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Participants: Andi Hunsaker (Host), Lyndi Schwartz, Lauren Rittenhouse


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00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:03 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:05 Be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning any exercise program.
00:11 Hi, do you know that a hundred and fifty minutes
00:15 a week could save your life?
00:17 Tune in to find out how that can be so.
00:44 Hi, welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:48 Do we have a wonderful day planned for you today?
00:50 I am Lyndi Schwartz, physician from Kettering, Ohio.
00:55 And with me today is Lauren Rittenhouse,
00:58 and she is a cellist and part of the famous Rittenhouse family.
01:02 We're so glad you could come, she's from Boston.
01:04 And my then my twin sister, my identical twin sister,
01:07 and she is also from Boston, she is a physician.
01:10 And they both attend the same church.
01:13 And today we are going to have a wonderful program
01:18 called the Heart of the Matter.
01:21 Do you know that one hundred and fifty minutes
01:23 of exercise a week could probably safe your life?
01:27 We are going to discus today,
01:28 how a hundred and fifty minutes of moderate physical activity
01:33 could really safe your life.
01:34 Okay girls, are we ready?
01:35 Well, let's get started.
01:39 We'll start with marching and as we go
01:41 we'll just mention a few things.
01:43 But we want to start with some moderate exercise.
01:46 Moderate exercise is defined as either walking
01:50 about a 15 minutes pace, a running at 12 minute mile,
01:54 or doing what we were doing today.
01:56 One thing that I want to say is, if the exercise that your doing
02:00 is boring you then you need to do something else.
02:04 And make it fun, we'll be using both our arms and our legs today
02:08 as we exercise trying to raise our heart rate.
02:11 Ideally, the best exercise is done outside in the fresh air.
02:16 But if you're unable to go outside or the weather is bad
02:19 or some such thing, doing aerobics
02:21 or the stair stepper or treadmill
02:23 is also an excellent replacement.
02:25 So let's keep marching with our knees a little higher,
02:28 very good, the aim is to get your heart rate up a little bit.
02:34 Be a little bit breathless as you speak,
02:36 sweat and feel a little bit fatigued.
02:39 And if we are feeling those things,
02:41 I know that you are too.
02:42 And we're so happy enjoy yourself as we exercise today.
02:46 Okay, let's step to the right, very good.
02:53 Now let's get our arms involved.
03:00 Very good, lets use both arms, both arms, get that blood going.
03:07 We're warming up, lets do circles backwards.
03:12 Very good, just get your arms going
03:14 back and forth as you move.
03:18 Okay, let's do a walking again.
03:25 Okay, then we'll step to the side.
03:28 Right, left, right, left, get the arms involved,
03:33 arms involved, very good.
03:36 That really raises your heart rate even higher.
03:39 Let's do both arms.
03:43 And then circle them backwards. Very good.
03:48 Let's walk a little bit again.
03:54 Very good, now let's do the side again.
04:00 And get your arms involved.
04:07 Very good, now both arms.
04:13 Okay, let's circle them.
04:21 Okay, now we're going to do something call a V step,
04:24 and that V step we put our arms or legs in same direction, okay.
04:27 Here we go.
04:33 Left, right, left.
04:44 Okay, let's march, now we'll do that V step again,
04:48 remember the arm goes with... start with the left side,
04:51 arm goes out with the leg.
04:52 And we go forward in the march, okay way for the V step,
04:56 here we go to the left.
05:08 Okay, back to our march.
05:12 We'll do the V step one more time
05:13 then we'll take to the top, okay.
05:15 So let's do the V step one more time.
05:17 Here we go, left, left.
05:26 You girls okay back there? Yeah.
05:28 Good, okay let's take from the top, okay.
05:32 Let's start by walking, walk, walk, walk.
05:37 Now we go to the side again step to the side.
05:41 Okay, let's use our arms.
05:50 Both arms, both arms.
05:55 Good job, circle backwards.
06:03 Okay, now we go to V step.
06:07 Good job, enjoy yourself, left arm, the right arm,
06:12 left, right, very good.
06:19 Now lets go to the march, march, very good.
06:27 Now what we're going to do nex is
06:28 we're gonna to our right side and make a lunge.
06:31 So step once and then lunge, okay.
06:35 1, 2, 3, 4 step to the side and lunge together.
06:42 Step to the side and lunge together,
06:45 step to the side and lunge.
06:47 And now let's walk again,
06:48 walk, walk, walk, very good, walk, walk.
06:55 Okay, let's go to right again,
06:58 step to the side and lunge together,
07:00 step to the side and lunge together,
07:04 step to the side and lunge with those muscles.
07:07 Left to the side and lunge. Okay, walk, walk, walk.
07:12 Now we're gonna do the V step again, pay attention.
07:14 We do that V step again, we'll take the left arm out
07:16 then the right and then step back, okay.
07:19 So let's get ready.
07:20 Let's step forward for the left, left, right, left, right.
07:34 Very good.
07:37 Now, we're gonna march, okay, so march.
07:39 At this point if you don't feel like it,
07:41 you can do some jumping jacks.
07:42 We don't like jumping jacks,
07:44 and so we're not gonna do jumping jacks,
07:46 we'll just march instead, okay.
07:48 Let's just keep marching.
07:53 Very good, march, and march with high knees,
07:57 with some energy, put some spirit into it.
08:02 Okay, so we're just walking,
08:05 now we're gonna do some lunging again.
08:07 Here we go with lunging to the right,
08:09 foot and lunge together.
08:12 Step, lunge together, step, lunge together,
08:17 step, lunge together.
08:20 Okay, now, let's march again, let's walk.
08:23 Walk, walk, walk, just keep walking.
08:28 Keep walking.
08:31 Okay, very good.
08:32 The next thing we're going to do is something I call,
08:36 The Lauren Maneuver.
08:38 And I call it that because as we try to practice for this,
08:42 Lauren felt it was a very interesting move.
08:46 Little bit complicated, so I'll show it to you.
08:48 But to, let's just walk little bit,
08:50 but when you walk, place your feet on the floor,
08:53 the four foot, foot, very softly,
08:55 don't want to injure your foot.
08:57 Now, let's do this heel touch, okay.
08:59 Let's work like this.
09:04 Heel, toe, heel center, heel, toe, heel center,
09:08 heel, toe, heel center.
09:10 Now what we're going to do is to start to jump that out.
09:19 Very good. This fun?
09:24 Are you having a good time out there?
09:25 I hope you are.
09:28 You having good time, girls?
09:34 Good, just keep going this, the jumping is really good for you.
09:38 Okay, then we're gonna walk forward with the tap.
09:43 Okay, lets walk forward, left, right foot.
09:48 Very good.
09:53 Just keeping doing that.
09:59 Okay, now we're gonna walk forward with the knee lift okay.
10:02 So 1, 2 lift.
10:07 Lift your knee, lift.
10:13 Left, lift, lift, lift, good.
10:21 Now, we're gonna act like we have a steering wheel
10:22 in our hands, and when that knee comes up
10:25 we're gonna act like there's a steering wheel, okay.
10:26 So, knee lift like the steering wheel.
10:36 Very good.
10:38 Now we're gonna kick and punch, okay.
10:39 Here we go, kick and punch, kick and punch, good,
10:46 you can punch, kick and punch, very good out there,
10:50 I can see you.
10:52 Now we're going forward with the hop this time.
10:54 Hop, stay on the floors if don't want to hop.
10:59 Okay, good hop, good. Very good.
11:08 Now lets just walk in place again.
11:13 And we're gonna do that again.
11:16 We just gonna walk forward initially.
11:19 Okay, lets walk forward first. Forward, tap.
11:29 Now we're gonna do a knee lift.
11:32 Knee lift, knee lift, good, knee lift.
11:39 Acting of a steering wheel, steering wheel,
11:42 steering wheel, steering wheel.
11:46 Then again kick and punch, kick and punch,
11:49 kick, kick and punch, good.
11:56 Now we're gonna do with a hop, next time.
11:57 Next time with a hop, hop, hop.
12:05 Okay, and walk in place, very good, isn't that fun girls?
12:09 Absolutely. Gets your heart rate up, doesn't it?
12:11 It gets your heart rate up, doesn't it?
12:13 Okay, now lets just walk in place,
12:15 softly on your feet, very softly.
12:19 Okay, good, now we're gonna do a little bit jump roping.
12:24 So let's go to jump rope.
12:27 So let's go jump rope, jump rope.
12:32 Okay, that's very good, I want you to turn to the left side.
12:37 Okay, and we'll be ready to do.
12:39 We're gonna punch again with our left arm first.
12:42 So here we go.
12:46 Good job. Punch forward.
12:51 Now let's switch to the right, okay.
12:53 Right, right, right, then we're gonna do
12:57 both of little bit here just think about that.
12:59 We'll do both here soon.
13:01 Now right, left, right, left. Good.
13:07 Okay, now let's jump rope again.
13:13 Jump rope, turn to the right. Right side, okay.
13:19 Run forward to the right.
13:21 Now we gonna punch to the right arm.
13:23 Punch, punch, punch, punch, then punch, punch, punch.
13:29 Punch, punch, punch. Punch, punch, punch, punch.
13:33 Okay, punch, okay.
13:36 Now we're gonna tap again just like we did before.
13:38 Okay, so we're jumping rope.
13:41 Okay, now we'll take it to top again.
13:42 We're gonna walk forward with the tap.
13:45 So walk forward.
13:50 Now, we'll do a knee lift instead.
13:59 Good, steering wheel, steering wheel.
14:06 This time with a kick, kick.
14:14 Good, now with a hop, with a hop.
14:21 Okay, let's walk in place.
14:26 Okay, let's jump rope.
14:29 Okay, let's turn to our left side,
14:32 turn to left side, punch with the left arm, good.
14:37 Right side, right side, both.
14:43 Back to jump rope, turn to right side, run to the right.
14:49 Punch with the right arm, punch, punch, punch,
14:53 left arm, punch, punch, punch, both punch, punch.
15:03 Good job. Okay, lets walk a little bit.
15:09 Okay, now we're gonna to do this with the heel toe, heel center.
15:14 This actually is The Lauren Maneuver.
15:16 Okay, so now we're going to do with the right side first,
15:19 with the heel, toe, heel and touch.
15:21 So heel, toe, heel and touch, heel, toe, heel. Good, good.
15:30 Good, very good.
15:33 Now we'll hop the leg over. Good. Up.
15:39 Lets add your arms. Up
15:47 Good. Okay, let's do our side step.
15:53 Side step, okay, then we're gonna then raise your arm,
16:00 we can call hamstring curls.
16:02 We'll raise our legs up to our gluteal area like this.
16:07 With a little bit of hop.
16:11 Good. Okay, very good.
16:16 Now I want to do this through the ankle,
16:19 touch the heel to the ground.
16:21 Okay, lets start over to the beginning end,
16:24 the side step, side step, good job, good job,
16:28 excellent, very good.
16:31 This cools us down just a little bit, then some walking.
16:35 Right, left, right, right, left, right.
16:38 I am going to call this The Lauren Maneuver
16:40 after Lauren Rittenhouse.
16:42 Okay, so let's do The Lauren Maneuver again,
16:44 we begin with the right side. Here we go.
16:53 And then we add the leg in a little bit.
16:55 Next time here, add the leg.
16:57 Up with the leg, good job, girls, okay.
17:05 Arms.
17:09 Good job, add those arms.
17:12 Okay, then we do the side step again. Side step.
17:19 Then we do the hamstring curls again,
17:20 the ankle to the gluteus with a little bit of hop.
17:25 Touch the heel.
17:29 Okay, I put the on the gluteus
17:30 and then we just walk a little bit.
17:32 Walk, walk, walk. Okay, very good.
17:40 Okay, and then we'll do a maneuver
17:43 that you'll really like, you'll take one leg,
17:45 leave the left leg stationary.
17:47 We'll walk forward with the right leg, front and back,
17:51 and then we'll change the left side.
17:53 Here we go, right, forward.
17:55 And forward and back, and forward and back.
17:58 Just kind of walking it, arms at your waist.
18:06 Okay, now kind of run forward, run forward, good job.
18:15 Let's use our arms up and down.
18:19 Up and down with the arms, vigorous, up and down,
18:22 break a little bit to sweat.
18:25 Now we just gonna to pivot toward the front.
18:27 Pivot to the front, pivot towards the front,
18:30 pivot towards the front, good.
18:33 And now walk again, walk.
18:37 We can do a triple step, let me change to the left side, okay.
18:41 Walk and triple step left side, good girls, excellent,
18:45 good out, there very good.
18:47 Forward, forward and back, forward and back, excellent.
18:52 Now let's kind of run a little bit, run, run.
18:56 Let's get the arms involved.
19:01 Good.
19:07 Very good.
19:12 Now twist to the front a little bit.
19:14 Pivot, pivot, pivot, then walk it front and back,
19:22 and front, back, front, back, front, back, front, back.
19:29 We do a triple step and change again.
19:31 Front and triple step right, right, right, right.
19:39 This one little bit run forward, run, run, good, arms up,
19:46 pump your arms. Good, pump.
19:54 Good.
19:56 Now, we'll pivot, pivot, pivot, good, pivot.
20:04 Okay, now let's walk again front and back.
20:07 Walk, walk, walk, we gonna do one more time on the left side.
20:15 Triple step left, left, left,
20:19 are you keeping up out there with us?
20:21 I hope you are, then we'll run forward.
20:24 Run, run, good, pump your arms, up, up, up, up very good.
20:39 Then we'll pivot, and pivot, pivot, pivot.
20:46 Very good, then let's walk. Okay, just walk.
20:53 And we are just trying to get
20:54 our heart rates down just a little bit.
20:57 Just walk it out, walk, okay.
21:01 Very good, then we begin to bring it down just a little bit.
21:05 Keep walking, keep walking, initially well, let's do this,
21:09 lets step to the side, to the right side.
21:11 Step to the right, step to the right, step to the right.
21:17 Get your arms a little bit involved, good.
21:25 Let me just comment a little bit about that exercise.
21:28 A hundred and fifty minutes of exercise seems like lot.
21:31 It can broken up into 30 minutes segments, five times a week.
21:36 If you want to do vigorous activity,
21:38 The American Heart Association
21:39 recommends doing 70 minutes of vigorous activity.
21:44 Vigorous exercise includes things
21:45 like running at 10 minute mile, or walking at 12 minute mile,
21:49 or doing high intensity aerobics.
21:52 And so those are some examples.
21:53 Also swimming, sometimes we can also go in garden,
21:57 like cutting a tree down, will be vigorous exercise.
22:00 So go ahead and do some of these things.
22:02 And you will find that you are in better health.
22:05 One thing that we know is that as we exercise,
22:09 the blood goes through our blood vessels much better,
22:13 we bring down our lipids, and health is just much better.
22:17 Now, let's take for another peek,
22:18 let's start to walk, walk with high knees let's walk.
22:23 Walk, walk. Okay, now what we're going to do
22:29 is we're gonna cross our leg over, to the left side,
22:32 left leg over the right leg, and do a step that's like this.
22:37 So here we go, left, left, left, you can run if you can, left.
22:48 This is just to the one side,
22:50 we can do a triple step and change.
22:58 Triple step, change.
23:03 Caught off guard. You're caught off guard.
23:05 I caught them off guard,
23:06 that'll keep them on their toes, you know.
23:08 Like the five foolish virgins. Yeah.
23:09 Like the five foolish virgins, okay. Do a few of these.
23:18 We'll do the next step, it will be a triple step.
23:21 Trip and triple step, this way, four times,
23:26 that's three, four and triple step this way, good.
23:31 Let's get our arms involved,
23:33 three, four and triple step this way, four times.
23:42 Triple step.
23:48 Three, four and triple step this way.
23:52 We get both arms this way, good.
23:57 Like four, your four and triple step,
24:00 get your arms really swimming.
24:07 And triple step.
24:12 Three, four and triple step.
24:21 Four and triple step, two times, triple step.
24:26 Back up when you back up. Triple step, two triple step.
24:36 Step and triple step.
24:46 Now we'll do one at a time, so one triple step,
24:49 two and triple step, three and triple step,
24:53 four and triple step, five. You get it.
25:04 Very good.
25:10 Okay, I hope you've enjoyed with us here.
25:14 My heart is beating and I have those things breathlessness,
25:18 increased heart rate, fatigue and sweating.
25:23 So I hope that you also have experienced
25:24 what we've experienced with this workout.
25:27 And this is an example of a moderate exercises.
25:32 And if you're stuck inside, it's something that we can do.
25:35 Okay, let's walk it out,
25:37 we're gonna cool down for a little bit here.
25:40 And one thing I also wanted to mention was,
25:43 when you exercise, stretching after exercise is best.
25:48 You want to stretch a warm muscle, not a cold one.
25:51 And so we're gonna do some things today,
25:53 to help us cool some of these muscles down.
25:56 We'll start with just marching it out slowly.
26:03 Okay, and then we'd go side to side, side to side,
26:07 just back and forth, cooling it down
26:09 because we got very hot doing this.
26:15 One arm at a time now, one arm at a time,
26:18 just let your arms fly.
26:21 Let your arms fly cooling yourself down, very good.
26:27 Then let's go back to marching and left, right, left, right.
26:33 Very important to cool down before you stop all together.
26:36 Don't you sit after vigorous activity or moderate activity.
26:39 Make sure you cool it down every time.
26:43 Okay, let's go to back to as more side to side,
26:45 step, step, one arm out next.
26:49 Just very gentle motions, cooling yourself down.
26:55 Both arms.
27:00 Very good.
27:04 Okay, little bit of marching.
27:10 Okay, just a little bit of marching.
27:12 And that's a very good thing to do just walk in place
27:14 is great exercise to cool you down just to walk in place.
27:21 Just walk in place, walk in place.
27:24 It has been such a great opportunity
27:26 that we have had to exercise with you today.
27:30 As you can see I am breathless,
27:31 I am sweaty, my heart is racing, I hope your heart is racing.
27:36 And I hope you've enjoyed this exercise today.
27:39 And I want to leave you with the text
27:40 of one of my favorite that I've actually memorized.
27:43 "He giveth power to the faint,
27:45 and to them that have no might He increases strength.
27:49 Even you shall faint and go weary,
27:51 and young men shall utterly fall.
27:53 But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength,
27:57 they shall mount up with wings like eagles,
28:00 they shall run and not be weary, imagine that,
28:03 and they shall walk, and shall not faint."
28:06 May God bless you, as you continue
28:09 to improve your health, day by day.
28:11 Ladies, let's continue to cool it down.


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