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The Good Stretch

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Participants: Jeanie Weaver (Host), Betsy Sajdak, Donna Hall


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00:01 The following program is designed
00:03 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:04 that you can use to improve your health.
00:06 Be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning any exercise program.
00:11 Welcome to Body and Spirit, I am Jeanie McDonald Weaver.
00:14 We are gonna do the good stretch,
00:16 moves to loosen you up today.
00:42 Welcome to Body and Spirit,
00:43 we are glad you joined us today.
00:44 We're going to do the good stretch.
00:46 I am here with Donna and Patsy.
00:49 And we are going to stretch, and they have been
00:51 working hard on all of the stuff
00:53 that they work before on.
00:55 You get stronger, yeah, that's good.
00:57 Now we gonna stretch a little bit, okay.
01:00 So let's say, you are really stiff Patsy you just woke up,
01:05 you can't move the back hurts,
01:07 the knee hurts, the hip hurts,
01:09 are you there yet? I am now.
01:12 Your....that's your first job, you know.
01:17 Your first job is find out, where is your issues,
01:20 so now we are standing, but let's just pretend
01:22 we were just waken up at about our sleepys, okay.
01:26 And we are just like, uh....I gardened yesterday,
01:30 I did this type of genie, and I am sore.
01:34 And I am going to say, yeah, you are sore, right,
01:37 because that means it's working,
01:39 however we got to move around,
01:40 we got to live our life, we got go to work,
01:42 we got to do this kind of stuff.
01:43 So find out where are your tight hot spots, okay.
01:47 Just kind of, okay, you are laying in bed,
01:50 laying in bed, we are not sleepys.
01:53 And I just want to move a little bit, see that.
01:56 I am just moving to the spine,
01:57 go ahead move, move, move.
01:59 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, then I am going
02:01 to just like move my knee a little bit,
02:04 I am gonna see how that's feeling
02:06 and then I move my knee across,
02:08 see how that's feeling, yeah,
02:11 I am gonna pull my toe up.
02:15 Feeling the calf, has your calf
02:16 has been a little bit sore from running
02:18 a little too much? Yeah. So what do you do?
02:22 First of all we use ice, then after about 24-36 hours
02:26 you put heat on there, okay?
02:28 And we are gonna start with our head.
02:30 So we checked in and boy my shoulder is just,
02:33 I got a tightness over here, what am I going to do?
02:36 So I want to start with my hands first,
02:39 I will start with my head because all those nerves
02:43 and in origins and insertions
02:46 start right up here, for the neck,
02:49 for the shoulder, for the head, the arms.
02:52 So that's what we are gonna start, okay.
02:54 So we gonna get in a relax position,
02:57 soft knees, and I wanna take my ear
03:01 and take it to the shoulder.
03:04 Now as you taken it to the shoulder,
03:06 you wanna make sure, you are not using
03:08 that chin to get down there.
03:10 Right, you want to take your...feel stretch?
03:13 Yeah, you feel stretch Donna,
03:15 right there, and your tummy is what, tight.
03:17 Yeah, just, just tight, not super tight,
03:19 if it is so tight, you all, that you'll turn in blue,
03:24 it's too tight, okay.
03:26 Just the little support and you are holding
03:29 that for 30 seconds.
03:31 And then you bring it up to neutral.
03:33 Now before you come over here,
03:35 go ahead and turn the head, okay.
03:39 And as you turn the head with your hands,
03:40 with the little ball, see I am changing it
03:42 every time. I am turning my hands out.
03:45 I am turning my neck over here.
03:47 I wanna try to get that chin over the shoulder.
03:50 So your goal is to get that, you are pretty good.
03:53 But it's back here, right? Right.
03:58 So wow, wow, we got a few inches there,
04:01 don't we? Yeah, okay,
04:04 you are feeling stretch? Yeah.
04:06 Then you bring it back, okay.
04:08 Now which side did you put your ear down first?
04:10 Okay, now you're gonna go the other side?
04:12 Now look at the hands, tighten that belly,
04:15 okay, turn and take that ear down.
04:19 Now see, I am little,
04:20 I got a little kink we call it,
04:23 you know, if you sleep long,
04:25 or something, it happens to everybody.
04:27 It happens to everybody,
04:29 it happens to exercise people.
04:30 And I am going oh man, I am really having
04:34 a problem there, so I am gonna work on there,
04:37 okay, and give it time, and help it to work out.
04:40 So I am gonna drop that down there,
04:41 turn my hand, turn my hand, then I am gonna take my chin
04:46 and put it on my sternum to take my little ball.
04:50 I am gonna hold that ball, in my hands,
04:52 put it right behind my head, and I am gonna
04:55 tighten my tummy, I am gonna drop my knees.
04:58 And I am gonna push my chin
05:01 all the way down the sternum.
05:03 I am going to really feel that stretch,
05:05 all the way down to here, right?
05:08 Yeah, big breathe, so we are starting there,
05:10 or just giving a good stretch, okay.
05:13 Hold it, 15, 20 seconds,
05:17 release and come up.
05:20 You got. Then I am going
05:22 to take my ball, and if the ball bothers you,
05:25 just put it down.
05:26 Put your hands together, I am going to bring
05:28 my hands forward, I am going to just pull down
05:33 just like that with both hands,
05:35 so I have done this two times,
05:38 so you are holding it down there,
05:40 tight tummy, soft knees, stretching in the back
05:43 and the neck, is that right?
05:46 Yes, and then you release.
05:50 And that already feels better,
05:52 because it released all that tension there in that neck.
05:55 Now, I am gonna go head,
05:57 and I am gonna look at my chair,
05:59 you gonna stand right in front of your chair,
06:01 you gonna stand right in front of the chair.
06:02 You can turn it so that, yes, sideways that's good.
06:06 So I am gonna start now, I have done up through here,
06:09 I am gonna just put my foot up here in my chair.
06:14 Yeah, just right there, okay.
06:16 Now I am gonna put this back,
06:18 I am gonna grab it, put that little ball
06:20 right in my hand, and the minute I do that,
06:24 if I have the lordosis, I am going to be doing this,
06:27 or I am going to be arching,
06:30 so I don't want to do either.
06:31 I want to be in neutral, right.
06:33 So my supporting leg is soft,
06:36 I am already stretching a little bit, right.
06:39 I got my hands back here.
06:40 I am just hanging on to it.
06:41 I don't have to take my hands up over my head
06:44 to be a good stretch, that's not necessary,
06:47 but you do want to drop your shoulders,
06:49 and just lift your hands up a slight bit until you feel
06:53 the stretch through the pecks, got it?
06:56 Tight tummy, soft knee
06:58 and you bring in the hands up,
07:02 the stretch will happen.
07:04 And you want hold in and count 30,
07:05 how are you doing? Good.
07:07 It's right across the pectorals, right?
07:09 Right through that front anterior deltoid
07:14 right through the pectorals and you are squeezing
07:17 the shoulder ways together carefully
07:18 with your shoulders down. All right,
07:21 so I am holding it back, so if I have kinks,
07:23 this gonna help loosen it up.
07:26 And I am right there, got it?
07:29 Now I am going to release my hands,
07:31 just bring my hands to the side,
07:33 drop your shoulders, drop your shoulders.
07:36 So I am already starting
07:38 to feel a stretch in my groin.
07:40 My knee is soft, my hip has taken
07:43 some of the pressure but that's okay.
07:45 I am gonna bring my hand here,
07:47 I am just gonna push, push,
07:50 and I am gonna turn out and I am pushing.
07:54 So you see I can stretch my groin very effectively
07:57 without laying down in the ground,
07:59 or doing all kind of funny things.
08:01 I am going to be right here,
08:02 and I am stretching right here, you got it?
08:05 Yeah, just push that back.
08:08 And you put great load here.
08:10 And you keep in good posture.
08:12 So you are stretching those kinks up,
08:14 in the upper body, because
08:15 you are trying to maintain neutral.
08:17 So any time you go to neutral,
08:19 it's gonna help you ease up, even though,
08:22 you haven't that have a starting.
08:23 So we stay there for about 30 seconds, right?
08:26 So I am gonna release but because
08:29 we're gonna do this quickly.
08:31 I am not gonna go to the other leg yet,
08:32 I am gonna just maintain here, right.
08:35 And I am just gonna go, heel down, all right soften,
08:41 and I am gonna drop my body forward,
08:44 but I am gonna drop forward with the chest,
08:46 the sternum leading, and I push my rear end back.
08:50 And I don't have to go very far
08:52 before I feel it hamstrings, runners, yeah,
08:59 so runners are notorious for being tight.
09:02 One of the reasons is because
09:03 they don't work strength,
09:05 the minute you start working strength,
09:07 you start to increase flexibility.
09:10 Okay, it just goes hand in hand,
09:12 people don't realize that, that's why I encourage
09:14 runners to strengthen.
09:16 Okay, so you want to come right into that V.
09:19 See, how I am leaning into that V.
09:21 I am pushing the butt back, yeah, just like that.
09:25 Coming down feeling that there,
09:26 feeling that, feeling that, feeling that,
09:28 you got it down. Yeah, I feel it.
09:29 Okay, you're gonna hold it for 30 at least 30,
09:33 then to come up don't strengthen your back,
09:35 it's a mistake, bent your knee, come in.
09:41 Now release, just coming off of that,
09:45 just one side, oh my goodness,
09:48 you should feel total relief down into here
09:50 like just melted butter, okay.
09:53 So now we're just gonna do the other leg.
09:55 This is where I saying the good Lord
09:58 knew what He was doing
09:59 when He only gave His two legs,
10:01 because He knew, we could
10:02 only take care of two, all right.
10:03 So now I am going to tighten in,
10:05 keep this up and I am going to bring my leg up.
10:09 Okay, my hand is out here, I am gonna bring it in,
10:13 I am gonna push open, and open back like this.
10:18 So I am turning a way from my leg,
10:20 and I am pushing, on that leg right there,
10:23 pushing it out, pushing it out,
10:24 pushing it out, pushing it out.
10:26 So my body is going away from
10:29 and my leg is pushing out and I am holding breathe,
10:33 who's counting Donna? Three, four.
10:37 She said three, five, six.
10:39 Patsy would have started at 20.
10:40 Seven, eight, nine, ten.
10:45 Okay, hang on, just little bit more,
10:48 keep your stomach tight.
10:49 Don't let that core go because that goes your back.
10:52 Hold it there, hold it, now push, really push.
10:56 Look away, keep looking away,
10:57 push, push. So can you guys feel that?
11:02 Right there, push and release.
11:05 Okay, and you're ready to go to your heel.
11:08 Normally if you need to take a break right now do,
11:10 because you put a lot of weight on the other leg.
11:12 Some of you out there going,
11:14 why supporting leg is killing me?
11:16 Take a break, okay.
11:19 Then come back in, put that toe down,
11:23 unlock that knee,
11:24 and I feel really work it this one,
11:26 and those of you who have knee issues,
11:28 just do this next to a chair,
11:30 or a table that you could put your hand on, okay.
11:33 So now we are going to hip hinge,
11:37 yeah lift, hip hinge and just let yourself
11:40 come forward from your hip,
11:43 you can hear that, and keep your toe up,
11:45 you don't have to go very far.
11:47 You have all the stretch you need
11:50 coming through you hamstring and gluteal.
11:53 It goes all the way down into the Achilles
11:55 if you keep that toe up.
11:57 And the more you come forward
12:00 the more stretch you gonna get,
12:01 and so you are trying to increase your distance,
12:04 just a little, all right and maybe
12:06 very hard because again runners are very dab,
12:10 if they don't work at it.
12:11 So I am just coming forward, but my back is what?
12:16 Yes, neutral and I am coming forward from this,
12:20 right there so I am reaching,
12:22 reaching, reaching, reaching, reaching,
12:23 reaching, reaching pulling that toe back,
12:25 hold the net balance, 30 seconds.
12:28 Come off with what? Bent knee.
12:31 Bent knee and then come off.
12:33 Nice so we really work through the groin,
12:38 the hamstring, the calf,
12:39 all the way into the Achilles,
12:40 we need to lay down, nine, ones.
12:43 Okay, so now we're going to do
12:45 an Iliotibial band stretch,
12:47 now I am going to do, a stand here,
12:49 if I need to all hold on to my chair
12:54 but I can do it anywhere, all I am gonna do is think
12:58 of which side is tight for you,
13:00 and you need to do it on both sides.
13:02 If you find those hot spots, when you are waken up,
13:05 when you are in your sleeepies,
13:08 stretch that yes, because that's your affected side,
13:10 that's what where your injury is
13:11 or something but doboth sides.
13:14 You'll benefit if you will do both sides,
13:16 so I am just gonna take and put the affected leg
13:18 behind my forward leg.
13:22 And now I am going to tighten in my belly,
13:24 tighten my little belly button,
13:26 and I am just put my affected leg,
13:29 this is my hip that I have to keep loosened up.
13:33 And I am gonna push my hips forward until I feel
13:36 that stretch coming right through here
13:39 and right down to the side of the leg.
13:41 I want to keep my tummy tight
13:43 and I am just going to bend forward with that hip.
13:46 And if you have hip issues at all,
13:48 you gonna feel this tightness right here,
13:51 okay, all right, I'll feel nearly
13:53 on the other one, but this is just goes,
13:55 all the way down on the side of that leg.
13:57 Okay, so I am leaning forward,
13:59 this leg is pretty straight that's behind
14:02 and I am just gonna count five, four, three, two, one.
14:05 For 30 count or a 15 count,
14:07 hold on to it, back off, bent.
14:11 Then I am gonna just step here,
14:13 and I am gonna take the other leg and go behind
14:16 and I am gonna do, I am gonna push up
14:18 my hip forward, okay, tight tummy,
14:22 I am gonna go forward and I don't feel near
14:24 the stretch here that I did over here.
14:26 But still stretching all this over here,
14:29 all way down the outside of the leg there,
14:31 iliotibial band right there, now you know,
14:35 there are others but this is the good one.
14:37 You do standing okay, so I am not arching my back,
14:40 I am pushing my hips forward.
14:43 And I am doing, you know, a back extension,
14:46 different kind of back arch, okay.
14:50 And then I am going to come off of it.
14:52 Nice, ooh feels better, right.
14:56 Now, we're going to do another one
14:58 for the hips sitting down, but right now
15:02 we're gonna go head and working into that calf
15:04 a little bit, okay, and we gonna do it,
15:06 you can put the...your ball in your chair,
15:08 and you gonna come right into the middle,
15:10 I am gonna come right, you gonna, yeah,
15:13 you can step off of the rug, back that way.
15:16 And we are just gonna come down,
15:17 okay, we have done this before.
15:20 But this is a really good way,
15:21 and you can do this outside on the grass, or you know,
15:24 if you don't poach or something like that,
15:26 so I am going again bend my knees.
15:29 I am gonna comes down,
15:30 I am gonna push the rear end back,
15:32 I am just gonna come down and walk out, okay.
15:35 I am gonna walkout until my heels
15:37 start coming off the ground, okay.
15:39 So I am gonna put load here.
15:41 You gonna walk forward.
15:42 Now you can straighten your legs,
15:45 straighten your legs and put your heels down.
15:50 Straighten your legs as much as you can,
15:54 let's see. No, that's tight rather.
15:56 I am looking at this runner and I am saying,
15:59 straighten your legs and she's good, what?
16:02 They will not stay, let me check this out,
16:05 difficult, keep that leg forward,
16:10 okay, so you are back here, so come up just a little bit
16:14 on your fingers, yeah, straighten your legs
16:16 a little bit, are you feeling stretched?
16:18 Oh yeah. Yeah, big time,
16:19 so your goal, you know, right. Get straight.
16:23 Yeah, you won't to be able to come out,
16:26 and get those heels down, you are doing good,
16:28 get the heels on down, yeah, push, push.
16:31 Do you see, how she's pushing up there?
16:33 She, Donna is pushing to get those heels down
16:36 and that's where she's getting her stretch,
16:38 that's where we want to be. Okay.
16:41 Is there a way to make this easier?
16:44 I don't think so. Anyway,
16:47 if you are like better, don't worry,
16:51 you'll get better, I promise.
16:53 Okay Patsy, let's go together,
16:54 okay, here we go, we gonna come up together.
16:56 So we like this, so move back,
17:00 okay, grab down here, now straighten
17:02 those legs a little bit, yeah, you can come up.
17:05 Are you feeling the stretch still,
17:06 okay, and you just want to count 30 right?
17:09 But look at our back, our back needs
17:10 to be very extended, there, that was a great correction.
17:14 Okay, how are you doing?
17:16 Are you pushing your legs back? Yeah.
17:17 Yeah, count 30. We are at nine.
17:23 I think that's ten.
17:24 Okay, bent your knees, put your hands here
17:27 because we don't want to put work on the back right now.
17:29 We wanna come up with help
17:32 because this is the stretch session,
17:33 we don't want to work that back
17:34 too much like that, right?
17:36 Right, all right, so that's a great way
17:40 to stretch the backs and legs again all the way
17:42 into the calves and to get those heels down,
17:46 all right, which you gonna do so good,
17:49 next time, I see you, I know it.
17:52 I know you're gonna do better even.
17:54 Even better, next time, in next time,
17:56 in next time right, you're gonna stay with this.
17:57 Yeah. And remember going all the way out
18:00 it's not a big deal, bent those knees,
18:03 stay in good position when you are back,
18:04 and then little by little straighten
18:06 those legs, little by little.
18:08 All right, and here's your coach,
18:10 you guys are gonna watch each other, right.
18:12 And that is a really good thing for you guys
18:14 to remember out there,
18:17 we are here to help each other, right?
18:19 That's out text Galatians 5:13,
18:22 serve one and other by love.
18:25 And you could really help each other,
18:27 be each other coaches once you learn,
18:29 you know positioning, and just encouragement.
18:32 Not to just go down and get a doughnut,
18:34 but to do you are suppose to be doing, right?
18:37 That's how encouragements go.
18:39 So here we go, we gonna sit down on a chair
18:43 and you can do this standing or seated,
18:47 so a lot of you think the only way they can do
18:49 any thing with their hip and their quad,
18:51 is just lay down back on the grass which is fine.
18:55 Only I find that when you stretch like that,
18:59 you are actually overstretch the knee a little too much,
19:02 so what we are going to do, is we are going to do
19:04 two different versions, okay,
19:05 we gonna come here, I am gonna just go
19:07 to the edge of my chair.
19:09 And hold my chair right here and I am just gonna put
19:12 my knee down, okay, so if you just put
19:14 your knee down by the side, yeah,
19:16 just get comfortable on one cheek,
19:18 so you are sitting down on that chair.
19:20 Remembering our posture, right,
19:23 and I got my knee down, right.
19:26 Now if it's very hard, for me to grab my ankle,
19:31 if I just have a belt, a band,
19:34 I can put a band there, stretching us is not,
19:36 is not really the best thing, so a belt,
19:40 a towel, and just loop it under there,
19:44 and don't do a back bend,
19:47 hinge forward, grab that ankle
19:50 and then pull that hip open.
19:56 Don't worry about the crank in the knee in,
19:58 worry about opening the hip, okay,
20:01 see how I take my hip back.
20:03 Then I don't have to pull hardly at all
20:05 and I get a great stretch here if I am upright,
20:09 and I am tucked in, tucked in,
20:11 how you're doing? You got it Donna,
20:13 you are feeling the stretch in your quad,
20:15 that's what I want, okay.
20:16 So you can do it here, you can do the standing,
20:20 I would rather those two positions,
20:22 rather than lying and putting
20:23 all that pressure on those
20:24 delicate knee ligaments, okay.
20:27 I have been there too, yes, okay,
20:31 again 30 seconds, tight tummy down.
20:35 Okay, now I am gonna take that same leg,
20:39 and I am just gonna sit here,
20:41 and I am just gonna do a little leg cross.
20:45 Now for some of you, who you are going right,
20:48 I can't cross my legs, you are doing good,
20:51 I am glad that you are doing this with us,
20:52 keep doing it because see here
20:54 I can just cross my shin, all right.
20:58 And push down, and get a little stretch here.
21:01 Now this one, not so much the groin,
21:03 but this is, this hip capsule,
21:05 that's so hard to get at, all right,
21:08 so I am going to come here, or down there,
21:11 I am gonna lean back, bring my hips toward
21:15 the end of the chair, keep my back straight.
21:17 You can bring your hips forward a little bit
21:20 and I am just gonna press right there.
21:24 Press and release, how does that feel, got it.
21:29 This is very important for runners, bikers,
21:32 walkers, gardeners, anybody with arthritis
21:35 in the hip, recovering from hip.
21:37 Now if you have a hip replacement,
21:40 no, you don't, you don't rotate this out,
21:43 of course, you won't do that, you know,
21:46 so but for anybody that has those kind of issues,
21:50 specially in arthritis you tend to get very tight here.
21:52 Now you are pushing,
21:53 I am holding for about 30 seconds.
21:55 Then we gonna release and then we gonna bring
21:58 that right in, just right in there, okay.
22:02 Just bring it in, and you can hold under here
22:04 if you don't want to stretch your knee out.
22:05 Just bring it in where we bring
22:06 our nose right down to the knee,
22:09 so I am stretching to the back of the neck,
22:12 my stomach is still a little bit tight
22:15 and then I am going to come off of it.
22:17 Okay, so just hold that for about
22:19 ten or fifteen seconds and bring it back down.
22:21 Because we already gone through the hamstring,
22:23 we are just finishing up
22:24 that hip capsule in the front.
22:26 We did groin really well, calf, everything, right.
22:31 So now I am going to stay sitting at the edge,
22:34 when I go over here because I got another leg,
22:36 two legs, right,
22:40 good thing, I have two,
22:42 so here we are sitting on one side
22:44 and I have got this,
22:46 and I am just gonna drop my knee down.
22:48 Now for some of you, just dropping the knee down,
22:51 you are feeling a stretch right here.
22:54 And if you will rotate your pelvic,
22:56 so that you go back, sort of spinal press,
22:59 and don't let it rotate forward into a back arch,
23:02 then you will be having a better stretch.
23:04 You got it? Did you get that?
23:08 That's about the ways of physical therapist,
23:11 you are right. So now you are gonna do
23:13 all these things that you know to do.
23:16 All right, we just need a little kick
23:18 every once while, don't we, all of us do.
23:20 Sure it is, always, so our knee is down
23:24 and I could tell you that I am tighter here because
23:26 I work on this a lot, trying to keep this hip,
23:29 you know, stretched up
23:30 because this is mine, you know, challenge.
23:33 But I need to stretch this one too,
23:35 and I can feel this stretching right now,
23:36 I didn't touched it yet, right.
23:40 You don't have to if it's stretching enough,
23:42 don't worry about it, all right.
23:44 Now, as I go to band to get it,
23:46 I am gonna bend forward, and I am going
23:50 to grab that little, or your pant leg,
23:55 or again put a towel under there,
23:57 and just grab that towel and pull it up,
23:59 that perfectly fine, okay.
24:02 So I am bending sideways, not backwards
24:04 and then I am gonna open the hip,
24:08 you need to hear that, I am gonna open the hip,
24:11 not cranking on that knee, got it.
24:15 As I am gonna keep the sternum up and tight,
24:19 I am gonn keep opening,
24:21 so if you feel no more tightness,
24:23 open it little more, got it, big breathe.
24:27 How are you doing with it Donna?
24:28 Good, ZI can feel it. Yeah,
24:30 I have to keep my eye on her so...Because you know,
24:35 she knows, she knows ways to get around these things.
24:39 Okay, good now if it's still feeling tight just hold it,
24:43 but if it's abating and you've opened it
24:46 a couple of times then release it,
24:49 that's, that's all is necessary.
24:51 You don't need to take your joint way
24:53 out of the joint range, to get a good stretch.
24:56 You just want normal functional range,
24:59 that's what we are seeking, right?
25:00 And you know, what normal functional range is?
25:02 Right, so we gonna come back here,
25:06 and we gonna bring that knee in and finish,
25:09 so I am gonna hold on that knee,
25:11 so I don't overstretch that, and I am just gonna pull
25:14 this into my chest and I am gonna take
25:16 the tight stomach and a breathe,
25:18 and I am gonna let the breathe out.
25:20 And I am just gonna bring the nose toward the knee,
25:24 in other words I said toward,
25:26 some of those of you at home,
25:28 don't be saying, we are right.
25:34 Just try to get the nose toward that knee.
25:37 You may hit it and you may not,
25:40 okay, but don't accessibly hunch
25:43 your back to do it, you are reaching out bring
25:46 the chin down to the sternum
25:48 and holding it in there and releasing.
25:51 Big deep breathe, yeah, how you are doing?
25:55 Feeling better, you should feel like
25:58 melted butter right now, all of you, okay.
26:01 Now we are going to do a little test.
26:03 Okay, we have done this before,
26:04 we'll do it again.
26:05 So we gonna take our hand, put one hand over
26:08 my shoulder pat myself on the back,
26:12 okay, okay, right like that, and then bring
26:14 the other hand up behind and just try to see
26:18 if I can touch my fingers.
26:23 Okay, you got it, yeah, you got your finger,
26:28 okay, so, and it's stretch, it's a nice stretch,
26:34 a range of motion stretch and then you bring it down,
26:37 and you do the opposite, so I am going to take
26:39 that hand pat myself on the back,
26:42 take the other hand, go behind me and I can go
26:45 much further with much less difficulty with this hand,
26:49 and that's how it is going to be for most of us,
26:51 because we have carried heavy types of bags,
26:54 purses, we've fallen landed on shoulders,
26:57 we've had pitching injuries, the whole nine yards,
27:02 and we have loss range of motion,
27:04 and we don't realize it because we get
27:06 into this kind of a thing, right?
27:11 Big breathe, yeah, okay, so I am gonna put
27:14 my feet right out here just like that, okay.
27:18 And I am going to go out with them,
27:20 really out with them really far as far as I can,
27:23 and we did a whole foot program,
27:26 so I hope you look at that foot program because
27:27 you mammas need to do take care of your feet.
27:31 Now I am gonna go in, and I am gonna go
27:33 in so far that I feel the stretching
27:37 right out here, okay, you need to feel
27:39 that right down there, right down there,
27:42 you can feel more leg than the other, okay,
27:44 and you gonna lean back or lean forward,
27:47 have your knee to, and see I got my toes pigeon
27:51 and I am feeling that right through here,
27:53 right through there, you got it, yeah.
27:56 That's good, then you are gonna go back
27:58 out again and go way out with it,
28:02 all right and all most bringing those up,
28:04 all right, I hope you are feeling good.
28:08 We are here to help you in love,
28:11 be with us next time.


Revised 2014-12-17