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Spinal Wrap: How To Straighten Your Posture

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Participants: Jeanie Weaver (Host), Garland & Donna Blanton


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00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:03 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:05 Be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning any exercise program.
00:11 Welcome to Body and Spirit.
00:13 I am Jeanie McDonald Weaver.
00:15 And we are going to do spinal wrap today,
00:17 how to straighten your posture.
00:42 Welcome to Body and Spirit.
00:43 I have Garland and Donna with me
00:47 and they have the same last name
00:49 because they are married to one another.
00:51 And we are going to do spinal wrap today
00:53 and I have already asked Donna and Garland to walk
00:56 a little for me and we picked out
00:58 a few little challenges
01:00 that we are going to work on right.
01:02 Little challenges! Little challenges.
01:04 Now I am gonna use, Garland first
01:07 because whenever somebody's work on their posture,
01:10 they don't even know where to start,
01:12 and they don't know that
01:13 they have a posture problem.
01:14 So I ask Garland to do a little walk for me.
01:17 And he walked and we found out as I was watching him,
01:21 he really leads with his head
01:22 and his shoulders around it okay.
01:26 So whatever that I had him walk for me,
01:29 then I asked him to walk with the pole.
01:33 And I have a walking pole.
01:35 Donna has just a plane dowel that you can get it
01:39 at any hardware store, okay.
01:41 Or you can use a broom or a this is a bamboo pole
01:46 so anything like that that is straight
01:48 that is light weight,
01:49 and so I am going to have down just take their pole
01:53 and they put it behind their back.
01:55 And they use the back of their hand,
01:58 they want to touch the back of the head,
02:01 between the shoulders and right
02:04 between the gluteals, okay.
02:06 And I want to see, if I am able to go
02:08 with my ear over my shoulder and my shoulder over my hip,
02:13 and my hip over my knee and my ankle.
02:15 And if you can look Donna is doing pretty good,
02:19 she's got that back here,
02:22 I need to drop a chin a little bit, okay.
02:24 And she's touching and she could take a few steps out,
02:28 and stay in contact.
02:30 So take a few steps out, and a few steps back,
02:33 and she is staying in pretty good contact,
02:36 now we gonna have Garland
02:37 that's depth forward a couple.
02:39 And you can see how far away that Garland head is,
02:44 so those of you at home you get your broom handle.
02:47 Or walking stick, and do this test,
02:51 you may not realize what you are setting
02:53 yourself up of for some real, strain,
02:55 cervical strain, lower dorsal, lumbar dorsal,
02:59 just because if you posture and you didn't realize it.
03:02 Now these two are avid walkers,
03:04 however, if you are walking a lot
03:07 and you are doing it with really poor posture,
03:09 well, we are sitting up for some other problems, right?
03:14 So what we wanna do is help Garland to figure out
03:19 how he is going to make up the difference for this,
03:23 based here, okay.
03:25 And we don't want to as most of you are doing right now,
03:28 I know you are, you are doing this, right here,
03:30 because that's exactly Garland did
03:31 when I said put the back on your head on there,
03:33 what you do Garland?
03:35 You are like that.
03:36 And he goes, I am touching.
03:37 And I am saying no you are not.
03:40 So we want to retract that neck,
03:45 and then protract it out, and then retract it back,
03:50 keep that chin down.
03:51 Okay, so that's the first part,
03:54 so when you are really thinking about it,
03:56 you can help do that,
03:57 but he has so much of space here that he needs
04:00 to actually some stretching and strengthening
04:02 moves for hisneck and his upper back.
04:05 And so we have talked about that and our...
04:09 our...we'll talk about that a little bit more.
04:10 Now for Donna, and step back,
04:13 so when you are doing this little test,
04:16 and you've got the back of your head on there,
04:19 I am there and back your shoulders,
04:20 and your hips, you can step wide,
04:22 you can go into a golf swing.
04:26 Okay, if you are keeping your posture,
04:28 my head's there right, is that right Garland?
04:31 And I contacted right, yes,
04:33 okay, and I can do that, I can go, I can sit down,
04:38 and stay in contact and come back up.
04:42 That's a test for how far out
04:45 of line you have gone, okay.
04:47 Now, we are gonna do another low check in,
04:51 we gonna hold our poles right here in front,
04:54 and we are gonna take our shoulder.
04:56 And we gonna just come right here,
04:57 right across the breast bone,
05:00 and I am gonna bring it right there,
05:02 and I am gonna drop my shoulders down,
05:03 drop my shoulders, drop my shoulders, okay.
05:07 Donna is laughing because we found out
05:09 that Donna has a very pronounced
05:11 shoulder lift here and she has that lift
05:15 and we found out because that's the shoulder
05:17 that she has tried to keep her purse on right here.
05:22 And that shoulder keeps coming up
05:24 and you can see that this side is short
05:26 and this side is long,
05:28 and she's done that for so many years
05:31 that she is tighten this is in here
05:32 and she needs to do some real
05:34 stretching and strengthening moves.
05:36 And she can help herself out with that,
05:37 so she doesn't have the forward head thing,
05:39 but she has this thing going, okay.
05:42 A lot, and that will cause you some discomfort,
05:46 if it is does not, it's going to.
05:47 So we gonna come right here,
05:49 we gonna bend shoulders to our ears, first of all.
05:52 Bring your shoulders to ears keep really tight.
05:54 Now we gonna push the shoulders down,
05:57 and we gonna bring that bar, right down,
05:59 and then we gonna make a little circle down there,
06:01 and we're gonna keep our shoulders down,
06:02 don't like that shoulders come up
06:04 down I am watching you.
06:05 Okay, so it is taking everything,
06:09 every bit of concentration that you have to keep
06:11 that down because she wants to get her purse up.
06:14 And those of you who have been
06:15 carrying you purse for,
06:16 how many years? 20 years,
06:18 get rid of that thing,
06:20 put it on your back or waist or something,
06:24 do your circle, you can come right up
06:27 to the collar bone, drop your shoulders,
06:30 come back down and around, and come back up, okay.
06:35 Now I am gonna turn
06:36 and I am gonna bring that arm right over my head,
06:39 so I am gonna stretch, right through here, okay.
06:42 Stretch right through there,
06:44 and I am gonna go up with it.
06:46 And I am gonna really straighten
06:47 that arm up, okay.
06:49 And I am gonna come back down,
06:51 and straighten that arm,
06:53 and I am gonna really keep trying
06:55 to straighten my back, and keep my chin back.
06:58 And I am going to bring it down,
07:00 and then I am going to rotate it.
07:01 And I am going to go over my head again,
07:04 just like that and up, okay, and back down.
07:08 And right now I see my shoulder coming up there.
07:11 Here we go. Do you see it?
07:13 Okay, Garland you gonna have to really help her, okay.
07:16 He's gonna really nag you about this.
07:18 I'll carry her purse.
07:19 He's gonna carry her purse that's a good thing.
07:22 All the way up stretch, big stretch.
07:24 So see I am helping myself out,
07:26 and when you come up,
07:27 I want you to reach way up there.
07:29 Okay, drop that shoulder,
07:31 pull down, pull down, and come back down.
07:35 Okay, now start to pull down with this lower one,
07:37 and pull up, and come back down,
07:43 so you are pulling down with this one
07:44 and you are pulling up with the other one.
07:46 Drop that shoulder, do it again, okay.
07:50 Now all the while that I am doing this,
07:53 I am keeping my stomach in, aren't you.
07:55 Right down, yes, stomach in,
07:59 and we are squeezing our gluteals.
08:01 Now I am gonna turn,
08:02 I am gonna do with this side one more time
08:04 because I wanna pull up hard
08:07 but I wanna pull down, I wanna resist it, okay.
08:11 So this is just a little something
08:13 that you can do while you are walking even.
08:15 Then you go back to your round,
08:18 do your wash tub thing,
08:21 so it's down and around to the clavicle.
08:23 And when you come to the clavicle,
08:25 this is a good time to check to see
08:28 if she's lifting it or what she is doing there.
08:30 Okay, so down and around,
08:32 and right to that clavicle
08:34 and we are gonna bend my knee just slightly
08:36 as I come down and around,
08:38 and bring it to the clavicle.
08:39 I am going to pull that whole body into this,
08:41 so I am not just stand it,
08:42 and let's say, we are walking,
08:44 so if we were walking, so act like you are walking,
08:47 and you bring it down and around,
08:49 and you gonna watch.
08:51 And you gonna take a look
08:53 and see if she is doing this,
08:55 don't let her do that right.
08:56 And every time you bring it to your chin Garland.
08:59 You are gonna pull that chin back, okay.
09:02 And bring it down and around.
09:03 You can be doing this the whole walk, okay.
09:06 But you have to be very mindful.
09:07 Keep your stomach tight
09:09 so that you don't arch that back.
09:11 Because when you bring those arms up
09:12 with any kind of apparatus,
09:13 you tend to want to do that,
09:15 unless you are engaged, okay.
09:17 So we just did a spinal test,
09:19 to see how they are doing
09:21 and we found out something that we need to work on.
09:23 And then we talked, Garland I talked about,
09:27 what he needs to do protraction and retraction,
09:31 so after you do the protraction and restraction
09:34 as we have stated,
09:35 you can also go ear to shoulder,
09:38 ear to shoulder which is what Donna
09:41 needs to do desperately.
09:43 So you can help each other with that, okay.
09:45 So as you are doing it, you hold it,
09:47 you can hold your pole here or here,
09:50 you can be walking while you are doing
09:52 that you don't have to be just
09:53 at home and do this, okay.
09:54 Practice it while you are walking.
09:55 So when you start to do
09:57 this thing just hold your pole here.
09:58 Softening your knees just a little bit,
10:01 and the tummy is tight.
10:03 Okay, now I want you to go that way with your ear,
10:06 I want you to go that way with your,
10:08 don't bring that shoulder up.
10:09 She keeps one to bring that shoulder up,
10:11 you know, that's called cheating.
10:16 Okay, and then we are going to bring,
10:17 do you feel stretching?
10:18 Oh, yes, she desperately just stretch that side
10:22 as you saw she was short here and long here.
10:24 And she said, she had whiplash, when she was younger,
10:27 and then it started from there.
10:29 Okay, so now we gonna come up
10:31 and we gonna keep walking, right away.
10:34 And we are going to keep our shoulder down
10:37 and we are gonna go ahead and stretch down this ways.
10:40 Now bring that ear to the shoulder
10:43 right there, okay.
10:46 And walking and then bring it up,
10:48 but this is the side that we need
10:49 to stretch more on that.
10:50 Now we can do that aero walking, okay people
10:54 just think that you know
10:56 maybe some sort of wrong with you.
10:59 That's okay, we are stretching,
11:01 and you'll have to do at the whole time.
11:03 Take ten steps out of a 100 steps
11:07 that you might take, and do just some stretching.
11:09 And you all ear to shoulder,
11:11 ear to shoulder and then chin to shoulder,
11:15 chin to shoulder.
11:16 Now when we put that with gait,
11:20 training for our posture.
11:22 So we are thinking about it but then we go
11:26 heel toe, heel toe,
11:31 heel toe and we keep our bad habits thinking, right?
11:37 We are re-training our brain,
11:39 and I have said a lot yet about brains and exercise.
11:44 But I am telling you, it's all right here,
11:47 you gonna get even more brains
11:49 because you are retraining a bad habit
11:53 and you are getting out of it.
11:54 Okay, so, step back just for a second to the chair,
11:58 just right to there, okay,
12:00 so all I want you do now,
12:01 is think about that what you just learned, okay.
12:06 And those of you here out, out in the audience,
12:09 ears need to be over the shoulders,
12:11 the shoulders are over the hips.
12:13 The hips are over the knees,
12:15 the knees are over the ankles, okay.
12:18 And it is not, we don't want this, right,
12:23 that's not the way we want to go. Is it? No.
12:26 Okay, then we got to do something
12:27 about it now, when we can.
12:29 So we are gonna train our gait now,
12:33 we gonna go heel toe,
12:34 and I am gonna think about
12:37 what I am doing up here, and I am gonna go heel toe.
12:41 And I am gonna tight walk like there is line there.
12:45 And gonna go heel toe, heel toe, heel toe,
12:47 just take two or three steps right up there,
12:49 heel toe, heel toe, heel toe, heel toe, and come back.
12:54 Okay, so as I am watching Donna
12:57 this side this shoulder,
12:59 she's having a really hard time,
13:02 getting that toe all the way behind,
13:05 she's half it to leave it out here,
13:07 and telling you this affects gait,
13:11 you got to get your posture right, it affects you.
13:14 Okay, and that affects your balance,
13:16 and on and on and on.
13:18 So again you can do this with your walking,
13:21 you do it as a cool down or a warm up.
13:23 And you can get a straight line,
13:25 find a crack in the road,
13:28 I am sure you can find lost cracks,
13:29 or, just get some chalk
13:31 and just make a stripe as down.
13:34 And go ahead and try that one more time
13:36 we are holding it here,
13:37 and are tummy is so tight,
13:39 and we are thinking about what our issues are,
13:42 and for Donna, she has to quick
13:44 bringing that shoulder up.
13:45 Okay, Garland has to keep that chin down,
13:48 and not let himself lead like that.
13:50 and go heel toe, heel toe, just do three steps,
13:54 heel toe, heel toe, heel toe, okay,
13:58 and then come back and back and back and back.
14:03 So, bring your own video cameras,
14:07 and you can see that she's having hard time,
14:10 getting that toe behind here,
14:13 and this has to do with that, okay.
14:16 So the heel toe is really good,
14:19 now let's do an exercise to help strengthen our legs.
14:23 Okay. We need to do two,
14:25 we gonna walk forward,
14:26 and we are gonna do a knee to our pole,
14:30 knee to my pole, knee to my pole,
14:33 knee to my pole,
14:35 And then I am going to go back,
14:37 I'm gonna retro walk, okay,
14:40 and when I retro walk,
14:41 I'll show you what I am looking forward.
14:42 When you do your retro walk this is what I typically see.
14:51 See, you see they are one a both
14:53 and the reason is, you are trying
14:54 to get the stability.
14:56 So it's balance, exercise, don't go real wide,
15:02 and if you're really shaky to put your foot back up,
15:06 just widen up, toe heel, toe heel, toe heel.
15:12 Okay, so just go forward two or three steps,
15:14 try to bring that pole out and you can,
15:18 you don't have to be real high,
15:19 you can bring it down here,
15:20 just bring that quad, right up to there.
15:23 One, two, three, and four,
15:28 now, retro walk, toe heel, toe heel,
15:32 toe heel, toe heel,
15:35 this is going to be some fun.
15:36 And you got work to do.
15:39 So those of you who are out there doing some of these,
15:42 has somebody watched you, okay,
15:45 it's very simple to get a line drawn
15:48 and understand that many times
15:52 our seniors will walk in a really wide funny way.
15:57 Sometimes because our hips hurt or the knees hurt
16:01 that many time just because they don't have the muscle.
16:06 And the balance to walk in straight
16:11 forward balanced way.
16:13 Now I am going to add a little bit of difficulty
16:15 and those of you who are walking,
16:18 and that's all you are doing,
16:19 and you are not doing any appreciable
16:22 strength training, this is where you start.
16:26 Okay, when you get to where you can do 30 to 50
16:29 knee ups touch, knee ups touch straight on
16:34 and walk in your walk and do it several times,
16:36 you're gonna start strengthening through here.
16:39 Wonderful. Because that's for those
16:41 of you who just walk that's the good way to start
16:44 your strength training, now, just before we get down our,
16:47 uneven challenge, to marry that move,
16:53 we are gonna do, what's called,
16:55 in a track and field world, we call heel kicks.
16:59 But right now, we are just gonna call it heel curl.
17:02 Okay, so I am gonna curl that here,
17:04 let me warn you, when you step out,
17:07 don't do a real exaggerated pull,
17:12 or you'll stop immediately and grab your hamstrings
17:17 because it is going to be cramping on you.
17:19 Okay, so just bring your heel up.
17:23 Don't bring it too high,
17:25 or it can illicit a cramp in your hamstrings.
17:27 So you gonna just three steps,
17:29 and you gonna do heel kicks,
17:31 okay, or bring the heel up.
17:33 Heel up, heel up, heel up, heel up.
17:38 And then you can do it back wards,
17:39 heel up step back, keep the toe forward,
17:42 heel up forward, heel up forward.
17:46 And just be aware Donna
17:47 that when you step down every time,
17:50 this toe is out, okay.
17:54 Okay, so that, that will be enough to cause you to fall.
17:59 And at first when you try to straighten that toe up,
18:03 you gonna be really wobbly,
18:04 so go wide, that's okay,
18:07 just don't go out with that toe. Okay.
18:10 And just be aware that's the one
18:11 that doing it the most,
18:12 Garland is pretty good,
18:14 he just to got that...that head back.
18:18 Okay, so we have the leg ups
18:21 and we have the heel to hip,
18:24 or the heel kicks, okay.
18:26 So the next thing that we'll start
18:28 to strengthening your hip,
18:29 and you had mentioned that you had hip go out on you.
18:31 So until you start really following
18:35 some of the other tapes that we have done
18:37 to really start appreciable strengthening.
18:40 Standing and walking you can do fine anything uneven,
18:44 it can be a pillow.
18:46 Now I just rolled up a mat when of our exercise mats,
18:49 you can get a pillow, just go and get a pillow
18:52 just don't let it be your husband
18:54 that you are stepping on.
18:55 Okay, that won't be good,
18:58 and you gonna step on that pillow, okay,
19:01 you can use your cane, or your pole you want to,
19:05 and you gonna just bring that leg up,
19:08 you got to kick stand, and you gonna bring it up.
19:10 And you gotta cane here, and this knee,
19:13 what do you think, is it gonna be locked or soft?
19:15 I think soft.
19:16 Soft, see you guys are headed again.
19:18 So I am going to come here,
19:20 and we get my balance
19:21 and then we take that pole up.
19:22 And I am gonna work that foot and ankle,
19:25 and hip, and knee, and stomach.
19:28 And I am going to hold it until
19:29 I can hold it for a good 30 seconds
19:31 and then I am gonna step off, okay.
19:34 That's the first stage,
19:38 second stage is you're holding
19:41 and you gonna tap, tap, tap, tap,
19:46 tap, tap, tap. Got it?
19:51 And you need to get where you can do that ten times.
19:53 Then you need to go the other leg,
19:55 so we're gonna try yet,
19:58 Okay, okay step into my office right here, okay,
20:05 so on, I like that when you hold that there,
20:08 now you can use as a pole as you get ready.
20:12 Okay, so you're gonna use this as a kick stand
20:15 so put your toe down and any time you need to.
20:18 Now don't lean into this, okay.
20:20 Try to use less and less
20:21 because you gonna bring it up, okay.
20:24 That's all right, bring that toe up and hold on
20:29 Okay, is your tummy tight?
20:31 And you are doing excellent on your shoulders
20:33 by the way, you are keeping it down.
20:35 Because I'll, did this thing
20:38 and just give a little nudge, okay.
20:40 So bring that leg up, how are you doing?
20:42 Doing good, yeah, I am stretching my ankle,
20:45 yeah, it's working hard, isn't?
20:47 What if you had to bring this pole off the ground?
20:49 I would fall over it.
20:50 Oh, okay, see we've modified for you all ready.
20:56 Did you see? I wish you to saw that,
20:58 did you see Garland?
20:59 She pulled it right up,
21:01 when she gets little nervous or little anything,
21:03 she just pulls that right up.
21:04 And it's going to cause her,
21:06 and it has already has caused her
21:08 a lot of problems up in through here.
21:10 Okay, then want to touch that,
21:12 now go to the other side,
21:14 and see how you are doing,
21:15 and you always going to be better
21:16 on one side than the other.
21:17 Okay, that just our brains, up and chilling both sides,
21:21 different sides you're just gonna
21:23 be different, and different injuries.
21:24 Either, or however, you want to that's fine,
21:27 it's good to be, just put your toe down
21:29 as a kick stand, so you know what's that.
21:32 So when you bring that leg back here,
21:35 and you could be practicing this right now,
21:37 before you get on here.
21:41 Okay, so always know where the toe
21:43 is because when you start to fall,
21:45 it's scary and you wanna know where that's at,
21:48 and you bring it up, and you cane that tummy,
21:52 you keep the shoulders down.
21:53 And little by little you are thinking some day,
21:57 I am going to be able to stand here,
21:58 and take this pole off the ground. Right.
22:01 That's the objective, see what I am doing?
22:05 Yes, all mine.
22:08 You know, everybody is at a different place,
22:10 and has different challenges.
22:15 I just corrected her, all right, so if I were you,
22:18 I would be correcting you,
22:21 because it is ingrained posture,
22:23 I can give you all these great exercises
22:27 to help straighten out your postural issues.
22:30 But if you don't do them for the rest of 24 hours,
22:34 what is five or ten minutes here with me?
22:37 So, this is something that you have to do,
22:40 and this is great to pair with when it says pray
22:45 without ceasing, right here, you pray,
22:49 and you work your posture,
22:50 okay, and it is a constant thing, okay,
22:53 our text for today actually is Psalms 22:19,
22:57 "But you our Lord be not far off,
23:01 all my strength come quickly to help me."
23:04 And you gonna need that because changing
23:06 bad habits are hard to do but you can do it,
23:10 and you can do it.
23:12 Now we need to watch him on this,
23:14 okay, so every time you step on something
23:17 that's unstable, the thing that you need to remember
23:21 is keying your stomach,
23:25 you just pull in your belly button like we have been
23:27 telling at every program.
23:29 That's your stability, if you do even take a miss step,
23:33 and get off balance, you are not gonna
23:35 pull your back off because why?
23:38 Stomach muscles.
23:39 Your stomach muscles are supporting your back,
23:41 okay, that holds together.
23:43 Okay, so when you step on that,
23:45 your knees are gonna be soft,
23:46 and your belly buttons gonna be tighten in,
23:48 and you would be thinking about what we work
23:49 and add up here, right?
23:51 Okay, and so toe is on the kick stand,
23:55 so they're set, now get on balance,
23:58 tight tummy and don't you looking down
24:00 because remember we wanna retrain, don't we?
24:03 Yeah, and it affects our balance,
24:05 now you are holding here, but remember our goal
24:07 is to stand on here for even ten seconds,
24:10 five seconds without that pole on the ground.
24:13 Okay, that knees unlocked right, right, right?
24:18 Don't think so?
24:20 Yes, it is hard, and I hope you doing at home,
24:23 you can use again, a pillow, I use this little,
24:26 they are called eye bars, they are little,
24:29 you know, air pillows with their vinyl rubber.
24:35 But you can use the pillow, you can use a mat like this,
24:38 this is low level, it can get really hard
24:41 if we get thicker and thicker.
24:43 Okay, now while he's doing that you are going
24:46 to keep working on this, right? Yes.
24:48 And I want to just like this steps out now,
24:53 and you just gonna lift and lift,
24:56 and keep correcting and lift, and don't use this,
24:59 you are gonna hold that in front of you, lift,
25:02 and lift and you are watching him, okay.
25:04 Be his coach, what's it, what are you gonna do?
25:07 Softening your knees, pull your belly button in.
25:11 And what about that chin.
25:12 And the chin goes down and back.
25:15 That's good, I like it, she's your coach now,
25:19 okay, so you are right there and keep
25:23 that knee very nice and soft.
25:26 And he knows where are the forears
25:29 because he is using his kicks down,
25:30 and he's challenging, see he is putting
25:32 he bring a pole up, that's why it is really unstable.
25:35 Do you see that what kind of work has gonna take? Yes.
25:37 Okay, that's the beginning of their strengthening,
25:40 of their strengthening, their walkers.
25:41 They haven't been really be doing some strength work.
25:44 And the last one that I am going to show you
25:47 how to do is, actually again, it's a,
25:52 it's a foundational move, and it's one that you can
25:55 start right now, it's the very first move
25:58 in the strong men and women stay young program
26:00 and we have done that in a tape,
26:02 you can see that.
26:03 We're gonna back up to our chairs,
26:07 and we take a big deep breathe, and I am gonna
26:10 step out here like that, okay.
26:13 And I have got my rod,
26:15 and I am gonna go and use it, I am gonna hip hinge.
26:19 Hip hinge, and we gonna stay in my posture,
26:22 so that means what?
26:23 What was that mean here, for the chin, Garland? Down.
26:27 Tucked in, get those ears over the shoulders,
26:29 I am gonna push the rear end back.
26:33 My chair is here, you can look, okay,
26:36 I am going to go into my heels, go into my heels,
26:39 into my heels, into my heels and sit.
26:42 Okay, and adjust your feet,
26:45 however, it is comfortable
26:46 because we don't want to hurt our knees.
26:47 We want to do what? Strengthen.
26:49 We want to strengthen
26:50 but we also want to correct our posture, right?
26:54 So I have got my pole, now here's my challenge to you.
26:58 Eventually, you going to stand up from a squat,
27:03 I've got one hand behind me with the back
27:05 of my hand pushing right in there.
27:09 My back, my back of my head's there,
27:11 shoulder blades and right between the gluteals, right?
27:14 I am gonna little hinge forward,
27:16 and I am gonna stand up,
27:17 and I am gonna stay in contact, and you watch me.
27:20 Okay, catch me if I get away from it,
27:23 so I am gonna come here, press,
27:25 and I don't wanna jump, I wanna come up,
27:28 and then I want you turn, turn, turn
27:31 and go back down.
27:32 And I am still in contact? Yes, you are.
27:35 And I am still in contact, so, I did the whole thing
27:38 in neutral posture, right?
27:41 And that's your goal, is to be able to do that,
27:43 so let's do this way, okay.
27:46 And one of the things that you can do actually is,
27:49 you can go behind like that.
27:52 But let's not, let's just do like this, okay.
27:55 So then you gonna keep practicing, go head,
27:56 I am watching, I am watching, go ahead, on up.
28:02 I hope you are practicing this,
28:05 call on the Lord to help you.
28:08 Some of you need to desperately help your posture.
28:10 We are glad you are here with us.


Revised 2014-12-17