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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Duawne Starling (Host), Donnell and Denise Josiah, James Bowman


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Hello, everyone and welcome to Magnify Him.
00:20 My name is Duawne Starling.
00:22 And I'm Yuonne Lewis
00:23 and we are so excited about Magnify Him.
00:26 We're excited to bring you wonderful music
00:29 and wonderful ministry.
00:31 We have lined up artists
00:32 who are not just recording artists,
00:34 they are ministers.
00:36 They will come now and they will talk about their music,
00:37 they'll talk about their ministry,
00:39 they'll talk about just life experiences.
00:42 And that's so important because we want the viewers
00:44 to be able to connect with the artists,
00:46 to understand their heart and their passion
00:49 and to know what's behind their ministry.
00:52 So Magnify Him really offers an opportunity
00:55 for our artists to connect with you
00:57 and for you to just see what their hearts are
01:00 and where their hearts are in terms of the ministry.
01:02 And keeping in mind, God wants the ministers.
01:06 He can do far more with the ministry
01:07 than he can with the performer.
01:09 Yes, yes, so, sit back,
01:12 kick back and enjoy, Magnify Him.
01:16 Magnify the Lord with me
01:19 Magnify Him
01:25 I'm here with the Josiahs, Donnell and Denise.
01:28 So wonderful to have you here, welcome to Magnify Him.
01:33 Tell me about,
01:34 first of all I want to know how guys hooked up.
01:38 Well, it was in college.
01:41 We were starting our graduate studies
01:42 and we met actually early on in the summer at a wedding.
01:45 Oh, nice.
01:46 And it is that wedding,
01:47 two years later turn into our wedding.
01:49 Oh, how nice.
01:51 We were just been singing music ever since.
01:53 That is wonderful.
01:54 That's such a great thing that your music
01:57 compliments each other because Donnell,
01:59 you are an outstanding keyboardist
02:01 and you're an outstanding singer.
02:03 It's a great thing to come together.
02:05 What are you working on now, Denise?
02:07 I'm actually working on a debut album,
02:09 a long waited debut album and I'm excited.
02:12 We have a lot of material written
02:14 and it's just a matter of laying the tracks down
02:16 and just allowing God to use me
02:18 and allow people to ministered on to in song.
02:21 I'm excited.
02:23 Oh, that's a blessing. Are you playing on it Donnell?
02:25 Yes, I actually lot of producing on there.
02:27 We do own a studio so we are praying
02:30 about God wants us take with this next record.
02:33 Praise the Lord.
02:34 I'm hearing a little accent here.
02:36 Yeah, I'm actually from Antigua-
02:38 At St. Martin.
02:39 Okay, that's awesome. That sounds great.
02:42 Do you have children? Yes, we do.
02:44 Two wonderful little men,
02:46 Daryl is six and Darwin is three.
02:49 That's incredible. Yes.
02:50 How is being in a music ministry
02:52 challenging to your relationship.
02:56 One of the things that we have enjoyed together
02:58 is that we have collaborated on all of music assignments
03:01 and that allows us to work together
03:03 and be there's never sense of separation
03:05 when we minister and that what we're so thankful for.
03:08 That is a blessing. Amen.
03:10 We are going to blessed today with the music ministry
03:13 of Donnell and Denise Josiah.
03:16 They truly seek to be used by God,
03:19 to minister to His people,
03:21 to minister in music and to magnify Him.
03:41 There is a name
03:45 that is so precious.
03:50 A name so wonderful to me
03:58 This name is worthy
04:02 of all praises
04:06 Because of him, I am made free
04:13 That name is Jesus,
04:18 oh how I love him
04:22 The one who gave His life for me
04:30 Because of love,
04:34 so unconditional
04:38 I will have life,
04:42 ...eternally
04:51 I thank you, God
04:58 This name speaks peace, unto my storm clouds
05:06 This name speaks calm, unto me fears
05:13 And when I feel
05:17 that no one ever loves me
05:21 God's loving presence is so near
05:28 That name is Jesus, oh how I love him
05:36 The one who gave His life for me.
05:43 Because of love, so unconditional
05:51 I do have life,
05:54 ...eternally
05:59 Praise that name
06:06 Praise that name
06:13 Praise that name
06:20 Praise that name
06:29 Someday I'll leave this earthly dwelling
06:37 Through time and space, my soul will soar
06:44 And finally see the face of Jesus
06:51 And praise that wonderful name, forevermore
06:59 'Cause that name is Jesus, oh how I love him
07:06 The one who gave his life for me,
07:13 for me, for you and for me
07:19 Because of love
07:24 so unconditional
07:29 I do have life eternally
07:37 Oh praise that precious name
07:44 Oh, glorious is that name
07:50 Oh, wonderful counselor He is that name
07:58 So let us praise...
08:05 ...that name.
08:12 That name.
08:24 I can't wait to see Jesus for myself.
08:27 How about you?
08:46 I dreamed of a city...
08:53 ...called Glory
08:59 So bright...
09:03 ...and so fair
09:10 And as I entered the gates
09:15 of that city
09:21 The angels all
09:26 met me there
09:33 They carried me
09:37 from mansion...
09:40 mansions
09:45 And oh, the sights,
09:50 those precious I saw
09:56 Then I said,
10:00 I want to see Jesus
10:08 The One who...
10:12 ...died for all
10:20 Then I bowed on my knees and cried
10:28 Holy,
10:31 yes I cried Holy
10:36 I cried Holy
10:41 I clapped, I clapped my hands
10:46 and then sang, Glory
10:51 I sang Glory
10:54 to the Son of God
11:00 Yes, I sang Glory
11:03 to the Son of God
11:11 Then as I entered the gates
11:16 down through that city
11:21 All my loved ones,
11:25 they all knew me so well
11:31 And this is what they did
11:33 They took me
11:35 down the streets of Heaven
11:43 And all of the scenes,
11:46 they were too many to tell
11:52 Then I saw...
11:57 ...Abraham
12:01 I saw Jacob
12:04 and Isaac
12:09 I talked with Mark
12:13 and I spoke to Timothy
12:20 Then I took Timothy by the hand and I said, Timothy
12:26 I want to see
12:31 my Jesus
12:35 For He's the One
12:38 The One who died for me
12:45 Then I bowed on my knees
12:50 and cried, Holy
12:54 Holy, yes I cried Holy
13:00 I said Holy
13:05 I clapped.
13:08 I clapped my hands and sang, Glory
13:14 Oh, I sang Glory
13:18 Oh, yes, halleluiah, I sang Glory
13:23 Oh, yes, I clapped,
13:27 I clapped my hands and sang, Glory
13:34 I sang, Glory to
13:38 the Son of God
13:44 Yes, I sang,
13:46 Glory to the Son of God
13:53 Yes, I sang,
13:55 Glory to...
13:59 ...the Son of God
14:10 Amen.
14:19 Magnify the Lord with me
14:22 Magnify Him
14:28 I am sitting here with James Bowman.
14:31 He's a mighty man of God, a mighty man of valor.
14:35 I'm so excited to be here with you,
14:37 man, so excited.
14:38 Glad to be here.
14:39 One of the things that I like about you
14:41 is that you don't compromise for you know,
14:45 for the sake of masculinity.
14:47 You are guy. Yes, Sir.
14:49 You are a man,
14:50 you love God and you're not embarrassed
14:52 or ashamed to say that.
14:54 Not at all, my brother,
14:55 it's uh, the men have to stand up.
14:56 God calls us to be priests in our home.
14:58 Yeah.
14:59 So tell me about your home.
15:01 Well, the short version is from Pittsburg,
15:03 Pennsylvania and you know,
15:05 I had some challenges grown up,
15:08 went to Oakwood, matriculated there,
15:10 a couple of times I was on the 13-year plan.
15:13 I got there in 81 and graduated in 94.
15:16 That means you are graduated.
15:17 I did, praise the Lord and so now I just,
15:19 I like to minister to young people
15:21 and tell 'em don't let people define you.
15:23 God ultimately holds your destiny so keep pushing.
15:26 Now is that where you, you know, decided to music,
15:29 was it Oakwood or how did that start?
15:31 We were in a small group
15:33 called The Second Edition back in Pittsburg.
15:35 We thought, we were legends in our own minds and,
15:38 but when I got to Oakwood,
15:39 this is where I started to being around you know,
15:41 Take 6, yourself.
15:43 Myself.
15:44 Yes, different people and I was like,
15:47 wow, so ears get better.
15:48 Okay.
15:49 But then I started off playing drums
15:51 just kind of evolved into vocals.
15:53 What I like to know more about is your marriage
15:55 because today there are so many marriages
15:57 that are under attack.
15:59 We know that, you know.
16:00 Just last year alone I know nine people
16:03 that got divorced either family or friends.
16:06 How do you maintain a marriage in today's society?
16:12 Well, briefly I, just to be honest, to me.
16:15 I'm very afraid of breaking the commitment
16:17 that was made in front of God and man.
16:19 Yeah.
16:20 Nobody forced me to say, "I do."
16:21 Is it challenging? Of course, I know I'm stubborn.
16:24 My wife has her challenges, we've been together 25 years.
16:27 I've known her for 30. Excellent.
16:29 And that's just, it's a God thing.
16:30 It's just a journey. It's a daily journey.
16:32 We got to stay on your knees and try to work it out.
16:35 Is that some of the stuff
16:36 that you write about in your music?
16:37 It is very much so.
16:39 I got a, I don't like people to just hear songs
16:43 and they don't say anything.
16:45 So I put a lot of that in my music.
16:46 It's therapeutic for me
16:48 but hopefully it'll help someone else.
16:50 We have kindred spirits you know.
16:52 I understand.
16:53 We do because I think we all need therapy.
16:56 We probably don't admit it but my therapy is writing
16:59 and it sounds like your therapy is writing as well.
17:01 It is. Praise God for that.
17:03 Although it's kind of strange,
17:05 I'm actually-- my kids call me a geek.
17:08 I am a geek so my degrees are scientific
17:11 but just writing helps me release some things
17:14 that are in me that maybe
17:15 I just don't want to share
17:16 but it'll come out in the song later.
17:18 Now do you find that being transparent
17:20 'cause I think that when you are,
17:22 when you share what you really go through,
17:24 first of all, everybody goes through the same things
17:26 maybe not at the same time.
17:28 But when you go through things and you're honest about that,
17:30 you can see how many other people have been there.
17:33 Do you find that in your ministry as well?
17:34 Absolutely.
17:35 I don't, this whole thing of not being transparent
17:38 is choking the church.
17:39 So we have this undercurrent of problems
17:41 but nobody wants to admit it
17:42 and we're just raising the Holy hands
17:44 and doing the nice things in church but man,
17:46 we got to get to the nitty-gritty.
17:48 You got say, "God, I'm just messed up
17:50 and I need your assistance."
17:52 So transparency, it's a good thing.
17:54 So where do you see this CD going?
17:55 What is your vision for this CD?
17:58 To be honest, uh, this is a God thing.
18:01 I'm just kind of taking it day by day.
18:03 The genesis of it was to just to do some music for myself
18:06 and let some things out that were in me.
18:08 God see it as fit to make it a larger thing then fine.
18:12 If not I'm going continue doing hospitals
18:14 and hopeful songs.
18:16 Is that what you do? Oh, yes.
18:18 I love ministering in those venues.
18:20 Wow, how are you received?
18:23 Oh, well, it's really cool,
18:24 especially in the assisted living homes.
18:28 They really appreciate someone just coming to talk to them.
18:31 Some of their families just leave them there and so,
18:33 hospitals of course,
18:34 people are struggling so they always
18:36 like a word so Amazing grace,
18:37 just old songs, good stuff.
18:42 I love that this man is about ministry, music ministry
18:46 and we are going to enjoy
18:48 the music ministry of James Bowman.
18:51 One, two, three, four.
19:14 When I wake up in the morning, Lord
19:19 And the sunlight hurts my eyes
19:24 Well, then something without warning, Lord
19:29 Bears heavy on my mind
19:33 'Cause when I look at you
19:37 Then the world's alright with me
19:41 Yes it is.
19:43 Just one thought of you
19:46 And I know it's gonna be ooh
19:52 A lovely day
19:55 Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day,
19:58 lovely day, lovely day, lovely day,
20:00 Yeah, it seems a lovely day,
20:04 Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day
20:08 lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day
20:10 uh, verse 2
20:13 When the day that lies ahead of me
20:18 It seems impossible to face
20:23 And when it seems like everyone else but me, yeah
20:28 Oh, where they seem to know the way
20:31 Like--
20:33 When I think of your loving kindness
20:35 And all you've done for me
20:37 My soul cries out, Halleluiah
20:40 Set me free that's
20:42 That's why I'm doing this song
20:44 'Cause I got to let everyone know
20:46 With Jesus in my life it's gonna
20:49 It's gonna be
20:50 A lovely day
20:53 Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day,
20:56 lovely day, lovely day, lovely day,
20:59 Yeah, it seems a lovely day,
21:03 Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day
21:06 lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day
21:12 Jesus in the home
21:15 It's gonna be a happy day
21:18 All I need to do
21:20 Is get on my knees and pray
21:22 Ooh, I love you, God
21:24 I need you in my life
21:26 O, I'm gonna speak, speak through my heart
21:31 Lord, give me your Holy word
21:35 If I can hear from you
21:37 Then I'll know what to do
21:39 I won't go alone
21:41 No, I never go on my own
21:45 Just let your Spirit guide
21:47 And let your word of light
21:49 Speak to my heart
21:50 Lord give me your Holy word
21:54 If I can hear from you
21:57 And then I'll know, then I'll know
21:59 I won't go alone
22:00 No, no, no, I never go on my own
22:04 Just let your Spirit guide
22:07 And let your word of light
22:10 I think you gone for sins of me
22:13 I think you're gone for setting me free
22:15 All I have to do is call you
22:18 And You'll fix it for me
22:20 I think You're gone for delivering me out of my mess
22:24 And Lord all I have to do
22:27 Is give it to you again
22:30 That's why I got a lovely, lovely, lovely day
22:35 With Jesus in the home
22:37 It's gonna be It's gonna be
22:39 He'll give me joy in the midst of the storm
22:43 I don't know what people in--to do
22:46 I'm gonna thank you, Lord
22:48 That's why I'm gonna a happy day
22:51 Happy day
22:53 I feel real good
22:56 I feel really good
22:57 Some times all I can do is say
23:00 Jesus in the home
23:02 It's a happy, happy home.
23:07 This next song is about my love for my God
23:11 and the wife that God gave to me.
23:12 Marriage is under attack today and so is the family.
23:16 So this next song says,
23:17 I can't make it without Your love
23:37 I've gone through life
23:38 Looking for a quenching love
23:42 That seemed to have evaded me
23:49 Through trial and peril
23:51 I kept the faith, faithfully
23:55 Hoping one day Your face to see
24:02 Though I know that I have
24:04 I've done you wrong
24:09 I still yearn for Your touch Lord
24:12 Because to You I belong
24:15 I gotta' to say
24:18 There is no way
24:21 I can't make it without Your love
24:24 I can't make it without Your love
24:27 I can't make it without Your love
24:33 So into my world
24:35 You placed a companion to be my wife
24:39 For the rest of my life
24:45 Then You, You blessed us with children
24:48 To love and to hold
24:52 For the rest of our lives
24:58 Though I know that I'm not
25:01 I'm not perfect Lord
25:05 Because of the family you've given me
25:09 I have matured
25:12 Spiritually
25:14 Now they can see
25:17 I can't make it without Your love
25:21 I can't make it without Your love
25:24 I can't make it without Your love
25:27 I can't make it without Your love
25:31 Make it without Your love
25:33 I can't make it without Your love
25:36 I can't make it without Your love
25:43 So Father please forgive me for the many times I've erred
25:50 I'm standing on Your Word now
25:52 To it there is no compare
25:56 Continue to lead me in paths of righteousness
26:00 For Your Name's sake
26:02 Then we'll be careful to give You the glory
26:05 And none to ourselves we'll take
26:11 I can't make it without Your love
26:14 I can't make it without Your love
26:18 I can't make it without Your love
26:20 I can't make it without Your love
26:24 I can't make it without Your love
26:27 I can't make it without Your love
26:30 I can't make it without Your love
26:37 Me and You You and me
26:40 Living throughout eternity
26:43 I can't make it without your love
26:45 No I can't
26:46 I can't make it without your love
26:49 There's just no other way
26:51 I want to stay
26:53 On this earth another day
27:02 I can't make it without your love
27:03 I thank you, Lord for your loving kindness
27:09 I thank you for my wife that you gave to me
27:14 That made me the man I need to be
27:18 Ooh.
27:26 Magnify Him
27:31 Mmh, mm, Duawne, were you blessed?
27:33 Yes, I was.
27:35 These artists are so, they are just inspiring.
27:38 Anointed. Anointed.
27:40 They are truly anointed and this is such a blessing
27:42 to be able to share them with the world.
27:45 It really was and I pray that you have enjoyed this ministry.
27:49 I pray that you have been blessed
27:51 and I pray that we will see you again next time.
27:54 Next time, smiling faces from ministry on Magnify Him.


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