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Armed With Strength

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Participants: Lyndi Schwartz (Host), Andi Hunsaker, Lauren Rittenhouse


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00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:03 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:05 Be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning any exercise program.
00:11 Have you found yourself trying to pick something up
00:14 and you just can't do it?
00:16 Have you suffered from a loss of strength
00:18 as ages have gone by?
00:20 Standby, we'll help you re-again that strength.
00:45 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:48 I'm Lyndi Schwartz, and I'm pleased to be here today
00:51 with you to do the segment of Arm Strengthening.
00:55 With me today is my friend
00:57 from Boston Massachusetts, Lauren Rittenhouse.
01:00 Lauren is cellist, and she is cello teacher.
01:03 Is that right, Lauren? Yeah.
01:05 And I have my twin sister over here.
01:07 And today is a day of birthdays I think.
01:10 So let me just tell you that my twin sister
01:12 and I are 54. Yes.
01:15 All right, so she said and I do not said myself.
01:18 So today we are going to be doing something
01:20 that I believe will benefit all of us.
01:23 We all have arms and as time goes by
01:26 and as I have myself gotten older,
01:29 I'm now 54 almost 55,
01:31 and I found myself losing strength in my arms.
01:35 Also especially as a woman
01:37 and a particular part of our bodies
01:39 are triceps muscles seems to get weaker.
01:42 And so today we would like to exercise those muscles.
01:47 But before we do that my favorite book
01:50 in all the world is the Bible,
01:52 and everything I do, whatever we do
01:54 I believe that it should be for the Glory of God.
01:57 And so I like to begin the programs with a text.
02:00 And this is one of my favorite texts.
02:02 And in Jeremiah Chapter 17, this is 5 to 8 Jeremiah says,
02:08 "Thus says the LORD: Cursed is the man who
02:11 it trusts in man and makes flesh his strength,
02:15 whose heart departs from the LORD.
02:17 For he shall be like a shrub in the desert,
02:20 and shall not see when good comes,
02:23 but shall inhabit the parched places of the wilderness,
02:26 in a salt land which is not inhabited.
02:29 But here is the good news,
02:30 blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord;
02:33 whose hope is the Lord.
02:35 For he shall be like tree planted by the waters,
02:38 which spreads out its roots by the river,
02:41 and will not see when heat cometh,
02:43 but its leaf will be green;
02:45 and will be not be anxious in the year of drought,
02:48 nor will cease from yielding fruit."
02:50 Two of the things that I thing all of us
02:52 suffer from is fear and anxiety
02:54 and this text gives us hope
02:56 that there is no need to worry or fear or be anxious.
03:00 I've also found that exercise
03:01 is a great fear and anxiety reliever
03:05 And so today, we are going to be working
03:08 on all the muscles of our biceps,
03:11 our triceps, and our shoulders
03:13 and able enough to pick things up that we want to
03:17 and I think that's will be very worthwhile.
03:19 We want to do first because we're going to be
03:20 using these muscles a lot.
03:22 We want to do some warm-ups.
03:25 So first of all we'll warm a whole body up,
03:27 just some knee raises,
03:28 so we'll just keep our hands above this level
03:31 and lift our knees up,
03:32 just back and forth lift your knees and we'll do this,
03:36 I like to get warmed up all over
03:38 probably let's say for about a minute,
03:40 maybe a minute and a half, just to get the blood going.
03:44 This is little bit of aerobic or cardiovascular.
03:48 So we will just lift our legs and just keep the knees up
03:51 as high as we can get them in the front
03:54 and you can also, if you'd like,
03:55 you can even go up to the side, like this.
03:58 If that's good for you too, you can vary it.
04:01 Go front to side it doesn't make any difference.
04:04 We're not trying to be orchestrated here.
04:06 We're just trying to kind of stretch ourselves
04:08 out a little bit.
04:09 So just keep the knees going up and down,
04:13 up and down, very nice.
04:15 And if you find that we're doing something,
04:18 doing these next few minutes
04:20 that is difficult for you please stop.
04:23 Do not feel as though you have to keep up
04:26 or do everything, do everything in moderation.
04:31 All right, how do you feel?
04:32 Good. Great.
04:33 All right, are you sick of doing this?
04:35 Yeah. Okay.
04:37 Now let's put our hands to our sides.
04:39 We'll just stretch our necks because it's interesting
04:42 when you do these exercises
04:43 you do seem to strain your neck a little bit.
04:46 So we'll put our air to our right shoulder
04:48 and just don't lean forward,
04:51 go directly over to the right shoulder
04:53 and plug your fingers into the floor and just breathe,
05:00 just take breath, plug your fingers into the floor,
05:04 feel a nice stretch on this side of your neck,
05:08 the opposite side.
05:10 Okay, we'll go to the next side
05:12 and we'll do this stretch on each side of the neck
05:16 probably about three times
05:17 that will really loosen up the neck,
05:19 feel the nice stretch on the opposite side.
05:24 And then let's switch again to the right side
05:27 and just feel a nice stretch,
05:28 don't bend forward keep your head
05:31 looking actually forward,
05:32 your head should be looking forward and not looking down,
05:35 plug your fingers into the floor just like this.
05:39 Okay, and then let's switch sides again
05:42 and let's plug that air into the shoulders
05:45 so you're listening very carefully
05:47 and then plug your fingers into the ground.
05:50 Okay, one more time on the right side
05:54 and just listen into your shoulder
05:56 plug your fingers in, look straight ahead
05:58 don't look down, last time on your left side.
06:03 And just breathe, inhale,
06:05 don't forget while you're doing this
06:06 to take breaths all the time.
06:08 Even when we do the weights
06:09 we'll also be taking breathes,
06:11 don't hold your breathe.
06:12 Okay, let's take a deep breathe in, just inhale up.
06:18 And exhale down, inhale up again and inhale down.
06:23 One more time inhale up, very good and down, okay.
06:28 Now we're going to take our palms just like this.
06:31 We'll stagger our feet, right leg forward
06:34 and we'll take our palms
06:35 and put them towards the back of the room.
06:37 Palms facing forward just like this,
06:40 stretch, stretch,
06:43 and then bring them back forward like this up
06:45 as high as you can in the back.
06:47 And keep your head looking forward, don't look down.
06:50 Plug those palms, face up, up towards the ceiling,
06:54 and then back up like this again.
06:57 Okay, very nice, very good.
06:59 Keep a good posture one leg forward,
07:01 back again to the back where palm is facing upwards
07:06 and then up again, very nice, okay, very good.
07:11 Now I want you stand with your legs
07:13 slightly straight with your knees slightly bend,
07:16 put your palms together like this.
07:18 I want you to scrape the back of the wall.
07:21 Stretching your chest, very good, and up again
07:25 and scrape the back of the wall with your palms,
07:28 bring them down, very good,
07:30 and down to the middle like this,
07:32 up again like this and scrape the back of the wall. Okay.
07:37 Now let's do something. Here's gonna be arm circles.
07:40 I would be very honest with you.
07:42 I do what strengthen my arms
07:43 and this is the only reason I do this.
07:45 But these are arms circles.
07:46 Has anybody done arm circles?
07:48 Have you done arm circles? Yes, yes.
07:49 Do you enjoy arm circles? Yeah, it hurts.
07:51 Okay, take a break if you need to,
07:52 'cause I go up myself.
07:53 Okay, so arm circles go like this,
07:55 just small circles, not too big,
07:57 just initially just small circles.
08:00 And we're just circle and circle,
08:01 you can kind of walk around a little bit to make it more,
08:04 more fun and let's mentally taxing,
08:09 just circles in the front initially,
08:11 just nice circles, just like this.
08:14 Okay, very good.
08:17 And then we want to go forwards okay.
08:23 Okay, forwards these small circles.
08:26 You need to feel a little bit of burn,
08:27 where do you feel the burn, Andy?
08:29 Everywhere. Everywhere.
08:31 I think my toenails hurts.
08:33 She said her toenails even hurts.
08:36 So that's good.
08:37 Okay, where do you feel this?
08:39 In my shoulder. In your shoulders.
08:40 Now we are today going to be working out our biceps,
08:43 triceps, and our shoulder muscles
08:45 'cause we use those everyday. Okay, so let's stop there.
08:48 Now what I want do is I want to point your fingers down
08:51 and take deep big circles now, big circles
08:55 and just back your arms back, ouch.
08:57 I'm feeling this.
08:59 Are you feeling this?
09:00 Hear a few cracks.
09:01 Yeah, you may hear few cracks,
09:04 but if you're feeling this
09:06 that's what you're suppose to feel a little bit of pain,
09:09 if you are tired just do this.
09:11 Yes. Just stop.
09:13 All right, and then go back again.
09:15 Okay, little bit more arm circles very good,
09:19 okay that should be really burning.
09:21 Now what we want do is stretching of those shoulders
09:25 and triceps, all right.
09:26 So let's take our arm like this,
09:29 bring it across our chest put this arm up like that
09:32 and pull to the back.
09:34 This is an excellent stretch for the triceps,
09:38 you pull because that feels really sore,
09:42 the shoulders and triceps. Yeah.
09:43 Okay, do you feel that? It does.
09:45 Nice stretch, right? Yeah.
09:46 Good, nice stretch. Let's switch sides.
09:48 This side and pull back,
09:51 and as you feel all through your shoulder,
09:52 all this area you should be feeling
09:54 a nice gentle stretch.
09:56 Remember, don't overstretch,
09:57 if you overstretch you can tear tissue.
09:59 The idea is not to tear tissue,
10:01 but to stretch the muscle a little bit, okay.
10:04 Now let's put our arm over head this arm here,
10:06 the left arm over the head,
10:08 take this arm and pull the shoulder this way,
10:13 putting a nice stretch on the triceps.
10:15 The triceps muscles are the muscle
10:17 that seems to get the loosest.
10:20 Does not sound like a nice word?
10:22 Okay loose.
10:23 And flabby, maybe a good word too.
10:27 And so we just stretch, giving a width
10:29 of that muscle out today,
10:30 okay, next side, over this way.
10:33 What we are doing is called Static Stretching.
10:36 We're going to be doing some ballistic stretching
10:38 and I'll show you what that is.
10:39 Ballistic stretching is going to moving the muscle.
10:42 Let's do some ballistic stretching now,
10:44 okay, and this it.
10:46 Just you can do it low,
10:49 alternating, which arm is on top,
10:52 all the top and this is a very nice stretch.
10:54 This is called Ballistic Stretching,
10:56 just kind of put your arms around yourself
10:59 and this very loosens everything up.
11:01 All right, how is that?
11:03 Are you loose and ready to go?
11:04 Ready you go. Yeah. All right.
11:06 We're ready to go
11:08 and we're going to be using some weights.
11:09 Now let me tell you what you can do,
11:11 don't go out and buy weights.
11:13 This is a cheap way to exercise at home.
11:16 And although we might be using some weights,
11:18 I'm going to use the grocery cans
11:20 for this particular exercise.
11:22 And what we're going do is
11:23 what we call alternating shoulder presses.
11:26 And so these are very easy.
11:27 First you hold the cans like this,
11:29 both cans, like this or we have weights.
11:32 I am the fortunate one today.
11:33 I've one pound or 14 ounce weights.
11:37 So here we go.
11:38 You first you go up and then down, up and down.
11:43 When you go up the fist,
11:45 the weight should be go ahead and go ahead and lift,
11:47 the weight should be inwards with your palm this way
11:50 when you bring it down its outwards.
11:52 Okay, so up and then out.
11:54 These are shoulder presses.
11:56 And the girls have little bit heavier weights,
11:59 so they may remind me
12:00 that you need to stop doing this after a while.
12:02 But these are called alternating shoulder presses.
12:06 Okay, just up and out,
12:08 up and out, up and out.
12:11 Just keep doing this.
12:12 And these are, as long as you squeeze the muscle
12:15 when you bring it back,
12:16 squeeze the muscle when you bring it back, that's good.
12:19 Are you guys tired yet? Not quite.
12:21 Not quite, not quite, Lauren you tired yet?
12:23 I'm staying with Andy.
12:24 You're staying with Andy.
12:27 Well the vote is that they're not tired yet,
12:29 so these are, this is so good for you know.
12:32 Now just to do these alternating shoulder presses.
12:34 Okay, very good.
12:35 We will come back to these shoulder presses again.
12:37 And so, we will repeat everything once
12:41 because we don't want to wear you out.
12:42 The next thing we want to do,
12:45 and you can do all of these exercises
12:47 with the can I just had. That was eights.
12:50 Yes, these are what I call biceps curls.
12:53 And again you can just use a can,
12:56 you can use a 20 ounce can or if you do have you know,
13:00 weights at home you can use weights at home.
13:02 Also you can do resistance bands.
13:04 So we didn't bring any bands with us today,
13:06 but perhaps at some point we can,
13:08 we can demonstrate how to use the bands.
13:10 We're going to do is biceps curls.
13:12 So first we'll do them this way
13:14 in this way and then out.
13:18 And then what, let me just also cometh on the position,
13:22 one foot should be forward the other backwards
13:24 both knees should be bend
13:26 and we will lift the weights
13:27 because you want to protect your back.
13:30 Lifting weights in this kind of thing
13:32 can be very difficult for your backs.
13:35 So you want to be sure that your posture is appropriate.
13:39 Pay even slightly forward,
13:41 but these are good for your biceps.
13:42 These are called in and out biceps curls.
13:47 And I may get the can again.
13:51 Otherwise it's a great excuse, you know,
13:52 I want to show you how to use the can.
13:55 But anyhow, okay very good.
13:59 And we will come back and do these exercises again.
14:01 All right, now let's go to another exercise
14:04 and that will be our triceps
14:06 and let me just demonstrate this first, okay.
14:10 This is very important for the triceps.
14:12 Always use something light for the triceps.
14:15 So for the triceps you want to make sure
14:18 that you're, you're bending forward,
14:21 your elbow is up, the weights are close to your body,
14:25 and you straighten your elbow like this
14:28 without moving your elbow height.
14:31 So it stays the same, see just like that.
14:36 And we'll do them together.
14:40 In and out, keep the elbows flat all the time.
14:43 So you're not moving your elbows.
14:44 Your elbows should be the same height
14:46 at all times, very good.
14:48 And Lauren, you look good too.
14:50 And we just keep doing this. Do one at a time.
14:52 Lauren is doing a great job.
14:53 Lauren is showing us how we do it one at a time.
14:58 And that leg is forward, your body is slightly bend,
15:00 your back should be straight like a launching pad
15:03 and you just keep that going just like this.
15:08 Okay, very good.
15:11 Does your muscle begin to hurt that triceps? Yes.
15:15 Yes. Okay.
15:16 So we can stop these now.
15:17 And then let's go back and do them again.
15:19 The reason we're doing them again,
15:20 these are called Intervals.
15:22 You don't want to fatigue
15:23 the muscle by using it too much.
15:25 So you want to try to change things up a little bit.
15:28 So we will do these
15:29 alternating shoulder presses again.
15:31 So let me get, shall I get the cans? No.
15:34 Something else. No. They won't let me.
15:35 I'll use the cans.
15:36 Okay, Andy is going to use the cans this time.
15:38 Oh, she is not gonna use the cans, okay. Just kidding.
15:40 So we're going to do this again the shoulder presses,
15:42 the weights are like this,
15:43 or the cans are like this, outwards facing.
15:46 You press up, up.
15:50 and we will turn the weight inward,
15:52 inward, up, inward, out,
15:56 inward and out, inward, out very nice.
16:02 You guys are looking good.
16:03 And again remember that you can use
16:05 justa can 14-ounce can,
16:09 so kind of Lynx or whatever that you haven't had at home,
16:13 okay very good.
16:15 Now let's go again and do those biceps curls, okay.
16:18 So here we do some biceps curls in and out, okay good.
16:24 Andy, you have some heavyweights, don't you?
16:26 I've got five pounds. Five pounds, okay.
16:28 I had eight before, but I stick to it best for...
16:30 save it, okay. Some muscles.
16:31 She was using eight pounds, that's another thing.
16:33 Let me just point that out, Andy.
16:35 She was using some eight pound weights,
16:37 and she got tired and again
16:39 she wanted use some lighter ones.
16:41 If you begin with the weight that's too heavy
16:44 change to something lighter, all right, very good.
16:47 How about those triceps kickbacks?
16:49 Let me show you again.
16:50 Let's do those one more time,
16:51 let's turn this way.
16:54 Shall I do the left side?
16:55 Yeah, we did the right before.
16:56 Okay I do both at the same time.
16:58 Okay, so the elbows are up
17:01 and you just do them like this,
17:04 keep your elbows at the same height
17:07 and again Lauren is doing one at time,
17:08 Andy and I are doing both arms at a time,
17:11 keep that elbow up straight, okay.
17:15 Do you see that?
17:17 Excellent, very good.
17:20 Okay, let's stop with that now.
17:23 I want to do really fun exercise.
17:25 I'll tell you why this is fun for me.
17:26 It's called Chair Dips, we can get out chairs.
17:33 We can get our chairs
17:35 and we're going to work again on our triceps.
17:38 I have tried to do these Chair Dips,
17:40 I used to try to do them, I can get about 10 done.
17:44 And I can do more.
17:45 How many of these do you think you can do?
17:46 I don't know, lets see.
17:47 Let see, ah! What do you,
17:48 how many you think you can do?
17:49 Thirty! Thirty! Twenty-five! Twenty-five!
17:52 First she said 30, now she is saying 25.
17:54 But I will tell you, start just doing one, just do one.
17:57 The next day maybe you can do two.
17:59 They'll go back to one, change.
18:00 Pretty soon you'll be surprised
18:02 how many you can do.
18:03 The proper posture is like this.
18:04 You take the chair, sit on the edge of the chair
18:07 your leg should be in front of you
18:09 because when you come off the chair
18:11 you want your bottom to be quite close to the chair,
18:16 but you don't want your legs to be so far to feel
18:18 that you can't balance yourself.
18:22 Okay, let's go ahead and do those dips
18:24 make sure that your bottom is not too close to the chair
18:29 and do the dips as slowly or as fast as you'd like to,
18:33 but this is an excellent triceps exercise
18:37 and you can do this anywhere and anytime.
18:39 That's why I like this exercise.
18:41 Any place in your house,
18:42 just go and do two, maybe go and do three.
18:46 And then in the afternoon go do a few more.
18:49 How you are doing, girls?
18:50 Sixteen. You're on 16.
18:52 All right, so let's go to 20, how about that?
18:55 Eighteen, nineteen, twenty. Twenty.
18:58 Okay and I told you.
18:59 You know, I, for me if I used to do 10 before
19:01 I've to take break after five and rest for a lot
19:04 because it was so tiring.
19:06 So if I can do it you will be able to do.
19:08 All right, let's do something with our shoulders now.
19:10 Let's do what we call upright rows, okay.
19:13 Let's grab our weights, and we will put the weights,
19:17 I like to put them kind of end-to-end.
19:19 The idea of this is to exercise to shoulder muscle
19:22 and you want to make sure your elbow ends up
19:24 above your wrist. So it's like this.
19:27 First, the foot is forward, knees are slightly bent,
19:30 and upright rows are like this,
19:33 see the elbows are higher than the wrist, okay.
19:37 And this is keep your body as tall as you can,
19:40 that's the proper posture, don't bend over,
19:42 be as tall as you can, bend your both of your knees,
19:45 elbows are up tall. Okay, very nice.
19:52 And this gets you nice strong shoulders
19:55 that where you can lift things
19:56 that you couldn't lift and you will find
20:01 just a tremendous ability to do
20:04 lots of different activities very nice.
20:08 Okay, up and down, great.
20:14 Okay, that's sounds good, that's good.
20:16 Okay, I think that's enough for the time being.
20:19 The next exercise we're going to do
20:21 is again for our triceps.
20:22 Let's put our chair on the way, just a little bit.
20:24 And we will turn to the side
20:26 where we're going to do both hands at the same time.
20:29 These are what we call, Flip-Grip Triceps Kickbacks.
20:33 You'll do your, your weights will be like this
20:37 and then they will be like this.
20:38 So the palms to the ground
20:40 and then the back of your hands to the ground
20:42 again one leg is forward the back is straight
20:45 initially the weights are like this,
20:47 okay you put them in the triceps position
20:51 close to your chest and you push back,
20:54 then bring them to your chest right here
20:56 and keep them flip them over and then back,
20:59 flip them over and back, great.
21:02 This exercise is really difficult.
21:04 If all you can do is just with the, with the palms down
21:07 that's easier than with the back of the hand.
21:11 When you flip them over like this, that's a killer.
21:14 But if you would do it like this way
21:16 this is actually quite good.
21:18 And remember to keep your elbows
21:19 in the same spot. Okay, very good.
21:25 Keep them back and this back looks great,
21:27 it's like a launching pad, Andy.
21:29 Thank you. You're welcome.
21:31 All right, so this is good.
21:33 And that's for your triceps.
21:34 When you're at home and doing these exercises
21:36 just do as a many of them as you thing you can do.
21:39 Okay, now we want to do, one thing I forgot to mention
21:43 was that all of these exercises
21:45 can be done from a sitting position.
21:48 And right now we're actually going to demonstrate
21:50 a very excellent sitting exercise.
21:53 But again all of these can be done from a sitting position.
21:55 Let's turn our chairs around so we have enough room.
21:59 So we will be in a row like this.
22:01 And we are going to do our shoulders.
22:03 This is another exercise that really,
22:07 I never liked but now I kind of do.
22:09 And these are, you sit down, they are for your shoulders,
22:13 they are shoulder flies.
22:14 Initially the weights come up like this
22:17 then you lean forward with a straight back
22:19 and you bring the weights up again like this.
22:21 I'm gonna use the cans on this one.
22:25 I just want to reinforce that we can use can for this.
22:28 She is actually doing the easy version.
22:29 This is the easy version.
22:31 But you can use those cans,
22:32 you don't need to go buy anything just use the cans.
22:34 So first we're sitting, the arms come up,
22:38 down to the thighs,
22:41 lean forward with your back straight and out again.
22:44 So these are two angle shoulder flies,
22:47 and then lean forward, I can do this all day,
22:51 what do you guys think? I don't thing so,
22:54 the hardest ones to do.
22:55 This is very, very tough exercise.
22:57 Initially, my recommendation is initially,
22:59 just do them in a sitting position,
23:01 just a sitting position and then gradually
23:04 you can increase the activities
23:06 so you can lean forward
23:07 because forward is very difficult.
23:08 Be very careful and then sit up again.
23:11 Okay, have you girls worn out yet? Just about.
23:14 These are seated two angle shoulder flies.
23:17 Okay, very good.
23:18 All right, I think that's pretty good. That's right.
23:20 I bet you're gonna feel like strength back here.
23:23 Okay, very good.
23:25 Now another thing I would like to do
23:28 is we can put our chairs away now.
23:32 Ordinarily I would repeat those chair dips again
23:35 because I really love; I've come to really
23:36 like those exercises.
23:38 What we want do now is to lie down
23:42 and do these triceps exercises
23:50 in a lying position.
23:51 So I want you to lie down like this
23:55 bring your knees up don't leave them straight,
23:57 but bring them up like this, put your head underground,
24:02 put your weight straight here like this,
24:05 bend your elbows,
24:07 and bring the weights down to the floor.
24:09 Keep the elbow straight,
24:12 just point the way up to the ceiling.
24:16 Okay, very good, and this is for your triceps.
24:20 As you can tell,
24:22 I'm really concerned about those triceps,
24:25 I know many women are concerned
24:26 about those triceps, and so we keep emphasizing
24:32 and trying to work that triceps muscle.
24:35 And you can do about 20, 25 of these
24:38 or you can do two of them, or maybe five of them.
24:42 Go at your own phase.
24:44 Never feel as though you have to do a certain number,
24:46 gradually your strength will improve with practice.
24:52 All right, how do you feel? Good.
24:55 You do, all right.
24:56 How do you feel, Lauren?
24:57 Good, it's getting hot. It's getting hot.
24:59 it is getting hot, okay great.
25:01 Let's get up then all right, very nice, okay.
25:08 I want to do one more for our biceps
25:10 because we've lot done a lot of biceps work
25:13 we can get rid of our mats now;
25:15 we can just put them over here.
25:18 And what I'm going to do we'll use one weight
25:24 and what I want you to do
25:25 is just support your arm like this, behind your elbow,
25:30 turn to the side and again keep the knees bent
25:33 and just bring the weight up,
25:36 just bring the weight up and see,
25:39 I have a little heavyweight right now,
25:41 but again that can works great
25:43 you can do more repetitions that way.
25:48 Okay, this is very good.
25:52 And that bicep you use your bicep muscle a lot
25:55 for lots of things, okay.
26:02 Okay, and let's switch sides,
26:04 let's turn to the other side, okay.
26:08 Put your elbow, your arm beneath your elbow and again,
26:12 just flex your bicep and bend that knee,
26:18 bend both of your knees.
26:19 Make sure you're in a good,
26:20 kind of a half squatting stance,
26:23 slightly forward,
26:28 very nice.
26:30 We're not trying to bulk up your muscles.
26:32 All we're trying to do is to give you more strength
26:34 in the biceps. Okay, very good.
26:38 Let's do one more exercise with our triceps,
26:41 and then we'll be, it will cool down stretching mode
26:45 and if you are standing up this can be done
26:48 in a standing position
26:49 you put the weights over your head,
26:51 join them together over your head
26:54 and then just bring them a down to the back and up,
26:58 down to the back, up, down and up, very nice.
27:05 And I've also done this with bands
27:07 and with the band you just stretch it over your head
27:10 and just do this very same motion.
27:16 Okay, very nice, very good, okay.
27:19 I think we've done a lot today.
27:21 Okay, thank you so much for doing those,
27:23 let's try little bit stretching
27:26 and we'll stretch some of the same ones we did before
27:29 or arms are pretty sore, aren't they?
27:31 So let's do that ballistic stretch again,
27:33 ballistic is moving.
27:34 And while we're doing our stretching
27:36 I just want to thank each one of you
27:39 for joining us today,
27:40 it's been a tremendous workout.
27:43 We are pleased and privileged
27:45 that you have chosen to spend this time with us.
27:48 And my pray is that this text that we had here
27:51 at the beginning we'll be with you always
27:54 that you will trust the Lord with all your heart.
27:57 And I pray that you will be in good health
28:01 that you will be able to do some of these exercises
28:05 to improve your ability to function in the real world
28:09 and may God bless everything that you do.
28:11 Thank you so much for joining.


Revised 2014-12-17