water?
07:02 And that'll work, green.
07:06 All right.
07:07 Yeah, you guys are doing great.
07:08 Sebastian, what you got?
07:11 Perfect. Green flag for Sebastian.
07:13 Okay, hold it up.
07:15 And perfect.
07:16 And over here to Elijah.
07:19 You guys already like scientist.
07:21 Good job. Oh, we're back to you, here.
07:22 Can you do it now?
07:24 And... Ooh, he's got the yellow flag.
07:26 He's got the yellow flag.
07:27 Oh, the green flag. Perfect.
07:29 We're ready for the next step, Miss Suzi.
07:30 All right, we're ready for the next step.
07:31 So now I need everybody to take your dropper
07:33 and pick one of your colors that you have.
07:36 We have blue.
07:38 This is Tempera paint too.
07:40 There are some different types of Tempera.
07:42 We have orange.
07:43 Just pick up one of your colors.
07:45 We have pink.
07:46 And go ahead and put in some.
07:48 Beautiful job. And we have purple.
07:51 So go ahead and choose one of your colors.
07:53 We've got three or four drops, right, Miss Suzi?
07:55 Take three or four drops, and drop it in your jar.
07:58 Okay.
08:00 Yep, squeeze.
08:02 That makes you squeeze it out.
08:04 If you didn't get any,
08:05 you can try to come back here and...
08:06 Can you remember squeeze?
08:08 Oh, I remember it.
08:09 Oh, let's get some more paint.
08:11 Perfect. Good.
08:13 Now let's put it in the... Let's put it in the jar now.
08:15 How much? Just three or four drops.
08:17 Okay, and we get this back to you.
08:18 Oh, that's great. Good job, boys and girls.
08:21 They're doing great.
08:22 I like fun in a little science equipment into our crafts here.
08:26 Great job.
08:27 Okay, what are we doing next, Miss Suzi?
08:29 Okay, now you're gonna take your plastic knife,
08:30 and we're gonna stir and mix it.
08:32 We wanna make sure we get it nice and mixed up.
08:34 Oh, yeah, all those droplets.
08:36 Perfect. That's great. That's good.
08:37 Go and set her down.
08:39 Okay.
08:40 We got an extra one.
08:42 Here, right here.
08:44 Okay, mix, mix, mix.
08:47 Stir it round and round.
08:49 Stir it until the right color is found.
08:53 All right, all boys and girls,
08:55 this reminds me of something.
08:57 Boys and girls, do you know what you call a door?
09:00 When is a door not a door?
09:02 Does anybody know?
09:06 What do you think, Sebastian? When it's a jar.
09:07 Oh, when it's a jar.
09:09 Very good.
09:11 We have a jar here.
09:12 All right, our next step here,
09:14 we're gonna take one spoonful of your glitter.
09:17 So go ahead and grab your glitter cup
09:19 and your spoon
09:21 and take a little spoonful and pour it in there.
09:24 One, yep. One spoonful.
09:26 Very good.
09:28 And then go ahead,
09:29 and you can give it a little swirl.
09:31 With the knife.
09:32 You can use your knife to stir it up, that's fine too,
09:34 or you can just pick the jar up and give it a little swirl.
09:37 Ooh, very nice. It's all good. Just like this.
09:38 Can you just...
09:40 Mix with knife 'cause we need this one, glitter.
09:42 Wow! Glitter and colors.
09:43 This is great.
09:45 All right, we're getting that all mixed up.
09:47 You can use your hand to hold the jar,
09:49 your other hand, so it doesn't tip over.
09:51 Okay, I think we're ready for the next step.
09:52 The next step is you're going to take a cotton ball,
09:55 and we're gonna stretch it out,
09:58 stretch,
09:59 just like you might do in the morning
10:00 when you wake up, you got to stretch those arms.
10:03 We're gonna stretch out this cotton ball,
10:05 and then we're just gonna push it in there with our knife.
10:08 We're gonna drop it in our jar.
10:10 And we're gonna push it in with our knife.
10:12 And you're gonna keep on doing that
10:14 until it's all full of cotton balls.
10:16 All right, this could take a little bit you guys.
10:18 Stretch out these cotton balls.
10:20 Does anybody know where cotton balls come from?
10:22 Cotton.
10:24 Cotton, very well. Where does cotton come from?
10:26 Cotton plant.
10:27 Here, well, go ahead and put in...
10:29 The cotton plant. Oh, the cotton plant.
10:31 That's right.
10:32 Sometimes, it seems like
10:33 they might come from sheep or something.
10:35 That's wool. This is cotton.
10:37 All right, let's keep these cotton balls.
10:39 Let's quickly get them in there.
10:40 We're ready, just go on, put them in there.
10:42 Miss Suzi. Yes.
10:43 I want different colors like that one.
10:44 We will do that in our layer, okay?
10:46 Okay.
10:47 So go ahead and get that first layer filled with some cotton.
10:51 Yeah, are we gonna try to soak up all the liquid?
10:54 Not all of it but close. Okay.
10:57 And just get it pack down in there.
10:59 All right.
11:02 Great job, you guys.
11:04 Yeah, that's good.
11:05 No, no, no, just enough, boys and girls,
11:08 to make it a kind of a thick layer.
11:10 Just to kind of get a thick layer in there.
11:12 Yeah.
11:13 Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and repeat this two more times.
11:17 So go ahead and take your water cup.
11:20 We're gonna pour a little bit more water in there,
11:23 probably the rest of your first cup
11:25 and a little bit of your second one.
11:26 You don't wanna fill the jar all the way up yet.
11:28 Great. Good job.
11:30 Let's add another layer of water.
11:31 That's plenty. Okay.
11:33 So another little bit of water.
11:34 There you go. That's good. Go and add some water.
11:36 Yep. All of it?
11:37 Yep, go ahead and pour the rest of that in there.
11:39 How we doing back here? Great job.
11:41 Okay. Okay.
11:42 Now take your dropper, a different dropper
11:44 and select another color of paint.
11:48 All right. Ooh, yeah.
11:50 What color are you going to pick next, huh?
11:51 And we're gonna put, you know,
11:53 about three or four more drops in there.
11:55 Well, that's great.
11:58 Are we going to do some more stirring
12:00 after we put the color in?
12:01 Okay. Yeah.
12:02 So go ahead and take your knife again.
12:04 Do we mix it?
12:05 Yeah. Yeah.
12:06 Very good.
12:08 Just in that, try to stay in that upper layer.
12:09 Don't get near cotton balls, and we're gonna mix, mix, mix.
12:11 Just try to stir. Yeah, perfect.
12:13 Right there at the top. Just like so.
12:14 Good job. Good job.
12:16 Seeing some nice colors and everything.
12:19 Okay, once you get that mixed up,
12:20 what are we gonna do next, Miss Suzi?
12:22 All right, once you get it mixed up,
12:23 you're gonna add a little bit more glitter.
12:28 Yep, save some for the last layer.
12:32 Okay.
12:36 Yep, three or four or five drops.
12:38 There you go, keep it going.
12:39 Mix it? Yeah.
12:40 Mix it a little bit.
12:42 Yeah, we can do another spoonful.
12:43 Actually, let's get this stirred up here.
12:45 We're gonna stir, stir, stir.
12:47 That's okay.
12:49 And go ahead and put your glitter in there.
12:50 And then I think, we're gonna do some more marshmallows.
12:53 All right, do these look like marshmallows?
12:55 No.
12:57 No, you probably don't wanna eat these, do you?
12:59 All right, we're gonna go ahead,
13:01 and we're gonna put in some more cotton balls.
13:03 Give them a little stretch.
13:05 Stick some more cotton balls in there.
13:07 All right.
13:09 And then you can push them down...
13:11 Yeah, get some workout balls in there.
13:12 With your knife.
13:14 There you go.
13:15 Oh, you guys are doing awesome.
13:18 Boy, this will hopefully with all the shiny glitter
13:21 and the colors, help you to remember the night sky
13:24 and all the stars 'cause when we look up,
13:27 we are going to see God's handiwork.
13:30 It's amazing out there.
13:32 We want this Nebula jar to help you remember
13:34 God's amazing creative power.
13:38 And remember, boys and girls,
13:39 you can get all of the instructions
13:41 and the supply list on our website,
13:43 3ABNKidsCamp.tv.
13:47 All right, we're gonna go ahead and do one more layer.
13:50 You wanna pour in the rest of your water or some of it.
13:53 You don't want to overfill your jar though,
13:54 just go up to the neck of the jar.
13:57 We're gonna continue this here at the studio,
13:59 looks like we're out of time for now.
14:01 Thank you for joining creation crafts
14:03 where scripture inspires creativity.


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