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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jamar Carter, Kayade Morris


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:17 Hello, and welcome to "Magnify Him."
00:19 My name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:21 I know that you're gonna receive a major blessing today.
00:24 Today we have two very special artists
00:27 with distinct styles of music
00:29 and yet their focus is the same.
00:32 It's to lift up the gift giver.
00:34 So as you listen to their ministering song.
00:36 I'm confident that you will be blessed.
00:39 Stay tuned as we lift up the name of Jesus.
00:42 Come, let us adore Him.
00:44 Come, let us lift up the name
00:46 of Jesus Christ and Magnify Him.
00:49 Magnify the Lord with me
00:52 Magnify Him
00:58 Jamar Carter is here with us on Magnify Him.
01:01 Welcome, Jamar.
01:02 Thank you for having me.
01:03 Oh, I'm so blessed to have you here.
01:06 How long have you been singing?
01:07 I've been singing all of my life,
01:09 since I've been able to talk.
01:10 I remember being-- being able to sing.
01:13 Do your parents sing as well?
01:14 My parents, my family, my grandfather sing.
01:19 Everybody sings.
01:20 Oh, that's wonderful.
01:22 Tell us, who are some of the folks
01:24 that you've sung with?
01:26 Just to name a few,
01:30 Tramaine Hawkins, Miss Yolanda Adams.
01:37 Bobby Jones Gospel.
01:38 Bobby Jones, Dr. Bobby Jones.
01:40 And the Nashville Super Choir.
01:43 The list goes on and on and on.
01:45 Dorothy Norwood, Albertina Walker.
01:48 Wow, some of the old greats.
01:50 The list goes on and on and on.
01:52 I don't think they want me to say the old greats.
01:54 Let's just say the greats.
01:57 That is awesome and you play as well.
02:00 I do. You play the piano.
02:01 I do, I do. I do play.
02:02 When did you realize that
02:04 you had a gift for both piano and voice?
02:08 Very early on, I've always been able to hear harmony.
02:11 And I took formal piano lessons but just as well.
02:17 I play about a year so you know a double,
02:20 a double portion of the gift.
02:22 I guess we could call that some they are grateful.
02:24 Because the Lord has allowed me to sustain
02:27 just by using my gift.
02:28 Praise the Lord.
02:29 How do you keep from going out into the world with your gifts?
02:34 You have to stay grounded and know--
02:38 first of all know who God is and know who He is to you.
02:42 And be led by Him and led of His Spirit.
02:45 And thus it's a faith walk.
02:48 You know, I'm not gonna say that it's an easy thing.
02:51 But with God's help, we are victorious.
02:54 Yes, I mean, it is so seductive.
02:57 The world is so seductive
02:58 and when you have gifts like you, like yours,
03:02 the world can tend to want to just suck you in.
03:05 And take you as its own. Definitely.
03:07 So I praise the Lord that
03:08 you have devoted your gifts to Him.
03:11 Praise God. That's a wonderful thing.
03:13 And you play for Hillcrest
03:14 Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nashville.
03:16 Yes, yes. Have to give them a shout out.
03:17 Go Hillcrest.
03:18 Yay!
03:20 Oh, we are so thankful to have you.
03:22 What are you gonna be singing for us?
03:24 I will be singing, We are His Glory
03:27 which is a song of my album entitled My Gratitude.
03:32 We Are His glory
03:33 and I Don't Know Who Holds Tomorrow.
03:35 Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to it.
03:38 Thank you.
03:39 We know that God has a plan
03:42 and that God will use our gifts for His glory.
03:46 Listen to Jamar as he ministers
03:48 in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Our Savior.
04:13 We are his glory
04:19 Manifest on earth
04:23 We are his splendor
04:29 He's their souls of worth
04:34 He's priest and keys
04:41 Bringing souls to birth
04:45 We are his glory
04:49 Here on earth.
04:56 Through all the time no hope was seen
05:02 Yet we stood the test of time
05:06 When failure seem so eminent
05:13 He made our lights to shine
05:19 These are the experiences
05:23 He allows to come to pass
05:28 So He can be the victorious one
05:34 Whose glory always last
05:38 We are His glory
05:44 Manifest on earth
05:49 We are His splendor
05:54 He's their souls of worth
05:59 He's priest and keys
06:06 Bringing souls to birth
06:10 We are His glory
06:15 Here on earth.
06:21 Oh, He longs to be exalted
06:27 And highly lifted up
06:32 We are His opportunity
06:37 To display His matchless love
06:43 Your trial is part of feet cold
06:48 To make His glory known
06:53 So He rises in adversity
06:59 He rises in adversity
07:05 That is glory maybe sure
07:13 We are His glory
07:18 Manifest on earth
07:22 We are His splendor
07:26 We are His splendor
07:28 He's bringing souls of worth
07:34 He is priest and kings
07:40 Bringing souls to birth
07:44 We are His glory
07:50 His glory
07:56 His glory on earth
08:09 His glory on earth
08:28 This next song that I'm going to sing says,
08:30 I Don't Know Who Holds Tomorrow,
08:33 but I know who holds my hand.
08:35 Please be blessed.
09:00 I don't know
09:08 About tomorrow
09:15 I just live
09:24 From day to day
09:30 I don't borrow
09:33 From its sunshine
09:43 For its skies
09:49 May turn to grey
09:56 I don't worry
10:00 O'er the future
10:07 For I know
10:12 What Jesus said
10:20 And today
10:23 I'll walk beside
10:30 Him for He knows
10:38 what lies ahead
10:47 Every step
10:51 Is getting brighter
10:59 As the golden stairs
11:06 I climb
11:09 Every burden's
11:15 Getting lighter
11:23 Every cloud
11:28 Is silver-lined
11:34 Where the sun
11:40 Is always shining
11:45 There no tear
11:48 Will dim the eye
11:55 At the ending
11:58 Of the rainbow
12:05 Where the sunlight
12:12 Touch the sky
12:17 Many things
12:22 About tomorrow
12:28 I don't seem
12:35 To understand
12:43 But I know
12:47 Who holds tomorrow
12:55 And I know
13:00 Who holds my hand
13:05 Many, many, many things
13:11 About tomorrow
13:17 I don't seem
13:23 To understand
13:28 But I know
13:33 Who holds tomorrow
13:40 And I know
13:45 Who holds my hand
13:56 And I know
14:05 Who holds my hand
14:13 I know
14:15 Who holds my hand
14:23 Who holds my hand
14:36 Magnify the Lord with me
14:39 Magnify Him
14:45 Kayade Morris is here with us at Magnify Him.
14:48 Welcome, Kayade.
14:50 Hello, thank you for having me here.
14:52 Oh, you are so welcome.
14:53 You are such a talented young man.
14:55 How old are you?
14:56 I'm 16 years old.
14:58 Do you know I have a grandson
14:59 that just turned 16, just turned 16.
15:02 What school do you go to?
15:04 I go to Fort Hamilton High School in Brooklyn, New York.
15:07 Is it a music and arts kind of high school or?
15:09 It has many different programs inside of it,
15:13 but music is one of the main programs I will say.
15:15 And how many instruments do you play?
15:21 A couple. Look, you have to count.
15:22 Yes. Okay, tell us which ones?
15:24 Well, I play the bassoon in my advance orchestra at school.
15:30 About the previous year, I played the oboe.
15:33 I play the tenor saxophone in marching band.
15:36 And I also play the alto saxophone
15:39 and that's basically most what I play.
15:41 I can't even play one instrument well
15:43 and you named about four or five of them.
15:46 That's amazing, how long have you been playing?
15:48 For a while I've been playing for 8 years now,
15:50 I would say, 8 years yes.
15:52 From when I was a very small boy,
15:54 this-- well, he--
15:57 at that time he was a stranger
15:59 but Mr. Sutherland, Steven Sutherland,
16:02 he always like he came to the school.
16:04 And he wanted to start a band
16:06 but I don't think that really worked out.
16:07 But he had a music school,
16:08 so he took me on then I really learned.
16:10 He wasn't really a saxophonist but I learned quickly
16:13 'cause he was such a good talent at piano you know.
16:16 Oh, so you know piano too
16:18 or he played piano as you learn.
16:20 He played piano and he--
16:22 he put me in test like, jazz test,
16:26 classical test every like-- just he exposed me,
16:29 he had workshops.
16:30 He had videos done of his students including me as well.
16:35 He made us play different genres of music.
16:37 He allowed us to appreciate the music more,
16:39 allowed me to appreciate music.
16:42 That's great, so would you say that of all your teachers,
16:45 he's been the most influential on you?
16:49 Other than my mother, yes, but yes.
16:51 Ah, you know I noticed you and your mom
16:53 have a very close relationship.
16:55 How has she made you appreciate music more?
17:01 Well, my mom from when I was very little,
17:04 she is always pushing me to do more in music.
17:08 If I would say, oh,
17:10 I want to stop right now mom, my lip is hurting.
17:12 Well, when you play instrument like--
17:15 I bite a little, I tend to bite a little bit
17:17 so, it hurts after a while.
17:21 And she keeps on telling me to practice, practice.
17:24 Keep on going, don't stop,
17:26 just one more time, and then, you know,
17:28 it helps me do more and play better.
17:30 That's great. As I go along, yes.
17:32 That's why so she-- she is your inspiration.
17:35 She pushes you, she encourages you.
17:37 She inspires you to keep pressing forward.
17:40 Yeah, she does. Well, you know what?
17:42 Our listeners are gonna hear you
17:44 playing and pressing forward
17:46 and ministering for the Lord Jesus Christ.
17:49 We love to see our young people
17:52 playing and ministering for Jesus.
17:55 So listen to Kayade
17:57 as he ministers and magnifies the Lord.
22:57 Jesus, the name above all names.
23:00 He is worthy to be praised.
27:41 Magnify Him
27:46 What a blessing this program has been.
27:49 I feel as though I was transported
27:51 into heavenly places.
27:53 I pray that you feel the same way too.
27:55 Thanks for tuning in.
27:57 So until next time,
27:58 may the Lord richly bless you as you magnify Him.


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