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00:35 Hi, I'm Dr. Kim and welcome to Live to be Well.
00:39 When you think about compromising,
00:41 you have to think about,
00:43 "Am I going to go to the left, to the right...
00:46 or stay in the middle. "
00:47 Even God says in His Holy Word,
00:50 "If you cannot make a decision, you can't just go to the left,
00:55 you can't go to the right,
00:56 He will spew you out of His mouth... "
00:58 you have to make a decision.
00:59 So, today we're going to talk about: Refusing to Compromise.
01:02 I have a special guest,
01:04 I've known her since she was a baby
01:07 and she is just now turning 18 recently
01:10 her name is: Ms. Eden Harrison
01:13 and I want to welcome her on: Live to be Well.
01:16 Eden: Thank you.
01:18 Kim: Hello Precious. Eden: Hi
01:19 Kim: I'm so excited. Eden: I'm glad to be here.
01:22 Kim: Oh my goodness,
01:23 I was so excited to get your phone call
01:25 when we were doing that assignment for your class
01:28 and we're going to talk about that a little bit later,
01:30 all right. Eden: Okay, great.
01:31 Kim: Well, let's talk about Eden I love the name, Eden...
01:33 Thank you.
01:35 And your sister's name is, Eve and Eden... I love it, all right
01:39 but Eden, you're a Seventh-day Adventist.
01:41 Yes.
01:42 And you were born in a nuclear family, mom and dad...
01:46 and I've known you all your life,
01:49 even when you were in your mother's womb... at church
01:51 so let's talk about you... your life growing up
01:54 in the Seventh-day Adventist Church...
01:57 a Seventh-day Adventist home
01:59 and yet you went to
02:01 private public school
02:03 and what were some of the challenges you had
02:06 growing up in your formative years... into high school
02:10 and then we'll talk about college.
02:12 Well, the biggest challenge I would say in high school was
02:15 my high school Detroit Country Day
02:17 they were sports based
02:20 so there were a lot of sports that you were required to play
02:23 so part of the biggest feeling I had of feeling left...
02:27 like, the biggest feeling of being left out
02:29 was when I couldn't do things on Saturdays
02:31 because a lot of the... I was good at sports
02:33 but a lot of the big tournaments
02:35 and big Track Meets were on Saturdays
02:38 and the coaches were always...
02:39 they couldn't discriminate based off of religion
02:43 but they would always be like,
02:44 "Oh well, she can't do this so don't even put her in these"
02:46 certain...
02:47 or the certain activities
02:50 that they would do for the people
02:52 who could go to those bigger things
02:54 so, that was the biggest feeling I had of being left out
02:56 that and like, not taking the ACT on Saturdays.
02:59 Okay, did you have any resentment at that point
03:01 being Adventist... that you couldn't participate?
03:04 It was annoying but it was just...
03:06 it was just... that's just what it was.
03:08 Okay, it is what it is... and your parents stood by that.
03:11 Yes.
03:12 And they would not allow... did you ever ask your mom and dad
03:14 "Can I do this... can I do that?"
03:16 No...
03:17 Because you knew that the...
03:19 the foundation of your family... your home, all right.
03:22 Now, let's talk about you
03:24 and where you are in your life right now,
03:27 you are the youngest... and are you spoiled?
03:30 A little... just a little.
03:32 How did you choose to attend Spelman...
03:37 Spelman College in Atlanta... so far from home,
03:41 you know.
03:43 Really... I did not even truly know about Spelman
03:48 until my Senior year.
03:50 I... the school I went to
03:52 really just damaged my thoughts on HBCUs
03:56 because it made me feel like HBCUs weren't good enough.
03:58 Historically Black Colleges... hmmm...
04:00 Yes, Historical Black Colleges and...
04:03 through that, I thought was going to...
04:06 I applied to University of Michigan...
04:07 University of Rochester, New York,
04:09 I wanted to go to all these big schools
04:11 but then my College Counselor was like,
04:12 why don't you think about this school...
04:14 I was like, "Uh... " but then, I didn't really get into UOM
04:17 so I had to look at my back-up options
04:19 and I had applied to Spelman
04:21 and I just said... I just prayed about it for a long time
04:24 and then God was... it just... it just...
04:26 the decision made sense all of a sudden
04:28 so I decided to go there and I have no regrets, I love it.
04:32 Did you apply to Oakwood or Andrews?
04:34 No.
04:35 Okay, why didn't you apply to a Seventh-day Adventist School?
04:37 I don't know,
04:38 it just didn't necessarily feel like the path for me
04:42 I do believe it is the path for anybody
04:44 but I do pray... I just pray a lot about every decision I make
04:47 and the decision just felt like Spelman.
04:49 Kim: Okay. Eden: Yeah.
04:51 Kim: So, how was the adjustment, being at home...
04:53 living at home and now you're there,
04:56 you had a roommate in college?
04:57 Yes.
04:59 All right, and did you know her before going to Spelman?
05:01 No, not at all.
05:02 All right, so, did you all get along well?
05:04 She is one of my best friends.
05:05 Kim: That's wonderful, all right Eden: Yes, I love her.
05:07 Kim: Now, what's your major? Eden: Psychology.
05:09 Kim: All right, so you want to be a Clinical Psychologist,
05:11 School Psychologist... what do you want to do?
05:13 I'm thinking of Clinical Psychology
05:15 but most of all, I like to follow my mother's footsteps
05:18 in her Company
05:19 and take over the Company
05:21 and hopefully work with people in this community
05:23 better the community around us.
05:25 All right, all right,
05:26 so I could look for you coming back home, maybe.
05:28 All right, or she might do a satellite
05:30 in another city, all right.
05:32 Hopefully... yes.
05:33 Hopefully, so, being there and being a Seventh-day Adventist
05:37 all right, what have the challenges been
05:39 being on a college campus
05:41 and have all these things going on
05:43 and more houses right across the way
05:45 all right,
05:46 so, how do you handle that,
05:48 how do you adjust to all of that?
05:49 Ah, well, there are...
05:52 they do a lot of stuff on Saturdays... obviously,
05:55 Saturday is the big day to do everything
05:58 so there are a lot of things I do miss out on
06:00 but I just... take it as...
06:02 well, there's an awful lot of Seventh-day Adventist in Atlanta
06:04 Okay... okay and they do attend Spelman?
06:07 Yes, Spelman, Morehouse and Clark...
06:10 so, we have a group chat where get together sometimes
06:13 we'll go to church... we'll carpool
06:15 or Uber... pool...
06:18 and do stuff like that
06:20 but, really, I just have to think to myself
06:22 "This is the day of rest... "
06:23 and just designate that day to myself
06:25 and remember, I'm not missing out
06:27 because I'm resting, so, it feels good.
06:30 It feels good... doesn't it feel great
06:32 when that Friday evening comes... approaches
06:36 and, I remember hearing Pastor Carlton Byrd say,
06:41 he was... they kept 26 hours...
06:43 an hour before... an hour after...
06:45 and but... it's just great not to do anything just to rest
06:50 I don't even take my mail out of the mailbox
06:51 until maybe Sunday... Eden: Right.
06:53 Because what can I do with it? Eden: Nothing.
06:55 So, why do I even want to open it?
06:57 Let's talk about friendships... relationships... all right.
07:00 What do you think is a good age for a young lady
07:04 or a young man your age to start dating?
07:06 Phew...
07:08 Kim: I'd say 30 okay.
07:10 Eden: I would... I'm not going to disagree,
07:14 I'm not going to...
07:15 if it were me and I were a parent with children,
07:17 I would tell my children to not date...
07:19 if they were like, 16... high school age...
07:21 but I do believe genuinely
07:24 that nobody right now is mature enough,
07:26 I've talked to my parents about this all the time.
07:28 I just deal... just seeing how many people
07:31 just don't know what they're doing
07:33 and are just in relationships to be in relationships,
07:35 I just don't think people are ready.
07:37 So, what do you do when a young...
07:38 you're so pretty... kind...
07:40 Eden: Thank you. Kim: Welcome, yes you are.
07:41 So what do you do when a young man approaches you
07:44 you know he's interested, what do you do?
07:46 If I'm interested, I'll still talk to him
07:48 and maybe we'll like, I don't know... date...
07:52 sure, but
07:53 I know I'm really focused on what I want to get done
07:57 and if you're not trying to...
07:59 if you're not going to further me in that department
08:02 or help me further that goal
08:05 then, I just don't feel like,
08:07 like, I don't feel like it's necessary
08:09 for them to be part of my life.
08:10 Right... going any further with that.
08:12 Because you're interested in going to Grad School...
08:14 Ph. D. all of that... so... Eden: Yes.
08:15 Kim: We're talking about serious focus, all right.
08:18 Now, knowing your parents and how focused they are
08:21 and I got to tell you a little story
08:23 I don't know if you know this story about your dad, all right,
08:26 I say it all the time but I'm going to let you know.
08:28 He was my Sabbath School Teacher.
08:31 Wow!
08:32 And I would rush to church and get in his class
08:37 because his class was really full
08:38 and I wanted to be right there like, okay...
08:41 and to have a teacher that knows the lesson... knows the Bible
08:45 made it fun, all right...
08:47 he gave us candy too, all right,
08:49 but... so, it was just a real connection for me
08:54 to have a Sabbath School Teacher
08:57 who loved the Lord and being a young person
09:00 I mean, here he is, your father was young
09:03 in his 20s... you're teaching Sabbath School,
09:05 you could be doing something else
09:07 but he loved us and he wanted us to stay in the church
09:10 he wanted us to be a part of the church.
09:11 What is keeping you connected?
09:14 Because we're talking about refusing to compromise
09:17 what's keeping you connected... not to just church
09:20 but to your Lord and Savior.
09:21 I think it's just the genuine fact
09:26 that I do really want to have a relationship with the Lord,
09:30 I try... or when you get...
09:32 there's a thing that happens to me...
09:34 sometimes I will get off chat... like, I'll be in school
09:38 and I'll just be doing something...
09:39 all of a sudden, like, I feel tired...
09:40 I'm irritated... I'm mad...
09:42 I'm just like, "Well, this is because I'm not
09:44 doing my studying... praying enough"
09:47 and it's just realizing how my life feels
09:50 without the Lord in it
09:51 makes me realize how much I need the Lord in my life
09:55 and I feel a constant spiritual warfare,
09:57 like, all the time just trying to make decisions,
10:01 is this right... is this wrong?
10:02 But I really just try to tell myself that this is...
10:05 a relationship and I... I'm going to mess up
10:09 but this is someone who forgives me for whatever I do
10:14 so, it's just... I can relax and love Him.
10:17 Do you believe that this is the message
10:20 that God has given his people,
10:21 the Seventh-day Adventist message,
10:22 the Three Angels' message? Eden: Yes.
10:24 Kim: Yes, and He's coming to get us,
10:26 do you believe He's coming again?
10:27 Definitely.
10:28 And the signs that we see today, you know,
10:30 um, so what about music?
10:33 All right, being a Seventh-day Adventist,
10:35 we had all kinds of music,
10:36 when I was growing up we had all kinds of music
10:38 but we didn't have the videos,
10:39 we didn't have all of the things that were pulling us in
10:43 to that... I like what you said, spiritual warfare...
10:46 every day we're in the spiritual warfare
10:48 so, how... what do you listen to,
10:51 do you listen to just gospel,
10:52 do you listen to jazz... what do you listen to?
10:55 I like to listen to R and B like, 2000 R and B.
10:59 Is that a group?
11:01 No, R and B from like from the early 2000s.
11:07 Okay.
11:08 And maybe like a few obscure artistes here and there
11:12 but I don't really like to listen to ruach music...
11:15 it makes me like, cringe.
11:16 Okay, so you don't do Hip Hop?
11:18 No really, I do appreciate people who are talented in Rap
11:21 but it's just not something I'm interested in.
11:23 What about the "Spoken Word"
11:24 I like that when they do that snap, snap, Spoken Word.
11:27 Have you ever seen that live?
11:29 Yes, I like Spoken Word but it gets kind of...
11:31 repetitive... people talk about the same things over and over,
11:35 I do really like poetry, though, but I feel like that's a loss,
11:38 people have been more drawn toward Spoken Word
11:42 and they lose like, literary devices
11:45 and all the cool things that make poetry so nice to read.
11:48 When I was student at Oakwood
11:50 and I remember they were having a guest speaker
11:54 at Alabama A and M
11:56 and they allowed us to go and visit,
11:57 they came over to our campus
11:59 and I was a Co-Op Student there...
12:01 because I was in the Speech Pathology Program
12:02 and they didn't have the Program at Oakwood
12:05 so they worked it out for us to go there
12:06 and their Theology Majors
12:08 or someone could come over to Oakwood
12:10 well, a woman there by the name of Nikki Giovanni was there
12:16 you ever heard of her?
12:17 I've heard the name.
12:18 Yes, black poet...
12:20 and she said something,
12:22 "They can take your money, take your house,
12:26 they can even injure your body
12:28 but once you put it in your mind it's there to stay. "
12:32 Hmmm...
12:34 So, as you're gaining the Word of God,
12:36 like you were saying, you felt... you were irritable
12:38 something was missing, you know,
12:40 and you knew it was the connection to Christ
12:42 and once you put it there... and the Bible even says,
12:45 "If you put it there"
12:46 He says, "I'll bring all things back to your remembrance"
12:48 so when you're sitting in that class,
12:50 before you take that test, I would pray before every test.
12:54 I do, definitely, every test...
12:57 it's become a habit since high school.
12:59 Yes, because already knows the outcome
13:02 so take me with you
13:03 and then, having that time in prayer.
13:06 Now, when you would pray and study
13:08 was your roommate a Christian?
13:10 Yes, she is.
13:11 Okay, so... and you said
13:13 there was a collective body on the campus
13:14 that you would get together with
13:16 and you would have other Seventh-day Adventists
13:17 or other Christians, you know,
13:19 I believe that it's important to have that support,
13:22 you know, how often did you call home?
13:26 I called my mom probably too often,
13:30 I call her all the time, that's my best friend,
13:32 I called my dad too to check in on them
13:35 I just like to talk to them, that makes it...
13:38 it's not necessarily hard to from home
13:40 but that's what it okay to be away from home
13:43 because I can still talk to them but I still have my own freedom.
13:45 You have your own freedom. Eden: Yes.
13:47 Kim: So you're going to return back to Spelman,
13:48 you're going to finish out your years there?
13:50 Eden: Yes. Kim: That's good, that's good
13:51 because you know when you start moving and switching,
13:55 you lose credits... lot of time and it's very expensive.
13:57 Yes.
13:59 Okay, so, when you come home, what is it like?
14:02 I know they're happy to see you, you're happy to see your sister
14:05 and your sister... if I can deviate just for a minute,
14:08 just graduated from Wayne State in Mortuary Science.
14:11 I'm so proud of her.
14:13 I am proud of her also, you know,
14:15 she looks like a Mortician,
14:17 I saw her on Sabbath and I said, "Okay"
14:20 and he said, "Well, what does a Mortician look like?"
14:22 you know, stately, reserved...
14:24 doesn't she have that? Eden: Yes.
14:25 Kim: And... I mean I don't have any fear of the dead
14:28 you know,
14:30 and she... she seems like she's going to do very well
14:32 and she's excited about it.
14:34 Absolutely, I think it is the...
14:35 you say, you don't want to say
14:37 this is the perfect profession for somebody
14:39 but Eve is made for that...
14:41 she handles it well, she's just so...
14:43 I just love her, I don't know,
14:45 I just love her, she's so good in handling the job
14:47 and she has such a passion for it
14:49 I'm just so glad that Eve found something that she loves
14:53 because not everybody does that.
14:54 Oh no, that's not everybody's calling, baby,
14:57 all right, okay, "You handle that,
14:59 all right, I'll call you, can you take care of that?"
15:02 So, what's your relationship like with your sister?
15:05 My sister and I have grown to be close,
15:07 when we were younger we weren't that close
15:10 but that's because we...
15:12 we have a bit of an age gap.
15:13 What's the age gap? Eden: Eight years.
15:15 Kim: Eight years! Okay, so that was like
15:17 Micha and Erin have 18 years...
15:19 so you all have eight years, okay.
15:21 But now we're really close, we laugh too much
15:25 you could ask our parents...
15:27 they'll... don't get us started laughing because it is just...
15:31 I love her.
15:32 So, there's something else about you,
15:35 now, I know mom sings beautifully
15:38 does dad sing?
15:39 Oh oh...
15:41 Dad sings with us, we have our little...
15:44 we'll go to visit my grandpa sometimes,
15:46 we'll all sing to him, listen to some music
15:49 that's all.
15:50 All right, now, dad was phenomenal... art and...
15:53 he was an artist, now, did you have that gift also,
15:56 do you draw and... artistic?
15:58 I do, I do like to paint,
15:59 I really like to paint
16:01 my senior year in high school I was a part of the
16:04 Fine Arts Conservatory
16:06 which is where a few of the Art students are chosen
16:10 and they are assigned to complete
16:14 a whole bunch of pieces according to a subject matter
16:20 that they wanted to do
16:22 and I chose to do "Black Woman"
16:24 because nobody in the school was doing it
16:25 and even though they really didn't get a lot of attention
16:29 from the people who were trying to buy paintings,
16:31 which they did try to buy the paintings
16:32 but I didn't... I also didn't want to sell them
16:34 because they were so valuable
16:35 but I feel like it got a message across to people
16:38 had all these big beautiful paintings of black women
16:41 all across the school,
16:42 it was just something they had never seen before
16:44 it was...
16:46 Now, you took a major risk to do that.
16:47 Eden: Yes. Kim: Definitely.
16:48 Eden: I took a lot of risks at that school, yes.
16:51 Kim: So, do you sing at Spelman? Eden: No.
16:54 Kim: Are in the choir... do they know you can sing?
16:56 Eden: A few people know that I can sing
16:59 and when they do find out,
17:00 they ask me why I didn't do the "Glee Club"
17:04 but the Glee Club has a lot of like, needs...
17:07 they ask for a lot from the students
17:08 so, I just...
17:10 I'm just trying to focus on getting my degree right now.
17:12 Okay, so you enjoy singing with your mom?
17:15 I love singing with her, yes.
17:17 All right, I see something coming... developing...
17:20 let's talk about health,
17:22 I remember sitting down with your mother and father
17:25 and truly were my inspiration years ago
17:29 becoming a vegan now,
17:31 yes, I've been a vegan 15 months.
17:34 And the Lord is so good, I didn't do it for weight loss,
17:38 you know, I've lost a lot of weight
17:40 but I feel better, I'm healthier...
17:41 I sleep better, a lot of things have happened in my life
17:46 but I do know I don't have all that weight
17:50 and your mother was educating us
17:51 and there were times when she would come
17:54 and do programs... people wouldn't listen...
17:56 you know, and it gets frustrating
17:59 so, are you... where are you with your...
18:01 your diet and your health, did you work out...
18:04 exercise.. where are you with that?
18:06 I am vegan...
18:08 Yes! Oh... oh.. Jason Bradley... give me another one...
18:12 For the most part
18:16 because sometimes at school it gets complicated
18:18 but I... I'm very vegan at school actually.
18:20 Okay, what do you eat at school?
18:22 Oh, just whatever I can get because it's hard sit down there
18:26 but a basic meal, I guess... a basic like lunch would be
18:29 a sweet potato, some garbanzo beans...
18:31 I'll ask them to like, sauté them up
18:33 with some spinach and onions,
18:35 right, I try to figure out... some rice...
18:37 I like that...
18:38 Another salad... everybody is like,
18:40 "What are you eating?" You know,
18:41 but it's to me and it gets the job done.
18:42 Kim: Yeah. Eden: Yes.
18:44 Okay and gets the job done.
18:45 And I definitely do workouts, Spelman just got a new gym
18:48 they had it before, I think, I came
18:50 and I'm always in there,
18:52 I just feel like I have to...
18:53 since I had to do all those sports in high school,
18:55 if I don't work out, it just doesn't feel right anymore.
18:58 I didn't know that you played sports... I didn't know that.
19:02 So, did you bowl, roller skate, archery, swim, track...
19:05 what did you do?
19:06 I was a cheerleader and I also ran track.
19:09 I can see that, I can see the track...
19:11 all right, but I never knew that.
19:14 So, all right, now, looking at your whole life
19:18 and the direction of your life,
19:20 you know, do you enjoy, now that you've been in Atlanta,
19:22 I know that you travel... do you enjoy traveling?
19:24 Yes, I do.
19:25 Have you been abroad?
19:27 When I was smaller, but not...
19:30 you know, just like a cruise here and there
19:33 to the Bahamas but I really, really would like
19:36 to go to France because that's my Minor.
19:38 Oh...
19:39 And when I was in high school
19:41 I had a French Exchange Student stay with us
19:43 for like a week or two...
19:45 and just... I was so fascinated,
19:47 I've been taking French since Sixth Grade
19:49 I'm very fascinated by it.
19:50 Really, bonjour... bonjour en Francais
19:53 Oh look at... give me something...
19:56 I'm being a little bit worldwide here,
19:58 you know, a little Spanish,
20:00 a little French, Sign language
20:01 yes, I took French four years in High School.
20:03 Wow!
20:04 Yes and I was able to go... to... I didn't get to France
20:07 I got over to Quebec,
20:08 that's where we went for our Senior Trip
20:10 and then... but I finally made it over to Europe
20:13 many, many years later, you know,
20:16 but it was good to know the language
20:17 and I was able to talk and shop
20:19 and I was able to translate for my husband
20:22 and he said, "You think you're grown"
20:24 I said, "I know I'm grown" all right,
20:25 you children should have taken French, all right,
20:28 and it's such a romantic language
20:31 you know, Spanish is beautiful too
20:33 but there's something about Francais
20:35 yes, "Formidable"
20:38 for those that don't know what that means,
20:39 Fantastic...
20:41 Formidable...
20:42 okay... so... being able to look at your life,
20:47 in the direction...
20:48 is Eden guiding that life or is God guiding that life?
20:52 Definitely God... because I know I could not do it by myself.
20:55 Hmmm...
20:57 And you still ask for your parents input and suggestion...
21:00 you know, now, one day you called me...
21:03 you were in a class, taking a class...
21:06 and you had to interview a Psychologist
21:08 and different things came out of that
21:11 and it was so eye-opening
21:13 for what you were doing at school
21:15 and we talked even before you left for school
21:19 and being able to help, I think, more than anything,
21:24 I was just honored that you sought me out
21:28 and I could help
21:29 and we talked about prayer, remember.
21:31 Yes.
21:32 We talked about your walk with Christ,
21:34 we prayed together.
21:35 Yes we did.
21:36 And you said you got an "A" on that paper...
21:39 you got an "A" on the Class?
21:40 I did... on the project...
21:41 Yes, yes, yeah...
21:43 and so, how many credits did you carry that semester?
21:47 I mean, the whole year, did you do 12, 14, 16?
21:51 I think the First Semester, I did 16 Credits.
21:55 Really? Your Freshman year?
21:56 I think they're counted differently at Spelman.
21:58 Oh Really? Are you on a Quarter System
21:59 or it's Semester?
22:01 I'm... oh, Semester System
22:02 but I'm not... but, because our Credits
22:06 compared to other people I think,
22:07 are like, counted differently. Kim: Oh really?
22:09 Eden: But, yeah, I took 16 in my First Semester
22:12 and I think 17 this Semester, this Semester... I just passed.
22:17 Kim: Okay, all right. Eden: Yes.
22:18 Kim: Are you in Summer School
22:20 or you're just taking it easy this summer?
22:21 Eden: I'm not taking it easy, I'm working for my mother.
22:24 Kim: Okay, you're not taking it easy.
22:26 Right... but no classes.
22:29 Okay, great, so church...
22:32 how do you stay connected
22:36 when you're not compromised with church?
22:39 Because sometimes... because our pastors change,
22:43 our officers change... the genre of music changes
22:48 our young people and it's not just our church
22:52 seems like they're disappearing,
22:53 what do you think is happening
22:55 in the Seventh-day Adventist Church with our young people?
22:58 I think it could be, perhaps...
23:01 I feel like it's a lot of things I mean, number 1 is
23:05 like a sign of the times, obviously,
23:07 but also, just the way the generations are changing
23:12 and the disconnect between the youth and the young people
23:14 and also, sometimes how conservative
23:16 feeling the church can... feel.. I guess
23:19 and a lot of people are turned off to that
23:22 and sometimes people want to hear,
23:25 like, they want to hear loud music
23:28 and want to be able to just feel more free
23:30 in the church service
23:32 yeah, feel the spirit... and sometimes
23:34 I mean, even I felt it in some churches
23:36 where you just feel like,
23:37 these people are trying to hold down
23:38 the good feeling... that you know you should just feel it
23:42 because the Lord is good
23:43 so, you should jump and scream about it.
23:45 Yes, one time we were having church downstairs
23:49 in City temple because our Sanctuary had fallen in
23:52 and they were doing all the repairs
23:54 so we were having church service downstairs
23:56 because we went to another church
23:58 but I think we were transitioning back in
24:00 but anyway, there was this pastor,
24:03 he was preaching and the music was high
24:07 and I could not keep still... I threw off my shoes
24:11 I think they came off... I don't know what happened to them
24:13 and I... and I keep over my shoes...
24:15 and I ran around that church... folk thought I had lost my mind
24:19 and Brother Nolan got a little scared, all right...
24:23 and I said to myself,
24:25 "If the world can kick their shoes off,
24:28 throw off everything
24:30 and run around for football, basketball,
24:33 a secular concert,
24:34 why can't we praise God?"
24:36 Because the Bible says,
24:38 "He inhabits those that praise Him. "
24:39 Yeah.
24:41 And I just don't believe heaven is going to be where...
24:42 Right, I don't... I don't either...
24:45 You don't say something, you don't say, "Amen"
24:47 you don't shout...
24:49 He did say,
24:50 "The praises go up... the blessings come down. "
24:52 He loves the praises, He loves...
24:55 I see God... if I could just picture in my own mind
24:59 oh, that's why... ego... Godly...
25:03 of divinity...
25:04 He says, "Thou shalt not have any other God's before me. "
25:07 He will not share His glory so, I can see,
25:10 "That's right, praise me I woke you up this morning. "
25:13 Yes.
25:15 "Started you on your way I... I am God of Israel...
25:18 I'm the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow... "
25:21 why not praise?
25:23 And I grew up in a church
25:25 where your father was my Sabbath School Teacher
25:27 that... even though it was conservative
25:31 but we were able to praise Him, you know,
25:34 we were able to...
25:36 well, I remember when we first clapped,
25:37 everybody was like... "Oooh, they're clapping"
25:39 and then we started, "Amen"
25:42 and then we started... you know,
25:43 because I remember I went to church with my father
25:46 and he was not a Seventh-day Adventist
25:48 and I came back to my church so, we were singing a hymn
25:52 and I turned to my mother,
25:53 "Oh, why can't we clap and shout and pray?"
25:56 My mama popped me...
25:57 "Girl, if you don't be quiet,
26:00 see, that's why I don't let you go to church with your father,
26:02 okay. "
26:04 But it gave me a different perspective
26:06 of praising my Lord and Savior
26:08 and so, when I'm home,
26:09 Jehovah-jireh... Jehovah-nissi... Jehovah-shalom,
26:13 He is my God... and I want to... I can't keep it to myself,
26:17 you know,
26:18 and I have even seen you cry in church, Eden,
26:21 you know, I've seen you doing Communion
26:25 and it just touched my soul
26:27 because to see a young person have that connection...
26:30 how do we pull back layers, as a future Psychologist...
26:34 how do you see that we need to address the layers
26:38 in families today...
26:40 people don't want to talk about their problems.
26:42 I know, I...
26:44 I don't necessarily know how we can attack that problem
26:48 because I'm dealing with it myself,
26:50 I just know that there are so many things
26:52 that can affect people to feel so many different ways
26:57 and it's hard to pinpoint them
26:59 but something my mom always tells me is,
27:01 "You have to talk about it to process it"
27:03 and I think that's what we have to tell these people
27:05 and there's a lot of times when people are...
27:07 don't even want to hear it but you have to process it
27:12 so you have to talk about it out loud,
27:14 you can't be uncomfortable...
27:15 you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.
27:17 Yes, oh, I like that, say that again.
27:19 We have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, yes.
27:24 I like that, that's a book title.
27:25 Eden: Yes. Kim: I like that.
27:26 Eden: Yeah, that's what I used to tell everybody
27:28 in my old school,
27:29 and I had to always help those race talks
27:31 always have to be uncomfortable
27:32 talks almost... to talk about
27:34 but you have to say it out loud
27:35 if you want to start going towards resolution.
27:38 So, I think that's one of the biggest things
27:41 is just talking about it... processing it...
27:44 and let's see where we can go from there
27:46 once everybody's emotions are out on the table.
27:49 Put it out on the table... we love that domino effect
27:52 everything is going to fall down anyway
27:54 and my mom used to say, "If God knows... who cares
27:56 just... just put it out there. "
27:59 Well, Eden Harrison, I love you.
28:01 Eden: I love you.
28:02 Kim: I'm so proud, thank you sweetie pie
28:03 and I want you to continue to live to be well,
28:06 I look forward to seeing you in the Kingdom.
28:08 Kim: And I want you to look for me.
28:10 God bless you and to you...
28:12 we are going to refuse to compromise...
28:15 we will not compromise
28:16 because we are about the Kingdom of Heaven.
28:19 I'm Dr. Kim and I want to thank you
28:22 for being on Live to be Well.
28:24 God bless.


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