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00:34 And in the Book of Daniel,
00:35 we find some fascinating time prophecies.
00:38 We're gonna be in Daniel Chapter 9 to be exact.
00:42 And as a result of our study this evening
00:44 our faith is going to be strengthened
00:46 in the reliability of God's word
00:50 among another, a number of things
00:52 that I think will impress us.
00:54 And indeed, we find these time prophecies
00:56 as I mentioned outlined
00:57 in the apocalyptic Book of Daniel.
00:59 It is chapter 9 that is going to be
01:01 the Old Testament, page 637.
01:07 Old Testament, page 637.
01:09 So it's Daniel 9
01:12 and we're looking at verse 24 to begin with.
01:16 And then we're gonna look at the context
01:18 in which we find these time prophecies
01:21 and these are vital.
01:22 These prophecies are really vital to us.
01:26 And this is what we find as we looked again Daniel 9:24.
01:30 It says, "Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people
01:34 and your holy city."
01:36 And I remind you who Daniel is,
01:38 Daniel is a Jew.
01:40 Daniel is a Jew that was taken into captivity
01:43 by King Nebuchadnezzar and is in Babylon.
01:47 Nebuchadnezzar had this practice
01:49 as he conquered one nation after another in what we call
01:53 the Middle East or Mesopotamia,
01:57 his practice was that he would take
01:59 many of the young promising, young people into captivity.
02:03 He would train them for his civil service
02:06 and he would administer
02:07 his vast empire through these individuals.
02:11 And Daniel was chosen to be
02:13 one of the civil servant's of Nebuchadnezzar.
02:18 And so he spends the rest of his life,
02:21 his long life in Babylon.
02:25 And he is a prophet.
02:27 He receives revelations, he has visions
02:31 and so we're gonna be looking in part
02:33 as some of the revelations given to him.
02:34 And specifically when it says here,
02:36 "Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people"
02:39 it is talking of course of Daniel's people,
02:41 it's taking about the Jews.
02:44 And so we have a time prophecy that relates to the Jews
02:49 and it says when it says, "your holy city,"
02:51 of course it's talking about Jerusalem, Jerusalem.
02:56 And again I want to get into the context.
02:58 Look at verse 2, I'm gonna give you the context.
03:01 In verse 2, I want to turn the page here it says,
03:04 "In the first year of his reign,"
03:07 that is speaking of speaking of Darius,
03:11 the Mede and his reign.
03:14 He says, "I, Daniel, observed in the books
03:17 the number of the years
03:18 which was revealed as the word of the Lord
03:20 to Jeremiah the prophet
03:22 for the completion of the desolations of Jerusalem,
03:25 namely, seventy years."
03:29 So, Daniel has been here for decades
03:33 in the ancient city of Babylon.
03:36 And you know, that surprises that the prophet himself
03:38 was a student of prophecy.
03:40 He had been studying the prophecies of Jeremiah.
03:43 Now Jeremiah wrote approximately in generation
03:46 or so before the time of Daniel.
03:50 And among the other things that Jeremiah prophesied about
03:53 he was not a popular prophet
03:55 because he was predicting all of the doom
03:58 that was going to come to Jerusalem
04:01 and because of their sin
04:03 and because of their rebelliousness against God.
04:07 And I want to tell you they just were listening to him.
04:10 They threw him into dungeon, he had to go through
04:13 all the tragedy of not only predicting
04:16 what was gonna happen but seeing the events unfolding.
04:22 And in fact, he also wrote the book of Lamentations.
04:26 Read the book of Lamentations
04:27 as he laments what happened to his people,
04:32 and to the city of Jerusalem.
04:34 It's just heartbreaking
04:35 when you look at that particular book.
04:38 So anyway he's been studying through the prophet Jeremiah
04:42 and he comes across his prophecy calculates out the time
04:46 and it becomes clear to him that
04:48 it's a bad time for this prophecy to be fulfilled.
04:52 It's recorded in Jeremiah 29:10.
04:55 This is the prophecy that he was looking at.
04:57 He says, "For thus says the Lord,
04:59 'When seventy years have been completed for Babylon,
05:02 I will visit you and fulfill My good word to you,
05:06 to bring you back to this place.'"
05:09 And so the seventy year prophecy predicted
05:13 a restoration of the Jews back to the city of Jerusalem.
05:21 The restoration of the nation as well will be a part of that.
05:25 And so the first part of Daniel 9
05:28 as he recognizes the time is at hand,
05:30 we find Daniel in earnests
05:32 and intercessory prayer on behalf of his people.
05:36 And during the course of his prayer,
05:37 he is confessing the sins of his people.
05:41 Notice some of the things
05:42 that he was concerned about as we drop down to verse 5.
05:46 Verse 5 he prays,
05:48 "We have sinned, committed iniquity,
05:52 acted wickedly and rebelled, even turning aside from Your
05:57 commandments and ordinances."
05:59 And my friend, they paid an awful price
06:03 because they've turned away from the Lord.
06:05 They again the city was destroyed,
06:08 they were sending into captivity
06:10 because they had turned away
06:13 from keeping the commandments of God.
06:16 Now they're those-- those are gonna tell us the commandments.
06:18 What are the commandments?
06:20 How important can the commandments be?
06:23 My friend, God himself gave them to us.
06:26 It is the standard by which we are by the grace of Jesus.
06:31 And it is always through the grace of Jesus, isn't it?
06:34 It's through the-- these are the commandments
06:35 that we are to seek to live in harmony with.
06:40 And as we see here, this is one other sins
06:44 and it was not the only sin
06:45 as we come down to look at verse 6 where he says,
06:48 "Moreover, we have not listened to Your servants the prophets,
06:52 who spoke in Your name to our kings,
06:54 our princes, our fathers and all the people of the land."
06:59 And in addition to having turned away
07:02 from the commandments,
07:04 they had failed to respond to the testimony
07:07 that God gave to them through the prophets.
07:11 And, my friend, how vital is the testimony
07:14 that God has given to us through the prophetic word,
07:18 that is through the scriptures.
07:20 God gives us not only an understanding of truth
07:25 but often He's giving us council,
07:27 He's giving us direction.
07:29 And let me just bear a testimony to it.
07:31 My friend, this is the book to live by.
07:34 You know, we're gonna live by something, aren't we?
07:36 And most people in the world they're gonna be living by
07:38 for their own interests
07:40 and they're gonna be living in accordance
07:42 with their own instincts.
07:46 And, my friend, that really isn't sufficient.
07:51 We need something that is dependable,
07:54 something that's concrete,
07:56 something that we can rely upon.
07:59 And, my friend, that's the Bible.
08:01 And I know many of you have found that
08:03 in your life's experience in the past
08:05 and maybe some of you're coming to it
08:07 or maybe you're even coming back to it.
08:10 I came to it as a young man. I came to it as a teenager.
08:14 And you know at my junior year in high school,
08:16 this is when my faith in Jesus
08:19 and His word was revived in my experience.
08:21 I was 11 years of age when I gave my heart to Jesus
08:24 and was baptized.
08:26 But I had a kind of rebirth experience
08:32 when I was about 17 years of age.
08:35 And I made that determination as a young man
08:37 that I was going to seek to live by the principles
08:41 and the teachings of the word of God.
08:44 I haven't always measured up.
08:46 There had been significant failures in my life.
08:49 I mean, you know, we're human,
08:51 we all will stumble and fall along the way, won't we?
08:54 But there is that purpose that we have determined
08:59 by the grace of God
09:00 that we want to do the right thing.
09:02 We want to live in harmony with what the Bibles teach us.
09:05 But let me tell you, these people have departed,
09:09 they had departed from God, they had departed
09:12 from the teachings of the word of God.
09:15 They had neglected the teachings of the prophets.
09:19 In fact you'll find period of times,
09:21 you know, periods of time in among Ancient Israel
09:25 where they hunted down the prophets to destroy them.
09:28 They didn't like the messages that they were getting.
09:31 And I call it, you know,
09:34 is that spiritual teenage syndrome.
09:38 You could be 60 years of age,
09:40 you could be, you know, 80 years of age
09:42 and going through the spiritual teenage syndrome
09:45 that is this rebelliousness this unwillingness to listen
09:50 and so unwillingness to be teachable.
09:53 And, my friend, they had a bad case of it.
09:56 And that's-- it got them into lot of trouble.
09:59 And, my friend, the same thing can happen to us
10:01 when we willfully depart from the counsels of God's word.
10:06 There's a direct cause in fact a relationship
10:09 that plays out in our lives.
10:12 And, you know, as it says in Galatians Chapter 6,
10:16 you know, it says, "We reap what we sow."
10:20 And my friend, if you want to reap out
10:22 good things in our lives,
10:23 we've got to plant good things into our lives, right.
10:27 And a lot of our lives as we get older
10:29 is some of it is uprooting some of the bad things
10:32 that got planted in maybe very early in life.
10:35 And by the grace of Jesus,
10:36 we can do some uprooting and some replanting.
10:40 We have the opportunity to be growing
10:43 and planting and reaping out the good things
10:48 that had been promised to us in the Jesus Christ.
10:52 And the good things that we find in the book,
10:55 this book that is so dynamic, this book that is so powerful.
11:00 Remember Paul said it, "faith cometh by hearing,
11:03 and hearing by the word of God."
11:07 And so if you want your faith to increase my friend,
11:10 just keep studying the word of God
11:14 prayerfully seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
11:17 Read through 1 and 2 Chronicles
11:20 and 1 and 2 Kings and 1 and 2 Samuel.
11:23 Those historical records as we have in the Old Testament
11:27 and you'll find that the record historically is that
11:30 it seemed like the people of God
11:32 were often more in rebellion than they were faithful to him.
11:37 It's a sad history as you look at Ancient Israel.
11:41 And I mean at one point by the time of Jeremiah
11:45 they had gone so far into rebellion again.
11:49 They were worshipping the sun god from the Temple Mount.
11:53 The people of God were worshipping the sun, Baal.
11:57 And unfortunately that was not an isolated incidence
12:00 where they had turned to the other god's
12:03 of the nations surrounding them.
12:06 And so the nation was destroyed, the city laid in ruins
12:13 because they were not listened.
12:15 And the people--
12:16 many of them were taken into captivity as we noted.
12:19 Again we must be sure to the grace of Jesus
12:22 that we give heed to the teachings
12:25 and principles of God's word.
12:28 And then I take you on down to verse 10
12:30 where he repeats.
12:32 He says, "Nor have we obeyed the voice of the Lord our God,
12:36 to walk in His teachings which He set before us
12:39 through His servants the prophets."
12:41 Let me tell you, this matter of being a Christian,
12:43 a believer in God is not just a good fuzzy feeling inside.
12:49 There-- there is that, there is joy, there is peace,
12:53 there is all of this love
12:56 that marks our relationship with Him.
12:58 But, my friend, it must be more than
13:00 just a good feeling.
13:04 A relationship calls for a commitment
13:08 and it is like, it is like a marriage of many ways.
13:11 I mean, do you always feel remember it,
13:14 there was, you know the high when you got married,
13:17 when you're accord in and that you got married.
13:20 But then, you know, there was that kind of settling down.
13:22 Did you feel that high emotion that deep love everyday,
13:27 every moment, did you always-- do you always feel that
13:30 in a committed marriage relationship?
13:33 No, there are times when the feelings are not there.
13:36 Are we any less committed
13:39 because the feelings are not necessarily
13:41 always right there?
13:43 No. We are committed.
13:46 And so it is in our relationship with God.
13:48 There will be some high times.
13:50 There will be some wonderful times.
13:52 There will be some deep emotion but it will not always be so.
13:57 Are we any less committed when there is a deep emotion?
14:02 Of course, we must not let emotionalism
14:06 drive our experience with God.
14:09 There is all that love and joy, won't deny it,
14:12 it's an essential part of it.
14:14 But, you know, our faith must go deeper
14:18 where there is a commitment
14:19 regardless of how we feel at heart, right.
14:23 There's got to be commitment that goes deep.
14:26 And by the grace of Jesus,
14:28 He will work that out in our lives.
14:30 And, so my friend, that tells us we must be sure
14:33 that by the grace of Jesus we give heed.
14:37 Not because we are necessarily being compelled,
14:40 certainly not because we are being forced
14:42 because God forces nobody but because we have made
14:46 a conscious decision in our lives
14:49 that this is what we stand for.
14:52 And we got to stand for something, don't we?
14:54 As Christians we've got to stand for something.
14:57 And I want to tell you without the book,
15:00 we have nothing.
15:02 You know, what we'll know about Jesus, little footnote
15:05 and just a little footnote in history.
15:08 That's all we have recorded,
15:09 if you want to go back to the time in Jesus,
15:11 it's just really just a brief reference to Jesus historically.
15:16 So what we know about Jesus Christ
15:18 and, my friend, it wasn't just above from the sky,
15:20 it comes through a revelation of the word of God.
15:24 And so everything depends upon the word of God.
15:27 Paul said in writing to Timothy the young preacher Timothy,
15:31 II Timothy 4:3, 4.
15:34 He says, "For the time will come when they,"
15:38 and he is speaking of the people of God,
15:39 "when they will not endure sound doctrine."
15:43 Doctrine is just another word for teaching.
15:47 Teaching is essential.
15:49 Listen remember, remember what it was when--
15:52 to be really in the throes of that
15:54 first love experience with the one,
15:56 the significant one in your life.
15:59 Remember the joy of spending time together,
16:01 remember that.
16:04 When you remind yourselves of that, don't we?
16:06 You know, we spend every available hour.
16:09 You know, I met my wife
16:10 at the beginning of my sophomore year in college.
16:13 And I had a great roommate, in fact, I just worked with him,
16:16 he is a pastor of the Thousand Oaks Church
16:20 down in Southern California.
16:22 And so, Mike had invited me to come in to work with he
16:25 and Larry Meager who was the senior pastor.
16:29 But I tell you when I met Donna, he hardly ever saw me again.
16:34 Because every available moment
16:36 I had I was spending with this young woman that I discovered.
16:41 I was eating with her.
16:43 You know, I would be studying with her when I could.
16:46 I was spending every available moment with her.
16:49 And when the weekend came we were in church together,
16:52 Saturday night we were together,
16:53 Sabbath afternoon we were together,
16:56 Sunday, we were together as much as we possibly could.
16:59 We just loved to be with each other.
17:01 And the joy of really knowing who she really was
17:06 and, you know, she had this great personality.
17:09 My wife has a great personality. She is just as so vivacious.
17:14 When I brought her home to meet my family,
17:16 my sister Bonnie seven years young than I.
17:19 She said, "finally, we've got somebody
17:21 it's gonna bring some life to this family."
17:24 And that was my wife, Donna.
17:26 But there was this joy of talking,
17:30 getting to know each other, to learn about each other.
17:34 And, my friend, that is the connection between us
17:38 and the God that we love
17:40 the one who died for us and the teachings
17:43 in Revelations of God's word.
17:46 This is what gives content to our relationship to Jesus.
17:52 So "They will not endure sound doctrine,
17:54 but wanting to have their ears tickled."
17:56 What do you think that means, they want their ears tickled?
17:59 Oh, just tell me something that will be interesting.
18:01 And just tell me something that I will enjoy hearing right.
18:06 Just tell me of the good days.
18:09 Well, during the course of the seminar
18:10 we're gonna tell you a lot of good things from God's word.
18:14 But they're gonna be some things
18:15 just human nature being what it is that--
18:17 it's kind of go against the grain
18:19 of our natural inclinations.
18:22 I don't know but for some of us
18:23 we're gonna find yourself on our knees,
18:25 you know, working prayerfully through some issues in our lives
18:28 as we go through the word of God.
18:30 It's just the way that it is. We all go through that.
18:33 "But they wanting to have their ears tickled,
18:35 they will accumulate for themselves teachers
18:38 in accordance to their own desires,
18:41 and will turn away their ears from the truth,
18:44 and will turn aside to myths."
18:46 And, my friends, when we turn away
18:47 from the truth we end up in err.
18:51 Remember Jesus said it, "You shall know the truth,
18:54 and the truth," will what?
18:57 "Shall set you free." And it is.
19:02 It sets us free from false doctrine in teaching
19:06 from misconceptions of who God and Jesus really truly is.
19:13 So let's go on down to verses 16, 17,
19:17 16, 17 as Daniel continues to pray.
19:20 He says verse 16,
19:22 "O Lord, in accordance with all Your righteous acts,
19:24 let now Your anger and Your wrath
19:27 turn away from Your city Jerusalem,
19:29 Your holy mountain, for because of our sins
19:32 and the iniquities of our fathers,
19:35 Jerusalem and Your people have become
19:38 a reproach to all those around us."
19:41 So, one of the things he's asking
19:44 for restoration of the city.
19:48 And that did eventually take place, right.
19:51 Read through Ezra and Nehemiah
19:53 the books of Ezra and Nehemiah,
19:55 it's a record of the restoration on the city.
19:59 But that's not all that he's concerned about.
20:01 In verse 17 he says, "So now, our God,
20:04 listen to the prayer of Your servant
20:06 and to his supplications,
20:07 and for Your sake, O Lord,
20:09 let Your face shine on Your desolate sanctuary."
20:13 Now the term we would probably be
20:15 most familiar with is temple.
20:20 Let your face shine on your desolate temple.
20:23 That is the temple that Solomon had built.
20:27 This beautiful structure devoted
20:30 and dedicated to the worship of the true God
20:34 laid in ruins because of Nebuchadnezzar.
20:39 And there's some history behind of this,
20:42 he didn't come just once with those Babylonian hordes.
20:47 He came three times. He did to Jerusalem.
20:52 The first, two-times he saw to setup a puppet king.
20:57 You know, what that is? A puppet king.
20:59 That would recognize his sovereignty
21:03 and yet would rule on a limited basis over the people.
21:06 But they kept rebelling against him.
21:09 And so, twice he came back.
21:12 And the third time that he came back,
21:15 he said, I'm not coming back again.
21:17 And that's when the city and that's when the temple
21:21 that Solomon built was destroyed.
21:24 And so, here Daniel is praying for God to restore the city
21:29 and the temple or the sanctuary for restoration of it.
21:34 And so, I take you on down to verses 21 and 22. Guess what?
21:37 Daniel receives an answer to his prayer.
21:41 Verse 21, "While I was still speaking in prayer,
21:43 then the man Gabriel" an angel actually,
21:47 he appeared as a man but he was actually an angel.
21:51 "Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision previously,
21:55 came to me in my extreme weariness
21:57 about the time of the evening offering.
22:01 He gave me instruction and talked with me and said,
22:03 O Daniel, I have now come forth to give you
22:06 insight with understanding."
22:08 So again we--
22:10 he's been praying about his people
22:11 and, you know, going over the sad history
22:14 what it happened and asking God
22:16 to look favorably upon his people.
22:19 And the angel Gabriel appears
22:22 and he said, I'm going to give you insight.
22:24 I'm gonna give you some understanding
22:25 of some Bible things that relate to your people
22:28 and by the way we will discover to all peoples.
22:31 So let's get back into verse 24, shall we?
22:36 Where he says, "Seventy weeks have been decreed
22:37 for your people and your holy city."
22:39 We've already read that.
22:41 He implied here directly is a period of probation
22:45 that will be given to the people of God
22:48 to end their long period of rebellion against him.
22:54 And it goes on to say, "To finish the transgression,
22:58 to make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity,
23:02 to bring in everlasting righteousness,
23:04 to seal up vision and prophecy
23:07 and to anoint the most holy place."
23:09 I mean, there's a lot there contained in verse 24
23:12 and of course the question comes what,
23:14 you know, what he's talking about here?
23:17 Or the better question would be who is he talking about?
23:21 "Who is it that would finish
23:22 the transgression among his people?
23:25 Who is it that will make an end of sin,
23:26 who will make atonement for iniquity etcetera, etcetera?
23:30 And the answer is, it's Jesus.
23:35 And so the prophecy we take note of it,
23:36 from the very beginning is messianic
23:40 because these time prophecies deal
23:42 with not only the people of God in the past
23:44 but it deals with Jesus who alone is the answer to sin.
23:49 There is no answer. Is there another answer.
23:53 I'll tell you people are looking for what
23:55 as we like to say in the words of that old song,
23:57 looking for it in all the wrong places.
24:02 You know, they look for it in drugs,
24:04 they look for it in sex, they look for it in materialism,
24:08 they look for it in all so and so many things.
24:13 But my friend, those things all leave us empty.
24:19 It all leaves us empty.
24:22 My friend, if we want,
24:23 if we want to experience salvation,
24:27 if we want to really in a meaningful way,
24:29 in a way that really gets down
24:30 to the roots of the problem of sin in our lives,
24:34 it is a Savior that we need.
24:36 And it is a Savior that is presented here in verse 24.
24:40 He is the only answer,
24:42 He truly is, there's no other way.
24:47 And so, their whole history
24:48 and their whole future was wrapped up
24:51 in the coming of the Savior much as our futures,
24:56 our present and our futures are wrapped up in the Savior.
25:00 But we have this time prophecy seventy weeks.
25:02 Now I got to get back to the time element of this prophecy,
25:06 "Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people."
25:09 And the principle as you discover it in the Bible
25:12 is a fairly simple one.
25:13 We find it
25:16 and also here in Ezekiel 4:6 on the screen
25:19 where it says, and if you look at the context
25:21 it's speaking about time prophecy.
25:24 Where is says, "I have appointed thee
25:26 each day for a year."
25:30 So in time prophecy one prophetic day
25:33 represents simply one year.
25:38 Are you with me?
25:39 "I have appointed thee each day for a year."
25:43 So one prophetic day represents one literal year.
25:47 So we're looking at the seventy week prophecy.
25:49 Let's do some calculating.
25:52 We're gonna break it down into day.
25:53 Seventy weeks, of course in a week
25:55 there are seven days
25:56 and that's why we are multiplying 70 by 7.
26:00 And 70 times 7 give's us 490 prophetic days, okay.
26:07 Or what? 490 literal years.
26:14 And what does this is relate to?
26:16 To the people of God.
26:19 God was giving them from the time of Daniel
26:22 another 490 years.
26:25 I ask you, how patience is God with us and with His people.
26:30 Extremely patience. He is extremely patience.
26:34 I mean, after all of this horrible history
26:37 He was still willing to give them time
26:41 by the by His grace to work this all out.
26:43 I'm always working out by grace, I hope you know that.
26:48 He is so abundantly patient.
26:51 And, my friend, He's been so patient with you.
26:54 He's been patient with me.
26:56 And maybe for some of us
26:57 He's been patiently waiting for years
27:02 for us to come to the light.
27:04 God has a purpose for your life, my friend.
27:08 He's got a purpose for my life in this.
27:11 It's not just a intellectualizes.
27:15 It's to lead us into that which says,
27:18 I'm gonna put it.
27:19 It's gonna give us more meaning in our lives
27:23 than we've ever known.
27:25 And it will give us a sense of direction
27:28 and a sense of the future that God has.
27:31 Again that's why we are in a prophecy.
27:33 So, 490 years.
27:35 But, you know, as we look at these time prophecies
27:37 we must have a starting point, right,
27:40 or else we just have 490 years.
27:41 I don't know when it begins so I don't know when it ends.
27:45 But the starting point is given to us in the very next verse.
27:47 Look at it, verse 25
27:49 and we have another part of the time prophecy
27:52 in it as well.
27:54 It says, "So you are to know
27:56 and discern that from the issuing,"
27:58 from is the key word,
27:59 "from the issuing of a decree to restore
28:02 and rebuild Jerusalem until the Messiah the Prince
28:06 there will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks,"
28:09 added up that 69 weeks.
28:12 It's a part of the seventy week prophecy,
28:14 "it will be built again, with plaza and moat,
28:18 even in times of distress."
28:21 So we have 69 weeks of prophetic time.
28:23 But notice, it says, "from the issuing of a decree
28:27 to restore and rebuild Jerusalem."
28:32 From the issuing of a decree.
28:34 And we know that decree was issued in 457 BC
28:40 by the Persian King Artaxerxes that decree.
28:45 We have that decree recorded in the Bible
28:48 you'll find it in Ezra Chapter 7.
28:50 You'll find the decree listed right there in Ezra Chapter 7.
28:55 And this is a well established date.
28:58 So 457 is the starting point of the time prophecies.
29:02 So let's deal with the 70 weeks prophecy.
29:05 First of all since that's what we came to
29:07 we know as 490 years and the starting point
29:11 they're found from 457-490 years takes us down to 34 AD.
29:18 By the way Jesus died in 31 AD.
29:22 God was really patient with them as I said.
29:25 And by the way I should point out some thing
29:27 because whenever you do these calculations
29:30 and you're moving from BC to AD time,
29:33 there's something you have to take in consideration
29:35 if you want to be accurate in your calculation.
29:38 So as you're moving in BC times as you look back,
29:40 you know, let's, you know, 457.
29:42 What's the next year? Was it 458-456?
29:46 What is it?
29:48 456, you're right followed by 455 then 450--
29:52 you're with me.
29:54 Okay, as you're moving,
29:55 as you're moving down 490 years.
29:57 If you were just take one year at a time account them, okay.
29:59 457 is one, 456 is two, 455 is three
30:04 you would eventually come down to the year 1 BC.
30:08 What's the next year?
30:10 And there's no year zero, 1 AD.
30:14 So, you go when you go from BC to AD time,
30:17 we have two 1s.
30:19 We go from 1 BC to 1 AD.
30:21 Which means when you make out
30:23 your calculation 490 years from 457,
30:26 you're actually the calculation you would end up will be 33.
30:31 So you have to add that extra 1 back in.
30:34 You didn't know you're gonna get
30:35 so much math tonight, did you?
30:37 You have to add that extra 1 back in to be accurate.
30:42 And so it's 34 AD.
30:44 And, my friend, that is when probation came to an end
30:48 for the Nation of Israel.
30:51 Now next Saturday night,
30:53 I'm gonna be preaching on the 144,000
30:55 and we're gonna be talking about
30:56 God's purpose for the Jews in the end time.
30:58 We're gonna be talking about tribulation.
31:00 We're gonna be talking about the antichrist
31:02 that night as well.
31:05 So anyway we'll talk a little bit more
31:07 but it does relate to the prophecy
31:09 that we're looking at.
31:10 In verse 25, we have 69 weeks of prophetic time
31:14 that relate to what? To the coming of whom?
31:18 To the coming of Jesus.
31:21 And again as we look at the time,
31:23 time element 69 weeks
31:25 we're gonna get it break it down into days again.
31:27 So we're multiplying it
31:30 by 7 and 69 times 7 gives us 483 prophetic days
31:37 or 483 literal years.
31:40 And we've already got our starting point.
31:43 We have our starting point, don't we?
31:45 It's 457 AD.
31:48 And due to calculation out it takes us to 27 AD.
31:53 Remember, we have to add that extra 1 in right,
31:57 27 AD to the messianic, friends.
32:01 It isn't that fascinating to find a prophecy here that--
32:06 what is it over 400 years before the coming of Jesus,
32:09 the predicted the date for the coming of Jesus
32:12 and its right in the Old Testament.
32:15 I mean, that is predicted prophecy in through the years.
32:21 And so, I want you to notice something as we're working
32:23 through the context verse 24 it's messianic.
32:26 Verse 25, it's talking about the Messiah,
32:29 coming of the Messiah
32:30 the Prince talking about the coming of Jesus.
32:33 My friend, He is the focal point of history.
32:37 He is the focal point of history.
32:39 So what happened in 27 AD?
32:42 Take a look with me at Luke 3,
32:45 the New Testament, page 46.
32:48 Page 46 Luke 3, and beginning with verse 21.
32:53 And I'll say right off the top it was not the birth of Jesus
32:58 because Jesus was not born in 27 AD
33:00 but something else important happened here
33:03 as we find it in here Luke 3 and beginning with verse 21.
33:08 This is what happened in 27 AD, 27 AD.
33:13 It says, "Now when all the people were baptized,
33:16 Jesus was also baptized and while He was praying,
33:18 heaven was opened.
33:20 And the Holy Spirit descended upon Him
33:22 in bodily form like a dove,
33:24 and a voice came out of heaven,
33:26 'You are My beloved Son, in You I am well-pleased."'
33:32 It was the baptism of Jesus that took place in 27 AD.
33:36 And by the way when we talk about the Messiah,
33:38 again remember the name Messiah
33:42 means literally the anointed one.
33:46 And I believe you can make a case for the fact
33:49 that it was at His baptism
33:51 when the Holy Spirit came down upon Him
33:53 that He was anointed
33:55 and that He was set apart to proceed with the next
33:58 three-and-half years of His ministry.
34:02 Okay, but notice verse 23.
34:05 "When He began His ministry, Jesus Himself was," how old?
34:11 "About thirty years of age."
34:14 Have you ever considered the wasted years of Jesus.
34:20 Think of all of the good He could have been doing.
34:23 You know, I have two wonderful sons
34:26 and I do love them.
34:27 I assume you love your kids.
34:30 You know, we all have problems,
34:32 we'll have challenges, right.
34:34 We have them, our kids sometimes have them.
34:35 But I love my sons.
34:38 And but I still have my older son at 27,
34:46 that he's still somewhat living at home.
34:49 And so and my wife
34:51 and I will have these conversations from time to time.
34:53 And Thursday night we have them over for dinner.
34:56 At least they seem to enjoy to come,
34:58 come over enjoy some of mom's good,
35:01 home cooking.
35:02 And so we did, we have mashed potatoes and gravy,
35:05 they love mashed potatoes and gravy.
35:08 And she made some brownies for a treat.
35:11 And they actually stayed and visited with us for a while.
35:16 And then they were gone
35:17 and we found ourselves in conversation again.
35:21 You know, 27.
35:23 And, my son, my son, my older son I'll tell him,
35:27 you know, it's not hard to get me talking about my boys
35:30 but they're not my boys, they're my young man now.
35:33 My 24-year-old Kevin, he is a people person.
35:37 He's just got this mellowness, kind of like Gayle.
35:40 This mellowness, people love Kevin.
35:45 He is just great working with people.
35:48 He is.
35:50 He just interacts so well with people.
35:51 They just love him at whatever job he has.
35:55 They just love him.
35:57 And that makes me feel very good.
35:58 I like the fact that people really love my son, Kevin.
36:01 Now my oldest, my oldest has a good personality too
36:04 but my oldest son is brilliant.
36:08 You know, I'll tell you anybody
36:10 that can go through their high school years
36:12 and Kevin say to me,
36:14 "Dad, I never cracked a book out of class."
36:17 I think it's straight A's, I can tell you that.
36:19 But got straight A's through geometry
36:23 never having cracked a book out of class.
36:26 To me has a high degree of intelligence.
36:29 I, who struggled with geometry
36:32 all those fractions and theorems anybody else relate to that.
36:37 I hated geometry, it almost took me down.
36:40 Now algebra I did all right with
36:43 but geometry was tough. He got straight A's.
36:46 And he dig it into the,
36:48 you know, he went into the community college
36:50 and took a business course and one day this years ago,
36:54 some years ago I saw him looking
36:56 reading through his text books,
36:58 sitting in an easy chair just reading.
37:01 And I found that he had a test.
37:05 One of the few times, I never seen him study.
37:08 He was reading though, he was reading.
37:10 And when he took his test,
37:11 now when I studied for test I was underlining,
37:14 I was taking notes,
37:15 I was going over my notes making sure
37:17 I was memorizing certain things that aren't--
37:21 is that the way it is for most of us?
37:23 He just have read the text.
37:25 The teacher even didn't really know him
37:28 because when she got he got done grading the test
37:31 and bought the back to the class.
37:34 He was looking for David.
37:37 Is David Reinking here?
37:40 And said, David, you got the highest score on the test.
37:45 And all he did was to read the textbook.
37:49 He has almost a photographic mind.
37:52 It's a wonderful thing and of course
37:54 he got it from my side of the family.
37:57 And I wish I could say that.
37:59 And really if you see something
38:01 or he hears something he has a very high retention,
38:04 that's a beautiful thing to have, isn't it.
38:07 Man, I could have used that with all the schooling I had.
38:10 I had a sweat through it all.
38:13 It didn't come always easily, hardly ever came easily.
38:18 And so I'm no fore pointing
38:19 I'm just gonna get that out right upfront.
38:22 And I really related to President Bush
38:25 when in a graduation,
38:27 you know, I've been asked to speak
38:29 at a graduation exercise at some famous university
38:33 who looked out among the multitudes of students
38:36 that were graduating.
38:38 And smiles saying,
38:40 you know, I'm gonna paraphrase it now.
38:43 I'm a testament that you see students,
38:47 you too can succeed in life.
38:51 I probably relate more to that then those who are so brilliant.
38:55 But, you know, so if we've had these conversations.
38:59 What are they gonna do?
39:01 When are they gonna start? I mean, by 22-23,
39:05 I had finished my undergraduate degree
39:07 I was already in the ministry.
39:09 I can't believe they turned us--
39:10 they turned us loose at 23 Gayle.
39:14 Can you image that?
39:16 At the time I thought 23, man,
39:18 and you know, I'm passed 21
39:21 I'm into educate, I'm ready to hit the road
39:24 and started doing to preach.
39:25 I didn't realize how green I really was.
39:28 But anyway I wonder I'm gonna little bit away
39:32 from notes here but anyway
39:35 I wonder what Mary must have been thinking, 28.
39:40 He's still in the carpenter shop.
39:43 That angel did come to me, right.
39:45 I do remember that, right.
39:48 And said that he's the Son of God, 29,
39:52 still in the carpenter shop.
39:55 I'm wondering if they had those kinds of thoughts.
40:00 Probably, but then at 30,
40:02 then when this one that it really took off.
40:04 Boy, sure it happens before 30.
40:08 From my standpoint by the time
40:10 that I retire and that's--
40:12 you know, few years down the road yet,
40:15 I just hope that this is subtle matter in my home.
40:18 Now I just anyway--
40:19 I'm sorry to bring up all these personal matters
40:21 but anyway I was just wonder
40:22 how much Mary and Joseph as long as they loved
40:25 had these questions about him.
40:29 So, out in the Messiah the Prince
40:30 but there was a reason,
40:31 actually there was a reason
40:33 why Jesus waited so long
40:36 before he began his earthly ministry.
40:39 We find in Mark 1:14-15.
40:42 This is what Jesus was preached,
40:43 at the very beginning of His ministry.
40:45 It says, "Jesus came into Galilee,
40:47 preaching the gospel of God,
40:49 and saying, 'The time is fulfilled,
40:52 and the kingdom of God is at hand."'
40:54 Amen.
40:56 My friend, the reason why Jesus had waited so long.
40:59 Is that He had an understanding
41:01 and a comprehension and the very prophecy
41:03 that we're looking at in Daniel 9:25.
41:06 He did, I'm gonna show you
41:08 that He was acquainted
41:09 with these prophecies of Daniel 9.
41:13 And so when 27 AD came,
41:16 He knew this was the appointed time.
41:20 And he went out proclaiming the time is fulfilled,
41:23 the time of prophecy is fulfilled.
41:28 And then, we move into the next verse.
41:32 Oh, we got to go back to Daniel 9.
41:34 The next verse being Daniel 9:26.
41:37 It says, "then after the sixty-two weeks,"
41:41 that prophetic time of verse 25.
41:43 "The messiah will be cut off,"
41:46 it's predicting the death of Jesus.
41:48 That language is in Isaiah 53,
41:51 it's reference to the suffering Christ
41:54 where it speaks of his being cut off
41:56 from the land of the living
41:57 is the terminology there in Isaiah 53.
42:00 It's a reference to his death,
42:02 so it predicts His death,
42:03 of course we owe everything
42:05 to the substitutionary death of Jesus, don't we.
42:09 Everything.
42:10 And I'm starting we have a connection.
42:13 And have nothing, "and the people of the prince
42:16 who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary.
42:23 And its end will come with a flood,
42:25 even to the end there will be war,
42:28 desolations are determined."
42:31 I can't just imagine how Daniel must have felt
42:34 when he heard those words here,
42:35 he's praying for the restoration
42:37 and the city and of the sanctuary.
42:40 And now, you know, having heard of the prophecy
42:41 about the coming of the Messiah
42:43 the Prince that must have been exciting to hear that.
42:45 Because he knew something
42:46 about the coming of the savior
42:48 but then they hear that the city
42:51 and the sanctuary and having been rebuild
42:54 would be destroyed again.
42:57 By the way for much the same reason
42:59 as why have been destroyed in the first place.
43:02 Because they've hardened their heart against him.
43:06 And in the end as a nation they rejected him.
43:10 The source of all salvation.
43:13 That was horrible consequences.
43:15 So it would be destroyed again,
43:18 the city that would be rebuilt.
43:23 And as Jesus come down to the end
43:25 of His earthly ministry as He begins prophetically.
43:32 Again some of those astounding prophecies
43:34 of the Bible are words
43:36 that are embedded in the gospels
43:39 that came from Jesus Himself, Matthew 24,
43:42 Luke 21 of their passages hat record these prophecies.
43:45 These prophecies that were made
43:47 in the last week of His earthly ministry,
43:51 the cross was just before Him.
43:53 He was looking down to the end of time.
43:56 He's looking forward to His coming.
44:00 And He also begin to pickup on these prophetic themes
44:03 that were reading here in Daniel 9.
44:05 And Luke 19 verse beginning with verse 43
44:07 Jesus declared, "For the days,"
44:09 He's looking at Jerusalem.
44:10 "For the days shall come upon you
44:13 when your enemies will throw up a bank before you,
44:17 and surround you, and hem you in on every side,
44:20 and will level you to the ground
44:21 and your children within you,
44:23 and they will not leave in you
44:25 one stone upon another,
44:26 because you did not recognize
44:29 the time of your visitation."
44:33 Was that talking about the time of your visitation?
44:35 That is the time of His coming.
44:38 And, my friend, they should have known
44:42 the whole Old Testament,
44:43 there's all these messianic prophecies
44:45 including the prophecies
44:47 we're looking at tonight in Daniel 9.
44:51 And you see, my friend,
44:52 they were not faithful students of the prophecies.
44:57 And those that they did interpret
44:59 they often were misinterpreting.
45:02 And that tells me how vitally important it is
45:06 for us as believers having understanding the prophecy.
45:09 We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes that they did it.
45:13 When they didn't recognize the time of their visitation.
45:16 And, my friend let me tell you
45:17 there's another divine visitation just before us.
45:21 Again I don't know, if it's gonna be in our life times.
45:23 But Jesus gonna visit this planet again.
45:27 And we cannot afford to ignore the prophecies
45:29 that predict the coming of Jesus.
45:32 This is not gonna go on and on.
45:34 And Luke 21:20 and Luke 21:20-21.
45:39 Jesus said, "But when you see
45:40 Jerusalem surrounded by armies,
45:43 then recognize that her desolation is at hand."
45:46 Let me say what is desolation.
45:47 He was quoting directly
45:51 it's the very word we saw there,
45:53 desolations are determined.
45:55 "Then let those who are in Judea flee
45:57 and let those who are in the city depart."
45:59 It's going to be sign to you,
46:01 he said to his people.
46:03 When you see this happening,
46:05 you know, it's time to get out.
46:07 And, my friend, we see the signs
46:09 of the times being fulfilled in the end time.
46:11 We know the time is near.
46:14 And by the grace of Jesus,
46:15 we will be ready, won't we?
46:17 We're gonna be ready by the grace of Jesus.
46:19 We're gonna trust Him in this.
46:22 We truly are.
46:23 And indeed it did happen,
46:25 you know, the destruction
46:26 of Jerusalem in the sanctuary
46:27 that have been restored, it happened.
46:29 And on either August 29 or August 30 of 70 AD.
46:34 I'm gonna give you a little bit
46:35 of the historical background to all of this.
46:37 There was this rebellion
46:39 that broke out among the Jews
46:41 after the death of Jesus is called,
46:44 it's Jewish Revolt of 66 AD-- stretched from 66-70 AD.
46:52 Nero was emperor in Rome.
46:55 News reaches the capital.
46:57 The Jews are in revolt and they are determined
47:00 that they're gonna throw off their head
47:02 and yoke of the Romans.
47:04 And so in 67,
47:06 when--was received the Roman 67 AD
47:09 Nero appoints Vespasian
47:13 to put down the rebellion by the way.
47:17 Josephus, we call in the Jewish historian
47:20 actually was Jewish general.
47:23 That was defeated by the Roman forces
47:26 that came down to put down the revolt.
47:30 But he had pro-Roman legions.
47:35 And he was kept in the cabinet of the Romans.
47:37 He--I mean, they were many battles
47:39 that were fought, it didn't
47:40 just happen at Jerusalem
47:42 that you know they were fighting
47:43 all the way on down to Jerusalem.
47:45 And so he was defeated
47:46 and he ended up with those Roman forces
47:50 before the gates of the city of Jerusalem.
47:53 And he records in his-- and we have it.
47:57 Usually I have a nice thick copy of it for those
48:00 who like to buy it if they want to study this period of time.
48:03 If you like me, I love history.
48:05 So you're get little bit
48:07 of the history before we're done.
48:08 Josephus records these things as I said it was Nero
48:11 that was emperor in Rome.
48:13 And it was Vespasian here he is,
48:15 we didn't have photographs back in that time.
48:16 But they should, they did some really
48:18 beautiful work in stone, didn't they?
48:20 You know, you see all the facial features
48:23 of these renowned men of old.
48:26 And Vespasian was given
48:28 Roman soldiers
48:31 in fact there were legions already in Syria.
48:35 They were preparing for an expedition into the east,
48:40 is what Nero had been preparing for.
48:42 So they took these forces and all the supplies
48:45 and this expeditionary force of the Romans
48:49 came down from Syria to put down the Jewish Revolt.
48:53 As I said Vespasian was at the head of it.
48:56 And Titus, his son was one of his generals.
49:00 He was given the XV Apollinaris,
49:03 a legion that is the legion from Alexandria.
49:07 A legion had some 5 to 6,000 soldiers in it.
49:10 And by the way in Roman times
49:12 when you're enlisted in the army,
49:15 it was for a period of some 20 to 25 years.
49:20 You're assigning over your life
49:22 but if you have the promise of land and great riches,
49:26 you know, at the end of it or during the process of it.
49:29 Anyway so Titus, but in 69 AD,
49:35 we find that Nero dies.
49:38 And these are power vacuum
49:40 and Vespasian receives words of it,
49:42 he leads the force, he leads the several legions.
49:46 I'm forgetting how many several legions
49:48 in the command of the command of his son, Titus.
49:52 And to deal with Jerusalem
49:55 and he makes his way back to Rome,
49:57 Vespasian does and he secures
49:58 the emperorship for himself
50:02 and for his son, Titus,
50:04 they became co-emperors.
50:06 You know, just to put it
50:08 in his historical context as we're looking
50:09 at the fulfillment of this prophecy.
50:12 And, you know, it's all recorded
50:16 the out of defenses of the city were breached.
50:19 The Jewish defenders made their way to the Temple Mount,
50:23 it was like a fortress itself.
50:25 And Titus had given orders
50:28 that the temple was to remain intact,
50:31 the Romans in fact had been embellishing that temple.
50:34 They didn't want to destroy it
50:35 but the heat of the battle that followed.
50:39 A fire brand was thrown into the interior of the temple,
50:42 and remember the interior was lying
50:44 by the seeders of Lebanon
50:45 and overlaid with gold
50:46 and you know how that can burn.
50:49 And Josephus records how Titus
50:51 try to get to soldiers have put it out
50:53 but in the heat of the battle
50:55 he and finally he took some of his general staff
50:57 he went into the temple itself.
51:00 And he got some things out.
51:02 And the things we know historically got out,
51:04 he got all the gold's furniture out.
51:06 He got the Table of Shewbread out,
51:08 he got the trumpets out.
51:10 Remember the feast of trumpets
51:11 while they had trumpets.
51:12 And he got the Seven-Branch Candlestick out.
51:16 And when he finished,
51:18 when he finished this battle
51:20 and defeating the Jews.
51:22 He erected this Ark of Triumph
51:23 we would call it, at the southern approach
51:25 to the city of Rome.
51:27 The Appian way, the superhighway
51:29 of that day went right through this arches,
51:31 it still stands of the day,
51:33 you know, I took that picture
51:34 of course you can see it,
51:35 it's a little bit slided.
51:38 It still stands and you can see
51:40 on the inside of it, it shows them
51:42 coming back with some of the booty
51:44 from the defeat of the Jews,
51:46 this was a significant of military campaign.
51:49 And you see them
51:51 bringing back to Seven-Branched Candlestick.
51:52 And they used to say,
51:55 who knows what happened to it.
51:57 Except I was reading,
51:59 a book on the Emperor Justinian.
52:02 And it talks about the Constantinople
52:05 and this point
52:07 but the seat of power in Rome
52:09 has shifted to Constantinople.
52:11 And his General Belisarius had,
52:14 had a famous battle
52:16 and had defeated the Vandals.
52:19 And when he came back
52:20 Justinian had this reception
52:26 and this triumphal entry of this general.
52:30 And in the record, it talks
52:32 about how they brought out this Seven-Branched,
52:34 this was 534 now, 500 years later
52:37 brought out this Seven-Branched Candlestick.
52:40 And put it up
52:42 on in central place in their celebrations,
52:47 I think it was to be a reminder of other past victories
52:52 that other Roman generals have had.
52:55 And that's the last we know of it
52:56 and of course the last
52:57 coming back to what happened
52:59 to Jerusalem the last defenders
53:02 the last remnants of the rebellion
53:06 made their way to Masada.
53:09 And general Silva was entrusted
53:10 of putting down the famous, the famous,
53:14 you know, some 900 of them.
53:16 In fact, you can still see the today,
53:18 see right here this is the parameters.
53:21 Oh, I'm sorry, it's right here actually.
53:23 These are the parameters
53:24 of the Roman of the Romanian camp _.
53:28 And they built this ramp took a lot of effort
53:32 but they were determined us to,
53:34 you know, make an end of it.
53:37 And, of course, when they came up their all 900
53:39 they committed a suicide of these,
53:42 you know, they have been killed.
53:43 They were not gonna be taken by the Romans.
53:46 Anyway that some of the historical background.
53:48 But let me take you back to Daniel 9
53:51 as we finish this up as we wrap it up
53:53 because there's one other verse
53:54 that we must look at.
53:55 Daniel 9:27 where he says,
53:58 "And he will make a firm covenant
54:00 with many for one week."
54:02 Now there are those who are interpreting Daniel 9:27
54:05 those who teach the rapture
54:07 that this was talking now
54:08 but the antichrist is some on holly alliance.
54:11 That's gonna happen in the end time.
54:14 And, my friend, it is not what we find contextually
54:17 because verse 24 is messianic.
54:20 Verse 25 is messianic.
54:22 Verse 26 is messianic.
54:25 And verse 27 is messianic.
54:29 If we want the antichrist,
54:30 if we want tribulation in the book of Daniel,
54:33 we don't get it from Daniel 9:27.
54:37 We can get it from other passages
54:39 and scriptures of Daniel 12
54:40 and Daniel 7 and Daniel 8.
54:42 Particularly Daniel 8,
54:44 you can find the antichrist but not here.
54:46 This was talking about Jesus.
54:48 And He came and fulfillment of the covenant promises.
54:51 He came to ratify the covenant
54:53 by the spilling of His blood
54:55 on the cross of Calvary, didn't He?
54:57 "So he will make a firm covenant
54:59 with many for one week."
55:01 And, you know, the interpreted
55:02 that time has suspended between verses 26-27,
55:05 where does it indicate that?
55:08 Is mental fit the theory?
55:12 And they apply this week down
55:14 to the end of time
55:16 when the week clearly fits
55:18 between the 69 and 70th week,
55:22 that week of prophetic time at the coming on Jesus.
55:27 From 27-34 AD that's the seven years,
55:31 that's and by the way that's the only place
55:33 where you can find the seven years.
55:34 And when we discover
55:35 it has nothing to do with the rapture
55:37 that's not my subject I know.
55:40 When we understand the seven years
55:41 has nothing to do with the rapture
55:43 but it deals with Jesus coming to confirm
55:45 His covenant with the many.
55:47 Then, my friend, it really again the whole system
55:52 of belief begins to fall apart,
55:54 the seven years is not even applicable to the end times.
55:59 And certainly has some applications,
56:01 so anyway he will make it from covenant
56:02 with the many for one week.
56:04 But in the middle of the week,
56:06 he will put a stop to sacrificing grain offerings.
56:11 And they're talking about,
56:12 you know, the interpretation of restored temple
56:14 and the Antichrist will come to the restore
56:16 and temple put it and sacrifice and grain offering.
56:19 You know, my friend,
56:20 that is what Jesus did
56:21 when He came to the cross of Calvary
56:23 and fulfilled all of the prophecies
56:25 of the Old Testament that predicted
56:26 His death on the cross of Calvary.
56:30 And it was right in the middle,
56:31 in the middle of week
56:32 he would stop sacrificing grain offering.
56:34 And it was right in the middle of the week in 31 AD
56:37 that Jesus died, right.
56:40 We know that historically
56:42 all of those animal sacrifices
56:45 that were the basis of the temple system
56:48 of the Old Testament
56:49 where fulfilled in the coming of Jesus.
56:51 And so when Jesus died on the cross of Calvary,
56:55 He brought an end to sacrifice to see.
57:00 That which symbolized
57:02 and prophetically predicted
57:03 His coming was fulfilled
57:05 when in His death and so with His death.
57:10 The sacrificial system comes to an end
57:12 and so it will be at the coming
57:16 of our Lord Jesus Christ
57:17 as prophecies been fulfilled in the past,
57:19 it is going to be fulfilled in the future.
57:23 That's what the Bible tells us.
57:24 We can know this for certain.


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