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Strengthening Abdominal Musculature

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Participants: Lyndi Schwartz (Host), Andi Hunsaker, Lauren Rittenhouse


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00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:03 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:05 Be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning any exercise program.
00:11 Hello, welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:14 Today, we have a fantastic program planned.
00:17 We will be strengthening our abdomens and working
00:20 all of the abdominal musculature.
00:22 Please join us
00:23 for a wonderful exercise routine.
00:48 Hello, welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:51 We're thrilled that you can join us today.
00:53 I am Lyndi Schwartz, a physician
00:56 and Internal Medicine Specialist
00:57 from Kettering, Ohio.
00:59 I am very please that Lauren Rittenhouse
01:02 can join us today.
01:03 She is from Boston, Massachusetts,
01:04 she is a cellist.
01:06 And her last name is Rittenhouse
01:08 of the famed Rittenhouse family.
01:10 On my right hand, my right hand woman
01:12 is my identical twin sister Andi Hunsaker
01:16 and she is a physician from Boston Massachusetts.
01:20 I would ask who looks older, I will give you a hint.
01:23 She is one hour older than I am.
01:25 But we're pleased today that you could join us
01:27 for Body and Spirit Aerobics and we hope that you enjoy
01:32 the workout today.
01:33 We are going to be exercising
01:35 our abdominal musculature.
01:37 But I do have a couple of thoughts
01:38 before we get started today.
01:40 First of all one of my favorite text
01:42 Philippians 4:13,
01:44 "I can do all things through Christ
01:47 who strengthens me."
01:48 Another thought from one of my favorite
01:50 writers says this unless the physical powers
01:54 are kept in health by active exercise,
01:57 the mental powers cannot long be used
02:00 to their highest capacity.
02:03 That is a tremendous statement.
02:05 And so today I want to go ahead
02:07 and start with this routine.
02:09 First of all we'll be using our steps in a very basic
02:12 move step aerobics for about 10 minutes.
02:16 And then we will move very quickly
02:17 to strengthening our abdominal musculature.
02:19 So, girls let's get started with just marching
02:22 in place and please join us.
02:24 And again we would like to invite
02:26 you to continue to march.
02:28 If you do not feel that you
02:30 are able to keep up with this,
02:31 just go make a slower march and move as quickly
02:35 or as slowly as you feel is comfortable.
02:38 This routine is designed for people of all ages.
02:42 We're using the stair because many of us
02:45 have stairs in our homes.
02:46 We want you to be able to use
02:47 the stair very safely.
02:49 So, first of all just an easy march.
02:51 Now, we want to go a little bit wider,
02:53 so step a little wider to the left step
02:57 and just march, march, left, left, left.
03:02 Okay, bring it together again so just keep
03:05 marching and always if you get tired
03:08 just comeback to this.
03:10 We also understand that many people
03:12 are unable to continue this activity
03:14 for prolonged periods of time.
03:16 So, we just want you to have fun
03:18 and enjoy this workout today.
03:20 Now, I want you to reach over
03:21 to your left side, left, left, okay.
03:25 Left that was my left right side.
03:30 But any how just reaching warming our bodies up,
03:33 that's what we are doing just reaching
03:36 and warming up our upper body
03:39 or arms and our legs.
03:42 Okay, now what we're going to do is we are going to get
03:45 use to walking up on the step.
03:47 So, the first thing I want to do is let's
03:50 just start a march a little bit.
03:52 And I want you to very carefully put our left leg
03:56 when I say the left leg up on top of the step.
03:59 So, left, left, left,
04:03 right, left, step, left, right.
04:06 And then back to the floor just like that.
04:09 Look at the step when you step up
04:11 and step down very slowly,
04:13 get as low as you can to balance yourself.
04:17 Lean slightly forward because
04:19 you don't want to fall down.
04:21 So, left and then now let's take a little faster.
04:29 Very good, very good take it,
04:32 take your time don't stumble,
04:34 look at the step.
04:35 And what you've notice, is that you'll be exercising
04:39 these muscles right here.
04:40 The quadriceps muscles are part of the core group
04:43 of muscles very important.
04:46 And take it very slowly, look down.
04:48 All right, now stay on the floor left,
04:51 right, very good.
04:53 High your knees, little bit high your knees.
04:56 Okay, high knees very high.
04:59 Okay, we will try to step again.
05:01 We'll try to step again.
05:03 Okay, so step up and step down,
05:08 step up and step down very good,
05:12 step up and as low as you can go,
05:15 you will get a little bit of good burn
05:17 in your quadriceps muscles.
05:19 These muscles, I'm a runner and I was told
05:23 I had some knee injuries and I was told
05:25 that my quadriceps muscles were weak.
05:28 So this is very good exercise for that.
05:31 Okay, now let's march a little bit on the floor.
05:36 And let's vary a little bit, let's step to the side
05:38 we will go to the right side first.
05:40 And we will make two movements
05:41 to the right then two to the left.
05:44 Okay, so here we go step, step, to the left.
05:49 Step let's get the arms involved,
05:53 arms step very good, step very good.
05:59 Very good, okay just to get warmed up
06:02 that's what we do we just kind of warming
06:03 our bodies up a little bit.
06:07 Okay, now let's get back in front
06:08 of this of the step and keep stepping.
06:11 Now what I want you to do is just get use to putting
06:13 the heel up on the step.
06:15 Okay, so cross on little bit low.
06:17 Okay, now with our right heel
06:19 on the step very good, good.
06:24 That's comfortable, let's move our arms okay.
06:27 So, step okay little faster,
06:34 very good little faster be very careful,
06:38 no tripping, very good.
06:45 This is very good practice if you have a bottom step
06:47 at home where you can just go ahead
06:49 and practice this at home.
06:50 It gives you use some great flexibility,
06:52 you use your quadriceps muscles
06:55 and it feels very nice.
06:56 Okay, very good that sounds good.
06:59 Okay, now let's do little bit of marching,
07:04 marching. Okay.
07:08 Then what I want to do next
07:09 I want do it will be call hamstring curls.
07:12 Some people have damage their hamstrings,
07:15 be very careful with this exercise at home.
07:18 And I want you to do very carefully
07:19 but this is designed to strengthen
07:22 the hamstring muscles.
07:24 So, let me show you what we want to do,
07:26 I want you to go like this. Okay, so let's do that.
07:31 Okay, pick up the pace.
07:33 And this is for your hamstrings, be very careful.
07:35 Andi tell us a little bit about the hamstrings
07:38 didn't you have a hamstring injury?
07:39 I surely did,
07:41 I finished the marathon last year.
07:43 I was training for another marathon.
07:45 Very good. And. Quicker.
07:46 Tore some of my hamstring off
07:49 of the bone in my pelvis.
07:51 That's a pretty serious injury, isn't that?
07:53 Very serious. And so I just, I am telling you that
07:55 because we're appearing in front of camera
07:57 but we have been injured ourselves
07:59 and so I want to encourage you that even people
08:02 who exercise a lot get injured.
08:04 Okay, let's go back to marching.
08:08 Okay, very good I wanted to go back
08:10 to the heels again on the step.
08:13 So, heel on the step, heel on the step.
08:18 Go faster,
08:25 very gently getting the heart rate up.
08:29 Very good and I hope that many of you at home
08:33 can benefit from these exercises.
08:38 Okay, very good.
08:46 One thing I want to do, I want to get
08:48 up on the step again and this time we'll step up
08:53 and down be careful faster.
08:57 Very good.
09:03 Now this time I want you to march on the top
09:05 of the step stay on the step.
09:07 Be careful doing this look at your feet
09:10 you are marching on top of the step.
09:12 I want you to turn to the right side.
09:15 Right side and then what we want to do
09:18 now let's get down a little low.
09:20 I want to step down on one side to the left first
09:22 then to the right. Okay, here we go.
09:26 Left down, backup up, up,
09:29 this side left right up, up.
09:33 Good. Left, right, up, up, squat low,
09:38 up, up, left, right, up, very good.
09:41 This is excellent exercise.
09:43 I hope you feel the burning at home
09:45 but I'm feeling burning, are you feeling
09:47 burning Lauren? Oh, yes.
09:48 All right, this is very good.
09:50 Okay, stay on the top of the step now.
09:52 Keep marching, turn to the front.
09:54 Very good, let's turn to the other side
09:56 the left side, keep marching on top of the step,
09:59 very good get low, get low.
10:02 I want you to step down to your left foot
10:04 of the step down, left, right backup.
10:08 Good left, right, little quicker, good.
10:15 Very good, excellent.
10:18 Very good just keep marching on top of the step,
10:20 marching top of the step,
10:21 turn to the front very good.
10:23 Okay, just march, now step on to the floor.
10:27 Okay, these are some introductory moves
10:30 to what we call step aerobics.
10:32 And we hope that this is going to increase
10:36 your ability to be safe on the staircase
10:40 at home as well.
10:42 Okay, now what I want to do is a little bit of squat.
10:45 We'll turn to the left side
10:46 and squat on top of the stair.
10:48 One leg on top of the stair the other on the floor,
10:50 so let's turn to the left, left leg on top,
10:53 squat, squat, squat,
10:59 squat, good.
11:01 Turn to the right side, again up on top
11:04 squat, squat and again this is very good.
11:08 Now, when you squat make sure
11:10 your knee is over your toe directly not over like that.
11:14 Make sure it's over the toe otherwise
11:16 you will damage your knee.
11:18 Okay, very good your thighs should be burning,
11:21 mine are, I hope yours are burning.
11:23 Okay, let's turn to the front
11:24 and march a little bit.
11:26 We want to transition now to the floor
11:28 you just want to walk this out a little bit
11:30 cool those muscles down.
11:32 Let's step side to side.
11:35 Very good just into cool down.
11:39 And what we're going to do next
11:41 is some abdominal exercises.
11:43 Now, Lauren did you do abdominal exercises at P.E.
11:48 I sure did. Did you enjoy them?
11:50 No, I sure did not. Did not enjoy.
11:52 Are you looking forward to this, this time?
11:54 But I'm yes, Lindi.
11:55 Looking forward to this, okay.
11:56 Now, let me tell you a little bit
11:57 about abdominal exercises.
11:59 Initially they may seem difficult.
12:01 I will tell you the truth when I have done them
12:03 I used to sit and think I'm not gonna do that.
12:05 But trust me the more you practice these,
12:08 the more you like them.
12:09 Okay, so let's put away our steps.
12:11 We will get our mats and start on the next.
12:24 All right, now we will face the camera
12:29 all three of us like this initially,
12:32 I believe, well see how this works.
12:33 We want you to sit on your mat.
12:36 And the first thing we're going to do
12:38 is I want you to have proper posture.
12:41 We want to put our hands this way behind us.
12:45 The first things we're going to do
12:46 is what we call in and outs.
12:48 In and outs, so your hands are behind you,
12:51 your legs are up, sits on your bottom
12:55 and kick your legs out.
12:58 Okay, kick the legs out.
13:00 Very good, and we don't have to be in sync,
13:03 we're just practicing here
13:05 and stop when you feel like it.
13:08 You don't need to, be a hero and do
13:13 25 of these all at once.
13:15 Okay, now let me tell you something else.
13:17 I learn just the other day from Lauren.
13:18 Lauren do you want to show us
13:19 what you did with the left and right
13:21 side the other day.
13:23 Okay, you just twist your legs to left.
13:24 All right. And then to the right.
13:26 Okay, twist to the left and then twist to the right.
13:29 Lauren showed me this I said there is no way,
13:31 we not gonna do that.
13:32 But, here we are, all right.
13:33 So, let's go the left, left for five times.
13:36 Five, three, four, five, good.
13:41 Come to stand, I want you to rest for little bit.
13:43 Thank you. Oh, my thighs are burning.
13:46 Okay, now left side, right side,
13:48 the other left side okay.
13:49 So, again out, out, out.
13:53 Very good, 4, 5 to the middle
13:56 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
14:02 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
14:05 It's a five.
14:07 Okay, now let's sit and just rest
14:09 those for little bit. Because the next thing
14:11 we're going to do is bicycles.
14:13 I'm sure that most of us have done bicycles.
14:17 I hope you at home have done bicycles
14:20 from a sitting position before.
14:22 What we're going to do is forward
14:24 and then I'm going to do in reverse
14:26 and we'll tell you how much again.
14:28 We would like to do 25, what do you think?
14:31 We would like to do it.
14:32 Twenty, you like to do it, I'm not sure
14:35 where I can do 25, but we'll try.
14:38 Here we go, so forward take it.
14:40 Okay, bicycles, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
14:46 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
14:52 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, you are dying?
14:57 Dying. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.
15:04 Oh, reverse.
15:07 All right 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
15:12 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, rest.
15:17 All right here. This calls for a little bit of break.
15:20 We will do 15, 15 plus 10 is 25, isn't it? Yes.
15:23 All right, so you can do 25 in whatever combinations,
15:26 but what I want to say you can do 10.
15:28 You can take a rest as we're doing.
15:30 Don't be a hero, don't hurt yourself.
15:33 go ahead and take a rest. I think we're ready.
15:35 Are we ready do 15 more? Yes.
15:37 Are your ready to do 15 more.
15:38 I'm ready. We're ready.
15:39 Fifteen more, all right, we'll go reverse.
15:40 All right 1, 2, 3,
15:44 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
15:49 9, 10, 11, 12,
15:53 13, 14, 15, 16.
15:56 That's 16. 17. Wow!
15:58 Look at that, we got two bonus points.
16:00 All right, very good. Okay.
16:03 Now the next thing we're going to do
16:05 is those dreadful things called.
16:09 Which one? Sit ups. They are all dreadful.
16:11 Sit ups, they are all dreadful.
16:12 We're going to do some sit ups next. Okay.
16:14 And what we are going to do is do some
16:17 variety that you can do.
16:20 I'm going to do what's called a wide leg sit up.
16:23 So, we will put our legs out like this.
16:25 I'll show you the first one so just watch
16:28 for the first one and then we'll all participate.
16:30 Again, we hope to do 25.
16:34 Okay, so this is what we're gonna do,
16:36 we're gonna lay down put my hand behind my head
16:39 reach my right arm into the air come up
16:42 into the air reach high,
16:43 turn to the left side touch your toe,
16:45 keep your arm up come back down.
16:48 Oh, I' m out of breath, all right.
16:49 Twenty five ah.
16:50 Reach high up sit ups.
16:52 Okay, so let's go with the left,
16:54 left hand up in the air,
16:55 left hand up reach high and twist over, okay.
17:00 Then lay back down reach high,
17:03 reach high and twist over excellent.
17:07 I hope all of you at home can see
17:08 how we're doing this.
17:09 Keep your hand behind your head reach high
17:12 in the air like that and then twist over
17:14 to the opposite side.
17:15 How many we're, have we done 15 already.
17:17 Just 3. Oh, just 3.
17:19 All right, let's pick up the speed,
17:20 pick up the speed.
17:21 Here we go we never finished it
17:22 if you don't pick up the speed.
17:24 Okay, is somebody counting.
17:26 Fourteen. That's great fourteen.
17:31 I think this is probably about nine.
17:33 No it is about seven.
17:34 Okay, eight.
17:37 Nine we might cheat,
17:40 10, 11, 12,
17:49 13, 14, 15.
17:57 Go on I'm waiting for you.
17:59 And again do what Lauren's doing,
18:01 she is stopping.
18:02 I think I will stop too.
18:05 Okay, 18 take a break, if you need a break
18:09 please take a break that's 19, 20, 21.
18:14 Andi do you need a break?
18:15 I don't need a break, I'm doing great.
18:17 She is a machine. I'll tell you she is a machine.
18:20 Is that 21. This it.
18:23 This it. Twenty five.
18:24 That's 25, you did a great job girls.
18:26 Thank you. How did you at home.
18:28 Push back, I hope you did a great job at home.
18:33 All right, the next thing we want to do
18:35 is what we call hip raises.
18:37 For this I want the mats all to the side.
18:39 So we'll face this way let's step our mats around.
18:42 Okay, we'll push and put our mats this way.
18:49 And these are called hip raises.
18:52 And the way we do these, we want your elbow
18:55 under your shoulder position is really important here.
18:58 Put your elbow under your shoulder just like this.
19:03 And I want you then to, you'll be raising your hip,
19:08 you put your hand on your hip like this
19:10 and then you push up.
19:12 When you comeback down
19:13 your never touch the mat again,
19:15 you go up and down, up and down.
19:18 This mats is a little short,
19:19 but anyhow all right so here we go.
19:21 So we want to do, let's do let's say
19:23 ten raises on this side.
19:24 Okay, ten raises, so here we go.
19:26 Up don't come back to the ground. Up
19:30 that's two, three, four,
19:34 five, six, seven,
19:39 eight, nine, ten.
19:43 How we do back there. Good, excellent.
19:45 All right, okay, you push
19:47 to the other side, other side.
19:48 All right let's do the other side.
19:50 Make sure you keep the elbow underneath the shoulder.
19:52 Okay, put your legs out and your knee
19:55 should be fairly straight, have a fairly straight line.
19:58 Put the hand on the hip we gonna do ten on the side.
20:00 So, these are hip raises.
20:02 Okay, so up two, three,
20:07 four, five, six,
20:12 seven, eight, nine, and ten.
20:18 All right, very good.
20:20 Okay, there is another exercise
20:22 that we like to do now and...
20:26 this is going to be interesting, very.
20:29 What I want you to do is to put your legs together
20:33 like this, your feet together like this.
20:37 And what we want to do is work now
20:38 on the lower abdominal muscles, okay.
20:42 The lower abdominal muscles and this is how we do.
20:45 I'll show you one and then we all go together. Okay.
20:48 And we'll do as many of these as we feel like,
20:51 right? Good. All right.
20:52 Okay, so I'll lie back, we want to do is to bring
20:55 the legs up like this and put the...your arms down
20:59 beside you like this.
21:01 Pulse up with your lower abdomen, pulse up.
21:04 Now, I don't want you to go like this
21:07 like this with your legs into your chest.
21:09 That's not what it does, swinging thing like this.
21:11 You put your feet together like this you point up
21:15 to the sky and raise your lower abdomen, okay.
21:18 Lets' do a few of these.
21:20 Up, and this is for the lower
21:24 abdominal muscles.
21:25 And I think the ladies will appreciate
21:28 this particular exercise as we get older
21:31 the lower abdominal muscles get weak.
21:34 Keep your legs together pulse up, pulse up.
21:40 Boy, Andi you like a machine.
21:41 I'm a machine. All right.
21:44 How did you become such a machine?
21:45 Oh! Doing this forever. All day long.
21:48 Very good. Okay, very good.
21:51 Now get your hips off the mat
21:54 as much as possible.
21:55 Okay, remember don't go like this,
21:57 keep them wide and up.
22:02 Okay, that's good. I think that's pretty good,
22:05 what you think Lauren? Excellent.
22:06 Are you finished? I'm finished.
22:08 All right. Now as if that was not enough.
22:10 Stay on your mat in this position,
22:12 we've something else.
22:14 Okay, this time what we want to do
22:19 is to put your legs up in the air like this.
22:24 Keep your feet as flat as you can.
22:27 I just want you to watch while I do this first one.
22:30 Keep your feet flat as you can,
22:33 keep your legs straight as you can.
22:34 My legs are not that straight I can tell.
22:36 My knees are little bit bend.
22:38 And, but keep them as straight as you can.
22:42 And you keep your hands down here and then you pulse up.
22:45 You see that pulse up.
22:47 Okay, pulse up and so you keep
22:50 your feet to the heavens.
22:52 Pulse up okay, very nice.
23:01 How many we've done so far? Five.
23:03 Lauren can you tell us little bit about
23:06 how long you've lived in Massachusetts,
23:08 just takes our mind off the pain of this exercise.
23:10 How long you've lived in Massachusetts Lauren?
23:13 Well, my husband and I've moved there
23:14 from Loma Linda when he started a practice
23:18 in neurology there about 25 years ago.
23:21 Twenty five year in one spot? Yes.
23:23 Well, where you born in that area Massachusetts.
23:25 I was born there, yes.
23:26 Born and raised in Massachusetts.
23:29 All right and Andi where were you born?
23:32 Same place you were, they go West Indies.
23:35 West Indies, we were born in the West Indies
23:37 in Trinidad and Tobago. That's right.
23:40 And we came to the States when we were 12-years old.
23:42 That's right. And that was last year.
23:44 Second time. That was last year. Yeah.
23:46 All right, this is good enough,
23:47 that's pretty good. All right.
23:51 Okay, there is one of the exercise
23:53 we're going to do and these are called abdominal twist.
23:57 I'll be honest I hate this exercise.
23:59 So do I. Okay, so let's turn the mat,
24:02 mat around to this way instead now.
24:04 Let's turn them this way.
24:10 Okay.
24:12 This way and this exercise you work
24:17 on your entire abdominal musculature,
24:20 the abdomen works in this exercise.
24:24 And what we're going to do is,
24:25 it's an abdominal twist.
24:28 You get your legs up, get your fist together,
24:31 you touch and that's each time you touch
24:34 on both sides is one count as one touch.
24:38 We would like to do how many would you want to do?
24:40 Ten. Forty. Forty. That's the right answer.
24:45 All right, you can go forty okay.
24:46 Let's try and go forty, so here we go. All right.
24:48 So, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
24:54 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
25:00 12, legs, 13, 14, 15, 16,
25:05 17,18, 19, 20, break time.
25:09 Okay, let's take a break. Thank you.
25:13 Thank you, so we will take a break.
25:15 What I want to tell you is abdominal exercises
25:18 should not be done every day.
25:20 Sometimes you want to speed up natures course
25:23 by exercising the muscle every single day.
25:27 And the best thing for the abdominal musculature
25:29 is to exercise the muscle two times
25:32 maybe three at the most a week.
25:34 Now, we're strolling for time
25:36 aren't we girls? We are.
25:37 We've 20 more of these abdominal twists to do.
25:39 And as I mentioned before, these abdominal twist
25:42 with the entire abdominal musculature.
25:45 We have 20 more to go.
25:47 So ladies let's get started,
25:48 the mason twist we'll do it again.
25:49 Knees up, okay, here's we go
25:51 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
25:57 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
26:03 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,
26:08 19, 20, bonus run 1, 2, 3, 4,
26:14 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, done.
26:19 All right! Yes.
26:21 Well, that was a good abdominal workout.
26:22 I hope at home that you've enjoyed
26:24 working your abdominal musculature.
26:26 I hope they are tender even from doing that.
26:28 Now, we need to try to relax the abdominal musculature.
26:32 So, let's go through a little bit of cool down
26:34 exercise for the abdomen.
26:36 I want everyone to get on your knees.
26:40 First of all and spread your legs out
26:43 or stretch legs out in the back
26:45 and just go forward.
26:46 You will feel the stretch and go upwards.
26:48 You will feel the stretch on your abdominal muscles
26:52 that should feel really good to relax the muscles.
26:56 Mine are really sore, I know these girls are really sore.
26:58 I imagine yours are also really sore.
27:01 So I hope that, this has improved
27:05 your toning and your strengthening
27:08 in your abdomen.
27:09 As I said practice some of these exercises.
27:10 Let's go back and stretch backwards now
27:13 just get back on your haunches
27:14 and just stretch with your upper arms pull up
27:18 to the mats, okay, pull.
27:20 And then go back again into this position stretching
27:24 again stretching and then let's stretch
27:27 our backs out also a little bit,
27:29 come up arch your back upwards
27:33 and then downwards.
27:36 Thank you very much Lauren and Andi.
27:38 That was very good.
27:39 This was a great workout.
27:41 And thank you all for joining us today.
27:44 We just pray that you have enjoyed
27:46 this work up on your abdomens.
27:48 And remember that you can do all things through Christ
27:52 who strengthens you.
27:53 My prayer also is that you always be in health.
27:56 And I want to thank you personally as well as
27:59 Lauren and Andi for joining us today in this workout.
28:03 May God richly bless each and every one of you.


Revised 2014-12-17