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Participants: Yvonne Lweis (Host), Jonathan Dixon, Shedria Petty


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:15 Hello, and welcome to "Magnify Him."
00:17 My name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:19 Once again, it's an honor
00:20 to able to present artists to you
00:22 who are focused on lifting up the name of Jesus
00:25 through their gifts.
00:27 And on this program,
00:28 it's by way of the gift of music
00:31 and yet the focus never on the gift,
00:33 it's on the gift giver.
00:35 So stay tuned as we lift up the name of Jesus,
00:38 our soon coming King.
00:40 Let's worship Him. Let's adore Him.
00:42 He is worthy of our praise.
00:45 Magnify the Lord with me
00:48 Magnify Him
00:54 Shedria Petty has joined us on "Magnify Him."
00:57 Welcome, Shedria. Thank you.
00:59 Yeah, it's so good to have you here.
01:00 It's nice to be here.
01:02 So, Shedria, do you sing for a living or what do you do?
01:06 Um, right now, I'm working on my own music
01:09 so, yes, I sing for a living.
01:10 I have chances to go around,
01:12 all different kinds of state singing
01:14 and all kind of programs
01:16 so I'm really enjoying the process.
01:18 Praise the Lord.
01:19 And what is your vision for your ministry?
01:21 Where do you want to go with it?
01:23 Well, uh, I guess just I want to reach the people
01:28 that have been forgotten.
01:30 The people that aren't necessarily
01:32 in church right now.
01:33 So I'm kind of doing contemporary
01:36 but I'm putting so hymns in there to.
01:38 So you can still get it. I love that.
01:40 'Cause those are the song you meditate on,
01:41 when you going through things.
01:43 Yes, yes, is there a particular challenge
01:47 that you've had that kind of drives you in your ministry?
01:53 Um, not really, just coming from poverty.
01:59 And not really having the opportunities
02:01 to do everything I want to do.
02:03 I've been singing since I was a little girl.
02:05 I mean like 7 or 6
02:07 they already putting me out in front of the choir so.
02:09 Yes.
02:10 Other that, not having the opportunities,
02:12 I've been pretty fortunate.
02:14 The Lord's had His hand on you, hasn't He?
02:17 Praise God.
02:18 And I understand we have a little Petty in the oven.
02:21 Yes we, do I'm hoping for a girl this time.
02:23 I have two boys at home. Oh, that's great.
02:25 Do you want to say hay to them?
02:26 Yes, Hay Caleb. Hay Ian.
02:30 That's so neat.
02:32 Tell us a little bit about the songs
02:33 you're gonna sing for us.
02:34 And what made you pick them?
02:37 Uh, when I first heard
02:39 "Take Me to The King" by Tamela Mann,
02:42 I actually burst into tears
02:44 because at the point in my life,
02:46 I just felt like everything was a farce.
02:48 Church, family, friends and everything.
02:50 And that song really ministered to me so I learned it.
02:54 And "Open My Heart" I've been doing that since maybe like 10,
02:57 I just like the way that Yolanda Adams,
02:59 uh, plays with her voice.
03:01 And I like the message of the song.
03:03 So those two songs really spoke to your heart.
03:06 Yes, they did.
03:07 And that's what music does
03:09 and that's what we try to do here on "Magnify Him."
03:12 We want to reach people where they are with songs
03:15 that will minister to their spirit.
03:18 So what would the viewers know about you?
03:21 Uh, that I have new music
03:23 that's gonna come out in about two months on You Tube
03:26 and on Sound Cloud.
03:27 It'll be on the Shedria Ria Petty.
03:30 There you go.
03:31 In the meantime, be blessed by Shedria's ministry.
03:41 Take me to the King
03:45 I don't have much to bring
03:49 My heart is torn in pieces
03:53 It's my offering
03:57 Please take me to the King
04:02 Truth is I'm tired
04:06 Options are few
04:10 I'm trying to pray
04:14 But where are you?
04:19 I'm all churched out
04:23 Hurt and abused
04:28 I can't fake
04:30 What's left to do?
04:35 Truth is I'm weak
04:39 No strength to fight
04:43 No tears to cry
04:47 Even if I tried
04:52 But still my soul
04:55 Refuses to die
05:01 One touch would change my life
05:08 Take me to the King
05:12 I don't have much to bring
05:16 My heart's torn in pieces
05:20 It's my offering
05:24 Lay me at the throne
05:28 Leave me there alone
05:32 To gaze upon Your glory
05:36 And sing to You this song
05:40 Please take me to the King
05:46 Truth is it's time now
05:49 To stop playing these games
05:54 We need a word
05:58 For the people's pain
06:02 So Lord speak right now
06:06 Let it pour like rain
06:11 Oh, Lord, we're desperate
06:14 We're chasing after you
06:18 Oh, Lord
06:20 No rules, no religion
06:24 I've made my decision
06:28 To run to You,
06:30 The healer that I need
06:35 Take me to the King
06:38 I don't have much to bring
06:42 My heart's torn in pieces
06:47 It's my offering
06:51 Lay me at the throne
06:56 Leave me there alone
06:59 To gaze upon Your glory
07:04 And to sing to You this song
07:10 Lord we're in the way
07:14 We keep making mistakes
07:18 The glory's not for us
07:21 It's all for You
07:28 Take me to the King
07:32 I don't have much to bring
07:36 My heart's torn in pieces
07:41 It's my offering
07:45 Lay me at the throne
07:48 Leave me there...
07:49 Leave me there alone
07:51 I want to gaze upon Your glory
07:54 To gaze upon Your glory
07:56 And sing to You... And sing to You this song
07:59 And sing to You this song
08:01 Take me to the King
08:06 Take me to the King
08:10 Take me to the King
08:26 Let us open our hearts for God's will in our lives.
08:41 Talk to me
08:58 Talk to me
09:07 Alone in a room
09:11 It's just me and you
09:15 I feel so lost
09:19 'Cause I don't know what to do
09:24 Now what if I choose
09:28 The wrong thing to do
09:32 I'm so afraid, afraid of disappointing you
09:39 So I need to talk to you
09:44 And ask you for your guidance
09:48 Especially today
09:52 When my life is so cloudy
09:56 Guide me until I'm sure
10:01 I've opened up my heart
10:16 My hopes and dreams
10:21 Are fading fast
10:25 I'm all burned out
10:29 And I don't think my strength's gonna last
10:34 So I'm crying out
10:37 Crying out to you
10:41 Lord, I know that you're the only one
10:45 Who is able to pull me through
10:49 So I know I need to talk to you
10:54 And ask you for your guidance
10:58 Especially today
11:02 When my life is so cloudy, God
11:06 Guide me until I'm sure
11:11 I've opened up my heart
11:24 So show me how
11:28 To do things your way
11:33 Don't let me make the same mistakes
11:38 Over and over again
11:41 Your will be done
11:46 And I'll be the one
11:51 To make sure that it's carried out
11:54 And in me, I don't want any doubt
11:58 That's why...
12:00 I wanna talk to you, yes, I do.
12:04 And ask you for your guidance
12:07 Especially today
12:12 When my life seems just a little bit cloudy
12:16 Lord, you, you can guide me through
12:20 That's why I open up
12:24 I open up my heart, my heart, my heart, my heart
12:31 Oh, all I need to do is just hear a single word from you
12:40 I open up
12:41 I open up
12:42 I Open up my heart, my heart
12:47 Just one word could make a difference in what I do, Lord
12:51 Guide me until I'm sure
12:57 I open up I open up
12:59 I open my heart, my heart, my heart
13:07 You just say one word, one word, one word,
13:12 one word, one word
13:15 I open up I open up
13:17 Open up my heart to you
13:22 You're the lover of my soul
13:25 The captain of my sea
13:27 I need a word from you
13:30 That's why
13:31 I open up my heart
13:46 Magnify the Lord with me
13:49 Magnify Him
13:54 Welcome to Magnify Him, Jonathan Dixon.
13:57 Thank you.
13:58 It's great to have you here. All right.
14:01 You know, I first found out about you from your dad.
14:05 He had contacted me about Dare to Dream.
14:08 And you dad is a pastor
14:11 and he said I have son that sings.
14:13 And, you know, how sometimes you go,
14:14 oh, okay, well, that's nice, and, you know,
14:16 like sometimes it's not the best singers.
14:19 But your dad said just check him out.
14:21 And did and I was so blessed by your music.
14:24 How long have you been singing?
14:26 Amen.
14:27 Uh, it's been about three years now.
14:30 Uh, I was really shy, shy, shy person.
14:34 And God took me on this journey of getting me out of my shell.
14:38 And He had to go through some extreme measures to do that.
14:40 How did He do that? Tell us.
14:43 Well, I think the biggest change
14:45 that happened is this one time,
14:48 um, after my sophomore year during the summer,
14:51 about half way through the summer
14:52 my family went on vacation down south,
14:55 in the Alabama uh, Tennessee area.
14:58 And my family, my dad stopped by um,
15:01 this family friend and they were hey,
15:03 there's this school, good school,
15:04 should check it out.
15:05 Um, it's in Tennessee. And um, my family...
15:08 Was this a high school or a college?
15:09 High school. Okay, high school.
15:11 Me and my brothers-- we're from New York.
15:14 Right. So,
15:15 Yay, New York. Yay, New York.
15:17 We were far away from home and my dad,
15:21 he stopped by the school he starts looking at it
15:23 and I hear that the school has no Facebook,
15:26 um, no wireless internet,
15:29 your can't have your cell phone...
15:30 Whatever you would do without Facebook.
15:33 Yeah, I was like, of course this is not a good school,
15:37 let's move to the next one.
15:38 And, you know, finished off the summer
15:40 and check out some other ones.
15:41 But dad, he was like,
15:43 "Man, Uum, I feel God telling me to leave you here."
15:47 I was like right.
15:50 Now when ever you recover from that
15:52 we can go back to New York.
15:55 But my dad followed the voice of God.
15:58 That was God wanting him to leave me there.
16:01 We stayed there for three days praying
16:03 and the first two days I was praying,
16:05 "God please help my parents to come to the senses,
16:07 please do not let them leave me here"
16:10 that was the first two days.
16:11 But then the second day, I mean, on third day I prayed,
16:14 "God whatever your will is for my life let it happen."
16:18 And felt a yes, like immediately after that.
16:20 It's startled me.
16:22 So he left me there and at that school is where--
16:26 I can't even say all that happened.
16:28 But the school's name is Harbert Hill's Academy.
16:31 And, uh, there I got involved with USM group down there,
16:36 um, actually became the president for last part.
16:38 Of the student body.
16:39 I was nominated, meaning,
16:40 I didn't raised my hand to be there.
16:42 I was nominated and that was God's way
16:44 of you know, pulling me out.
16:45 And, uh, later on I went to-- for my senior year
16:49 uh, I went to Pine Forge Academy.
16:52 Hay, Pine Forge. I went there too back in day.
16:55 What?
16:56 Oh, my goodness, ma'am,
16:57 we meet Pine Forge everywhere.
17:00 But, yeah, I went there,
17:01 and there was one position in USM open.
17:05 Normally they chose the position the year before.
17:08 But one was open because someone couldn't make it.
17:10 That was the religious vice position.
17:12 Um, and so I felt God calling me
17:16 to take up that office.
17:18 And I did and from there,
17:19 uh, He just got me used to going up in front of people
17:24 and over there, uh, I'm sorry I forgot one.
17:29 At Harbert Hills, there was a boys group,
17:32 a singing group, our name was Hope's Call.
17:35 What was it? Hope's Call.
17:36 Hope's Call. I like it
17:37 And the leader of that group was like
17:40 "wow, you have a nice voice."
17:41 I was like, okay, really.
17:44 And you didn't know that you can sing before then?
17:45 Not really?
17:46 I didn't know it anything worth hearing like that, you know.
17:50 Like, I could barely make through--
17:52 I felt like I could barely make it through songs.
17:54 Uh, but yeah, I joined that group
17:56 and that got me used to singing
17:58 and then when I went Pine Forge,
18:00 Pine Forge was singing all the time.
18:02 Songs services and harmony and everything,
18:04 and that just brought it out more
18:05 and because I was in a leadership position,
18:07 I got more comfortable.
18:09 And so when I went back up to New York,
18:11 um, I just committed myself,
18:14 you know, to just singing and using my talents for God.
18:20 And, you know, that's such an amazing thing
18:23 because when you think about, when I think about
18:25 young people dedicating their talents to God,
18:30 I'm just so impressed.
18:32 One of the songs that Jonathan is going to sing is
18:36 "Lord I'm available to you."
18:39 Jonathan, you have blessed me today
18:41 and I know that our viewers are gonna be blessed.
18:44 So listen as Jonathan sings and ministers.
19:00 Lost are saved, find their way,
19:07 at the sound of Your great name
19:13 All condemned, they feel no shame
19:20 At the sound of Your great name
19:27 Every fear has no place
19:34 At the sound of Your great name
19:41 The enemy, he has to flee
19:47 At the sound of Your great name
19:55 Jesus
19:59 Worthy is the Lamb
20:01 That was slain for us
20:06 The Son of God and Man
20:08 You are high and lifted up that all
20:13 The world may praise
20:15 Your great name
20:21 Your great name
20:29 All the weak, they find their strength
20:35 At the sound of Your great name
20:42 Hungry souls, receive grace
20:48 At the sound of Your great name
20:55 The fatherless, they find their rest
21:03 At the sound of Your great name
21:09 The sick are healed and the dead are raised
21:17 At the sound of Your great name
21:24 Jesus
21:28 Worthy is the Lamb
21:30 That was slain for us
21:35 The son of God and Man
21:37 You were high and lifted up and all
21:42 That all the world may praise
21:44 Your great name
21:51 Your great name
21:58 Your great name
22:13 There is power
22:16 In the name of Jesus
22:22 There is power
22:26 In the name of Jesus
22:31 There is power
22:34 In the name of Jesus
22:40 To break every chain, break every chain
22:45 Break every chain
22:49 Your great name
22:58 Your great name
23:15 Submit your will to God and see what He will do.
23:34 You gave me my hands
23:38 To reach out to man
23:43 To show them Your love
23:48 And Your perfect plan
23:53 You gave me my ears
23:57 So I could hear Your voice so clear
24:02 I can hear the cries of sinners
24:07 But cannot wipe away their tears
24:15 Lord, I'm available to You
24:24 My will, I give to You
24:29 I'll do what You say do
24:33 Use me Lord, to show someone the way
24:40 And enable me to say
24:48 My storage is empty
24:52 And I am available to You
25:02 Now I'm giving back to You
25:07 All the tools You gave to me
25:12 My hands, my ears, my heart, my voice
25:16 So You can use them as You please
25:21 I have emptied out my cup
25:26 So that You can fill it up
25:31 And so now I'm free, I just want to be
25:36 More available to You
25:43 Oh, Lord, I'm available to You
25:53 Oh, My will, I give to You
25:58 I'll do what You say do
26:01 Use me, Lord
26:05 To show someone the way
26:09 And enable me to say
26:17 My storage is empty
26:22 And I am available
26:26 My storage is empty
26:31 And I am available
26:36 My storage is empty
26:41 And I am available to You
26:53 Magnify Him
26:57 What a blessing this program has been.
27:00 I feel as though I transported into heavenly places.
27:04 I pray that you feel the same way too.
27:06 Thanks so much for tuning in.
27:08 So until next time, may the Lord richly bless you.
27:11 Remember to put Christ first in all things and Magnify Him.


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