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00:29 Laymen Ministries have been working
00:30 in Philippines for around 15 years.
00:33 We would like to take you to the Philippines
00:34 so you could see what it's like to be a missionary.
00:36 In fact, just about this time of day
00:38 they would be just getting out of bed.
00:53 My name is Joel Marshall, we're here in Agbalite.
00:57 The first thing that I do in the day
00:58 is when I wake up,
01:00 whenever God wakes me up is pray.
01:03 This morning because God woke me up very early
01:07 I had time to study the Bible.
01:09 My studies at the moment are on Hebrews.
01:11 I was studying Hebrew Chapter 7.
01:14 And the purpose of the chapter
01:16 is to prove that the Levitical priesthood was only temporary
01:22 and that Jesus Christ is the new high priest
01:28 of a better sanctuary in heaven based on better promises.
01:46 My name is Jim Webb and for the last 11 years
01:50 I've had the privilege of being the administrator
01:53 of Laymen Ministries here in Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro.
01:57 Normally I get up in the morning about 4:45.
02:01 For the last 26 years my wife and I drink in the mornings
02:05 very first thing a glass of lemon juice.
02:09 We have learned that,
02:10 that has a very cleansing effect inside the body.
02:14 It's an excellent way to start the day.
02:18 So after getting up in the morning
02:20 I do basic necessities
02:23 and normally we have a staff prayer.
02:36 My name is Robert Francis
02:38 and I'm from Berrien Springs, Michigan,
02:40 and we are in the village
02:42 of Binuangan here in the Philippines.
02:46 I wake up around 4:30 or 5 o'clock
02:50 in the morning every day.
02:52 To start I just get up out of bed
02:55 after that I take a few moments to pray,
02:58 ask God to guide me during the day
03:00 and then I wake up my student
03:03 who lives with me, Manny from grade three
03:05 and we worship together.
03:23 My name is Mhae Madriaga
03:27 and I'm here in the Pinagbyanan as missionary teacher.
03:30 I usually get up in the morning at five.
03:33 When I wake up in the morning first things then doing
03:37 is kneel down in prayer, talk to God.
03:40 I have been a missionary here in Pinagbyanan
03:43 for one year and almost six months.
03:46 Then after that I cook, we cook.
03:48 I my companion here
03:51 and after that we will have worship.
03:56 Yeah, our topic this morning
03:58 when we had our worship is it's about the wonders of God.
04:03 Why do the fish float upside down
04:06 when they die? Why do we earlobes?
04:12 Throughout the week for breakfast
04:14 we eat oat meal, we add little granola to it,
04:19 we are very fortunate to have raisins and almonds,
04:22 whole wheat bread with sunflower seed
04:25 and of course, first fruit.
04:27 Here in the mission house
04:29 we live as a family in addition to my wife Moni,
04:34 our coworkers Joe and Allen Beasley,
04:36 we have four high school students.
04:40 And then after break fast
04:41 I have some time to have some private devotional time.
04:46 This morning during our staff worship
04:49 we studied the topic about the gift
04:52 or the fruit of self-control
04:54 which is one of the fruits of the spirit.
04:57 We learned that it's probably one of the most important fruit
05:01 even though it's mentioned last.
05:03 If you don't have self-control
05:05 you cannot really be used by God
05:08 because you have no ability to really control yourself.
05:13 You are just kind of doing whatever you want,
05:16 whatever feels good to you
05:17 and that's a very easy way for Satan to control you.
05:25 We usually have a morning devotion together,
05:27 group devotion between the teachers.
05:30 I have studied this morning self-righteousness
05:34 and the Pharisees religion was their unrighteousness.
05:40 You did not understand that there is a need
05:43 for a righteousness outside themselves.
05:47 But true Christians do not go back
05:49 to establish their own righteousness
05:51 they receive the righteousness of Christ
05:54 and it transforms their life into likeness of Christ.
06:02 My breakfast very simple in fact,
06:06 I only cook once a day
06:08 and so my breakfast and lunch are the same.
06:12 I had rice and white beans with a leaf called bago.
06:19 This morning I was studying the Sabbath school lesson,
06:23 bottom line is if we know
06:27 that we know Him then we obey Him
06:31 and when we obey we have joy.
06:34 When I first became a Christian
06:36 I thought that I want to obey it
06:40 by having a strong will
06:44 and I did, except there was no joy.
06:47 Once I learned to obey out of love
06:51 and because of the love that Christ has for me
06:55 then there was no burden on my shoulders
06:59 and I was able to experience joy.
07:05 If you get as much done as possible,
07:07 so let's stand up for the prayer
07:09 and then let's get start class.
07:11 That our topic this time, is the devil in charge of hell?
07:15 But what is, what our topic last time?
07:19 Are the dead really dead? Okay.
07:22 And answer my question, are the dead really dead?
07:24 Yes.
07:25 This week my grade two and three students
07:28 and I are discussing the topic of hell.
07:32 It's a very important topic that in death,
07:36 because that is the two topics were
07:38 so many Christians are confused about.
07:41 So what happened with dead, they are?
07:43 They're sleeping. Sleeping.
07:46 The Bible calls the death a sleep.
07:48 How many people are burning in hell now?
07:50 Thousand.
07:51 Before we came to this village
07:53 the Katutubo people were animist,
07:56 they believe that spirits are everywhere,
08:00 in the mountains, in the trees, in the bushes.
08:03 They won't go certain places at night,
08:05 they won't go to certain locations
08:07 because that spirit might get them
08:09 or that spirit might do something to them.
08:11 We've discover that lot of Katutubo now
08:14 who have accepted
08:16 or have some knowledge of Jesus Christ
08:18 believe that when you die
08:22 you either receive a eternal punishment
08:24 or if you are good you go straight to heaven
08:28 because a lot of the non- Katutubo tribes
08:31 around them that is their belief.
08:33 Where are dead sinners now?
08:36 They cannot be burning in help fire
08:38 because one, dead people do not burn in hell now,
08:41 they are sleeping.
08:43 And two, is it the end of the world?
08:46 No.
08:47 So of course it's not yet time for sinners
08:49 to receive final punishment.
08:53 Again it's another form of fear
08:55 because now they are afraid
08:56 that there's a God out there who's gonna judge you
08:58 and send you packing to the fire
09:01 with all those the little evil spirit
09:03 when they do something wrong or they think that
09:07 if they just do something good enough
09:09 God will send them straight to heaven
09:10 where they can be happy forever.
09:13 And there is lot confusion
09:15 about what the Bible really teaches about those topics.
09:18 Let's see what Bible says, Revelation Chapter 21,
09:22 what is the final result of Sin?
09:24 The wages of kavatayan is what?
09:28 Death. Okay, death.
09:31 It's important that they understand
09:34 that the dead are not really
09:37 floating around somewhere waiting to catch you
09:40 when you are not expecting them
09:42 or if you are bad
09:44 you don't go straight into a fiery pit
09:47 where you can burn for eternal torment for your sins.
09:53 "For Gods so love the world
09:55 that He gave His only son
09:57 that whoever believes in Him should not perish
09:59 but have everlasting life."
10:02 It's important that they know the truth
10:04 that God is a God of love and even though
10:06 He does punish the wicked, He does not do it
10:08 because He wants to see them suffer.
10:10 He gives His Son Jesus Christ so we will not?
10:14 Die. Die.
10:17 The thing that for me was so important
10:19 as I brought this subject to my students
10:22 is that they would understand that
10:25 this is not something that happens
10:27 because God is just unfair, He just picks someone.
10:31 Okay, you're goanna go to hell or you are goanna go to heaven.
10:34 When you put a book in the fire what happens?
10:36 It burns up.
10:37 What do you think will happen with the wicked?
10:39 It's so easy to be part of the group
10:43 at the second coming
10:45 which have separated themselves from God
10:47 have been deceived by the devil
10:50 and become angry or antagonistic towards the
10:54 people who have God's commandments,
10:56 who have a relationship with Jesus.
10:59 When the holy city comes down from God
11:02 out of heaven on the earth, okay,
11:06 then those who are wicked
11:09 are going to try and hurt God's people one last time.
11:14 They will surround the city
11:16 and as they are trying to surround the city
11:19 all of the sudden God will finally put an end to sin.
11:25 Fire comes out of heaven and it falls down upon them
11:29 and they are-- what will happen?
11:33 Burned. They are consumed.
11:35 They will lose their life forever.
11:40 And so once I wanted to understand
11:41 it's so important that every day
11:43 they make a decision to serve Jesus,
11:45 to love Him and to give their lives to Him
11:48 so that and walk step by step
11:51 even though sometime it's difficult
11:54 because in the end they will experience that reward
11:57 that He promises that He will bring with Him
12:00 when He comes to judge the world.
12:04 I have planned to go by the mayor's office
12:08 to see if the mayor is in the town
12:10 I need to speak with him.
12:12 I need to also go to the providential capital
12:14 to see if the equipment which we have been promised
12:19 for use in constructing the road to the high school property
12:24 has been repaired and will be available soon.
12:33 Thank you.
12:34 When I just wanted an opportunity
12:37 to meet you and to tell you
12:41 that our organization is been working here in
12:45 headquarter in Mamburao for 11 years.
12:47 This will become a Barangay road
12:50 which is basically a county road
12:52 and we need the support of the mayor
12:56 to make sure everything goes through
12:58 the bureaucratic system efficiently.
13:02 That the works to be undertaken must
13:05 have all the necessary permits with our records.
13:09 Okay, well--
13:10 Its not-- I know in the past it was very...
13:14 but we've encounter so many problems now
13:17 with those kinds of systems.
13:18 Yes, sir.
13:19 And Pastor, I hope you understand.
13:22 I would, sir,
13:25 ask please help me expedite the things
13:28 because I'm literally ready to start digging dirt.
13:33 Okay, so... He required copy of all of our deeds,
13:37 the release of lean across all the property.
13:41 He wanted a complete
13:44 layout of the development of the property.
13:48 The paper work I could just in my minds
13:50 seeing getting thicker and thicker.
13:52 We will see weather or not this gets the job done.
13:58 Yeah, for the last three weeks
14:00 we've been studying the topic of marriage,
14:03 it teachers us so much about Christ
14:06 and His relationship with the church.
14:09 Firstly it teaches us about the godhead,
14:14 they work together with one purpose.
14:16 Father creates anything without Jesus?
14:19 No, the Bible is clear.
14:20 Did Jesus create anything without the Father?
14:24 No.
14:25 Can man create by himself?
14:29 No.
14:30 Can woman create by herself?
14:34 No.
14:35 Only together is an example of the godhead.
14:38 Christ bride is His church
14:41 and His purpose is to be one with His church
14:44 just as Adam must have been one with Eve.
14:48 He had to make or originate righteousness
14:53 for His bride which is the wedding garment.
14:56 So, day by day Jesus was weaving out
15:01 a perfect robe of righteousness in men.
15:05 Secondly, He died for our sins
15:08 that was taking out filthy garment.
15:10 Then thirdly, He gives His bride
15:14 His own righteousness
15:16 so that she is just like Him.
15:19 And He says just like Adam,
15:21 this is now burn of my burns and flesh of my flesh,
15:25 meaning that she is just like me.
15:28 In Christ I am prefixed the church
15:31 through His own righteousness
15:33 so that He can say that honestly
15:35 she is just like me and now we can be one.
15:38 You might think that teaching
15:40 grade six students about marriage is strange
15:42 but here my grade six students
15:45 are at the age for marriage in this culture.
15:48 In order to have happy marriage
15:51 we need to follow the right recipe
15:53 that God gives us in His word.
15:55 That's being good study.
16:07 Five minutes late, yeah,
16:09 I think I need to switch the time
16:12 that I got that from the clock of Monjunis
16:14 and I think her clock is a little bit behind.
16:18 And then I we're just going to eat really quickly
16:21 because it's almost time for after noon classes.
16:24 For lunch we prepared tofu
16:30 and we fried it and we added some string beans.
16:34 It's very flat don't you think?
16:41 Wow, God's people are doing stuff all over the world,
16:44 what an amazing stuff.
16:45 Yeah.
16:46 We spend a lot of time watching
16:48 Laymen Ministries' video on Vanuatu.
16:58 Yes, it's already 1:30, you better go now.
17:00 I got the opportunity to see the DVD
17:02 that's why we were late to cook.
17:04 The last lunch many but this always break time right.
17:07 We better have enough time to cook,
17:09 we really didn't have any time to eat at all.
17:14 Here in the Philippines
17:16 specifically in Occidental Mindoro
17:18 we have been working for about 12 years now
17:22 with a native tribe Katutubo
17:26 they are called here meaning native
17:29 and these people are among the most
17:32 primitive people in the world.
17:40 They are very blessed to have
17:43 four operating predated elementary schools
17:47 and as these students come along,
17:50 we cannot send them to the public school
17:52 because of prejudice and low quality education.
17:57 Laymen Ministries has found that
17:59 we need to have our own high school academy here
18:03 and it has to be a working academy.
18:05 And we find that, that follows the council
18:08 that we have been given also
18:09 because our ultimate goal here is to
18:13 improve the life of people, educate them,
18:16 bring them to knowledge of Jesus Christ
18:19 and then these students that we are working with
18:22 through high school and latter through college
18:25 will go back and become missionaries
18:27 for their own people.
18:28 There and comes through here, you see I left is open,
18:32 I didn't plant to it.
18:34 This morning we have hiked up to the top of the school,
18:37 the high school property.
18:39 The school owns this ridge line which is about 75 acres.
18:44 Owning property free clear title in the Philippines
18:48 is extremely difficult.
18:50 And many people said it's impossible
18:52 you cannot do it.
18:54 Well, God kept opening doors
18:56 and we are now standing on about 75 acres
18:59 that Laymen Ministries owns free and clear.
19:03 We want our students to have a peaceful,
19:07 calm environment in order to study.
19:10 Initially we are going to put up a duplex here
19:14 so we can live here and have an office here.
19:19 Of course, we have to think of administration
19:22 and school rooms
19:23 and then dormitories there for the students.
19:31 So just eat the flesh around the seed.
19:34 The main octagon shape building
19:37 will have class rooms on the outside wall,
19:41 a circular hallway inside
19:45 and then in the center cluster
19:48 will be an area for offices and library
19:52 and may be a computer rooms that kind of thing.
19:58 We have friends in the US
20:00 who are putting together a container of donated items
20:05 which will be sent directly here
20:08 specifically for use for the high school
20:11 and it's a big list,
20:12 it's every thing from spiritual books
20:15 to school desk to stainless steel sinks to tractors.
20:21 We are very remote here, we're off grid
20:24 and it's very expensive to bring electricity to here.
20:28 You have a wind generator, we can use it.
20:30 You have solar panels, we can use them.
20:34 If you would like to be involved in this project
20:36 contact Laymen Ministries
20:38 and they will tell you the kind of the things
20:40 that we need
20:42 and they will get in touch with us
20:45 to see if we could use it.
20:47 They can tell you how to get the product
20:50 to location in California
20:52 where it will be packaged and then shipped.
20:55 And we will appreciate your help very much.
20:57 Because the Israelites were here and then
20:59 what is their problem? They can't?
21:04 They can't pass in the Jordon River.
21:06 Why?
21:07 It really fascinates me special in the part when
21:10 it says there that when the people
21:13 like the Canaanites heard the story about
21:15 how God had lead them
21:17 in passing through the Jordon River.
21:21 The Israelites...
21:23 Follow in the pass.
21:25 They scramble, they were afraid of you know,
21:29 who really the God was of the Israelites.
21:31 I think that story would help other students
21:34 to know that the God that we are serving is the real God.
21:39 And this week we have our weekly prayer.
21:41 We are having--
21:43 we have Tito Joe with us
21:45 and he's the one who is speaking
21:47 every afternoon.
21:48 He is sharing with us
21:50 on the journey going to the Promise Land.
21:53 Jericho just did what? Bend.
21:56 Lying down right to the ground.
21:59 This week we are talking about Joshua
22:01 and the entering into the Promise Land
22:04 and then the teachers take it from there.
22:07 They take the story each day
22:09 and they discuss the meanings
22:11 according to the level of understanding,
22:14 first grade, second grade so on up the way.
22:17 And what is in this thing, what is in there?
22:23 The Ten Commandments.
22:25 What is the Ten Commandments?
22:26 What is written in the Ten Commandments?
22:28 And we were praying that
22:31 we can comprehend how
22:34 God is working with Israelites and descend with them.
22:37 It said no man will be able to stand before you.
22:40 What happened?
22:43 They ran.
22:45 What happen to the promise?
22:47 This afternoon we're talking about the topic of Achan
22:53 as he is unfaithful and steals
22:57 what's not supposed to be his.
22:59 I mean he hides it in his tent
23:02 and the consequences of that
23:03 and we are going to look at
23:06 those different principles tonight to see
23:09 what went wrong.
23:24 Now let's get nice sleep.
23:27 And no one will ever know about the gold.
23:32 But He will knew about the gold.
23:35 God knew about the gold.
23:38 So what it is, is to help lift up spiritual understanding
23:43 and to excites spiritual growth
23:45 and it's been really a lot of fun
23:48 delivering the message of Joshua this last week.
23:57 It's about 8:30,
24:00 it's time for prayer to finish up the day.
24:06 Free time.
24:19 We just ended our weekly prayer,
24:22 eating we done and let the chair spin
24:24 and now its time to go to bed.
24:36 Afterwards meeting with Joe
24:38 and doing some planning for the next day.
24:41 I was extremely fortunate before 10 o'clock
24:46 to be able to go to bed.
24:53 What I have experienced here in the mission field is that
24:56 God takes you where you are.
24:59 He doesn't hold out an unreachable standard.
25:02 His standards are high
25:03 but He takes you step by step upwards
25:06 to the high standard that He has
25:09 and He empowers you to do it.
25:11 What I've have learned is that
25:13 if you are faithful in just small thing
25:17 then God will develop you
25:21 through those small experiences
25:23 to be able to do more and more
25:26 and that is the continue work that we have with God.
25:31 He promises that there will be no end
25:34 to that upward walk in this life.
25:38 He wants perfection from us.
25:40 So we've just put 200 liters of diesel
25:43 in the front end loader
25:46 and we're on our way now to seal on the appeal,
25:48 to began the work on the on our road
25:51 up to a high school property.
25:54 Every Christian is a missionary,
25:56 whether they are in the foreign country
25:58 or in their home town.
25:59 We are all missionaries.
26:01 We are all ambassadors for Christ.
26:03 If you were just be willing to have new experiences
26:07 you are not gonna have everything that you had before
26:09 you are goanna miss some things but
26:12 God will replace it with a lot of
26:14 great experiences that you'll really enjoying
26:16 and you'll remember for your rest of your life.
26:19 One of the biggest hesitations
26:21 about become a missionary is that you--
26:25 it's something new.
26:27 You have never done it before
26:28 and you don't know what its going to be like
26:32 but when you know that God
26:34 that is calling you to mission work
26:36 and that your life is in His hands.
26:38 You can go forward in faith
26:40 knowing that God is working things for good.
26:44 Then a challenging three years,
26:46 but we are absolutely delighted now
26:49 to finally see equipment on the site,
26:51 moving dirt so that soon we are going to have a road
26:55 to our high school property
26:56 so that we can began the development of the campus.
27:01 It's an opportunity to grow like
27:05 you'll never grow in any other place.
27:08 You get responsibilities that you would not choose yourself
27:13 but the God chooses for you because He knows that
27:16 when you are put in those situation you will grow.
27:21 And also don't be afraid to become a missionary
27:24 if you don't think that you have the skills
27:27 because God is the one who gives talent,
27:29 He's the one who gives skills.
27:32 All God wants is a missionary
27:35 who is willing to submit themselves to His will.
27:40 God wants us to grow.
27:42 He wants us to grow to become of more service
27:47 to our fellowmen to represent Him.
27:50 When He was here He was a servant
27:52 and that's what He is calling us to be,
27:55 to be a servant to our fellowmen.
27:58 The most important thing about
28:00 being a missionary is not your skill
28:04 but will you allow Him to work in your life.


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