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Participants: Andi Hunsaker (Host), Lauren Rittenhouse, Lyndi Schwartz


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00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:03 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:05 Be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning any exercise program.
00:11 Hello. I am Andy Hunsaker.
00:13 Welcome to "Body and Spirit."
00:15 Today we're gonna have a high energy,
00:17 high impact aerobic lesson,
00:19 and we're gonna use every muscle in our body
00:21 because today we're gonna be in health. Welcome.
00:48 Hello, and welcome again to "Body and Spirit."
00:51 My name is Andy Hunsaker
00:53 and I am a physician from Boston.
00:54 Joining me today on my right
00:56 is my identical twin sister Lyndi Schwartz,
00:59 she is also physician
01:01 and on my left is Lauren Rittenhouse,
01:03 of the famous Rittenhouse family.
01:05 Some of you may know here,
01:06 she is a cellist and a cello teacher.
01:08 Welcome to our program today being in health.
01:12 The Apostle John said in 3rd John 2,
01:14 "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all thing
01:18 and be in health, just as your soul prospers".
01:22 The apostle was not just concern with or souls
01:25 being in health but our body as well.
01:27 The link between physical activity
01:29 and health benefits is well documented,
01:31 yet study shows that 24 percent of adults
01:34 do not engage in any physical activity whatsoever.
01:38 Now what are some of the health benefits?
01:40 Stimulation of into looking to and the natural
01:43 killer cells which are important
01:44 in excellent immune function.
01:46 One inspired writer said, ahead of her time,
01:49 inactivity causes all manner of diseases.
01:52 So we will get start right a way,
01:55 so we don't get any disease.
01:57 All right, let's begin by warming up.
02:01 All right, so let's get ready.
02:03 Are you ready out there?
02:05 You sitting on the blue couch,
02:06 get up we're gonna inhale for four.
02:08 Inhale up, inhale up, down, inhale up again
02:14 and down and inhale up again and down.
02:19 Hands to the waist, turn your head to the right
02:23 and to the left and to the right
02:27 and to the left, just relax.
02:30 Now drop your shoulders
02:32 and turn to the left and turn to the right
02:36 and turn to the left and shoulders up
02:40 and shoulders down, shoulders up,
02:43 shoulders down, shoulders up again
02:47 and shoulders down, breath as you do this exhale
02:52 and inhale and exhale and inhale.
02:57 Now shoulders in and shoulders out
03:01 like you are hugging your big nephew,
03:03 shoulders out and shoulders in
03:07 and shoulders out and shoulders in,
03:11 shoulders out and shoulders in.
03:14 Now inhale up for two, inhale down,
03:18 inhale once again and down.
03:21 Now we're gonna go to the right,
03:24 arm move your head and arm this way,
03:27 arm to the left and arm to the right.
03:30 Stretch all those muscles, those nice oblique muscles
03:33 in your abdomen, strech those.
03:36 And stretch, stretch, now straight over head,
03:42 and straight over head and straight over head,
03:46 straight over head and straight up
03:49 and straight up, straight up.
03:53 Now out to the front, arms to the side,
03:56 now arms to the side and arms to the side.
04:03 Just stretch all those muscles,
04:05 stretch the muscles,
04:07 stretch the muscles and stretch.
04:09 Breathing as you do is don't forget to breath.
04:11 Tip today, don't forget to breath.
04:14 Can't be in health without breathing, very good.
04:17 Now we're taking another inhale up,
04:19 put your arms to your side at 90 degrees
04:21 and we're gonna twist.
04:22 Just twist your body, twist your body.
04:25 Do not move your hips,
04:26 just stay completely straight,
04:27 just move your arms alone. Okay.
04:31 Move your arms, move your arms,
04:33 move your arms, move your arms.
04:36 Now straight out, straight out, straight out.
04:44 Very good. Now we go to the side
04:47 and we're gonna up on our heel,
04:48 so upon on your toe and down.
04:51 We are stretching our calf muscles
04:52 and our Achilles tendon.
04:54 We don't want to be stiff.
04:56 We don't have any injuries.
04:57 We don't have any injuries today whatsoever.
05:00 So up on your toe, four more, three more,
05:06 and two more, and one more.
05:10 To the left, same on this side.
05:12 Now upon your toe, up on your toe,
05:16 up on your toes, four more,
05:20 and three more and two more and last one.
05:25 Now inhale up.
05:28 Now we're gonna start marching in place.
05:32 High knees, move your arms.
05:41 Keep marching, marching, marching.
05:43 Very important when you march,
05:45 you make very light movements with your feet.
05:49 Do not bang the floor.
05:50 Step as though you are stepping on ice,
05:53 on glass, on egg shells.
05:56 High knee and move your arms.
05:59 Striking the floor with a very soft foot.
06:02 You don't want to wake anybody up.
06:06 And the other thing is when we change,
06:08 we're gonna change our arms.
06:10 You guys are looking very good out there, very good.
06:12 When we change we're gonna change on three, alright.
06:14 We make a quick one, two, three.
06:16 All right, we will practice that.
06:21 All right, we get to count down now from eight,
06:24 we gonna change on one, eight, seven,
06:26 six, five, four, three, two, one
06:32 and one, two, three and right.
06:34 Two, three, say it again,
06:36 eight, eight, seven, six,
06:40 five, four, three, two, and one,
06:44 two, three, and left, two, three, four,
06:48 five, six, seven, and one, two, three, and right.
06:54 You are catching on to this move,
06:56 this is going to be very important.
06:59 We can get our heart rate up,
07:01 and get our muscles going.
07:04 Now we will change on four, four, three,
07:07 two, one and one, two, three.
07:10 Left, two, three, four, one, two, three, and right,
07:16 two, three, four, five, six, seven
07:21 and one, two, three, and left, two, three, four
07:25 and one, two, three, one, two, three.
07:29 Now there will be a new step now.
07:31 Pay attention.
07:33 We're gonna wide step and close step now.
07:35 One, two, one, two, one, two,
07:40 one, two, one, two, one, two.
07:46 I'm gonna do the same things
07:47 we're gonna go to the three step
07:48 and I'm gonna change on three.
07:51 Four and three and two and one, two, three.
07:57 Left and left, and left, and left,
08:04 change it again on one, four and three,
08:10 and two and one, two, three, and right and left,
08:15 right, left, right, change on three next time,
08:22 and four and three and two and one, two, three,
08:28 and left, left
08:32 and left and left.
08:35 And we're gonna do another step now
08:37 because we will go back to our marching.
08:39 Now if the moves get too difficult,
08:44 come back to this little march.
08:46 But lift your knees nice and high.
08:48 Keep coming back to the march.
08:51 You are looking very good.
08:53 Now we're gonna go forward for two and come back,
08:57 wide and the narrow, keep marching.
09:01 Okay, we will go forward.
09:02 One and two and three.
09:07 We get that, we go forward wide.
09:21 We step and wide, and wide, and wide,
09:27 one, two, three and wide and wide.
09:33 We're gonna change on three next time,
09:35 four and three and two
09:41 and one and one, two, three
09:43 and left, and left, and left, and left,
09:49 and left and one, two, three,
09:52 march in place, march in place.
09:59 This will get our heart rate back down.
10:02 We will give high peaks and low peaks,
10:06 and able to recover.
10:11 Okay, now we're gonna take one foot forward
10:14 and one foot back keeping the left leg in place.
10:18 We will take the right leg forward, all right.
10:21 So we will do on three,
10:23 one, two, three, four and forward.
10:28 One, one, this is just the right leg is moving,
10:36 just the right leg moves, keep doing that,
10:42 as high knees as you can get.
10:47 Keep moving.
10:51 Now we will change on one, four, three,
10:58 two, one and one, two, three,
11:01 and left, two, high knees.
11:09 If you move your arms, you burn more calories.
11:17 All right. We will change on four.
11:22 Four, three, two, one,
11:28 and one, two, three and right.
11:32 And three and two and one and one,
11:38 two, three and left.
11:46 All right, now right to marching, marching.
11:51 We get our heart rate down, heart rate down.
12:00 How you doing out there?
12:02 You are doing excellent.
12:04 Now we will take the right leg forward,
12:06 and curl our biceps.
12:09 All right, on four, three, two, one
12:13 and right leg forward, two, three,
12:19 four, five, six, seven,
12:26 eight, four, three, two and change.
12:33 And four, three, two, one
12:42 and eight, seven, six, five, four, three,
12:54 one, two, three and one, two, three.
13:01 We're gonna go this side on the next set.
13:03 One, two, three, four and open it to this side.
13:17 Four, three, two, one
13:24 and other side, reach, reach.
13:31 Now the alternate, front and back.
13:36 One, two, three, four and front.
13:47 One, two, three, four and to the side,
13:51 two, three, four, five, front,
13:56 two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, to the side,
14:04 two, three, four, front, two, three, four, five.
14:17 Now just keep going to side,
14:18 just keep going to side.
14:21 Arms on the hips.
14:24 Bring your front, side, back, center.
14:26 All right, on four; one, two, three, four
14:31 and front, side, back, front, side,
14:34 back, front, side, back, front, side,
14:38 back, center, front, side, back.
14:48 Good job.
14:50 You are looking excellent.
14:52 Let's alternate legs now.
14:57 Now alternate.
15:01 If you are able well use your other arms.
15:09 This will be our coordination.
15:20 Good job.
15:22 Excellent there, excellent.
15:28 Last one, we'll do in set of our and go to a march.
15:34 One, two and three and four, and walk it out.
15:44 One, two, three,
15:49 the next step is gonna be a little difficult,
15:51 we're gonna go the left in a box.
15:53 We will take our right leg over our left
15:56 and make a box, all right.
16:00 We're gonna walk a little bit more.
16:02 Walk in place, high knee, high knee,
16:05 high energy, high energy, high energy.
16:11 I'm gonna count to four,
16:13 and I take my right leg,
16:15 I'm gonna put over my left leg and we will go.
16:19 Four, three, two, one, four,
16:20 three, two, one, four, three, two and to the right.
16:30 Right leg over, right leg over,
16:33 right leg over, right leg over,
16:37 lift as high as you can and we will change on three,
16:42 after you are comfortable with this move.
16:55 Keep doing it, right leg over the left leg.
16:59 We'll do four and three and two and one
17:05 and one, two, three and left
17:07 and left leg, left leg, left leg, left leg over,
17:15 left leg over, left leg over, left leg, left, left,
17:24 we'll change next time.
17:28 One, two, three and right, right,
17:32 it doesn't have to be perfect.
17:34 Just keep moving, keep moving,
17:37 you don't catch on to the move,
17:39 go back to the marching.
17:42 The important thing is that you craise your heart rate.
17:47 One, two, three, and one, two, three.
17:52 Good job.
17:54 Excellent.
18:00 Excellent.
18:01 You are looking excellent out there, four,
18:05 three, two and one, two, three
18:09 and left, left, left, left,
18:15 one, two, three and right, sorry, left.
18:23 Okay, march in place, march in place.
18:27 We'll march for a while bring our heart rate down.
18:30 Then we gonna move to the side,
18:31 move to the side, move to the side.
18:37 Okay, we're gonna go to the right, okay,
18:40 on four, one, two, three, four, and.
18:50 Now we add the arms.
18:59 My sister wants to tell you.
19:02 Anybody can do this exercise,
19:04 all four, all three of us got AARP cards.
19:09 Thanks honey.
19:10 About five years ago, yep, we were not old.
19:15 Not me. In mind at all.
19:19 All right, very good.
19:20 Now let's step it out, step it out,
19:27 step it out, keep moving to the side,
19:31 to the side, turn to the side,
19:35 get your arm out right to move.
19:41 Good, in and out, in and out, in and out.
19:45 Get ready to move your left arm,
19:48 four, three, two, one and...
19:54 We're gonna move two arms now very quickly
19:57 we're gonna move two arms.
19:58 So get your arms out
19:59 even kick up your left leg,
20:02 okay, good job, very good job.
20:05 You look excellent out there,
20:06 excellent, keep kicking.
20:08 Now we're gonna alternate, lift and kick.
20:12 One, kick, kick, don't throw your leg out,
20:17 use your muscles properly.
20:23 You don't want to injure your knees.
20:26 Very good.
20:28 We'll turn the side and do the other side.
20:32 Good, turn this side, same thing, arm out,
20:40 now in, good.
20:46 Vigorous, vigorous, get ready
20:49 to move your right arm.
20:52 Arm on your waist, good, in and out, both arms.
21:02 Good, lift, we're gonna alternate and kick.
21:07 Lift, kick, lift, kick, lift,
21:11 kick, lift, kick, kick, kick.
21:20 I will turn to the side, side to side.
21:25 Now we're gonna learn to behind us.
21:27 We want your right leg behind.
21:30 Okay, get ready.
21:34 Good.
21:35 We're gonna stretch our Achilles out.
21:38 Good.
21:45 Use your arms now.
21:48 Whole energy, energy, energy.
21:52 Good.
21:55 Now we go to a single arm
21:58 and link not the body, all right.
22:04 Now, good, very good.
22:10 Use your obliques, very good.
22:15 Now we're gonna wedge our arm out
22:16 across like we are swimming, swim, swim.
22:26 Keep swimming.
22:28 Good.
22:33 Good. Side to side, side to side,
22:37 high knees, high knees, high knees.
22:44 Now we're gonna squat and raise,
22:46 okay, a wide squat.
22:48 We're gonna go that way squat, okay.
22:50 Squat, okay, squat and raise,
22:55 and raise good and raise, good and raise,
23:01 squat and raise, squat and raise, squat,
23:06 squat, squat and raise, squat and raise.
23:18 Good, good.
23:21 Now back and front, side, march.
23:25 We'll do posterior leg Achilles goes leg behind.
23:29 Okay. Okay.
23:33 now we're gonna put one leg up in the back like this,
23:39 Good. Good.
23:57 very good,
24:04 Good job,
24:12 good job, very good job.
24:14 Now we will do squat again.
24:17 Good. Good.
24:25 Very good, very good.
24:35 Right leg behind us again.
24:38 Good job. Good.
24:47 Now, we're gonna move side to side.
24:50 It is just to relax before our next peak.
24:56 Well, left on knee on eight.
24:59 One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and...
25:14 Good. Now put knees wide out,
25:20 arms down, seven, eight, to the back.
25:32 Good job, arms out to the side
25:35 and we're gonna kick, kick, very good.
25:46 Knee lift now.
25:54 As high as you can, knees out
25:56 to the side, arms down.
26:03 To the back.
26:11 And side kicks.
26:19 Good, walk in place,
26:21 walk in place, walk in place to the side,
26:30 good, big wide to your side, big wide.
26:34 This is your last exercise get your heart rate up
26:36 before we end,
26:37 big move to the side, big move.
26:46 to the side, to the left for two,
26:50 right for two, single, to the side,
27:00 to the side, side, side, big moves, big moves, side,
27:15 now just walk it in, walk it in.
27:19 We're gonna cool down now.
27:20 I am bet you are happy about that.
27:24 Side to side, side to side,
27:26 we will get the heart rate down,
27:27 heart rate down, heart rate down,
27:30 just cool down, gentle movements.
27:33 Now we will go to our gentle march.
27:37 Okay, just gentle march.
27:43 Good job.
27:44 Thank you for exercising with us.
27:46 We really hope that you had a good time
27:48 that your heart rate was raised.
27:50 That you sweat a lot, we did and we're blessed.
27:54 The Apostle John in 3rd John 2 said,
27:58 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things
28:02 and be in health, just as your soul prospers.
28:05 That's our prayer for you too.
28:07 Thanks for joining us today.
28:09 We will see you again next time.


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