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Participants: Duawne Starling (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), David & Monique Griffin, Donnell Josiah


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone, He is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Hello everyone, and welcome to Magnify Him.
00:20 My name is Duawne Starling.
00:22 And I'm Yvonne Lewis.
00:24 Thank you for tuning in.
00:26 We know that there's a special blessing just for you.
00:29 Yes, that's right.
00:30 We are so honored to be able to take this time
00:33 to introduce you to ministers of music,
00:35 who I believe, the Lord is going to use
00:38 greatly to inspire, uplift and encourage you.
00:43 So don't go away, join us
00:45 as we lift up the name of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.
00:49 As you listen to these ministers of music,
00:52 think about the lyrics to these songs, and praise Him.
00:56 Magnify the Lord with me
00:59 Magnify Him
01:04 I'm sitting here today with Donnell Josiah.
01:07 Welcome, Donnell, to Magnify Him.
01:09 Thank you very much. Thanks for having me.
01:10 It's so great to have you here.
01:11 It's an honor.
01:12 I am also holding his CD and I'm so excited
01:18 because one of the benefits of my job is that
01:21 I get free CDs from the artists,
01:23 I can't wait to hear it.
01:25 First of all, tell us, give us your website,
01:27 so that others can know about--
01:29, that's
01:37 Thank you so much. You're welcome.
01:38 So what went in to doing this first project?
01:43 Tell me about this project?
01:44 This project started over 7 years ago,
01:47 where I began going through different reflective moments.
01:50 It is my third project and in 2001,
01:55 I had embattled this process to begin
01:57 thinking and chatting on how this project
01:59 is going to come to life.
02:00 So you've been at it for a while. So I've been, yeah.
02:01 But I got distracted with school,
02:03 I got distracted with work, but I had to finish it,
02:06 because this is my first piano solo project.
02:10 So I'm really excited about it.
02:12 Tell us about the songs
02:13 that you're going to play for us today.
02:14 The first song I'm going to play for you
02:15 is a song titled "New Birth."
02:18 New Birth actually began by the title irregular
02:21 because of the syncopations and punctuations in the song.
02:23 Ah, now did you-- you wrote it as well?
02:26 I wrote the song, I composed the song.
02:27 I did all the orchestrations on the song.
02:29 But after my first boy, Dillard Josiah was born,
02:32 I decided to name the song "New Birth"
02:35 and that's since been the name after the CD has been released.
02:37 Nice, nice.
02:38 And the second song that you're going to do?
02:39 The second song I'm going to do is a song
02:41 actually written by Donnie McClurkin.
02:43 Oh, I love Donnie McClurkin.
02:44 The song titled, "All we ask" is a wonderful prayer.
02:47 What I did, I put a spin on it
02:49 and I told him, when I met him in October,
02:51 that I'm going to give you
02:52 the interpretation of God's answer to your prayer.
02:55 My! All we ask.
02:56 Oh, I can't wait to hear it.
02:58 I can't wait, this is really exciting.
03:01 When did you start playing piano?
03:02 I started at a very delicate age of three.
03:05 And since then, I've never missed a note.
03:09 I'm sure, I'm sure.
03:11 It's such a blessing to be able to use our gifts for the Lord.
03:15 The Lord calls us to use these gifts and talents for Him.
03:20 Listen to Donnell Josiah, right now.
10:01 And this next song is one of my favorites
10:03 written by Donnie McClurkin, "All we ask."
14:19 Magnify the Lord with me
14:22 Magnify Him.
14:28 We are so blessed to have the Griffiths here today,
14:31 David and Monique Griffith, so nice to have you.
14:35 Welcome to Magnify Him.
14:36 Thank you for having us.
14:37 Oh, you are so welcome, welcome.
14:40 Tell our viewers, how did you get into music ministry?
14:44 Monique?
14:46 Well, I first started music ministry
14:48 when I was a little girl.
14:50 I sang with my parents once my elder sister moved out.
14:55 You sound like you were little happy when she moved out.
14:58 Well, you know it-- I was on the side.
15:00 We're 12 years apart.
15:01 Oh, wow.
15:03 And so I started when I was maybe seven years old
15:07 when I started singing with my parents in an adult group.
15:12 And so that's where my music ministry began.
15:15 My, that's wonderful starting as a little girl.
15:18 Yes.
15:19 That's awesome.
15:21 I started a little bit older. Okay.
15:23 I was in high school at Takoma Academy in Maryland.
15:26 And Bruce Freeman was an English teacher there
15:30 and he had this youth group called the Light Company.
15:32 And he asked me to be a part of it
15:34 and we tried to figure out interesting ways
15:36 to use music and drama,
15:38 the arts to present Christ
15:40 to other young people to get them engaged.
15:42 Oh, I love it.
15:43 So he mentored me
15:44 and we learned about some all group fellowship.
15:46 And we wrote a musical of all things
15:48 and I didn't know I could write music at the time.
15:51 But we wrote a musical and it was just all written by kids,
15:55 all music done by kids.
15:56 And then we toured to different schools and it was--
16:00 it was just really moving I thought at that time,
16:02 if I could do this for the rest of my life.
16:04 Yes. That would be wonderful.
16:06 Yes, yes, it's so amazing when God gives you a gift
16:10 and as a child or young person,
16:13 you began to really focus on Him and use your gifts for Him.
16:17 To me, I mean there is no greater present than that
16:22 to us to just be able to use our gifts for Him.
16:25 And you play the piano and sing.
16:28 It's fun. It's fun.
16:31 That's just to me I mean,
16:33 I can't really play the piano so forget about it
16:35 but you, can you play?
16:36 A little bit.
16:37 Okay, okay. Just a little bit.
16:38 Yeah, it seems as though it would be so difficult
16:40 to coordinate everything,
16:42 you know singing and playing and...
16:44 so that's the double gift.
16:47 Well, it was fun when I was a little kid.
16:49 I asked my brother,
16:51 we had one of these song books, the folk hymn note
16:53 and I said what are these little chord things?
16:57 And he'd go, okay, let me show you,
16:59 and so he showed me how to play the chords.
17:01 And so instead of reading all the notes,
17:03 I would play the chords and I would sing the melody.
17:05 Wow.
17:06 So it made it easier as I got older.
17:08 Yes.
17:09 To like coordinate.
17:10 Yes, yes, speaking of song books, you know,
17:13 you had mentioned earlier to me
17:15 that you've written a song book.
17:17 Tell us about that?
17:19 A few years ago, maybe 5 years ago,
17:22 I really started studying more about the names of God.
17:25 I want to know more about who God was.
17:27 We were talking with her son about this
17:29 a little earlier today
17:31 and so I learned about God as Jehovah-Jireh,
17:33 the one who provides for us.
17:34 Yes.
17:35 To hold the Nissi, our banner of victory
17:38 and I learned about this word called Adonai.
17:41 Adonai, I mean, what is this?
17:43 And I think maybe grandma might have used it
17:44 or something way back, way back.
17:47 But I started to study
17:50 the names of God and as I explored this,
17:54 I started to learn more about who God was
17:57 and then it inspired songs.
17:59 And so...
18:01 eventually we got a bunch of songs
18:03 and we had the group that we formed
18:05 called the Praise and Worship Experience,
18:07 and then we just started ministering them.
18:09 And what I found is for couple of years
18:10 the ministry was more so just for us,
18:13 when we would have rehearsals.
18:15 People would be crying just--
18:17 Just felt that the spirit has touched
18:18 and sensing God's realness
18:21 and then recently I had--
18:24 I was blessed lost and found a production company,
18:28 said, hey, we want to help you
18:29 put out the songs that God has given you.
18:32 Wow, so you took all of those songs
18:34 and put them into a song book that could bless others.
18:39 We were excited because what will happen is--
18:41 since we had such an experience together
18:43 and we wanted to be able to share it,
18:45 by scoring it we realized other people could,
18:48 could afresh experience that.
18:50 Yes, just tell us a little bit more, Monique,
18:52 about that experience that Praise and Worship Experience?
18:55 You know, because there were so many songs
18:58 that impact so many people
19:00 and it impacted me a lot.
19:02 It was so hard to choose
19:03 which ones should actually go into this book.
19:06 Yes, you know, when you think about how good God is
19:10 and how He gives gifts
19:12 and anointing to His ministers of music,
19:16 we kept, we're gonna be blessed today with the Griffiths.
19:25 Our Father
19:35 Which art in heaven
19:43 Hallowed
19:48 Be
19:54 Thy name
20:02 Thy kingdom come
20:10 Thy will be done
20:18 On earth
20:23 As it is
20:26 In heaven
20:50 Give us this day
20:56 Our daily bread
21:02 And forgive us our debts
21:08 As we forgive our debtors
21:21 And lead us not into temptation
21:28 But deliver us from evil
21:38 For thine is the kingdom
21:47 And the power
21:50 And the glory
21:58 Forever
22:04 And ever
22:11 Forever
22:21 Amen Amen
22:46 I'm really looking forward to the day,
22:49 when we won't have to worry about bills and taxes
22:52 and losing loved ones and friends from illness.
22:56 When we won't have to worry about fighting in wars
23:00 and rumors of wars,
23:02 earthquakes and when we really be able to be at peace,
23:07 would be able to be with Jesus,
23:09 would be able to be reunited with grandma and grandpa.
23:15 Yeah, in the valley there will be peace for you and for me.
23:34 Lord, I'm tired
23:39 And so weary
23:44 But I must travel on
23:49 Till the Lord comes
23:53 And calls me away,
23:59 Oh yes
24:01 Well, the morning
24:05 It is so bright
24:08 And the Lamb is the light
24:15 And the night,
24:19 It is as fair as the day,
24:24 Oh yes
24:26 There will be peace
24:30 In the valley for me,
24:36 Oh, someday
24:39 There will be peace
24:42 In the valley for me
24:49 Well, there'll be no sadness
24:55 No sorrow, no trouble
25:00 That I can see
25:07 'Cause there will be peace
25:12 In the valley for me
25:19 O Lord I pray
25:24 Well, the bear will be gentle
25:29 And the wolf will be tame
25:36 And the lion shall lay right down
25:40 Right by the lamb
25:48 And the beasts
25:51 Of the wild
25:54 Will be led by a child
26:00 And I'll be changed, changed from this creature
26:05 That I am, oh yes
26:11 There will be peace
26:15 In the valley for me, someday
26:24 There will be peace
26:27 In the valley for me
26:36 There'll be no sadness
26:40 No sorrow,
26:43 No trouble I see
26:54 There will be peace
27:03 In the valley
27:14 For me
27:40 Duawne, that was a true blessing.
27:42 Yes. Wasn't it?
27:44 Yes, it was.
27:45 It is such an honor to be able to share
27:47 the talent of these ministers of music with the world.
27:50 Yes, it really is, I pray that you've been blessed.
27:53 Thank you for tuning in.
27:54 God bless you.


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