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00:25 Hello, boys and girls,
00:26 and welcome to Kids Camp Creation Crafts.
00:29 We are so glad you are here joining us.
00:31 We are your hosts. I'm Miss Suzi.
00:33 And I'm Mr. Ryan.
00:34 We're so glad that you've joined us
00:36 to make a craft today.
00:37 We have these wonderful young people with us
00:39 to help make a craft.
00:40 Are you guys excited to make a craft?
00:42 Yes! Yes!
00:43 Ooh, they sound like they've lots of energy.
00:45 We better get some help. And we do have a help.
00:48 We have a referee that can help us.
00:50 We're glad that you're here.
00:51 And Jill will carry a mic
00:53 and help us with the craft today.
00:55 Speaking of crafts,
00:56 what are we gonna make, Miss Suzi?
00:58 We're gonna make an I Spy Container!
01:01 Oh wait, just kidding.
01:03 How does that work?
01:04 That's not quite how that works.
01:05 Actually we have something
01:07 that has rice in it and you're gonna be able
01:08 to find little objects in there.
01:10 It's called an I Spy Container.
01:12 Ooh, that sounds fun.
01:14 We should have a verse to go with this,
01:16 with Creation Crafts.
01:17 We'd like to tie scripture with the craft.
01:20 And our verse today is Matthew 7:7.
01:23 Can you guys say Matthew 7:7?
01:25 Matthew 7:7!
01:28 You think you can remember that verse,
01:29 that verse in the chapter there?
01:31 Because this is a great verse
01:33 that we're gonna tying with this.
01:35 The verse is
01:36 "Ask, and it shall be given to you,
01:41 seek, and you shall find and knock,
01:43 and the door shall be opened unto you."
01:45 Matthew 7:7.
01:46 So we're gonna practice seeking and finding
01:49 with our I Spy bottle.
01:51 Miss Suzi, how are we gonna make this craft today?
01:53 Oh, I'm gonna tell you.
01:55 Boys and girls, are we ready to start crafting?
01:57 Yes!
01:58 All right. All right.
01:59 Let's follow the directions.
02:01 Creating simple crafts, we have a bottle,
02:04 we have some charms here,
02:05 you can get these at any type of crafting store.
02:09 We have rice.
02:10 Do you kids wanna eat this rice?
02:12 No!
02:13 No! This is dry rice, that's right.
02:16 Okay.
02:17 What is this little thing we have here?
02:19 It's an unusual looking thing.
02:20 Does anybody know what this is?
02:22 A funnel.
02:23 That's right, it's a funnel.
02:25 And these go flat.
02:27 So we need it to pop them out, they go flat for easy storage.
02:31 We're gonna pop them out 'cause we're gonna use these
02:32 to put the rice in our bottle, okay?
02:34 There you go. All right.
02:36 So what we wanna do is
02:37 we wanna take our lid off of our bottle,
02:40 and we're gonna go ahead
02:42 and fill our bottle about halfway
02:43 with our dried rice.
02:45 So go ahead and stick your funnel,
02:47 you wanna use your funnel and when you put it in there,
02:50 we're gonna use our little cups
02:52 that will make it easy to pour into the funnel, okay?
02:55 There you go.
02:56 You wanna pour it slow, so we don't over pour.
02:58 Now how full did you say, Miss Suzi?
03:00 We're gonna do it halfway.
03:02 Halfway full, okay?
03:04 There's important reasons
03:06 why we do every step, boys and girls.
03:07 That's right.
03:09 So this is why we have a funnel.
03:10 Hey, boys and girls, why are we using a funnel?
03:16 So it doesn't fall like around on the other surfaces
03:20 and don't make a mess.
03:22 Yeah, very good, Jamie. Yes, very good.
03:24 Half full, the funnel gives you a nice big opening
03:26 because sometimes on bottles the opening's way too small.
03:30 Okay, that's perfect.
03:33 If you get a little extra, that's all right.
03:34 Yeah, that's fine.
03:35 Yeah, if you get a little extra in there,
03:37 that's fine.
03:38 No, that's perfect. That'll be fine.
03:40 Great. Yeah.
03:41 What's next, Miss Suzi? All right.
03:42 So our next step, you will have about half full,
03:45 looks like we do, all right.
03:47 Okay, the next thing we're gonna do
03:48 is we're gonna add our charms.
03:50 Can everybody find their piece of fruit?
03:52 I have a question.
03:54 Can you guys find the fruit?
03:56 You find there should be a piece of fruits on there.
03:58 Oh, I don't see a piece of fruit
04:00 out here on this one.
04:02 I hope people weren't playing around with it.
04:05 Here, you can have my piece of fruit.
04:06 There you go. Oh, Miss Suzi is so nice.
04:08 All right. I have a question.
04:09 Who has a favorite fruit?
04:12 Crystal?
04:14 Mango.
04:15 Shaelynn?
04:17 Watermelon.
04:18 Oh, you like watermelon.
04:20 Jaxson on the end?
04:22 What's your favorite fruit?
04:24 Blueberries. Blueberry!
04:25 Yeah, that's my favorite.
04:27 Yes, that's Mr. Ryan's favorite fruit.
04:28 All right, we'll ask you guys some more questions
04:30 in just a minute so take your fruit,
04:31 what are we gonna do with it?
04:32 The next thing we're gonna put in
04:34 is a little owl.
04:35 Can you guys find your owl?
04:36 What an owl say?
04:38 Hoo-hoo-hoo, that's right.
04:40 Gavin, go and put that in there.
04:41 Now we have a little glass bead and it has a little eye on it.
04:44 This is called the glass eyed bead.
04:46 Can you guys find that? It's got a little color on it.
04:49 It's really tiny.
04:50 Don't jump ahead
04:51 because I'll make sure you guys all have the same things.
04:55 Very good. That's the googly eye.
04:57 Don't get it mixed up with the googly eye.
04:58 Did you guys find it all?
04:59 It looks like a little marble with a dot on it.
05:01 Looks like a little marble.
05:03 Okay, you guys can put that in there.
05:04 Yep, there you go,
05:06 they are all sorts of different colors and things.
05:07 All right.
05:09 The next thing we're gonna put in,
05:10 we have a little cone.
05:12 It looks like this. Can you guys see that?
05:14 It's a little metal cone. Little metal cone.
05:16 Can you go ahead and put that in there?
05:17 Yep, that's all you need right there, good job.
05:19 All right.
05:21 Okay, and everybody should have a little rock.
05:24 Does anyone like to collect rocks?
05:26 Yes! There you go.
05:27 Yes, I like to collect rocks, my kids like to collect rocks.
05:30 They find all sorts of fun in pretty rocks.
05:32 All right, so go ahead and drop your rock in.
05:35 We also have a googly eye, \this is a crafting favorite.
05:38 Ooh, the googly eye.
05:40 Go ahead and drop that one in there too?
05:41 Very good. You guys are doing great now.
05:44 Thank you for following directions.
05:45 And here we have... That's okay, we'll find it.
05:48 We'll find it little bit later,
05:49 I can get you another one, okay?
05:51 All right, the next thing is,
05:52 we have a little pink pom-pom right there.
05:55 Does everybody have a pom-pom?
05:57 Everybody can put that in there.
05:59 All right.
06:00 I think another kid favorite are shells, right?
06:04 Everybody find your shell.
06:06 Who likes to collect shells?
06:09 Yes, they're really fun.
06:10 You go to the beach
06:11 and find different shapes and sizes.
06:14 You know God made us
06:15 in all sorts of shapes and sizes too, didn't He?
06:18 Yes, He did.
06:20 Some of us are more pears shaped than others.
06:22 That's the shape I am in it.
06:25 All right, what's next? All right.
06:26 The next one we have is a little metal cross.
06:29 Go ahead and find that
06:30 and we'll stick that in there too.
06:31 Oh, you got two, let's just put one in there.
06:35 Sometimes they stick together when we're putting them out.
06:36 No, She didn't have hers.
06:38 Did you have a cross?
06:39 Yeah. Okay, great.
06:40 Okay, great.
06:42 All right, the next one is, this one's really tiny.
06:44 We have a little metal ring.
06:46 Yes, you see a little metal ring?
06:47 Now, Mr. Ryan,
06:49 why are we putting such small objects in here?
06:50 I don't have one.
06:51 I don't know, but that metal ring
06:53 has a nice ring to it.
06:54 Yeah.
06:55 You add a ring to it.
06:57 There you go, you can have mine made already.
06:58 The small objects are great
07:00 'cause then they're little harder to find.
07:01 Very good.
07:03 They makes it hard to find
07:04 when you go to search for them in here.
07:05 All right, the next thing is
07:07 you have two little black cubes.
07:10 Ooh, two.
07:11 And you put those in there, you put twos in already.
07:13 All right.
07:14 Everyone found their two black cubes?
07:16 All right.
07:17 The next one we have is those little diamonds.
07:19 You find your little diamond?
07:20 Little diamonds. All right.
07:21 We're gonna put that in there.
07:23 We're gonna put that
07:24 in next right there is the big diamond.
07:26 All right. That's right.
07:27 Okay.
07:29 The last one we have,
07:31 you might have to look really hard
07:32 on your plate,
07:33 and now you can see it's so, so tiny,
07:36 it's a little tiny bead.
07:37 I don't know if you can see that.
07:40 It's really tiny.
07:41 This one's gonna be fun to find,
07:42 boys and girls, I tell you.
07:46 You may not find it. That's for the experts.
07:47 Yes. Those are for expert eyes.
07:49 Oh, I think they gotta... Okay.
07:51 Go ahead once you get all yours in there.
07:53 Yeah, you can mix them up.
07:55 Put your hand over top, it's a good idea.
07:59 We'll mix it up.
08:00 And I think some of our young crafters
08:02 have figured out what to do next.
08:04 Yep.
08:05 Well, actually before we put our lid on it,
08:07 we're gonna go ahead
08:08 and finish filling it with rice,
08:09 so go ahead and get your funnel back on.
08:11 Put it back down
08:12 and let's put some more rice in it.
08:13 That's right.
08:15 And we're gonna go ahead and scoop in some more rice.
08:17 Should we fill all the way to the top, Miss Suzi?
08:19 How high should we go?
08:21 No, you don't wanna fill it all the way to the top
08:22 because it will be hard for the rice
08:23 and the objects to move around.
08:25 So you want to leave about a half inch gap at the top.
08:28 You could probably even fill it just a little bit more.
08:31 Great.
08:32 Yep,
08:34 gotta have some shaking room in there, okay?
08:35 Yeah, you want some shaking room in there.
08:36 So don't get it all... Oh, that's plenty, Jaxson.
08:38 Wait, that's great right there.
08:41 Just like that, that's perfect.
08:42 We'll clean up right afterwards.
08:43 There you go.
08:45 I tell you, as a teacher it's great
08:46 when you clean up afterwards
08:48 but we can make a mess during the project
08:50 and that's okay, boys and girls.
08:52 That's right. Just clean up after done.
08:53 Okay.
08:55 That's perfect. Great, going for your lid on?
08:58 Well, actually, Mr. Ryan,
08:59 the next step we wanna do is make a key
09:02 of all the objects we need to find.
09:05 So we've made a list of all the objects
09:07 that we just put in our bottles.
09:09 We've labeled it I Spy.
09:10 So what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually glue this
09:13 onto our white card.
09:16 Go ahead and take your glue stick.
09:19 In your card. Great job.
09:22 And you're just gonna rub some glue
09:24 all over the card.
09:26 That'll make it a lot more sturdy
09:29 so it'll last longer.
09:30 Yes.
09:32 Now, Miss Suzi,
09:33 I see that when you wrote down all the different things
09:35 that are in there, you left some open space?
09:38 I did leave some open space.
09:39 What can we do with that open space?
09:42 Kids, do you have any ideas
09:43 what can you do with that open space here
09:44 at the bottom of your card?
09:46 Can you think of anything else you can add in here?
09:48 Crystal?
09:50 You can add more things in it.
09:51 Exactly! We can add more things.
09:53 If you find some more small objects at home,
09:56 you can just uncap it and add it to your bottle.
09:59 Okay.
10:00 You guys, think of anything else
10:01 you could put in there?
10:03 What sometimes you can put in there?
10:04 Your name.
10:06 Your name.
10:07 Okay, you can put your name inside there.
10:08 But what's a little object you could put in there?
10:10 A little eagle.
10:11 A little eagle, that's a great idea.
10:12 That's a great idea.
10:14 What do you think, Shaelynn?
10:16 The rice that has a name on it, your name on it.
10:20 On a piece of rice? Yeah.
10:21 I would love to see your name written on a piece of rice.
10:24 Has anyone seen that before?
10:26 I have it, it's really cool, yes.
10:28 That would be really hard. Jaxson?
10:31 A string.
10:32 I think a string would be a great idea.
10:34 It'd be cheap and easy. Anyone else think of anything?
10:39 Maybe a button?
10:41 Button would be good.
10:43 That's right. Okay.
10:44 Maybe you can make \a little water molecule
10:46 and put it in there.
10:47 Not real water but a model structure.
10:49 Oh, that's a good idea. See little molecules.
10:51 All right. Are you guys get that glued on?
10:55 Okay.
10:57 Now we're gonna do something else.
10:58 Yes, all right.
10:59 So our next step is we're gonna...
11:01 You have little hole punchers, we're gonna punch a hole.
11:05 We're gonna have to share. Yeah, we may.
11:07 Oh, right here is a hole puncher.
11:08 Yeah, we got little hole punchers.
11:10 So we're gonna male a hole right here in the corner,
11:12 so we can thread a string through,
11:15 and tie it to our bottle.
11:17 Go ahead and make your hole.
11:19 Okay, we'll let it go.
11:20 No, let it stay open.
11:21 You make a hole right there in the corner.
11:23 You might wanna do right over here.
11:24 Slide it in. Go ahead.
11:26 There you go, hold on.
11:27 Perfect. Hold on, hold on.
11:28 Now, you put a string in it?
11:30 There you go, now squeeze, squeeze hard.
11:33 Okay, put a string through that.
11:35 There you go.
11:36 Squeeze really hard. Yeah.
11:38 There you go, okay.
11:40 Okay.
11:41 Where's a great place to tie that, Miss Suzi?
11:44 Right here. Oh, that sounds good.
11:45 Okay, all right.
11:47 Awesome.
11:48 Okay, now the next thing\ we're gonna do
11:50 is we're gonna thread our string
11:52 through the hole just like that.
11:57 I was just thinking you know what do kids
12:00 and the string have in common.
12:04 Does anybody know?
12:06 We don't know, Mr. Ryan.
12:07 Well, sometimes they both can be a little naughty.
12:11 Very nice.
12:13 So let's do that here and make a little knot.
12:15 Yeah, so we're gonna tie it
12:16 around the neck of the bottle...
12:18 Unfortunately that's not how be a little naughty sometimes.
12:20 If you need help, just let me know.
12:23 There you go, so we can just tie it
12:25 right around the neck of the bottle just like this.
12:31 Now, can we think of something fun to do?
12:35 Obviously, you can go and try
12:36 to find all the objects in there.
12:40 Play game with your friends or family?
12:42 What kind of game? How would you describe that?
12:45 Try to find the objects.
12:46 Just find all of them?
12:48 Maybe you can time it to see who could do it the fastest.
12:53 Oh, let's see. We can, what do you think?
12:54 We can shake the bottle up
12:57 and we can see whoever finds the first object.
13:02 I like that.
13:04 You know, this means that most people
13:06 might need a couple of these at your house.
13:08 So these aren't too bad to make.
13:10 Now, these are nice bottles but, Miss Suzi,
13:11 is there other things you can make these in?
13:13 Sure, whatever is clear that you can see through
13:16 just so that you can make sure
13:17 and see your objects as you move it around?
13:20 Very good.
13:21 All right, let's see who can find the googly eye.
13:24 Let's see. Raise your hand.
13:26 Oh, everyone else find your googly eye?
13:29 Okay, go and put your cap on.
13:30 Yes, make sure you put your cap on.
13:32 Do you need help to find them?
13:33 Oh, you can kinda just screw it.
13:34 Wow, you guys are fast.
13:36 That's really good. What did you find?
13:38 Oh, there's your fruit, I see it.
13:40 Do you see your fruit?
13:42 All right. I see your fruit too.
13:45 Found it. Who could find the cross?
13:48 All right.
13:50 Wow, we're having so much fun here.
13:51 That's right.
13:53 Mr. Ryan, what was our verse for the day again?
13:54 Wow!
13:55 "Ask, and you shall receive, and seek, and you shall find."
13:58 That's all the time we have here today
14:00 on Creation Crafts,
14:02 where scripture inspires creativity.


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