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00:24 Hello, and welcome to Kids Camp Creation Crafts.
00:27 Thank you for joining us today.
00:29 We're your host, I'm Miss Suzi. I'm Mr. Ryan.
00:33 I'm so glad that you have joined us.
00:34 And I'm so glad we have these light blue
00:37 kids campers with us.
00:38 So you guys glad to make some crafts now?
00:40 Yeah! All right!
00:43 We're gonna make some crafts,
00:44 and we're gonna tie it with some scripture.
00:46 So we're glad that you've joined us.
00:48 Miss Suzy, what are we gonna make today?
00:50 Well, what we're gonna make is some stained glass pasta.
00:54 These are really pretty when you hang up in a window.
00:57 Now if you'll notice I've got...
00:59 This one is colored and this one is not.
01:01 So it's your choice in what you want to do,
01:03 when you do the black background,
01:05 it really makes the colors pop.
01:08 So what scripture do we have today?
01:11 Yeah, so we've got a bunch of broken pasta.
01:13 So we're thinking about some scripture
01:14 that we could tie with that, found something interesting.
01:18 A promise actually found in Psalms 34:18
01:22 and it goes like this,
01:24 "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
01:28 and He delivers those who spirit has been crushed."
01:33 Hmm, broken hearted?
01:35 Does anybody know what brokenhearted means?
01:38 Does anybody know a broken hearted?
01:40 Yes. Okay, what do you think?
01:42 Very sad. Oh, very sad. That's right.
01:46 While we can make a craft that may help us understand
01:48 about sadness.
01:50 So we're gonna think about that today
01:51 when we make this craft.
01:53 We actually have some helpers
01:54 just in case we need a little extra help.
01:56 We have some referees.
01:58 All right.
01:59 I don't think they have any whistles,
02:00 so we don't have to worry about that.
02:02 Wow, that's gonna be a great.
02:03 All right, Miss Suzi, she's gonna give us
02:05 all the play by play direction
02:07 so we know exactly
02:08 what to do with what's in front of you.
02:10 So, Miss Suzy, what are we going to do?
02:13 All right, well, first... I'll help you.
02:15 As you can see we have some fun
02:17 stained pasta pieces in front of you.
02:20 And what we use to do this are actually lasagna noodles.
02:24 So this is all done ahead of time,
02:27 because you do have to let the noodles dry.
02:29 So what you're gonna do
02:30 actually is you break your noodles
02:33 first in two pieces, just like so.
02:37 And the more they're regular, the better the shape.
02:40 The next thing we're gonna do
02:41 is we're gonna take a ziploc baggie.
02:47 And we are going to add some rubbing alcohol.
02:52 We're gonna actually add one teaspoon.
02:54 This is a teaspoon.
02:57 We're gonna add one of those to that.
03:02 And then we're gonna add
03:03 a generous squeeze of some liquid water color.
03:07 Any choice you want. What's your favorite color?
03:09 Blue. All right, all the colors.
03:12 I hear lots of great colors.
03:14 This one is red.
03:16 So we're just gonna give a generous squeeze,
03:20 just like that.
03:22 And we're gonna mix it up.
03:24 Now, Miss Suzi, I've got a...
03:26 I'm a chemist and I see
03:27 that you've got rubbing alcohol,
03:29 but there's different types, does it matter which type?
03:30 Yes.
03:32 For this one, it doesn't really matter.
03:34 I think we're using 91%, and the alcohol
03:37 just kind of helps disperse the color.
03:39 And next what we're gonna do
03:41 is we're gonna add our lasagna pieces to it.
03:44 Just like so.
03:46 Have you guys ever done crafts with noodles before?
03:48 Yes. You have.
03:50 Oh, okay. All right.
03:52 Have you ever colored noodles before?
03:54 No. No, all right.
03:56 Something new. So we're doing something new.
03:57 So then what you're gonna do
03:59 is you just kind of work it around,
04:01 need to keep working it around.
04:05 And then what you're gonna do
04:06 is you're gonna let it sit for 15 minutes.
04:09 After the 15 minutes, you're gonna dump it on a tray,
04:15 wind with some paper towels.
04:16 That's just to keep your work surface clean.
04:20 It can get a little messy.
04:21 Now I've got a little bit more in here
04:23 just because I didn't let the dye fit.
04:24 Okay.
04:25 And then what you're gonna do
04:27 is you're gonna spread them out,
04:28 and then you're gonna take a paper towel.
04:30 Now we have found it best to use a paper towel on top
04:34 and to lay a book on top to add weight.
04:37 Why do you think that is?
04:39 Why would we wanna add weight? Yes, Cate.
04:41 Because sometimes when you don't have weight...
04:45 Sometimes when you don't have weight,
04:48 it like wrinkles.
04:50 Yes. Wow!
04:51 And I actually have an example of that.
04:53 Very good. That's right.
04:56 We did a little experiment.
04:58 And when we did not use the paper towel and the book,
05:00 we ended up getting curved pieces like this.
05:03 And this is what we don't want.
05:05 We really want them flat for this project
05:07 because we're gonna be sandwiching them
05:08 between two layers of contact paper.
05:11 So that's okay to make mistakes,
05:13 you learn and then you move on.
05:15 So we're not gonna use these,
05:17 we're actually gonna use our flat ones.
05:19 All right.
05:21 So we already did that for you guys.
05:22 We made a bunch of flat noodles.
05:25 Isn't that nice?
05:26 Well, you guys don't have to wait around.
05:28 So now we don't have to wait.
05:30 We can just go straight into our project.
05:32 What's in front of us here though?
05:34 So well, first, what we did is we took some contact paper.
05:37 Now contact paper comes in these big rolls like this.
05:40 This one is lined.
05:41 We did 10 by 10 inch squares.
05:43 You can do whatever size that you would like
05:45 for your project.
05:47 So 10 by 10 is a pretty good size.
05:49 And all we did is we just cut it
05:51 to the size that we wanted.
05:53 Okay. Okay.
05:54 What's contact paper good for?
05:55 Does anybody know? Anybody know?
05:58 Yeah, well, one side is really sticky,
06:00 and you can stick it down,
06:02 and the other side and they have lots of...
06:05 Yeah, one side is not sticky. That's right.
06:06 That's right. That's right.
06:07 This one is clear so you can see through it.
06:09 Exactly right.
06:10 You can cover all sorts of things.
06:11 All right. That's right.
06:13 What are we doing now?
06:14 All right, so now what you're gonna wanna do
06:16 is you're gonna wanna tape
06:17 the corners of your contact paper down.
06:20 Let me move this so that we can see.
06:22 We've already done that.
06:23 And we have already done that for you.
06:26 So what I'd like you to do is remove the back layer.
06:29 So first, really, we removed the back layer.
06:31 We taped the corners down, so it would stay.
06:33 So go ahead and remove that layer.
06:35 It's gonna be very sticky underneath.
06:37 So be very careful. Okay, good job.
06:40 I'll take your pieces of paper you can slide it
06:42 right underneath the table.
06:44 And we can just slide it right under the table.
06:45 That way we can get it out of the away.
06:46 Yeah, great! All right.
06:48 Okay, now it's very sticky.
06:49 Now can all of you take your fingers
06:51 and just feel how sticky that is?
06:53 Whoo! All right.
06:54 Oh, we can hear it. Okay, very sticky.
06:57 We can make some music with this, right?
06:58 Okay. All right.
07:00 That's the other part of Kids Camp.
07:02 Yes. All right.
07:03 Okay, so now what you're gonna wanna do
07:04 is you can take
07:06 whatever color pattern you want,
07:07 whatever shape you want,
07:10 and you're gonna place it on your paper.
07:11 Now, you want to make sure you leave about
07:14 a half an inch gap around the sides.
07:17 That way when we put the top on,
07:19 we can seal it without them falling out, okay?
07:21 The other thing you wanna do
07:23 is when you add your second one,
07:25 you wanna make sure that you leave enough space,
07:27 about a quarter to half inch is good.
07:30 And that way we can press down
07:31 the top and it will stick together
07:33 without your noodles sliding around, okay?
07:35 So go ahead and make your creations...
07:38 Just start setting those pieces down there.
07:39 You can start setting them.
07:41 Use all sorts of different colors.
07:45 Oh, this is great!
07:48 And just remember,
07:50 you wanna make sure you leave spaces.
07:52 Yep, just press them on there.
07:54 We're gonna put another sticky top on top of it
07:56 to hold them all together.
07:58 Yeah.
07:59 If it feels like it's not sticking,
08:00 don't worry about it because we're gonna put
08:02 another layer on top and that will stick
08:04 to the one underneath
08:05 and then that will keep them together, okay?
08:09 Oh, I like your patterns. Yes.
08:10 And if we need more, we definitely have more.
08:12 Just put them on there,
08:13 and leave a little gap in between.
08:14 There you go. Just like that.
08:16 There you go. Yep. And you can even...
08:18 Oh, that's a nice job. I see what you're doing.
08:21 Did everybody see what Angel is doing?
08:24 Angel is actually taking her pieces
08:25 and she's breaking them to make smaller pieces.
08:28 So that she can...
08:29 And you can do that too if you want.
08:31 Make it fit whatever size that she wants.
08:32 There you go. Sure, go ahead. No, go ahead.
08:34 Good job, ladies.
08:38 Well, this reminds me of a joke I wanted to say.
08:41 What is something you can't use until you break it?
08:43 Does anybody know?
08:45 Oh, what do you think? An egg.
08:46 An egg! Very good!
08:49 Okay, it's my one of my dad jokes.
08:52 Well, on a serious note,
08:53 though, that God can use you
08:55 even though you're sad or brokenhearteds,
08:58 we want you to remember that
08:59 something good can come out of broken pieces.
09:02 So this is a good reminder for this craft right here.
09:05 Oh, good.
09:07 And if you break a piece in there,
09:09 that makes it even better.
09:12 All right, I'll just put them on there.
09:14 Just get them all spread around.
09:15 Let me know if you need some more pieces, okay?
09:17 Just put them on there.
09:19 There's, you can't do this wrong.
09:21 You can just put them down there.
09:23 You're on a blue,
09:24 you can borrow some from over here, okay?
09:27 There you go.
09:29 We have some more blue, if you want some more colors.
09:31 We've got... There's some colors.
09:33 I don't have any more red though.
09:35 Yeah, well, the red ones all folded on it.
09:36 The red one's folded up,
09:37 so they weren't gonna quite one.
09:39 Does anybody need any more colors?
09:40 Yeah, you can just break up some pieces
09:42 and put them right on there.
09:44 There you go. Great job.
09:45 I like what you're doing here. Very nice.
09:47 Once you've got it down there, just let's go, it'll be okay.
09:50 What do we do when we're done? All right.
09:52 Good question. All right.
09:55 How many of you are kind of done with your design now?
09:58 They're still working at it. Okay. Still working at it.
10:01 Okay, that's all right.
10:04 Do you need any more pieces? Good job. Yeah.
10:08 You guys are very careful artists here.
10:10 Yes.
10:13 Now in the end, this is something that
10:15 you all gonna put another piece of contact paper
10:17 on top.
10:18 And it's something you could probably put in a window.
10:20 That's right.
10:22 It's very pretty when the light shines through.
10:24 Ah, we've got someone ready to do that.
10:26 Right.
10:28 Yeah, I think we should probably go ahead
10:30 and Miss Suzi can show us the next step there.
10:33 That's right. Oh, you're very close though.
10:35 Okay, our next step is gonna be to remove the tape.
10:40 You wanna do it very carefully.
10:41 Now we've put little tabs on here,
10:43 so that's easy to remove the tape.
10:46 Just make sure you don't pull the contact paper up.
10:49 You're getting close here.
10:50 So you can keep your noodles on there.
10:52 We're gonna start moving here. Okay.
10:55 All right. All right.
10:59 Now once you get your tape pulled up off of the corners,
11:03 we're gonna take our extra sheet,
11:05 our top sheet of contact paper.
11:08 It has a sticky side and a paper back.
11:12 So what we're gonna do now
11:14 is we're gonna partially pull down
11:18 that sheet of paper just like this.
11:21 Now this is a really tricky step,
11:24 'cause it's really sticky and it wants to fold on itself.
11:27 So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna fold it down
11:29 just kind of halfway, just like this, okay?
11:33 So you guys wanna look so that way
11:34 when you're ready to do it, you can see.
11:37 All right, so the next step we're gonna do
11:40 is we're gonna place this right on top.
11:46 And we can come around and help you too.
11:48 That's really tricky.
11:50 And you wanna push all the excess out.
11:56 And we're gonna hold and pull
11:59 and we're gonna kind of push down as we go.
12:01 Just like this.
12:03 So now we're gonna take part of this.
12:05 Okay, so one second. Okay, did you get it?
12:10 We got here those on too many pieces,
12:12 you see something.
12:14 Okay, here we go.
12:15 I'm gonna help you put this on there,
12:17 'cause this is kind of tricky.
12:18 All right, Kylee.
12:20 Okay, you wanna hold the corners?
12:21 You hold the bottom corners, I'll put mine down first, okay?
12:22 Hold yours up,
12:24 and I'll put my side down first.
12:26 Hold yours up. Hold yours up. All right, are you ready?
12:28 All right. Oh, you're good.
12:29 See just like that. Wow, this is sticky.
12:32 Now we're gonna push it down just like that.
12:36 Very good.
12:38 Now, if you wanna get the effect
12:40 that we have right here,
12:43 you can take your Sharpie marker
12:44 and you can color in the spaces, just like this.
12:47 Everybody, if you're ready
12:48 and you've got your top sheet on,
12:50 take your marker, and then you can just start
12:53 filling in those spaces.
12:55 Just like this.
12:57 No, we're gonna put this piece over top.
12:58 Yeah. This will make it.
13:01 So it's not so sticky. Are you ready, Anoah?
13:04 All right, there you line up the two colors.
13:05 And then once you get it all colored in,
13:09 you'll get this beautiful effect
13:10 and you can hang it in a window
13:11 and it looks just like stained glass.
13:14 You can always trim it too. Just like this.
13:17 Good job. So going back here...
13:22 All right. Oh, very good. You guys are right on it.
13:24 I'm gonna check on you guys and see how you're doing.
13:26 How's it going?
13:27 Cadance started pulling some of those tabs off.
13:30 You wanna put some more in there.
13:31 Oh, that's great. All right.
13:33 How are going over here?
13:34 All right, yeah, you can start coloring.
13:35 Wow, time goes so fast
13:37 when you're working on some crafts.
13:39 Remember kids, you can go to 3ABNKidsCamp.tv
13:42 for all the supplies and instructions on our craft
13:45 and how you can create stained glass pasta.
13:49 Thank you for joining us today on Creation Craft,
13:52 where scripture inspires creativity.
13:56 All right, good job. These are very creative!
13:57 Great job.
13:59 These are turning out wonderful.
14:00 Yep, just smooth it out.
14:02 Oh, no it's fine. Oh, sure.
14:05 Yeah, hope you didn't missed out.


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