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00:34 As we look at the apostates, so we went through
00:36 all of the seven identifying characteristics.
00:39 Remember Revelation 13,
00:41 by which we identified the apostate system.
00:45 Well, it's fascinating
00:46 that in the Book of Revelation in particular that we also find
00:50 the identifying characteristics of God's people in the end time.
00:55 And that's what I want to review with you
00:57 before we really get into the heart of our study tonight.
01:00 So God's people in the end time are going to be noted for,
01:03 number one, their faith in Jesus Christ.
01:07 And we would expect that. Jesus is going to be central.
01:10 Jesus is going to be foundational
01:12 to their experience is what we find.
01:15 And number two, we discover from the word of God
01:18 that is particularly from the Book of Revelation.
01:21 It is mentioned specifically twice
01:23 in regards to God's people in the end time.
01:26 They will keep the Commandments of God.
01:30 Not just some of them, but by faith
01:32 through His grace they will seek to keep all ten of them,
01:37 which tells me that they are going to be
01:39 a Sabbath keeping people.
01:42 And number three, as we discover last night in our study
01:46 that God's people would emerge in the end time.
01:50 Out of that period of persecution
01:52 represented by the 1,260 years,
01:54 the earth would, help a woman, remember?
01:56 And they would emerge.
01:58 They would emerge out of oppression
01:59 and persecution in the old world.
02:01 And they would emerge here in the soil of the new world.
02:06 It would take right here,
02:08 and that's exactly what we found out
02:10 as I shared with you,
02:11 the beginnings of the advent moment, those early Adventists.
02:16 And it all began in the early 19th century,
02:19 right on time prophetically.
02:21 And what else did we learned about
02:23 God's people in the end time?
02:24 We also discover that as they emerge
02:28 that the Book of Daniel with his prophecies
02:31 would be unsealed.
02:33 And so that's what we would expect that
02:35 they would have a prophetic/biblical message.
02:41 And there will be a worldwide moment
02:43 because the gospel must go to the whole world
02:45 as a witness through all nations and then the end shall come.
02:48 And so it must be a worldwide moment.
02:52 And Adventists today are preaching this message
02:57 and are established in some 210 countries worldwide.
03:02 That is more than belongs to the United Nations.
03:06 And it is a worldwide moment.
03:10 And again, I would expect that, wouldn't you?
03:13 It's growing tremendously in places like Africa,
03:15 even in India, in some parts of the India,
03:18 Central and South America.
03:20 And, my friend, America is going to have its day.
03:23 At some point it's going to happen.
03:25 I really believe it because I know the prophecy speak of it.
03:29 And there's going to be something
03:30 that's going to disturb,
03:31 I think our sense of security at some point.
03:34 I don't know if it's just current situation,
03:37 I would not presume to make that assumption,
03:39 but at some point
03:40 it's going to be disturbed our sense of security.
03:45 And then the last thing that we discovered last night
03:48 is that they would have the testimony of Jesus.
03:50 So you got to line this up, if you are really interested
03:53 in being associated with God's people in the end time,
03:57 just line it up, starting with Jesus,
03:59 keeping the commandments et cetera, et cetera.
04:02 These are the things that
04:03 that ought to be present among God's people.
04:07 Now as I get into my subject tonight,
04:09 it is on the subject of prophecy, the prophetic word.
04:13 And the question is, will there be a re-emergence
04:17 of the prophetic gift before the coming of Jesus?
04:21 You have the question.
04:23 Will there be a re-emergence of the prophetic gift
04:25 before the coming of Jesus?
04:28 Which leads us to the whole question, why was--
04:32 Why is the prophetic gift needed anyway?
04:36 Well, my friend, remember in the very beginning,
04:39 God had face to face communion with Adam and Eve.
04:44 That is what He designed life to be
04:48 or something that we would experience,
04:50 we would know God, we would have this privilege
04:53 of being able face to face to talk with God.
04:58 And that's a part of why there's just--
05:02 If you think about,
05:03 there's just something within us that just is not right.
05:07 There's something that's missing.
05:10 And my friend, the thing that's missing,
05:12 is that the relationship has been broken.
05:15 That's what it really comes down to.
05:18 And I won't tell you people keep filling
05:19 that hole that, you know, that restlessness
05:22 that some go through with so many things,
05:25 and hopefully someday they discover
05:28 that all the time it was so close in hand,
05:31 there's a God that really love them
05:33 and really cares for them.
05:34 So why do we need the prophetic gift?
05:37 I said it the relationship was broken.
05:39 Isaiah 59:2 says,
05:41 "But your iniquities or sins
05:43 have separated you from your God."
05:46 The direct communion, the direct communication
05:49 between God and His people was broken because of sin.
05:52 And sin always does that.
05:54 Sin always separates us, doesn't it?
05:56 That's' the tendency of it.
05:58 It breaks down relationship is what sin does.
06:01 That's what so very deadly about it.
06:03 And relations are being broken down.
06:05 My friend, I mean, that leads us in a horrible state.
06:11 We're not complete and we're not whole
06:15 when the relationship has been broken down.
06:18 And the Gods in the--
06:21 God has the purpose of repairing the broken relationship,
06:26 that's what He's all about, isn't He?
06:29 So the prophetic gift was given to operate
06:34 while we are in the state of separation.
06:38 It is God's ordain means of communicating His will to us.
06:42 It's what we find as we study the Bible.
06:44 So, you know, it's vital.
06:46 Take your Bibles and turn to 2 Peter 1,
06:48 the New Testament page 183, 183.
06:52 2 Peter 1 and looking at verse 21.
06:57 Back here towards the end of the New Testament
06:59 is where you are going to find 2 Peter.
07:02 And as I said it's Chapter 1
07:03 and if you move right on down the page,
07:05 you will find verse 21 where it says,
07:08 "For no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will."
07:15 Let me reassure you,
07:17 that when it came to the prophetic revelations
07:19 that we have contained in the word of God,
07:21 it goes on to say,
07:22 " But men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God."
07:29 The message comes from God. It was initiated by God.
07:33 And, my friend, the fact that there is harmony
07:37 from the very beginning of the book to the end
07:41 speaks of the divine power by which
07:44 the word of God was established,
07:48 and there is harmony, there is.
07:53 So and then I take you on to Ephesians 4:11
07:56 as we talk about some of the gifts of the Holy spirit,
07:59 it's speaking of Jesus when it says,
08:01 "And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets,
08:06 and some as evangelists and some as pastors and teachers."
08:10 Please don't forget that one of the gifts
08:12 of the Holy Spirit that Jesus gave
08:14 was the gift of evangelist, not always,
08:18 not everyone considers us to be gifts to the church.
08:23 But I am focusing in on the gift of prophets.
08:28 And again Jesus gave these gifts,
08:31 so specifically the gift of prophecy,
08:33 the gift of prophets to operate in His absence.
08:38 Is that why He gave these gifts?
08:40 And, my friend, when we're united with Him,
08:41 we no longer will need these spiritual gifts.
08:45 Again the question is, is there any indication
08:48 that beyond the New Testament
08:49 that the prophetic gift would never rise again?
08:52 I just want you to be thinking about that.
08:55 But I want to as we further into our study,
08:57 I want to do a survey of how the prophetic gift
08:59 has operated in the past, under what circumstances,
09:03 under what historical conditions was the prophetic gift
09:06 operating in the past which will give us a clue
09:09 as we think about the prophetic gift
09:11 as it relates to the end times.
09:14 And, you know, I can just do this only briefly,
09:16 but I began with Noah.
09:19 Did Noah had the prophetic gift?
09:21 Did he receive revelations from God?
09:24 Did he, did he not? Yes, he did.
09:27 He received revelations that the world was coming to an end.
09:31 He was given instructions to build an ark
09:33 and he was given a message, it was a prophetic message
09:36 and he preached that for 120 years.
09:39 By the way, how successful was he?
09:42 Not very successful after 120 years only
09:44 eight, he did save his family.
09:46 That's worth something, isn't it?
09:49 I tell you, if I only save my family, I will save no one.
09:52 But you know what? We have ministry "Save No One."
09:57 It's Jesus that does the saving.
09:59 But anyway, you know, what I am saying here.
10:02 And so, you know, the message was
10:05 the antediluvian world was coming to an end
10:07 and so the prophetic gift was given.
10:09 God gave a warning. He gave an invitation.
10:13 And, my friend, He really longed.
10:15 He longed for them to repent.
10:18 He longed for them to survive,
10:20 but they had the choices like we do.
10:23 Could it be?
10:25 But in the end times,
10:27 knowing the world is going to come to an end
10:29 that Jesus is coming that in a similar fashion,
10:32 the prophetic gift would again be in operation.
10:36 Well, you may have some idea,
10:39 I maybe going somewhere with this.
10:41 And then I think of Moses.
10:42 Moses certainly had the prophetic gift.
10:44 The first five books of the Old Testament
10:46 were written by Moses and most agree
10:49 that he wrote the Book of Job.
10:52 And we think he was given the prophetic gift
10:54 as God was bringing His people out of Egyptian bondage
10:59 that Moses was the instrumentality
11:01 by which he was leading his people
11:03 through the wilderness of their wonderings
11:05 right up to the borders of Canaan,
11:09 The Promise Land.
11:12 And again, in a similar fashion
11:14 we too are in the wilderness of our wonderings
11:17 on this planet, aren't we?
11:20 And we are on the borders of the heavenly Canaan.
11:25 Are there parallels?
11:26 Is that point to the possibility of it in the end time?
11:30 And then I take of the prophet Elijah.
11:33 We've been talking about Elijah this weekend, haven't we?
11:35 Last night, this morning,
11:36 I was talking about Elijah and his message.
11:40 It was not a popular one.
11:41 Jeremiah, I think is another prophet.
11:43 His message-- You know, the people got hated it.
11:47 I tell you, at one point Jeremiah had its long ministry,
11:51 the people of God were in apostasy.
11:53 God said-- I want you to write down
11:54 all of the messages I've given you.
11:56 Look at Jeremiah. It's a long book.
12:00 And He said, put it in he hands of the king.
12:03 And it was being read to the king
12:05 and as it was being read page by page,
12:07 you know what that king was doing?
12:10 He was cutting it up, throwing it into the fire.
12:13 That's what he thought about those prophetic messages.
12:17 He held them in despair.
12:20 And now God said to Jeremiah, write it up again.
12:23 I mean, that was a task.
12:25 And this is by the way pre-computer
12:27 and word processing.
12:29 You know, that was all longhand
12:31 so he wrote it out again.
12:33 But we're taking about Elijah.
12:35 And his was not a popular message.
12:36 It was a message to his people who were locked in apostasy.
12:40 They've been hunting down the prophets to eliminate them.
12:44 They were trying to eliminate
12:45 the prophetic voice among them, it's tragic.
12:51 And, my friend, when we think about it,
12:53 the very fact that there's so much division
12:55 and confusion in the Christian world
12:57 does give some indication that something is wrong.
13:03 That on some level, there maybe
13:05 this represents some kind of apostasy that was so divided.
13:10 And then we can talk about the, you know,
13:12 the Major we talk about the Minor Prophets.
13:14 Minor in the sense that we only have, you know, like Joel.
13:18 It's not a long book that we have,
13:21 written by Joel and Amos, Hosea.
13:23 What is that 12 chapters or something.
13:27 You know all giving messages for God's people.
13:32 God was addressing, God was speaking to His people.
13:36 In the end times, do we need God to be speaking to us?
13:39 Now we do have the advantage
13:40 that we have the testimony of the prophets in the word of God.
13:44 We do, don't we? It's a wonderful advantage.
13:48 And then I moved into the New Testament
13:50 for John the Baptist had the prophetic message.
13:52 By the way, do we have one book
13:54 written by the Prophet John the Baptist?
13:59 No, not one book.
14:01 And but John, he did have the prophetic gift
14:04 in the sense that he had a prophetic message, didn't he?
14:08 And what was his message for his people
14:11 that were again locked in apostasy?
14:14 Repent.
14:16 And his purpose was to prepare the way
14:19 for the coming of Jesus in a similar way
14:23 as we anticipate the return of our Lord.
14:26 Could it be that there would be a prophetic message
14:29 that would at work, the prophetic gift
14:32 to prepare a people for the second return of Jesus?
14:37 What do you think?
14:38 Where do you think I'm heading with this?
14:40 Again I ask, do we have any indication that
14:43 the prophetic gift would end with the New Testament?
14:46 And if not, could it be that in the last days
14:49 in the time of the end
14:51 just before the coming of the Jesus
14:52 that the prophetic gift
14:54 would again be present among God's people.
14:58 Well, the Book of Revelation makes this prediction.
15:01 Look at Revelation 12, the New Testament page 195.
15:06 195, Revelation 12 and we're going to be looking at verse 17.
15:10 We were here just last night
15:11 for those of you who were with us.
15:14 And remember, Revelation 12 is describing
15:16 the people of God in a state of conflict, remember that?
15:19 I pointed out in verses 7 and 9
15:21 that it tells us that this conflict began in heaven.
15:27 But the conflict is being carried out upon this planet.
15:30 I share with you whenever we put ourselves
15:33 under the saving grace of Jesus,
15:35 we are setting ourselves up for conflict.
15:39 Conflict within, conflict without in the sense
15:42 that we are in conflict with the principle of evil,
15:47 if you can call evil a principle, okay.
15:52 And remember, we went through this.
15:53 The determination of the evil,
15:55 want to take them down to eliminate them.
15:58 Now God prepared a place for them.
16:00 He nourished them. They have to go in the hiding.
16:03 And how the earth hopped women?
16:05 Remember all of that and we talked about the new world
16:07 and how that, you know, it was all part of God's plan.
16:11 And then we looked at verse 17, verse 17 where it says,
16:17 "So the dragon was enraged with the woman
16:21 and went off to make war with rest of her children
16:23 who keep the commandments of God
16:25 and hold to the testimony of Jesus."
16:28 And again as I did last night, I'm going to share with you
16:31 the King James rendition of this where it says,
16:34 "And the dragon was wroth, he was angry with the woman,
16:36 and went to make war with the remnant."
16:38 Remember? I was wanting to underscore that idea.
16:41 "The remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God,
16:44 and the testimony of Jesus Christ."
16:48 And there we have two specific,
16:51 clear identifying characteristics of God's people.
16:55 Keeping the commandments.
16:56 We already went through that, didn't we?
16:58 But they would have the testimony of Jesus.
17:00 But as we talk about the remnant
17:03 and represents God's people in that last remnant of time
17:08 that we call the last days.
17:10 So in the last days,
17:11 they will keep the commandments of God
17:13 and they will have the testimony of Jesus,
17:15 but what is this testimony of Jesus?
17:19 Jesus is speaking to us?
17:22 Jesus is testifying to us, is He?
17:26 And what is that really about?
17:28 Look at Revelation 19, the New Testament page 199,
17:32 comparing scripture with scripture.
17:34 Again taking, out of our concordances,
17:36 you know, to a good biblical study.
17:38 And for looking specifically at the testimony of Jesus,
17:40 we want to find out
17:41 if that is used in any other context, right?
17:44 That's how we use the Bible to interpret itself
17:46 and that's exactly how we can understand biblically
17:50 the true interpretation of what we are talking about.
17:53 In verse 10, we find that John is comforted with an angel.
17:56 It is an overwhelming experience to John.
17:59 For it says, 'Then I fell at his feet to worship him.
18:02 But he said to me, 'Do not do that,
18:04 I am a fellow servant of yours and your brother
18:07 who hold the testimony of Jesus.
18:10 Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus
18:14 is the Spirit of Prophecy.'"
18:19 That is just simply another way to refer to the prophetic gift.
18:25 And so you put these two verses together
18:28 and it speaks of God's remnant people
18:29 who keep the commandments of God,
18:31 having the testimony of Jesus or the Spirit of Prophecy,
18:35 the prophetic gift, it is clear that the Bible indicates
18:40 the prophetic gift would arise again in the end times.
18:46 And it makes sense,
18:47 if you go back to the survey, I shared with you.
18:50 As we looked at the particular historical settings
18:53 under which the prophetic gift has operated in the past.
18:56 And, my friend, if indeed as we believe the Bible teaches,
18:59 the end of time is at hand that Jesus is soon to come,
19:05 it only make sense
19:07 that the prophetic gift would again be in operation.
19:11 So let me introduce you to an individual
19:13 that I believe had the prophetic gift
19:15 in fulfillment of this prophecy of revelation.
19:19 I don't know if this is going to be a new name for you,
19:21 but her name was Ellen G. White.
19:25 I can tell you this. Her background was Methodist.
19:27 Her family were very dedicated Methodists.
19:30 They really loved the Lord.
19:32 And as a young girl when William Miller
19:34 came into her hometown and was preaching these novel
19:39 ideas of prophecy and end times,
19:43 end of the world then the coming of Jesus.
19:45 It was craving to stir in and she and her family were there.
19:50 And they listened to these preachings
19:52 from God's word and they embraced
19:55 the prophetic messages they were hearing.
19:57 They remained Methodist, but they embraced the message
20:03 and in time all of those people through those--
20:06 They came to be known as those Advent believers
20:08 in the various churches, you know,
20:10 they were all through the established churches
20:14 who believe this message.
20:16 And that's the story itself how that, you know,
20:19 congealed in time into the advent moment,
20:23 the Adventist moment as it exist today,
20:25 but that's the origins of it.
20:26 So they were hearing these messages.
20:29 And let me tell you about Ellen White.
20:30 She was a woman that loved Jesus
20:33 dearly and looked with longing for His return.
20:39 In 1844, at 17 years of age. How old was she?
20:46 Seventeen years of age
20:48 she received her first revelation from God
20:53 that resulted in a 70 year ministry
20:57 that ended with her death in 1915.
21:02 During the course of her life, she received some 2,000 visions.
21:07 Some of them I've seen as long as four hours.
21:11 There were-- Just to give you just some statistics on this.
21:14 There were some 26 books that she wrote.
21:17 There are some 55,000 manuscript pages,
21:20 100 compellations of her writings in English.
21:24 Very possibly, she is the most
21:25 translated woman in human history.
21:27 She is certainly the most translated American author
21:32 man or woman for her book, Steps to Christ,
21:36 which I'm going to share with you tonight
21:38 has been translated alone in 135 languages,
21:45 135 languages.
21:48 And, my friend, there is no doubt in my mind
21:50 that in her life of ministry was a fulfillment
21:54 of this prophecy of revelation that
21:56 the Spirit of Prophecy would be present among God's people.
21:59 But how can we really know that?
22:01 We haven't come to this point
22:03 where I'm going to say to you, take my word for it.
22:08 In fact, you'll never hear that spoken up here.
22:12 But let me tell you a little bit about Ellen White.
22:16 Ellen White, 17 years of age, that's young...
22:21 Pretty young.
22:23 And I want to tell you about the character of Ellen White.
22:25 She was not the kind of individual
22:27 that put herself into the forefront
22:30 She was not the kind of a person who wanted attention.
22:34 In fact, when this came to her,
22:36 she begged the Lord to lay it on somebody else.
22:42 She did not feel adequate in anyway for that responsibility.
22:47 And, you know, that's probably why God chose
22:50 to give this woman, young woman these revelations.
22:56 I would be worried, wouldn't you?
22:58 If it was somebody that really wanted to be noticed,
23:02 who wanted attention,
23:05 who wanted to have authority over people.
23:10 Wouldn't you be worried about that
23:12 if that was the kind of person that God chose?
23:15 I don't think God generally chooses
23:16 those kinds of people for that kind of holy mission.
23:19 So you need to know that.
23:20 So how do we know whether there's God or not?
23:22 Well, take your Bibles and turn with me to Isaiah Chapter 8,
23:26 the Old Testament, page 493.
23:31 493, Isaiah 8:20.
23:34 And by the way, on the screen there you'll see her home,
23:37 that's the home where she died in Elmshaven,
23:42 that's up in the Napa Valley area in California.
23:48 That's where she finished her ministry.
23:50 And as I said she died in 1915.
23:54 But notice this principle that we find in Isaiah 8:20.
23:59 How do we know
24:00 where there's something like this is of God or not?
24:03 Well, it tells us here in Isaiah 8:20,
24:05 "To the law and to the testimony!
24:08 If they speak-- If they do not speak
24:10 according to this word, it is because there is no."
24:15 The King James translates it properly.
24:17 "There's no light in them."
24:20 So it must be in keeping with the moral code
24:24 of God's commandments.
24:26 I mean, somebody has revelations
24:28 and they're living a prolific life and immorality
24:31 that first of all that by their fruit you shall know them.
24:34 The Bible says, right?
24:35 By their fruits you shall know them.
24:38 Well, that would be a key.
24:39 And it says, through the testimony.
24:41 And what is the testimony?
24:42 My friend, you're holding it here in your hands.
24:45 It is the testimony of the Holy Spirit to us.
24:49 And the point is, if they do not speak
24:52 in accordance with this word,
24:55 it is because there's no light in them.
24:58 So whatever revelations that supposedly come
25:01 to an individual must be in harmony
25:04 with what the Bible teaches.
25:05 And if it is not, it is not a God.
25:11 This is the final authority.
25:14 This one to the points of faith as you remember
25:16 that we were going through earlier this evening.
25:19 There has to be in point of authority.
25:21 And, my friend, the authority does not reside with you and I.
25:24 You know, I'd smell it, I would sense it.
25:26 And, my friend, you and I can't depend upon that
25:29 but what we can depend upon is the word of God, amen.
25:32 Amen.
25:33 So to me, that's a crucial issue.
25:35 The issue that I must spend most of my time on tonight.
25:38 So how did she relate to the word of God, to the Bible?
25:43 Was her influence in anyway
25:46 undermining the authority of the scriptures?
25:51 And I'm going to quote from her because,
25:53 you know, and that's the best way to do it
25:55 to establish where she stood on this issue.
25:58 So how did she relate to the Bible?
25:59 She made the statement. It's a simple one.
26:01 That is all inclusive because she said at one point,
26:05 "The Bible and the Bible."
26:08 What's the next word? "Alone is our rule of faith."
26:14 She did not say, the Bible and my writings, right?
26:20 She said the Bible and the Bible alone.
26:24 Let me tell you,
26:25 I've been preaching this message for a long time.
26:28 I never have to turn to her writings to say.
26:33 Now let me share with you why we believe this
26:37 and I take you to another seven books.
26:40 Does she bear testimony to the truth?
26:42 Of course, we would expect that if it's of God.
26:46 Does she bear testimony to Jesus in the plan of salvation?
26:49 Of course, she does.
26:51 We would expect that if it was of God, right?
26:54 So we do find truth there,
26:56 but the basis of truth is from the Bible.
27:01 She bears witness is the way I would put it to the truth
27:06 as it is in Jesus, prayers witness to Jesus.
27:10 The Bible and the Babylon.
27:11 In another book, there's one of the books
27:14 I read early in-- Actually back in my college days
27:18 about my sophomore year,
27:19 I grabbed the book Early Writings, page 78.
27:22 She said, "I recommend to you the word of God
27:25 as the rule of your faith and practice.
27:27 By that word we are to be judged.
27:30 God has, in that word, promised to give visions
27:33 for the 'last days,' not for a new rule of faith."
27:36 Let's stop right there.
27:37 Now she's quoting from something here.
27:40 When she says God has in that word
27:42 promise to give visions for the last days.
27:45 Is that true? Is that in the Bible?
27:49 And it's so where?
27:52 Joel 2:27:28.
27:56 And the context is just before the great and terrible day
27:59 of the Lord that is before His coming.
28:02 It indicated that there would be prophetic dreams
28:05 and there would be prophetic visions.
28:09 And, you know, it's supports
28:10 what we just read in revelation about the Spirit of Prophecy.
28:14 Okay, she said, "Not for a new rule of faith, but for--"
28:20 Now this one is the primary reasons that was given,
28:22 "For the comfort of His people."
28:25 And do we need to be comforted?
28:29 I don't know about you.
28:32 I need to be comforted.
28:36 And I want to share something out of my own experience
28:38 about that will illustrate this, but I'm not quite there yet.
28:42 And another reason that was given,
28:43 "And to correct those who err from Bible truth."
28:48 It authoritatively bears witness to the truth.
28:54 Did you catch that the meaning of that?
29:00 But the authority by which
29:02 He bears witness to the truth
29:03 is not the basis of the foundations of truth.
29:10 The foundation and truth is biblical,
29:12 but she authoritatively bears witness
29:14 to the truth of scripture.
29:17 One of the functions of the Spirit of Prophecy
29:20 as I just referred to is to affirm Bible truth
29:25 and to apply its teachings
29:27 and its principles through the specific times
29:29 that we're living in,
29:31 it is to help the people of God
29:33 to prepare for the return of Jesus.
29:36 And it has been given to keep us as a people
29:39 from drifting away from the foundations of our faith
29:43 which are scriptural.
29:47 I tell you, we have been tremendously
29:49 been blessed as a people.
29:51 I'm going to tell you honestly,
29:52 I have this deep conviction.
29:54 We've been tremendously blessed by this gift.
29:58 It has kept us on track biblically.
30:00 Had she been misused? Yes.
30:04 Has the Bible ever been misused? Absolutely.
30:08 And, my friend, just because something that's been misused,
30:11 don't let that be a hindrance
30:15 to seeing the God is behind the gift.
30:18 Whether we're talking about the Spirit of Prophecy
30:20 or we're talking about the prophetic gift
30:22 as we have it in the Bible.
30:24 You know, people have misused the cross, you know.
30:28 It was an emblem of the crusade.
30:32 It represented blood shed,
30:34 prosecution and oppression of certain period of time.
30:37 Are we going to reject the cross
30:40 because it has been abused or misused?
30:44 Of course not.
30:46 You know, we need to be mature about this
30:48 and we need to see if what it really is.
30:52 But time again to illustrate the relationship
30:55 between the Spirit of Prophecy and the Bible.
30:56 I don't know if you noticed,
30:58 but I discovered this in about 19 years of age.
31:01 I was in college and I was just wonder all the time,
31:04 you know, I was just tired all the time,
31:07 I was home.
31:08 I shared this with my mother and she's an LPN
31:12 and so she put it together and she took me down,
31:15 and have my eyes checked and it was eye strain
31:18 that was just wearing me out.
31:20 I was just tired and sleepy all the time.
31:23 It was all the reading and I didn't realize
31:25 that my eyes were going bad
31:27 and I tell you it was a wonderful thing,
31:29 but you know, when the Lord comes,
31:30 I'm going to get to throw those things away
31:32 as far as I can go
31:33 because I'm not going to need them anymore.
31:36 But for the time being I'm going to keep them
31:39 because let me tell you, without the glasses,
31:45 and I have little stigmatism
31:46 so things kind of going in and out
31:47 and that sort of things.
31:49 I tell you, I really can't pick up hardy a word on the page.
31:55 That's my eyesight,
31:56 but when I put these spectacles on,
31:58 everything comes immediately into sharp focus.
32:02 By the way, I do have bifocal,
32:03 so that helps also. Okay.
32:06 Comes into sharp focus.
32:07 Now did the glasses put the words there?
32:10 No.
32:11 It was there, but I just could not perceive it
32:14 because of the limitations you see.
32:17 But with the aid of those eye glasses
32:20 everything comes into sharp focus.
32:23 A similar illustration, you know,
32:26 with the naked eye we can see some few thousand stars
32:29 out there on the clear night,
32:31 but when you put one of these instruments to your eyes,
32:35 I tell you there, our heavenly bodies
32:37 we could not even began to imagine out there in space.
32:41 Again, the telescope didn't put those bodies out there.
32:44 They were there, but we didn't have
32:45 the capability of, you know, we couldn't see them.
32:51 And so the Spirit of Prophecy bears witness to the truth.
32:55 And then the early experience of the advent moment,
32:59 it was such a fluid period of time,
33:00 that period when Bible study groups
33:03 were happening all through the advent moment.
33:07 People, I mean, this is pre-TV, pre-radio.
33:11 People spent hours in studying of the Bible
33:15 and they've been doing this prayerfully.
33:17 Ellen White was a part of it,
33:19 but she was not there saying,
33:20 "Okay, listen to me, folk.
33:22 Do I have your attention?
33:23 Let me tell you, this is what the word of God is."
33:27 The process was they would be studying.
33:30 She said, "Sometimes I could not follow
33:34 the framework of the arguments
33:35 and the argument of the reasoning
33:38 that was going on in these discussions."
33:41 And sometimes they would be kind of deadlock.
33:44 There were times that God would reveal to us.
33:47 This is the track of truth.
33:50 That's the only time.
33:51 This is not a shortcut for the study of God's word
33:55 is what I'm trying to say.
33:57 Lord did the truths that were discovered in that process
34:02 come out of this is what Ellen White said.
34:06 But she board testimony that this is what the truth is.
34:11 It's not a shortcut for Bible study.
34:13 Never should be that,
34:15 right?
34:16 It should never be a shortcut and when it does,
34:18 we're misusing it.
34:19 In John 14:26,
34:21 Jesus said, "But the Helper, the Holy Spirit,
34:24 whom the Father will send in My name,
34:26 He will teach you all things,
34:29 and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you."
34:32 And so the Holy Spirit has been promised us
34:35 to lead us into the truth.
34:40 And, my friend, I believe
34:41 the Spirit of Prophecy is a partial fulfillment
34:44 of this promise of the Holy Spirit
34:47 to lead us into the truth.
34:51 And again, as I said it bears witness
34:52 to the truth of scripture.
34:56 It bears witness to the truth of scripture.
34:59 In her prophets to the book Great Controversy.
35:02 This is one of the 700 somewhat page books that she wrote.
35:06 It deals with prophecy and the end times
35:08 and the major issues of the end times.
35:11 The night that I was speaking on the coming of Jesus,
35:13 you may remember I ended with a reading
35:15 that described the coming of Jesus.
35:17 "Soon there appears in the east a small black cloud,
35:20 about half the size of a man's hand."
35:21 You may remember that.
35:23 And I chose that because I didn't want just preach the--
35:26 And that's bolds of what about teaches us
35:28 about the coming of Jesus,
35:29 I wanted a description and it was the best one
35:31 I know of anywhere that's describe that there was--
35:36 That was my motivation.
35:37 That came out of the book Great Controversy
35:42 specifically her chapter on God's people delivered.
35:45 Beautiful passage.
35:47 Put that the memory in my 20s.
35:49 It's the same book.
35:50 And this is in the prophets
35:52 and she's writing about this matter of inspiration.
35:56 She says, "In His word,
35:57 God has committed to men
35:59 the knowledge necessary for salvation."
36:01 And you know, I would say,
36:02 yes. Amen. That's the truth.
36:05 "The Holy Scriptures are to be accepted
36:07 as an authoritative, infallible," is the word,
36:11 "Infallible revelation of His will.
36:13 They are the standard of character,
36:14 the revealer of doctrines,"
36:16 and this we often felt overlooked.
36:19 "And the test of experience.
36:23 Yet the fact that God has revealed
36:24 His will to men through His word,
36:26 has not rendered needless
36:28 the continued presence and guiding of the Holy Spirit.
36:31 On the contrary, the Spirit was promised by our Savior,
36:35 to open the word to His servants,
36:38 to illuminate and apply its teachings."
36:42 And we have been depending upon the Holy Spirit
36:44 from day one my on down to this point.
36:48 I tell you, I never dare to stand up here to preach
36:52 without prayerfully asking.
36:56 And first of all, I've dedicated every meeting.
37:01 I've dedicated every meeting to the Lord.
37:04 And there's not one night
37:05 I don't ask for the presence of Jesus
37:09 and asks for the presence of the Holy Spirit
37:12 to open our hearts and to lead us to the truth.
37:18 I'm bearing witness to the truth,
37:21 but that is not sufficient enough
37:23 without the Holy Spirit.
37:25 "The Spirit was promised by our Savior,
37:26 to open the word to His servants,
37:28 to illuminate and apply its teachings.
37:32 And since it was the Spirit of God
37:34 that inspired the Bible,
37:35 it is impossible that the teaching of the Spirit
37:39 should ever be contrary to that of the word."
37:42 Would you believe that?
37:45 We know that that book is inspired.
37:49 Any revelation that comes must be in coherence
37:55 with the teachings of that book,
37:58 of the light that has preceded it.
38:01 And if it is not in the coherence
38:03 with the teachings of the book,
38:05 we know it is not a God.
38:08 "The Spirit was not given-- nor can it ever be bestowed--
38:11 to supersede the Bible,
38:12 for the Scriptures explicitly state
38:15 that the word of God is the standard by which
38:17 all teaching and experience must be tested."
38:22 She recognized that as it related to her gift,
38:28 that it must be in subjection
38:29 to the teachings of the word of God.
38:32 That is the final authority.
38:34 The fact that our approach these four weeks,
38:36 and it will be true to the every end.
38:38 The fact that our approach has been so very biblical
38:41 is a testimony to the influence
38:43 that Ellen White has had upon this church.
38:47 And if her influence in anyway undermines
38:49 the place of scripture, my friend,
38:51 you wouldn't have this experience.
38:55 Think about it.
39:01 If anything I found greater appreciation from--
39:03 for the Bible from her writings.
39:05 Absolutely,
39:06 I have.
39:09 And I never found them in conflict.
39:14 You know, I'm so growing,
39:15 I don't have all knowledge.
39:18 The others have all knowledge.
39:19 You know, we've learned some things through the years,
39:23 but you know,
39:28 I have just never found them in conflict.
39:33 Since my college days,
39:34 I've made it my practice to make the Bible
39:37 the focal point of my study,
39:40 and secondarily, the study,
39:43 the writings of the Ellen White,
39:45 The Spirit of Prophecy.
39:47 We've got to get away
39:48 from the human instrument in all of this.
39:51 People get hung up with the human instrument.
39:55 We have to look at what's behind the human instrument,
39:59 right?
40:00 That's true, any of the prophets.
40:05 We honor them, but she's not a God
40:10 and she's not a saint in the sense
40:12 that some people think of saints.
40:15 She is a human being.
40:17 Did she?
40:18 You know,
40:19 did she have struggles? Yes, she did.
40:25 I can tell you more stories about that,
40:26 but let me share with you some warnings
40:28 about false prophets.
40:29 I think that is appropriate in our study.
40:31 Matthew 24, the New Testament, page 21.
40:34 Page 21, Matthew 24.
40:37 Jesus, as He's talking about the end times,
40:41 talks about false prophets here.
40:43 In fact, He gives us a very clear warning,
40:46 and it is in the context of the last days
40:49 that we find in here Matthew 24 and looking at verses 24 and 25
40:54 where Jesus says,
40:55 "For false Christ and false prophets will arise."
40:59 They will arise,
41:00 He says.
41:01 "And will show great signs and wonders."
41:04 False prophets giving out powerful signs,
41:09 doing tremendous wonders.
41:11 My friend, that itself even miracles of itself
41:16 is not a guarantee that something is of God.
41:20 We've got to go deeper than that.
41:22 That could be pretty shallow, that kind of stuff.
41:26 Anyway, "For false Christ and false prophets
41:28 showing great signs and wonders.
41:30 So as to mislead, it possible even the elect.
41:33 Behold, I've told you in advance."
41:36 And when He says, "Behold, I've told you in advance."
41:38 He says, "I warned you.
41:40 There's going to be false Christ and false prophets."
41:43 Now Jesus did not say,
41:46 beware of anybody who in these days,
41:49 the last days professes to be a prophet
41:51 for there will be none.
41:53 He could have just settled the whole issue.
41:57 The fact that He warns us of the false prophets
41:59 indicate that there must be true prophets
42:01 to distinguish the false farm.
42:04 But if you're like me, if I hear about
42:06 somebody else said, how is revelation.
42:08 I almost have knee-jerk reaction, please.
42:11 You know, spare me.
42:14 You know, there is so--
42:16 We must not reject the true manifestation of the spirit
42:18 because there are so many various manifestations
42:22 that are going on and there are plenty out there,
42:25 they are.
42:27 Scotty, I'm going to tell you the story about Scotty.
42:31 She was a mother of a good friend of mine.
42:33 Predicted my seventh and eight grade years
42:35 as I was the Moses like Washington.
42:37 She was not raised as Seventh-day Adventist.
42:38 I don't even remember what her religious background was,
42:41 but she became one.
42:42 She shared with me sometime ago how,
42:45 you know, she had been
42:47 a part of the Adventist Church for some 20 years.
42:50 And really had not taking the time
42:52 to really study out these writing,
42:54 she never therefore had accepted them,
42:56 but she heard somebody preaching about it
42:58 and she decide, you know,
43:00 I really should find out about this.
43:02 So she hunt around, she found out,
43:04 you know, yeah,
43:05 I do, I have the Book Desire of Ages,
43:07 written by Ellen White.
43:08 The Book of Desire of Ages,
43:09 who do you think the Desire of Ages is?
43:13 It's on the life of Jesus.
43:15 His life and teachings,
43:17 His crucifixion.
43:18 I tell you, those chapters are so powerful
43:21 that describe those closing scenes of Jesus' life
43:25 and His crucifixion,
43:27 His resurrection.
43:29 They are powerful.
43:30 She read through the whole book.
43:32 This is among the 700 to 800 page books
43:34 that she wrote on the life of Jesus.
43:37 And she came out and she said,
43:39 "You know-- its just all put together.
43:41 And then she read the book Steps to Christ
43:43 and reaffirm the growing convection,
43:45 you know, that there was something here
43:49 that was of a divine origin.
43:52 And so again, you know,
43:54 we can only find out for ourselves
43:56 as we take the time to study it
43:59 and discover what the Bible teaches.
44:02 There has been a study that has been done
44:06 in regards to the influence of the Spirit of Prophecy.
44:09 We call the Spirit of Prophecy.
44:11 Actually I have become
44:13 somewhat interested in Revelation 12:17.
44:17 In fact, that is referred to as the testimony of Jesus.
44:22 Testimony of Jesus or from Jesus
44:25 or of testimony, of a reference to Jesus.
44:29 There's, you know, couple of ways
44:30 that you can actually interpret it,
44:32 but the center point, the focal point
44:35 is Jesus no matter how you interpret that text,
44:38 right?
44:40 But anyway there has been the study that has been done
44:42 by Dr. Roger Dudley and Desmond Cummings,
44:46 they studied 8,200 individuals within the church.
44:49 This is study that's been done some years ago.
44:53 And this is what they found
44:54 as they looked at these 8,200 people.
44:56 They've found that 82% of those
44:59 who were readers of her writings,
45:03 reported an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ
45:07 compare to 50% who were not studying her writings.
45:11 So there was an experiential correlation
45:14 that seemed to be indicated in the study.
45:16 Furthermore, 82% of those who read her writings reported
45:20 assurance which is a wonderful thing,
45:23 assurance of being right with God.
45:26 Well, 59% of those
45:27 who did not read reported assurance.
45:31 Fascinating to me.
45:32 24% more of those who were reading
45:35 were involved in Christian service
45:37 compare to those who were non-readers.
45:39 So there are ways to measure this.
45:41 Again, 82% of those
45:42 who were readers reported daily
45:45 personal Bible study compared to 47%
45:47 who did not read her writings.
45:49 So those are more active devotional life
45:52 as what we find.
45:53 I want to take yo to 1 Thessalonians 5,
45:58 the New Testament page 161, another warning
46:03 that we find in scripture.
46:05 This one by Paul.
46:07 Again, it's 1 Thessalonians 5
46:08 and we're looking at verses 19-21, 19-21,
46:15 where Paul says, "Do not quench the spirit,
46:17 do not despise prophetic utterances
46:21 but examine everything carefully."
46:24 So do not despise prophetic utterances.
46:27 Paul instructs us,
46:28 but what's the council?
46:30 "Examine everything carefully."
46:34 And, my friend, if you've never heard of Ellen White,
46:36 if you've never read a word that she has written.
46:39 Let me tell you this presentation
46:41 does not represent a careful examination.
46:45 It represents an introduction.
46:48 And that's why we do not expect people
46:51 when they decide to become a member
46:53 of the Adventist church, this church.
46:55 We do not require people to embrace
46:59 and to accept her and the prophetic gift
47:03 that we believe that she had.
47:05 We do not require that.
47:07 She herself gave us that council
47:09 that it should not be made
47:10 a test of fellowship to the church.
47:13 I tell you what some tests are.
47:15 Actually we're going through some of them
47:17 in looking at the principles of faith.
47:19 The first one is, once person connect with Jesus Christ
47:23 is one of the fundamental tests of formal fellowship
47:26 and membership of the church there ought to be,
47:29 right?
47:31 Now got to deal with the issue that God used a women.
47:35 God will use whoever He will, man or woman.
47:39 Ladies, the women all said...
47:43 One man said amen.
47:45 Oh, I don't know where you ladies are at,
47:46 but anyway I believe it.
47:48 In Exodus 15:20-21,
47:51 Moses' sister prophesied.
47:54 It says in Judges 4:4-5,
47:57 one of the Judges Gabriel had the prophetic gift.
48:02 2 Kings 22:14, Huldah was a prophet.
48:07 In Isaiah 8:3, Isaiah's wife also prophesied.
48:11 So we have the husband and wife team here.
48:13 And in the New Testament Luke 23:6,
48:17 it tells us that Anna was a prophetess,
48:20 when she saw Jesus,
48:22 when he came as a little baby to the temple there.
48:26 And in Acts 21:9, Phillip's four daughters prophesy.
48:33 So there we have chapter and verse
48:35 that shows that God does used women.
48:39 And women bring certain advantages
48:40 to the table in a lot of church.
48:42 I tell you, men sometimes tend to be territorial,
48:46 often times women tend to be,
48:48 you know, let's get everybody together.
48:50 Women tend to-- I didn't mean to really get into this,
48:54 but I do, I appreciate women
48:56 because often they're deal on feeling levels
48:59 when we men as I said
49:02 tend to be territorial about things.
49:06 Right, guys?
49:07 It's not that we can't feel,
49:09 but when certain issue comes up, you know.
49:12 I was in seminary.
49:14 I've gone through four years
49:15 of undergraduate work in theology,
49:17 two years in internship.
49:18 I am in seminary,
49:19 so two years course. It's intensive.
49:22 And I, you know,
49:23 I reach a point of discouragement.
49:25 They just seem like my prayers were bouncing off the ceiling.
49:28 I was, I was on a state of discouragement.
49:30 And I tell you honestly what was going on.
49:33 I really believed that god had called me into the ministry,
49:35 but I was coming face to face as a young man
49:38 in my 20's with the fact of my--
49:40 I was coming face to face with my humanity
49:44 and I was feeling so unworthy
49:49 'cause I knew I have these struggles in my life
49:52 and I was in-- As I said a state of a discouragement.
49:55 I did something that I made a practiced to do ever since.
50:00 I grab this book, Step to Christ written by Ellen White
50:04 and I read through it and it re-assured me.
50:09 There's something powerful in my life.
50:12 And I want to share just a couple of things.
50:14 I want to give you the sense
50:16 by which you'll find in part in her writings.
50:20 And I'm going to share with you.
50:21 Oh, I love this chapter on faith and acceptance.
50:24 It's beautiful.
50:26 And in that chapter, actually it's-- Yeah,
50:29 chapter on faith and acceptance.
50:32 This statement grabbed me.
50:36 It's on page 34, if you want it.
50:40 This is what really spoke to me.
50:42 She wrote Psalm seem to appeal
50:44 that they must be on probation.
50:46 "They must prove to the Lord
50:47 that they are reformed,
50:49 before they can claim His promise, His blessing."
50:52 It's this idea. I've got to get my life straighten out
50:56 before I can claim His blessing.
50:57 I've got to get all of these things worked out
50:59 before I come to Jesus.
51:02 That's what she's addressing.
51:03 Some seem to feel that they have to do that,
51:05 but she says, "But they may claim
51:07 the blessing of God even now.
51:10 They must have His grace,
51:11 the Spirit of Christ, to help their infirmities,
51:13 or they cannot resist evil."
51:16 It's impossible.
51:17 And then this is the coronal of that
51:18 that really grabbed me.
51:21 She goes on to say,
51:23 "Jesus loves, Jesus loves to have us come to Him
51:27 just as we are, sinful, helpless, dependent."
51:33 Oh, I want to tell you, that was good news to this sinner.
51:37 Didn't know that Jesus wasn't holding me off at arms length
51:40 and tell you He just got all of these things straighten out,
51:43 but Jesus didn't just tolerate me,
51:46 Jesus loved to have me come to Him just as I am,
51:51 the sinner that I am.
51:54 Helpless and dependant as I still am.
51:58 And as it changed, I'll tie you.
52:00 I still am helpless and dependant.
52:04 And, my friend immediately I realize,
52:06 I can take a mask off.
52:08 You know, we wear mask in church.
52:11 I can get down from that pedestal
52:13 that often we put ministers on.
52:16 I could be real with myself
52:19 and I can be real with people,
52:22 you know. I too struggle.
52:26 You know, when we enter the ministry guild,
52:27 that's not generally the way that it was presented.
52:30 You've got to be the example.
52:31 You don't emit weakness, You don't emit failure.
52:36 And, my friend, it made us a ministry apostate
52:38 and are real and it's so free.
52:41 And I know Gill has found that, too.
52:43 It's so free to be able to be real.
52:45 I'm not going to lay out all of my pr0oblems
52:47 before you because I don't want that
52:48 to become the issue of my ministry, you know.
52:52 But let me tell you,
52:53 I have found Jesus as a sinner-- Anyway,
52:58 "He loves to have us come to Him."
52:59 Then it goes on to say,
53:01 "We may come with all our weakness,
53:03 our folly, folly, folly."
53:06 His, I do better,
53:09 but I really blew it.
53:12 How foolish can you be?
53:14 Well, that's been me at certain times in life.
53:18 "So we may come with all our weakness,
53:19 our folly, our sinfulness,
53:21 and fall at His feet in penitence.
53:24 It is His glory to encircle us in the arms of His love
53:29 and to bind up our wounds,
53:30 to cleanse us from all impurity."
53:33 And I tell you as I was reading this book,
53:35 as I was reading this kind of passages.
53:37 And let me ask you the question.
53:39 Is this something new?
53:41 Is this something that we wouldn't find in the Bible?
53:44 Well, maybe not quite in these words,
53:45 but this is the gospel,
53:47 isn't it?
53:49 So this is not an addition to.
53:51 It's a new melody in the gospel.
53:55 And I tell you as I went through this
53:57 and as began to grasp this personally,
54:00 I began to feel those arms of Jesus encircling me
54:04 and the joy and the peace that came in Jesus.
54:10 I still feel that.
54:14 One other statement I'll share with you,
54:16 just one other. Page 42 in this edition.
54:23 And this again really spoke to me.
54:24 Of course, it spoke to me
54:25 because I'm sharing it with you.
54:27 It says, "There are those who have known
54:29 the pardoning love of Christ,
54:30 and who really desire to be children of God,
54:33 yet they realize that their character is imperfect,
54:36 their life faulty, and the are ready to doubt
54:38 whether their hearts have been
54:39 renewed by the Holy Spirit."
54:43 And I can relate to that.
54:46 I've been through that experience
54:47 and some of you can relate to that,
54:49 I know that. But she goes on to say,
54:52 "To such I would say, do not draw back in despair."
54:58 Because of your short-comings and mistakes.
55:01 "We shall often have to bow down
55:03 and weep at the feet of Jesus
55:05 because of our short-comings and mistakes,
55:07 but we are not to be discouraged."
55:10 Why?
55:12 "Even if we are overcome by the enemy,
55:16 we are not cast off,
55:19 not forsaken and rejected of God."
55:23 And, my friend, from that moment
55:25 when I read those words with new meaning to my life,
55:30 it gave me assurance that I never had before
55:36 that I am His.
55:38 Short of choosing another master
55:41 which we are free to do,
55:43 but stumbling and falling into sin
55:45 is not of itself choosing another master.
55:50 Before I had this in and out of Christ experience.
55:52 In Christ when things were going well,
55:55 out of Christ when thing did not go well
55:58 until I got on my knees and make confession
56:00 and repentant and I knew I was forgiven
56:02 and then I got up and then I was back in His arms.
56:05 It was in and out.
56:07 There's no peace in this in and out.
56:11 The moment we come to Jesus we are His.
56:15 And when I became a parent,
56:16 I understood it even better.
56:18 My-- I love my boys, my young men, my sons.
56:22 I love them deeply, but they made mistakes.
56:25 But let me tell you this.
56:27 Whatever mistakes they've made,
56:29 I am still their father.
56:32 They are still my sons, my children
56:35 and they are welcome in my home.
56:39 And if I can have that kind of love
56:41 and acceptance of my children,
56:44 how about our heavenly father and we as His children.
56:50 My friend, it is not in and out of Christ,
56:53 it is not. It is assurance and Jesus.
56:59 And I just pray to God as I look out on you tonight
57:03 that every one of you have found this.
57:08 It is the pearl of great price and centered in Jesus,
57:12 isn't it?
57:15 It's everything and it's joy.
57:19 I can just go on and on talking about.
57:21 The joy that comes out of that,
57:22 the satisfaction, the assurance,
57:24 the reassurance that comes out of it.
57:28 It's a wonderful thing.
57:30 Thank you, Jesus.
57:32 Thank you for loving me that way.


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