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The Unpardonable Sin

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00:33 The question is what is the unpardonable sin?
00:38 What is this terrible sin
00:40 which the Bible says God cannot forgive?
00:43 You know, there are those who want us to believe that
00:46 the unpardonable sin is murder is to take him another's life
00:49 or maybe he's committing suicide.
00:51 I mean, somebody who commit suicide
00:53 can never come back and say I'm sorry, Lord,
00:55 you know, I shouldn't have done that
00:56 or maybe the killing of an unborn child
00:59 or some other terrible deed.
01:01 However, this evening as we open God's word,
01:04 we will discover
01:06 that the unpardonable sin is not a particular sin,
01:09 so horrible that God cannot forgive it.
01:12 There is simply no sin that is so great
01:16 as to take us beyond God's mercy.
01:19 Can you say amen to that? Amen.
01:21 In fact, we have the assurance.
01:23 And I want to begin with a word of assurance
01:25 where it says,
01:29 "Where sin increase, grace abounded all the more."
01:34 Now think of what that means, where sin, you know,
01:36 where-- where sin increase,
01:38 grace is more than sufficient this verse's what talking about.
01:42 Grace is always sufficient for our need.
01:44 Need and we need to believe that.
01:47 And another word of assurance as we look at 1 John 1:9
01:52 where it says and "If we confess our sins,
01:54 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins,
01:57 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
02:01 So I'm gonna set this foundation with these two texts
02:04 before we get into this--
02:06 This issue of the unpardonable sin.
02:08 I want each of us to have a sense of assurance in Jesus.
02:14 We can have that assurance, but nevertheless,
02:16 Jesus spoke of the unpardonable sin
02:18 in these words.
02:21 He said, "Therefore I say to you,
02:23 any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men,
02:26 but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven."
02:31 And so the unpardonable sin is blasphemy
02:33 against the Holy Spirit.
02:35 It was my sophomore year at college.
02:39 It was in the fall time of the year.
02:40 It's actually before I think I met my wife to be Donna.
02:44 I was in my dorm room and I was study one evening
02:47 and somebody knocked on my door and then
02:49 when I open the door, there I found Jim standing.
02:52 I'd know Jim. He was a year behind me.
02:55 I known Jim, you know, we were friends,
02:58 but we were really close friends.
03:01 And so I was a little surprised to him and invited him in
03:04 and he didn't waste anytime getting to the point.
03:07 He shared with me that the previous summer
03:10 in a fit of hanger he had sworn against the Holy Spirit.
03:16 And now he was filling this grief in heart,
03:20 wondering if and swearing against the Holy Spirit
03:23 whether he had committed the unpardonable sin.
03:28 Well, is that what the Bible is talking about
03:30 when it talks about the unpardonable sin?
03:32 Was he guilty on the unpardonable sin?
03:34 Well, you and I cannot really understand the sin
03:37 against the Holy Spirit without understanding the ministry
03:40 and the function of the Holy Sprit.
03:43 So our subject tonight--
03:44 Tonight is on the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit to us.
03:48 And so I am gonna approach this subject
03:50 kind of through the back door.
03:52 I'm not gonna approach it directly at first.
03:54 I'm gonna set a foundation as we discover
03:57 what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit.
04:00 And we're gonna be looking at a number of vital things
04:03 in reference to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
04:07 In fact, you remember six weeks ago as we began the seminar,
04:10 I had you in Genesis 1 and we looked at verse 2
04:14 where it says "And the earth was without form and void,
04:17 and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
04:20 And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."
04:24 And remember, we talked about the fact
04:25 whenever God is in the process of establishing life
04:29 whether it is, you know, in this case of creation literal life
04:34 or whether He is establishing spiritual life
04:37 as God certainly did
04:39 in the lives of Philippe and Libya
04:41 and other members of their family as He is doing,
04:44 has done in your life and as He's doing in your life.
04:47 My friend, there is the indication
04:50 of the powerful working of the Holy Spirit.
04:53 There is no life without the Holy Spirit.
04:57 And then I take you
05:00 where Jesus said, "Go therefore
05:02 and make disciples of all the nations,
05:04 baptizing them in the name of the Father,
05:06 the Son and the Holy Spirit."
05:08 So we also see as we look at this particular passage.
05:11 We recognize that the Holy Spirit
05:13 is one of the members of the God head of the three.
05:17 And number three, the most mysterious
05:20 is that of the Holy Spirit.
05:23 I'll take you to John 14
05:26 and beginning with the verse 16
05:28 as Jesus-- Jesus that night that He was betrayed.
05:31 As He was in the upper room,
05:32 as He was sharing with His disciples,
05:35 some of the most beautiful teachings
05:36 that Jesus gave where in that setting,
05:39 and in that setting anticipating
05:41 that He was gonna believing them on a number of occasions.
05:45 He kept coming back to the importance
05:48 of the vitality and the power the Holy Spirit
05:50 that will be present in their lives in His absence.
05:54 Notice what He said, John 14 and looking at verse 16.
05:58 Jesus said, "And I will ask the Father,
06:00 and He will give you another Helper."
06:03 He's talking about the Holy Spirit.
06:06 And, you know, we'll look at-- We will see in a few moments
06:08 the Holy Spirit is called our comforter, the comforter.
06:12 I love these descriptions of the Holy Spirit.
06:16 He is our divine spiritual helper
06:21 and we need the help of the Holy Spirit, don't we?
06:24 It just gives us assurance
06:25 to know that we're not alone in this.
06:28 The Holy Spirit has been promised
06:29 to be with us to help us.
06:31 So He will give you another helper that
06:33 He may be with you for how long?
06:36 Forever. That is the Spirit of truth."
06:40 I want you to notice that phrase because
06:42 we're gonna see at least three other passages
06:45 or scripture that speak of the spirit as the spirit of truth.
06:49 And so there is direct coloration,
06:51 there is a direct relationship between
06:53 the Holy Spirit and truth.
06:55 "That is the Spirit truth, whom the world cannot receive,
06:58 because it does not behold Him or know Him,
07:01 but you know because He abides with you and will be, what?
07:05 He will be in you." Oh, is that wonderful?
07:10 The promise that the Holy Spirit will be in us.
07:14 And then Jesus said, "I will not leave you as orphans,
07:18 I will come to you."
07:20 And, my friend, it is clear, it is through the Holy Spirit
07:23 that Jesus comes to us,
07:25 it is through the Holy Spirit that Jesus abides in us.
07:30 And very simply put without the Savior
07:33 and without the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.
07:37 My friend, there is no spiritual life.
07:41 There is no spiritual life.
07:44 Within the Seventh-day Adventist Church
07:46 and understanding an acceptance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
07:50 is a test of fellowship.
07:52 It is one of the things that
07:54 we ask an individual to be in agreement on
07:57 as He come into the fellowship of the church.
07:58 The primary test of fellowship of course
08:00 is a relationship with Jesus Christ, right?
08:03 That under guards everything,
08:05 it was foundational to everything,
08:07 but the gifts of the spirit are vital
08:10 to us individually and to the church.
08:13 And, yes, we have this particular--
08:15 Well, we have this council in 1 John 4:1
08:19 where it says, "Beloved, do not believe every spirit,
08:22 but test the spirits to see whether they are from God."
08:27 And so, my friend,
08:29 we are council in this passage or scripture
08:32 that we need to have discernment to determine
08:35 indeed that it is the spirit of God that is at work
08:38 or whether it's another sprit that is at work.
08:44 I tell you the evil ones counterfeits are so masterful.
08:50 They are so deceptive.
08:52 And sometime unless we are really--
08:54 Unless we really have a sense of discernment
08:57 and I'll share with you that means by which
08:59 we can discern whether it's of God or not.
09:02 But unless we discern that this is indeed of God,
09:06 we can find ourselves in a state of deception that can happen.
09:10 It could happen.
09:11 So we need to know what's going on.
09:13 You know, there are all kinds of representations
09:16 that are made about the Holy Spirit
09:17 and the reception of the spirit
09:19 or as some refer to it, the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
09:23 You know, there are those who want us to believe
09:25 that the baptism of the Holy Spirit
09:28 will result in all kinds of wild demonstrations
09:32 and unintelligible utterances.
09:35 But, my friend, we must never--
09:37 We must never confuse a rush of emotion
09:41 for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
09:45 I'm gonna repeat that.
09:46 We must never confuse a sense of the emotion
09:51 for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
09:55 Emotions, emotions coming though.
09:58 Emotions cannot to be depended upon
10:02 but, my friend, Jesus can be depended upon.
10:05 And His word can be depended upon.
10:08 Amen? Absolutely.
10:11 As we turn to 1 Corinthians 14
10:13 and beginning with verse 33.
10:15 Paul gives us council to the Corinthian Church.
10:18 He says, "God is not a God of confusion,
10:21 but a peace, as in all the churches of the saints,
10:24 but let all things be done properly
10:27 and in orderly manner."
10:29 And if you check out the context,
10:31 he is talking about--
10:33 He's talking about the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
10:36 Indeed, he is talking about the gift of tongues
10:40 in this context of this statement
10:43 when he says, "Let everything be done--"
10:46 What did He say?
10:47 "Properly and in an orderly manner."
10:53 And so, my friend, we understand
10:55 that when the spirit is at work, things--
10:58 You know, things don't get under--
11:00 Out of control.
11:01 Things do not get out of control.
11:03 Things will be done properly when the spirit of God.
11:07 They will be done in the orderly manner
11:09 when the spirit of God is truly at work.
11:13 In Matthew 3-- Let me take you to--
11:15 I believe it's a greatest baptism
11:17 of the Holy Spirit that anybody has ever experienced.
11:21 It's the baptism of Jesus where it says,
11:22 "Then Jesus arrived from Galilee at the Jordan
11:25 coming to John, to be baptized by him.
11:28 And after being baptized
11:29 Jesus went up immediately from the water,
11:31 and behold the heavens were opened,
11:33 and He saw the Spirit of God descending as a dove,
11:36 and coming upon Him, and behold,
11:39 a voice out of the heavens, saying,
11:41 'This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.'"
11:46 And take a note it says the Holy Spirit came down
11:48 upon him like a dove.
11:50 You know, the very word Messiah means anointed.
11:54 And I believe this is that a special unique occasion
11:58 which Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit
12:01 for the ministry,
12:02 His ministry that followed His baptism.
12:05 But when we look at this outpouring of the Holy Spirit
12:08 upon Jesus Christ, we have no indication
12:10 that Jesus came up out of the river,
12:12 out of the Jordan River, upon the riverbank.
12:14 You know, somehow dancing around, dancing the jig.
12:18 We have no indication that, you know,
12:21 he threw himself into the dust shrinking.
12:24 And sometimes is done in the name of the Holy Spirit.
12:29 You know, something about this, don't you?
12:31 Some of the things that are done in the name of the Holy Spirit.
12:36 Let me take you on to Acts 2
12:38 as we look at the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
12:40 upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost.
12:44 Acts 2 and looking at verses 2-4 where it says,
12:47 "And suddenly there came from heaven
12:50 a noise like a violent, rushing wind,
12:52 and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.
12:55 And there appeared to them tongues
12:57 as of fire distributing themselves,
12:59 and they rested on each one of them
13:02 and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit."
13:05 Can't you just picture that?
13:07 Wouldn't that be a powerful experience
13:09 here if in this place, the Holy Spirit came down
13:12 upon this in that-- with that kind of power.
13:15 Can you just imagine, you know, with tongues of fire?
13:19 You know, over each one of this indicating
13:21 that we will receive the Holy Spirit.
13:23 It was-- it was a powerful experience,
13:27 but again we have no record in the New Testament.
13:32 We have no record in the Book of Acts.
13:34 Again of the any uncontrolled exhibitions
13:37 or again on intelligible utterances
13:40 that we're going on
13:42 when they received the gift of the Holy Spirit,
13:45 when they were baptized for the Holy Spirit.
13:48 So why as we talk about the reception of the Holy Spirit
13:52 and with it the receiving of the gift
13:54 or gifts of the spirit,
13:56 why are the gifts given to us?
13:59 Well, my friend, they are given for the purpose of ministry.
14:04 That's why they are given for the purpose of ministry.
14:06 It gives a purpose to each one of our lives,
14:10 each of us is called a ministry.
14:13 And that's we will discover tomorrow morning.
14:14 There are some 40 different gifts of the spirit
14:17 that are specifically mentioned in the New Testament.
14:20 So it is the Holy Spirit that empowers and qualifies
14:26 us for our own personal ministry.
14:30 That's what it means to be a follower of Jesus.
14:32 In Ephesians 4:8 It says, "When He--"
14:37 Speaking of Jesus, "When He ascended on high,
14:39 He led captive a hosts of captives."
14:41 Remember at the resurrection of Jesus,
14:43 there were many that were resurrected from the graves
14:46 and there were taken to heaven.
14:47 That's what its talking about here.
14:49 And then it goes on to say, "And He gave gifts to men."
14:52 When Jesus ascended to heaven, it was His purpose
14:55 that the gifts would operate among His people in His absence.
15:01 And that is really very important to understand
15:04 as we talk about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
15:07 They operate in the absence of the Savior
15:09 as we turn back to heaven.
15:11 You know, as I shared with you some years ago,
15:14 I was on this marvelous trip to the Holy Land.
15:18 And I tell you to be in some of these places.
15:21 You know, when they told us when we are in Jerusalem
15:23 that street level in Jesus day was some 70 feet underground,
15:26 you know, it wasn't quite the same,
15:29 but you were there.
15:31 I have to tell you,
15:32 my favorite place in the Holy Land
15:33 was the Sea of Galilee.
15:36 You know, I imagine largely unchanged
15:40 and all of the events in the life of Jesus
15:42 is calling his disciples, His ministry
15:45 in that particular region.
15:48 You know, you can just see it.
15:49 In fact, I remember we were in a two decker boat
15:53 on the Sea of Galilee and I'm in the upper deck.
15:57 This is a pretty big boat.
15:59 40, 45 maybe 50 feet long.
16:03 And we're out in the Sea of Galilee
16:05 and storm comes up, just like in the Bible story.
16:09 And I tell you, we were going to the storm
16:11 and the waves, the spray of that was coming up
16:14 and drenching us on the top deck.
16:17 I mean, it was real getting into the New Testament story
16:21 of Jesus and His disciples.
16:23 So that was my favorite place, but you know,
16:26 after spending a whole week there,
16:28 we were at Ben Gurion Airport, going to the process
16:32 as we were going to fly Air Alitalia to Rome
16:37 for the three days we were gonna spend in Rome.
16:40 And so as we are waiting to be process,
16:42 as we were waiting for that 747 to come up
16:44 and to take us out of Israel.
16:48 We were in conversation.
16:49 I was in conversation with a woman
16:52 that was actually from California,
16:54 an African-American woman, a wonderful Christian.
16:57 And, you know, when you're in the Holy Land,
17:00 you are often talking about the events
17:01 associated with the life of Jesus.
17:04 And somehow in that process,
17:05 we began talking about the Holy Spirit.
17:08 And I remember her saying to me,
17:09 you know, one has not really received
17:11 or been baptized in the Holy Spirit
17:13 unless you have receive the gift of tongues.
17:17 Now not every Charismatic Christian
17:19 will take necessarily that position, but many do.
17:23 The one is I received the Holy Spirit.
17:25 One has not been baptizing the Holy Spirit
17:28 unless they have the gift of tongues.
17:30 Because of some of the confusion about some of these issues,
17:34 I am gonna spend just little bit of our segment of our study
17:37 talking about the gift of tongues
17:40 and how that relates to our experience
17:42 receiving the Holy Spirit.
17:44 I guess I would actually take you to 1 Corinthians 12:28,
17:49 where Paul is talking about
17:51 some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
17:54 and you will notice as we look at this passage of scripture,
17:57 he is laying out the gifts in an order of importance.
18:02 Now let me just say this,
18:04 every one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is important.
18:07 But some by nature are more important of the deadly
18:10 because Paul makes a statement.
18:11 He says, "And God has appointed in the church,
18:14 first apostles."
18:16 And we understand how vital their ministry was.
18:19 "Second Prophets."
18:20 Of course, we would expect prophets
18:22 to be at the top of list, wouldn't we?
18:24 And then it goes on to say, "Third teachers, then miracles,
18:27 then gifts of healings, helps, administrations."
18:30 And at the bottom of the list is various kinds of tongues.
18:35 And yet this gift is often elevated above all of the gifts.
18:42 My friend, that's not what is indicated here
18:45 in 1 Corinthians, is it?
18:46 Is it?
18:47 It's not first, it's not second, it's not third.
18:50 It's at the bottom.
18:51 In fact, he goes on to ask the question.
18:53 "All are not apostles, are they?
18:55 All are not prophets, are they?
18:57 What's the obvious answer? Of course, not.
19:02 And then he goes on to ask "All are not teachers, are they?
19:05 All are not workers of miracles, are they?
19:08 All do not have gifts of healings, do they?
19:10 All do not speak with tongues, do they?"
19:13 And at this point, there are those
19:15 who would like to us-- Like to tell us.
19:17 Yes, we all will.
19:20 If we really receive the Holy Spirit.
19:23 But again, obviously from the scriptures
19:25 not all will have the gift of tongues, right?
19:30 Again, as we go back to the experience of the church
19:34 on the Day of Pentecost,
19:35 when the gift of tongues was initially given,
19:38 notice how it's described here.
19:40 Again Acts 2:6, "And when this sound occurred."
19:44 That is that mighty Russian wind.
19:47 That's what it sounded like.
19:48 It's the Holy Spirit descended upon them.
19:50 "And when the sound occurred, the multitude came together
19:53 and were bewildered because they were each one
19:56 hearing them speak in their own language."
20:04 So, you know, when the gift of tongues
20:06 was given to the apostles on the Day of Pentecost,
20:09 we had individuals from all of the then known world
20:13 that were gather there at Jerusalem,
20:14 they didn't all speak the same language.
20:17 And so it is clearly, it's obvious to us
20:19 why the gifts of tongues was given to the disciples?
20:24 So that they could communicate
20:26 the gospel to those who have come there, right?
20:30 And they heard them.
20:32 They heard the disciples, the apostles.
20:34 They heard them, speaking in their own language.
20:40 And, you know, that's exactly the gift of tongues.
20:43 The word tongue is in old English word,
20:47 which in the modern vernacular means languages.
20:51 And so we really ought to be talking
20:53 about the gift of languages.
20:55 And do you notice when we talk about the gift of languages,
20:58 it demystifies the whole idea of the gift of tongues
21:02 and it's in harmony with what the Bible teaches
21:05 about the gift of tongues.
21:07 The gift of languages. Now as we talk about.
21:10 I'm gonna move on now,
21:11 I'm not gonna spending more time on this particular issue.
21:14 As we talk about the reception of the Holy Spirit,
21:17 there are some qualifiers.
21:20 One of the qualifications to receiving
21:23 the Holy Spirit is one's acceptance
21:27 of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
21:28 That is not to say that the Holy Spirit
21:30 is not seeking to influence us before that point, right?
21:35 But to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit comes out of,
21:39 it come into relationship with Jesus Christ
21:41 is what we find as we look at the teaching of scripture.
21:44 But there is another qualifier that is given to us in Acts 5:32
21:50 where he says, "And we are witnesses of these things,
21:53 and so it is the Holy Spirit,
21:55 whom God has given to those who, what?
21:59 Given to those who obey Him."
22:02 You see, this almost-- This is a natural result,
22:08 you know, coming to the Lord Jesus.
22:11 I mean, apart of communist fundamental
22:12 to coming to the Lord Jesus in fact.
22:14 I mean, we on some level have grown weary
22:17 with the life of sin.
22:18 At some point we have come to the conviction.
22:21 We need a Savior.
22:22 And so we come to Jesus as a Holy Spirit
22:24 is drawing us to the Savior.
22:26 We convicted our sins.
22:27 We repent of our sins, right?
22:31 And, my friend, having grown weary with the life of sin
22:35 having recognized that we need a Savior,
22:37 there is a natural desire that
22:39 we want to go another direction in our lives.
22:43 Where we have been in sin, where we've been
22:46 in state of transgression and in disobedience,
22:49 the desire is that we want to be in harmony with Him.
22:54 We want to be in harmony
22:55 with the teachings of His word, right?
22:58 And to be in harmony and so be in obedience.
23:02 And, my friend, that-- again, that is not something
23:04 that comes from us though we have part to corporate,
23:07 but that is coming through the power of Jesus Christ
23:11 and the power of the spirit within us.
23:14 And so obedience is a qualifier to it.
23:17 Years ago, I was helping
23:18 with the series of meetings at Pasco, Washington.
23:20 I wasn't speaker, I was a young pastor,
23:23 but I was helping out with some of the visitation
23:26 and we had a young woman in her mid the late 20s
23:29 that was attending, married.
23:31 I think she had a child as I remember back.
23:33 And a Charismatic Christian,
23:36 a very active in Charismatic Movement.
23:38 But she was coming to the meetings
23:40 and she was processing what she was hearing,
23:44 trying to come-- trying to come to a decision.
23:47 And I remember visiting with her in her home
23:49 and she opened up to me and she said, "You know--"
23:53 She had been in a lot of trouble, this young woman.
23:57 Because married though she was
23:59 she had, had a number of affairs
24:02 already in her mid the late 20s.
24:06 So she had some real struggles,
24:09 but through all of this experience
24:12 she had been very active with the gift of tongues.
24:16 I guess I'm gonna return to that for just a moment.
24:18 My friends, something does it match up there, right?
24:23 Something that is that how the Holy Spirit works
24:26 when we're in a willful state of something that is so
24:30 substitute as what she was going through.
24:32 No.
24:34 Again, willing obedience, a desire to be obedient
24:38 is one of the qualifiers that we'll find in the scriptures.
24:41 And Jesus spoke of it in John 14 and beginning with verse 15
24:47 where He said, "And if you love Me,
24:49 keep My commandments.
24:50 If you love Me, keep My commandments, and--"
24:54 Notice that word of connection.
24:56 It's connecting loving Jesus and keeping His commandments
24:59 to what follows of what follows verse says,
25:02 "And I will pray the Father,
25:05 and He shall give you another Comforter."
25:08 And again, I just love that
25:09 description of the Holy Spirit, right?
25:11 He's a helper. He's the Spirit of Truth.
25:15 He is our Comforter.
25:17 And what's we comfort
25:19 we find through the Spirit of Jesus
25:22 as He inhabits us.
25:24 "And He shall give you another comforter,
25:26 that He may abide with your forever,
25:29 even the Spirit of truth."
25:31 And then we will see it again, don't we?
25:33 The spirit of truth.
25:35 And so notice the connection between loving Jesus
25:38 and keeping His commandments and receiving the Holy Spirit.
25:44 There is direction coloration.
25:46 And I know we've taught-- We've talked.
25:49 I've had several two or three subjects on the matter
25:52 of the commandments of Ten Commandments.
25:55 We've been through those studies.
25:56 But, my friend, here there is again another connection
25:59 as Jesus clearly indicates in this particular passage.
26:03 So willing, willingness to obey is one of the evidences
26:08 that we have received the Holy Spirit,
26:10 one of the evidences that we have been truly born again.
26:16 We must be concern of anyone
26:17 who claims to have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit,
26:20 but who holds back from obedience
26:23 to the spirit of truth.
26:26 In John 14:26, again Jesus speaks
26:30 about the matter of the Holy Spirit.
26:31 He says, "And when the Helper comes,
26:33 whom I will send to you from the Father,
26:35 that is the Sprit of truth."
26:37 I think this is the four time
26:38 we've seen the statement, isn't it?
26:40 "The Spirit of truth, He will bear witness of Me."
26:45 Now there is two vital things in this text
26:47 that we want to take note of.
26:50 And the first thing is the last one.
26:52 What is one of the primary functions of the Holy Spirit?
26:55 To bear witness to whom?
26:58 My friend, the spirit is not bearing witness of himself.
27:01 I want you to take note of that.
27:03 He is given to bear witness to Jesus.
27:09 And so, my friend, to make the Holy Spirit,
27:11 the focal point of one's experience is
27:15 missing the point.
27:17 Jesus, our Lord and Savior is the focal point
27:20 of our experience, right?
27:22 We value the Holy Spirit, but we understand that is--
27:26 It is Jesus Christ that is-- He's our Lord and Savior
27:29 as I just mentioned a moment ago.
27:32 And as I turn back to those phrases of Spirit of truth,
27:35 one of clears evidences of the spirits outpouring--
27:40 Outpouring is a rich and growing understanding
27:45 an experience in the truth.
27:47 You see, my friend,
27:48 if our hearts are open to the Holy Spirit
27:51 and we have been praying and seeking
27:54 for greater understanding of God's will for us,
27:57 we will by His grace accept all the truth
28:01 that the spirit has led us to.
28:06 And, my friend, let me just say it.
28:08 These six weeks that we have spent together,
28:11 you know, we've had good times together but,
28:14 you know, we are not really playing games.
28:16 We are not really playing games here.
28:18 These-- the things that
28:20 we have been studying are vital issues
28:23 in regards to our relationship to Jesus Christ.
28:25 He is as-- I've been saying night after night
28:28 He is the focal point of it all.
28:30 It is all about the relationship,
28:32 that relationship is transformational.
28:35 And, my friend, it is all about relationship to Jesus Christ
28:38 that we value His word.
28:40 I just really don't believe that one can truly--
28:43 Well, I'm gonna be careful how we say this but,
28:47 you know, it's like that old song,
28:49 Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage,
28:51 go together like an horse and carriage.
28:53 This I tell you, brother,
28:54 you can't have one without the other.
28:57 And, my friend, on a certain level
28:58 one cannot have a committed relationship with Jesus Christ
29:03 without having a deep and abiding experience
29:07 with Jesus through the teachings of His word.
29:13 They go directly together.
29:16 Again, it's not all about having a warm fuzzy feeling.
29:20 You know, there will be those joy--
29:22 Those times of tremendous joy that we will have.
29:26 And we ought to have joy.
29:28 But, my friend, it's not all about the fuzzy feeling.
29:31 It is about a committed relationship of that.
29:34 And out of that committed relationship,
29:35 the commitment to the teachings of the word of God.
29:40 And it's the Spirit of truth that bears witness
29:43 to the teachings of the word of God.
29:46 And that's why you find within
29:47 the Seventh-day Adventist Church
29:48 such an emphasis upon the Bible.
29:51 We've been known for a very long time
29:53 those that really know us and some don't really us,
29:57 but we've been known for a long time
29:58 as the people of the book and I happen to write that.
30:02 And particularly when we understand
30:03 as we talk about being a people of book,
30:06 it's talking about people
30:07 that are in a committed relationship with Jesus Christ
30:12 because you can't be committed to the book
30:14 without be committed to the Savior, right?
30:19 You can't act like you can't have one without the other.
30:22 And so again if our hearts are open to the Holy Spirit
30:26 and if indeed we have been praying for the truth,
30:28 we will accept all the truth that the spirit has lead us to.
30:34 So I'm getting into a spiritual process,
30:37 involving the Holy Spirit that first of all we've--
30:40 One of things we've noted,
30:41 one of the key purposes of the Holy Spirit
30:44 is to bear witness of Jesus that is to bring us to Jesus.
30:49 But another key aspect of the ministry of the Holy Spirit
30:52 is to lead us into the truth
30:56 and that is vital to our spiritual experience
30:59 and to our spiritual growth.
31:01 We don't always maybe right at the moment sets
31:04 how as we are responding as we study the word of God.
31:07 How we are growing in the process.
31:10 We are deepening our commitment to Jesus.
31:14 We're deepening our understanding
31:16 of the spiritual life
31:18 and we're deepening understanding
31:19 of the will of God.
31:22 All of that is a part of it.
31:25 But I want to add this particular text.
31:26 James 4:17 where it says,
31:29 "Therefore, to the one who knows the right thing to do,
31:32 and does not do it, to him it is sin."
31:35 So there is two sides in this particular text.
31:38 "To the one who knows the right thing to do,
31:41 and fails to do it that Bible says,
31:43 it is accounted to that person as sin.
31:46 In another words, we are accountable,
31:49 we become responsible for the true's that--
31:55 Let's not just about true because it's talking about
31:57 knowing the right thing to do,
31:58 but part of knowing the right thing to do
32:00 is knowing the right things to believe
32:02 and the right things to practice, right?
32:06 Is a part of it.
32:08 And so to understand the right thing
32:11 and to fail to do it,
32:14 it is held against us as sin.
32:17 Now some people are uncomfortable with that,
32:21 accountability and responsibility as Christians.
32:26 But let me tell you, look at all of the tragic lessons we've had
32:31 in the Christian Church and some of the terrible things
32:34 that have come about because of irresponsibility
32:38 and a lack of accountability
32:42 take the Carl's, take Jim Jones and the people's temple
32:46 just one of many illustrations that we could be talking about.
32:50 My friend, we need in love to be held accountable
32:55 and we need to be responsible as Christians
33:00 in our commitment to Jesus Christ.
33:01 Isn't that sensible?
33:03 It does make a lot of sense, but the other side of it is
33:06 we are not held accountable for that
33:08 which we did not know was right.
33:12 When we were in ignorance about the truth,
33:15 God did not hold this accountable, right?
33:19 That's the other side of it.
33:21 And I tell you the law on the land is not even
33:23 that open-minded about it,
33:25 you know, ignorance is no excuse before the law
33:28 which I found out for myself some years ago
33:31 as I was conducting the series of meetings
33:33 in Deer Park, Washington,
33:35 that's just a community, just north of Spokane.
33:39 It was an hours drive from home
33:41 and it was just joy to be able to be at home
33:43 and I found the shortcut through the back roads
33:46 to Deer Park from Spokane Valley where I live.
33:50 And I had driven this many times during the series of meetings.
33:54 I was doing four or five nights a week
33:57 at that period of time.
33:58 So I've been driving him from back country
34:00 coming from the east side of Deer Park in
34:03 and I knew, well you know, the speed limit dropped
34:06 as you came towards this-- Towards the town
34:08 is not really a city, it dropped to 35
34:11 and little further, it dropped to 25.
34:13 This one night I was scheduled to have special music.
34:18 And so I had my tape in the cassette player in my car.
34:21 I was vocalizing, I was going over my song,
34:24 I caught the 35 mile per hour sign,
34:26 but I missed the 25 mile -- 25 mile per hour sign,
34:31 and guess who was sitting there
34:34 just waiting for somebody like me.
34:38 A policeman.
34:40 Now just remember, my Dad was Washington State Patrolman
34:43 and he made it clear to us kids.
34:45 I think it's changed somewhat through the years,
34:47 but back then he said, don't you ever call policeman a cop.
34:49 That is not a term of respect.
34:53 You call him sir or you call him the policeman.
34:56 But anyway, so what-- For whatever that's word so.
34:59 Anyway, he pulls me over and he said,
35:02 do you know that you were--
35:03 And I said, "Yes, officer, I--"
35:06 You know, I thought if I was honest with him
35:08 that maybe he would have pity upon on him.
35:10 I told him what I was doing.
35:11 I was heading to a meeting,
35:13 you know, and I was practicing,
35:16 I was singing that night and I just missed it.
35:20 Do you think he had mercy upon me?
35:23 Not at all.
35:25 Handed me a big fat ticket.
35:28 I don't know.
35:29 Anyway, he handed me a big fat ticket.
35:32 And so I determined.
35:33 I was gonna show up to court,
35:35 at least make my case before the judge.
35:38 I don't get a lot of tickets by learn that long time ago.
35:41 It pays a show up.
35:43 And so I showed up and I made my case to the judge.
35:47 I was guilty. What could I say?
35:50 You know, I broke the speed limit.
35:51 But there were, you know, there were circumstances.
35:55 And praise the Lord, He cut that.
35:57 I think it was $85 ticket in half.
36:01 And I thought so good,
36:02 but see ignorance was no excuse for the law.
36:05 You know, inside of the law. But, my friend, God is fair.
36:10 He does not hold us accountable
36:12 for that which we didn't know.
36:14 Isn't that wonderful to know that about God?
36:18 But, my friend, again there is accountability
36:21 when we come to know.
36:23 In Acts 17:30, it as,
36:26 "Therefore having overlooked the times of ignorance."
36:29 The time in which we were not aware,
36:31 when we didn't really understand some of these important issues
36:35 as we've studied them these last few weeks together.
36:37 "Therefore, having overlooked the times of ignorance,
36:40 God is now declaring the men
36:42 that all everywhere should repent."
36:45 My friend, it is not God's intention for any of us
36:48 and some of us maybe have been Christians for 50 years
36:52 or maybe we've come to it in recent years
36:54 or maybe we're just coming to it
36:55 during the course of these series of meetings.
36:57 It is never God's intention to leave us
37:00 where we are in a state of ignorance.
37:03 I'll tell you a relationship and you know this
37:05 from your own experience about relationships.
37:08 If you are married or you have,
37:10 you know, you have friends and family.
37:12 You know this about relationships.
37:14 Sometimes a subtle, but relationships,
37:16 if they're viable a growing relationships,
37:22 there is growth that's taking place.
37:23 And so it is with our relationship with Jesus.
37:28 There is a growing relationship
37:31 and that is where the Bible becomes quite vital
37:35 in our growing relationship.
37:37 Growing and understanding.
37:40 You see, to understand the truth
37:41 is to understand the truth about Jesus,
37:45 that's the coloration.
37:47 So God doesn't want to leave us in that state.
37:50 Yes, we know there is a final judgment
37:52 in which we will be held accountable.
37:54 But, my friend, we do not need to fear the judgment,
37:57 not in Jesus Christ.
37:59 Apart from Jesus, we have to be thinking about it.
38:03 There is a day of accountability.
38:05 Let me take you onto John 16:13
38:08 another statement that Jesus made about the Holy Spirit
38:11 in the upper room.
38:13 It says, "But when He,"
38:14 Jesus said, "But when He, the Spirit of truth comes."
38:17 Let's see, that's fourth or fifth time
38:19 we've seen that phrase, isn't it?
38:20 Notice the intimate relationship
38:23 between the ministry of the Holy Spirit
38:25 and this matter of truth.
38:28 And by the way, again where
38:29 let's be sure we're clear on this.
38:31 I know I've been saying it.
38:32 Where do we find truth? Where do we find it?
38:36 I see Abel holding up his Bible.
38:39 It is in the Bible that we find the truth.
38:42 So, "But when He the Spirit of truth, comes,
38:45 He will guide you into just the New Testament."
38:51 Ah, the New Testament, mine is the Book of Revelation no.
38:54 No.
38:56 It says, "He will guide you into all the truth."
39:00 Does that mean we get it all at once?
39:02 No. No.
39:03 We grow, as we're going in Jesus,
39:06 as we're studying His word, as we come to church
39:09 at Sabbath School, as we study our lessons
39:11 and other opportunities like this that we have.
39:14 We have an opportunity to grow
39:16 in our understanding of the truth,
39:18 but the Spirit has been promised to lead us
39:20 ever deeper in our love for Jesus
39:24 and ever deeper in a knowledge of the truth.
39:28 And we've been experiencing that, haven't we?
39:32 You know, I've learned some things
39:33 during the six weeks.
39:34 You will be surprised.
39:37 Now you just think I'm up here preaching and teaching,
39:39 but I am still learning.
39:41 I'm still in the process of learning.
39:44 So he's promised to guide us into all the truth.
39:46 My friend, that means we want to truth,
39:49 the whole truth and nothing, but the truth will do.
39:53 Not just what is popular? You got that?
39:56 Not just what is popular, not just that which is convenient?
40:04 We want to have knowledge of all of the truth, don't we?
40:07 We really do.
40:09 In Acts 24:25, we find that Paul
40:12 now a prisoner imprisoned for his faith in Jesus,
40:17 standing before the Roman governor Felix.
40:21 This is after the Roman Governor Pilate.
40:24 Pilate's no longer, the governor Felix is.
40:27 And so he is standing before Felix
40:29 I think this is down in Caesarea
40:33 and Caesarea down by the Mediterranean Sea
40:35 which was official residence
40:37 of the governor of Judea, okay.
40:41 So here he is.
40:42 He is a prisoner and he is brought before Felix.
40:45 Felix had this, you know, he was bringing Paul.
40:47 He'd like to listen to Paul.
40:49 And so Paul was preaching away.
40:52 He was bearing witness to Jesus into the truth.
40:54 And notice what we find here
40:56 and He says, "And as he reasoned." Paul."
40:58 And as he reasoned of righteousness,
41:00 temperance and judgment to come."
41:02 Notice He says, Felix trembled.
41:05 My friend, that tells you the Holy Spirit was
41:07 really taking a whole of that man convicting him.
41:11 We just tremble.
41:12 I mean, there was a power going on there in that experience.
41:15 He trembled and answered.
41:17 Notice his response, "Go thy way for this time,
41:21 when I have a convenient season,
41:23 I will call for thee."
41:25 A convenient season.
41:27 My friend, the devil think he'd do it.
41:28 He's gonna make sure it is never convenient.
41:31 And so we can never look at convenience.
41:35 When it comes to the spiritual issues, can we?
41:39 You see some, my friends,
41:40 are unwilling to make the sacrifice.
41:43 It may not seen convenient as with Felix.
41:47 There is the fear of change.
41:49 There is the fear of what family.
41:51 Sometime family members or what friends may think.
41:54 Sometimes there's a fear of, you know,
41:57 what is this mean about my connection to the church
42:00 I've been with for so many years.
42:02 There is fear of change.
42:03 All of that is involved in this.
42:06 But if we are willing, my friend, we gain so much.
42:08 If we are willing, we gain love.
42:10 If we are willing, we gain peace.
42:12 If we willing, we gain acceptance.
42:15 And, my friend, if we are willing,
42:17 we gain a good conscious
42:19 which I tell you is something
42:21 to be valued in this day and age.
42:23 A good conscious before God.
42:26 And so, my friend, we must respond
42:28 to the grace of Jesus.
42:30 When the Sprit is at work in our lives convicting us
42:34 and if we are unresponsive when we are being convicted,
42:38 if at some point we do not
42:42 yield to the promptings of the Holy Spirit,
42:45 it puts us on dangerous ground.
42:50 Clackamas Town Center.
42:51 I don't know if you probably been there,
42:52 haven't you some of you?
42:55 I was pastoring in Canby, Molalla,
42:57 two churches in those two towns.
43:01 They're in Canby.
43:03 This is going-- this going back some years ago
43:05 when they built Clackamas Town Center,
43:08 it was built if I remember right something right
43:11 the biggest shopping center on the west coast.
43:13 I don't know if that was true but, you know,
43:15 they were really building this.
43:16 So I had been there, it was Sunday morning.
43:19 It was before we had children,
43:21 so we had a lot more independent
43:24 to our lives at that point in time.
43:26 And Donna said, "I'm gonna go shopping.
43:28 I'm gonna go to Clackamas Town Center.
43:30 I've got to find a pair of shoes,
43:32 and why don't you come with me?"
43:34 And so I said, "Okay, I will.
43:36 I spend part of the day with you."
43:38 We went to Clackamas Town Center.
43:41 It was something else.
43:43 You're gonna know this about my wife.
43:44 You know, she is of a seamstress so, you know,
43:47 when you are buying-- buying clothing,
43:49 she's is looking at the stitching
43:51 if there is a pattern,
43:52 she is looking at how the patter matches up
43:55 on either side of the stitching.
43:58 And I tell you, I married a, you know, she is very frugal.
44:02 She is practical. She wants--
44:04 She wants good quality. She's got eye for it.
44:08 And she wants it at a bargain price.
44:12 So here we are, we're on this expedition at,
44:17 what is it Clackamas Town Center.
44:20 Had no idea how many shoes stores there were in this place
44:24 until we visited every last one of them.
44:29 You got to take look at what's available
44:31 that she was sells or, you know, and you got to try them on.
44:34 And I'm so glad most of those shoe stores
44:36 had a place where the guys can sit.
44:39 Well, she went through the racks looking at shoes
44:41 she would, I want to try this one on,
44:44 they would bring them out and she would put them on,
44:47 she wants to know if they are comfortable
44:49 then she would come over by me and she would say,
44:51 "Well, what do you think?"
44:53 And I'll say, "Well l, they look pretty nice."
44:56 And so after two hours-- two hours now
45:00 going from shoes store to shoes store
45:03 she just kind of blows me away when she says,
45:06 "I think I'm gonna go home and think about it."
45:09 Now you see, I got the male mentally.
45:12 It just, you know, it just seems like,
45:14 it's like going hunting or fishing.
45:16 I mean, there is an experience of it,
45:18 but most of us we really like to catch something, you know.
45:21 Most of us, you know, kind of sense when, you know,
45:23 most of us guys feel when you go in shopping, ladies,
45:26 you are to come back with something else
45:28 you kind of wasted your time.
45:30 And so I was reasoning with her.
45:31 I said, "Donna, there is no better time
45:34 to make up your mind about it then when it's fresh.
45:36 You know remember, you know, I was review
45:38 and remember those shoes you saw in that store
45:40 that you like that one.
45:42 And do you think I could persuade her?
45:44 No."
45:47 We went home, but there is a spiritual point.
45:50 You know, there is shopping, there is shopping
45:53 and then there is the spiritual process
45:57 of studying God's word.
45:59 And my friend, what may not be
46:01 really true about shopping is true--
46:03 Surely true when we studied God's word.
46:06 There is no better time to make up our minds
46:10 that by the grace of Jesus that we're going to follow the truth.
46:13 Then when it is most clear to us?
46:17 When we have seen it clearly?
46:20 I guarantee unless you continue on the process,
46:23 unless you continue to come fellowship here,
46:26 unless you continue in growing a new experience in Jesus,
46:29 this will become a faith memory over time.
46:33 I hate to say that. But it will.
46:38 So there maybe for some of us no better
46:41 opportunity or time than just right now.
46:45 Who knows about tomorrow?
46:46 Who knows about next week?
46:49 Do we have any guarantees?
46:51 Of course, not.
46:52 In 2 Peter 1:21, it says,
46:54 "For no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will,
46:58 but men moved but the Holy Spirit
47:00 spoke from God."
47:03 And so the Holy Spirit was the gift
47:07 that was given to these men and women
47:11 who had the prosthetic gift,
47:13 they spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.
47:15 As these revelations of truth came to them
47:18 by means of the Holy Spirit.
47:21 And so, my friend, the spirit presence
47:22 is most distinctly experience in the study of the Bible
47:26 and if we've been born again of the Holy Spirit
47:29 we will have thirsting for the truth.
47:31 Now I want to say it again,
47:33 we've been truly born of the Holy Spirit,
47:34 we will have a thirsting for the truth
47:36 a longing and a desire for the truth.
47:40 Listen to me, the sprit will never influence us
47:44 contrary to the truth, right?
47:49 This spirit will never lead us away
47:52 from the truth of scripture.
47:54 And so if there is a spirit that we're struggling with
47:58 that is leading us away from the truth
48:01 then, my friend, we need to recognize it for what it is.
48:05 It is not the spirit of Jesus.
48:08 For the spirit of Jesus will never lead us from the truth,
48:11 that is a given and then I had individuals on occasion
48:14 tell me, well, I'm gonna see
48:16 the Lord impresses me about it.
48:18 Well, my friend, in the light of the Bible's clear teaching,
48:20 a born again Christian needs no further impressions.
48:25 I tell you, this is a dangerous ground
48:27 to get on this idea that, you know,
48:29 I'm going to look to impressions of conviction.
48:33 My friend, there is a place in our commitment to Jesus Christ
48:37 when we discover the truth to embrace the truth
48:41 whether convicted or impressed or not.
48:45 Are you with me?
48:46 You understand what I am saying?
48:51 It's nice to have convictions
48:53 and we shouldn't be a people of convictions.
48:55 But there is a place by faith to embrace the truth
49:01 even though or may be contrary to the natural
49:04 l or natural inclinations, that's what I'm talking about.
49:08 And I want to say it again, we must never confused
49:10 impressions or feelings
49:13 or emotions apart from the Bible
49:18 for the workings of the Holy Spirit.
49:24 Furthermore, I want to say the spiritual work,
49:26 I'm gonna say it again, will always
49:28 the spirit will always working harmony with the scriptures.
49:31 And if we want hear the spirits speak to us in terms
49:33 that cannot possibly be misunderstood,
49:37 it is to the Bible that we go for, my friend,
49:40 this is the testimony of the Holy Spirit.
49:44 Amen.
49:46 Impressions, convictions of feelings.
49:49 Look at the Christian world.
49:50 Some impressed this way
49:52 and some impressed the very opposite way.
49:54 I mean, you know, it's unreliable.
49:57 This is what's reliable in our commitment to Jesus.
50:03 I love this book, you love this book.
50:06 I know you do. You love studying it.
50:09 And there's gonna be a body of truth
50:11 that we're just gonna embrace us,
50:13 it's gonna rejoice us.
50:14 I mean, remember when we talk about the coming up Jesus
50:17 and all that follows.
50:18 I mean, that is glorious.
50:21 But there are other truths that may not just
50:23 again be in keeping with the natural,
50:26 you know, inclinations of our human hearts,
50:30 unless recognize that we are human.
50:33 And the evil one has a way to getting
50:35 into the mix in those things,
50:36 you know, he likes to die in other issues
50:38 that really are not that vital.
50:41 And so we got to sort all of that out.
50:44 And, my friend, on some level when we reject
50:48 the truth on some level,
50:49 we are rejecting the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
50:55 You know, I want to be very careful
50:57 how I wrote this that there is not mean the spirit
51:00 that the spirit sees us to work with us,
51:03 the sprit still seeks to draws us back.
51:06 Some people will come back years later
51:09 to that which they once were convicted about.
51:13 But on some level at some point when we reject truth,
51:17 we're rejecting the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
51:19 Isaiah 8:20, we have this statement.
51:23 It says, "To the law and the testimony."
51:26 And that's a testimony of the Holy Spirit
51:28 as we have it in the word of God.
51:30 "If they speak not according to this word,
51:32 it is because there is no light in them."
51:38 So there is two standards that we look to.
51:41 First of all is the moral standard
51:43 of the commandments of the law of God.
51:47 It must be in keeping with the teachings
51:49 of the commandments of God
51:50 and it also must be in keeping with the testimony,
51:54 the testimony of the Holy Spirit that is the word of God.
51:59 And if they do not harmonize with the law of God
52:01 in their teaching and with the word of God
52:04 then we know there is no light in it.
52:09 I tell you, that's why so many people make their minds up
52:12 to become apart of this church
52:14 because they want to-- in their love for Jesus,
52:16 they want to get as close to the truth
52:19 as they possibly can.
52:21 And let me tell you, churches do represent something.
52:26 And I know there is many sincere Christians out there.
52:28 I do not deny that.
52:31 And I know there are many good pastors out there.
52:33 But, my friend, it is no substitute
52:36 for a growing deeper experience in Jesus
52:40 that leads us to a desire to willingness,
52:44 in willingness to embrace all of the truth
52:46 and against some of those truths that are not popular.
52:51 So the church stands for something,
52:53 this church stands for the things
52:55 that I have been teaching you from God's word
52:57 as I shared last night.
52:59 Where do you think I got all of this?
53:01 You just think I was born with the Bible in hand
53:03 and I'm just a genius.
53:05 No.
53:06 You know, I've learn this because
53:09 I have the benefit of haven't been a part on this church.
53:13 I was raised, you know, in the Sabbath school church,
53:16 I was in the Christian, Christian education system,
53:21 you know, right on through my two masters programs.
53:24 You know, I have all of that benefit.
53:26 And, my friend, the church provided that.
53:29 And the church the Corvallis Seventh-day Adventist Church
53:33 has provided this opportunity for you in a similar way
53:38 to come into a deeper understanding
53:40 of what the Bible teaches.
53:42 You know, I'm grateful for the Corvallis Church
53:44 that they were willing to have these meetings.
53:47 You know, this church could have been satisfied
53:48 to just be taking care of their own interests,
53:50 doing their own thing,
53:52 but they had some interest in the community.
53:54 You know, when you've got good news,
53:55 when you really got good news you've just got to share it.
54:00 That's what it is about, it selfishness
54:04 to keep the goodness to ourselves, isn't it?
54:07 That's so selfishness. I got to move on.
54:10 I have to I've a few things more to cover before I end.
54:13 Now we could talk about oh, yeah, Genesis 6,
54:16 "My spirit will not always strive with men,
54:18 you know, God does not force the issue.
54:21 John 6:44, Jesus said, "No one can come to Me,
54:24 unless the Father who sent Me draws me, draws him."
54:27 That is the spirit that draws us.
54:29 Isaiah 30:21 says, "And your ears will hear
54:33 a word behind you, this is the way, walk in it,
54:35 whenever you turn to the right or the left."
54:38 My friend, that is again the still
54:40 small voice of the Holy Spirit.
54:42 And if we fail to listen to that still small voice,
54:45 the day will come -- the day will come
54:49 when we were no longer sense
54:51 the convicting power of the Holy Spirit.
54:54 We will no longer hear it.
54:56 It is usually a gradual process because let me assure you
55:01 God is extremely patient.
55:05 But again, He will not force one of us in the end.
55:09 There comes a point.
55:11 He will convict, He will draw,
55:13 He will lead us in the spiritual process,
55:17 but He will not make the decision for us
55:20 that is what we've got to do, that is our part
55:23 and it is an act of faith.
55:26 I mean, Matthew 7 Jesus said,
55:27 "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,'
55:30 will enter the kingdom of heaven,
55:31 but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven."
55:35 Who is gonna enter heaven?
55:37 Those who make a big profession,
55:40 you know, Lord, Lord who is gonna heaven?
55:43 Who?
55:44 Those who through the grace of Jesus,
55:49 through the grace of Jesus,
55:51 those who do the "will of My Father who is in heaven."
55:55 I said again, it is not just a fuzzy feeling,
55:57 it is not just about conviction,
55:59 it is not just about list of them.
56:01 I believe this, this and this. It is integrating.
56:05 It's integrating all of this into our lives,
56:08 making the part of who we are.
56:11 That's what it's about.
56:12 Many will say to me in that day,
56:14 "Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name,
56:18 and in Your name cast out demons,
56:20 and in Your name perform many miracles?"
56:22 I mean, they were doing powerful things
56:23 in the name of Jesus and yet He said,
56:25 "And then I will declare to them. '
56:27 I never knew you, depart from Me,
56:30 you who practice lawlessness."
56:32 So I mean, that's the ultimate state of deception
56:35 to at some point to give oneself over to on believe
56:39 to resists the Spirit of truth.
56:44 And we can resist the Spirit of truth so long
56:46 that we actually feel that we're right
56:47 when we're actually wrong.
56:49 So what did Jesus mean in Matthew 12
56:52 when He talked about the unpardonable sin
56:55 being the, you know, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
56:58 Let me take you to the context of it.
57:01 Matthew 12 going back in context of verse 22
57:04 and we'll drop down to verse 24.
57:05 This is what was going on.
57:07 It says, "Then a demon-possessed man
57:09 who was blind and mute was brought to Jesus,
57:13 and He healed Him.
57:16 He healed Him."
57:17 And verse 24 says, "The Pharisees said,
57:19 "This man casts out demons by Beelzebul, the ruler of demons."
57:25 You see, they had to account somehow for the power,
57:29 the evident power that was our work through Jesus Christ
57:31 and they were not willing to admit that this was of God
57:34 for they had set them on a course of unbelief.
57:36 They have rejected consistently every conviction,
57:40 every indicator that this was the Lord,
57:42 the Savior of life.
57:47 And so they had to count for it somehow
57:49 and so they said it's not the power of God,
57:51 it's the power of devil himself of demons that is at work.
57:55 And it is then that Jesus said to the Pharisees,
57:59 you every sin will be forgiven,
58:01 but that a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
58:03 for they were rejecting the testimony of the Holy Spirit.
58:09 That's what he is talking about.
58:11 And so this spiritual process is a vital one.
58:15 And the question is when are we going to do it, my friend?
58:18 Are we going to having looked,
58:22 having learned, are we going to turn away?
58:26 I believe that Jesus waits for us to give an answer.
58:28 And I believe again that He speaks to us this evening
58:32 saying, "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock.
58:37 If anyone hears my voice and opens the door
58:40 I will come into Him. And I will sup with Him.


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