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00:33 The Time of the End and I'm going to be connecting
00:37 with that fascinating and challenging subject
00:40 I presented last Sunday night on the mark of the beast.
00:43 I'm not going to go through all of that material,
00:45 but it does directly connect.
00:48 Well, we discovered in our study
00:49 that the beast of Revelation 13 represented the papal system.
00:54 That brings the earth to a universal point of crisis
00:57 over the issue of the mark.
00:59 And we discovered the mark of Rome's authority
01:03 is the change that she made at the Sabbath
01:05 from Saturday to Sunday in the 4th century A.D.
01:09 You may remember the statement
01:10 I share with you from the Catholic Record
01:12 where it says, the church says,
01:14 "Sunday is our mark of authority.
01:17 The church is above the Bible,
01:19 and this transference of Sabbath observance
01:21 is proof of that fact."
01:23 And my friend it does
01:25 and I'm not going to preach that whole sermon again
01:28 but it does matter when it comes to spiritual
01:33 and religious practices and beliefs.
01:35 It does matter whether it comes from the book or it does not.
01:41 And my friend, it is a practice is matter of Sunday.
01:44 It is a practice that traditionally
01:47 has been passed down through the ages to our own time
01:51 and no question about it.
01:52 There are many sincere Christians who teach Sunday.
01:55 They never had a reason to question it,
01:58 but my friend it is contrary
02:00 to what the Bible clearly teaches.
02:03 Tonight, we will begin our study with Revelation 17.
02:07 That describes this apostate system as a harlot.
02:11 In contrast we will discover
02:12 that God's people in the last days
02:14 are pointed out in prophecy
02:16 as a pure virgin woman, a pure virgin woman.
02:20 And as central scene in Bible prophecy,
02:22 a woman represents the church.
02:25 On one hand as I have always stated,
02:27 "A pure woman represents a pure church, a true church.
02:33 An impure woman,
02:35 a harlot represents a church that is in apostasy."
02:40 Take a look at Revelation 17, the New Testament page 197.
02:46 Revelation 17 and we are going to begin with verses 1-3.
02:51 So Revelation 17, and it's interesting
02:54 as we study the Book of Revelation
02:56 to find that we have these contrast
02:59 and we will see that again, the harlot on one side of it
03:02 and the pure virgin woman on the other.
03:05 So here is what we find Revelation 17
03:07 and beginning with verse 1 where it says,
03:09 "Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls
03:12 came and spoke with me, saying, Come here, I will show you
03:16 the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters,
03:20 with whom the kings of the earth committed acts of immorality,
03:24 and those who dwell on the earth
03:25 were made drunk with the wine of her immorality.
03:29 And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness,
03:33 and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast,
03:37 full of blasphemous names,
03:38 having seven hands and ten horns."
03:41 And once again we are reminded that the Book of Revelation
03:44 is a book of prophetic symbolisms
03:48 in which important and vital truths
03:50 as it relate to the end times
03:53 and specifically it relates to the ebb and flow
03:56 of this conflict between good and evil plays out.
04:01 And we find a harlot,
04:03 that the prostitute of Revelation 17
04:07 plays a major role in prophecy in the end times.
04:12 In fact in Hosea 4:12
04:14 we have this interesting biblical statement
04:16 where it says,
04:17 "For a spirit of harlotry has led them astray,
04:22 and they have played the harlot, departing from their God."
04:26 Now this is a statement that is made about God's people
04:30 at a certain period of time in the Old Testament.
04:33 And they are described as being a harlot,
04:36 for they have departed from their God.
04:40 And so as we look at the harlot, Revelation 17
04:43 this represents a people, a church
04:46 that have departed because of apostasy
04:50 from loyalty to God
04:53 is what the Bible clearly, clearly indicates.
04:56 And we continue as we come down to verse 9, where it says,
04:59 "Here is the mind which has wisdom.
05:01 The seven heads or seven mountains
05:03 on which the woman sits."
05:05 We are given some keys to identifying the woman.
05:09 And geographically it's speaking about the woman
05:12 being located at a place where there are seven mountains.
05:17 And verse 18 gives us another key,
05:20 as we drop down there.
05:21 Where it says the woman whom you saw is what?
05:24 What is it? It's the great city.
05:28 And what about the city?
05:29 It says, "Which reigns over the kings of the earth."
05:33 So I put it together
05:34 a great city located at a place of seven mountains or hills
05:38 that we know historically has reigned
05:41 over the kings of the earth
05:42 or that is has dominated the civil system
05:47 and what are we talking about or who are we talking about?
05:50 We are talking about Rome.
05:53 You know, the sides are the mountains
05:55 that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.
05:57 Again it is the antichrist is what we find.
06:01 Now, I take you back to the latter part of verse 1.
06:04 We just kind of read over it very quickly
06:07 to set the stage for the study tonight.
06:09 But I want to point out very-- something very essential
06:12 about the harlot as described here.
06:14 Last part of Chapter 1,
06:17 I'm sorry, Chapter 17:1 where it says,
06:20 "I will show you the judgment of the great harlot
06:24 who sits on many waters."
06:27 She is going to be held accountable
06:30 in the end time is what the Bible indicates.
06:34 And it goes on to say, verse 2
06:36 "With whom the kings of the earth
06:37 committed acts of immorality."
06:41 Now again this is talking in literal, literalistic terms.
06:45 No, I mean really the language, in the original language
06:50 it's talking about sexual immorality
06:53 and it's not talking literally
06:55 between the woman and the kings of the earth.
06:58 It's talking spiritually.
07:00 She has prostituted herself spiritually.
07:03 And it is speaking of the unholy union
07:06 between church and state
07:09 which is one of the hallmarks of the apostate system,
07:13 the union of church and state.
07:15 And as you look at this
07:16 particularly through the Middle Ages,
07:20 my friend, it was often through the simple powers
07:23 that the apostate church exercise its power
07:28 over the masses of the people in population of the old world,
07:32 that union of church and state.
07:34 By the way we have here in America
07:36 a unique understanding of the relationship
07:39 between church and state,
07:40 which I will get to in a few moments.
07:42 But we drop on down to verses 4 and 5 where it says,
07:47 "The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet,
07:50 and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls,
07:53 having in her hand a gold cup full of abominations
07:57 of the unclean things of her immorality."
08:00 And again we are talking in coded terms, in symbolic terms.
08:05 She has this cup and verse 5 says,
08:08 "And on her forehead a name was written,
08:10 a mystery, Babylon the Great.
08:14 And so we have three figures in the Book of Revelation
08:18 that are talking about the same system.
08:19 Revelation 13 speaks up that there is beast.
08:22 Revelation 17 here speaks of it as the harlot
08:27 and it's also referred in prophecy
08:29 in the Book of Revelation as Babylon the Great.
08:33 Three symbols for the same apostate system.
08:37 But she has in her hands the cup of her immorality.
08:42 And usually it talks about the wine of immorality
08:46 and my friend it creates a spiritual stupor
08:49 on those who drink from the cup.
08:51 What it would possibly be in that cup?
08:54 Well, I believe that impart represents Satan's deceptions.
09:00 The apostasy away from the truth of God's word.
09:05 Substituting the traditions
09:08 and the declarations of the church councils
09:11 and the authority of the church
09:13 for the authority that resides alone in the scriptures.
09:17 Furthermore I believe it includes
09:20 a substitution for the true salvation
09:23 that comes to us by faith in Jesus Christ,
09:26 a system that is based on works.
09:30 And any system that's based on works.
09:33 And we see as we look at the system
09:35 that it has a counterfeit priestly ministry
09:39 as opposed to Jesus, Jesus high priestly ministry
09:44 in the heavenly sanctuary.
09:46 And then of course it has a false Sabbath.
09:51 It has, it has substituted Sunday
09:55 which comes to us with the marks of apostasy in it
09:58 for it was out of the apostasy of the church.
10:02 That the-- that Sunday
10:04 which comes straight out of paganism
10:06 was substituted for the worship of God
10:09 on the seventh-day Sabbath.
10:12 And so we have a counterfeit Sabbath.
10:16 And really this probably could go on,
10:18 but that would be some of the things.
10:20 And as we look at verse 5, as it talks about,
10:24 she is "Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots
10:29 and of the abominations of the earth.
10:32 And if we as we have already stated,
10:34 a woman represents churches.
10:37 A impure woman represents an impure church,
10:40 an apostate church.
10:43 When it talks about the mother of harlots,
10:46 what would the harlots be
10:48 but those churches that continue in a state of apostasy.
10:53 Now, I'm not going to give you a list
10:54 that's not my business to got through and give you list.
10:57 But there are those who participate in the apostasy.
11:01 And some and often unknowingly particularly as it relates
11:05 to this whole issue of the Sabbath and Sunday.
11:08 But she is called the mother of harlots.
11:10 In fact, the Church of Rome claims to be the mother church.
11:15 You've heard that term, haven't you, the mother church.
11:18 And you know there is a reason
11:20 why some 500 years ago the reformation took place
11:26 because there was recognition among sincere Christians.
11:29 As they study the Bible,
11:30 they begin to discover how far the church,
11:33 the established church had gone down the road of apostasy.
11:38 And they sought to reform the church,
11:40 but the church would not be reformed, right.
11:45 It would not be reformed.
11:47 But today, you know, the movement is back,
11:51 the ecumenical movement is back to the mother church.
11:55 And you see the less that the Bible plays
11:59 a foundational role in the spiritual life of the church.
12:03 And in the spiritual life of an individual,
12:06 the fewer reasons remain
12:09 for us to remain separated from Rome.
12:13 I mean, you know, just take that truth.
12:16 In fact, you could see here,
12:18 Pope Benedict XVI
12:20 as he met with the Bishop of Canterbury.
12:23 The Archbishop of Canterbury,
12:24 they you know, the spiritual leader
12:27 of the Church of England.
12:30 I mean, there is all these attempts of reaching out
12:33 to reestablish these connections.
12:36 I know, historically and again
12:39 as we look at the orthodox world
12:41 that represented here on the picture
12:42 again this reaching out,
12:44 this--this idea of coming back together.
12:48 My friend, we will look at a prophecy
12:51 and we will discover how God intents
12:54 to deal with the divisiveness
12:57 and confusion that has ripped the Christian world.
13:00 And it is not through the ecumenical movement
13:02 that is going to happen.
13:03 For the ecumenical movement
13:05 if you really take a look at is based on compromise,
13:07 compromise of biblical truths.
13:11 And my friend, we being reunited as Christians
13:15 will never be based upon compromise of truth.
13:20 It will be-- it will take place,
13:23 I will give you this much insight,
13:25 our coming together as God's people
13:28 no matter what our church backgrounds may be
13:30 will happen as a sweeping revival
13:33 takes place among God's people in the various churches.
13:37 And then we will come together in perfect union
13:42 and that's the only way and that revival
13:44 will lead to a revival of the centrality
13:48 of the authority of scripture among God's people.
13:52 That is a central part of it.
13:54 And you can go on,
13:55 here we have the head of the world council of churches
13:58 meeting with Pope Benedict XVI.
14:02 Ah, some years ago I was home visiting my family
14:06 up there in Auburn, Washington, that's in the Seattle area.
14:09 we were relaxing in the family room on Sunday,
14:12 Sunday morning late morning, early afternoon
14:16 and we were all going through the Seattle Times,
14:19 working through it page by page
14:21 and I eventually came to the community page
14:24 and in the community page
14:25 I saw that there was going to be an ecumenical service
14:28 at St. James Cathedral which is the main cathedral
14:31 for the catholic diocese in Seattle.
14:34 And I told my mother, I said I'm going to go,
14:36 I'm going to be there, I want to see this.
14:38 And she said, I'm going to go with you.
14:40 So we made our way to Seattle
14:43 and here is St. James Cathedral right there.
14:46 Those stained glass windows that looked to me
14:49 were made out of gold.
14:52 It look like gold and I think probably was gold.
14:57 And we were there early,
14:58 we found our place and it was clear.
15:00 The cathedral was just packed
15:02 and it was clear that there were many Christians
15:04 other than Roman Catholics that were present.
15:08 For you see, they were there to sign a document
15:11 between the Roman Catholic dioceses of Seattle
15:15 and Bishop Raymond Hunthausen was the Bishop
15:18 of the Catholic dioceses of that period of time
15:21 and Robert Cochrane who was the bishop
15:24 of the Episcopal Church, the Episcopal diocese.
15:28 They had a commission
15:31 that I had been studying for two years
15:33 how these two dioceses could come together in union
15:37 and they had made enough progress
15:39 they were ready to sign some documents
15:41 over this whole thing.
15:42 So, here we are was pack full
15:45 and that organ began to play behind us, it was beautiful.
15:49 And the choirs begin to sing.
15:53 It was almost heavenly
15:56 and then in gorgeous attire
15:59 in these beautiful vestments came these two bishops.
16:04 Robert Cochrane, the Episcopalian Bishop
16:06 and Raymond Hunthausen,
16:09 the Bishop of the Catholic dioceses there
16:12 lead by a young man in a white corset
16:15 and he had, he was swinging a burning sensor.
16:19 That sensor was about that big around
16:22 and there were three chains that went to the handle,
16:24 he was singing and swinging that thing around 360 degrees
16:28 as he came down in temple to that beautiful music.
16:31 But he not only did on this side,
16:33 he had been practicing this I know,
16:35 he not only did it on this side of his body
16:37 but with the same hand he did it on this side.
16:40 I mean that would take some practice, wouldn't it?
16:43 In fact, some who were sitting on the inside
16:45 are looking back seeing this man coming down
16:48 with this big swinging sensor,
16:50 some of them moved in a little bit.
16:53 You know, into the inside
16:55 but he didn't miss a beat.
16:59 And then they went through the formalities
17:01 of signing these documents publicly
17:04 and in so doing talking about healing the wound,
17:08 just fascinates me how that term
17:10 that comes out of Revelation 13
17:12 often comes up in these kinds of settings.
17:16 This is the interior of St. James Cathedral.
17:19 It is a-- as I said already a beautiful, beautiful cathedral
17:23 there in Seattle, Washington,
17:26 beautiful cathedral.
17:28 But in contrast to the harlot of Revelation 17
17:31 is this pure woman of Revelation 12.
17:34 That's the New Testament, page 195.
17:40 Revelation Chapter 12 and beginning with verse 1
17:46 where it says "And a great sign appeared in heaven:
17:49 a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet
17:53 and on her head a crown of twelve stars."
17:57 Remember last Saturday night we studied about the 144,000.
18:00 And I took note of the fact that in Bible prophecy
18:03 whenever you see that number 12
18:05 it is always associated with God's covenant people
18:07 with His true people.
18:09 In the Old Testament it was from the 12 patriarchs
18:12 that we have the 12 tribes
18:13 that constitute ancient Israel,
18:16 God's people under the Old Covenant.
18:19 And in the New Testament it is from the 12 apostles
18:23 that we have the establishment of the Christian church.
18:28 And so again the number 12
18:30 is associated with God's covenant people,
18:32 that's what been pictured here in Revelation 12:1.
18:36 In fact, in 2 Corinthians 11:2
18:39 Paul says, "For I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy,
18:43 for I have betrothed you to one husband,
18:46 that to Christ I might present you as a pure virgin."
18:54 And so here we see God's people
18:57 are pictured prophetically in the end time.
19:01 And who have-- and who are we betrothed to
19:05 as the people of God?
19:07 To Jesus Christ.
19:10 It just keeps, you know,
19:11 as you study the Bible when you really think,
19:13 I've studied in light the plan of salvation.
19:17 My friend, it is always taking us back
19:20 to the relationship with Jesus
19:22 with God through Jesus, right.
19:25 It always does and that is one of the primary things
19:29 that sets them apart as the people of God.
19:33 They are in a committed relationship.
19:38 And I trust you are in a committed relationship
19:41 to Jesus Christ.
19:43 It's a growing relationship.
19:46 It may not be perfect
19:47 because we are not perfect, right.
19:49 You know, none of us
19:51 have attained however we are in the relationship
19:55 and the relationship is a saving one.
19:57 And it sets us apart as the people of God, doesn't it?
20:01 It sets us apart as the people of God.
20:04 It's something that is born within the heart
20:06 of an individual that response to the love and grace of Jesus
20:10 and we enter into that covenant relationship
20:14 that's all involved here,
20:16 as we talk about this woman here in Revelation 12.
20:20 But one of the things that we find in Revelation 12,
20:23 we find the church in a state of conflict.
20:28 And I want you to notice the context of Revelation 12,
20:31 it is the chapter just before Revelation 13.
20:35 And Revelation 13 is the chapter
20:37 that deals with the antichrist, the papal system.
20:43 So the setting is that the people of God
20:45 are going to find themselves in a state of conflict.
20:50 It points out in verses 7-9
20:52 that the source of this conflict began in heaven.
20:56 But then it points out that the conflict continues here
20:59 particularly in the past and in the end times
21:03 the conflict continues to play itself
21:06 out here up on this planet.
21:08 Oh, my friend, I wish I could assure you
21:10 that as we come to Jesus Christ
21:13 and as we deepen our experience in Jesus
21:16 that we, you know, we can just relax.
21:21 There's just gonna be all peace and all joy.
21:25 But my friend, when you and I come to Jesus Christ
21:28 we put ourselves in a position
21:32 that leads us into conflict with the evil one.
21:38 And remember we are the objects of this hatred because
21:41 we are the objects of His infinite love.
21:47 That's what it really comes down to
21:51 and so I want to tell you,
21:54 I know the devil is angry whenever the people of God
21:57 get together in these kind of studies
21:58 to sincerely seek the truth of scripture
22:02 in a way to understand more clearly
22:05 the dynamics of the relationship
22:07 that we are in--in relationship with Jesus Christ.
22:10 He hates it.
22:12 He doesn't want us to come to an understanding
22:15 of these things in God's word.
22:17 And so my friend he sets it up,
22:19 I see this often in meetings
22:20 and sometimes I don't see it but its going on,
22:23 conflict, people in conflict.
22:25 Some of you may find yourselves in conflict
22:28 as we proceeded in these meetings
22:31 and at some point you may find yourself in conflict
22:33 as we move towards the end of the meetings
22:36 and so you are making up your mind you know,
22:37 what does it mean to me, you know, what shall I do
22:40 with all of these things that I'm learning,
22:42 what's the implications of it?
22:45 But that's what Revelation 12 tells us,
22:47 the people of God will be in conflict
22:49 and that's what we see in verse 6, verse 6.
22:53 It says, "Then the woman fled" fled where?
22:58 It says, into the wilderness.
23:02 Take a look at that word fled.
23:06 What do you get from that word fled?
23:08 What's the dynamic that's going on there?
23:11 The woman is fleeing.
23:13 It gives us the idea the woman is running,
23:17 she is fleeing for her life.
23:20 Something is threatening her,
23:22 that leads her to flee into the wilderness.
23:26 Again this is prophetic language
23:27 but fleeing into the wilderness.
23:29 Notice it says, "where she had a place prepared by God."
23:35 And my friend, it's talking about
23:38 that period of oppression and persecution.
23:40 I will put it together in just a moment,
23:42 that period of oppression and persecution
23:44 I refer to briefly last Sunday night.
23:48 And as it was true in the past,
23:50 history will repeat itself in the end time.
23:53 But, just as assuredly is the past
23:55 that God had a place for His people
23:59 where He would shelter them during times of oppression.
24:03 Be assured that God will shelter His people.
24:06 He has a place prepared for us.
24:11 When we will be faced with persecution,
24:14 you know, we have it too easy in United States, don't we?
24:17 It cost us little, cost us little to be Christians.
24:23 But when we went back in Medieval Times
24:25 and if it meant, you know,
24:27 you are going to be true to Christ and to His word
24:30 or you gonna be burned at the stake which happened a lot.
24:35 Then this becomes a lot more serious,
24:37 how much do I really believe this?
24:41 You know, am I willing to give up my life for it.
24:45 Now, this is not something
24:46 that we should try to quickly answer, right.
24:48 I'm not sure that any of us know our hearts that well,
24:51 but we do know that we can rely on Jesus our savior,
24:56 who has prepared a place for us.
24:59 Anyway, so, "Then the woman fled into the wilderness
25:02 where she had a place prepared by God,
25:04 so that there she might be, notice the word nourished
25:09 for one thousand two hundred and sixty days."
25:12 Interesting God's people the church
25:15 under oppression in conflict,
25:18 nevertheless God has a place
25:20 where He will nourish His people.
25:23 He will nourish His people and it says for 1260 days,
25:27 it's a prophetic period of time
25:29 and we saw it for the first time last Sunday night
25:32 in regards to the mark of the beast, 1260 days.
25:36 We remember the principle, it's in Ezekiel 4:6
25:39 where it says, "I have appointed thee each day for a year."
25:44 And again one prophetic day represents a literal year.
25:47 And 1260 prophetic days therefore represent 1260 years.
25:55 That is a long period of time in which it says the church,
26:00 the people of God would be in hiding
26:03 to this place that God's prepared for her,
26:06 where she would be nourished for 1260 years.
26:10 This prophecy is repeated,
26:11 this time prophecy more than any other in the Bible,
26:14 it's repeated in the Old and in the New Testament, 1260 years.
26:20 And you will remember from last Sunday night
26:21 as we studied this Revelation 13,
26:23 the 1260 years represented the period of time
26:27 in which the apostate church,
26:30 the apostate system would reign supreme.
26:33 Reaching from 538 to 1798
26:36 when we will receive a deadly wound.
26:38 And my friend, there is a reason why the church,
26:42 the true people God had to go into hiding,
26:45 fleeing into the wilderness
26:47 during the supremacy of the apostate church.
26:51 For remember one of the identifying characteristics
26:53 are that is that, it would make war with the saints.
26:58 And that was not easy for me to recount this history,
27:01 none of us really you know,
27:04 who wants to talk about some of the ugly things
27:06 that were done the church did seek to purge
27:12 the old world culture in society of the hated heretics
27:18 and they thought they sought to do it in terms
27:21 that would put the fear of God in anybody
27:25 who thought that they would depart
27:27 from the authority of the church,
27:28 burn somebody at the stake
27:30 and let all the people gather around and watch them burn.
27:34 The love of Jesus burned more brightly in their hearts.
27:41 And let me tell you, it take a lot of love, wouldn't it.
27:44 But I want to tell you there are so many martyrs
27:47 that brought testimony to their faith in Christ,
27:50 who are willing to pay the ultimate price.
27:52 There is that statement in scripture,
27:54 "Jesus says my grace is sufficient for you."
27:57 And I believe there is a special grace that comes.
27:59 Some people represent martyrdom
28:02 as one of the gifts that God gives to an individual
28:05 that they are able to have the strength to be martyred.
28:09 We have it too easy in this country,
28:12 it cost us little.
28:15 And then I want to take you to verses 13 and 14.
28:17 For He repeats it what we just read
28:20 and whenever something is repeated it's because
28:22 it's vital, it's important.
28:24 Verse 13, "And when the dragon saw
28:26 that he was thrown down to the earth"
28:29 and you know the dragon is a devil himself,
28:31 "he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child."
28:37 That child is talking about Jesus, isn't it.
28:41 Verse 14, "But the two wings of a great eagle
28:44 were given to the woman,
28:45 so that she could fly into the wilderness,"
28:48 there is the wilderness again,
28:50 "to her place where she was and again it says,
28:53 where she was nourished."
28:56 You see the parallelisms between verse 6 and verse 14,
29:00 it's repeating the same thing.
29:03 And again repetition is to give us emphasis
29:06 on the experience of God's people.
29:09 It says, "Where she was nourished for,
29:12 now notice the language a time and times
29:16 and half a time from the presence of the serpent"
29:19 that is from the evil one.
29:21 Now, the original language is more exact than the translation.
29:25 For individual language it means one time
29:28 or one year of prophetic time, two years and half a year
29:34 that's a total of three and half years of prophetic time.
29:38 And in a prophetic year there are 360 days
29:44 and if you multiply three and half years time to 360
29:48 you come out with the same prophetic period of time
29:50 as in verse 6 that is 1260 prophetic days or years.
29:54 It's another way of referring to the time prophecy of verse 6.
30:01 And so again she is fleeing into the wilderness,
30:05 to that place that was prepared for her by God.
30:12 I heard it said, it's been some years ago
30:15 and I think the research shows there is much more than we,
30:18 than we appreciate in the Book of Revelation.
30:21 But I heard it in a lecture
30:23 that there are some 600 direct or indirect references
30:28 to the Old Testament in the Book of Revelation.
30:33 And as I said scholarship has found it's even more
30:36 which tells me to understand
30:38 why there are many that have such a tough time
30:41 with the Book of Revelation
30:43 where many new testament believers take the position
30:46 that the Old Testament really is not that relevant
30:51 but think of it, 600 direct or indirect references
30:55 to the Old Testament in the Book of Revelation.
30:58 I'm going to give you an illustration
30:59 what's happening here because this idea three and half years,
31:02 the woman fleeing into the wilderness
31:04 where she is to be nourished by God,
31:06 comes straight out of the Old Testament
31:08 and it goes straight to the story of the Prophet Elijah.
31:13 And just as we have the supremacy
31:15 of the apostate church, so we find the Old Testament
31:18 that the people of God were in apostasy.
31:21 This is coming down to the time of King Ahab
31:23 and wicked Queen Jezebel.
31:26 And they were hunting down the prophets
31:28 and they were killing them
31:29 and they would have killed Elijah
31:31 except God preserved Him.
31:33 And after delivering His message
31:34 that there would be no rain because of their sin.
31:38 Elijah was lead out into the wilderness
31:42 to the place that God had prepared for him
31:46 and he was nourished.
31:48 Remember how the ravens is pictured here,
31:50 brought him food, there is a brook for water
31:53 and for the next three and half years,
31:55 though Ahab was hunting him down
31:58 among the various nations there and what we call the Middle East
32:02 and was unsuccessful in finding him
32:04 for three and half years God protected and nourished him.
32:09 That imagery s picked up
32:12 and is applied to God's people as we just noted.
32:18 Kind of interesting as you look at it
32:19 but there is more as we continue on in verse 15.
32:23 From verse 15 it says,
32:25 "And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth
32:28 after the woman, so that he might cause her
32:30 to be swept away with the flood."
32:31 A flood of oppression and persecution.
32:34 And let me ask you how determine is the evil one.
32:40 Well, he is determined
32:42 but how patient and enduring in his love and patience
32:46 is the one that we serve.
32:50 My friend, God will outlast him.
32:54 He may be determined but God is even more determined
32:58 and in patience.
33:01 He works out His will, doesn't He?
33:03 So again verse 15,
33:05 "He pours out this river of persecution and oppression
33:10 against the people of God.
33:13 And then notice verse 16, it says,
33:15 "But the earth, the earth helped the woman,
33:18 and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river
33:21 which the dragon poured out of his mouth."
33:25 And again the symbolism here
33:29 is fascinating as you look at it,
33:31 as you interpret it.
33:32 The earth helps the woman.
33:34 What could that be talking about?
33:35 Well, let's go back to Revelation 17:15 on the screen,
33:39 where it tells us prophetically what waters represent.
33:42 And if we can understand what waters represent,
33:44 we can understand what the earth,
33:46 the very opposite in meeting would represent.
33:49 He says, "The waters which you saw where the harlot sits,
33:52 where it's located at,
33:55 are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues."
34:01 My friend that is talking about the old world
34:05 which was the centre
34:06 and the basis of western civilization
34:08 for so many centuries.
34:11 In contrast what would the earth that helps the woman.
34:14 What would the earth represent?
34:15 That would be the very opposite,
34:17 and as such represents the new world,
34:22 which was you know, there were Indians here,
34:25 but it was not heavily populated, was it?
34:29 It was a wilderness,
34:31 the earth helped the woman and my friend this just--
34:34 this just draws us into the history of it.
34:37 You know, what is it that was moving the pilgrims,
34:39 you know 1620 and all of that.
34:41 What was drawing many of the peoples to this country?
34:44 Well, I do know, you know,
34:46 I know historically it happens even to this day.
34:49 There was economic benefit that some saw in the new world,
34:52 but many came to the new world
34:55 because they wanted to be able to worship God
34:59 in accordance with their own conscience.
35:01 For they were denied that privilege in the old world,
35:05 but remember this union between church and state,
35:08 that dominated the affairs of the old world for so long.
35:12 And if you didn't belong--
35:14 belong to the established church,
35:18 the established church, the state church,
35:21 you were not allowed to worship God
35:25 in accordance with what you thought.
35:28 You had to comply to the dictates
35:31 of the church and the state, that's a historical fact.
35:35 And my friend, out of the reformation
35:37 came this idea that we are to be able to worship God
35:42 in accordance with our own conscience,
35:45 free of the dictates of the state
35:48 and the dictates of the church.
35:52 We take this for granted because we have lived in this system.
35:56 But it is a novel idea historically
35:59 and it is novel as you look at it worldwide.
36:01 This is not the way that it is in much of the world.
36:06 You are not in certain parts of the world
36:09 allowed to worship God
36:11 in accordance to the dictates of your own conscience.
36:14 The reformation was based upon that idea
36:17 and you know God embedded here in the new world, didn't it?
36:21 As they came, just think of it.
36:23 As they cross they landed not in 747s,
36:27 they were in these small little boats.
36:30 It took them months,
36:32 they were uprooting themselves out of everything they knew,
36:36 civilization as they known it from family and friends,
36:40 they were giving up their jobs, often houses and lands
36:44 and what was motivating them,
36:45 oh, my friend there were condos waiting for them
36:48 and plush jobs waiting for them.
36:52 But they thought we are going to make a new start
36:54 and we are going to have a new order of things here
36:56 where we can worship God as we choose,
37:00 that's what motivated
37:01 many of our forefathers that come here, right?
37:05 It was, I mean it's a genius
37:07 of what came to be the United States
37:09 it was foundational,
37:11 Roger Williams encapsulated this idea of religious freedom,
37:16 the first in the Colony of Rhode Island
37:22 and this is the concept he had.
37:25 You know, many does like came to the new world said,
37:27 you know, I want to have the right to worship God
37:29 according to my conscience but those guys down there,
37:32 they are little weird, they are not to have that right
37:35 and so they did some of the persecuting themselves,
37:38 but he had this idea
37:39 that everyone ought to have that right.
37:41 And this verse says,
37:42 Roger Williams established in Rhode Island the principle
37:45 I quote now.
37:47 "That every man should have liberty to worship God
37:50 according to the light of his own conscience."
37:53 He was way ahead of this time.
37:56 And yet that principle got embedded
38:00 into our constitution.
38:04 And an important part of that process
38:08 was in studying up a new order of things here in the new world
38:11 was this idea that the church and the state
38:16 should remain separate
38:19 that the state should not be involved in establishing
38:23 or involved in the affairs of the church.
38:25 Did I say that right?
38:28 Okay, the state should not be, yeah.
38:31 By the way it's a two way street nor should the church
38:34 be using the powers of the state for its purpose.
38:39 So we have this division
38:40 between church and state in this country.
38:43 And my friend, it has served us well.
38:48 So the earth helped the woman.
38:50 And where the woman was in hiding for 1260 years
38:53 as she came to the new world, she could then come out openly
38:58 to worship God freely
39:00 and it was here in this place of freedom
39:04 that the people God became manifest.
39:07 Let me tell you the dragon, he still is in verse 17,
39:10 he still hasn't given up,
39:12 my friend, he not yet given up until God says,
39:14 it's done and it is done.
39:16 Verse 17, "So the dragon was enraged with the woman,
39:21 and went off to make war with the rest of her children,
39:23 who keep the commandments of God
39:25 and hold to the testimony of Jesus."
39:29 The King James which is pretty good translation
39:33 puts it in these words
39:34 and I'm using this translation for one key word.
39:38 It says, "And the dragon was wroth or angry
39:41 with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant,"
39:44 you saw word remnant because that is truly the word here,
39:47 "the remnant of her seed,
39:48 which keep the commandments of God,
39:50 and have the testimony of Jesus."
39:54 The remnant, what is a remnant?
39:56 Have you ever been to a remnant sale, ladies?
40:00 You know, I don't know if some of you
40:01 do a little bit of sewing or stuff.
40:03 My, my wife is a seamstress you know,
40:07 she made her own wedding dress.
40:11 And so, you know,
40:12 when you are getting
40:14 the remnant of a bolt of cloth,
40:15 what are you getting; the first, middle, or last part?
40:18 The last. And so when it talks
40:20 about the "remnant of her seed" (speaking of the church)
40:23 what does that mean?
40:25 That's talking about the remnant of God's people
40:28 and that last remnant of time.
40:31 That is in the last days. Are you with me?
40:34 That's the picture we have been following, havent't
40:37 we? from verse 13 and 14.
40:40 You know, the woman is fled into the wilderness.
40:41 That's the 1260 years that's behind us actually,
40:45 then renewed prosecution, that earth helps the woman,
40:47 we fit that in historically, the new world,
40:52 the establishment of the United States
40:54 and the priciples that it stands on.
40:56 But then verse 17 tells us again
40:58 the dragon as the end is approaching.
41:03 And he knows this almost older.
41:06 My friend doesn't give up any discourage he is in ranged.
41:12 And he is determined to take
41:13 the people of God down; The Remnant.
41:16 -to take the remnant down.
41:18 My friend, we are in conflict,
41:22 conflict without and sometimes conflict within,
41:26 is what the Bible tells us.
41:28 And notice the two identifying characteristics
41:31 that we find here of God's people in the end time
41:34 in the last remnant of time.
41:37 It speaks of they will have the testimony of Jesus,
41:41 I may spend the whole evening
41:42 on that tomorrow night the testimony of Jesus.
41:44 But what's the other thing that is noted here
41:46 about the people of God.
41:48 What is that they are keeping?
41:50 They are keeping the commandments of God.
41:53 That's what the book of revelation tells us,
41:55 and my friend, its keep the commandments.
41:58 Again I have asked the question before
42:00 how many of the commandments
42:01 do you think they are keeping.
42:02 Do you think they are being selected
42:03 about this matter of the commandments
42:05 I like this one, like this one lord,
42:06 this one, this one, this one, that's all right.
42:08 But this one no, is that-- is that the character,
42:14 the character of God's people in the end time, no.
42:19 In the love for Jesus,
42:23 they are seeking by his grace to keep
42:25 all ten of the commandments.
42:27 Which tells me they are keeping the commandments
42:30 that they are a Sabbath keeping people.
42:32 Let me tell you this message is going to go the whole world,
42:35 it's a part of the gospel message.
42:37 Its gonna go to the whole world
42:40 and in the end all of the God's people
42:42 are going to take their stand for the truth
42:45 that we find in the Bible
42:46 and because they take their stand for the truth
42:49 they will become all Sabbath keeping Christians, yes.
42:54 Its going to happen,
42:56 that the reason why Sabbath keeping Christians
42:59 are among the fastest growing Christians in the world today.
43:05 There is a reason, my friend,
43:08 it has the ring of truth in it.
43:12 It's the ring of truth.
43:14 Now, I'm gonna take you to Daniel
43:16 to see Old Testament page 644
43:18 this time prophecy 1260 years is repeated here.
43:23 But it gives us a different orientation to the 1260 years.
43:28 As it relates to the great prophecies,
43:31 particularly of the book of Daniel and revelation.
43:35 So, Daniel 12:4
43:38 are you there, Daniel 12:4,
43:41 now you will see the reference to the 1260 years
43:44 in just a moment but it says, "But as for you,
43:46 Daniel, conceal these words
43:48 and seal up the book until the end of time;
43:51 many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase."
43:55 And so the prophecy see that
43:57 Daniel was given and that were contained in this book,
44:00 that is the book of Daniel.
44:02 Daniel was told to seal it up
44:04 it would be sealed until the end of time
44:07 which indicates that in the end of time
44:09 the book would be unsealed right.
44:11 At some point it would become relevant
44:13 at some point it would be unsealed.
44:16 And he says that time many in the end time
44:18 many will go back and forth
44:21 and knowledge will increase.
44:22 Oh, my friend, this isn't talking
44:23 about jet travel and rockets
44:25 and I have heard this-- this application now,
44:27 it's talking about that there would be people
44:30 that would be studying the word of God.
44:33 He would be going back and forth through the scriptures
44:35 and as they go back and forth
44:37 to the scriptures truth would increase,
44:40 knowledge would increase
44:42 and have you noticed for a weeks
44:44 we have been doing that,
44:45 we have been going back and forth
44:46 through the word of God
44:48 and with this going back and forth
44:50 through the word of God knowledge has increased.
44:55 It's always the way it does
44:56 when the spirit of God is at work.
44:59 Verse 5, "Then I, Daniel, looked and behold,
45:01 two others were standing,
45:02 one on this bank of the river
45:04 and the other on that bank of the river.
45:06 And one said to the man dressed in linen,
45:09 notice what's coming who was above
45:11 the waters of the river, here is the question
45:14 "How long will it be until the end of these wonders?"
45:18 until the end of what wonders?
45:21 Oh, the wonders contained in the prophecies
45:23 of the Book of Daniel.
45:25 How long it's dealing with the issue of time.
45:29 And notice the answer, we come to verse 7,
45:31 "I heard the man dressed in linen,
45:33 who was above the waters of the river,
45:35 as he raised his right hand and his left toward heaven,
45:38 and swore by Him who lives forever and ever
45:41 that it would be for a time, times, and half a time."
45:47 Where did we see that?
45:49 Revelation 12, it's a reference to the 1260 years.
45:54 How long will it be until the end of these wonders
45:59 that is until the end time,
46:01 my friend the answers found in the 1260 years
46:04 which ended in 1798 which means that since 1798
46:11 we have been in the end time?
46:14 Now we say, oh, that's a long time.
46:17 Yes, in our very limited human way of looking at time
46:21 and they seem like a long time.
46:23 But we have been in the last days
46:25 for quite a while and it would be in this period of time
46:31 that the Book of Daniel would be unsealed.
46:33 I'm gonna share this with you historically.
46:35 That's where I'm going, but I'm not done yet.
46:37 "It would be for a time, times, and half a time.
46:40 And as soon as they finish
46:42 shattering the power of the holy people"
46:45 that's talking about the people of God,
46:47 He is talking about the fact
46:48 that they would be under oppression for the 1260 years
46:51 and it will come to an end that period of oppression,
46:55 the new world would help the woman,
46:57 we put that all together 1776, 1798
47:00 it all fits prophetically and historically
47:05 it says, all these events will be completed
47:08 after this period of persecution
47:10 then we would see the signs of the end being fulfilled.
47:17 We would see these prophecies being fulfilled, got it?
47:22 It's exactly what it says.
47:23 Verse 8, "As for me, I heard
47:25 but could not understand, so I said,
47:26 "My lord, what will be the outcome of these events?"
47:29 He said, "Go your way, Daniel,
47:31 for these words are concealed
47:32 and sealed up until the end of time."
47:35 And my friend it happened just right on time
47:38 just as we saw indicated here.
47:40 If indeed these prophecies of Daniel would be unsealed
47:44 in the time of the end and that happened in 1798
47:47 we entered the end time.
47:48 Somewhere in the 19th century the following century 1798
47:54 you don't have much left of the 18th century.
47:58 So somewhere in the 19th century
48:00 and probably in the soil of the new world,
48:04 we would find this phenomena
48:06 in which the prophecies of Daniel would be unsealed
48:11 which takes me to the historical story
48:13 of William Miller in the early 19th century,
48:16 the early 1820s and 30s.
48:19 Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1782,
48:22 his grandfather was a Baptist preacher
48:25 so he was a baptism background.
48:28 And it's quite a story but I'm going to make it brief
48:30 to get to the main point, who came to a point in his life
48:34 that he determined if the Bible was really true,
48:36 he was going to find it out for himself.
48:38 You know, he was hearing
48:40 plenty of the confusing interpretations
48:42 by the various churches.
48:44 And so he determined he took a Cruden's Concordance,
48:47 he determined to study the Bible
48:48 and go verse by verse and he determined to
48:52 let the Bible interpret itself
48:55 and in do process he came to the Book of Daniel.
48:58 And was the first
49:01 I believe through the power of the Holy Spirit
49:03 to discover the fundamental truths of these prophecies
49:07 that we have been studying in part in the seminar.
49:11 And eventually began to preach it, the prophecies
49:15 the end point of the prophecies were they coming of Jesus.
49:18 That did appeal to him as he studied the prophecy,
49:20 he said Jesus was to come in their time and in that day.
49:27 And Daniel had a vision, a vision from God,
49:31 and he said, I was frightened and fell upon my face
49:36 but he said unto me, understand, O son of man,
49:41 your wisdom belongs to the end of time.
49:46 In the mid-19th century, a Baptist preacher,
49:49 William Miller, traveled the country
49:52 preaching that the second coming of Christ was close at hand.
49:56 Tens of thousands believed he was right.
49:59 The pivotal text that William Miller centered
50:03 his apocalyptic lectures on was Daniel 8:14,
50:07 "unto 2,300 days and then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.
50:11 Cleansed.
50:12 And he thought the sanctuary was the earth
50:14 and it would be cleansed by the fires of the second coming.
50:17 Miller's followers determined
50:19 the cleansing would come on a single date,
50:22 October 22, 1844.
50:25 By the way let me give you a little footnote.
50:27 The Baptists have had a lot to do
50:29 with the what came to be known as the advent message.
50:32 For William Miller was preaching these prophecies
50:35 in all of the churches among Presbyterians,
50:38 Congregationalists, Baptists and you go on down the list.
50:42 It was a interdenominational movement
50:47 to begin with and those who--
50:49 and who responded to his message came to be known as Advent-
50:53 Adventist because they kept talking about
50:55 the advent of Christ.
50:57 They were stirred, because you know,
51:00 prophecy was something
51:01 that wasn't being studied out in that period of time.
51:04 You know they didn't talk about the coming of Jesus
51:06 in the churches and still goes on today.
51:09 In some churches they don't really talk much about
51:11 the return of Jesus.
51:14 So it stirred people, Jesus did not come as expected.
51:19 We call this the great disappointment.
51:22 And when Jesus fail to come
51:23 Hiram Edson in the Historical book
51:26 the Midnight Cry said it probably best.
51:29 "Our fondest hopes and expectations were blasted,
51:33 and such a spirit of weeping came over us
51:35 as I never experienced before.
51:37 It seemed that the loss of all earthly friends
51:40 could have been no comparison.
51:42 We wept, and wept, till the day dawn."
51:44 It was truly a bitter experience.
51:48 Turn in Revelation 10,
51:51 the New Testament, page 194, Revelation 10.
51:56 So we too are going to and fro, right.
52:00 We are going to and fro while we penned it.
52:02 Revelation, Daniel, back to Revelation.
52:06 And Revelation 10, this really puts it all together.
52:09 Where it says, "And I saw another strong angel
52:12 coming down out of heaven, clothed with a cloud;
52:15 and the rainbow was upon his head,
52:17 and his face was like the sun," this is prophetic language.
52:21 "And his feet like pillars of fire.
52:23 And he had in his hand a little book which was open."
52:27 I wonder what book that would be,
52:29 could that possibly be Daniel?
52:32 You will see.
52:33 "He placed his right foot on the sea
52:35 and his left on the land,
52:37 and he cried out with a loud voice,
52:38 as when a lion roars and when he had cried out,
52:41 the seven peals of thunder uttered their voices."
52:44 And was in reference to the message of that open book,
52:48 that they uttered.
52:49 Verse 4, "When the seven peals of thunder had spoken,
52:51 I was about to write;
52:53 and I heard a voice from heaven saying,
52:54 "Seal up the things which the seven peals of thunder
52:57 have spoken and do not write them."
52:58 What was Daniel told to do? Seal up the book.
53:03 What was John told to do,
53:04 when he heard the words being uttered
53:07 in reference to the message of that open book,
53:10 seal it up, why?
53:12 It's for the end time, it was not for John's time either.
53:16 Seal it up.
53:18 Verse 5 "Then the angel whom I saw standing on the sea
53:21 and on the land lifted up his right hand to heaven,
53:23 and swore by Him who lives forever and ever,
53:26 who created heaven and the things in it,
53:28 and the earth and the things in it,
53:29 and the sea and the things in it,
53:30 that there will be delay,"
53:32 the word in the Greek is Kronos.
53:34 It means time, there will be time no longer.
53:37 It means we're in the time of the end.
53:39 If there is gonna be time no longer.
53:41 Verse 7, "But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel,
53:45 the end is right at hand, at the end of the sevenths.
53:50 "In the days of the voice of the seventh angel,
53:53 when he is about to sound,
53:54 then the mystery of God is finished"
53:57 it's the mystery of salvation.
54:00 The gospel message will be completed
54:04 just before the end, does he ends on us.
54:07 "As He preached to His servants the prophets,
54:10 that the voice which I heard from heaven,
54:11 I heard again speaking with me, and saying,
54:13 "Go, take the book which is open in the hand of the angel
54:16 who stands on the sea and on the land,
54:19 So I went to the angel, telling him to give me the little book.
54:22 And he said to me, "Take it and eat it;
54:25 it will make your stomach bitter,
54:26 but in your mouth it will be sweet as honey.
54:29 And I took the little book out of the angel's hand and ate it".
54:33 I absorbed it, I synthesized it,
54:36 I made it a part of me, I digested it.
54:40 "I ate it and in my mouth it was sweet as honey
54:43 and when I had eaten it, my stomach was made bitter."
54:48 In reference to the little book.
54:51 In reference to those advent believers
54:54 as they so joyously anticipate the return of Jesus
55:00 and their joy was turned into bitter disappointment
55:03 when he did not come in their day as they thought.
55:08 My friend, it's all there in the book, it is in prophecy.
55:13 God has a people.
55:15 We have seen tonight at the end of the 1260 years
55:19 that stretch from 538 till 1798.
55:23 From that point we have discovered tonight,
55:24 we entered into the end of times.
55:28 We are in that period of time in which the end will come.
55:32 We don't know the day or the hour.
55:34 We don't but we are in that time.
55:37 We discovered tonight
55:38 that wouldn't be in the time of the end.
55:40 That God's people would emerge out of hiding
55:45 and a new world would help the woman.
55:47 And concurrently as they emerge
55:50 the prophecies of Daniel would be unsealed.
55:55 And my friend that's the basis of the advent movement.
55:59 Its base is a prophetic movement.
56:03 That is based on these prophecies
56:05 and the prophecies themselves which are centered
56:09 in what Jesus did for us at the cross of Calvary.
56:13 I keep saying it.
56:15 You can't understand and appreciate prophecy
56:18 properly without appreciating the fact
56:21 that it was all made possible
56:23 because of what Jesus did at the cross of Calvary.
56:28 And that Calvary it declares to us
56:30 an end is going to take place,
56:33 an end of sin, an end of suffering
56:37 and it declares at the end Jesus will come
56:41 and He will take His people to Himself
56:44 and we will enter into glory.
56:47 What a wonderful future Jesus put for us at Calvary.
56:51 Don't you want to be there tonight?
56:54 Aren't you glad that God has given us these insights
56:57 into His word and into these prophecies
57:00 that we can understand these things.
57:01 I know this is a little deeper than some of the subjects.
57:05 But my friend we would expect on the word of God
57:07 something's lying on the surface,
57:08 other things that we dig into
57:10 and as we do we gain this deeper understandings
57:14 and comprehensions or the purpose of God
57:17 in the end time for His people.


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