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The Day The Earth Stands Still

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00:34 I'm gonna take you back to that underlying template
00:36 because really what we are doing
00:38 in the seminar is much like putting a puzzle together.
00:42 When is the last time
00:43 you put a puzzle together do you remember?
00:45 I bet you kids have done a puzzle
00:47 probably at some point this last year may be.
00:50 But I remember the idea was to get the parameters,
00:53 you know, the outline done
00:56 and then you put in the details, right.
00:59 And that's exactly what we are doing with the template.
01:02 We get the essential elements down
01:04 and then we begin to fill in the details
01:08 and the template helps us to see how all of the great things
01:12 of the Bible really interconnect.
01:15 And as we pull all of these things
01:17 in the Bible together over the period of time
01:19 we find this wonderful beautiful picture
01:22 of the God who really loves us and really cares for us.
01:26 But you can remember the very first thing
01:27 that we took note of opening night
01:29 is that God began with His perfect beautiful world.
01:33 Remember, in Genesis 1:31, God said
01:37 and it was very good, it was perfect,
01:41 it was beautiful.
01:43 God designed the world to be a paradise.
01:46 He designed to be place in which
01:48 we would only know what was good,
01:51 if only it had stayed that way, right.
01:53 If only it stayed that way.
01:54 But there were troubles that were brooding there
01:57 in the very presence of God Himself
01:59 which is very astounding to think about.
02:01 There was trouble that was developing
02:03 among the angelicals of heaven
02:05 and it broke out in open conflict
02:08 and Satan and the third of the angels
02:10 as we study were cast down to this planet and remember,
02:14 initially they only had access to the planet.
02:17 There at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
02:22 That's the only place they had access
02:25 until Adam and Eve gave into the temptation.
02:29 And remember, what that fruit represented.
02:31 Is, was it so much the fruit it's just like God said
02:34 you shall not eat of it.
02:36 And so it represented faith in God, trust in God
02:39 or disobedience meant that,
02:42 you know, one really didn't trust God.
02:45 Its been playing out historically
02:47 right on down to our time all of the problems
02:50 the difficulties, the sin and rebellion
02:53 has blot to this planet
02:54 comes right here from the tree
02:56 of the knowledge of good and evil.
03:00 God never intended for us to have acknowledge of the evil.
03:04 Isn't there just something that you wish
03:05 you could just take off your mind the things
03:07 that may be you have experienced or seen or heard?
03:12 Aren't there just somethings
03:13 there're just somethings I wish I didn't know.
03:16 But remember, God could not let us go.
03:19 God just could not let go of us.
03:22 He could have just think of this little planet
03:25 in the immensity of the universe
03:28 God troubled Himself over this planet
03:31 and so He paid the ultimate price
03:32 for redemption there at the other tree.
03:35 It's the other tree.
03:36 It's the Cavalry
03:38 and its there that we too must make a decision.
03:41 A decision that means life eternal
03:44 and then as we've already noted Revelation 21.
03:47 Now we could go from tonight
03:49 we discover that God has His plan
03:51 it is centered in the Cross of Cavalry
03:53 in which He is going to eliminate the whole problem
03:56 the whole mess of sin that brought to this planet.
03:59 Evil, death, suffering, rebellion
04:02 is all going to be brought to an end.
04:05 And the first habitant it says the first earth passes away
04:08 and God makes a new heaven and a new earth.
04:13 And my friend, that is the focal point
04:15 of all of the prophecies but I want to
04:18 as we are in a prophetic sequences we can
04:21 I want to emphasize how vital it is
04:26 what Jesus did for us at Cavalry.
04:30 We would have no future.
04:32 But because of what Jesus did at Cavalry
04:36 we again have this wonderful future.
04:39 But remember there're two significant things
04:42 that flows out of what Jesus did for us at Cavalry.
04:44 Number one, well, number one is we have the promise
04:48 that by, by faith in Him
04:51 we are saved from the curse of sin
04:54 from what this knowledge of evil has done for us.
04:56 We are saved from it.
04:58 And connected to it is the promise
05:00 that in the end God is going to eliminate sin.
05:05 He is going to eliminate
05:06 the knowledge of the evil, right.
05:10 He is gonna do that. That's part of the good news.
05:12 That is actually a part of the gospel.
05:16 Jesus is as victorious and will be victorious.
05:19 The second thing is that He is going to restore paradise.
05:25 God has through what Jesus has done for us
05:29 prepared this wonderful, beautiful.
05:33 And when you keep in mind as we study prophecy
05:35 those significant, those are fundamental
05:38 to what's gonna be happening in the end time.
05:41 Then it really, you know, there's gonna be
05:43 some pretty awful things that will happen.
05:45 I'll tell you Satan is not gonna get this fide up easily.
05:49 He is going to battle this right on down to the end
05:52 but his fate is sealed, right.
05:55 His fate is sealed but he is not going to give up
05:59 until he is forced to give up.
06:01 You know to say that we live in troublous times
06:05 just it's an understatement, troublous times.
06:08 I mean we see it all around us.
06:11 As we see natural and manmade disasters
06:14 causing destruction and loss of life
06:17 it's just tragic to things that are going on,
06:19 Katrina all other the things.
06:21 I mean, you know, we have going through it
06:23 this year, haven't we.
06:25 And tonight in our world
06:26 we find ourselves facing economic instability.
06:32 You know where is this going to end up anyway?
06:34 You know, we're trying to prop up the financial systems,
06:37 we're trying bail people out of you know their homes
06:40 or you know are in jeopardy.
06:43 They're facing foreclosure.
06:44 This is thing playing with jobs,
06:47 millions of jobs that have been lost.
06:49 I mean, you know,
06:51 what's the outcome of all of this.
06:54 You know, we could talk about political unrest
06:56 in the world that we are living in.
06:58 And going right back to 9/11.
07:01 So we have got international tensions,
07:03 we have got conflicts, we have got crime,
07:06 we have got violence, we have got violence.
07:11 It threatens our peace for the present
07:14 and our confidence in the future it does
07:17 but problems and difficulties
07:19 that we are facing our so complex
07:22 as to defy human wisdom to resolve them.
07:26 And then we look at Luke 21.
07:27 This prophetic statement of Jesus made in Luke 21
07:30 and beginning with verse 25 where He said
07:32 "And there will be signs in sun and moon
07:35 and stars, and upon the earth."
07:37 Notice what Jesus said about the end time, times.
07:39 "And upon the earth dismay among nations."
07:44 How accurate is that? "In perplexity."
07:48 And the language here is prophetic now.
07:50 "In perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves,"
07:54 Talking about the turmoil, you know,
07:56 among the nations to peoples.
07:58 "Men fainting from fear," fear
08:02 "and the expectation of the things
08:04 which are coming upon the world
08:06 for the powers of the heavens will be shaken."
08:09 Evil is not just going to rollover
08:11 as much as we would like it to do.
08:16 It is, it is going to struggle it is going to,
08:21 you know, its going to be a conflict
08:23 with God right on down to the very end.
08:28 And it's that dynamic of this conflict
08:30 and I remind you, I remind you where this conflict all began
08:34 this conflict all began in heaven, right.
08:38 I mean, just to think about there was conflict
08:40 among the angels of God in heaven.
08:41 I can't imagine quite how that conflict
08:43 but it was conflict it's described as war.
08:47 And Satan and his angels
08:49 as we've already noted were forced out.
08:53 My friend, we are in the middle of the conflict
08:55 that began in heaven that's playing
08:56 out here upon this planet.
09:00 And I, I just know this knowing something
09:02 about the evil one as you do.
09:04 He did not give it up there in heaven easily.
09:06 He was forced out.
09:10 And he is not going to give
09:11 the conflict up easily here upon the earth.
09:14 He is going to be forced to give it up
09:18 but give it up he will because Jesus said
09:22 all power has been given to Me in heaven in earth.
09:26 All power and He is victorious.
09:30 And the Cross of Cavalry guarantees the victory
09:33 that will be His at the end time.
09:36 His enemies are gonna be made footstools
09:38 what the Bible tells us.
09:43 So anyway I want that assurance as we talk about this.
09:46 I was living in Everett in Washington.
09:48 Anybody know where Everett is?
09:50 Everett is just north of Seattle
09:52 probably 30-40 miles north of Seattle.
09:56 And this is when I was a kid
09:59 and we lived in our neighborhood at the end of the block
10:03 which meant that on two sides of our property
10:06 we have what we called the woods.
10:09 The wood was a great place of adventure
10:11 for particularly the neighborhood boys.
10:13 Because they were trails in the woods.
10:16 There was exploration in the woods.
10:19 I mean, there is sometimes
10:20 we would go very deep into the woods
10:22 probably not more than half a mile
10:24 but when you got really deep in the woods
10:27 that was kind of scary.
10:28 Who knew what was out there
10:29 when you're little kid, you know.
10:31 And then we would, we sometimes would build forts.
10:35 Anyway I remember this one time
10:37 we had built this fort
10:38 we had taken the tools out we dug this big pit.
10:41 Well, for us as kids it seems like a big pit.
10:44 And we threw all the dirt up around the parameter of that pit
10:48 and then we put down logs.
10:50 Well, they weren't really logs
10:51 but, you know, twig branches and whatever we could find,
10:54 you know, make to make fort.
10:56 And it was time for supper
10:58 and I don't know how my dad smelled this out
11:01 but he said "Jim, where are all the tools?"
11:04 And I had to admit we had left them in the woods.
11:07 It was raining now. It was raining now.
11:10 And my dad said "you're going to have to go get those tools
11:14 because they're going to rust in the rain."
11:17 I didn't want to go out into the woods in the dark.
11:21 I really didn't want to do that.
11:25 But my dad I usually didn't argue with my dad
11:29 even into my adult years
11:30 I can hardly remember a discussion that I ever won.
11:38 My dad always won whatever the discussion was.
11:41 But anyway so there I go
11:44 I'm on woods fortunately I'm going out in the woods
11:46 down through the backyard into the woods,
11:48 into the underbrush these big trees and all
11:52 and I don't like the dark
11:53 and unfortunately it wasn't that far from the backyard
11:56 but nevertheless it was into the woods.
11:58 And I found the fort
12:00 and I gather the shovel, the rake and the hoe
12:02 I think that's those were the tools we had out there.
12:05 And I made my way back.
12:07 Something happened to me
12:08 the very moment I turn to go back.
12:11 I just sensed that that was something there
12:13 in the darkness, sinister.
12:15 You know, which just gave me a little bit of adrenaline rush
12:21 and which made me pick up my pace.
12:24 Which meant by the time I got to the backyard
12:27 I was running as fast as I could knowing
12:30 that there was something just behind me.
12:34 I ran the length of the backyard.
12:36 I lunged for the backdoor.
12:38 I stalled the tools now because my dad said
12:41 "you better bring those tools back."
12:43 I lunged for that backdoor.
12:45 I flung it open and I slandered behind me
12:48 just knowing I just have got it.
12:50 I know it was just my childish imagination
12:52 but there is something about the dark.
12:56 And you know when you and I in troublous time
12:59 particularly looked to the future
13:00 and there is uncertainty it's just like that experience.
13:03 I mean, there is fear what's gonna happen.
13:06 If you lost your job
13:08 and you don't know how you're gonna make
13:11 pay the bills next month or the month after that,
13:14 you don't know what's around the corner
13:16 or you've just lost you know
13:18 you've lost your retirement in the stock market.
13:22 I mean, there is some real fear is out there
13:24 and what's gonna happen.
13:27 Well, let me take you to texts 2 Peter 1,
13:30 the New Testament page 183, 183, 2 Peter 1:19.
13:39 2 Peter Chapter 1 now
13:45 and just make your way right down to verse 19
13:47 where we have this important statement in the Bible.
13:50 It says "So we have the prophetic word"
13:52 the prophetic word "made more sure."
13:56 So we have the prophetic word
13:58 and the Bible says it's been made more sure.
14:01 That's talking about reliability, isn't it?
14:04 "To which you do well to pay attention,"
14:08 Was it to that we're to pay attention to?
14:10 The prophetic word.
14:12 Don't let anybody tell you
14:13 prophecy is not important or is not relevant.
14:19 Anyway "To which you do well to pay attention
14:21 as to a lamp shining in a dark place,
14:24 until the day dawns
14:26 and the morning star arises in your hearts."
14:30 So prophecy is like a light a like a lamp
14:34 that lightens up, the future.
14:38 We don't see all of the details
14:40 but it shows us the way.
14:43 It shows us among other things.
14:45 It just shows that God has a plan.
14:48 God really is at work
14:50 and He is going to get us through
14:53 whatever working is and uncertainty
14:56 there is as we think about the future.
14:58 He is going to get us through.
15:00 And so prophecy really is important for us to be assured
15:05 that He is, He is going accomplish
15:07 what He said He is going to accomplish.
15:08 His will is going to be carried out.
15:10 I'll take you to Amos 3:7 on the screen
15:13 where it says "Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
15:15 but He revealeth his secrets unto His servants the prophets."
15:21 And my friend, there we have the assurance
15:23 that's why we're being given the prophetic word.
15:26 That's why we've been given
15:27 the testimony of the prophets in this book.
15:31 We call it the Bible
15:33 it's a powerful book, it is a dynamic book.
15:37 There is no other book like it.
15:43 You can spend a lifetime studying in this book
15:45 and let me tell you, you will never reach a point
15:48 where, where you know it all.
15:51 I was talking to a lady
15:53 and she'd come the opening night
15:55 and she said "oh, I thought you gonna talk about
15:58 political intrigue and conspiracies
16:00 and what's a quite word I thought it was going to be."
16:03 She said "it was interesting."
16:04 But she says "I know what the Bible teaches."
16:08 And I thought to myself that's interesting
16:09 she knows what the Bible teaches.
16:12 Now, you know, I'm not judging
16:13 somebody's experience.
16:15 I know certain things about the Bible
16:17 but I can't say "I know the Bible in the sense."
16:20 I you know, I know every chapter and verse and I know.
16:25 You know you can spend a lifetime studying the Bible
16:28 and still not have gotten it all.
16:32 That's the dynamism in the scriptures.
16:36 I love this book. It's a wonderful book.
16:39 And then I will take you into Isaiah 46:9, 10
16:42 where it says "For I am God, and there is no other I am God,
16:46 and there is none like Me,
16:48 declaring the end from the beginning,
16:50 and from ancient times things that are not yet done."
16:55 God can see into the future.
16:58 He knows exactly
16:59 what's going to happen in the future
17:00 absolutely without question.
17:04 He not only inhabits the present
17:07 he inhabits the future as if it was present.
17:12 He knows what is ahead of us.
17:15 And so we can take courage start tonight
17:18 because God has revealed the future
17:20 and the things which are to take place and assures us
17:24 that He going to get us through.
17:26 He's promise I'm with you always even to the end
17:30 and we must never forget that
17:32 when tough times are going on.
17:34 And tonight we will discover
17:36 through one of the most astounding prophecies
17:39 given to the prophet Daniel.
17:41 How God has been at work in the past
17:44 and how He will work out His will in the future.
17:48 This is really a fascinating study.
17:50 As we turn to the Book of Daniel
17:51 this is the apocalyptic book of the Old Testament.
17:55 It is a parallel,
17:58 a companion book to the Book of Revelation,
18:00 the apocalyptic book of the New Testament.
18:03 And what do we mean when we talk about apocalypse.
18:07 Theologically we talk about apocalyptic literature.
18:10 Let me give you definition about what we are talking about.
18:12 This will help us understand Daniel in Revelation
18:15 and how it really is put together.
18:17 This is the definition, "The apocalyptic books of Daniel
18:20 and Revelation are based on prophetic visions
18:23 and dreams in which the cosmic theme of the conflict
18:27 between good and evil,
18:29 Christ and Satan are set forth in largely,"
18:32 notice "largely coded, prophetic terms
18:35 often depicting fantastic symbolic creatures
18:40 to represent powers, forces,
18:42 and nations relating to the end time.
18:46 Apocalypse literally translates revelation."
18:50 That's really what it means revelation.
18:52 That's why the apocalypse
18:54 of the New Testament is called the Book of Revelation.
18:58 "And as such reveals the closing scenes of earth's history,
19:02 the defeat and destruction of evil,
19:04 the triumph of God's people
19:06 and the establishment of God's eternal kingdom on earth."
19:11 It's all of that. That's what it's all about.
19:14 But as we come to Daniel
19:15 we are coming to Daniel Chapter 2.
19:17 As we come to Daniel Chapter 2
19:18 we find that, you know,
19:20 we find Daniel and his companions.
19:22 Remember them their Babylonian names
19:27 were Shadrach, Meshach Abednego.
19:30 You remember that Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach Abednego.
19:33 They are there because Nebuchadnezzar
19:35 has invaded the kingdom of Judah.
19:39 The kingdom had been gone through a civil war
19:42 basically after the passing of Solomon
19:45 and we have ten more northern tribes
19:48 and then the two southern tribes,
19:50 the tribe of Benjamin and the tribe of the Judah.
19:53 So anyway Nebuchadnezzar had come in the ten tribe
19:56 of Samaria is what we called that nation
19:59 and they're made up Israelites
20:02 were described by the Assyrians.
20:05 So Nebuchadnezzar comes down three times he invades,
20:09 what we call the Holy Land.
20:11 And in the process he takes
20:13 some of the most intelligent often,
20:16 the young people of the nation
20:19 he takes them back to Babylon
20:21 and he puts them through a course of study
20:25 to prepare them for his civil service.
20:28 It was through them and he had this practice
20:31 not just with the Jews that were taking the Babylon
20:34 he had this practice with all of the nations
20:37 that he defeated.
20:39 He will take, he will take the very best
20:42 educate them give them all these privileges
20:45 and then he would administrate his, his empire through them.
20:49 And so that's why Daniel, Shadrach,
20:50 Meshach Abednego are in Babylon.
20:52 And they were in Jerusalem originally
20:54 but now they're in Babylon.
20:56 And Nebuchadnezzar, King Nebuchadnezzar is reigning
21:01 and he has a dream I mean, this is a dream.
21:05 We all had dreams that just really,
21:08 you know, had a deep impact upon us.
21:11 Well, tell you Nebuchadnezzar had one of those kind of dreams.
21:14 In fact, he awakened in the middle of the night
21:17 and he would shaken by this dream.
21:20 It was really overpowering
21:22 but he had no idea what it was about.
21:26 You know, we have to take note of the fact
21:28 that in ancient times they often believed
21:31 that the gods would communicate with them
21:34 by means of dreams and that is apparent
21:37 as you look at Daniel 2.
21:38 Daniel felt that something vital was being communicated to him.
21:43 And so in the middle of the night
21:46 he calls for his counselors his wise men.
21:50 Now can you imagine this?
21:51 He sends out the messengers,
21:54 they awaken all of these counselors
21:56 and it's urgent it can't wait until the morning.
21:59 They got to get up and hurriedly dress.
22:01 They are taken to the palace
22:04 where they find Nebuchadnezzar he is agitated.
22:09 Now among these wise men of counselors
22:11 are those who profess to be able to interpret dreams.
22:16 That's what they're professed to do.
22:17 They were among them astrologers interestingly.
22:22 And so they're brought and in haste Nebuchadnezzar
22:26 we already know that he said in that dream
22:28 and they said oh, king, tell us the dream
22:30 and we'll give you the interpretation.
22:32 But Nebuchadnezzar says "you don't understand
22:34 I can't remember the dream.
22:36 You tell me the dream and then I know that,
22:38 the interpretation is true."
22:40 You can read this context which makes me wonder
22:43 did he really believe some of the claims
22:45 they were making about interpreting the dream.
22:48 But they said "okay this is with the gods
22:51 not with human beings we can't reveal the matter.
22:54 But tell us the dream
22:55 we'll give you an interpretation."
22:57 Yes, they would have done that but he could.
23:02 And as you studied in Daniel 2 you discover
23:04 I'm just giving you the background before
23:06 we get to the verses we're gonna be looking at.
23:08 You'll find Nebuchadnezzar increasingly becoming angry
23:15 and he accused them of just warning.
23:17 You know they-- he was to gonna--
23:18 they were going to tell him until the time should pass.
23:23 Some implication that he thought
23:25 may be there is a little conspiracy going on here.
23:27 I mean, read the whole of Daniel 2.
23:30 When you get home tonight and you will pick
23:31 some of those new answers in, in the text.
23:35 And finally, I mean, what could they do?
23:38 They could do nothing without the dream.
23:42 And Nebuchadnezzar angrily said "away with them."
23:45 He called for captain on his guard
23:47 he said "I want you to get them all
23:50 and I want you to kill them all."
23:52 He was an absolutely ruler.
23:54 Nebuchadnezzar was,
23:56 and so Arioch begin to follow the orders he did.
24:00 And so they went through
24:01 all of Babylon gathering up them all.
24:07 And they knocked on Daniel, Shadrach,
24:09 Meshach Abednego and goes door.
24:11 They were not there.
24:12 Daniel had not been there
24:13 though they were counted public junior members
24:16 of this class of counselors' wise men.
24:20 And Arioch he know he is there in haste
24:23 and Daniel wants it you know what's going on.
24:25 So Arioch does take the time
24:27 to explain to him what's going on.
24:29 And so Daniel asked for a brief period of time.
24:34 A brief period of time he said
24:36 "there is a God in heaven that knows these things."
24:39 And asked for short time
24:40 it was granted to him interestingly enough.
24:43 It was granted to him
24:45 and so Daniel and his companions
24:47 get on their knees and they begin to pray.
24:50 It's in the middle of the night, remember.
24:52 They were asking and they were making their petition to God
24:58 that He would reveal the matter to them and God did,
25:03 that is the Daniel revealed the whole matter to him.
25:08 And so he was taken to King Nebuchadnezzar
25:12 who was interested to hear
25:13 what this Jewish young man would have to say.
25:17 And that's the context that we've,
25:20 that we put into place
25:21 as we get to really our passage tonight.
25:25 Daniel 2:27, 28,
25:29 so Daniel finds himself before King Nebuchadnezzar.
25:33 That's going to be the Old Testament page 629, 629.
25:38 Daniel 2:27, 28 where it says "Daniel answered before the king
25:45 and said, 'As for the mystery about
25:47 which the king has inquired,
25:49 neither wise men, conjurers, magicians
25:52 nor diviners are able to declare it to the king.'"
25:55 He began by making a point that all of them,
26:02 all of those counselors, all of those wise men
26:05 including the astrologers, don't miss this,
26:08 none of them could give the king the answer.
26:10 Verse 28 "However, there is a God in heaven
26:14 who reveals mysteries."
26:16 Do you know that?
26:17 Do you know there is a God in heaven
26:20 that reveals mysteries that which we would
26:22 not understand and comprehend, He does.
26:27 And He has given us revelations
26:29 that appropriately give us certain insights
26:33 into some of these mysteries.
26:35 "There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries
26:37 and He has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar
26:40 what will take place in the latter days."
26:42 The King James says "the last days."
26:44 "This was your dream and the visions
26:46 in your mind while in your bed."
26:49 And we continue on in verse 29.
26:52 He says "As for you, O king, while on your bed
26:55 your thoughts turned to what would take place in the future."
26:58 He was reminding Nebuchadnezzar that as he retired that night
27:02 that he was thinking about the future.
27:05 Nebuchadnezzar was a great empire builder.
27:08 It really began with his father Nabopolassar.
27:13 He began the rebuilding of Babylon.
27:16 We will call this the Neo Babylonian Empire.
27:18 It began with his father and Nebuchadnezzar picked up
27:22 where his father left off
27:24 building this tremendous city beautiful.
27:28 And he had all of this plans. He was expanding his empire.
27:33 He was dominating what we have called the Middle East remember,
27:36 Mesopotamia to put in the terms of that period of time.
27:39 So it's reminding and you're thinking about the future.
27:42 And lot of part of verse 29
27:44 "And He who reveals mysteries has made known to you
27:46 what will take place.
27:48 But as for me, this mystery has not been revealed to me
27:50 for any wisdom residing in me
27:53 more than in any other living man."
27:54 He was not gonna take credit for this
27:56 and that's shows something about the humility of the prophet.
28:00 That's the good thing to have when you have the prophetic gift
28:02 a little bit of humility, don't you.
28:05 And as-- its good to have
28:06 a little bit of humility as believers too, isn't it?
28:09 A little bit of humility is a good thing to have.
28:13 And then we come down,
28:16 we come down to verse 31, look at verse 31.
28:19 He really gets to the matter here.
28:21 He says "You, O king, were looking and behold."
28:25 That's in his dream.
28:26 "You were looking and behold there was a single great statue,
28:30 that statue, which was large and of extraordinary splendor,
28:34 was standing in front of you,
28:35 and its appearance was awesome."
28:39 Immediately Nebuchadnezzar said "that's it."
28:42 That's it.
28:45 He couldn't remember.
28:47 By the way who do you think was behind that
28:50 that Nebuchadnezzar could not remember the dream?
28:53 God was behind it. Why?
28:56 Because he wanted to verify that the interpretation
29:00 was from Him and no other.
29:03 For no other would know the dream except God.
29:07 So it was clear this came from God.
29:10 Okay and he said that's it
29:11 the statue yes, I remember, I remember.
29:14 Verse 32 it says "The head" Daniel says
29:16 "The head of that statue was made of fine gold,
29:19 its breast and its arms of silver,
29:21 its belly and its thighs of bronze, its legs of iron,
29:26 its feet partly of iron and partly of clay."
29:28 It's a great metallic multi metallic image.
29:32 "You continue" verse 34
29:34 "looking until a stone was cut out without hands,
29:37 and it struck the statue
29:38 on its feet of iron and clay and crushed them."
29:41 Crush them "Then the iron and the clay,
29:45 the bronze, the silver
29:46 and the gold were crushed all at the same time
29:48 and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors
29:51 and the wind carried them away
29:53 so that not a trace of them was found.
29:56 But the stone that struck the statue
29:59 became a great mountain and filled the whole earth."
30:03 Now again he immediately
30:05 Nebuchadnezzar said that's it, that's exactly it.
30:11 So do you think it gave him confidence
30:13 in the interpretation that now follows?
30:16 Absolutely.
30:18 Verse 36, "This was the dream."
30:22 Daniel says, this was the dream
30:25 "now we will tell its interpretation before the king.
30:29 You, O king, are the king of kings,
30:31 to whom the God of heaven has given the kingdom,
30:34 the power, the strength and the glory,
30:37 and wherever the sons of men dwell,
30:39 or the beasts of the field, or the birds of the sky,
30:41 He has given them into your hand
30:44 and has caused you to rule over them all.
30:47 You are the head of gold."
30:52 And Nebuchadnezzar probably said something like
30:54 "Amen, you have got that one right."
30:59 I know they've said Amen
31:00 but, you know, of course,
31:03 the head, and it's the head of gold.
31:05 It represents my kingdom, my empire.
31:09 Yes, how appropriate.
31:11 And wow might the Babylonian empire
31:16 be represented the head of gold.
31:18 You know, they've been doing archeology over there.
31:21 You know, in fact, in what modern country
31:25 would we find Babylon, today?
31:29 In Iraq.
31:31 Its interesting that among the divisions of Saddam Hussein,
31:37 among the republican guard divisions
31:41 he had the division called the Nebuchadnezzar division.
31:44 Did you ever catch that in the news?
31:47 Which told me, well, I think it tells me
31:51 that he has some ambitions and identified something
31:56 of somewhat with this great empire builder.
31:59 And Saddam had some ambitions, didn't he.
32:02 He did.
32:04 But anyway you know here is the Ishtar Gate
32:07 as they, they imagine it this was the one of the main gates
32:11 that came into the city.
32:13 You will remember that in the city hung
32:15 one of the seven wonders of the ancient world
32:18 the hanging gardens of Nebuchadnezzar.
32:20 I will share a little bit about that story.
32:22 There is a love story behind this actually as you look at it.
32:24 But as they've been excavating
32:26 there at the site of ancient Babylon
32:29 they've been making some fascinating discoveries.
32:32 Among other things they discovered
32:33 that the city was laid out
32:35 in the form of square, approximately 15 miles to aside.
32:39 This was known little village or just small city.
32:43 Fifteen miles aside to a site
32:45 which meant in encompass an area of 225 square miles.
32:50 And it had these massive walls that surrounded it.
32:55 In fact among the cuneiform tablets
32:57 that they have found at the site of ancient Babylon,
33:00 they have found cuneiform tablets
33:02 that come directly from Nebuchadnezzar.
33:04 Among the things that he said about this beautiful city
33:08 and the empire that it represented.
33:10 It say "May it Last Forever."
33:13 But anyway massive walls around it in fact,
33:16 it was a double walled defense system.
33:20 The inner wall was 21 feet thick.
33:24 And places of they say 87 thick
33:27 and in some places it's high as 300 feet high.
33:30 So you have an inner wall
33:32 that basically it was 21 feet thick
33:35 then around it was mote that was 40 feet wide.
33:41 And then you had an outer wall
33:44 that was 12 feet wide.
33:47 They build the city to withstand any siege.
33:51 But at this point Nebuchadnezzar was not so sure
33:55 that he was really happy to hear
33:57 that it was going to come to an end.
34:00 As this cuneiform tablets indicated
34:02 he wanted this empire to last forever.
34:05 But my friend, short of the kingdom of God
34:08 nothing lasts forever on this planet, you know that.
34:13 We are here today.
34:14 We're to be gone tomorrow relatively speaking aren't we.
34:19 And we know, we know Nebuchadnezzar
34:22 actually struggled with this whole issue
34:25 that his kingdom was not going to last
34:27 that there was going to be another kingdom.
34:28 We know that because as you go to the next chapter
34:31 in Daniel you'll discover
34:33 that Nebuchadnezzar builds himself a statue.
34:36 Where do you think he got that idea?
34:41 Yes, he got it from that dream.
34:43 But this statue was made
34:45 of what kind of metal from head to foot?
34:48 All gold. All gold.
34:50 What kind of statement do you think Nebuchadnezzar
34:52 was making when he did that?
34:54 He didn't want to end.
34:57 It was an act of rebellion
34:58 against what God have revealed to him.
35:00 Those hanging gardens it's a love story
35:02 because he married a medium princess
35:06 and her name was Amadeus and she came from Mede
35:11 which is North of Babylon.
35:13 It's in a mountainous area.
35:14 It's got wildlife, its got trees
35:17 and foliage and Babylon's in a semiarid area,
35:20 its like almost like a desert.
35:22 It was not beautiful she was homesick
35:25 and so Nebuchadnezzar put to work 103,000 slaves
35:29 those who build these beautiful hanging gardens.
35:32 If you thought these were just a few flower pots
35:35 something hung here and there this was much more elaborate
35:39 as they brought in even wildlife and all of the trees
35:43 and you know they had elaborate system
35:45 it did this all out of love for his queen.
35:48 The Babylon indicates that it comes to an end.
35:51 And it did.
35:52 The days for the Neo Babylon Empire
35:55 are from 605-539 BC.
35:58 You can see for yourself it didn't last forever
36:00 but as we read in verse 39 it's says.
36:03 "After you there will arise
36:04 another kingdom inferior to you."
36:06 As we come down to the chest of silver.
36:09 What kingdom comes on the hills of the Babylonian empire?
36:14 The Persian Empire.
36:15 I think some of you have
36:16 actually studied this, haven't you?
36:19 The Persian Empire that's exactly what the history,
36:23 ancient history tells us happened.
36:27 It was the Medo-Persian Empire the Medes
36:30 and the Persians in the military alliance
36:32 is what was involved here.
36:34 And it's interesting that in Isaiah 45:1,
36:37 this prophecy was made about the destruction of Babylon.
36:41 Its destruction how it would be destroyed
36:44 and by whom it would be destroyed?
36:45 This prophecy was given 150-years before it happened.
36:49 And it says "Thus says the Lord to Cyrus His anointed,
36:52 whom I have taken by the right hand,
36:54 to subdue nations before him
36:56 and to loose the loins of kings to open doors before him
37:00 so that gates will not be shut."
37:03 Now we come down basically
37:05 to generations from Nebuchadnezzar.
37:08 We come to the time his grandson Belshazzar
37:13 who is reigning in Babylon
37:17 that you been remember that at one point
37:19 when you know there was writing on the palace wall and Daniel
37:23 and all men came and read it.
37:27 Belshazzar said "I will make you the third ruler in Babylon."
37:31 There is a reason why he said third ruler
37:33 because his father Nabonidus
37:38 was a co-ruler with Belshazzar.
37:42 Nabonidus some 10 years before had taken the army
37:47 and had gone some distance from the empire
37:49 where it's kind of murky what he was doing
37:51 but he was gone for ten years left Belshazzar.
37:54 When the Medes and Persians in this military alliance
37:57 went up against Babylon
37:59 again we know this from the Bible
38:00 but we know this from secular history as well.
38:03 History verifies what, what, what we find in the Bible
38:07 and this is, you know, we don't have photographs
38:10 but this is Cyrus the Great,
38:12 the head of this military alliance.
38:14 And we still have the tomb of Cyrus the Great
38:17 in Iran there is the tomb,
38:20 it still stands today of Cyrus the Great,
38:23 a testament to a great man for that period of time.
38:28 And so we have the Medes and the Persians
38:31 they are laying siege against Babylon.
38:33 But they have these double you know these massive walls,
38:37 these doubled walls system with this huge mote.
38:41 And they felt so secure behind those massive walls.
38:44 Well, the river Euphrates flows
38:46 right through the middle of the city.
38:50 But as it flows through this city
38:51 they were these massive walls there were gates.
38:53 Of course, there were gates.
38:55 And so the Medes and the Persians
38:57 are known to the defenders
38:59 began to divert the river Euphrates
39:01 to a nearby base it was out of site.
39:03 They built a channel and then when they completed
39:06 they diverted the waters to this nearby basin.
39:08 The water went down that faithful night
39:10 and then the combined armies of the Medes and the Persians
39:13 made their way up into the interior of the city.
39:18 In fact if you look at this historically
39:20 the Medes and Persians have a very long history together.
39:25 In fact, remember some of these epic balances
39:27 between the Persians and the Greeks?
39:30 Remember some of that from history?
39:33 When you look at the composition of the Persian forces
39:37 you will find invariably the Medes were always present.
39:42 So this was not unusual.
39:44 And so they diverted the river Euphrates
39:46 and as they came up into the city down that dry river bed
39:50 guess what they found just as declared in Isaiah 45,
39:53 the gates were left open and that night the city fell.
39:57 The city fell just as the Bible predicted.
40:00 And out of it out of this military alliance
40:02 we have the emergence what we call the Persian Empire.
40:06 The dates of it are 539 to 331 BC,
40:10 539-331 and then the lot of part of verse 39 goes on to say.
40:17 "Then another third kingdom of bronze,
40:20 which will rule over all the earth."
40:23 What kingdom as we look at our ancient world history
40:26 comes on the heels of the Persian Empire?
40:29 Greek. It's the Grecian empire, the Greeks.
40:34 And I think most of us know that much about history
40:38 and of course when we talk about the Grecian empire
40:41 we think of this young man Alexander the Great.
40:45 His father Philip of Macedon, died.
40:51 Actually, Philip had been preparing
40:53 for this for this incursion into the Persian Empire.
40:59 And Alexander the Great very quickly consolidated
41:03 the Greek states under his control
41:06 within a few months he was successful in doing this
41:08 though he was very young,
41:09 he was in his very early 20s when he did this.
41:13 And then he took up, he took up this, this forces
41:18 and you know all of this wise
41:20 and every thing that his father has been preparing
41:22 for this battle with the Persians.
41:24 Again you know one of those
41:26 epic conflicts with the Persian Empire.
41:29 And he went up against the Persian King Darius III
41:32 again we know this from the historical record.
41:35 He went to Issus that's where he met the Persian forces.
41:39 And it is estimated the Persians had a force of 400,000 soldiers.
41:44 It was composite of many nations.
41:49 Had I'll tell you Alexander the Great was a military genius.
41:56 You know, he had his way
41:57 of driving a wedge in the opposing forces
42:01 and then he would take his cavalry
42:02 and he would be at the head of it
42:04 and he would go for the head
42:06 which was Darius III in this case.
42:08 He would drive for the head.
42:11 And I don't know how old this mosaic is
42:13 but it's a mosaic showing Darius III
42:16 as he sees Alexander the Great
42:17 with his cavalry coming straight for him.
42:20 You can see the fear and he takes his chariot
42:23 out of the battle and he runs for his life.
42:27 And the Persians were defeated and he dominated,
42:33 he controlled the world that he knew it.
42:35 But he had these great ambitions
42:37 to cross over the Himalayan mountains
42:41 and he descendant as we know from the historical records
42:44 down into the northern plains of India.
42:48 And he was having some trouble
42:49 because some of this soldiers were,
42:50 I mean they've been on the campaign
42:52 as Greeks soldiers for a very long time.
42:54 Some of them were weary of it,
42:56 some of them were going awol,
42:58 some of them when they went awol
42:59 didn't go back to Greece
43:01 they stayed in Himalaya Mountains
43:02 and they intermarried with the local population.
43:05 They intermarried among those who lived in Hunza.
43:09 I saw this on the History channel
43:11 just a couple of years ago.
43:13 As they were studying these people
43:15 in the Himalayan Mountains
43:17 who were light skinned and blue eyed
43:20 unlike any of the other surrounding population
43:24 and bearing testimony that they intermarried
43:26 with some of these Greeks.
43:28 So anyway he had a large force at this point
43:31 descendant into those the northern plains of India
43:35 as I have already noted
43:36 and had this epic battle with the Indians.
43:40 And for the very first time as they were in battle
43:43 they met 200 war elephants.
43:47 They had never seen such a thing.
43:51 They barely were able to prevail but its soldiers had to had it,
43:57 they rebelled they were not willing to go further.
44:00 Who knows how much further he would have gone
44:02 if they've been willing to follow him.
44:04 I mean, he was still young man
44:05 and he was in his early 30s at this point
44:09 when all of this happened.
44:10 And so he took them back.
44:13 And he took them back through the Makran desert
44:17 which is the worst wrath
44:19 that he possibly could have taken them.
44:22 He was taking them back through this desert,
44:24 he went into this desert I got the figures here.
44:26 He went into the desert with 82,000 soldiers.
44:30 By the time they got the through the desert
44:32 they were only 25,000 of them left.
44:37 And some wondered
44:38 if he didn't take them out to there to punish them
44:41 because they had failed to follow him all the way.
44:45 And we have Grecian empire we have Greek culture
44:49 that dominates this civilized world,
44:52 the western world as we know it
44:54 and that's why Greek became international language,
44:57 why Greek became the language of the New Testament.
45:03 And it's all because of what Alexander the great did.
45:06 But there is more as we turn to verse 40
45:08 those in the dates
45:09 for the Grecian empire 331 to 168 BC.
45:13 And as we come to verse 40 it says
45:14 "Then there will be a fourth kingdom as strong as iron,
45:19 inasmuch as iron crushes and shatters all things,
45:22 so, like iron that breaks in pieces,
45:24 it will crush and break all these in pieces."
45:27 Now what empire are we talking about?
45:30 And of course those of you who remember your history
45:32 we're talking about the Roman Empire,
45:35 we are talking about the Caesar aren't we.
45:38 This empire would out last them all.
45:41 It lasted for centuries.
45:43 And of course, one of the main figures
45:45 that we think of when we think of Rome
45:47 we think of Julius Caesar as we have in depicted here.
45:50 Julius Caesar, who helped to consolidate the empire.
45:55 This actually happened in number of times
45:57 through the history of the empire
46:00 of this consolidation and then often administratively
46:04 it would be broken up in different parts to be,
46:07 you know, because it was so very vast.
46:09 And so Julius Caesar interesting to study him.
46:14 And this empire, this empire in its heyday
46:18 stretched all way from the Isles of Britain
46:21 through what we call Western Europe
46:25 through the Middle East, through Asia Minor
46:27 the Middle East and Northern Africa.
46:29 It was vast, the Roman Empire as we look at it.
46:34 But you know and reached a time historically
46:37 when the Roman Empire, the Roman Empire
46:39 often had problems and difficulties particularly
46:42 as it begin to restore those final centuries.
46:45 In fact the dates for the Roman Empire
46:47 are from 168 BC to the middle of the 4th century AD.
46:52 And so we had the Roman Empire
46:55 we got the Babylonian
46:56 then the Persian and then the Grecian
46:59 then the Roman Empire.
47:01 Okay, that's the progression,
47:03 the progression that we are finding
47:05 and then we come to verse 41.
47:07 In verse 41 it says "In that you saw the feet and toes,
47:10 partly of potter's clay and partly of iron,
47:14 it will be a divided kingdom."
47:16 It's talking about the ten toes.
47:19 "But it will have in it the toughness of iron,
47:21 inasmuch as you saw the iron mixed with common clay."
47:24 I ask you, do we have
47:25 the introduction of another empire
47:27 as we have had in the previous progressions?
47:31 Not at all.
47:33 But it says because it's a continuation of the iron
47:36 into the ten toes the feet, right, continuation iron
47:40 but it will go through an alteration it'll change
47:45 with like pottery and it would not
47:48 it will become a divided kingdom.
47:51 And we know something again about this
47:52 is as we look at the history of it,
47:54 that's exactly what happened.
47:55 I mean we have the we have the barbarians
47:58 that often were threatening
48:00 the cohesiveness of the Roman Empire
48:02 and eventually were successful in breaking up the Roman Empire
48:07 and among them where some of my relatives
48:09 and so I have German blood in me, you know.
48:11 And we have here you have a map of the, of the various tribes
48:17 that broke up the empire this Suevi, Visigoths,
48:20 the Franks the Anglo-Saxons the Burgundies and on and on.
48:26 You can go.
48:27 And this were put it altogether little bit better.
48:29 The Alamanni became the Germans,
48:32 the Burgandians the Swiss, the Franks the French,
48:35 the Lombards the Italians, the Saxons the English,
48:38 and Suevi the Portuguese and Visigoths the Spanish.
48:42 And so it became a divided kingdom just like,
48:46 just like the Bible indicated it would.
48:49 But there is more as we come down to verse 43.
48:54 It says "And in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay,
48:58 they will combine with one another in the seed of men
49:01 but they will not adhere to one another,
49:03 even as iron does not combine with pottery."
49:06 It says they would seek to combine
49:08 or to unite through the seed of men.
49:13 And what is that talking about?
49:15 Again it's talking about that European time
49:17 after the break up of the empire,
49:19 after it was divided, the attempt to reestablish
49:23 the cohesiveness and unity of the empire.
49:28 And there was one attempt made after another.
49:30 Basically it was the intermarrying
49:33 between the royal houses of Europe.
49:35 Its one of the ways they sought to bring this unity
49:38 and to bring peace in Europe.
49:39 These families just fought each other, killed each other.
49:42 You know at one point the Czar of Russia,
49:46 Kaiser Wilhelm and the king of England
49:49 were all first cousins.
49:51 They had a common grandmother Queen Victoria.
49:54 In fact, Queen Elizabeth II,
49:55 the current reigning Queen in England
50:00 married into it's the trivial question for the night into
50:05 what royal house when she married Prince Philip?
50:10 Anybody know?
50:13 The royal house of Greece
50:15 of course, which does not exist anymore
50:18 but if it did that's where
50:20 that's where, Philip came from anyway.
50:22 So there is still this practice.
50:24 But it did not bring unity and cohesiveness
50:27 and there is been one attempt after another.
50:29 There was Sharla Maens
50:30 they called it the Holy Roman Empire.
50:33 It had a semblance of unity
50:35 but my friend, it was really not unified you look at it.
50:38 Politically, it was not really unified.
50:41 And then you look at the Louis XIV
50:44 and you can look at Napoleon
50:46 and it seem like Napoleon might cede
50:48 and then you come down to Kaiser Wilhelm
50:51 and then the Turek,
50:52 Hitler it almost seem like he might succeed.
50:56 And then today we have what the European Union.
51:00 You tell me what the Bible says about this.
51:02 Are they gonna succeed? No
51:05 Never, they will not. You can debate upon this.
51:09 The Bible makes this clear it will remain divided.
51:13 They will attempt it but it will remain divided.
51:16 Now you, notice there is not much left.
51:19 This is an outline of human history
51:21 that takes us right down to our own time.
51:24 What's the next thing? Do you remember in the dream?
51:29 That huge stone that smashes the statue
51:33 what does that represent?
51:35 Human history where this political system
51:39 are going to come to an end.
51:42 That has bought us right down to our day and age.
51:46 We know what we are at.
51:48 The next kingdom is that which God will establish.
51:52 Verse 44, verse 44, here it is "In the days of those kings."
51:58 And their kingdoms.
51:59 "The God of heaven will set up a kingdom
52:01 which will never be destroyed,
52:04 and that kingdom will not be left for another people
52:06 it will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms,
52:08 but it will itself endure forever."
52:12 My friend, I'm here to tell you
52:14 we are on the verge of the establishment
52:17 of the eternal kingdom of God on earth.
52:23 And who is it that will rein over us?
52:28 King Jesus, absolutely, King Jesus.
52:34 And He will solve all of the world's problems.
52:38 It will be a totally new world order.
52:43 It is fundamentally moving away from the old world
52:45 order to establish the eternal kingdom of God.
52:48 This is exciting, my friend.
52:50 Its exciting the one who died for us is going to come back.
52:55 He is going to bring the rein of sin
52:57 and death and rebellion to an end.
53:00 And in the process He is going to establish
53:02 His everlasting kingdom.
53:05 And if by faith in Jesus
53:09 we will be counted to be the citizens.
53:13 You and I will be the citizens of this kingdom.
53:15 Yes, yes its true that we live in troublous times,
53:18 difficult times but the God of heaven is working.
53:21 He is working through the fares
53:23 and meant to accomplish His will.
53:26 My friend, the final solution to this earth
53:28 and its problems comes through
53:30 the direct intervention of God in human history.
53:33 There is no other solution.
53:34 The kingdoms of this world will be dissolved
53:37 into the kingdom of righteousness
53:39 and everlasting peace and again the one who will rule over us
53:45 will be called the prince of peace.
53:48 All of this because of what Jesus did
53:51 for us the bearing our sins,
53:54 taking the curse upon Him on the Cross of Cavalry.
53:58 My friend, it guarantees it and end is coming
54:01 and with it a wonderful new beginning.
54:04 It's exciting isn't it, to think about it
54:06 that this could happen in our day and age.
54:09 The future has been revealed, Jesus has revealed it to us.
54:12 It will all take place at His coming.
54:14 And Luke 21 is our final text where Jesus says
54:17 "But when these things begin to take place,
54:19 straighten up and lift up your heads,
54:21 because your redemption is drawing near."
54:24 As we look at this prophecies
54:26 as we see how they're been fulfilled
54:29 they are to all give us assurance
54:31 He is coming He is coming soon.
54:34 But remember Jesus said
54:35 "I'm with you always even to the end."
54:39 He is gonna be with us
54:40 through the tough times ahead of us.
54:43 But notice it says don't get discouraged,
54:46 don't get worn down and way down.
54:48 It's says when you see these things happen
54:50 straighten up and to stay courage
54:54 because our redemption got an eye.


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