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00:30 My name is Jeff Reich,
00:31 and I'm the director of Laymen Ministries.
00:34 It's been about 10 years since we first conceived,
00:36 then later started producing a documentary series
00:39 called The Days of Noah.
00:41 After traveling thousands of miles to shoot film
00:43 at geological and archaeological sites,
00:46 and to interview scientists, historians, and theologians,
00:49 I'm excited to tell you that all four films are finished
00:52 and are now available to order.
00:54 On this program, we would like to share with you
00:56 just a few short excerpts from each one of the films
00:59 to give you an idea what the series is about.
01:02 Now let's preview The Days of Noah.
01:09 One of the most unique and beautiful features
01:10 of the Grand Canyon
01:12 are the various different colored sedimentary layers
01:14 that run along the canyon walls for miles.
01:16 These layers are made up of sandstone and limestone,
01:18 and that's what creates that rainbow in the rocks.
01:21 It's one of the things that makes the Grand Canyon
01:23 so awesome to look at.
01:26 But not only these layers unique to the Grand Canyon,
01:28 they give us our greatest clue on how the canyon was formed.
01:36 The rock layers that we see everywhere on the Earth
01:39 are generally in layers.
01:42 The sedimentary rocks
01:44 are almost all deposited by water.
01:48 We see the rock layers
01:50 consist of turbidites washed in material
01:54 and with a catastrophism
01:55 that was going on would have turbiditic action
01:59 and the washing in of material.
02:01 So water brings mud or sand, or even coarser materials,
02:06 carries it and deposits it in a layer.
02:09 That's typically how the rocks in the geologic column form.
02:14 And then there are different kinds of sediments,
02:16 so they end up making rocks
02:17 that look very different right on top of each other.
02:20 But there is a question of this one layer formed
02:25 and then how much time passed
02:26 until the next layer came on top of it.
02:29 The commonly held belief is that over millions of years,
02:32 an ocean advanced over the entire continent
02:34 and deposited a sedimentary layer,
02:36 and then we treated leaving the ground dry once again.
02:40 In this dry period lasting tens of millions of years,
02:43 the sediment would have been exposed
02:44 to weathering and erosion.
02:46 And if it just sits there
02:48 without being covered up fairly quickly,
02:51 then a lot of things happen, plants grow on it,
02:54 roots go down through it, animals burrow through it,
02:56 flowing water will carve channels,
02:59 and, you know, gullies through it.
03:01 And so it doesn't just stay undisturbed.
03:05 Tens of millions of years of weathering and erosion
03:08 would create an enormous amount of uneven terrain
03:10 between these two layers such as hills and valleys.
03:12 But this is not what we see.
03:14 There's a little variation between these layers.
03:17 They're extremely flat.
03:20 And these time spans are supposedly occurred
03:23 between two layers, it can be 10 million years,
03:26 it can be 15 million,
03:28 they can be up to 150 million years,
03:29 like you see at one place in the Grand Canyon,
03:32 in deposits in the Grand Canyon.
03:34 You'd expect a whole lot of erosion,
03:37 and in fact, so much erosion,
03:40 that the whole record should be gone a long time ago.
03:45 Average rates of erosion
03:47 are about 61 millimeters per thousand years.
03:51 With the same rate of erosion
03:52 of 61 millimeters per thousand years,
03:55 we should now be looking for 300 feet of erosion,
03:58 not 3,000 feet of erosion.
04:00 But 30,020 feet of erosion
04:02 over a period of 150 million years.
04:06 All the sedimentary layers in the Grand Canyon combined
04:09 should have eroded six times over.
04:11 And yet these layers are flat
04:14 telling us that these layers were deposited
04:16 rapidly in quick succession.
04:19 So is it realistic to think that 150 million years passed
04:23 and nothing happened to this layer.
04:25 It was not eroded out into to serious gullies,
04:29 and it looks much more likely that there wasn't that time
04:32 in between those different layers.
04:35 The weather is always changing,
04:36 and the surface of the Earth is always changing with it.
04:39 Thunderstorms, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes,
04:42 and wind among other factors are always...
05:06 The entire surface of the Earth
05:08 had been changed by a water-based catastrophe.
05:10 And this overwhelming evidence can't be erased or removed.
05:13 So in the minds of those that rejected the flood story,
05:16 it needed to be reinterpreted, and this is how it happened.
05:23 All during the Middle Ages,
05:26 some factors in society were very autocratic,
05:32 and dogmatic, and persecuting people,
05:35 making life very hard for people suppressing them.
05:38 And what were those agencies who were doing that?
05:40 Well, it was governments and the church.
05:43 One of the greatest things that man wants to have
05:48 over man is power.
05:50 In the Middle Ages, the church ruled the world.
05:54 Seeing the abusive power that had prevailed over Europe,
06:00 they utterly rejected the Catholic Church,
06:02 which of course, in their mind
06:05 meant that they utterly rejected Christianity.
06:08 And so that gave rise to a more atheistic-minded society.
06:14 And the mindset of man says,
06:16 "Well, what was this restricting force?"
06:19 The restricting force
06:21 to any mind expansion was God.
06:26 And therefore, let's get rid of Him.
06:28 Let's get rid of God so that we can grow intellectually,
06:33 and that's what they did in the French Revolution.
06:36 Instead of holding the masses
06:37 in blind submission toward dogmas,
06:40 Rome's work resulted in making them
06:42 infidels and revolutionists.
06:44 They regarded her greed and cruelty
06:47 as the fruit of the Bible,
06:48 and they would have none of it.
06:50 Rome had misrepresented the character of God.
06:53 And now men rejected both the Bible and its author.
06:57 This led to the French Revolution.
06:58 And ultimately,
07:00 the complete removal of the churches power,
07:02 it had maintained over the people
07:04 for more than 1,000 years.
07:06 In the French National Assembly,
07:08 the mob of revolutionaries declared only reason
07:11 should be worshiped.
07:12 They revealed a beautiful woman adorned in blue drapery
07:16 and proclaimed her the Goddess of Reason.
07:20 And they enshrined
07:23 the Goddess of Reason.
07:26 And reason took the place of faith in God.
07:31 They carried this woman on a car to Notre-Dame,
07:35 destroyed the church and preached atheism
07:37 to the masses inside the church every week.
07:41 The French people responded to the many centuries
07:43 of Roman Catholic oppression and persecution
07:46 by establishing a new form of government.
07:48 Instead of a nation with a Christian worldview,
07:50 how be it perverted and ruled
07:52 by the Catholic Church at the time,
07:54 the society was formed with an atheistic worldview,
07:57 absent of any Christian influence,
07:59 and this was called The Age of Enlightenment.
08:08 The Bible tells us,
08:09 Noah was a preacher of righteousness,
08:11 and the gospel reveals the righteousness of God,
08:14 which simply means that Noah was preaching the gospel.
08:17 It also means that at the end of time
08:19 when the first angel is seen
08:21 proclaiming the everlasting gospel
08:23 that this angel is repeating the message
08:25 Noah gave to the world before the flood.
08:28 And because we are again living in the judgment hour,
08:31 the gospel must once again be given to the world
08:34 to bring everyone to a decision.
08:36 "For the time is come
08:38 that judgment must begin at the house of God.
08:41 And if it first begin at us,
08:43 what shall the end be of them
08:45 that obey not the gospel of God."
08:47 Peter tells us judgment
08:49 will come to believers and nonbelievers alike,
08:52 and our acceptance or rejection of the gospel
08:54 will determine our fate
08:55 when the judgment is finally executed.
08:58 The Apostle Paul answers his own question
09:00 regarding what will happen to those who reject the gospel.
09:04 "The Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven
09:07 with his mighty angels in flaming fire
09:09 taking vengeance on them that know not God,
09:12 and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."
09:16 In other words, when the gospel is preached,
09:18 the gospel divides human beings into two groups,
09:21 those who accept and those who reject.
09:24 And so the message of Noah was a message of judgment
09:28 because when he finished preaching His message,
09:31 how many groups were there?
09:33 There were two groups when He finished preaching,
09:35 those that were inside and those that were outside.
09:38 When the message at the end of time is finished,
09:43 the world will be divided into two groups.
09:46 And therefore, the warning back then
09:49 is a warning for us today.
09:51 The gospel message in the days of Noah
09:53 was a call to enter into the ark.
09:55 When we look at the word ark,
09:57 it's defined as a shelter or refuge.
10:00 So the principle behind the gospel in the days of Noah
10:02 was the invitation to enter into a place of refuge.
10:06 So what is the place of refuge for God's people today?
10:09 Again, when we look at the word ark,
10:11 it's also defined by the Oxford dictionary
10:14 as a vessel or a sanctuary.
10:17 Interestingly, the word sanctuary
10:19 is also defined as a place of refuge.
10:22 So an ark and a sanctuary are the same thing.
10:25 This is important for us to understand
10:27 because God gave man a sanctuary
10:29 to be a place of refuge.
10:32 "Now be ye not stiffnecked, as your fathers were,
10:35 but yield yourselves unto the Lord,
10:37 and enter into His sanctuary,
10:39 which He hath sanctified for ever.
10:41 And serve the Lord your God,
10:43 that the fierceness of His wrath
10:44 may turn away from you."
10:46 The everlasting gospel proclaimed
10:48 by the first angel's message
10:49 is like the gospel Noah preached.
10:51 It was a call to enter into the place of refuge.
10:54 Every component of the sanctuary
10:56 teaches us about the everlasting gospel,
10:59 and by studying this ancient structure,
11:01 we will discover how it will provide a place of refuge
11:04 in the Day of Judgment,
11:05 and how like the gospel message given by Noah,
11:09 the sanctuary is pointing us to the ark
11:12 for God's people at the end of time.
11:15 And the message has the everlasting gospel.
11:18 I like that because some people think the gospel
11:19 did not come until Jesus.
11:21 But the gospel really began
11:23 back at the fall in the Garden of Eden.
11:25 It's always been the gospel of trusting
11:28 in the sacrifice of the lamb.
11:30 And the entire message
11:34 of the everlasting gospel and the final judgment
11:38 and the final choice is linked with the sanctuary message.
11:44 In the Old Testament,
11:45 the lamb was killed at the entrance of the sanctuary.
11:48 This sacrifice pointed forward
11:50 to the sacrifice Jesus would make on the cross
11:52 and this is why Jesus is called the Lamb of God.
11:56 Therefore, the gospel was not first proclaimed by Jesus
12:00 when He came to Earth,
12:01 it was revealed centuries earlier
12:03 through the sanctuary service and its symbols.
12:11 Each article finished in a sanctuary
12:15 symbolized a particular aspect of the plan of salvation.
12:20 There's a lot of biblical truth
12:21 that is reflected in those three dimensional symbols.
12:25 And the whole sanctuary really is,
12:27 it's an allegory of salvation.
12:29 It is difficult to comprehend the dynamics of the gospel
12:34 without understanding the foundation.
12:38 It had the purpose of teaching Israel and teaching us
12:41 as we study of how Jesus step by step saves human beings
12:47 from the curse of sin.
12:57 Just as the multitude stood before the ark
12:59 contemplating the final decision
13:01 that would seal their fate,
13:02 so you today stand in the valley of decision.
13:05 Will you receive the message
13:06 of Noah repeated by the three angels' messages?
13:09 Will you enter into the ark of the everlasting covenant
13:11 by resting upon the seventh-day
13:13 observing the sign of the covenant?
13:15 Will you be among those who keep the commandments of God
13:18 and the faith of Jesus, or will you be among those
13:21 who keep the commandments of men.
13:23 The mark of the beast crisis will come
13:26 and it will bring all to a decision
13:28 and then probation will close as it says in scripture,
13:31 "Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision,
13:34 for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision."
13:45 After the seven last plagues,
13:47 the next event is that blessed hope
13:49 and the glorious appearing
13:51 of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ.
13:53 For centuries, Christians have talked of
13:56 dreamed about in long for that day
13:58 when they shall look upon the face of Him
14:00 who died to redeem them.
14:01 And now that time has come.
14:04 But will you be ready to meet Him?
14:13 So when Christ presence comes again,
14:15 when Christ comes the second time,
14:18 we're told that this Earth will basically be left
14:23 in a state that is uninhabitable
14:26 because of the fire and the presence of God.
14:29 "Our God is a consuming fire.
14:32 When He returns to the Earth, Paul writes,
14:35 "The Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven
14:37 with his mighty angels in flaming fire."
14:40 He will return as a consuming fire
14:43 because Jesus will not only come
14:45 as the human being that He was when He walked upon this Earth,
14:49 He will come as King of kings and Lord of lords.
14:52 In other words, His glory will no longer be veiled.
15:05 Overwhelmed with a vision of Christ coming to Earth,
15:07 Isaiah wrote,
15:09 "Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire?
15:11 Who among the shall dwell with everlasting burnings?"
15:14 And this is the question we're each faced with
15:17 as we prepare to dwell
15:18 in the consuming fire price presence that is coming.
15:21 But after Isaiah asked,
15:22 "Who can dwell with the devouring fire?"
15:24 He answered His question and says,
15:27 "He that walketh righteously."
15:29 Only the righteous can safely dwell in the presence of God.
15:32 This means the message Noah gave to prepare our people
15:35 for the judgment of the world by water,
15:37 it's the same message that will prepare people
15:39 for the judgment of the world by fire
15:42 because Noah was a preacher of righteousness.
17:39 The rainbow of the everlasting covenant
17:41 is just as much a promise of mercy to preserve us
17:44 through the destruction of the world by fire
17:47 as it was to preserve Noah
17:49 through the destruction of the world by water.
17:54 If a person's ever been out on the ocean
17:56 in a severe storm, it's terrifying.
17:59 Yet, Noah was preserved
18:01 in the midst of this incredible tribulation.
18:04 And the confidence that he protected Noah
18:06 through that reminds us that He can preserve us
18:10 through that storm that's coming.
18:17 Even when the seventh plague is falling
18:20 and the mountains are being swallowed up by the sea,
18:23 He said my promise to preserve you
18:25 during that time still stands.
18:28 "God is our refuge and strength,
18:30 a very present help in trouble.
18:32 Therefore will not we fear, though the Earth be removed,
18:36 and though the mountains
18:38 be carried into the midst of the sea.
18:40 Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled,
18:43 though the mountain shake with the swelling thereof."
19:39 You see Noah moving from an old world to a new world
19:44 based upon the covenant that was made.
19:46 This is the same thing that God wants to do with us
19:49 the covenant is designed to move us
19:52 from an old world to a new world.
19:55 Though the first world was destroyed by water,
19:58 the world the second time will be destroyed by fire.
20:01 And Peter implies then,
20:02 but we look for a new heaven and new Earth,
20:04 meaning we will survive that destruction.
20:08 We're going to survive that fire.
20:10 In the book of Isaiah,
20:11 God speaks about creating a new heavens and a new Earth.
20:15 The whole story of what happened
20:16 with Noah and what happens in the last days,
20:19 it's all about how to get back to the garden.
20:21 He wants to restore paradise for man
20:24 and purity to the universe.
20:25 The new Earth will be a place where,
20:28 according to the book of Revelation,
20:30 there'll be no more tears, no more crying, no more sin,
20:33 no more death or suffering.
20:35 In other words, everything will be perfect.
20:37 The world will return to the condition
20:39 it was in before sin.
20:41 There will be no thorns, will be no death,
20:44 no thing in nature that reflects anything impure
20:49 or anything that the case or dies.
20:51 Weather patterns will be perfect,
20:53 there'll be no pain, no suffering, no sorrow.
20:55 And so the Earth itself
20:57 will indeed be a pure reflection
21:00 of the very glory and character of God.
21:03 "And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying,
21:06 Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men,
21:10 and He will dwell with them,
21:11 and they shall be His people,
21:13 and God Himself shall be with them and be their God."
21:18 His sanctuary will be with us, God will live with us.
21:22 We see in Revelation, there is no temple.
21:24 There is no more need of a labor.
21:27 There is no more need of the altar of incense,
21:31 the table of showbread, the candlesticks,
21:33 all of these sorts of things
21:35 because that has been completed.
21:37 And so that was going to be often purpose of the sanctuary
21:40 how God ultimately will dwell with His people.
21:51 God desires and God will make this place a new Earth,
21:56 but only those who accept the covenant
21:59 and will get into the ark
22:01 will be alive to get out of the ark
22:03 and see it when it happens.
22:09 The events that took place in Noah's day
22:12 foreshadowed the events
22:13 that are going to take place at the end of time.
22:18 History's repeating itself.
22:19 I'm sure the Lord looks down from heaven now.
22:22 Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah
22:24 so will it be in the days of the Son of Man.
22:27 And we're seeing that in the world today.
22:29 The violence in the land,
22:31 the selfishness, the self-worship.
22:36 They weren't paying attention
22:37 and they didn't know that the flood was going to come,
22:41 despite 120 years of preaching.
22:49 We have the remains of 10,000 or more dinosaurs,
22:52 it certainly speaks of catastrophe.
22:55 The Earth itself is both a record and the prophecy
22:58 warning us of another judgment still to come.
23:01 But when?
23:05 The judgment is not which determines
23:08 who will be ready for Jesus when He comes,
23:11 and who will not.
23:12 And the everlasting gospel and the final judgment
23:15 and the final choice is linked with the sanctuary message.
23:20 Then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.
23:24 This prophecy was being fulfilled.
23:26 It was being announced
23:27 that the hour of God's judgment had come.
23:32 "And that no man might buy or sell,
23:35 save he that had the mark."
23:38 Own your hands.
23:40 The real parallel between the days of Noah
23:42 and the end of time
23:43 is found in the moment when the door closed.
23:46 All had chosen to accept or reject the promise of mercy.
23:50 Let's look at it exploded view of these last day events.
23:52 You have to choose between one or the other.
23:55 So that choice will come.
23:59 So our God is a consuming fire.
24:01 And so the whole purpose is how can I get man
24:04 to again stand in my presence without being destroyed,
24:08 without being consulted.
24:09 "And let them make me a sanctuary
24:11 that I may dwell among them."
24:13 As that angel is flying,
24:15 it's pointing to the most holy place.
24:17 God wants to dwell in His people,
24:20 but He cannot dwell in them while they hold on to sin.
24:25 And now is the time
24:26 when people need to prepare to meet their God.
24:32 God ultimately doesn't want to consume us,
24:34 He wants to consume sin but not us.
24:49 At the end of time,
24:50 there are three warnings given to man
24:51 that immediately proceed the Second Coming of Christ.
24:54 These warnings are given by three angels
24:57 and have become known as the Three Angels' Messages.
25:04 "And to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people
25:07 saying with a loud voice, fear God and give glory to Him,
25:11 for the hour of His judgment is come.
25:14 And worship Him that made heaven, and Earth,
25:16 and the sea, and the fountains of waters."
25:19 Now that can only point back to the flood.
25:25 Saying, Babylon is fallen, it's fallen that...
25:29 Revelation 18 picks up by saying,
25:31 "Come out of her, my people."
25:36 And with a light from these prophecies,
25:38 we are able to identify the system called Babylon.
25:45 In order to go through this period of severe trial,
25:49 God's people have to be sealed.
25:51 How do we avoid the mark of the beast?
25:53 By entering in by faith into the most holy place.
25:57 And that will be the last opportunity
26:01 for man to reconcile with God.
26:07 The very fact that Noah sacrificed the lamb
26:10 that it was a sign of appealing for redemption.
26:16 And even though the Earth was imploding
26:19 during the time of the flood,
26:21 He preserved Noah,
26:23 and He ratified that with a bow of promise.
26:25 God says that he's going to do that
26:26 for God's people in the last days.
26:33 How it must feel not to be on the ark
26:36 in the phase of God's judgment.
26:40 The story of the ark basically parallels
26:44 the Three Angels' Messages.
26:46 It's the message of Noah.
26:47 And it is a message that actually prepares the world
26:49 for the coming of Christ.
26:53 Not the flood this time
26:55 but the fire of destruction is going to be on the wicked.
26:57 So our message is the same thing,
26:59 get into the arc.
27:01 So the same message that we have here
27:04 in the Genesis account must be preached
27:06 at the end of time as well.
27:16 This series has been a major undertaking
27:18 to say the least, and the outcome,
27:20 well, you will have to watch the whole series
27:23 to really know.
27:24 If you'd like to order
27:25 the complete series of Days of Noah,
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27:44 On behalf of all of us at Laymen Ministries,
27:46 I just want to thank you
27:48 for your prayers and support over the years.
27:50 And we hope that you will find the days of Noah
27:52 to be a useful evangelistic tool.
27:54 God bless.


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