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Program Code Duration Description Participants
KX220001S Video NA Planting Flowers of Encouragement NA
KX220002S Video NA Chores Are Blessings NA
KX220003S Video NA Adopting A Grandparent NA
KX220004S Video NA No Longer Shy NA
KX220005S Video NA Being A Missionary for Jesus NA
KX220006S Video NA Enjoying The Sabbath NA
KX220007S Video NA Writing to Share NA
KX220008S Video NA Increasing Compassion NA
KX220009S Video NA Choosing Appropriate Media NA
KX220010S Video NA Being Friendly NA
KX220011S Video NA Sharing Jesus In Trials NA
KX220012S Video NA Developing Talents for Ministry NA
KX220013S Video NA Home Chore Choices NA
KX220014S Video NA Showing Self-Control NA
KX220015S Video NA Practicing Perseverance NA
KX220016S Video NA Dealing with Rejection NA
KX220017S Video NA Heart for Singing NA
KX220018S Video NA Setting Good Examples NA
KX220019S Video NA Who Can We Trust NA
KX220020S Video NA Safety In Jesus NA
KX220021S Video NA Being Reliable NA
KX220022S Video NA Asking God for Wisdom NA
KX220023S Video NA Vbs Inviter NA
KX220024S Video NA Blessing Boxes NA
KX220025S Video NA Overcoming Sweets NA
KX220026S Video NA Know My Heart NA
KX220027S Video NA Showing Integrity NA
KX220028S Video NA Word Choices NA
KX220029S Video NA Who Can We Trust? NA
KX220030S Video NA In Training for God NA
KX220031S Video NA Standing for Good NA
KX220032S Video NA Cleanliness NA
KX230033S Video NA Being On Time NA
KX230034S Video NA A Cheerful Spirit NA
KX230035S Video NA Creating Peace NA
KX230036S Video NA Demonstrating Discipline NA
KX230038S Video NA Humility with Others NA
KX230039S Video NA Demonstrating Confidence NA
KX230040S Video NA Being Inclusive NA
KX230041S Video NA Showing Empathy NA
KX230042S Video NA Sharing & Taking Turns NA
KX230043S Video NA Seeing Others Through God's Eyes NA
KX230044S Video NA Dodging Distractions NA
KX230045S Video NA Overcoming Anxiety NA
KX230046S Video NA Staying Optimistic NA
KX230047S Video NA Truth Telling NA
KX230048S Video NA Finding Forgiveness NA
KX230049S Video NA Genuinely Generous NA
KX230050S Video NA Sportsmanship Manners NA
KX230051S Video NA Controlling Loneliness NA
KX230052S Video NA Humor Like Jesus NA
KX230053S Video NA Reverence & Respect NA
KX230054S Video NA Logical Thinking NA
KX230055S Video NA Connecting with God NA
KX230056S Video NA Being Brave & Worrying Less NA
KX230057S Video NA Prompt & Punctual NA
KX230058S Video NA Planting Seeds of Faith NA
KX230059S Video NA Getting Good Grades NA
KX230060S Video NA Happy Helpers NA
KX230061S Video NA Relax and Recharge NA
KX230062S Video NA Only God's Opinion Matter NA
KX230063S Video NA Diligently Devoted NA
KX230064S Video NA Effectively Efficient NA
KX230065S Video NA Filtering Frustrations NA
KX230066S Video NA Innovative Ideas NA
KX230067S Video NA Sincerely Socialable NA
KX230068S Video NA Initiating Integrity NA
KX230069S Video NA Words of Affirmation NA
KX230070S Video NA NA
KX240065S Video NA No Information Available NA
KX240071S Video NA Grasping The Bible NA
KX240072S Video NA Cleverly Witty NA
KX240073S Video NA Self-Assured & Secure NA
KX240074S Video NA Keeping Your Eyes On God NA
KX240075S Video NA Keeping Promises NA


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