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Participants: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Esther Alonso Neal, Shondolyn Richardson


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00:01 Magnify the Lord with me
00:04 Magnify the Lord
00:08 Jesus alone is worthy
00:11 Magnify Him
00:16 Hello and welcome to "Magnify Him."
00:18 My name is Yvonne Lewis.
00:20 The Bible says, "Oh, Lord, our Lord,
00:22 how excellent is thy name in all the earth."
00:25 And truly that's our goal,
00:27 to lift up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
00:31 So watch, stay by and be blessed.
00:35 Magnify the Lord with me
00:38 Magnify Him
00:44 Esther Alonso Neal has joined us on "Magnify Him.
00:47 Welcome, Esther.
00:49 Thank you.
00:50 Praise the Lord that you are here.
00:51 Amen.
00:53 Your tones are just so rich and beautiful.
00:55 Do you come from a singing family?
00:57 You know, my parents sang growing up.
01:00 When I grew up, I always grew up
01:04 with my siblings singing, my parents singing.
01:06 So it's been a part of me all my life.
01:08 So music is just, it's just in your DNA.
01:10 I started writing music when I was four years old.
01:13 Are you kidding?
01:14 Yes. I'm very serious.
01:15 Do you remember the first song you wrote?
01:17 Yes, it's a song titled, it's in Spanish.
01:19 Okay.
01:20 And it was telling bad people to be good.
01:23 So that was basically the premise of the whole song.
01:25 How cute.
01:26 But yes, yes. I love it.
01:28 Have you always been an Adventist,
01:29 a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian?
01:31 Yeah, I grew up an Adventist, yes.
01:32 Where did you grow up?
01:33 I grew up in Santa Ana, California.
01:35 Okay. All right.
01:36 Yes, Orange County.
01:38 And is your ministry just I know, it's just blossoming.
01:41 Tell us about your ministry.
01:43 You know, I'm very blessed.
01:45 God has deposited all these ideas for ministry
01:49 and singing and song writing.
01:51 So right now, I just focus on singing to people,
01:56 sending message through speaking as well.
01:59 And using languages to do it across the world.
02:02 How many languages do you speak?
02:04 I claim five.
02:05 You know the Bible tells about claiming.
02:07 So I claim five and, you know, I'm very blessed.
02:10 It's a huge responsibility
02:11 that I feel God has deposited in my heart.
02:13 Yes. Which languages do you speak?
02:15 The Latin languages, so Spanish, English, of course,
02:20 Portuguese, Italian and French.
02:22 That is tremendous. Yes.
02:24 Oh, I wish I, I speak a little Spanish.
02:26 But... Oh, I see.
02:28 (Speaking in foreign language)
02:29 But I would love to speak more languages.
02:32 I just think the languages are so beautiful
02:34 and we can communicate with others so well.
02:36 Absolutely.
02:38 And give the gospel through music.
02:41 That's just it, you know.
02:43 You sing El Shaddai in English and you sing it in Spanish,
02:46 but you can also sing it in French.
02:47 And you can sing it in Portuguese.
02:49 So if you can learn languages, then you literally
02:51 can take the gospel anywhere.
02:53 That's wonderful.
02:55 And music has its own way of reaching the soul.
02:57 Exactly.
02:59 So that's tremendous.
03:00 You wrote, one of the songs
03:02 that you're gonna sing for us, "Keep the dream."
03:04 Tell us about the inspiration for that song.
03:06 Okay. "Keep the dream."
03:07 I was working as a school nurse and you know,
03:11 noticing how so many children were just growing up
03:14 and not even really knowing
03:16 that there was a purpose for their life.
03:18 And God gave me that song.
03:22 I was able to sing it in all sorts of secular places
03:26 and public schools settings and it's just been
03:28 one of those songs that I can take
03:30 to a young group of people or anybody, any age,
03:33 I think God has given us dreams.
03:34 That's such a good point about, you can take that
03:38 to a secular setting because in the school system
03:40 you can't say God too much, you can't.
03:42 So you can take that
03:44 and you can talk about the dream
03:45 which of course, we are dared to dream.
03:47 So that song is just so perfect.
03:49 Yes.
03:50 Because as you said, God has a dream.
03:52 I thought about that.
03:53 Yeah, yeah, so great. That's so great.
03:54 When I heard the song for the first time I thought,
03:57 man that is just so appropriate.
03:59 It's so appropriate.
04:00 Now the last, the word
04:03 after keep the dream is follow through.
04:05 So the bigger message is that, you know.
04:07 Any dream is attainable. But you have to follow through.
04:11 When I heard that in the song, I was like, yes,
04:14 because a dream without follow through is just a dream.
04:18 It's not really a plan. It's just in your mind.
04:20 It's just in your mind.
04:21 But you have to implement that dream.
04:23 You have to work the dream. Yes.
04:25 And God has a plan, does he not?
04:28 Absolutely.
04:29 Jeremiah 29:11.
04:30 "Plans I have for you."
04:32 Yes, yes. That's right.
04:33 God has a plan.
04:35 We know that God has a great plan
04:36 for your ministry as well.
04:38 Oh, praise God.
04:39 You also sang with the project with Yolanda.
04:45 Yes, which, working through love.
04:48 It's a Ten Commandment musical.
04:50 Yes, it is so beautiful.
04:53 Praise the Lord.
04:54 The music is phenomenal.
04:55 It reaches you.
04:57 And you know, she is like my sister.
04:58 Yes.
04:59 I'm so blessed.
05:01 I was so blessed to hear that music
05:02 and hear the Ten Commandments done musically.
05:06 In words, yes, in music. In words and video.
05:08 Yes. It's a phenomenal project.
05:10 Well, I' just so blessed to be a part of it.
05:12 I thank God for having,
05:15 given the foresight to invite me.
05:16 So...
05:18 Well, we thank you for your ministry
05:19 and all that you are doing for the Lord.
05:21 Thank you.
05:22 And I'm so excited to introduce to you,
05:24 many of you already know her.
05:26 But for those of you who don't, Esther Alonso Neal.
05:32 There is a candle in every soul
05:38 Some brightly burning, some dark and cold
05:46 There is a spirit who brings the fire
05:52 Ignites your candle and makes His home
05:59 So carry your candle, run to the darkness
06:07 Seek out the helpless, deceived and torn
06:14 Hold out your candle for all to see it
06:21 Take your candle, and go light your world
06:28 Take your candle, and go light your world
06:38 Frustrated brother, see how he's tried to
06:45 Light his own candle some other way
06:52 See now your sister, she's been robbed and lied to
06:59 Still holds a candle without a flame
07:06 So carry your candle, run to the darkness
07:13 Seek out the lonely, deceived and torn
07:21 Hold out your candle for all to see it
07:27 Take your candle, and go light your world
07:34 Take your candle, and go light your world
07:45 'Cause we are a family whose hearts are blazing
07:52 So let's raise our candles and light up the sky
07:59 Praying to our Father, in the name of Jesus
08:06 Make us a beacon in darkest night
08:13 So carry your candle, run to the darkness
08:20 Seek out the lonely, deceived and torn
08:27 Hold out your candle for all to see it
08:34 Take your candle, and go light your world
08:41 Carry your candle, run to the darkness
08:47 Run to the darkness
08:48 Seek out the hopeless
08:50 The hopeless
08:52 Confused and torn Confused and torn
08:56 Hold out your candle
08:57 Your candle
08:59 For all to see it For all to see it
09:03 Take your candle, and go light your world
09:09 Take your candle,
09:16 And go light your world
09:24 Mmm...
09:36 If God has placed a dream in your heart,
09:38 please follow through.
09:39 "Keep the Dream."
09:55 When you are feeling disadvantaged
09:59 When your love for you is small
10:03 When you can't catch up with others
10:07 You think you're poor, too weak, too small
10:10 Please consider you are special
10:14 No one else can have your dream
10:18 No one else can serve the purpose
10:22 That was meant for you and me
10:27 Keep the dream
10:31 Keep the faith
10:35 'Cause no matter what you're going through
10:39 In His arms He'll carry you
10:42 Shine your light
10:46 Lifted high
10:50 In your heart you know
10:52 You see your dreams come true
10:57 Keep the dream Follow through
11:04 Keep the dream
11:18 Listen
11:20 When you're asked about your future
11:23 And the dreams that you preserve
11:27 What kind of person do you in you
11:31 What kind of life do deserve
11:35 Don't hesitate to give your answer
11:38 And see all your heart desires
11:42 You are meant to shine your candle
11:46 And to others bring them light
11:51 Keep the dream Keep the faith '
11:59 Cause no matter what you'regoing through
12:03 In His arms He'll carry you
12:06 Shine your light Lifted high
12:14 In your heart you know
12:16 You see your dreams come true
12:21 Like the morning star
12:29 That shines wherever you are
12:36 Shine down You're a star
12:44 Dream on
12:58 So keep the dream Keep the faith
13:07 'Cause no matter what you're going through
13:10 In His arms He'll carry you
13:14 Shine your light
13:18 Lifted high
13:22 In your heart you know
13:24 You see your dreams come true
13:31 Keep the dream Follow through
13:38 Keep the dream
13:45 Keep the dream
13:53 Follow through
14:00 Magnify the Lord with me
14:03 Magnify Him
14:08 Let's welcome Shondolyn Richardson
14:10 to "Magnify Him"
14:12 Welcome, Shondolyn. Thank you.
14:14 So good to have you. It's good to be here.
14:17 When I listen to you sing,
14:19 you have such a passion in your voice.
14:23 How does that translate into your ministry?
14:26 Well, the ministry itself is for me encouraging others
14:31 who may feel like there is no hope
14:33 and I want people to know, you know, the Christian walk
14:37 is not a perfect experience, you know.
14:40 You have ups and downs.
14:41 And there is always hope and God is always there.
14:44 That is so true. There are ups and downs.
14:46 And so many times people think that, you know,
14:50 once you are a Christian everything is gonna be fine.
14:52 You'll never gonna have another problem, no.
14:54 God just promises, if you do have problems,
14:57 He'll bring us through. Right.
14:59 So how long you've been singing?
15:01 Oh, I've been singing probably since I was about ten.
15:05 I started with my mom standing up there with me.
15:09 Your mom sings too?
15:10 She does too, my family,
15:12 I have a singing family, as a matter of fact.
15:14 I've come from that background.
15:16 That's great.
15:17 What do you want people to know about your ministry?
15:21 Well, the thing about it is, I feel like it's important
15:26 for everyone to have an encourager in their life.
15:30 A person who will help lift them when they are down.
15:34 And some people don't have that.
15:35 And so with the project, for example,
15:38 that puts encouragement in your home, you know,
15:41 for people who maybe get that around them in their circle.
15:45 So I think that's what God has called me to do,
15:49 encourage others.
15:50 God has called you to be an encourager.
15:52 That's a spiritual gift. I believe that.
15:55 That's a gift, the gift of encouraging people,
15:58 caring about people, being compassionate.
16:01 Thank you, for sharing your gift.
16:04 Listen to Shondolyn and be encouraged as she ministers.
16:23 If I would trust God
16:27 To take care of me
16:32 'Cause life is a path
16:36 That I cannot see
16:40 He's by my side
16:45 There to guide
16:48 Oh, by my side
16:53 There to guide
16:59 He guide me through life
17:03 The highs and the lows
17:08 With Him in control I go with the flow
17:15 He's by my side
17:20 There to guide
17:24 Oh, by my side
17:29 There to guide
17:34 And then there are times
17:39 I go my own way
17:43 He lets me go on
17:48 And patiently wait
17:51 He's by my side
17:56 There to guide
17:59 Oh, by my side
18:05 There to guide
18:08 God's a good God
18:15 Whoa, God's a good God
18:27 And every time I try to go my way
18:32 I hurt myself so bad
18:36 Frustrations had it worrying all the while
18:44 Yeh, yeh
18:45 Then I realized just standing there
18:50 Just waiting for my call
18:53 Help me, Jesus I give up
18:57 You can have it all
19:03 If I would trust God
19:07 To take care of me
19:12 'Cause life is a path
19:17 That I cannot see
19:20 He's by my side
19:25 There to guide
19:28 Oh, by my side
19:34 There to guide
19:39 If I would trust God
19:43 To take care of me
19:48 If I would trust God Constantly
19:56 If I would trust God
20:01 To take care of me
20:06 'Cause God's a good God
20:13 Whoa, God's a good God
20:21 Yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yes God's a good God
20:34 No matter what you're going through
20:36 in your life right now, know that God is all you need.
20:53 There are lonely times
20:59 In your life
21:02 When there are people All around
21:08 But no one
21:10 No one
21:12 Understands your heart
21:21 I'm so glad...
21:29 He is there all the time
21:37 All the time All the time
21:42 When you're hurt And you're down
21:48 And you don't know What you do
21:54 You recall
21:58 He is there He is there
22:04 And His presence
22:09 Is all you need
22:17 To get you through
22:25 There are trying times
22:32 In your life
22:35 And decisions every turn
22:41 And you wonder And you wonder
22:44 When your break begins
22:52 I'm so glad
22:58 ooooo
23:00 He's there
23:04 All the time
23:13 When you're stressed
23:16 And burned out
23:19 And you don't know what to do
23:25 You just call
23:29 He'll be there
23:35 Oh, yes
23:37 And His wisdom
23:40 Is all you need
23:47 To get you through
23:55 Oh, all you need
24:01 He's got all All you need
24:08 Doesn't matter who you are
24:14 He still cares
24:21 Everything you need
24:26 He's got every little thing
24:30 That you need
24:33 No matter where you are
24:39 He is there
24:46 Disappointed He'll give you comfort
24:51 And if you're worried
24:54 He'll give you peace
24:57 He's got all
25:01 All you need
25:04 To get you through
25:10 And if you seek Him
25:13 Then you will find Him
25:16 If you got burdens
25:19 He will receive them
25:22 He's got all
25:26 All you need
25:29 He's there for you
25:35 And if you are doubting
25:38 He's your assurance
25:41 You can't watch others
25:44 When you follow Him
25:47 He's got all
25:51 All you need
25:54 His word is true
26:01 All you need
26:07 He's got all
26:09 All you need
26:13 Doesn't matter who you are
26:19 He still cares
26:26 Everything you need
26:31 He's got every little thing
26:35 That you need
26:39 No matter where you are
26:44 It doesn't matter Who you are
26:51 He still cares
26:56 And He is there
27:03 Oh, He's there
27:12 Magnify Him
27:18 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said that
27:20 music is the universal language of mankind.
27:23 We pray that this language
27:26 reached you in a spiritual place,
27:28 that our music blessed you and inspired you.
27:31 Until next time, be blessed.


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