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Leap As An Hart

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Participants: Andi Hunsaker (Host), Lyndi Schwartz, Lauren Rittenhouse


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00:01 The following program is designed
00:03 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:04 that you can use to improve your health.
00:06 Be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning any exercise program.
00:11 Have you ever had a sports injury?
00:13 Do you want to jump higher?
00:15 Do you want to run faster?
00:18 Stay tuned and join us
00:20 and we will address those issues in our program,
00:22 Leap As An Hart, stay tuned.
00:46 Hello and welcome to Body and Spirit.
00:49 Today the title is, Leap As An Hart.
00:53 And the text is Isaiah 35:6,
00:56 "Then shall the lame man leap as an hart,
00:59 and the tongue of the dumb shall sing."
01:01 And we're not going to be singing today.
01:04 We are going to be leaping as an hart
01:05 and we can be happy today that we're not lame,
01:08 but I have been lamed due to injury
01:10 and so today we're gonna do something
01:12 very helpful for those of you
01:14 who have been injured
01:15 and want to get back to your favorite sport.
01:17 So today Leap As An Hart.
01:20 And we will begin by introducing myself,
01:22 I'm Andi Hunsaker from Boston Massachusetts.
01:25 I'm a physician practicing in Boston.
01:28 To my left is Lauren Rittenhouse,
01:30 a great friend.
01:31 We go to church together. We do.
01:33 And we went to Loma Linda together.
01:35 Her husband was in medical school,
01:36 two years behind me.
01:38 To my right is my identical twin sister
01:40 also a physician from Kettering.
01:42 She does into medicine and is phenomenal physician.
01:46 Her husband is also a physician.
01:48 And we are all into exercising,
01:50 not just to make ourselves look good,
01:52 but for the glory of God.
01:53 And so we begin now by warming up
01:55 and we will do a slow march for about a minute.
01:58 All right. Let's begin ladies.
02:01 We are marching in place.
02:02 We do a lot of marching
02:03 because it really helps warm up the muscles slowly.
02:06 We want to warm the muscles up slowly.
02:09 We will watch closely for a little bit,
02:12 then we will march a little bit wider,
02:14 just to get all the muscles, the inner thigh muscles,
02:18 the hamstrings, the squats, all of our muscles.
02:20 Let's go a little bit wider,
02:22 and we will just march a little wide.
02:25 And the reason that we are going to spend
02:27 quite a bit of time warming up today,
02:30 come back in,
02:31 is that we have a very tough program planned.
02:34 The reason that I like this program is I was injured.
02:37 I had a very serious injury after a marathon.
02:40 I went to a marathon.
02:42 I was totally fine to cross the finish line.
02:44 It was very invigorated.
02:47 But about a month later
02:49 training for another marathon
02:50 about qualifying for another,
02:52 we had some issues with my hamstring.
02:55 A portion of it had torn off of my bone in my pelvis,
03:00 and to get back to running
03:01 I had to prove that I could run.
03:04 And so they made me do
03:06 this horrible leaping exercises
03:09 and I thought maybe someone else clears the way.
03:11 And just take to a slow run, ladies. A slow run.
03:15 My sister who is right now recovering from an injury
03:17 is gonna continue marching in place.
03:20 But we're gonna go for a slow run.
03:22 We're gonna run for about minute.
03:24 We'll just run for about minute
03:26 and I know this is applies to you a little difficult,
03:30 so continue just walking if you can,
03:32 and now we're just high knees
03:34 if we can as we run,
03:37 high knees running.
03:39 We need to get all our muscles loosened up,
03:41 so we can leap and not damage our knees.
03:43 I want to say one other thing.
03:46 Be sure that when you run
03:49 or jump that you land on your toes.
03:52 In this program we're gonna be taking several breaks
03:55 because of the intensity of the exercise.
04:01 All right. Now kick it back.
04:06 All right, stop.
04:08 We are going to go from side to side,
04:11 and pretend we have great big tires.
04:14 Just nice in story, great big tires,
04:15 we gonna step into the center. Good.
04:21 The important thing is agility
04:24 that can help you prevent injury.
04:28 As begin old to our muscle shorten
04:30 and so it's very important to do some good stretching
04:34 we'll do that at end of this. All right.
04:37 And we will go forward.
04:39 Just very slowly. Very good.
04:49 And if you want to do a low impact version,
04:51 go like this. All right.
04:56 A low impact version, very good.
05:01 Okay, we do tires again,
05:03 tires again, svery good.
05:12 Okay one more time, lunges in front.
05:17 Lunging, very good.
05:22 Now what we going to do
05:23 is we gonna turn to this side like nice arch,
05:28 Lauren this way.
05:29 Okay. Good.
05:30 Come this way, Lyndi. Okay.
05:31 And we're going to,
05:32 come on other side of knee, good. Okay.
05:34 We gonna walk forward.
05:35 We gonna do a lunge,
05:37 turn around and come back. Right leg first.
05:40 Be very careful when you do this.
05:42 Your knee should be over your ankle.
05:45 Do not track over your toes.
05:47 Left side, good, turn around.
05:52 Again we're just stretching up,
05:58 again keep your ankle and your knee alight.
06:03 Okay. Good.
06:09 Keep doing. Okay, right leg.
06:13 And up, very important
06:16 to keep that knee over the ankle.
06:18 All right, very good.
06:20 Now we'll just stretch our quads for little bit,
06:24 and it's very important when you stretch your quads
06:27 that you don't go like this.
06:29 You need to go straight down.
06:31 Your knee should be level
06:33 and I back up just a little bit.
06:35 They should be in front of you level,
06:37 and hold that for about 30 seconds.
06:40 Some people can't do this...
06:42 If you cannot, if you need chair to hold on to,
06:46 take a chair and hang on to the chair.
06:48 I'm hanging on to my imaginary chair.
06:50 Let's change legs, imaginary chair.
06:55 All right, you can put your arm out for balance
06:57 if you need to.
06:59 Arm out for balance.
07:02 But it's very important to never
07:03 to stretch a cold muscle.
07:06 You must warm up in someway. All right.
07:08 Now what we gonna do is stretch our hamstrings.
07:11 My hamstrings are a problem.
07:14 So, I'm very careful with my hamstrings,
07:16 so just, let's take a breathe out like this,
07:18 hold your arms out and go down
07:21 and touch the foot
07:22 if you can't keep your knee straight
07:23 if you can only touch your knee,
07:24 just touch your knee.
07:26 And will stretch the hamstring
07:27 keeping the leg straight.
07:31 And we do this for about 30 seconds.
07:37 And then come up.
07:38 Arch your back as you come up.
07:39 Be very careful with your back. All right.
07:43 Again up and then down all right
07:48 and we'll just hold that keeping the leg straight,
07:52 very important to stretch warm muscles only.
07:56 If you are a runner, make sure that you stretch
07:58 after you've been walking or running
07:59 for a short little while. All right.
08:03 Now we'll come back up and we're ready to begin.
08:07 Now what I want you do is you can either follow me
08:13 as I do the high impact version
08:16 or you can follow Lauren to my left
08:20 or my sister in doing a low impact version.
08:23 I will do the high impact version,
08:25 and so what we're first gonna do
08:26 is we gonna pretend we are catching a ball.
08:29 Plyometrics is the extremely practical.
08:32 And for any sport that you involved in,
08:33 Plyometrics which means
08:35 jumping or leaping is extremely important.
08:37 So what we gonna do is we gonna bend our knees
08:40 and pretend we are catching a ball
08:42 and we gonna just jump up.
08:43 So, I'm gonna show you now.
08:44 So we just gonna go down and up,
08:47 good down and up. Continue.
08:49 Go down and up, down and up,
08:54 down and up, down and up,
08:59 down and up.
09:03 If you do not want to jump, you can just go like this.
09:06 You can just go like this if you cannot jump
09:09 or you can just do it a few times.
09:11 Sometimes you may not be able to do it very often
09:14 and so you just take a little break.
09:17 If you can only do two, just do two.
09:19 Just pretend you're catching a ball,
09:24 watch your knees land very softly,
09:26 you've heard of cats? Lauren has a cat.
09:30 She has several cats.
09:31 I have three cats.
09:32 She has three cats.
09:34 Very important to land like a cat.
09:37 All right now we gonna do
09:38 another one that would be similar.
09:40 We gonna advance in difficulty.
09:43 We're going to put our left leg in front
09:47 and then you drawn imaginary life
09:49 from the inner aspect of your leg to your foot.
09:53 We are gonna pretend that we are running.
09:55 The foot can be back here it as to be close.
09:58 Again, we gonna come down
10:00 pretend we're catching a ball
10:02 and then we will not jump except on four,
10:06 and we'll flip around the air,
10:08 which gonna be a lot of fun.
10:09 So men, tune in with your wives
10:11 and join us. All right.
10:13 There's run stance, all right so let's go.
10:15 Down two, three and four
10:22 and switch two, three, four and switch.
10:29 Land like a cat.
10:33 Two, three, four and switch.
10:39 Two, three, four and switch,
10:45 one two, three, four and switch,
10:52 one two, three, four and switch.
10:59 Last one two, three, four and switch.
11:07 Very good excellent good work,
11:08 good work those good work.
11:10 All right now we will do something
11:11 called and Airborne Heisman.
11:15 Now ladies out there, you get five good points
11:18 if you know what the Heisman is.
11:20 It's a trophy.
11:22 What sport? That's the answer.
11:24 Ask your husbands.
11:25 All right we gonna go to the right first.
11:28 And then we go to the left.
11:29 But the trick is we gonna hop
11:32 and bring the leg up.
11:34 Back and bring the leg up.
11:36 Back and bring the leg up balance. All right.
11:40 All people fall down a lot.
11:44 And we don't want to break any hips,
11:45 so we gonna do this back and forth.
11:47 All right, let's do it now to the right and hold it,
11:52 and hold it, and hold it,
11:55 and hold it, and hold it.
12:00 Why this call Heisman, because
12:02 this is what Heisman trophy looks like,
12:05 right, those of you into college sports? Football.
12:09 College sports, Football.
12:10 Very good Lauren.
12:11 That was College Football, I didn't know that.
12:12 College football! The Heisman trophy.
12:16 That's right. We are having fun now.
12:20 All right, very good. Last four.
12:26 All right very good.
12:28 Now we will do something
12:29 interesting with some chairs.
12:31 If you have a chair or stool at home,
12:34 I want you to put your stool in front of you,
12:38 we gonna swing our leg over.
12:42 We gonna keep right here. All right.
12:45 And hopefully they will not,
12:46 keep this back just a little bit,
12:48 hopefully they won't kick me.
12:52 We're gonna take our leg, right leg first.
12:54 And keep your balance put arms if you need to
12:57 and go like this and this, all right.
13:01 This, this with other leg,
13:05 with other leg, alternating legs.
13:09 All right and see how fast you can do that.
13:13 Don't kill yourself doing it.
13:18 Very important for balance.
13:23 As we get older it's very important
13:25 to maintain our ability
13:27 to stay on our feet. All right.
13:34 The four more wheels- two, three and four.
13:41 Very good, all right.
13:44 Now we'll do again.
13:47 We'll repeat or jump squats.
13:50 We'll do our jump squats again. All right.
13:52 Remember those words to get ready and go.
13:55 Okay and up and up.
14:00 Don't worry break is coming.
14:02 We have a water break very soon
14:04 and up and up and up,
14:10 we take breaks in this because
14:11 it very taxing on the knees.
14:13 When you land, land like a cat
14:15 as quite as you can like a mouse.
14:18 I don't like mice.
14:20 I'm scared to the death of mice. All right.
14:23 Now we can do the other one.
14:24 Run stance squat.
14:25 Left leg in front of the other,
14:28 right leg back here.
14:30 We gonna play pretend then we gonna switch in the air.
14:32 All right here we go.
14:36 Two and three and turn in the air.
14:41 One and two and three and four,
14:49 two, three and four,
14:55 two, three, four
14:59 one more two, three and four and turn, very good.
15:07 Airborne heisman to the right, okay let's go.
15:11 Hold, hold, hold, hold,
15:17 hold, hold, hold, hold, very good.
15:23 Let's do swing kicks again
15:24 and then we will take a break.
15:27 We're sweating. We're working hard.
15:31 But believe me, I could not return to running
15:33 until I proved I could do many of this maneuvers.
15:36 So they are very important. Let's go.
15:38 One, we will do about five of these. Good.
15:44 I bet you have a little difficulty
15:46 keeping your balance.
15:48 When I first begin doing this,
15:50 it was very hard to keep the balance.
15:54 There's a lot of concentration.
16:01 All right. Very good.
16:03 Last four. Very good.
16:07 How you doing girls?
16:08 Good. Very good.
16:09 Are you tired yet?
16:11 Getting there. Yeah.
16:12 Tired! All right, good.
16:13 We'll take a 30 second break.
16:15 And the reason we gonna take a break,
16:16 we'll talk to you as we do.
16:18 It's important for you
16:19 to keep moving though, keep moving.
16:22 Get up from the couch.
16:23 I can see you sitting on the couch, the pink sofa.
16:26 Stand up let's keep moving. All right.
16:28 So that we can stretch our arms, move our legs.
16:32 It just relaxes those muscles
16:33 so you don't stretch them too much.
16:35 Very important with plyometrics
16:36 that you don't continue do it continuously,
16:39 but that you take lots of breaks.
16:41 All right, lots of breaks.
16:44 Drink some water if you need to and come back
16:48 when you are finished
16:50 and we're gonna have some great fun here.
16:52 All right, very good.
16:55 All right, we are ready to go now.
16:57 Now we can do something very interesting.
17:01 We are going to just face the front here
17:04 and we're going to touch down
17:06 and we're going to jump up,
17:07 down and up like this, down and up, down and up.
17:13 If you don't want do the high impact,
17:15 down and reach, down and reach.
17:19 All right let's go.
17:20 Whichever version you want to do,
17:22 Lauren is going to be doing the low impact version.
17:26 In fact, I don't hear your toes behind me
17:28 and I think they are both doing low impact version.
17:30 I'm just glad they are here with me.
17:33 You know, I did not think
17:36 that I was ever gonna be able to do
17:37 anything like this again after my injury,
17:40 but I'm praising the Lord, the great physician
17:44 that I was able to do this today.
17:46 All right very good, last one.
17:49 Okay, we're gonna do again, the run stance squat.
17:54 We put our right leg in front
17:55 or left leg just little behind
17:57 and we are gonna reach down as far as you can go
17:59 and we gonna turn around in the air.
18:00 Okay here we go.
18:01 one. Good.
18:03 Again, good, again.
18:07 Isn't this fun? Aren't you having fun?
18:08 Don't you feel like you are in the wilderness
18:10 looking for game or something like that?
18:13 Whatever it is, tofu, or something of the sort,
18:17 what do you think we are looking for, Lauren?
18:19 A cat. A cat, that's right.
18:21 Your cat was lost,
18:22 wasn't it? Yes.
18:23 Was that traumatic? Very traumatic.
18:25 Yeah, because she was very soft, very quite.
18:28 All right very good, one more.
18:30 All right now we're gonna do the airborne Heisman.
18:33 We can go to the left
18:34 this time for a little change up.
18:35 Let's begin, hold on, hold, hold,
18:41 hold, hold, hold, hold, hold,
18:48 two more excellent,
18:51 very good. Okay.
18:52 Now this must give me a fun one.
18:53 We gonna grand a circle.
18:55 We're just gonna pretend that we have a towline here
19:00 between our feet.
19:03 And we gonna rear on this imaginary tow on the floor.
19:07 We go counterclockwise and then clockwise.
19:10 Okay, let's begin like this.
19:13 You can do as fast as you want
19:14 or as slow as you want, but very, very tight.
19:17 Nothing big, just very tight,
19:20 very controlled,
19:21 very tight, very controlled.
19:25 For about 30 seconds we'll do this.
19:26 We are cutting the corners right here.
19:29 No cutting corners of the circle.
19:31 Just put your body over the top.
19:33 next direction.
19:37 That's how my sister drives in.
19:38 Isn't that right, Lyndi.
19:39 Yes, I try my best.
19:41 She tries her best.
19:43 The Alamo car set to go about 90 miles an hour.
19:45 No it's not, 85.
19:48 Lauren, is that true? Let's do.
19:50 I refuse to comment.
19:51 That's right, all right,
19:54 as fast as you can move your feet.
19:56 Again landing on your toes very good,
19:59 very good. All right stop.
20:01 All right. Let's begin again.
20:03 Actually, stop for a break.
20:04 This time we repeat that already.
20:06 We repeat this already.
20:07 No, we didn't. We didn't.
20:08 Oh, let's, let's begin again.
20:10 We'll do that thing, so let's jump again.
20:13 Here we go and up.
20:16 Oh, I heard some feet like a cat.
20:20 We'll try this time.
20:21 Yeah. Good.
20:27 I can hear that, soft, as we go get more energy.
20:32 Yeah. Very good.
20:33 You know in Luke's account of the Beatitudes,
20:37 he said that we've rejoice and Leap for Joy.
20:41 And that was after being persecuted.
20:43 There is not something.
20:45 We haven't thoughtful
20:46 so we can leap and jump for joy.
20:49 All right, very good.
20:50 Let's do the one stance again
20:52 and then we have to cut a couple of things out.
20:54 But let's do that again. All right.
20:57 Okay, what's that?
20:58 Are we breathing?
20:59 Word for the day, make sure you are breathing.
21:01 Check your pulse, if it's too high
21:04 and you cannot speak then just walk in place
21:08 and join us when you can.
21:09 All right, let's go. Good job.
21:16 It's quiet in the studio. Yeah, pin drop.
21:20 Almost like a mystery.
21:24 It's like being on safari.
21:28 They will be very quiet.
21:30 Have you ever heard elephants walk? No.
21:33 You can't hear anything. That's right.
21:34 That's the correct answer Lyndi.
21:36 We've never heard of elephant walk
21:38 because there are very quite,
21:39 two more, very good.
21:43 Excellent job girls, excellent.
21:44 Now let's do the double airborne heisman.
21:49 They will be tier, tier, and this way.
21:51 All right that's what we supposed to be doing. Okay.
21:53 So, big two tires like this and like that.
21:58 All right. Good.
21:59 Okay. This way.
22:05 Again coordination, you may tumble over
22:08 by wearing ballerinas,
22:11 maybe they tumble too. I don't know.
22:12 I didn't tumble. Good.
22:22 Very good, two more.
22:27 Very good. Excellent.
22:29 Circle like getting the towels here
22:31 to get breather. All right.
22:33 We go clockwise this time. Okay.
22:35 All right, no time at the present.
22:36 Let's go and begin. All right.
22:40 Is this clockwise? What talk?
22:41 Is this clockwise? I can tell time.
22:44 It's my time. It isn't my time.
22:46 Every time we are going that direction.
22:50 Have mercy. Have mercy in deed.
22:53 All right, for time sake
22:54 let's go the other direction quickly, quickly, quickly.
22:58 Don't step on the towels.
23:00 By the way make sure you put something
23:01 you cannot injury yourself down on the floor
23:03 we have nothing, so we can't get injured.
23:07 All right very good.
23:08 Let's take a quick break.
23:09 Again recover, again. You do not sit down.
23:11 You don't stop moving. You do ballistic stretching.
23:15 So move your legs, move your legs,
23:19 right just move.
23:20 We will go to our last sequence
23:22 and we will cut it short as well,
23:24 but we will have a good time.
23:27 All right, next thing
23:28 we will be doing with some lunges
23:30 and then we'll do some leapfrog
23:31 and then we pretend that we skiing. All right.
23:34 Is your heart rate getting down, girls?
23:36 So it is.
23:37 Lauren, are you alive?
23:38 I'm here. Good.
23:39 That's good,
23:40 all right. Okay.
23:41 Now let's do some lunges.
23:43 You can put your arms on your hips
23:45 or above your head if you like.
23:47 We gonna start with above our head,
23:49 whichever is easier and this gonna go like this,
23:52 okay so, all right.
23:56 I will do low impact. Yep, low impact.
23:58 My twin sister is doing the low impact.
24:04 All right make sure you are well aware
24:07 of where your knee is,
24:09 in relationship to your ankle.
24:11 All right, very good. We'll stop there.
24:14 Now we get in the line and play leapfrog.
24:17 So we'll go forward for two
24:19 and backward for two,
24:20 let's go. Leapfrog.
24:27 It's good to be kid again, isn't it?
24:29 AARP cards coming regularly the mail.
24:38 Pretend we are catching frogs. Good.
24:40 Frogs! We like frogs don't we?
24:42 Looks like frogs. They are okay.
24:44 You've got two kids, don't you?
24:45 Yeah, I have two children.
24:46 They are not really quiet.
24:48 All right very good.
24:49 Now what we can do,
24:50 I don't know if I can give you skiers,
24:52 but we're skiers.
24:53 I am not the greatest skier on the planet,
24:54 to keep my arms and my legs in fine tune.
24:59 But we're gonna pretend we are skiing.
25:00 Grab your ski pose.
25:01 And we go towards the left first,
25:03 center and right.
25:05 So I have got the beat.
25:06 You have got the music, let's go.
25:08 Okay like this, very good.
25:19 Very good. We're skiing moguls.
25:22 Now, Lauren do you ski moguls?
25:25 No. Don't.
25:27 You like life too, don't you?
25:29 Don't want to die before long time.
25:31 Lauren, do you ski?
25:33 I do ski, yes. Okay.
25:35 All right, doing good.
25:37 I think they are done.
25:39 So we gonna cool down.
25:41 And again this is very taxing exercise,
25:44 very important to get your heart rate down,
25:46 do not sit down.
25:48 It's important that you don't sit down
25:50 until your heart rate is down.
25:51 So let's do some simple walking.
25:53 Let's touch our knees. We walk like this.
25:57 We just touch our knees.
25:59 Very easy, very good.
26:04 I hope your heart rate is raised up today
26:06 and I hope that as a result of this exercise,
26:09 you will be able to run faster, jump higher,
26:14 certainly when we see the Lord in the clouds
26:16 we will be leaping for joy.
26:18 And you look back on this experience
26:20 so you will be so happy that we do this,
26:22 legs out to the side,
26:24 because certainly holy will leave the ground.
26:27 And we certainly look forwar for that day.
26:30 Very good, very good.
26:33 Just very gently. Very gently.
26:38 Now let's go up, put your legs apart, down,
26:43 take a big breathe in and out.
26:47 We don't have nuts but love of jarring
26:49 but with the spine
26:51 and so we gonna do a little bit of relaxing
26:53 of our spine as well in the next minute here.
26:58 Let's pick breathe that in and breathe out.
27:02 Okay let's go for some lunges now,
27:05 just stretch out that leg and then stretch again,
27:10 and then stretch again,
27:13 then stretch and then stretch again.
27:17 Let's stretch our hamstrings
27:19 and then we will work on our spine.
27:23 And remember,
27:25 "then shall the lame man leap as an hart."
27:28 We can be thankful we are not lame.
27:31 But if you become lame,
27:32 don't become discouraged.
27:34 I pray you enjoyed working out with us today
27:37 whether you are able to leap or walk,
27:39 thanks for joining us today
27:41 and we will see you next time
27:42 we gonna continue by exercising,
27:44 by stretching, we gonna stretch our spine.
27:47 We're going to leap lean upwards and downwards.
27:51 We gonna be like cat, a cat and a cow.
27:54 We learned that from Lauren.
27:55 This is the cat, they arch their backs
27:58 and then a cow looks forward.
28:02 Arch your back up like cat and down,
28:05 very important to do this stretch after this exercise,
28:10 very important.
28:11 Again God bless you
28:13 and thank you for joining us.


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