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Participants: Lyndi Schwartz M.D. (Host), Andi Hunsaker M.D., Lauren Rittenhouse


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00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:03 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:05 Be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning any exercise program.
00:11 Do you have one month left at the end of your money?
00:15 Would you like to reverse that and have more money
00:18 left at the end of your month?
00:20 Join us and find out how you can do that?
00:44 Hello, welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:48 My name is Lyndi Schwartz.
00:50 I'm a physician and Internal Medicines Specialist
00:53 from Kettering, Ohio.
00:54 And I am pleased to host this program,
00:58 Aerobic Health At Home.
00:59 Before we get going, let me introduce you
01:02 to our two guest and my friends, Lauren Rittenhouse is joining us
01:06 from Boston Massachusetts.
01:07 Lauren is a cello teacher, she is a cellist
01:11 and she is also a mom of two children
01:14 one is a medical student. One is the medical student.
01:15 That's right. It's a costly thing.
01:17 And then we have my twin sister.
01:20 And her name is Andi Hunsaker
01:22 and she is from Boston Massachusetts.
01:24 She is a physician also and we're so pleased,
01:27 that you could join us today for this segment.
01:30 That we have entitled Aerobic Health At Home.
01:34 You know the Bible tell us
01:35 that we're faithfully and wonderfully made.
01:38 And do you know
01:39 that the medical literature is catching up?
01:42 Recent studies have shown a wonderful new study
01:47 it's called, The Leukocyte Telomere Length.
01:50 I don't know, if you've heard about that.
01:52 But you may ask, what is a Telomere?
01:55 It is the DNA sequence
01:56 that protects chromosomes from destruction.
02:00 They play an important role
02:02 in chromosome structure and function.
02:05 The Leukocyte Telomere Length
02:07 is a biological indicator of human aging.
02:10 The longer the Telomere the better.
02:14 And so you ask, how does this relate to you?
02:16 Well, there are several diseases that actually shortened.
02:20 The Leukocyte Telomere Length those include things
02:23 like diabetes, congestive heart failure and osteoporosis.
02:28 We also know that there is an inverse relationship
02:30 to the Telomeres length and the body mass index.
02:34 In other words the longer the Telomere
02:37 the shorter or the smaller the body mass index.
02:40 And if the body mass index is greater
02:44 then it tends to shortened the Telomere Length.
02:47 Well, what can we do about that?
02:48 It turns out that physical activity
02:50 actually lengthens the Telomere.
02:54 And that's a very excellent predictor of health.
02:58 Interestingly twin studies and sis have a twin.
03:01 Twin studies have been done
03:02 looking at people who exercise a lot.
03:05 And those who don't, those who exercise
03:07 a lot have long Telomeres.
03:10 And those who don't have shorter Telomeres.
03:13 So today what we want to talk about is,
03:16 Aerobics At Home.
03:17 What can you do to make aerobics fun at home?
03:20 I also mentioned that.
03:23 We sometimes have extra month left at the end of our money.
03:28 As I mentioned I'm a physician,
03:29 I'm Internal Medicine Specialist.
03:31 But I also believe in preventive medicine.
03:34 And one of the major things
03:37 of preventive medicine is exercise.
03:40 I tell many of patients,
03:41 I see them they have diabetes they come to the hospital.
03:44 They have terrible results of these conditions.
03:47 And I tell them, I can save your money.
03:50 If you eat right, get enough rest,
03:53 sunshine and exercise.
03:55 I can take you off your medications.
03:57 Many of my patients are spending 300 to 1000 dollars
04:02 a month on medication. This often is not necessary.
04:06 I tell them save your money, go on vacation instead.
04:10 Amen. And so today, what we want to do?
04:12 Is show you how to do,
04:13 Aerobics At Home and kind of variant.
04:17 The most common thing that we know is how to march?
04:19 And so let's start marching most of us march.
04:21 Well, how interesting is this?
04:24 Not very. Not that interesting.
04:26 And so we can march for half an hour at our home.
04:28 And by the way let me mention again.
04:31 In terms of exercise,
04:32 we should be doing moderate activity.
04:35 Moderate activity is things like walking of 15 minute mile
04:39 or if you want to do a little bit more running
04:42 a 12 minute mile or gardening.
04:44 Gardening is a marvelous way to get modern activity.
04:48 And so you can also do aerobics at home,
04:51 which is also moderate activity.
04:53 You should be doing 30 minutes 5 times of week
04:56 or if you want to step-up the pace
04:58 and do vigorous exercise.
04:59 You can do 70 minutes in divided segments at home.
05:03 But today what we want to do
05:04 is that show you some added Maneuver.
05:07 That you can do to improve your health at home.
05:10 And vary your routine and make it more fun.
05:13 If it's fun, you will stick with it.
05:15 So let me start with doing some simple things.
05:18 Well, squat a little bit and now we'll put our heels forward.
05:23 And then just warming up the leg.
05:24 Warming up the lower leg,
05:26 very important to keep the lower legs warm.
05:29 Because you are using them quite a lot.
05:32 Then to the side, toes to the sides, very good.
05:35 We're moving to the side because we want to elongate
05:39 the inner thigh muscles.
05:41 And then we'll lunge to the back.
05:44 And just lunge to the back and you can move your arms.
05:47 Because this actually increases the intensity of the exercise.
05:51 You can do out forward leg goes back, arm goes forward.
05:55 Very good, just like that, these are called rear lunges.
05:59 And we just keep doing those
06:00 in doing that you stretch your hamstring muscles.
06:05 As well as your calf muscles and your Achilles tendons.
06:09 The next thing you want to do is again
06:11 repeat the side again, go back to the side,
06:13 very good go back to the side.
06:17 And then put your hands on your waist
06:19 and the heels forward just like that heels forward, very good.
06:23 And stay low kind of squat.
06:25 This really helps the posture to keep the back straight.
06:28 Perfect alignment is really important as you exercise.
06:31 Let's do little marching again and keep the hands on the waist.
06:36 Okay, and then what we're going to do
06:37 is just show some different ways the kind of increase
06:41 or change the, the routine and the monotony of exercise.
06:45 Could you march in your home, in your leaving room
06:48 for 30 minutes five times a week?
06:50 I think, I'd be bored after the first one
06:52 I played quick in 5 minutes.
06:54 So here we go, now the other thing we can do,
06:56 let us bend on knees. And left up or legs like this.
07:01 Squat and lift, squat and lift. Good squat and lift okay.
07:08 And then we can add the arms.
07:09 Adding the arms is a great way
07:11 to increase the aerobic activity.
07:14 So we'll do go arms in and out, in and out very good
07:19 okay waist level very good then over to height up
07:24 to the shoulder level and this is very nice
07:29 because anybody can do this pretty much
07:32 without causing too much injury okay.
07:37 Let me raise ourselves up and then we want
07:39 to step to the side, step to the side
07:42 when you step to the side, step a big step to the side
07:45 really use your muscle.
07:46 The more you use that muscle the more energy you burn
07:51 so big step don't take a baby step take a big step
07:54 very good big step.
07:57 Okay, then we can stay on, make your arms go out,
08:00 out see just like that out and we go a little bit faster
08:08 even pick up the pace and the faster you move
08:17 the more energy you burn okay.
08:22 They make it even do it to our shoulder level like this.
08:34 Okay, are you began to breathe a little bit heavier?
08:37 Little bit. As you go faster. Almost.
08:39 Almost breathing heavier and you see you gradually ease
08:42 into it you never just start really quickly
08:44 because what you want to do is to really ease
08:48 into the exercise in that way your body is warmed up
08:56 and you don't have so many injuries.
08:58 If you move too quickly, you can cause many injuries.
09:02 Okay, now let's put the arms over head,
09:05 up and down very good and do it really vigorously,
09:10 really pull down and big movement to the side.
09:15 Okay. Big movements, up and down, big movements,
09:22 make your legs go out wide, okay very good.
09:28 Now let's go back to our march again
09:30 that good march and we just keep marching
09:34 and let's move our arms by our waist very vigorously
09:41 when you march and lift your knees
09:42 as high as you can really move your arms
09:45 by your sides and when you put your foot on the floor
09:49 put it down softly and really get those arms
09:54 involved a part of aerobic exercise
09:58 as opposed to resistance training
10:00 is that you feel breathless a little bit of sweat or a glow
10:06 and you feel slightly fatigued always make sure that
10:10 when you doing aerobic exercise you can still talk
10:13 to somebody else can you guys talk.
10:15 Can you talk Lauren? Of course.
10:17 Okay, very good, so we just keep a good pace
10:24 like this there were some recommendations
10:29 that I like to mention especially as we get older
10:32 over the age of 65 the recommendation
10:34 is that in addition to aerobic training,
10:37 which is the 30 minutes 5 times a week,
10:39 that two days of week we spend doing strengthening training
10:43 with weights or resistance bands.
10:47 In addition stretching is recommended
10:50 three times a week.
10:52 Okay, let's change a little bit
10:54 now let's do some knee lifts okay.
10:55 We will do knee lifts and pull the arms down.
11:04 And we're gonna wait a little bit just keep up arms
11:06 both arms up and then we're gonna do one arm down.
11:13 So, just change a little bit.
11:23 Now both arms okay both arms down
11:27 and over doing here is giving an idea
11:29 of different things that you can do
11:32 at home besides marching, marching is the fundamental
11:36 part of the aerobic exercise at home.
11:39 But this is varies the muscles that you use and the directions
11:43 in which we use them okay. Are you tired to doing this yet?
11:48 Tired over.
11:49 Are you feeling little bit of breathlessness?
11:53 A little bit. A little bit okay very good.
11:56 Now let's march again, march,
12:01 vigorous marching knees high.
12:10 Okay, very vigorous, okay.
12:22 I know I can hear myself breathing.
12:24 Okay, now let's go side to side again
12:27 this time no arms right side reach way over, reach way over.
12:39 And this can be done at home no equipment needed
12:42 just all space and this all you need.
12:48 Okay, now with this movement now what we're gonna do,
12:50 is we're gonna add what we call some hamstring curls
12:54 and this gonna look like this just look at what I do first
12:56 then you can follow me just like that keeping moving
13:05 then we gonna add our arms first low then waist high
13:09 shoulder then overhead okay.
13:10 Low pull back very good
13:22 okay it's doing great. Thank you.
13:25 Okay, now let's go waist level very good now when you pull
13:31 make sure you don't pull too vigorously
13:33 to cause pain in your shoulders.
13:35 You want to pull with enough strength
13:37 to use the arm muscles but not to cause any tissue damage.
13:42 Shoulder high keep the legs coming up
13:45 to your gluteal area as high as you can now let's go overhead
13:51 and pull down and do a little bit of bounce even.
13:58 I think this seems like a fairly good pace.
14:05 Okay, good are your arms like tired yet?
14:10 Almost. Almost not quite. Almost.
14:12 Well, you better work those arms a little bit more.
14:14 All right. Okay, you're just kidding.
14:16 Okay, I believed you. Okay, very good.
14:21 Okay, now let's go back to our side step,
14:24 side step and I'm gonna punch down,
14:28 punch, punch, good.
14:37 Now, actually I began punch down low and up high
14:40 away from our body and I'll show you
14:42 how that's like and you can follow me
14:44 in the mean time keep punching low okay like that.
14:53 Okay, you got that? We got it.
14:56 Good punch, low then high
14:57 away from where your body is moving.
15:07 Very good, again when you use your arms
15:10 and your legs together you hardly does really want
15:15 to get up there and that's what you want
15:17 cardiovascular activity aerobic exercise
15:20 is really by getting the heart rate up.
15:26 Okay, now let's go back to what we can do
15:28 a little side step and then we'll do our knees up
15:31 and lunge back okay.
15:32 So little different knees up and lunge back okay here we go,
15:36 we will do the right knee first okay here we go
15:41 and your arms up okay so first let's do the knees up like this.
15:46 We'll do some lunges and almost you getting used
15:50 to doing that let's do four with our knees up
15:52 we will lunge back for four okay.
15:54 So one left up, left up lunge back,
15:59 lunge back, left up that was a four was it.
16:03 But we can't count. You can't count.
16:06 May be I can't either.
16:07 Back okay then up with knee two, three, four
16:12 and then lunge back.
16:13 One, two, good three and four up, lubb, up.
16:18 Three, four, lunge back, back, back, back now you go up
16:24 two, three, four, one, two, three, four
16:30 then up two, three, four lunge back two, three, four up
16:39 two, three, four lunge back two, three, four
16:45 let's do two up two, one, two good up.
16:49 two, back to hope you're following at home
16:54 back two up two back two now let's just stay back,
17:00 back, back, back, back, back, good now go back to your march
17:07 here let's go back to your march one, two have you
17:12 on the right foot doesn't make any different
17:13 let's just march wherever you are, march.
17:18 Now what we're gonna do now we are going to strengthen
17:20 our quadriceps again and what will do
17:22 is well step to our right a little bit here,
17:25 move to the right and what we'll do
17:27 is we'll march from left, right, left then go over lunge.
17:31 I'll show you what we do left to it's one, two, three,
17:34 four lunge together.
17:37 One, two, three, four lunge together.
17:40 Okay let's go, one, two, three, four good,
17:44 one, two, three, four good,
17:47 one, two, three, four lunge good.
17:51 Now let's add the arms good one, two, three, four
17:56 squat together, one, two, three, four
18:00 squat together, one, two, three, four
18:04 squat together, one, two, three, four squat together.
18:08 Now with the waist one, two, three, four
18:11 squat together good, one, two, three, four
18:14 squat together, one, two, three, four squat
18:19 oh overhead now one, two, three, four
18:21 squat together good.
18:23 One, two, three, four squat together,
18:28 one, two, three, four squat together good,
18:30 one, two, three, four squat together you can now
18:34 center yourselves, in the centre right here again
18:37 and let's just march and we'll march keep marching
18:43 and we'll go to a another maneuver
18:45 are you guys getting wiped up a little bit?
18:47 Yeah, that's good.
18:48 All right, now what we want to do
18:51 we begin our series of some lifting of our legs,
18:53 of our knees and what will do initially is march
18:57 forward and back, forward and back,
19:01 forward and back, what we'll do is we will raise
19:03 on knee when we comeback a back of knee okay.
19:06 We go forward like this I'll show you okay,
19:12 let's switch sides. Good. For together that's okay, just.
19:26 I rather be together than.
19:27 Okay I'll try to show everybody how we can do things
19:30 at home and there is you know always just we marching
19:34 right now we can do something a little bit more difficult
19:37 I want to be turning to our right side
19:39 and we'll do that same maneuver lifting the left leg okay
19:43 so here we go we'll march to the side
19:45 we will go like this, lift.
19:52 Now what we gonna do now
19:54 is we gonna use our arms like this.
20:03 Now, what I want to do is lift both knees now like this.
20:06 Not at the same time.
20:08 Not at the same time, don't do at the same time.
20:09 Lauren is absolutely right. One at a time, lift the leg.
20:13 That's something not my time. It's called a jump, right. Okay.
20:18 So, lift the leg up and in and out.
20:21 Now you can also do some biceps curls with this.
20:25 So, here we go biceps curls, biceps curls, biceps curls
20:30 that strengthens your extremities while you're doing
20:33 this and believe it or not this really
20:35 is very good exercise what we're doing here
20:39 this is enough to fulfill the requirement
20:41 for that 30 minutes five times a week.
20:44 Okay, now let's go to the center step side step
20:47 and then turn to the left side.
20:52 Okay, now we lift that knee okay,
21:00 okay now lift both, lift both.
21:10 Okay, now we turn to the front again
21:13 and we'll go to side to side, okay, now what I want you to do
21:26 we'll do our march and I will still want to do next.
21:28 Okay, let's do march okay we are fairly aggressive
21:34 marching here.
21:37 And we're going to be doing some lunges and moving our arms
21:41 over our head like this okay we go like this,
21:43 like this so I would do slowly first very good
21:50 so this can be done at home to vary your routine
21:54 move the opposite arm across your chest like that.
21:58 Then you can go overhead and if you can really swing it.
22:02 Like that really swing you began to use
22:06 allow the major muscles what you want to do
22:08 use your muscles all the muscles not just a few
22:12 and do that way your lunge touching the heel
22:14 to the floor every time okay.
22:21 Very good, okay let's continue doing this
22:28 for one and two now let's just step to the side
22:32 so step to the side very good and then what we're gonna do
22:35 is we're gonna do elbow to knee lifts,
22:37 elbow to knee lifts okay.
22:39 And I'll show you what that looks like
22:40 it's looks like this, very good all right
22:45 and get it very aggressive you can do lots of things
22:47 with this the knees are out you bring them up,
22:51 bring your arms down very good, bring the arms down okay.
23:00 And this really as you can see this really begins to utilize
23:03 all of the muscles are using them
23:04 at different positions your marching, your stepping,
23:07 your lifting excellent aerobic exercise.
23:11 Okay, so let's just keep doing that it might be fatiguing.
23:15 If it is fatiguing for you go back to the march do not feel
23:19 that you have to do all these things.
23:21 Okay, now let's step our legs wide we won't move them
23:25 but we'll just reach up like this okay and tap the toe.
23:29 And throw your, okay very good just swing your arms up
23:34 okay then this one another thing that I want you to do
23:38 we will be circling the arms we circle them
23:41 at our waist first and then overhead okay like this.
23:48 Swing it like this if you get a little bit
23:50 of a proportion there then we can do the overhead
23:55 as well overhead.
24:01 Okay, okay just tapping a little bit
24:07 okay now we'll march and march, march very good, march,
24:15 march okay very good.
24:19 Okay, I am really feeling this I am really exercising.
24:26 We are two.
24:27 So that's great okay, are you felling this? Oh, yeah.
24:28 Okay, The next thing we're gonna do just very briefly
24:31 time is running short but I do want to do one thing
24:34 I want to turn to this side and bring the knee in like this
24:37 just keep it's steady and then bring the knee up.
24:41 Okay, this is something you can do at home to practice
24:43 as we'll show this while we still here.
24:45 And then we would just want to make sure you get this
24:48 be very careful doing it.
24:50 You can do both arms down like this both arms
24:56 and this is really good because you really lifting
24:58 like always one leg on the floor.
25:01 Okay, now let's switch to our sides we will go
25:02 to the step to the right then like this just move the,
25:06 keep the left leg stationary
25:08 and move the right leg in and out.
25:09 When that's feels good then you go ahead and lift it.
25:14 Okay, both arms down mean while I get fancy
25:19 and do a lift and the kick but let's just do the lift.
25:23 Okay, very good all right that's an example
25:27 of something you do it at home.
25:29 Let's just turn face to front a little bit
25:31 and step side to the side.
25:33 And for a little bit let's just march forward
25:35 in a back step like this.
25:38 It just cooling us down, now back step
25:44 like you are going somewhere but not really. Okay.
25:49 Because waiting outside.
25:51 Okay, now again as I have described
25:54 to the best exercise is outside in God's fresh air
25:58 my sister just mentioned about being outside
26:00 that's the best place combines the loss of great
26:03 natural remedies as a physician and internist
26:06 and some one who believes in preventive health.
26:09 I believe in doing as much as you can naturally,
26:15 as you possible can, it will safe you money really.
26:18 Two side step and as you do that you will find
26:23 tremendous blessing in just being outside
26:26 but if you cannot be outside then you have to be indoors
26:30 then aerobics is a great way to be indoors.
26:33 To cool down I'm going to do something we call a great fine.
26:37 And let me show you what that looks like you take one leg,
26:42 second leg tap it's a great way to cool down and it is fun too.
26:51 Just one leg behind the other you go little faster.
26:59 One leg is going behind one leg is being going behind
27:02 tap one leg behind.
27:06 You didn't had a knee lift like this.
27:18 Okay, that really cools you down okay.
27:21 Now, let's go to our march a very slow march
27:24 we are overjoyed that you could be with us today.
27:27 My heart is actually going and I'm going a little bit
27:31 and just a slight bit fatigued and I just hope
27:35 that you've had a wonderful workout with us
27:37 that you enjoyed finding out about how to add some things
27:41 to your marching.
27:43 That you will enjoy good health and I pray also
27:47 that you will be able to have more money
27:51 at the end of your month.
27:52 So that you can have fun and enjoy the things
27:57 you want to enjoy.
27:58 We are pleased that you have been with us
28:01 and we pray that God will richly bless
28:03 all that you do and also we pray that you will be back
28:08 with us next time for more aerobics.


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