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00:24 Hello, and welcome to Kids Camp Creation Crafts.
00:27 We're so excited you have joined us today.
00:30 We're your hosts. I'm Miss Suzi.
00:32 And I'm Mr. Ryan.
00:33 Boys and girls, we're glad that
00:35 you've joined us and studio guests here.
00:37 We're glad that you guys have joined us.
00:38 You guys ready to make some crafts?
00:40 Yes! All right.
00:42 So on Creation Crafts, we like to tie a craft together
00:45 with scripture.
00:47 And we're going to show you the steps here,
00:49 and we're going to make something fun today.
00:51 Miss Suzi, what are we going to make today?
00:53 Well, today, we are going to make
00:56 this cute little rocking paper plate angel.
01:01 Now we also have a Bible verse that goes with this.
01:03 What would that be, Mr. Ryan? All right.
01:04 Our Bible verse today is the first angel message
01:07 found in Revelation 14:6 and 7.
01:10 Now, of course,
01:11 this is a Three Angel Broadcasting Network.
01:13 So we thought it would be nice to put an angel here
01:15 and tie it all together.
01:16 And that Bible verse says,
01:18 "And then I saw another angel flying
01:19 in the midst of heaven,
01:21 having the everlasting gospel to preach to every nation,
01:25 throughout the entire world,
01:26 every kindred, tongue and people.
01:29 And he said with a loud voice, 'Fear God and give glory to Him
01:33 and worship him, for this is,
01:37 that his judgment has come
01:38 and worship Him who made the heavens,
01:40 the earth and the sea, and all that is in them."
01:43 Wow, God, the Creator made all of this
01:45 and so we get to practice being creative today.
01:48 So Miss Suzi, I think you know how to make this best.
01:51 Can you give us some directions?
01:52 That's right.
01:54 Are you guys ready to start crafting?
01:55 Yeah! All right. Let's do this.
01:57 Okay, the first thing we want to go over there
02:00 is maybe some scissor safety, right?
02:02 We want to make sure that our fingers are out of the way
02:05 so that we don't cut ourselves
02:07 while we're cutting our paper plates, okay?
02:09 So the first step we're going to do
02:11 is we're going to take our paper plates,
02:13 what I want you to do
02:14 is we're going to fold it in half.
02:15 This will give us a good crease.
02:18 Good job. Yep.
02:20 And a line that we can cut on.
02:23 Very good. Yeah.
02:24 Okay, so once you get your crease,
02:26 open it back up.
02:28 Okay.
02:29 And I want you to take your scissors
02:31 and we're going to cut right along that line.
02:34 Yeah, cut it right in half.
02:38 Wow, we have some good scissor experts here.
02:44 Good job.
02:46 Okay, now you're going to have two halves.
02:47 What are we going to do with the two halves?
02:48 We're going to have two halves
02:50 and what we're going to do for now is
02:52 we're going to put the one half to the side
02:53 and now we're going to focus on this other half.
02:56 Okay.
02:58 Now just pick one of the halves
03:00 I want you to set that down on the table.
03:03 And we're going to fold one corner in like this.
03:07 So we're going to make
03:08 kind of like a triangle here, okay?
03:11 Yeah, yeah, perfect.
03:12 Yeah, there you go,
03:14 we do another triangle just like that.
03:15 If you guys need me to explain that again,
03:17 I can, we're going to fold the right side over there,
03:20 and make a little crease, just like that.
03:23 And then we're going to fold the other side over to overlap.
03:27 And we're going to crease that.
03:29 This is going to be the body of our angel, okay?
03:33 Good job.
03:34 Yep, we're going to bring that over.
03:36 All right. Good job, Charlie.
03:37 We're doing a good job. Good job. All right.
03:39 Now I want you to set it back down on the table
03:41 and we're going to open up that top flap, okay?
03:45 Now, I want you to take your glue stick.
03:49 All right.
03:50 Now, we're going to put some glue on the inside here
03:53 so that we can close our flap.
03:56 Give it a good generous...
03:57 Yeah, we want to be able to close that.
03:59 Swipe here, okay.
04:01 Now we're going to close that flap over the top.
04:05 And now what you can do to make sure that
04:08 this stays together and rise,
04:10 we're going to take our clothes pin
04:11 that we have.
04:14 Okay, and we're going to just clip it right
04:16 where those two pieces overlap,
04:18 that way it will hold it together.
04:20 Good job, you guy.
04:23 Okay, so this is what it looks like right now.
04:27 We have a clip on the back. Great.
04:30 And so it looks like
04:31 we have a little triangle or kind of a cone.
04:33 Okay?
04:35 All right, now we're going to set
04:36 our body to the side.
04:38 Now I want you to pick up
04:39 the other half of the paper plate.
04:42 And we're going to now cut this in the middle.
04:46 If you need to, you can fold it in half.
04:49 Exactly.
04:50 If it helps you to cut on the line,
04:52 you can fold it in half to give you
04:53 that crease, okay?
04:58 Good job. Now what are we making now?
05:01 All right.
05:03 Now, we're going to use one of these pieces,
05:05 and we're going to make the wings and the arms, okay?
05:10 So first I want you to set the one piece aside.
05:13 We're not going to need that one for now.
05:14 So I want you to take this piece right here.
05:18 And we're going to go ahead
05:19 and we're going to cut that one in half.
05:25 All right, very good, right down in the middle.
05:32 Nice, you can put over fold and then cut down the fold
05:35 or you just cut it in half.
05:37 Okay, so we'll have these two little pizza slices,
05:39 okay?
05:41 All right.
05:42 Now I want you to pick one of them.
05:44 And if you see the tip here, there's this fringe.
05:47 I want you to cut, if you guys can see
05:49 back we're going to cut
05:50 right along this fringe right here.
05:52 Right here now.
05:53 Just follow the pattern so you'll get a rounded edge,
05:56 okay?
05:57 And we can stick those fringes up to the top
06:00 'cause we're not going to need those.
06:01 Okay, good job.
06:04 Trying to cut right at the bottom
06:06 of the fringe, okay?
06:08 All right.
06:10 Now I want you to take,
06:12 go ahead and take your second piece,
06:14 and we're going to go ahead
06:15 and cut that fringe off as well.
06:19 Okay?
06:21 No, you got at least two right here.
06:22 All right, so now we should have two pieces
06:24 that look like this, okay?
06:28 Great job. All right.
06:29 Does everybody have that?
06:31 Okay, I don't want to lose anybody.
06:32 Okay, now,
06:33 if you'll notice at the top of our pizza slice here
06:37 or our angel's wing as we're going to have it.
06:40 There is a little crease right there.
06:42 And I want you to go ahead and cut along that line.
06:44 Top part is actually going to be the arm right here.
06:47 You see that little line?
06:48 So you're going to cut that part.
06:49 And you're going to do that to both pieces.
06:51 I think that's going to be the arm of the angel.
06:53 There. Okay.
06:55 There you go.
06:58 We want to cut this off right here
06:59 and that will be your arm, okay?
07:00 Can you believe all of these hidden body parts are in, yes.
07:02 That's right.
07:03 You got all these hidden pieces in here.
07:05 Great.
07:06 Okay, now I want you to take that second piece
07:07 and we're going to do the same.
07:09 We're going to cut off this top part,
07:10 there's a little rim right here,
07:12 we're going to cut that off. Good job, nicely done.
07:16 All right. Same with all you guys.
07:18 That's right.
07:20 So now we should have two smaller little wings.
07:22 And then we also have these pieces right here.
07:26 These are going to be our arms.
07:29 Okay, now I want you
07:30 to take one of the small pieces,
07:32 and we're going to hold it
07:33 so that it kind of makes a smiley face.
07:37 Now what I want you to do,
07:39 is we're going to round off this tip, right here, okay?
07:43 This is going to be the hand,
07:45 so we're just going to
07:46 round off the end just like that.
07:48 Can you see that?
07:49 Just make it looks like a hand at the end.
07:50 Just leave this round about right there.
07:52 Trim off a few corners. Yeah, that's great.
07:53 There you go. Okay. Yep.
07:55 Just turn the corner off a little bit.
07:57 Good job. Just on the one end is fine.
07:58 All right. See how we're doing here.
08:01 There you go, that'll work.
08:03 Okay, I want you to take...
08:05 Now, I want you to take the other piece.
08:07 Same thing, we're going to get
08:09 the little smiley face here, okay?
08:12 And we're going to round those off as well.
08:13 Now, just one is fine.
08:16 Oh, that looks great.
08:17 So now we have two pieces that look like this.
08:22 Yeah, that's, that's fine. Oh, good job.
08:24 Yeah, those are good. Good job. All right.
08:26 Has everybody have their two arms?
08:28 Okay, now on the part that is flat,
08:31 what I want you to do
08:33 is I want you to create a little tab.
08:34 So we're going to fold
08:36 just a little bit over, like that.
08:39 This is going to be where we're going.
08:40 Can you see that we're going to make a little tab.
08:42 This is going to be
08:43 the attachment point to the body.
08:45 And we're going to do that with both arms.
08:48 Yeah, sure. Okay.
08:51 So this is what we're gonna do.
08:52 We will in just a minute, we'll tell you when to glue it.
08:54 So this is going to be
08:55 like a little tab that we're going to glue.
08:57 Okay, good. Everybody have that done?
08:59 Yes. Okay, great.
09:00 Okay, now we can take our body,
09:02 we're going to take our clothes pin off.
09:06 Okay.
09:07 And now what I want you to do is take your glue stick,
09:10 and on the back, this is the back part
09:12 where the crease is,
09:14 I want you to make two little marks
09:15 with your glue.
09:17 And this is going to be
09:18 the attachment point for the arms.
09:20 Okay, right here in the back just glue.
09:23 So gluing up. Make sure that glue gets out.
09:27 Okay, put some glue right there.
09:31 Okay, we're going to take our angel body,
09:33 let's turn it around, put some glue right here.
09:36 So we should have a body with two arms now.
09:39 Can you glue it? You put some glue.
09:46 Now you can use that little tab.
09:47 There you go.
09:49 Let's see if we can help you do that.
09:50 Let's do it this way. Just like so.
09:53 Okay, put them on the wrong side here.
09:55 And that's okay.
09:56 We'll just make a couple more marks just like that.
10:00 We'll attach these arms,
10:01 they're getting a little sticky.
10:03 Yes, very good.
10:04 Well, let's say we want the,
10:05 this is going to be the back of the angel.
10:07 Okay.
10:08 Let's add a little more glue here, glues.
10:12 There you go.
10:13 And turn it around so the arm points out that way.
10:15 We'll get this angel put together.
10:20 All right, there you go. Now we've got our arms on.
10:22 Oh, wonderful, great job. Yes.
10:24 Right, I'm having little bit of a hard time here.
10:26 Okay. Great.
10:28 The next thing we're going to do
10:30 also to the back.
10:33 Yes, we're going to be
10:34 professional crafters after this.
10:36 Okay, now, what I want you to do
10:38 is take your two angel wings,
10:41 and stick some glue right here on the corner, okay?
10:44 We're going to and that's going to be
10:45 attached to the back of our angel,
10:48 and that is going to be our wings just like this.
10:54 Okay?
10:56 We can do it right on the angel wing right here.
10:59 And we're going to do
11:00 the same thing with the second wing
11:01 and we're going to attach it...
11:03 You can put it on the body or you can put it on the wings.
11:04 To the back.
11:06 My wings are falling off.
11:11 Okay.
11:13 We're going to get to the head in just a moment.
11:15 Yep.
11:16 All right, let's go ahead and get to our head here.
11:22 We'll come back to the arms and the wings, okay, guys?
11:26 All right, so you have a little round circle.
11:29 The way you can get this as either you can take
11:31 a circular piece and trace and cut around it.
11:33 Or the other thing you can do is take a circular lever,
11:37 something like this.
11:38 It's very simple.
11:40 Charlie, I'm going to have you push this,
11:41 all you do is you take paper, you stick it in here,
11:44 and then you punch down hard, hard, hard.
11:48 There you go.
11:50 All right, and then we end up with a nice circle.
11:55 Okay, so what I want you to do
11:57 is I want you to take your yellow paper
11:58 and your circle and we're going to line it up
12:02 just slightly below one edge.
12:04 Can you guys see that,
12:05 you want it just a little bit lower.
12:07 So if you hold it there, okay? Okay, Miss Suzi.
12:10 And now what I want you to do is trim the edges.
12:14 Just like so, we're gonna trim off the edges.
12:19 Okay?
12:20 So now we have a piece that looks like this.
12:24 Trim right up the edge like this right here.
12:27 There you go, go straight up.
12:28 Okay, we're going to go right...
12:30 You follow the edge of the circle.
12:33 Okay, and now, after you have your piece
12:35 that looks like this.
12:39 We're going to put a little
12:40 glob of glue right on the end,
12:43 and we're going to fold it over.
12:45 This will complete the hair on the angel just like that.
12:48 You just go straight up. Okay, can you guys see?
12:52 Yeah, you're going to fold it over the top.
12:55 So you get your head and the hair.
13:03 All right. How are we doing, guys?
13:05 Good. All right.
13:06 So once we get our hair on, very good.
13:08 I want you to go ahead and take your marker
13:10 and you can draw a face on your angel face, okay?
13:16 So what I like to do... Draw face.
13:19 You can see this. Okay.
13:21 I like to make...
13:22 I think we're getting close
13:23 to running out of time, Miss Suzi.
13:25 Yes. All right.
13:28 Well, the directions are found on the 3ABN Kids website
13:32 for Kids Camp so they can find it there.
13:34 We're glad that you guys have joined us for Creation Crafts
13:37 and we'll keep finish this, finishing the craft here.
13:40 We appreciate you joining us.
13:42 Thank you.


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