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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Duawne Starling (Host), Bobbie Clavon, Breath of Life Quartet


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him.
00:17 Hello and welcome to Magnify Him.
00:19 My name is Duawne Starling.
00:21 And my name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:22 Thank you so much for tuning in.
00:24 We know that you're going to receive a great blessing.
00:27 Yes.
00:29 Indeed there will be a blessing in store for you today.
00:31 And we're going to meet some
00:32 talented individuals in our program.
00:35 And I know that you will be blessed
00:37 and inspired and encouraged by their ministries.
00:40 So don't go away.
00:42 Join us as we lift up the name of Jesus.
00:45 He is so worthy to be praised.
00:48 Come,
00:49 come and let us magnify the Lord.
00:51 Magnify the Lord with us
00:54 and let us exalt His name together.
00:57 Magnify the Lord with me
01:00 Magnify Him.
01:05 Hi and praise the Lord.
01:07 I'm sitting here with Bobbie Clavon.
01:09 Bobbie Clavon, welcome.
01:10 Welcome to Magnify Him.
01:12 Thank you for the invitation
01:13 to come here was truly a blessing.
01:15 It's so good to have you here.
01:16 Thank you very much.
01:18 So I did get to hear you
01:20 and we did get to talk very briefly
01:22 right before the interview.
01:23 And what I wanted to pointed was,
01:25 I thought this was very interesting.
01:27 You said to me that you were sort of an ordinary person.
01:30 Absolutely.
01:31 And that God has called you to...
01:34 small churches and small venues and places like that.
01:38 Can you elaborate a little? Oh, yes.
01:40 Actually I come from--
01:42 actually very two very large churches.
01:44 The first one being City Temple in Detroit
01:46 which is where I'm originally from.
01:48 Wonderful.
01:49 And when I left Detroit in 1983,
01:51 I went to Dallas, Texas,
01:53 and then I went about another city temple.
01:55 So I'm going from one City Temple to the other.
01:57 Right.
01:58 Fortunately,
02:00 City temple is a very blessed church,
02:02 both of them in that respect,
02:04 especially as far as music is concerned,
02:06 they have so-- they have abundance of talent.
02:09 However,
02:10 I noticed that in the exterior portions of the city
02:14 and then the surrounding areas
02:16 that there's a lack of music
02:19 in those areas.
02:20 And you know, just one day I was just at home
02:23 and I think actually it was one Sabbath
02:24 I was just sitting on the backyard,
02:26 I'm having my Sabbath afternoon meal.
02:29 And I don't know if you call it epiphany,
02:31 I'm not quite sure what you call it.
02:33 But God just said, you know,
02:34 what are you doing sitting in the City Temple every week?
02:36 And I enjoy City Temple. Yeah.
02:38 So I didn't have a problem with that.
02:40 I mean, I do sing a lot in City Temple,
02:42 don't get me wrong.
02:43 However just this voice came out of me and said,
02:46 that is not what I have you for.
02:48 Wow.
02:50 I would say about the next week or two.
02:52 I got on the phone, it was,
02:53 ironically most of the ministers in that area
02:55 kind of know or they kind of know me.
02:57 And I said, "You know what?
02:58 I'm available to sing."
03:00 And they said, "You are?"
03:01 I said, "Yes, I am."
03:02 I'm available.
03:04 Just like anything, we have to make ourselves
03:05 available for the Lord.
03:07 And ever since then--
03:09 Actually, I maybe at City Temple once,
03:11 maybe twice in a month on a good month.
03:14 And so I spend it at churches, at smaller churches
03:17 like I said where they don't have music.
03:19 And that's where I minister.
03:21 I go with, actually a couple of lay people.
03:24 When they go to different places,
03:25 I travel with them as well.
03:27 And so that's what I've been doing.
03:29 And it's really been a blessing.
03:30 You know, I'm glad that you said the word available
03:33 because sometimes people feel
03:34 like they have to have special gifts
03:37 and extraordinary talent,
03:39 and you know, have this and have that.
03:41 When really God all...
03:42 All He really wants from us is to be available.
03:45 Absolutely.
03:46 Yes, I consider this a gift from God and not talent
03:50 and I give this much of it back to the Lord
03:51 as I possibly can.
03:53 Praise God for that.
03:55 And you know I'm so glad
03:57 that we have the ministry
04:00 of my sister Bobbie Clavon.
04:03 And I praise God for her
04:05 and I know that you will enjoy the gift,
04:07 you enjoy the ministry.
04:23 You'll never find her story
04:27 In a fairy tale
04:31 She wasn't like
04:34 The other women at the well
04:38 Her life was full of pain Hurt, rejections
04:43 Her loneliness
04:44 She didn't wanted to show
04:48 But Jesus saw the desert
04:51 In her soul
04:57 Drink from this water
05:02 Drink from this water
05:05 Then you will never
05:08 You'll never thirst again
05:14 Drink from this water
05:19 Drink from this water
05:22 Then you will never
05:25 You'll never thirst
05:28 Again
05:36 We all search for something
05:40 To fill us up inside
05:44 But it's only an illusion
05:48 You know A true Love's hard to find
05:53 And I'm here to tell you There's one place
05:57 Your thirst is quenched Forever more
06:01 You will never leave here Disappointed
06:06 You will find What you are longing for
06:11 Drink from this water
06:16 Drink from this water
06:19 Then you will never
06:22 You'll never thirst
06:24 Again
06:28 Drink from this water
06:33 Drink from this water
06:36 Then you will never
06:39 You'll never thirst
06:42 Again
06:45 Oh I know That Jesus will meet you
06:50 At the place of every need
06:54 And only He can make The wounded whole
06:59 Make the blind man see
07:03 Drink from this water
07:08 Drink from this water
07:11 Then you will never
07:14 You'll never thirst
07:17 Again
07:21 Drink from this water
07:26 Drink from the living water
07:29 Then you will never,
07:32 You'll never thirst
07:35 Again
07:38 If you drink from this water
07:43 Drink from the living water
07:46 Then you will never
07:49 You'll never thirst
07:52 Again
07:56 If you drink from this water
08:01 Drink from the living water
08:04 Then you will never
08:07 You'll never thirst
08:10 Again
08:19 You'll never thirst
08:23 Again
08:36 I chose this song
08:38 because of all the hills,
08:40 valleys
08:42 and yes, mountains
08:43 the God has brought me through in my life.
08:46 And I just know that if He can do that for me,
08:48 then He will certainly do that for you.
08:58 I've got so much to
09:03 Thank God for
09:09 So many wonderful blessings
09:15 And so many
09:17 Opened the doors
09:22 A brand new mercy
09:28 Along
09:31 With each new day
09:38 That's why I praise You
09:44 And for this
09:48 I give you
09:54 Praise
10:07 For waking me up this morning
10:11 And starting me on my way
10:16 And letting me See the sunshine
10:21 Of this brand new day
10:26 Oh, that's why I praise You
10:30 Along for each new day
10:35 Oh, Lord That's why I praise You
10:39 And for this
10:41 I give You
10:44 Praise
10:49 You're Jehovah Jireh
10:52 You've been my provider
10:58 So many times You rescued me
11:02 So many times
11:04 You've been there for me
11:07 Oh, that's why I praise You
11:11 Along for each new day
11:16 Oh, Lord That's why I praise You
11:20 And for this
11:22 I give You
11:25 Praise
11:52 For all the trial
11:58 Lord that You send me through
12:03 I can sing hallelujah
12:08 And for this, Lord
12:12 I give You
12:16 Praise
12:23 Yes for each and every mountain
12:28 All that You brought me over
12:33 And all the trial
12:37 Lord it is difficult
12:42 And I got to see,
12:45 I got to see
12:47 unto this Lord
12:49 I give You all
12:54 the praise
13:01 Yes for each And every mountain
13:06 All that You brought me Over and over
13:10 And all the trial
13:15 Lord it is difficult
13:20 Yes, I got to see,
13:22 I got to see
13:24 Unto this Lord
13:27 I give You all
13:31 The praise
13:38 Yes for each And every mountain
13:43 All that You brought me Over and over
13:48 And all the trial
13:53 Lord it is difficult
13:58 Yes, I got to see,
14:00 I got to see
14:02 And for this Lord
14:04 I give You all
14:09 The praise.
14:18 Magnify the Lord with me
14:21 Magnify Him.
14:27 I'm here with breath of life quartet plus one.
14:32 Welcome, welcome to Magnify Him.
14:34 Let's go around
14:36 and tell me who you're and where you're from?
14:38 My name is Lauren Murrain,
14:39 I'm from Nashville, Tennessee.
14:41 Ronald Woodford
14:42 from the Washington Metropolitan area.
14:45 Dwayne Hamilton from Nashville.
14:47 I am Adrian Wesley Junior
14:49 and I'm living in Colombia, Maryland right now.
14:51 I'm Desmond Peter Louise,
14:53 I'm from Marlboro, Maryland.
14:54 Well,
14:56 this is so great to have you here
14:57 and one of the things I noticed is that,
15:00 I know, when I was listening to you guys
15:02 during your sound check,
15:04 I was having worship over here.
15:07 Tell me how you got together?
15:09 How did you become
15:10 the "Breath of Life Quartet" plus one?
15:14 Well, the group originally started,
15:16 the original group started in 1972,
15:19 Walter Arties started the group.
15:20 This version of the group really
15:22 the Ron, myself and AT
15:25 have been in the group for 20ish years,
15:28 I guess 80 maybe, almost 30,
15:32 but he still looks good.
15:34 He still looks good. He still looks good.
15:35 But this actual configuration really has been
15:38 together for about three years now.
15:40 2008 is when we added
15:43 Desmond and Dwayne to our group.
15:46 Awesome.
15:47 Do you find it challenging
15:49 to be in different parts of the country?
15:51 Very much so.
15:52 How do you rehearse? How do you get together?
15:54 We get together,
15:56 we try to get together at least once every...
15:58 month or so.
16:00 We'll fly to the members up
16:03 and we'll close ourselves in
16:06 for a whole weekend literally
16:08 and go at it.
16:10 And so you rehearse like four or five songs a day
16:14 or how many will you just do in one session?
16:16 Ronald is a task master.
16:19 Tyrant. Is he?
16:21 You see it all comes out,
16:22 it all comes out.
16:24 Tell me what is your vision for your ministry?
16:29 Preach the gospel to all the world.
16:31 We're supposed to do that anyway
16:33 and so we consider it a privilege and honor
16:35 and a blessing to be able to be a part of that
16:37 because we wanted to see Jesus come.
16:39 Yes, yes, amen.
16:40 You know there's so many people
16:42 over the years that have expressed
16:43 how they have been blessed by the ministry
16:46 and it has helped them,
16:48 both those who know Christ
16:50 in addition to the ones who don't know Christ.
16:52 So it's important
16:54 for those who are already in the truth
16:56 to be fortified as well as those who don't know Christ.
16:59 We can draw them to Him.
17:00 And music
17:02 is such an amazing way to do that, isn't it?
17:03 You know it reaches everybody
17:06 and that's the goal, that's the goal of music.
17:09 Now all of you--
17:11 This is not your fulltime job.
17:14 Let's go around and find out what you do
17:16 when you're not singing with Brother Lauren.
17:19 Well, I'm an entertain attorney and also a professor.
17:22 And you know what, Lauren,
17:24 years ago you negotiated my CD deal.
17:27 That's right. With Integrity Music.
17:28 What a blessing.
17:30 I am a behavioral health counselor
17:33 Wonderful.
17:35 Freelance voiceover artist here.
17:37 All right. I can tell that.
17:41 I'm working in music production.
17:43 I'm music producer and arranger and composer.
17:47 And would you just tell us briefly some of the artists
17:50 that you've worked with in some projects?
17:52 Oh, over the years...
17:54 Well, I worked with some of the...
17:56 outstanding Adventist artists
17:59 like Walter Arties, Wintley Phipps.
18:03 I worked with also...
18:05 Myrna Mathews Haynes,
18:07 done some work with Ralph Carmichael,
18:09 those are old names.
18:11 There's some new ones too like the BLQ.
18:13 All right. All right.
18:15 All right. Wonderful.
18:16 I've seen your name for years and you do outstanding work.
18:19 Thank you, thank you.
18:20 And I'm in education service specialist for the government.
18:23 Well, that's incredible.
18:25 Now is it difficult to...
18:28 Do you all have families?
18:30 Yes.
18:32 Are your families, do they tend to be supportive
18:34 or is it challenging for you
18:36 to be a part of "Breath of Life"
18:38 and have a regular job and have a family?
18:41 How does that... How are you able to do all that?
18:44 I think for me it's all of the above.
18:46 They are supportive, but it is still challenging.
18:48 Because everyday that you spend away from home,
18:50 is, you know,
18:52 you're missing out on that opportunity
18:53 to pour into your own family.
18:57 I'm sure that it's really challenging
19:00 and super important to have your family behind you
19:02 because this is ministry.
19:05 Ministry, music ministry
19:07 reaches the heart of those who listen.
19:11 Listen to "Breath of Life" right now.
19:21 I want to be born again
19:24 I want to be born again
19:27 Tell me, tell me
19:28 Tell me, tell me
19:31 Tell me, tell me now
19:33 What must I do To be saved?
19:39 How can I gain
19:41 Eternal life?
19:44 What must I do To be saved?
19:50 How can I meet You In paradise?
19:55 What must I do To be saved?
20:01 How can I gain
20:04 Eternal life?
20:07 What must I do To be saved?
20:12 How can I meet You In paradise?
20:17 There was a man In the Bible days
20:21 Bible days
20:23 Nicodemus That was his name
20:26 That was his name, yeah
20:29 Although He was a Pharisee
20:31 He was a Pharisee
20:34 He made his way To Jesus teach
20:37 Teach me my style
20:39 He really wanted To know the truth
20:43 I want to know I want to know
20:45 How could an old heart Become like new?
20:48 Want to be like new
20:51 He was confused When the teacher said
20:55 When the teacher said
20:56 To be saved You must be born again
21:00 That's what He said That why he said,
21:02 What must I do To be saved?
21:08 How can I gain
21:10 Eternal life?
21:14 What must I do to be saved?
21:19 How can I meet You In paradise?
21:25 What must I do to be saved?
21:30 How can I gain
21:33 Eternal life?
21:36 What must I do to be saved?
21:41 How can I meet You In paradise?
21:47 So you say I must be born again.
21:50 Born again
21:52 I confess I do not understand
21:55 I do not know, man
21:58 I am fully grown a man I am
22:01 I am a man, yeah
22:03 So how could a sheep Become a lamb
22:07 Become a lamb
22:09 He understood When the teacher said
22:12 What did the teacher Say now?
22:14 Born of the spirits And baptized and led
22:18 Born of the spirit, yeah
22:20 By the will of God And not your own
22:24 God will and not your own
22:26 That's the only way to see God's grown
22:30 And that's why He said
22:33 What must I do?
22:35 What must I do?
22:37 To be saved
22:39 Please tell me Tell me now
22:53 I wanna be born again
22:56 He said I wanna be born again
22:58 Tell me, tell me
23:00 I want to see you In your kingdom
23:04 I wanna be born again
23:07 He said I wanna be born again
23:10 Tell me
23:12 Now that I know
23:13 Now that I know
23:15 Oh, oh, oh
23:16 What must I do To be saved?
23:22 How can I gain
23:24 Eternal life?
23:27 What must I do To be saved?
23:33 How can I meet You In paradise?
23:39 What must I do To be saved?
23:44 How can I gain
23:47 Eternal life?
23:50 What must I do To be saved?
23:55 How can I meet You in paradise?
24:01 What must I do To be saved?
24:06 We know we're not saved by our own power,
24:09 but by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.
24:13 There's power
24:14 in the name of Jesus.
24:27 There's power in the name
24:32 Of Jesus
24:36 There's power in the name
24:41 Of Jesus
24:46 Whenever we say His name
24:52 things begin to change
24:57 Power in the name of
25:01 The Lord
25:06 There's power in the name
25:11 Of Jesus
25:16 There's power in the name
25:21 Of Jesus
25:26 Whenever we say His name
25:31 Things begin to change
25:36 Power in the name of
25:40 The Lord
25:45 There's healing in the name
25:50 Of Jesus
25:55 There's healing in the name
26:00 Of Jesus
26:05 Whenever we say His name
26:10 Things begin to change
26:15 Healing in the name of
26:20 The Lord
26:25 Deliverance in the name
26:30 Of Jesus
26:34 Deliverance in the name
26:39 Of Jesus
26:44 Whenever we say His name
26:49 Things begin to change
26:53 Deliverance in the name of
26:58 The Lord
27:03 Healing in the name of
27:07 The Lord
27:14 Power in the name of
27:20 The Lord.
27:36 Magnify Him.
27:42 Duawne, I receive
27:43 such a blessing from this program.
27:46 Yes, yes, so did I.
27:48 I'm so grateful that we have
27:49 such a great talent to share with you.
27:51 Thanks for turning in
27:53 and we'll see you next time.
27:54 God bless.


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