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00:18 Hello and welcome to Magnify Him.
00:21 My name is Danita Jones
00:23 and I'm Lyndon Carriger,
00:24 you know the Bible says in Judges 5:3,
00:27 "Sing unto the Lord,
00:28 I will sing praise unto the Lord"
00:31 and you know Danita,
00:32 we're going to do just that today.
00:34 Oh, I'm so excited,
00:35 today we have two anointed singers
00:38 that are coming to lift the name of Jesus Christ
00:41 and I am definitely ready to hear them
00:43 Lyndon, are you ready?
00:45 I'm ready, are you guys ready?
00:46 Let's go right into our Program.
00:48 Magnify the Lord the King
00:52 Magnify Him...
00:57 We are happy to welcome to Magnify Him
01:01 for the first time Patricia Isom
01:05 we're going to talk just a little bit about yourself
01:08 and about your music,
01:10 first... where are you from?
01:11 I'm from a little small town of Fairfield Glade,
01:15 it's in middle Tennessee.
01:16 Okay... is it close to Nashville?
01:18 It's about an hour and a half away...
01:19 Okay... okay...
01:21 how did you get started in music?
01:24 That's a great question,
01:25 I performed my first solo in church
01:29 at the tender age of five and from there... just
01:33 continued growing, singing in church,
01:35 singing in school, choirs...
01:36 Okay, so
01:38 did you recognize your talent
01:40 or your parents recognized your talent?
01:43 My parents recognized it, I did a bit,
01:46 you know, I was young and so I ended up taking
01:48 almost four years of Voice, around the age of 12 or 13
01:53 which is... pretty young...
01:54 Okay, so did you take any other lessons?
01:57 I took piano when I was younger and some violin
02:00 but it didn't stick... like voice...
02:02 Oh, okay... okay so, obviously,
02:06 I've heard her sing before she's actually in my Praise Team
02:09 but you're going to get to hear her sing
02:13 she has a very good voice,
02:14 Patricia, what made you decide to want to sing for Jesus
02:19 instead of just singing for everybody else?
02:21 Singing for Jesus is
02:24 what brings my heart the most joy
02:26 standing up there in front of everyone
02:31 and feeling Jesus inside of me is just an incredible...
02:36 incredible feeling and there's nothing like it
02:39 realizing that I could be personally bringing
02:42 someone to Christ through the gifts that He has given me
02:45 it's just incredible...
02:46 Was there a particular moment in your life
02:50 where you felt the calling to sing music?
02:53 Yes, I sang in the One Praise Gospel Choir
02:57 at Southern Adventist University for three years
02:59 and one time we were on a Choir Tour
03:02 and I wanted to rededicate my life to Christ
03:06 and so I was re-baptized that day
03:09 and because of my stand for Jesus,
03:12 17 other people were also baptized
03:14 and I felt like God was calling me
03:17 specifically to make a public stand for Him
03:21 to give my heart to Him again
03:22 and just really, solely focus on singing for Him.
03:26 Okay, well, tell me just a little bit more about yourself.
03:30 What are you doing right now?
03:32 Well, I'm currently a student like many of us are,
03:36 and so I'm at
03:37 Southern Adventist University currently...
03:39 I graduated this past December
03:41 with my B.S. in Clinical Psychology
03:44 and now I'm a Master's student studying Clinical Mental health.
03:47 Okay, how do you want to incorporate that
03:49 with music... or do you?
03:50 Well, yeah, I do... that's a great question.
03:53 Music is... it's powerful
03:55 and so, I would like to study Music Therapy.
03:58 Real quick... how can people get a hold of you?
04:01 They can reach me through Facebook
04:03 just look up, Patricia Lauren Isom.
04:05 Okay, well everybody... she's going to sing two songs
04:09 "Mercy Said No" and what was the other one?
04:10 "His Eye Is On The Sparrow"
04:12 Everybody... Patricia Isom...
04:14 Music playing...
04:24 some more music...
04:37 I was just a child when I felt the Savior leading
04:44 I was drawn to what I could not understand
04:53 And for the cause of Christ I have spent my days believing
05:02 That what He'd have me be is who I am
05:10 As I've come to see the weaker side of me
05:18 I realized His grace is what I'll need
05:27 When sin demanded justice for my soul
05:35 Mercy said no I'm not going to let you go
05:43 I'm not going to let you slip away
05:47 You don't have to be afraid
05:51 Mercy said no
05:55 Sin will never take control
05:59 Life and death stood face to face
06:06 Darkness tried to steal my heart away
06:13 But thank you Jesus, mercy said no
06:21 For God so loved the world that He sent His son to save us
06:30 From the Cross, He built a bridge to set us free
06:38 Oh, but deep within our hearts, there is still a war that rages
06:45 And makes His sacrifice so hard to see
06:55 As midnight fell upon
06:57 Crucifixion
06:59 day
07:02 The light of hope
07:06 seemed oh so far away
07:10 As evil tried to stop redemption's flow
07:17 Mercy said no
07:20 I'm not going to let you go
07:24 I'm not going to let you slip away
07:28 You don't have to be afraid
07:32 Mercy said no Sin will never take control
07:40 Life and death stood face to face
07:46 Darkness tried to steal my heart away
07:54 But thank You Jesus, mercy said no
08:02 Now when Heaven looks at me it's through the blood of Jesus
08:09 Reminding me of one day long ago
08:19 Mercy said no I'm not going to let you go
08:26 I'm not going to let you slip away
08:31 You don't have to be afraid
08:35 Mercy said no sin will never take control
08:44 Life and death stood face to face
08:50 Darkness tried to steal my heart away
08:57 But thank you Jesus
09:00 Mercy said no
09:07 piano playing
09:13 more music from piano
09:16 Mercy said no.
09:27 I'm so thankful that no matter where I go,
09:30 God always watches me.
09:36 Piano music playing
09:42 more music
09:48 more music...
09:54 Why should I feel
09:59 discouraged
10:04 and why should the shadows
10:11 come?
10:16 And why should my heart feel lonely
10:25 and long for heaven and my home?
10:34 When Jesus is my portion,
10:44 a constant Friend is He.
10:53 His eye is on the sparrow
11:04 and I know He watches me.
11:14 His eye is on
11:18 the sparrow
11:23 and I know He watches over me.
11:32 So I sing because I'm happy;
11:41 and I sing because I'm free;
11:51 His eye is on the sparrow
12:00 And I know He watches over me.
12:08 So I sing because I'm happy;
12:17 And I sing because I'm free;
12:25 His eye is on
12:30 the sparrow
12:35 And I know He watches
12:40 And I know He watches...
12:47 I know... He watches me...
12:55 His eye is on
13:00 the sparrow
13:04 And I know
13:10 He watches me
13:16 piano playing
13:21 He watches
13:26 me...
13:32 Magnify Him.
13:41 We are so excited today on Magnify Him
13:44 to have 16-year-old Samara Bowden
13:48 all the way from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
13:50 How are you today Samara?
13:52 I'm doing wonderful.
13:53 That is amazing, so, of course,
13:55 before we get to some of your singing later on,
13:57 I want to know a little bit more about you,
13:59 now tell me when was the first time
14:01 you ever really remember singing?
14:03 I remember I was in San Diego we used to live there
14:07 and I remember a performance where... it was with the choir
14:11 and I kept trying to hog the mic and take the mic away
14:15 and I was the youngest... in the front...
14:18 and I was just taking the mic trying to sing
14:20 but it was a choir song so, I just remember
14:23 that vividly... for some reason.
14:25 That's great... how old were you when that happened?
14:27 I had to be like three or four...
14:30 so you've been doing this a while
14:32 and when was the first time you actually knew
14:34 that this was something you really wanted to do?
14:38 I think I knew... maybe by... like three or four...
14:42 Three or four... right...
14:43 you remember taking that microphone, of course,
14:46 now, you and I were talking earlier in the Green Room,
14:48 we were talking about some of the things that you want to do
14:49 later on... but I do want to talk about school
14:52 what school do you go to in Fort Lauderdale?
14:54 Actually, I go to school in Miami
14:55 Wow... okay...
14:57 and I go to a school called, "Miami Union Academy. "
15:00 Oh, wow! we've heard of Miami Union here
15:02 and who is the Principal of that school?
15:04 The Principal is Ms. Hodge.
15:06 Okay, so, of course, she is going to get extra credit
15:08 for being here on Magnify Him
15:10 and sharing her amazing talents with us today
15:13 and after you finish school, what do you think your plans are
15:16 what are some of the other things
15:18 that you would like to do?
15:19 Another thing that, I think, I may want to do is
15:23 become a Lawyer.
15:24 Wow, wow, and we talked about that earlier too
15:27 about the criminal, or the defense,
15:29 or entertainment, so you're still deciding but
15:32 have you thought about colleges
15:34 or the different places you'd like to go?
15:36 College-wise... I believe... I want to...
15:38 I'm stuck between either Oakwood University or Southern.
15:42 Wow and we have a lot of people
15:44 from both of those Universities that watch this show
15:47 so I'm sure we'll... maybe get some e-mails
15:48 or phone calls about where you should go,
15:50 now we talked that you do a lot of traveling in Florida
15:53 when singing...
15:55 where are some of the places that you've been?
15:57 Well, in Florida, I've been to White Lipped
16:00 in Orlando for about eight years
16:02 so in the Northern and Central Florida,
16:05 and then, down south, in South Florida
16:08 I've performed at a lot of the different
16:11 Adventist Churches there
16:12 and yeah... just a bunch of Adventist churches in Florida.
16:15 And I'm sure your parents
16:17 are very proud of you sharing your talent,
16:19 what are the songs
16:21 that you're going to be singing for us today?
16:23 I'm going to be singing, "Because of Who You Are"
16:25 and "Mighty to Save. "
16:27 Wow! and what do those
16:29 actually mean to you,
16:30 like let's talk about, "Because of Who You Are"
16:32 that's one of my favorite ones,
16:34 what song does that actually mean to you... singing it?
16:37 Well, I just believe that God deserves everything
16:40 that we have to offer Him,
16:41 and it's just because He's so awesome
16:44 He deserves everything from us
16:46 because He's done so much for me, personally, in my life,
16:48 that I believe I should give Him everything
16:51 that I can possibly give.
16:52 Wow! that is amazing, and your second song?
16:54 "Mighty to Save" Hmmm... hmmm...
16:56 I feel like... a lot of people
16:58 may be going through something... and they feel like,
17:00 they just want to throw in the towel and give up,
17:03 but God is mighty to save and He's going to be there
17:06 to support us through anything.
17:08 Wow! and you are so well-spoken and such an awesome 16-year-old
17:13 and we are so excited
17:15 that you're here to share your talents,
17:16 Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy Samara Bowden.
17:21 Music playing...
17:27 I worship you Lord Hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
17:35 hmmm...
17:38 Because of who you are I give you glory
17:48 Because of who you are
17:54 I give you praise
17:58 Because of who you are
18:04 I will lift my voice and say,
18:09 "Lord, I worship you because of who you are
18:18 Lord, I worship you because of who you are. "
18:28 Because of who you are
18:33 I give you glory
18:38 Because of who you are I give you praise
18:48 Because of who you are,
18:53 I will lift my voice and say,
18:58 "Lord, I worship you because of who you are
19:07 Lord, I worship you because of who you are. "
19:16 Jehovah-jireh...
19:21 you're my provider
19:26 Jehovah-nissi
19:30 Lord you reign in victory
19:36 Jehovah-shalom,
19:40 you are my Prince of Peace
19:46 and I worship you because of who you are
19:55 Because of who you are I give you glory
20:04 Because of who you are
20:11 I give you praise
20:16 Because of who you are I will lift my voice and sing
20:26 "Lord I worship you because of who you are,
20:35 Lord I worship you
20:38 because of who you are. "
20:43 You're Jehovah-jireh
20:49 you're my provider
20:54 Jehovah-nissi
20:58 Lord you reign in victory
21:04 Jehovah-shalom you are my Prince of Peace
21:14 and I worship you
21:17 because of who you are
21:23 Jehovah-jireh you're my provider
21:32 Jehovah-nissi
21:38 Lord you reign in victory
21:43 Jehovah-shalom
21:47 you are my Prince of Peace
21:53 and I worship you
21:55 because of who you are
22:02 and I worship you
22:05 because of who you are
22:12 Lord, I worship you
22:19 because of who you are
22:27 are...
22:33 Music playing...
22:37 There is no God like our God...
22:39 He is mighty to save...
22:42 music
22:48 Everyone needs compassion
22:51 love that's never failing,
22:54 Let mercy fall on me
23:01 Everyone needs forgiveness
23:04 The kindness of a Savior,
23:06 The hope of nations
23:12 The hope of nations...
23:17 Savior, He can move the mountains
23:22 My God is mighty to save,
23:26 He is mighty to save
23:29 Forever, author of Salvation
23:33 He rose and conquered the grave
23:38 Jesus conquered the grave
23:43 oooh oooh yeah yeah...
23:47 oooh...
23:53 So take me as You find me
23:58 All my fears and failures,
24:02 Fill my life again
24:08 I give myself to follow
24:11 Everything I believe in,
24:14 Yes I surrender
24:20 Yes I surrender...
24:25 Savior, He can move the mountains
24:30 My God is mighty to save,
24:33 He is mighty to save
24:37 Forever, author of Salvation
24:41 He rose and conquered the grave
24:45 Jesus conquered the grave
24:50 Shine Your light and let the whole world see,
24:54 we're singing...
24:56 For the glory of the risen King, Jesus
25:02 Shine You're light and let the whole world see,
25:08 We're singing for the glory of the risen King
25:13 Savior, He can move the mountains
25:19 My God is mighty to save,
25:22 He is mighty to save
25:26 Forever, author of Salvation
25:30 He rose and conquered the grave,
25:35 Jesus conquered the grave
25:39 Savior, He can move the mountains
25:43 My God is mighty to save,
25:47 He is mighty to save
25:51 Forever, author of salvation
25:55 He rose and conquered the grave,
25:59 Jesus conquered the grave
26:05 oooh... oooh... yes...
26:10 He is mighty to save
26:19 music
26:21 Magnify the Lord the King Magnify Him
26:28 You know Danita,
26:31 we had some awesome singers today...
26:32 Yes... yes... and they were amazing
26:34 and a little fun fact about Samara
26:36 because I was thinking about her earlier
26:38 when she talked about wanting to be a lawyer
26:40 my creative brain immediately thought about
26:43 a Lawyer singing in the Courtroom.
26:45 That's funny... she's only a teenager
26:47 That's right... yes...
26:48 She's very polished...
26:50 She's amazing and I know her parents are so proud of her
26:53 especially for the goals that she has for herself.
26:55 And, you know, Patricia... like I said in my interview
26:58 she's a part of my Praise Team
26:59 she's one of the most dedicated members I have
27:02 and it's so good to see that she's branching out
27:05 and she's doing her own thing
27:07 by going and recording in Nashville
27:09 she's a songwriter,
27:11 I know her stuff is going to be good.
27:12 Oh absolutely... I can't wait to buy it when it comes out
27:15 and she's an excellent singer.
27:16 And you know another good thing is that
27:18 both of these ladies...
27:20 I know Patricia graduated from Southern
27:22 and she's also going back to Southern for her Master's
27:25 but Samara as well...
27:26 well, she's wanting to go to Oakwood or Southern
27:28 it's good to see them wanting to use their talents
27:30 at our Adventist Institutions.
27:32 That is a great thing
27:33 and I know that there are some of you out there
27:35 that are wanting to share your talents here on Magnify Him.
27:38 All you have to do is send a copy or send a submission
27:42 to Yvonne. lewis@3abn. org
27:47 or you can mail your submission
27:48 to Dr. Yvonne Lewis
27:50 c/o 3ABN, PO Box 220, West Frankfort, Illinois 62896
27:59 We want to thank you for joining us today
28:02 and please tune in next time
28:03 as we... Magnify Him.


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