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00:23 Hello, boys and girls.
00:25 And welcome to Kids Camp Creation Crafts.
00:28 We're so excited you're here and joining us today.
00:31 We are your hosts. I'm Miss Suzi.
00:33 And I'm Mr. Ryan.
00:34 And I'm so glad that you've joined us.
00:36 We're gonna make a fun craft today.
00:37 And we have some of our blue buddies here to help us.
00:40 Welcome, campers. Are you guys glad to be here?
00:43 Yeah! All right.
00:45 Now you can tell this is a rowdy bunch,
00:47 so we have a few referees to come help us.
00:49 Ladies, could you come on out.
00:51 Oh, we're so glad to have extra help.
00:53 And sometimes you need a little extra help
00:55 when you're making crafts.
00:56 So today, we're gonna give some instructions
00:58 on how to make something pretty neat.
00:59 I think you guys are gonna like this.
01:01 And, Miss Suzi, what are we gonna make today?
01:04 We are gonna be making ceramic tile art,
01:07 isn't it pretty?
01:10 That's awesome.
01:11 So it's very colorful. We're gonna have some fun.
01:13 But here on Creation Crafts,
01:15 we actually like to tie a craft with scripture.
01:19 And today, our scripture is found in Mark 16:15.
01:24 And these are words from Jesus as He's leaving the earth.
01:27 He's leaving His disciples
01:28 and He wanted to give them a command and a promise
01:31 and something to do.
01:32 And He said to them, "Go into all the world
01:35 and preach the gospel everywhere and to everyone.
01:38 Spread it out
01:40 and let everyone know what the good news is."
01:43 I may have added a few words in there
01:44 but that's the idea that Jesus had.
01:46 And so, you guys, we're gonna learn on
01:48 how to spread some things out here today.
01:50 We hope your craft will remind you
01:52 about the gospel to spread it out.
01:54 Miss Suzi, are you ready to give us some directions?
01:56 I am ready.
01:58 Kids, are we ready to start crafting?
01:59 Yeah! Yeah!
02:01 All right.
02:02 Okay. Our first step is... Let's listen.
02:04 We wanna protect our work surface.
02:07 So we've placed down some aluminum foil.
02:10 And on top of that we've placed a paper towel.
02:14 On that, we have a ceramic tile.
02:18 So the first thing we're gonna do
02:20 is we are going to color our tile
02:23 and we wanna make sure we get it all covered
02:26 with our markers.
02:28 We're not gonna be drawing any designs today
02:30 or any pictures,
02:31 we just wanna give it a good coating of marker
02:34 all over.
02:35 We wanna make sure and cover it
02:37 as much as we can.
02:39 Miss Suzi, this is right up my artistic experience.
02:43 You need to scribble, and I am good at scribbling.
02:46 So that looks like we have some good scribblers here.
02:50 You guys are working on a ceramic tile.
02:53 Where do you find ceramic tiles, boys and girls?
02:56 Where do you find these things?
02:57 Does anybody know? No.
02:59 At a hardware store? At a hardware store.
03:02 Very good.
03:03 Anywhere else, Gavin?
03:05 And like Hobby Lobby or something?
03:06 Hobby Lobby? Maybe.
03:08 But more like Home Depot or Lowe's,
03:10 these kind of places.
03:12 We just went right in there and found some ceramic tiles.
03:15 Now where do they get used?
03:17 Does anybody know where people use these things?
03:20 Does anybody know?
03:21 Back to Gavin.
03:23 Like a bathroom or something.
03:24 Ah, very good, a bathroom.
03:26 And we have another up here.
03:28 Do we get a microphone up front?
03:30 Oh, excellent.
03:32 Kitchens. Yeah.
03:33 A lot of times, they get used in kitchens.
03:35 They help protect the surface.
03:37 Go ahead and scribble
03:38 and fill it in some more in there.
03:40 Yeah. Fill it all the way in. We wanna get it...
03:41 So we're gonna get it nice and dark and fill it in.
03:42 We wanna get it as much covered as possible.
03:45 Yeah.
03:46 So there's little white showing.
03:47 Make little swatches of areas.
03:49 Yeah, good job.
03:50 Look. That's great.
03:51 You can leave it down so you don't drop it.
03:53 And remember, boys and girls,
03:54 you can always go to our website,
03:56 3ABNKidsCamp.tv for all the instructions
03:59 and the supplies.
04:02 I think it really helps to make big sections of color.
04:05 Oh, I see some nice sections of color back here.
04:07 Keep going.
04:08 Are you waiting for a certain color?
04:10 Try a different color. How about green?
04:12 No?
04:13 What's your favorite color?
04:15 Who has a favorite color they wanna share with us?
04:16 Yes, there.
04:18 Let's go down the line here real quick.
04:19 Green. Oh, you like green!
04:21 Is this washable?
04:23 Green. Sure.
04:24 Green. We got more green people.
04:26 How about over here?
04:27 Blue. Blue.
04:29 What do you like, Amanda?
04:30 Pink and blue, I guess.
04:32 Pink and blue.
04:33 Jackson? Here we go.
04:35 Talk into the microphone here.
04:37 Green.
04:38 Well, we got a lot of green people here.
04:40 Dark blue.
04:42 Dark blue?
04:43 Not just blue, huh?
04:44 Dark blue. All right. Dark blue.
04:46 I'm with you on there. Love blue.
04:47 That's one of my favorite colors as well.
04:49 But here you get to play with all the colors
04:51 and get it right in there and fill it up.
04:54 Lots of colors.
04:56 Miss Suzi, what are we gonna do next?
04:58 All right.
05:00 We've got just a little bit more color to put on.
05:02 How are we doing, kids, with our color?
05:03 Are we getting it fully colored?
05:05 What kind of markers are these, kids, can you tell?
05:09 Sharpies. These are...
05:11 Actually, they're permanent. Sorry, Jackson.
05:14 They are permanent markers. Sure.
05:15 A little scrubbing there and it will come right off
05:16 in a few days.
05:18 We've got some wipes for him to at the end,
05:20 so we can always wipe that off.
05:22 So we're using Sharpies,
05:23 they help get some nice bright colors.
05:26 And you're gonna do something fun to actually mix
05:29 and spread the colors around.
05:31 It's gonna be great.
05:33 All right, you guys are getting some nice colors.
05:36 Oh, get some of those white areas and fill them in.
05:39 There you go.
05:40 Oh, that's looking good, you guys.
05:42 All right, we've got some really pretty tiles I see.
05:45 Nice.
05:47 Wow!
05:48 See, this is something that
05:49 you can do for a variety of ages
05:51 'cause you just got to scribble in there.
05:52 Yeah. We just scribble.
05:54 And we're gonna make something very pretty
05:55 that you can put up.
05:56 That's right.
05:58 All right.
05:59 We're gonna move on to our next step,
06:02 and that is we have some rubbing alcohol.
06:06 Now it does come in some different percentages
06:09 like 70%, 91%.
06:11 This one is 91%.
06:13 That one seems to work the best.
06:15 So what we're gonna do is take our dropper
06:19 and we're gonna get a drop,
06:21 and we're just gonna start slowly
06:23 dropping it all over our tile.
06:25 Now the alcohol will actually make that spread out
06:28 and it will blend the colors.
06:29 But, Mr. Ryan,
06:31 I think we need a dropper test first from all kids.
06:33 Yeah, that's right.
06:35 I would like to put you all through dropper training.
06:37 I want you to be able to use your dropper,
06:39 but let's not put any drops yet onto the plate.
06:43 Jackson, can you please wait and follow directions?
06:45 See, when I teach chemistry,
06:47 it's very important that people know
06:49 how to use droppers and can follow directions.
06:51 So I wanna come around and see
06:54 if you can pull up some of that rubbing alcohol
06:57 and give me three drops.
06:59 And if you do, I may let you pass.
07:01 If you don't, you may get a red flag here.
07:03 And so I want three drops right back into the cup.
07:06 Right back into the cup. Jackson, can you do that?
07:08 Can you get some?
07:10 You got to squeeze it at the top,
07:11 and watch some of the liquid comes up.
07:13 Okay, bud, go. Squeeze, let it go.
07:15 Now see if you can give me three drops back in the cup.
07:18 Okay.
07:19 One, oh, you got two.
07:20 I'm gonna give you a yellow.
07:22 All right. Can you get some in there?
07:24 Keep practicing, okay?
07:26 But put it right back in your cup.
07:27 Can you give me three drops?
07:29 One, two, three.
07:30 Oh, she gets the green flag. Very good.
07:32 All right. Let's go around.
07:34 Okay, everybody try to get some in your dropper
07:35 and I'm gonna come around real quick.
07:37 Can you give me a couple drops?
07:38 Hey, I did it.
07:40 One, two... Oh, okay, do a slow drop.
07:43 Can you give me a slow drop?
07:44 I don't know what she's gonna...
07:45 Oh, very good. She gets a green.
07:47 Can you give me three drops?
07:48 One, two, three.
07:51 Very good! All right.
07:52 Great job. Can you give me three drops?
07:53 One, two, three. Good! Three drops!
07:55 Great job. Green flag.
07:57 Can you give me three drops back in your cup?
07:58 One, two, three. Good job!
08:00 You passed! Great!
08:02 Okay. I want three drops here.
08:03 We're gonna go right down the line.
08:05 One, two, three.
08:06 Very good control.
08:08 You passed. Good job.
08:09 Can you do this?
08:10 One, two, three.
08:14 Good job! You passed.
08:16 Oh, I see everybody's getting ready.
08:17 One, two, three.
08:19 Good job! You passed!
08:22 Cadence, are you ready?
08:24 Amanda, you're getting ready, you can start filling up.
08:26 Let's see. Can she do it? Okay.
08:27 Squeeze it, and hold the squeeze,
08:29 and put it in, release.
08:31 Oh, great job.
08:32 All right, now slowly give me a couple drops
08:34 right back into the cup.
08:36 Ready?
08:37 One, two, three. Good job!
08:39 You passed!
08:40 You're almost done with dropper training.
08:41 Oh, you have a nice and full.
08:43 One, two...
08:45 What's it gonna be? Oh, she passes as well.
08:48 All right, you guys, you now know
08:49 how to use your droppers.
08:50 Do those nice simple drops
08:53 right on your ceramic tile, okay?
08:55 That's right. We're gonna start dropping.
08:56 Don't spread it all over.
08:58 We just want simple drops
08:59 on different parts of your tile, okay?
09:01 Do it.
09:03 Drop it a time all over your tile.
09:05 Okay, drop in different spots.
09:06 And this will help spread...
09:07 Not on the same spot, different spots.
09:09 The marker out. Over here, over there.
09:10 And you'll get some fun patterns.
09:11 Great.
09:14 You guys are doing good.
09:16 Isn't using droppers fun?
09:18 What?
09:20 You guys like using the droppers?
09:21 Do you guys see what's happening
09:23 when you put the rubbing alcohol on?
09:25 I wanna be a scientist.
09:27 Oh, awesome.
09:28 Are the colors starting to spread out?
09:30 That's right, they are, Mr. Ryan.
09:32 Wow!
09:33 I got to ask you guys something.
09:35 What is the similarities
09:39 between peanut butter and the gospel?
09:42 Does anybody know?
09:44 Can you guys tell?
09:45 Can you tell me what's the same
09:47 between peanut butter and the gospel?
09:49 Nobody knows this?
09:51 Oh, they're much better when you spread them out.
09:56 That's a good one, Mr. Ryan. I loved your joke.
09:59 You guys, that was a dad joke right there,
10:00 and you can all use dad jokes when you're all grown up.
10:05 A lot of grown-ups there. No?
10:07 All right, let's keep making crafts here.
10:09 And I'll be thinking of some more jokes.
10:12 Well, just like this alcohol is spreading out our ink,
10:15 we wanna make sure that we spread the gospel
10:17 as well to our friends and neighbors.
10:19 Right. The good news.
10:21 All right, you guys are getting ready.
10:22 Yeah, keep it colored.
10:23 Yeah, are we getting all our drops on there yet?
10:25 Wow!
10:26 I see some great patterns over here.
10:27 Oh, sure. Gavin and Christopher, wow!
10:29 There you go. Yeah. Thank you.
10:31 I wonder if we're getting ready for the next step over here.
10:34 Yes, I think so. You guys are doing great.
10:36 All right. I don't have much more.
10:38 Oh.
10:40 Jackson, I think we knew that you might use too much
10:43 so we just gave you what you needed.
10:45 Do we need some more down there?
10:46 I do have a little bit more. Oh, I think he's got enough.
10:47 Okay. It's well coated.
10:49 Okay, that sounds great. All right.
10:50 Okay.
10:51 The next step is we wanna let this dry and it may take,
10:56 you know, 10 to 15 minutes,
10:58 the rubbing alcohol will evaporate off.
11:01 But I do have a way to actually make this go faster
11:04 because, at the end,
11:06 we do need to put a top coat on it.
11:08 But before we do that, we have to let it dry.
11:11 So we have a fast way of doing this.
11:14 Now this does need some caution
11:17 because it will be using a flame.
11:20 So we wanna make sure that parents do this for their kids.
11:24 And you wanna make sure you do in an area
11:26 that has enough space
11:27 so that you don't burn anything.
11:29 And we wanna practice safety here.
11:31 So we do have our ref, Jessica, with our fire extinguisher,
11:36 just in case we need it.
11:38 I think we'll be okay.
11:40 The other thing is I do also have
11:43 a wet rag just in case we wanna cover it up.
11:47 Or get your assistant to hold the wet rag
11:49 and be ready to throw it.
11:50 Oh, sure. That would be great.
11:51 Crystal, would you mind holding that?
11:53 Did you guys know that rubbing alcohol is flammable?
11:56 Does anybody know what flammable means?
11:57 Can you raise your hand? No.
11:59 Someone else here, down here.
12:00 Let's come down here.
12:02 What is flammable?
12:04 It's very easy to catch on fire.
12:06 Yeah, that's right.
12:07 So when you're working with rubbing alcohol,
12:09 boys and girls, you need to not have things that are hot.
12:12 What is something that could catch it on fire?
12:16 Is there anything like matches, lighters,
12:19 smoking, flints with sparks?
12:22 We don't want any of that stuff around while working.
12:24 Jackson, what do you got there, buddy?
12:26 You got a question? Yes.
12:27 Okay.
12:29 If you have a fire pit,
12:32 it maybe could catch something on fire too.
12:34 Oh, that's right. Very good, Jackson.
12:35 Don't use this near a fire pit.
12:38 Okay, Miss Suzi.
12:39 We definitely need to make sure
12:40 that we do practice safety for this.
12:42 Okay.
12:44 So what I'm gonna do is just carefully remove
12:47 this off of the paper towel
12:50 just because I don't wanna like the paper towel
12:53 on fire either.
12:55 So I'm gonna set this back down just like that.
12:59 And, all right, I'm gonna ask my helpers here
13:01 just to take a little step back
13:03 and I'm gonna remove the rest of my rubbing alcohol.
13:07 And then we are gonna light this on fire.
13:17 Whoa!
13:19 Isn't that cool? Wow!
13:20 What do you think, boys and girls,
13:22 she just got it on fire?
13:23 Now what's happening is the alcohol is on fire
13:28 and the fire is gonna help dry it out
13:30 and evaporate off the alcohol.
13:33 Should just be a few more seconds.
13:35 So we're using science to speed up this craft.
13:37 This is awesome. That's right.
13:39 This is like being on fire.
13:42 Whoo!
13:43 And just like that, it is going out.
13:47 Now the last step you wanna do
13:49 is we're gonna put on a top coat,
13:52 some glaze to protect it because if you get water on it,
13:55 it may ruin our design.
13:57 That's all the time we have for now.
13:59 Thank you for joining us at Creation Crafts
14:02 where scripture inspires creativity.
14:05 Bye, boys and girls. All right.
14:07 Well, was that fire amazing or what!


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