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00:34 The prophecy that we are talking about
00:36 is here in Daniel 8:14, where that reads,
00:40 "For two thousand three hundred days,
00:42 then the sanctuary shall be cleansed."
00:45 And there its two basic elements that we see here,
00:48 we see the time element the 2,300 days
00:50 and we see the event the cleansing of the sanctuary.
00:54 But take your Bibles and let's look at Daniel 8.
00:58 It's the Old Testament page 636 or thereabouts.
01:02 We're gonna look at the context.
01:03 Whenever we look at a Bible text
01:05 we always ought to give some consideration to the context.
01:08 And the context tells us something very important
01:11 about the 2,300 day prophecy.
01:13 We are looking at verses 15-17, 15-17.
01:19 And so, very next verse "When I, Daniel,
01:21 had seen the vision and I sought to understood
01:24 to behold standing before me was one who looked like a man"
01:28 actually, an angel " and I hear the voice of a man's
01:31 between the banks of the Ulai,
01:33 and he called out, and said, 'Gabriel.'
01:35 " We know this is the angel Gabriel, don't we?
01:38 "Give this man an understanding"
01:41 an understanding of "the vision.
01:43 And so he came near to where I was standing,
01:45 and when he came I was frightened and fell on my face,
01:48 but he said to me, 'Son of man,
01:51 understand that the vision pertains
01:53 to the time of the end.'
01:55 "That is a clue in the context.
01:58 And we would might, we might suspect
02:01 that this is long is all over the time prophecies would reach
02:04 right on down to the end times, to the last days.
02:08 And that's exactly, what Gabriel said,
02:10 it pertains to the time of the end.
02:13 And you can go on.
02:15 Gabriel has more to say about the vision and by the way
02:18 as it talks about the 2,300 day prophecy it is the end part
02:22 of a larger vision that was given to Daniel.
02:25 We're not taking time to look at the verses previous
02:29 to what we read in verse 14.
02:31 But you will find that he goes on to give a very precise
02:34 and a very exact interpretation of the vision as a whole.
02:41 But there is only a passing reference
02:43 to the 2, 300 day prophecy.
02:47 And we see that as we come down to verse 26
02:49 and verse 26 this is what we find,
02:52 the angel says that "The vision of the evenings and mornings
02:55 which has been told its true but keep the vision secret
02:58 for it pertains the many days and future."
03:01 Now notice here in the American Standards
03:03 is the vision of the evenings and mornings.
03:06 And if you go back in this translation verse 14
03:09 it talks about 2,300 evenings and mornings.
03:12 For some strange unknown reason to me,
03:15 the translators translated the word days, the word day
03:20 in the Hebrew means every morning.
03:23 So they just made a very little translation of it.
03:26 And so in verse 26, when it talks about the vision
03:28 of the evenings and mornings it is the only reference
03:31 to the 2,300 day prophecy.
03:33 And what we gain from it is to be kept secret
03:37 for it may pertain to many days into the future.
03:41 Yes, right on down to the end times.
03:45 And then we come to verse 27, "Then I, Daniel,
03:48 was exhausted and sick for days then I got up again
03:52 and carried on the kings business.
03:54 But I was astounded at the vision,
03:56 and there was none to explain it."
03:58 Its clear when he talks about he was astounded
04:02 and nobody could explain it.
04:04 It is Daniel 8:14
04:07 that he is talking about 2,300 day prophecy
04:09 because as I said every other element
04:11 was given a fairly precise interpretation.
04:14 And this furthermore was of great importance to Daniel
04:18 because, immediately in the vision
04:20 when he saw this reference to the sanctuary
04:22 the sanctuary was laid in ruins.
04:25 The sanctuary, the temple that Solomon had built
04:28 it was in ruins because of the Nebuchadnezzar
04:31 and the evasion by the Babylonian hordes
04:35 that resulted in its destruction
04:37 and its clear the chapter ends, he was seeking,
04:41 we know he was praying about it.
04:43 Obviously, he was praying about
04:45 because he was looking to other godly men and women
04:48 to see if any body had an interpretation.
04:51 If anybody could explain it.
04:54 That's how the chapter ends.
04:56 We're going to find the keys to understanding the prophecy
05:00 in Daniel 8:14, the keys to interpreting it in Daniel 9.
05:05 The keys to interpreting the time elements of it
05:08 we're also gonna find in context as we go other direction
05:11 that is the Daniel 7 we will find an interpretation
05:14 that relates to the event that is referenced here,
05:19 that is the cleansing of the sanctuary.
05:22 So we are to going to go first of all into Daniel 9.
05:25 We were here last Sunday night.
05:26 So I am not going to go through the detail
05:28 that we did that.
05:29 But we do find that Daniel is in intercessory prayer
05:33 for his people.
05:35 He is making confession of the sins.
05:36 He is confessing among other things,
05:38 you know, that they had forsaken the Lord, they had,
05:42 you know, they were in a state of disobedience
05:44 against the commandments.
05:46 He further walking fast that they were guilty
05:48 of not listening to the service of prophets.
05:51 They were ignoring the prophets and their messages.
05:53 And then in verse 6 and verse 16 he is asking
05:57 for a restoration and effect for the city of Jerusalem.
06:00 And verse 17 he is asking for the restoration
06:03 of the temple that was in ruins.
06:06 Because in Jeremiah it predicted that they would return
06:11 and that the city and the temple would be rebuilt.
06:14 There would be restoration.
06:16 And so that's what he is praying about.
06:18 And again, the angel Gabriel shows up
06:21 to give them an interpretation
06:22 notice it as we come to verse 21.
06:26 He says "While I was still speaking in prayer,
06:29 then the man Gabriel, whom I had seen
06:32 in the vision previously" what vision previously?
06:36 Well, there's no vision recorded in chapter 9
06:39 and the previous vision
06:41 would therefore take us back to Daniel 8.
06:43 And remember as Gabriel that came to give them
06:45 interpretation of the vision of Daniel 8
06:48 and immediately when he sees this angel Gabriel
06:51 he is taking back on the vision
06:53 that he was given there in Daniel 8, right.
06:57 Gabriel whom I have seen the vision previously he says,
07:01 "Came to me in my extreme weariness
07:03 about the time of the evening offering."
07:05 What does the evening offering have to deal with?
07:09 Well, if the temple was still in existence
07:11 there were offerings that took place at evening.
07:16 Verse 22 speaking of Gabriel "He gave me instruction
07:21 and talked with me and said, 'O Daniel,
07:23 I have now come forth to give you
07:25 insight with understanding.'
07:28 " Now, remember how chapter 8 ended.
07:31 He was looking for an explanation.
07:33 He is trying to have a deeper understanding
07:37 and certainly he was praying about it.
07:39 And now Gabriel says "I have come for to give you insight
07:43 and understanding about the matter."
07:45 And verse 23 makes it clear
07:47 that he is talking about Daniel 8.
07:49 Daniel 8, he says "At the beginning
07:52 of your supplications the command was issued
07:54 and I have come for tell you, though you are highly esteemed,
07:58 so give he to the message
08:00 and gain understanding of the vision."
08:06 Now that is clear that he has come to give
08:12 an understand the vision there in Daniel 8:14.
08:15 So, what follows is vital to our understanding
08:19 of the 2,300 day prophecy as I already indicated
08:22 to the time elements of it.
08:24 And again, because, we have been through this before
08:28 in the meetings I am just gong to do a review.
08:30 I am not necessarily gonna read each of these verses
08:33 that now follow.
08:35 As the angel Gabriel come to give them
08:37 an understanding of the vision.
08:40 But as we look at verse 24, we have a reference to 70 weeks
08:43 of prophetic time in reference to the people of God.
08:47 Some many weeks happened to create for your people
08:49 to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin,
08:52 sin to make a torment for iniquity.
08:57 And if you are with us remember, I asked the question
08:59 what is this about or who is this really about?
09:02 Who is it that would make an end of sin?
09:05 Who is that would finish the transgression?
09:06 Who will make a torment for iniquity?
09:08 And the answer clearly is messianic,
09:11 it is Jesus Christ who alone.
09:14 And so the future prosperity of the people of God the Jews
09:20 are all wrapped up in the coming of Messiah,
09:23 the Savior of the world.
09:25 And 70 weeks of prophetic time had been given to them
09:29 is what we, we find is,
09:31 is an implied probationary period of time
09:35 and speaks of the tremendous patience of God.
09:39 I am gonna come back to that in a moment
09:41 but we here in Ezekiel 4:6
09:43 where we find the principle in interpreting time prophecy.
09:47 It's very simple.
09:48 It says "I have appointed the each day for a year."
09:52 That is in time prophecy.
09:54 One day represents a literal year.
09:57 It really is that simple.
09:59 And so we are looking at the 70 weeks
10:01 we are just gonna break us down.
10:02 This is not advanced math.
10:04 I don't think any of you need your calculators out
10:06 to follow along what we are going to do.
10:09 We are gonna break the week down the 70 weeks into days
10:12 and so 7 days in a week, that's 70 times 7
10:16 which is 490 prophetic days or 790 literal years.
10:23 Given to the people of God
10:25 I come back to this issue of patience.
10:27 How patience was God with his people in the Old Testament.
10:32 I mean to give them 490 years.
10:38 And it compels the coming of Jesus.
10:40 My friend tells me, it tells you,
10:43 how we serve a God that only on tremendous love.
10:46 The God who declares I loved you with an everlasting love.
10:49 But we serve a God a tremendous patience
10:53 and kindness towards us, towards you and towards me.
11:00 Now, we need a starting point for this time prophecy
11:03 and it's given us in the next verse that is a verse 25.
11:06 Where it says "From the issuing of a decree to restore
11:09 and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince
11:12 there will be a total 69 weeks."
11:14 It's a part of the 70 week prophecy.
11:17 So it predicts 69 weeks of prophetic time
11:21 would take us to the coming of the messiah the prince
11:27 from the issuing of a decree and that decree was made
11:31 by King Artaxerxes, he is a Persian.
11:34 King Artaxerxes in 457 BC it is a well established date
11:39 and in fact we have this decree in the Bible
11:41 its recorded in Ezra Chapter 7.
11:43 If you would like to take a look at the provisions
11:46 made by this decree by Artaxerxes.
11:49 457 BC therefore is our starting point
11:53 for the time prophecies that are recorded here.
11:55 And so we worked out to 70 weeks 457,
11:59 490 years takes us down to 34 AD
12:03 and as I mentioned last Sunday night
12:05 as we were looking at this in part
12:08 because our calculation takes us from BC to AD time.
12:13 And because there are two ones
12:15 that is one BC is followed by one AD
12:17 because we have two ones.
12:19 When ever you do your calculation
12:21 you must always add that extra one in.
12:24 Because if we do this per math of it
12:25 you will come up with 26 AD
12:28 but remember you got to add that extra one in
12:30 from one BC to one AD back in to get the correct date
12:33 which is 27 AD.
12:35 It leads down to 34 AD
12:37 the period of time given to God's people.
12:40 But again in verse 25 we have 69 weeks of prophetic time
12:43 that related to the coming of the Messiah.
12:46 And we got all of these wonderful prophecies
12:49 about the coming of Jesus embedded in the Old Testament
12:52 and we're looking at one of those key passages.
12:55 And we are gonna break it down again into days
12:57 and we multiply by 7.
12:59 69 times 7 its 483 days prophetic days or years
13:05 until the Messiah, the prince would come.
13:08 And so as we calculate that out that means from 457
13:12 it takes us down to 27 AD.
13:15 And in fact we know that was in 27 AD
13:19 that Jesus was baptized
13:20 and then began His earthly ministry
13:24 right on time, right in the accordance with prophecy.
13:30 And then as we are looking at this passage
13:32 in Daniel 9 the next verse.
13:36 And the next verse says then, "Then" it says "After 62 weeks
13:42 the Messiah will be cut off and have nothing."
13:45 A reference to the death of Jesus, right here.
13:49 And further more, notice the word the next word
13:51 that follows the word is and.
13:53 That a-n-d that three letter word is a word of connection.
13:57 It connects what preceded
13:59 the death of Jesus to what follows.
14:01 And it goes on say " and the people of the prince
14:03 who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary.
14:08 War is determined, desolations
14:10 that would be time of distress"
14:12 is what it tells us here in verse 26.
14:16 And I can well imagine that Daniel just
14:19 you know he could just hardly believe it.
14:22 He had been praying for the restoration of the city
14:24 and the sanctuary and here it's revealed to him
14:28 it was gonna be destroyed again,
14:31 for much the same reasons that it happened the first time.
14:35 And it would be as a result of the crucifixion,
14:39 the death of Jesus these events would unfold
14:42 and the people, the prince who is to come.
14:45 And we know historically that Jerusalem was destroyed
14:49 in accordance with this prophecy
14:51 either, on August 29 or August 30, 70 AD.
14:56 And we know the historical background of this
14:58 I am gonna review it again we went in detail
15:01 when we looked at this before.
15:03 But it was during the time of the emperor Nero
15:06 that the Jews rouse up in a national revolt.
15:10 The Jewish Revolt of 66 AD lasted to 70 AD,
15:14 ended with the destruction of Jerusalem.
15:17 The Jews hated the Romans they were determined
15:19 to throw off the Roman yolk.
15:23 Nero when he received word of the Jewish revolt
15:26 appointed this man right here, Vespasian to put it down.
15:31 And he went to Syria and he picked up
15:33 a bunch of legions that were stationed there.
15:36 They were been prepared for an expedition
15:38 into Persia actually as you look at the secular history here.
15:42 And so, you know, just by coincidence
15:45 they that the forces there 60,000 Roman soldiers
15:48 were entrusted Vespasian to put down the revolt.
15:52 His son Titus have a picture of him
15:54 it's from the museum of Roman Civilization.
15:58 He was a Roman general and he was on the general staff
16:01 of his father Vespasian.
16:03 He was entrusted with a 15th Apollinaris legion
16:07 that came out of the Alexandria.
16:09 A legion has some 5,000 to 6,000 Roman soldiers.
16:12 And Josephus, Josephus we usually think
16:14 of the Jewish historian and he was that
16:17 but in this revolt Josephus was actually a Jewish general
16:22 who was defeated as Vespasian came down from Syria.
16:27 He was defeated and taken prisoner.
16:30 He actually had pro-Roman lenience
16:33 and observed the following campaigns
16:36 ending with the destructor of Jerusalem
16:38 and in great detail describes what happened
16:42 at the destruction of Jerusalem.
16:44 And the city was finally destroyed you can look at it,
16:47 Titus really didn't wanted to destroy the temple.
16:51 But once the Romans broke through the outer breaches
16:54 of the fences of the city
16:58 and what he did was the Romans built an encompassing wall.
17:03 Took them sometime around the exterior
17:06 of the city of Jerusalem
17:07 and when they finished it they shut out off
17:10 all communication with the outside world.
17:13 They could not leave the city, nobody could get in,
17:15 they sealed it.
17:18 And then these, the battles you know Josephus was sent
17:21 by Titus to plea with his countrymen to give up the fight.
17:26 But there were extreme elements under John particularly
17:29 in the city who were I mean they were extremist
17:33 and they were not ready to get them into the Romans
17:35 under any circumstances but the outer breaches
17:38 of the defenses were finally broken through by the Romans.
17:42 And the defendants made their way to the Temple of Mount
17:44 up to the temple which itself was like a fortress.
17:47 It had walls around it.
17:49 And in fact, Herod had built his palace there
17:51 which was also a fortress
17:53 that better right up against the Temple of Mount.
17:55 And as you look at the record of this,
17:58 you know, Titus is called to gather his general staff.
18:01 They are talking about the finishing up of the campaign
18:03 knowing that they had a fight ahead of them.
18:06 And he gave instructions
18:08 that the temple was to remain intact.
18:11 When the Jews came out
18:15 they were not going to just wait on the Romans
18:18 they were going to take the battle to the Romans.
18:21 So they disrupted this general council of war of Titus.
18:27 And Romans found themselves in the heat of battle.
18:30 And in the heat battle somebody threw
18:33 a firebrand into the interior of the temple
18:36 that was lying with those beautiful sieges
18:38 from Lebanon overlay with gold, remember that?
18:41 You know how that burns?
18:42 And Titus tried to give his soldiers to put it out
18:45 but again in the heat of the battle
18:46 nobody listened to him and it is recorded historically
18:50 that Titus and some of his general staff
18:53 went into the interior of the temple
18:55 and they got a number of key things.
18:57 They got all the gold furniture out.
18:59 That's what they did.
19:00 They got the silver trumpets out.
19:03 Like the piece of trumpets, remember that.
19:05 They got the all the seven-branched candlestick.
19:08 They got the Table of Showbread.
19:11 A number of other items they were able to get out
19:14 before the temple fell.
19:17 And at the end of this great victory
19:19 when he returned and triumph
19:22 he erected this Ark of Triumph at the southern repost
19:24 at the city of Rome.
19:26 It still stands today in honor of their great victory
19:30 over the Jews.
19:31 This was a significant event in Roman history.
19:36 And you can see them bringing back some of the booty
19:38 including the seven-branched candlestick
19:41 which bears testimony to the reliability
19:44 of the prophecy that we are looking at.
19:46 Doesn't it? Amen.
19:48 The seven-branched candlestick,
19:50 been pictured been brought back here.
19:52 And by the way Nero died in 69 AD,
19:55 Vespasian left the issue of the city of Jerusalem
19:59 with his son Titus as he went back to secure the emperorship
20:03 for himself and then he appointed Titus
20:05 to reign as co-emperor with himself.
20:08 Just to give you again the historically background
20:10 to the prophecy that we are looking at
20:12 and how this all carried out.
20:14 But there is one other verse that we are looking
20:16 at here in context.
20:19 And the last verse is its speaking of the Messiah.
20:22 He will make it firm coming with a many firm one week
20:26 a prophetic time.
20:27 That's seven days, of course or seven years.
20:31 And someone applied this to the antichrist
20:33 but its not talking about the antichrist
20:35 its talking about Jesus who came to confirm
20:37 the covenant promise is given to God's people
20:40 and to ratify the covenant by His death
20:42 on the cross of cavalry.
20:44 He will make a firm coming with a many for one week.
20:47 And that week fits innately between the 69th and 70th week.
20:53 That's where that week belongs contextually and historically.
20:58 And it says in the middle of that week,
21:00 he will bring a stop to sacrifice and grain offering.
21:03 And my friend, as we studied last night
21:05 when Jesus died on the cross of Cavalry
21:07 the whole Old Testament sacrificial system,
21:11 the sacrifices of those animals
21:12 that prophetically symbolized the death of Jesus
21:15 at the cross of Cavalry came to a sudden end
21:18 and soon after the temple the earthly temple was destroyed
21:22 as predicted right here.
21:24 There was no need of it anymore.
21:26 And so he brought
21:27 in the sacrifices and grain offering
21:30 when he sacrificed Himself on the cross of Cavalry.
21:35 You see that, don't you?
21:37 And it says, He would do this in middle of the week
21:41 and my friend, right in the middle
21:43 of the seven year period of time in 31 AD
21:45 to be the exact Jesus died as our Lord and Savior.
21:50 Prophecy exactly clearly was fulfilled as we have it here.
21:56 Now, we went through quite a little bit
21:58 to establish the time elements as we have it here.
22:01 But the key to understand the 2,300 day prophecy
22:05 is made clear here in Daniel 9,
22:08 for we are given not only the starting point
22:11 for the 70 week prophecy but for the 2,300 day prophecy
22:15 and as you probably already taking through
22:19 those 2,300 prophetic days represent 2,300 literal years.
22:26 That's why it's the longest.
22:27 And the starting point is 457 BC
22:32 which takes us down to 1844.
22:39 Yes, it's true.
22:40 Not cowardly put together it's what is Biblical.
22:45 1844, so we've got the time element
22:48 now we have to get down the event.
22:51 And still deal with the nuts and bolts.
22:54 So let's get into this cleansing of the sanctuary,
22:57 that's where we want to come to next.
22:59 But I do want to make this observation
23:02 because the two time prophecies
23:04 the one we just read of it Daniel 9
23:06 and then the 2,300 day prophecy are linked
23:08 more than just contextually for the time prophecies
23:12 of Daniel focusing on Jesus
23:15 coming to this earth and His earthly ministry
23:19 that ended with His death on the cross of Cavalry.
23:22 So it focuses in on His earthly ministry in contrast
23:26 the cleansing of the sanctuary the 2,300 day prophecy focus
23:30 is in on Jesus high priestly ministry
23:34 in the heavenly sanctuary.
23:37 And since a sanctuary is been destroyed
23:39 and they did away was sacrificing grain offerings
23:41 and we are talking about
23:42 cleansing of the sanctuary in 1844
23:44 there is only one sanctuary that it could be talking about.
23:49 And it is not an earthly system
23:51 it is the heavenly sanctuary or a temple right.
23:55 And again I am connecting with what we studied
23:57 last night in Hebrews 9:11.
24:01 Notice, it says of Jesus, it says
24:03 "But Christ being come an high priest
24:06 by His own blood He entered in once into the holy place,
24:10 having obtained eternal redemption for us."
24:14 So when Jesus died and then roused victorious over the grave
24:20 and ascended into heaven He entered into the heaven
24:24 into the heavenly sanctuary as we will see
24:27 to function now as our priest.
24:29 He is both sacrifice and He is both an intercessor.
24:34 That's what the priest is intercessor.
24:37 There He ascended having obtained
24:39 eternal redemption for us."
24:40 It goes on to say "For Christ has not entered the holy places
24:44 made with hands, which are copies"
24:47 symbols would be another word
24:49 "of the true, but into heaven itself,
24:51 now to appear in the presence of God for us."
24:56 Is what it tells us to.
24:58 Appear in the presence of God for us.
25:01 I take you back to the earthly system.
25:04 Oops, if I push the wrong button it goes again.
25:07 I got a little trigger here in the bottom
25:08 not just on the top.
25:11 And I am gonna use this the second time.
25:12 But any way so remember in the earthly system
25:16 when the sacrifice had taken place
25:19 that animal had died.
25:22 The priest then will take the blood
25:24 and it will go into the sanctuary, the temple
25:28 and he will sprinkle the blood before the Lord, okay.
25:32 And in that process and again this ritual is quite foreign
25:36 to our thinking in the western world.
25:39 But you will find it very clearly
25:40 indicating the Mosaic Law it is in the Levitical quote
25:44 as we find it for instance in the Book of Leviticus.
25:47 He became He bore the sin
25:51 and the guilt of the transgressor
25:55 for which the sacrifice of the animal was required.
25:58 He bore the guilt of that sin
26:00 of that individual into the temple.
26:02 This is ritualistic now.
26:05 By taking back in the Hebrews 8:1-2 then further
26:08 as we are talking about Jesus high priestly ministry,
26:12 it says "Now the main point in what has been said is this
26:15 we have such a high priest, who has taken His seat
26:18 at the right hand of the throne
26:19 of the Majesty in the heavens,
26:22 a minister in the sanctuary and in the true tabernacle,
26:26 which the Lord pitched, not man."
26:29 Oh, my friend, we had been given
26:30 this wonderful Book of Hebrews
26:33 in the New Testament to give us insight
26:36 into what the whole earthly system represented
26:40 and specifically you know the two significant things
26:43 is Jesus is the sacrifice and Jesus is our priest.
26:49 He is our intercessor in heaven.
26:52 It gives us a deeper understanding and comprehension
26:55 of what Jesus means to us now,
26:58 and what He is doing for us now in heaven.
27:02 We have a personal representative there
27:05 in the presence of the God.
27:06 He is our divine ambassador representing our interest
27:12 there in the presence of God.
27:14 And I have got some interest, how about you in all of this?
27:19 And so the priest would represented
27:21 the priesthood of Jesus
27:22 but the temple the earthly temple
27:25 represented the heavenly temple.
27:26 Because we find in Revelation 11:19 it says,
27:30 "And the temple of God which is" where?
27:33 "Which is in heaven was opened
27:36 and the ark of His covenant appeared in His temple."
27:39 Last night we discovered that the Ark of the Covenant
27:41 in the earthly system represented the throne of God.
27:45 Because God's presence was right there
27:47 between those golden angels- remember those golden angels
27:50 that were part of the lid of the Ark.
27:52 And His presence was revealed between these angles
27:55 that was called the Shekinah glory.
27:59 God's presence was revealed.
28:00 So here it is the temple of heaven is open and,
28:04 you know, John in vision is looking into the interior
28:07 of this temple and he sees the Ark,
28:09 he sees the throne room of God.
28:13 And it goes on to say "And there were flashes
28:15 of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder
28:18 and an earthquake and a great hailstorm."
28:22 Notice the corresponding things that happen in the earth
28:25 as the temple in heaven is opened.
28:27 In fact, as you study the Book of Revelation
28:31 my friend, every scene that you see pictured
28:34 in the Book of Revelation in heaven
28:36 is in the temple in heaven.
28:39 The opening scene of Revelation 1
28:41 is a picture of Jesus in His priestly garb
28:46 in the heavenly temple as He is standing there
28:49 among the seven-branched candlesticks
28:52 which in the symbolism of the Book of Revelation
28:55 represents the people of God the churches.
28:58 So the opening scene is in the temple and everything
29:01 that is embodied in the Book of Revelation that deals
29:04 with events and pictures and visions of what is happening
29:09 in heaven is right in the temple that is in heaven.
29:13 And then you have corresponding events
29:15 that happen on the earth.
29:16 And you have this ebb and flow between
29:18 what is happened in- happened in the heavenly temple
29:21 and that which is happening on the earth.
29:25 Honestly, tell you this just right came to me
29:29 and I am sure I am not the person one
29:30 who finally saw this but just came to me probably
29:33 about ten twelve years ago after studying years
29:37 of the Book of Revelation.
29:38 I mean, it was there all the time.
29:40 It's the temple and interplayed between
29:42 again what's happening in heaven in the temple
29:44 and what happens on the earth
29:46 and it gives us deeper understanding
29:48 of the Book of Revelation for understanding that.
29:50 But I must move on.
29:53 Of course, I must move on.
29:54 To Leviticus 16,
29:57 the Old Testament page 637.
30:03 Oh, would that be Old Testament page 87,
30:06 I think its more 87.
30:08 Leviticus 16, now, I am not gonna take you
30:11 through all of the deep involved,
30:14 you know, details of the rituals of the Levitical code
30:20 that related to the temple system
30:23 but we must look Leviticus 16:15, 16
30:29 because we want to really comprehend
30:31 what it means, this cleansing of the sanctuary and 1844,
30:35 and what's the connection
30:36 what is that happen or its happening.
30:39 And remember I shared with you
30:41 the priest in the role of a sin bearer
30:44 bore the sins of people into the temple
30:46 where He interceded on their behalf before God.
30:49 Once a year it was called the Day of Atonement
30:51 the sanctuary had to be cleansed ritualistically.
30:56 And that's where we find pictured here
30:58 and the high priest function was central to all of it.
31:01 So Leviticus 16:15, speaking of the high priest
31:05 "Then he shall slaughter the goat of the sin offering
31:08 which is for the people."
31:11 Not individuals, not the ungodly,
31:13 not for the philistines, not for the Amorites,
31:16 this is for the people of God sacrifices that are be-
31:20 who was symbolized in the sacrifices.
31:24 Okay, Jesus you got it,
31:25 the shedding of the blood of Jesus.
31:26 We want to always keep that in mind.
31:28 "So he slaughtered the goat of the sin offering
31:31 which is for the people for the people of God
31:33 and brings his blood inside the veil and do with his blood
31:36 as he did with the blood of the blow
31:38 and sprinkle it on the mercy seat
31:40 and in front of the mercy seat."
31:42 That's what he did.
31:44 That is he went into the most holy place.
31:47 And remember as we studied last night
31:49 the lid of the Ark of the Covenant
31:51 was called the mercy seat.
31:54 The seat of whom?
31:56 Why do you think it was called a mercy seat?
31:58 Representing that seat of the throne of God?
32:00 And who sat on that throne?
32:02 God.
32:04 And in the, in the Ark was what?
32:08 What was placed in it?
32:09 I know there about there main things but
32:12 the commandments that God had written
32:15 on tablets of stone with His own finger
32:17 which represented the righteous principles
32:20 which are the foundation of the divine government.
32:23 And it is the transgression of those divine principles
32:28 that led to the awful mess of sin that we are in
32:32 that required the death of Jesus Christ
32:34 to atone for its transgression
32:37 and so we see pictured here
32:38 the two primary aspects of the character of God.
32:41 He is a righteous God, He is a God of justice
32:44 and living into world of such unrighteousness
32:47 and so much injustice.
32:49 As the people of God we say, hallelujah,
32:53 there is a righteous God.
32:56 But the other chief attribute of God must not be overlooked
33:00 it is pictured by the mercy seat because
33:02 he is a God of incredible mercy and love and compassion.
33:06 Amen. Amen.
33:10 And this is the dilemma that God that had,
33:12 His righteousness because He is just
33:14 He has to deal with the problem of sin
33:17 and the wages of sin is death.
33:21 But He loved us.
33:23 As we have talked about He just can't let us go.
33:25 So what could love do?
33:28 Sacrifice His justice it's all right,
33:30 its just all right.
33:31 We'll just forget about it, couldn't be forgotten.
33:34 What kind of universe where we end up with anyway?
33:37 If God says, all right its not all right, right.
33:44 It's not all right.
33:46 So God couldn't just pass over, it's all right,
33:48 we'll just forget it, you know.
33:50 No, you can't forget this because this is a cancer
33:54 and it is malignant and it is vicious,
33:58 it is fast growing, it has,
34:00 it is engulf the whole of this planet.
34:06 So in love God stepped in and provided
34:09 the means by which he can be just and by which He can be,
34:17 and by which He can save us from the malignancy of sin.
34:22 And He provided a substitution a divine substitution.
34:27 Jesus stepped into the gap
34:29 as we studied last night in Isaiah 53:8.
34:32 And He interceded between us and that death stroke
34:37 that was due to us.
34:40 Took it upon Himself so that now justice is fully
34:44 and completely satisfied at the cross of Jesus, right.
34:49 God did not forfeiture his justice in saving us.
34:57 But in love He reached down to us and by faith in Him
35:01 we can have life eternal.
35:03 That's the beauty of the plan of salvation.
35:07 And so it's a compo sphere the priest,
35:10 you know the goat representing the death,
35:11 it took the blood went into the most holy place
35:14 and he sprinkled it on the mercy seat.
35:16 It was the blood that allowed God to be merciful
35:22 and yet just in dealing with sin.
35:26 Do you see that?
35:28 And then verse 16, he goes on to say,
35:30 "And he shall make a torment for the holy place."
35:33 We don't usually think of the atonement being made
35:35 for a place we think atonement been made for people.
35:40 But well let's read on.
35:42 "For the holy place
35:43 because of the impurities of the sons of Israel
35:46 because of their transgressions in regard to all their sins
35:50 and thus he shall do for the tent of meeting
35:52 which abides with them in the midst of their impurities."
35:54 The sanctuary had to be cleansed
35:56 because of the sins and the guilt of God's people.
36:00 And my friend, though I would assume that most of us today
36:04 are under the love and grace of Jesus Christ,
36:07 nevertheless we would have to confess we have sinned.
36:11 We have come short of the glory of God.
36:14 We are sinners and we need cleansing.
36:18 And of course, if you are under the love and grace of Jesus
36:20 you will experience that cleansing
36:23 that flows from the cross of Cavalry.
36:27 It flows.
36:29 So this is what was being in the earthly system
36:32 this is what was cleansed.
36:34 But again Daniel 8:14, 2,300 years,
36:38 1844 cleansing of the sanctuary.
36:41 What would be its counterpart?
36:44 We know what happened in earthly system
36:45 how does that apply to the heavenly system.
36:48 It's not good a valid question?
36:50 Since obviously the earthly system was prophetic,
36:53 symbolic of Jesus His ministry etcetera, etcetera.
36:56 Well, let's look Hebrews 9 in the New Testament page 173.
37:01 And we want to look at verse 22 and 23
37:05 again the question has to be,
37:06 well how could there be anything in the heaven
37:08 that needs to be cleansed.
37:12 Ah, does it involve the sins of God's people
37:15 that's Leviticus 16, that certainly indicates that,
37:19 the let's pick it up here Hebrews 9
37:23 and again we are looking at verse 22 to begin with.
37:27 And it says "According to the law,
37:29 "according to the Levitical code"
37:30 one may almost say, all things are cleansed with blood
37:35 and without shedding the blood there is no forgiveness.
37:39 Therefore, it was necessary
37:41 for the copies of the things in the heavens"
37:44 as form of the earthly system "to be cleansed with these."
37:48 What's the these?
37:50 They were cleansed with the sacrifices,
37:53 the blood of the sacrifices.
37:54 So it was necessary, it says
37:57 for the earthly the copies the earthly
38:00 to be cleansed with the sacrifices.
38:03 "But the heavenly things" by implication
38:07 "cleansed themselves with better sacrifices."
38:12 What better sacrifice?
38:16 You got it the sacrifice of Jesus.
38:20 The sacrifice, the blood of Jesus is what cleanses
38:26 in regards to this prophecy that we are looking at, right.
38:31 So let's, let's get bit specific about this
38:33 let me take you to Philippians 4,
38:34 the New Testament page 156, 156, Philippians 4:3.
38:39 So how does that related to me
38:42 as a prophesying Christian?
38:44 I mean is this some kind of, you know,
38:47 drama that's been played out but really has not any direct,
38:52 you know, implications for me?
38:55 Well, Philippians 4:3 let me put it together.
38:58 It's a lot of part we want to look at
38:59 but let's read the whole of it.
39:01 "Indeed, true companion," Paul writes
39:04 "I ask you also to help these women
39:07 who have shared my struggle in the cause of the gospel,
39:09 together with Clement and also the rest of my fellow workers,"
39:13 here it is "whose names are in the book of life."
39:19 We will find out this is in the heavenly temple.
39:21 We will put those texts together.
39:23 In this heavenly temple where Jesus interceding for us
39:27 having spilt His blood on the cross of Cavalry
39:30 there are these records, it's the book of Life.
39:34 In fact, Jesus said in Luke 10:20, "Rejoice" He said,
39:39 "Rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven."
39:43 What's in the name?
39:46 A name stands for who you are.
39:49 Your personality, your character.
39:51 The good and bad of it is in the name, okay.
39:55 And it's a perfect record of each one of us.
39:58 Let to us some good things are written in the book of Life too
40:01 for instances when you came to Jesus,
40:06 when you repented when you accepted Him as your Savior
40:12 and He cleansed you of your sins,
40:15 don't you forget that's there in the book of Life as well.
40:19 And by the way, how does one get one's name
40:21 written in the book of Life?
40:23 When one enters into a personal committed relationship with God
40:26 through Jesus Christ by the act of Baptism
40:32 because, Galatians 3:27 says it's by Baptism,
40:35 Baptism that we put on the Lord Jesus Christ.
40:38 And we have an old Advent hymn.
40:41 We should not forget those old Adventist hymns,
40:43 we should keep it a part of the music vocabulary
40:45 in the church and my mind.
40:47 Now we have this old advent hymn based on this it says
40:50 "Is my name written there, On the page white and fair?
40:53 In the book of The kingdom, Is my name written there?"
40:58 So let me ask you how many of you have your name
41:00 written in the book of Life?
41:03 Every one of you that have accepted
41:04 Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior
41:08 and through the act of baptism, your name is there.
41:11 That's a precious thing.
41:13 It's a beautiful thing that we consider
41:16 that our name is written there.
41:17 Now, I am gonna take you Daniel 7,
41:20 the event where in context but we are going for Daniel 8:14
41:24 to previous chapter and it all ties into this
41:27 cleansing of the sanctuary Daniel 7:9.
41:30 Daniel's is vision and he says,
41:32 "I kept looking Until thrones were set up,
41:35 and the Ancient of Days took His seat,
41:38 His vesture was like white snow,
41:41 and the hair of His head like pure wool.
41:44 His throne was ablaze with flames."
41:49 It's a description of His glory.
41:51 "Its wheels were a burning fire."
41:53 It is a mobile throne by the way it's got wheels on it.
41:57 "A river of fire was" can you get consider in your minds "
41:59 a river of fire was flowing and coming out from before Him."
42:05 Again this is His glory.
42:07 It's a river of glory that is proceeding
42:10 from the presence of God.
42:12 It's powerful.
42:14 "Thousands, upon thousands were attending Him, and myriads."
42:17 That's the word for ten thousand.
42:20 "Ten thousands upon ten thousands
42:23 were standing before him," in the throne room.
42:27 And who are they?
42:29 The angelical of heaven who had an interest
42:32 in what is happening in that heavenly temple
42:34 and correspondingly it was happening upon this earth.
42:38 They're standing before God by the millions
42:42 and hundreds of millions within the temple in heaven.
42:46 This is a structure on like any think
42:49 that we could ever possibly imagine here on earth.
42:55 As we are looking again by vision
42:57 into the inner recesses of this temple.
42:59 And it says "The court sat and the books were opened."
43:04 Now this is speaking of judgment.
43:07 And in fact, the Daniel 7 it says
43:09 "Judgment is given in favor of the people of God."
43:13 Amen.
43:15 And so we need not fear the judgment.
43:19 In Revelation 3:5 also place into this.
43:22 Jesus is speaking "He who overcomes
43:24 shall be thus clothed in white garments
43:27 and I will not erase his name from the book of life,
43:30 and I will confess his name before My Father
43:33 and before His angels."
43:35 The one who overcomes.
43:38 Well, what is that about?
43:41 Well, who is it that overcame in the first place?
43:45 You got it. I am glad you got that.
43:47 Number one, Jesus is the great over comer,
43:52 evil is defeated.
43:54 His enemies are gonna be made his footstool in the end.
43:58 That is guaranteed in all of this.
44:01 And because He is victorious guess what,
44:05 by His grace we too will be victorious.
44:10 That's the news.
44:12 It's a part of the gospel but do you see
44:15 we are always free to turn back, right.
44:18 But you see not everybody that confesses Jesus
44:20 we will be true to Him to the end
44:22 until those are finding are final counting
44:24 as our book of records are open, okay.
44:28 And those who have turned back,
44:31 who have rejected the grace which once was there's
44:36 my friend, they removed from the book.
44:37 It is not arbitrary, it just recognizing
44:40 what they themselves have done.
44:42 They're no arbitrariness in this.
44:44 And those who remain written in the book of life
44:46 what the Jesus do in His capacity
44:48 as our intercessor in heaven
44:50 He says I will confess their names before the Father.
44:55 Oh, yes, they have had battles,
44:57 yes they have had their failures
45:01 but by My grace I claim them as My very own.
45:05 And that we are.
45:07 Amen.
45:08 We are His, and that confidence and assurance
45:11 should ring sound in the heart of and mind of every one of us.
45:15 We are His.
45:18 And nothing can touch us.
45:22 Daniel 7 and going on into verse 13.
45:25 We got this throne room scene it says in verse 13.
45:28 Daniel said, "I kept looking in the night visions,
45:31 and behold, with the clouds of heaven
45:33 One like a Son of Man was coming,
45:37 and He came up to the Ancient of Days."
45:39 The son of man makes his entrance
45:41 in this heavenly scene before the Father.
45:43 The books are all open there and it is at this point that
45:47 he makes confession of his, okay.
45:51 As for Revelation 3:5 fits in and it says
45:55 "And was presented before Him.
45:57 And to Him was given dominion."
45:59 Dominion over what?
46:01 This planet.
46:02 You serve by the evil one.
46:04 "He was given dominion, glory and a kingdom,
46:10 " So at the end of this scene
46:11 Jesus receives dominion rights over this planet.
46:14 He recede His kingdom.
46:16 And who is gonna be the king?
46:19 The sacrificed, he who has sacrificed for us
46:22 who is now priest an intercede in intercession for us
46:27 then becomes king over us.
46:30 But what is the king and what is a kingdom
46:32 without a citizenry
46:36 and who will comprise this citizenship of this kingdom
46:40 over which Jesus will rule?
46:41 You tell me who are the citizens?
46:44 We are.
46:45 My friend, those whose names are in the book of Life,
46:49 that's you and me who are faith in Jesus.
46:53 We will comprise as citizens of this kingdom.
46:57 And it goes on to say "That all people's, nations,
46:59 and men of every language might serve Him
47:01 His dominion is everlasting dominion
47:04 which will not pass away
47:06 and His kingdom is one which will not be destroyed.
47:09 But the saints of the Highest One will receive the kingdom
47:12 and possess the kingdom for all ages to come."
47:18 And my friend, in my minds eye I see feverish activity
47:21 taking place in heaven for
47:23 Jesus intercession is coming to an end.
47:27 They removed those robes of His
47:30 intercessory work from Him, His priestly robes.
47:33 The angels- I think they are in incitement.
47:38 They bring that kingly robe and the scepter
47:40 in they place of His hand and then they crown him, King.
47:47 And then and Revelation gives us insights into this
47:50 there's silence in heaven for a period of time.
47:53 For heaven is empty at this point.
47:56 As the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
47:58 with all the angelicals of heaven
48:02 come to this planet to claim the people of God
48:08 as their very own.
48:10 Now isn't that good news, isn't that not exciting?
48:13 Amen.
48:14 Absolutely, this is all of part of it.
48:16 This is- this is the high point of it
48:18 that we are getting we are getting.
48:20 And I'm on tie into this Revelation 11
48:23 and we are gonna be looking at verses 15-19.
48:28 Because we are given we are given insights
48:31 envisioned by John into this very scene
48:34 as it coming to an end in the temple of heaven.
48:36 Here it is verse 15 "Then the seventh angel"
48:39 seventh means the end this hand.
48:42 "Sounded, and there were loud voices"
48:45 picture this, loud voices in heaven.
48:48 And they were saying, notice what they are saying,
48:49 "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord
48:53 and of His Christ and He will reign forever and ever.
48:58 And the twenty-four elders,
48:59 who sit on their thrones before God,
49:01 fell on their faces and worshiped God,
49:04 " it's a powerful scene.
49:05 "Saying, 'We give You thanks, O Lord God, the Almighty,
49:09 who are and who were, because You have taken Your great power
49:13 and have begun to reign.'
49:15 " I wonder they are so excited
49:17 and you and I will be excited too.
49:18 Won't we?
49:19 And notice what's happening on earth
49:21 "And the nations were enraged, and Your wrath came,
49:24 and the time came for the dead to be judged,
49:26 and the time to reward."
49:28 The time of rewards has come.
49:30 To reward "Your bond-servants the prophets and the saints
49:33 and those who fear Your name, the small and the great,
49:36 and to destroy those who destroy the earth."
49:39 Time there is a time of judgment.
49:42 And then it says "And the temple of God
49:44 which is in heaven was opened
49:45 and the ark of His covenant appeared in His temple,
49:48 and there were flashes of lightning
49:49 and sounds and peals of thunder
49:51 and an earthquake and a great hailstorm."
49:54 Remember, that universal earthquake
49:56 that takes place at the coming of Jesus on the earth?
50:00 That's what's pictured here.
50:03 Wow, powerful.
50:06 But those words back in verse 15 where it says,
50:08 there's loud voices in heaven and they're declaring,
50:12 those words are to be familiar to us.
50:13 I am gonna take you there in song in just a moment.
50:16 That decoration, in heaven the kingdoms of this world
50:20 have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of this Christ
50:22 and He will reign forever and ever.
50:37 Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
50:43 Hallelujah Hallelujah, hallelujah
50:50 Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
50:55 For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth
51:01 Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
51:06 For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth
51:13 Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
51:18 For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth
51:23 Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
51:32 Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
51:43 The kingdom of this world
51:50 Is become
51:53 The kingdom of our lord
51:57 And of his Christ, and of his Christ
52:01 And he shall reign for ever and ever
52:06 And he shall reign for ever and ever
52:12 And he shall reign for ever and ever
52:23 King of Kings
52:29 And lord of lords
52:37 King of Kings For ever and ever
52:41 Hallelujah, hallelujah
52:43 And lord of lords For ever and ever
52:47 Hallelujah, hallelujah
52:50 King of Kings For ever and ever
52:54 hallelujah, hallelujah.
52:57 And lord of lords For ever and ever
53:20 Hallelujah, hallelujah.
53:23 And he shall reign for ever for ever and ever
53:29 King of Kings, and Lord of Lords
53:34 King of Kings and Lord of Lords
53:38 And he shall reign for ever for ever and ever
53:48 Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
53:54 Hallelujah
54:07 Well, they sounded something like that.
54:09 Didn't they?
54:12 But so much better
54:15 and we too when Jesus comes.
54:19 We too will sing as from the earth we are caught up
54:24 to meet the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
54:29 And we too will blend our voices
54:32 with those of their heavenly hosts.
54:35 As we see His praises
54:38 as we enter into that eternity
54:42 that He purchase at such an awful price for us.
54:46 Now we enjoy unspeakable
54:50 to know the darkness is behind us,
54:54 the victory is one
54:57 and at last we will be at rest in peace.


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