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00:25 Hello, boys and girls,
00:26 and welcome to Kids Camp Creation Craft.
00:29 We're so excited that you're here
00:30 to join us to do some crafts.
00:32 We love crafts, do you?
00:34 I'm your host, Miss Suzi.
00:36 I'm Mr. Ryan.
00:38 And we're just so excited that you're here
00:40 and we have a whole audience full of kids.
00:42 You guys ready to make some crafts here?
00:43 Yes!
00:45 I'm gonna tell you a little secret,
00:47 we're kind of scientists so sometimes
00:48 our crafts have a nice science reading to them.
00:52 So we're going to do that and we have some helpers,
00:54 we have some referees who're going to join us.
00:56 They're going to help with the microphones
00:58 and help the kids do some of the crafts.
01:00 It's always great to have a lot of good help.
01:02 So we're going to follow some directions
01:05 and make a neat craft.
01:06 What are we going to make today, Ms Suzi?
01:07 All right.
01:09 Well today, we are going to make some homemade lava lamps.
01:12 Now it doesn't look like much right now,
01:15 but we'll show you at the end what it does.
01:17 What is the Bible verse?
01:20 Yes, so here in Creation Crafts
01:21 we want to tie our craft in with a Bible verse,
01:24 with scriptures so that we can remember those important words
01:28 when we see that craft.
01:29 And we chose in Psalms 141:2 which says,
01:35 "Let my prayer be like incense offered up before you
01:39 and my uplifting hands like a sacrifice."
01:42 This is David who's praying,
01:44 and he's saying his prayers are going up like incense.
01:48 So, kids, we're going to think about that burst
01:49 when we see this craft in action.
01:53 Oh, I think it's time to start making this craft.
01:56 Can you lead us through?
01:57 I sure can. Are we ready to start crafting?
02:00 Yes!
02:03 All right, this one is pretty simple.
02:05 It just uses a few ingredients.
02:07 So first, we're going to take a bottle,
02:09 and we're going to take our cap off.
02:12 Well, that's a pretty small opening there, Miss Suzi.
02:14 It is a small opening.
02:16 Now you can use any sort of shaped bottle.
02:19 The tall skinny ones are really fun.
02:21 You can get the ones that kind of do an hourglass,
02:23 those are really fun too.
02:25 All right.
02:26 So now what I need you to do
02:27 is take this unusual looking thing.
02:29 What is this anybody up here know?
02:32 Um, it's like something that you undo and it's like a,
02:36 you can pour liquids into it and hold it over like this.
02:40 Very good. Very good.
02:41 Does anybody know the name of this?
02:44 Okay, right here, Christiana?
02:46 A funnel. Very good.
02:48 This is a funnel.
02:50 It helps you to pour liquids that's very important,
02:53 'cause notice that the opening of the bottle was very small.
02:57 So what does the funnel helping you to do?
02:59 Pour it in.
03:00 What's it doing to the opening?
03:02 What do you think? Maybe a smaller.
03:04 It's sitting in the opening. Yes.
03:07 Now notice the top.
03:08 It's wider than the opening.
03:10 Right, it's much wider.
03:12 That's all a funnel does
03:13 is make your small opening a lot bigger.
03:15 It's nice to have a few funnels around
03:17 when you're pouring liquids.
03:18 That's right. This will help us.
03:19 So we have some collapsible ones.
03:21 So, kids, I need you to pop it up.
03:24 And then you can place it right over your bottle.
03:26 It'll fit nice and neat right there.
03:28 Nice.
03:30 All right, the first ingredient we're going to pour, kids,
03:33 who knows what this is?
03:34 Oil. Oil, that's right.
03:37 But what kind of oil is it?
03:42 Wow, we got so many different answers.
03:44 Anyone have an answer? Do we have a mic over there?
03:46 Okay, let's come down here to Cadence.
03:47 All right, Cadence.
03:49 Let's see, what does Cadence say this is?
03:50 Vegetable oil. Vegetable oil.
03:52 It is vegetable oil.
03:54 Okay, now what I'd like you to do,
03:55 make sure you have a hand on your bottle.
03:57 That way it doesn't tip in on your funnel
04:00 and we're gonna go ahead and pour all of that in.
04:03 Now we're using a 16 ounce bottle or two cups.
04:07 So what you need to do is pour in enough oil
04:10 so that you're getting about half the bottle
04:12 to two thirds full of the oil.
04:16 We might need a little bit more oil back here,
04:18 some of the oil came out.
04:19 We definitely got some more oil.
04:21 Hannah was doing an experiment that I like to do.
04:24 And it's to watch the air trap some of it,
04:26 we'll just pour a little bit of extra.
04:28 Do we have some paper towels, I think we might need.
04:31 Oh, that's fine. You did the same thing.
04:33 Oh, that's fine.
04:34 Here's some oil so we can clean up our spill there.
04:36 No problem.
04:37 I actually like getting a little messy.
04:38 That means we're doing, it's a good sign.
04:40 That's right.
04:41 Means we are doing some good stuff, right?
04:43 All right.
04:44 Okay, now after you've done your oil,
04:45 go ahead and put your funnel back on there
04:47 'cause we're going to need it for, who knows what this is?
04:50 Water.
04:51 Water, just good old water.
04:53 Pour slowly.
04:55 I think if you pour too fast,
04:56 the air doesn't have a chance to get out of the bottle.
04:59 That's right.
05:00 So we're going to go ahead and pour,
05:01 make sure you hold your bottle so they don't tip over.
05:06 All right now, so we fill our bottle halfway
05:09 to two thirds full of vegetable oil.
05:12 And the rest of the way you fill up with water
05:14 and you want to leave a little bit of a gap
05:16 about an inch to an inch and a half at the top.
05:20 Oh, Cadence said something very interesting.
05:24 Water and oil don't mix.
05:26 That is correct.
05:28 Wow, you must have some really smart parents
05:30 who teach you these things.
05:31 Oh, okay. That is very good.
05:34 So you can kind of see how it separates.
05:36 If you want, go ahead and pull your funnel out
05:38 and you can set it to the side.
05:40 And if you can see that, how we have the water layer
05:42 is now at the bottom even though we poured it in last,
05:45 it's making its way to the bottom.
05:47 And we have the oil on the top.
05:49 I wonder if anybody knows why the water went to the bottom!
05:53 Why didn't it flow down to the top?
05:55 Let's ask Noah.
05:57 Because water and oil don't mix.
05:59 Okay, but why didn't the water float on top?
06:02 Let's ask this guy.
06:04 Because water is more dense than oil.
06:06 Water is more dense than oil.
06:08 We have some smart kids here.
06:11 We do have some smart kids here at Kids Camp.
06:14 Way to go, kids. Yes.
06:16 That's right. He's related to a scientist.
06:19 Okay, now the next step that I want you to do,
06:21 you have several different colors of food coloring.
06:23 This is just a regular grade food coloring.
06:26 Pick whatever color you'd like, right?
06:30 Ooh, that looks like it's yellow.
06:31 Now, just be careful that when you take it off
06:33 that it doesn't squeeze and pour everywhere.
06:36 This is great. Now what I'd like you to do.
06:42 It doesn't matter if you guys want to make a different color.
06:44 You can mix two things together.
06:47 What if you want to make purple?
06:49 What two colors can you mix? Blue, red.
06:51 Blue and red.
06:53 Very good.
06:55 So go ahead and start putting some drops.
06:57 How many drops, Miss Suzi?
06:58 Okay, yes, we are gonna put 10 drops a food coloring in.
07:03 Now, as we do it, you'll see it start to float to the bottom.
07:12 What's happening to the drops, kids?
07:16 Wow! They are sinking down.
07:19 I bet it has to do with the same answer
07:21 that we heard before.
07:22 It's more dense.
07:24 And so it sinks down to the bottom.
07:27 This part right here is a lot of fun.
07:29 Oh, you dropped one. Okay.
07:30 Oh, very good. Get some more drops in there.
07:32 All right, Miss Cadence, can you drop those in there?
07:33 How many drops?
07:35 Ten drops, we're gonna put 10 drops of food coloring.
07:40 Could we borrow the red?
07:41 Yeah, you can do a couple of more drops in there.
07:43 All right, everybody got the colors that they like?
07:47 Go ahead and do five more. Oh, that's perfect.
07:49 Oh, sure. That's okay.
07:51 And you can do more, that's fine.
07:53 That's all good. We'll get a little bit.
07:55 All right.
08:04 All right, you guys are doing a wonderful job here.
08:08 When I say wonderful job,
08:10 I don't see too much of a mess here.
08:11 That's great. Wow.
08:14 All right. Let's keep it that way.
08:16 Okay, now... How about getting messy?
08:18 Let's listen to Miss Susie.
08:21 Does everybody see this little white tablet?
08:24 All right.
08:25 This is when the fun happens
08:27 and what I'd like you to do is go ahead and break it.
08:30 This is just an Alka-Seltzer tablet.
08:33 If you go ahead and break it in half and then drop it in.
08:38 Now it's important that you leave the cap off
08:43 for the whole process now as you put it in.
08:47 No, just put one piece
08:49 and go ahead and break your Alka-Seltzer tablet.
08:52 And if you can see all these bubbles coming up.
08:55 I want to go down here and see what these guys are doing.
08:59 Wow!
09:00 My food coloring is not really dispersing.
09:01 That is making bubbles. Look at that.
09:07 That's fine. That's fine.
09:09 Wow!
09:11 You're doing amazing.
09:12 She has some red and blue bubbles in there.
09:15 Can you see them?
09:17 Can anybody help us understand what's going on here?
09:19 What are these things that are going up inside the?
09:24 It's mixing them, but what is it?
09:26 Why are they going up?
09:27 Who knows?
09:28 Who can figure out what these bubbles are?
09:30 Oh, we have a hand over here. Here we go.
09:31 Let's ask. Yeah, speak on the mike.
09:33 'Cause of the reaction. Uh-huh.
09:36 So what are the bubbles made of?
09:38 Do you have any idea?
09:40 Well, I wish we had a chemist here
09:42 or a scientist that we can ask.
09:43 Does anybody know where's there a scientist?
09:46 Where?
09:48 What? Yeah, I know this.
09:49 Yes, I'm a chemist
09:50 and I studied these reactions here.
09:52 Those are bubbles of carbon dioxide.
09:54 Can you guys say carbon dioxide?
09:56 Carbon dioxide.
09:58 Wow, you guys are already becoming chemist.
10:01 It's a gas and it floats up to the top
10:04 and it brings the water and the color with it.
10:07 Wow!
10:09 Now, if your stops bubbling,
10:11 we can keep the fun going
10:13 by dropping your other half in there.
10:17 Do it again and you'll get more bubbles.
10:19 Now, boys and girls, it's very important
10:21 that you do not put the cap on
10:24 when you are doing this experiment here.
10:26 That gas can build up
10:28 and pop the lid off or doing an explosion, okay?
10:32 Did you do that before?
10:34 See, he knows.
10:37 Hopefully nobody got hurt.
10:39 Wow, let's see what you guys got going over here.
10:41 What color did you do? You got some big bubbles there.
10:44 Let's see back here. What do we have going on?
10:46 All right, put this up so we can see it.
10:48 Nice.
10:49 That is awesome.
10:51 What do we got going on over here?
10:52 Wow! Those are huge bubbles.
10:55 You must have put a big piece in there.
10:57 I did. Wow!
11:01 All right, when these bubbles stop,
11:03 we can think of some other experiments
11:05 to do with this lava lamp thing.
11:08 There's a lot of fun things you can do.
11:10 Boys and girls, I want to ask you
11:11 what other kind of oils could you use?
11:13 Can you think of another oil?
11:15 Raise your hand and try to answer.
11:18 Olive oil.
11:19 Olive oil could definitely work.
11:21 And someone think of another oil.
11:24 Ben, you got one. Let's see.
11:26 Canola oil.
11:27 Canola oil? Absolutely.
11:30 That oil would work great too.
11:32 So we have olive oil or vegetable oil, canola,
11:36 there's a lot of different oils.
11:37 Can you guys think of any other oils?
11:40 Car oil, that may be hard unless it's brand new,
11:43 and it's nice and clean.
11:44 All right.
11:46 Did your bubble stop? Yeah.
11:48 Okay, can you think of another experiment to do with this?
11:51 Whoa, that's actually a lot of fun.
11:54 So we're gonna shake it and see what happens, okay.
12:00 Whoa, that helps to make the colors mix.
12:05 Yeah, then you get your colors.
12:06 Now let's put it here on the table for everybody to see.
12:10 All right, so once you get it mixed something,
12:13 but wait until the bubbles have all stopped, boys and girls,
12:16 because we don't want a pressure to build up, okay?
12:19 Then you can just let it do its thing.
12:22 What's going to happen do you think?
12:24 I think everything will just sink down to the bottom.
12:27 Everything?
12:29 What's everything do you think?
12:31 Anything like the water and the dye?
12:34 Very good. The water will sink back down.
12:37 This is a great little science craft, actually.
12:40 So we're going to be able to put your name on it afterwards.
12:42 Whoops, so you can take this home with you.
12:45 It's rising up to my cover.
12:47 Let's go see what's going on over here.
12:50 Are you guys really enjoying this?
12:52 So the bubbles go up, but why does it come back down?
12:55 Have you guys thought about that?
12:57 Because it gets heavier as it reaches the top.
12:59 Okay, gets heavier when it reaches...
13:01 Can you say that again?
13:02 It gets heavier when it reaches the top.
13:04 Well, how does it get heavier?
13:06 So, when it's going up, it's just one thing
13:09 and then when it comes down, it's more things.
13:11 You are very smart.
13:12 Now something happened when it gets to the top.
13:15 Remember what was the bubble made out of when it gets to...
13:18 Carbon dioxide mixes with air. Very good.
13:21 And so when it mixes the air,
13:23 that actually a carbon dioxide releases from the bubble.
13:26 And now it's just water and food coloring
13:28 and it sinks back down.
13:30 So you guys can shake these to see
13:32 if you can get water and oil to mix.
13:34 And after a little bit of time, it will go back and separate.
13:38 This is good chemistry right here.
13:40 How does it glow? How does it glow?
13:43 You can actually have to put your own light with it.
13:46 You know, Mr. Ryan, I really love
13:48 how this reminds me of the memory verse.
13:49 The bubbles that are going up
13:51 are like the prayers that we say.
13:52 And then when the bubbles coming down
13:54 are like the blessings that we receive.
13:56 Well, I think we're all out of time today for Creation Crafts.
14:00 Well, thank you for joining us until next time.
14:03 All right.
14:04 Yeah, you guys can put your name on it here.


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